1. Part 3

After returning from a mini vacation with Joker, you came back feeling like a completely different person. You wanted your image to reflect how you felt inside, which was complete darkness.

You just didn’t know how to tell Audrey about what happened when you were gone. You were hoping that she wouldn’t notice the bite marks, and bruises on your body. You loved being with joker, even if he can be a little rough and pushy sometimes. As you walked into your apartment, it was like Audrey had seen a ghost. She hugged you so tightly and cried, you didn’t understand why. “Where have you been???? I thought something horrible happened to you! The last time I saw you, you were getting into a car with Joker! I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again…!”, Audrey frantically explained. (Y/N)- “No stop, I’m fine I promise. We just went on vacation, I’m sorry I didn’t call you. It’s just that so much has happened.” Audrey wasn’t really paying attention now, she was glued to the tv. The news was describing a multiple murder scene and the primary suspects were The Joker and his female accomplice. There was silence in the room. Audrey slowly turned around to look at you… “I think I’m in love Audrey. I knew what I was getting into from the beginning. Please don’t look at me like that”, you tried reasoning with her. “You need to leave, I can’t be getting mixed up with your bullshit anymore (Y/N)”, she sighed. Maybe this was for the best since you were living a dangerous life with him now. Joker was texting you.

Joker: Get your stuff together, it’s not safe for you to be there while they’re looking for us. I’m coming for you.

Sharing a home with Joker was more than you can ever ask for. As soon as he walks into the room, he sees you posing on the bed pointing his gun at him. Walking towards you he starts unbuttoning his shirt. He gets in between your legs while sliding off your red panties. His arms wrap around your legs before spreading them as far as they can. Biting your inner thighs, you jump at the sharp pain. His tongue swirls around your clit meanwhile you try to conceal your loud moans with the pillow. “Don’t cover yourself, I want to see you, I want to hear you.” “Moan for me doll.”, he sighs. You can’t take it anymore, you’re about to cum when he stops. “You’re not cumming unless I say you are. You’re going to beg me for it.”, he lips. You’re instantly annoyed about this, you get up to get on top of him. You ride him as hard and fast as you could. You start slapping him while asking him if he likes it. There was a look in his eyes that only saw when he pulls the trigger. 

He flips you over on the bed so your face down-ass up. He pulls on your hair while he’s wildly thrusting himself in you. It’s a good pain that makes you scream. “You’ve been a bad girl, you need to be punished”, as he begins to spank you. “Punish me daddy…”, you cried. When you called him “daddy”, he went into a frenzy. He forced himself even deeper, ramming your g-spot over and over. “Daddy please let me cum, please daddy”, you begged. He cries out as he releases himself into you, together your moans echo through the room. When you finally wake up after that fun painful night, there’s a note on the dresser next to the bed. He left you money and the keys to the Lambo.

“I’ll be in my business meetings all day baby. Go buy yourself something nice that I can rip off of you later.” -J

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You feel like you’re living in a dream. To top it off he trusts you enough to drive his car. It’s all too magical until you look at yourself in the mirror. Your appearance matched your heart. Black with shades of purple and green. You loved the new you. Your attitude was more of a “Fuck The World” type and together you and Joker were going to rule it. 

It’s a beautiful day in Gotham. As you push button start the Lambo, the engine roars. Speeding off on to the highway you played with the paddle shifters. Soon after joy riding you had the police hot on your trail. You led the chase in and out of traffic before losing them. The adrenaline running through you was phenomenal. A lambo would be pretty easy to spot out so you decided to hide it for a bit in the mall parking garages while you shopped. As you walk passed a jewelry store you couldn’t help but drool over the diamonds. This was definitely going on the hit list.

