if you’re going to leave, that’s fine.
and I know you promised you wouldn’t
seven months ago while I was crying
into your neck but I also know that
sometimes it rains even when it’s not
supposed to and sometimes boys
kiss girls they shouldn’t and we tear
flowers out of the ground just to watch
them die and things change,
so I understand if you’re done,
but please, when you’re packing all your
old sweaters and books, don’t forget
to take all your three AM phone calls,
and photographs where we’re smiling
so wide it looks like we’ve never known
that feeling in the pit of your stomach
when someone screams “I don’t love you
Take back every kiss, every night you
fell asleep next to me, every poem I
wrote you, every song you sang to
me, every “I love you more fight,”
every shock I felt in my skin when
you brushed against me.
I was never scared of ghosts until you
left but now I see you everywhere and
god if you’re going to kill me please
just do it quickly because I see you
in everything and it’s making it hard
to breathe.“

Bts Reaction to Their S/o Having Bad Anxiety!

Mummy Seokjin would strike again with his protective caring nature, making sure to be prepared to help you if you ever started to feel anxious. He would be the type to help you breath by counting with you.

“It is going to be fine y/n. Just breathe with me okay? I promise you will start to feel better soon if you just breathe”

“In 1,2,3…

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Yoongi would be surprisingly calm while comforting you; he would hold you close, stroking your arm in a rhythm so you can try and breathe to it. he would whisper in your ear some calming lyrics from Bts songs to keep your mind off of it.

“Passing by the end of a cold winter, until the spring day comes again. Until flowers bloom, please stay at that place for a bit longer, please stay there.”

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Hoseok would panic every time he had to help you; he would be good at it but cry every time. He would hold your cheeks in the palms of his hands, stroking your temples with his fingertips and making you stare straight into his eyes.

“Just focus on me y/n. You will get through this, we will get through this. You have me and I will always help you.”

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Research. Namjoon would do a bunch of research on ways of how to calm you down so he would be calm and collected. He would sit you on his lap face to face and us all of the techniques that he saw online, breath tracking, distractions, safe place. He would be really helpful.

“Baby, think of your safe place. Our room at home, cuddled in all the blankets watching dramas and cuddling.”

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Poor Jimin would panic and not know what to do at all. He wouldn’t cry like he felt like doing because he wanted to be strong for you so he would just hug you close, stroking your head and whispering how much he loved you into your hair because he didn’t know what else to do.

“How do you still look so beautiful when you cry? I love you so much.”

“You’re strong and you’ll get through this.”

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Taehyung would suddenly become super serious when he realised you were getting anxious. He would try to distract you by humming and talking about your future together once you’re married and how you will live happily ever after while holding you close but leaving you an appropriate amount of space.

“And we’ll have a dog… maybe 4, one for each kid? it would be so cute, don’t you think so y/n?”

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When Jungkook would get a little anxious or upset because of work you would hold him into your chest while he cried and sing to him quietly, even though you didn’t have the best voice it would make him feel better. That was why when he saw you that was the first thing he thought he could do to help you.

“If only I had just one day, I want to peacefully fall asleep intoxicated with your sweet scent”

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A request from an anon! I hope you like it :)

-Aylee <3

For Your Convenience (Part 9)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Word Count: 1,215

‘For Your Convenience’ Masterlist

A/N: Oh hey, another unusually long chapter for a drabble series!!!

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“I’m going to turn in the money bags and the master till. You got the put-backs, right?” Bucky winked as you nodded your head, letting out a long sigh. “Just remember what I taught you and you’ll be fine,” he promised, grinning at you.

“I know. I just have to be confident,” you reminded yourself, plastering up a smile of your own.

“You can do it, Confident Turtle. I’m rooting for you.” Giving you one last smile of reassurance, Bucky carried the master till along with the moneybags to the cash room, leaving you alone at the registers. You watched him leave as the words he told you moments ago repeated in your mind. Heat rose to your face just thinking about it.