Arriving home after a long day of shopping, the house was quieter than usual. Too quiet. You pulled up the camera monitor to find dead henchman all scattered around the outside and inside of the house. Right away you reached for your gun. “It has to be Batman”, you think. Feeling his eyes follow your every move you knew this game too well. With a quick spin around you pointed your gun. You aimed dead center at him but he kicks it out of your hands. It’s not batman, it was his partner Robin. Laughing hysterically you ask, “how does it feel to be Batmans little bitch?” Robin kicks you again but this time he knocks you out. “Nighty night beautiful! With you and his men out of the way, Joker’s all mine,” as he starts tying you up. Your feet and hands are completely bound, and he shoves you in a closet. He calls Batman to let him know about his accomplishments. “WHERE IS JOKER?! YOU SHOULDN’T BE THERE! GET OUT OF THERE NOW!!”, Batman yells. He’s well aware of what Jokers capable of, Robin was no where close enough to face him alone. Before they could get off the phone, Batman hears Robin screech in pain. “Robin! Robin!”, Batman says repeatedly. Joker picks up the phone, “hmmm he’s not able to come to the phone right now…. please try your call again later… Hahahahaha.” Call ends. Batman traced the call and finds the location. He races there to stop Joker. “Where is she?!”, as Joker continues to beat Robin with a crowbar. “Where is she?!?!??”, he’s growing more and more impatient.

You wake up stunned that you’re tied up in a closet and you can hear Joker yelling. Lying down on your back, you start to kick the door as hard as you could. Seconds later it opens and joker’s standing there with a bloody crowbar. He cuts the rope with a knife, “Come on, baby.” As your running out with Joker, you see Robin badly beaten but still alive. The old you probably would’ve tried to help him or at least call for help. That girl was long gone though. While standing over him you picked up your gun and kissed Joker intensely. The barrel of the gun was pointed at Robin when you pulled the trigger. Joker held you close to him and together you laughed menacingly.

Part 1

Part 2

Imagine How the Guys would react when you got hurt on a hunt

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“Y/n I’ve told you to be more careful” Sam said in a semi-sad voice, you looked at him and hung your head, wincing slightly, to which he came rushing to your side, asking If you were okay and if you needed anything. “Sammy I’m fine, just a little sore, Ill be okay, promise.” You said with a sweet smile. Sam blushed lightly as he scratched the back of his neck. “Want me to make some popcorn then maybe movie night since you can’t go out?” he asked. “Sam if you wanna go out I’m good by myself-“ “No y/n I want to stay with you, and I’m not gonna go out with dean and leave you here by yourself.” He said, throwing a bag of popcorn into the microwave. “I’m a big girl Sammy, I’m not a baby” you said, making yourself comfortable as you looked through the movies on PPV. “I know, I honestly don’t want to go out though…” he said, walking back over and taking a seat on the edge of our bed. “I wanna be here with you” He said softly, leaning over you, cupping your face before placing a soft kiss upon your lips.

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“Kid what have I told you” Dean  said, some what angry as he looked back at you in the review mirror, you were laying down in the back seat of baby with a bandage wrapped around your ribs. Your eyes met his in the mirror and you rolled them. “Dean Ive been hurt worse-””I don’t care Y/N! I don’t like you being hurt at all! What if it was something more serious then a few cracked ribs?” He argued, turning off onto the back roads and bringing baby to a stop. He threw his arm over the seat and turned to look at you. “Kid you know I cant stand you being hurt, and with Cas not answering my calls you have to be more careful.” Dean said in a softer tone. “Ill stop and get some burgers then how about we marathon F/s?” He asked, you smiled and nodded, almost noticing the light pink tinting Deans cheeks. 

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“Where does it hurt? I’ll heal it for you” Cas said, looking over your body. You pulled up your shirt and revealed the gash to him. “Might have cracked some ribs too” You stated, grunting slightly as cas put his hand over the cut, a dull blue light covering your wound. Within seconds you felt better, you went to sit up but Cas pushed you back down. “You need to rest, you are still tired” “Cas I am fiiineeee” You argued. The angle only grunted and crawled into the bed next to you, holding you close. “Nobody else is going to hurt you while I’m here”

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“Where the bloody blases is she!” Crowley yelled, his servants cowering. Yes you were only a mere human but the king of hell cared deeply for you, and when news had gotten to him that Squirrel and Moose had let you get hurt, he was furious and concerned. “Bring her to ME. NOW!” He ordered. Two of his demons left and he fell back onto his throne, shooting back the rest of his whiskey. Within minutes, the two returned, one of them carrying your bloodyd form. Crowley rose and rushed to your side. “To my chambers” He ordered, making the demons follow behind him. 

They placed you on Crowley’s bed and left. “Princess are you okay?” He asked, now speaking in a soft tone. You laughed and winced slightly, nodding. The fact that a few cracked ribs and a cut could get the King of Hell this worked up amused you. He brushed some of your hair out of your face, snapping his fingers. In an instant, your rubs and cut didn’t hurt, you were clean and in a silk shirt (Crowley’s of course). “I just made the pain go away, they arn’t healed yet love” He cooed, crawling onto the bed next to you, kissing your forehead. “Please be more careful darling”

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He looked at you with slight disappointment, slight worry, slight amusement. “See, this is what you get for hanging around the Winchesters after I say its a bad idea~” He sang, walking to the couch, taking a seat. Rolling your eyes, you limped to bottle of tequila, taking out the cork, struggling of course, before taking two large ‘Sips’ of it, making a disgusted face as you shook your head, of course this amused Lucifer even more. “Never get used to the taste” You mutter, turning to him. “Can you help me please?” You ask, he just gives you an amused look and crosses his legs.

 “I don’t know, can I?” he says, knowing his smart ass side will get on your nerves. You groan and mimic him before taking a seat next to him, whimpering in pain. He gives a sigh of defeat and turns to you, snapping his fingers and poof there goes your shirt. A blush floods onto your face as you glare at him. “Oh calm down I’m looking at your cut” He says, rolling his eyes. He snaps his fingers once more and the wound begins to close up. “Your ribs will take longer so don’t go hurting yourself more” he says, you nod and stand, going to find a shirt. “What I don’t get a thank you?”he asks, pouting. You roll your eyes and lean down, pressing your lips to his. He smirks against yours and as you leave slaps your ass, making you squeak. “Still cute as ever” He mummers to himself.

So this is my first Imagine, I hope it was good, if you have suggestions send them in and I’ll probably do them, I don’t have many ideas for them so help is very much appreciated

Dances in PJ’s

Prompt: Jaime’s girlfriend and the only one that knows is Bart and one day the team finds out cause they were worried cause he kept disappearing on them and they find them slow dancing in pj’s? 

Words: 330

           You’re lying face down on the couch when his hand lands on your shoulder. You turn your head to see your boyfriend smiling at you. Dressed in pajamas with little cats on them you roll over to fully face him. “Hi.” You say sleepily.

           He smile, before kneeling beside the couch “You okay.”

           You nod before yawning, and then say “ ‘m fine, just sleepy.”

           He kisses your forehead before he says “I promise this is going to be quick, and that we’ll do something much more spectacular later, but I wanted to do at least a little something on our actual anniversary.”

           You smile, before glancing at the clock on the wall. The two of you had been dating in secret for six months, today. You’d done your best to keep it a secret; making out in storage closets, out in the trees, and with the exception of Bart who was too nosy for his own good the two of you had done okay.

           While the two of you had planned an actual date for the day, saving the world had taken precedence. So instead of dinner and a walk on the beach you’d had to settle for dirt and grim, while fighting a would be alien overlord.

You yawn again before saying “We only have five minutes till midnight.”

He just holds up an ear bud, and says “Can I have this dance.”

You grin as you slip it into your ear, the other one in Jamie’s. He holds you close and the two of you dance in the dark. Until suddenly light has flooded the room. You turn to see the rest of the team, and an apologetic looking Bart staring at you.

Nightwing, just looks at the two of you and says “We’ll discuss this later today.”

You glance at the clock and sure enough, your anniversary has passed. That doesn’t stop you from giving Jamie a kiss and saying “Thank you for a wonderful anniversary.”

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I was at the Boston con today and she was very friendly and polite. I feel like if you go the humor route, you'll be fine. That's what I ended up doing. I brought two Chewie masks to the photo op and asked her if she wanted to do a goofy pic with them . She said "sure! Just hold them? Are you sure?" I was like "yeah, why not, it will be funny!" When I went to the signing, she laughed upon seeing the picture and wrote "Hadley, it is actually me. Promise. Gillian."

Aw. Thanks so much for sharing your story. This was an awesome positive message! She’s willing to go that extra mile for fans and we love that about her.

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Can I have a drabble of 5, and 25 (fill in of "dad"). A samxsister? LOVE YOUR STUFF BTW

(Thank you so much! I’m glad you love it!)

“Whatcha doing Sammy?” You asked your older brother. He was in charge of watching you while Dean and your Dad were on a hunt. He was 17 years old and after 3 days alone with his younger sister he was losing his mind. He was also in the middle of finishing up his Standford application, which was stressing him out.

Just leave me alone.” He replied back to you, not even looking up from the paperwork he was filling out.

“But I’m booooored.” You whined out.

“I don’t care.” He responded.

“Can I go play in the park out front? I promise to be super careful!” You asked with a bright smile.

“Yeah that’s fine just don’t tell Dad I let you out by yourself okay?” He said back.

“Thanks Sammy!” You yelled while running out the door, little did Sam realize that would be the last time he’d ever see you.

Lex Luthor

I woke up in the morning to the sound of Lex showering. Still pretending to be asleep, I heard him slap a sticky note to my side-table before shuffling out.

Five minutes later, I put on one of his shirts and casually walked out of my room to see him strugglling with his shoes. “Need some help?”

“(Name)! I thought you were asleep…”

“Lex, you promised to spend the day with me.”

“Yes, but something came up regarding the Kryptonite in my lab!”

“How is it that you always prioritise your work above me?” I crossed my arms, well aware of how his shirt rode above my thighs.

“I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.”

“I’m fine this way. Maybe I should just call Clark over, he’s lighter company anyways.”

“You will do no such thing!”

“Does this mean you’re staying home, honey?” I asked in a sickly sweet tone.

“… Dang it!”

(A/N): Sorry it’s so short, pre-med studies are killing me!

chcrdsofsteel replied to your post:“i’m fine, it’s just a flesh wound, i’ll be okay.”

“It’s… really fine. Promise.” No, it’s not. he knows damn well it’s not. But still… He can’t afford any more hospital trips.

“We’re going to the hospital,” she says again, and her voice is final. She keeps his pant leg up and stands, moving into the bathroom to grab a roll of gauze, and once she’s back, she’s wrapping his leg tight enough to apply pressure to stop the bleeding, or at least slow it.

“I’m calling an ambulance, or I’m calling a cab, whichever you prefer. But we’re going, and we’re going now.”

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I'm going to college and it's going to be the first time I will be away from my cat with a long period of time. I get very nervous and think something bad will happen to him. I feel like he will get stolen so I want him to have a microchip and track him. But I can't do that till after school starts so for now I'm really scared . I cry just thinking about it or leaving the house.

I promise he is going to be absolutely safe and fine, without a doubt. Just remember to check he’s inside before leaving your house! I know it’s probably scary to leave him alone but cats are pretty independent creatures so he will be a-ok by himself for a bit. (:

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Hi, I'm a pansexual teenager and I've been thinking of coming out to my parents. But I'm scared of what my dad will think, his brother died before he graduated of HIV and I feel that he may be scared for my health given the common stigma of homosexuality and HIV/AIDS. I know that I'll be fine and I know all gay people don't get AIDS. I'm wary of my health as well I just don't know how to tell him or how to go about it. If you can give me some advice it would be much appreciated. Much love, anon

I don’t think there’s an exactly correct way to go about this. Your father may be scared of losing you like this but just remind him about all the advances in protection against the HIV virus since his brother died. Tell him you know the odds but you promise to stay safe. Help him trust that everything will be fine!

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It's not any kind of immediate threat. Three years at college is a very short time; you've plenty of time to fix it after, if it's unavoidable. Do your best, you'll be fine, love. Lay back on the alcohol, go for the oatmeals and try to train yourself to eat the fruit, see if there's salads. Other than that, not much you can do. It's three years. You'll be okay love, I promise. <3

Oatmeal I can do, that’s pretty easy to make for myself. I wouldn’t even need to use the kitchen.

I think I just freaked myself out by reading an article about high cholesterol. I’ll be alright, if my sweet toothed friend can deal with his recent diabetes diagnosis, I can do this. I’ll be fine.

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I'm having resits and I'm just feeling terrible and almost crying, because I know I'm gonna fuck up again and I don't want to and I'm scared.

Anon, please please don’t cry oh dear oh boy oh God

It probably feels like it…but your grades do not define you, I promise. This is coming from personal experience. School always makes grades out to be central and crucial but there are so many opportunities out there, even if you fuck up. You are going to be fine! It won’t be the end of the world; a while later, you’re going to look back and not feel any grief at all. You have a reason to be scared but know that there are people out there for you: friends, family… they’ll support you no matter what

Before you take the resits, take deep breaths. Toilet break, full stomach, do everything you can. And then try to relax, think happy thoughts and stay confident! If you can’t, it’s also fine! Just think about the relief of having the load off your shoulders after everything is done.

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I am here for you and so are other people out there. Now good luck with your resits, just breathe! Don’t focus on the outcome, just focus on what will happen after. Promise to treat yourself afterwards so you’ll have something to look forward to. If all else fails… remember that the resits are always easier. (Personal experience ;) )

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hiiii, I really like your fic rec list from this week! Already read almost everything <3 also if you accept recs and If you ever feel like to read some more mpreg fluff sometime, give this one a try, it's very very lovely and precious I feel like I need to spread the word about this fic haha Have a nice day (: // archiveofourown*org/works/6588256

Thanks for this rec love ! (I TOTALLY accept recs !!! I love them ! SEND ME YOUR RECS PLEASE !!)

here comes the sun    by tomorrows : “Everything’s going to be fine,” Louis promises, his pink, chapped lips moving slowly in the cold. It matches the beanie on his head—pink, because they found out this morning that they’re having a girl and that’s just.Harry’s going to be a dad. To a little girl. Five months from now he’ll be holding her in his arms, and she’ll be so lovely and small.They’re going to have a spring baby and she’s probably going to have Louis’ eyes. What a blessing that would be. Harry crosses his fingers on the hand inside his pocket, hoping that she does. He’ll love her either way—blue or green or even brown eyes, it doesn’t matter—but he’d really like them to be blue, he thinks.[Harry is a pediatric specialist, Louis is a neurosurgeon. All they want is a baby.] (30k)

(also I love this author so yeah, I’m probably gonna read this)

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37 and 94?

37. do you read a lot? whats your favorite book?

I don’t read books tbh but one of my favourite book would always be The Lovely Bones  by Alice Sebold. I’ve not finished it but I watched the movie and the movie is my favourite movie ever.

94. favorite lyrics right now.

If it’s just one line from the lyrics it would be “When you think of me on those rare days, I’m doing well so you don’t need to worry.” from I’m Fine Thank You by Ladies Code.

If it’s the entire lyrics, I would say Butterfly by BTS. 
“Will you stay by my side? Will you promise me? If I let go of your hand you’ll fly and break; I’m scared…”

simminglychic replied to your post “simminglychic I’m not dead so hey!The first day is always hard. I…”

Aww, all day kindergarten is rough, I promise as soon as she gets home and you see her happy face it will get better.

Man I hope so cuz I’m a wreck right now haha. I’m just trying to remember she’s a big girl and she’ll be fine. She was excited to go today so that’s good and she didn’t seem upset when she got on the bus so I think she’s alright. I’m just nervous lol

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I just got back from the dermatologist and had to get a lot of things cut off and I'm so sore by my hand especially hurts and I just wish I had Harry here to cuddle. Ps no boy will ever find me attractive due to all the scars I have :(

Baby don’t say that. Scars don’t determine a persons attractiveness. Someone is going to love you for them one day. I promise you.

And as for Harry? He’d be so so so sweet. He’d let you lay on the couch if you were sore. And he would lay beside you, holding you gently and pressing tons of soft little kisses on your cheeks and the back of your head. He would baby the hell out of you to make you giggle. “You need anything, my little fighter?” “Harry shut up I’m fine.” “NOOO you are RECOVERING.” “Harry I’m just a little sore.” “Shhhh my little warrior needs to let me take care of her.”

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a moment of weakness

Your muse has been beaten badly and is in bad shape, mine happens to find them.
bonus song inspo: you have forsaken all the love you’ve taken…

“You’re going to be okay. I promise. You’ll be fine.”
God, her hands shake so much. Such trembling, such fear. Just barely, she manages to pick up his glasses from the ground. 

Years of searching, years of yearning. Years of hoping. And as much as she knew it would happen like this, she hoped it wouldn’t. 

But this was reality, as numb and disconnected as it felt. It was real: EMPIRE had found him first, had gotten their information from him. And he was dead, or close to it.

Thank god she had heard him scream, thank god she was close by. Here he lay, her long lost love. Just a few rooms away, now half-slumped in a chair. 

The straps holding his wrists fixed were all that was holding him upright. They had tortured him, no doubt. Of course they would. 

Practiced hands pressed against one of the many wounds, trying to hold the blood in, trying to keep the pain away. A tearful smile as her hands finally stopped shaking enough to put his glasses on his face. His eyes flutter followed by a slow blink. Does he recognize her? She’s so old, she’s changed so much.

But maybe he does recognize her, and that gives her back that all-important hope

“You’re ok, you’re gonna be okay. We– I’m here, I’m finally here. We’re finally back together, right? R-right? We’re ok. We’re safe. I’m going to–Shit! You’re– it’s ok. It’s ok.

“I–I need to  go get some supplies, I’ll be right back. I’ll be right back! Just, just stay still.”

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What is your best childhood memory?

   Her name is Ría and she’s a nice girl. She’s a bit younger than you, Cid. So make sure you always protect her and be polite, alright? I’m sure you two will get along just fine! Huh? What’s with that look? Don’t tell me you’re scared to meet her? Aww! My little boy.. don’t worry. I won’t leave you alone. That’s a promise. So.. shall we go? I’m sure Ría and her family are already waiting for us. 

   ‘Your name is Cid right? Hey, why do you look so sad? Are you going to cry?’

‘I’m not! Boys don’t cry! Ah- s-stop laughing!!’

   ‘I’m sorry! But.. how can you say that while crying like a cry baby! Haha!’

‘Leave me alone!’

   ‘I see, so you’re sad because your father has been gone for a long time? He’s fighting for other people?! Oh! That’s really cool, so he’s like a hero? I want to meet him!’

         ‘Hey, Cid. How many friends do you have? .. Z-Zero?? Aren’t you lonely?’

  ‘Cid! I’ve decided to become your friend!’

‘You can’t change my mind! A cry baby like you needs someone as strong as me, hm! I’ll make sure you never have to cry alone again, okay? So make sure to not cry as much as before!’

          ‘Oh- one last question–’

                           ‘Do you like rabbits..?’

   “… meeting Ría.”