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Listen, if you’re going to leave, that’s fine. and I know you promised you wouldn’t 5 months ago while I was crying into your neck, but I also know that sometimes it rains even when it’s not supposed to and sometimes boys kiss girls they shouldn’t and we tear flowers out of the ground just to watch them die and things change, so I understand if you’re done.
—  extrasad

Anonymous said: How would the RFA (+ Saeran if you can) react to MC’s depression? She never mentioned it because she was fine at the beginning of the relationship but the blue days are coming back

A/N: just want to let you all know that I believe in you guys so if you’re struggling with this right now, just keep going, I promise this period of your life will end, even if it doesn’t seem like it and you’ll see brighter days. Just be strong, ok? ♥ 


  • “I have to tell you something”
  • your voice betrays your nervousness and that’s enough to catch his full attention
  • “Hey, princess (prince), what’s wrong?”
  • It’s not like you’re ashamed of it because you know there’s nothing wrong with suffering from depression but it’s still hard to admit it out loud
  • But eventually you tell him and it takes some minutes for the truth to sink in
  • He never even imagined you could possibly be struggling with depression since you’ve always been a very positive person
  • He is shocked by the news and he does feel a little bit sad about the fact that you’re telling him this now just because you felt like you had no other choice
  • He wants to be your anchor, he wants to be your best friend not only your lover
  • He wants to be someone you can trust with everything and he does feel sorry about this situation because he feels like he let you down somehow, making you feel like you had to be this ideal person in order to be next to him
  • What he does though is hug you, tell you that he supports you 100% and that he wants you to tell him whenever one of these bad thoughts is crossing your mind
  • Even though he feels sad about all of this, he doesn’t share this feeling with you because at this point he knows that would only make you feel worse
  • He just wants you to open up to him and be next to you when you need him the most
  • He’s going to be really chill about it, not asking burdensome questions unless you enter the topic and respects your personal space by not trying to force you to speak
  • But he always lets you know you can talk to him anytime and he tries even harder to show you how much he loves you, especially when your mood is going downhill.


  • He would be in absolute shock when you casually mention your struggle to him for the first time
  • He looks at you for a very long time, almost trying to figure out what he’s been missing
  • Even though he hates to confront you with Rika by now, he inevitably does so, wondering if he just lacks a good eye for these things since he never catches up on them
  • He feels quite guilty about not noticing 
  • He’s very surprised because he would have never guessed you were even having bad thoughts 
  • You’ve always been so happy around him it actually felt like you were the most positive person on the entire planet
  • Now that he knows though he’ll make sure to notice those little changes in you in order to be ready for whenever you need him
  • He’ll probably spoil the shit out of you because he’s a sweetheart and he’s very caring and he just wants you to be happy and to erase all these sad thoughts from your mind
  • When you get in one of your moods it’s going to be his biggest mission to make you laugh. He’s willing to even tickle you to tears just to get you distracted.


  • She would be this very supportive figure in your life
  • She has struggle with a bit of depression as well when she was younger, due to her past, and she knows how hard it is at times to look at the bright side
  • In fact, you were the one who cheered her up most of the times when her mood was going very much downhill
  • So now it’s her turn to be that strong milestone in your life
  • She’ll listen to you vent and cry about even the smaller thing
  • She knows that when you’re in one of those moods even the stupidest thing can make you flip and she understands
  • She also reassure you when you fear you’re being an inconvenience and always shut you down when you call yourself stupid for crying about stuff that you realise as well is not very important
  • She actually takes you to your therapist when you don’t want to go there alone and she cuddles with you for hours after a rough session
  • She’s a very good listener and she’s great at feedback
  • Also, the funniest side of her would come out from time to time just to cheer you on
  • And you’ll have a “Zen’s night” together, rejoyicing in her collection of Zen’s DVD every week because she knows his performances do make you happy and get your mind off of things.


  • The first thing he says to you when you come clean about what you’re dealing with is something along the line of “I though we didn’t have any secrets”
  • He doesn’t really care about the depression itself, he consideres it an illness just like cold or fever, something that can be cured eventually
  • But he does feel betrayed by the fact that you didn’t tell him sooner because it did cost him a lot to open up himself
  • So at first he turns out a bit cold and fails to understand that you may think he’s judging you for your depression
  • But that’s just him being hurt by the fact that you don’t fully trust him
  • He will stop immediately though when he realises that he’s hurting you even more with his attitude
  • Once you explain to him that it wasn’t luck of trust but that you actually felt a little bit ashamed by admitting out loud your struggles, everything will go back to normal
  • He’ll be even more caring than usual, calling you more often, even if he’s loaded with work and it will be his personal mission to make you feel all the love in the world
  • He’s not a cuddler but he will cuddle with you when he senses bad thoughts coming your way
  • If you ask him, he will also get you the best therapist out there and drive you there when needed
  • He won’t openly adress the issue unless you feel like talking about it because he’s a biggy on personal space and all that so he doesn’t really want to pry or corner you or make you feel like you owe him something
  • Besides those little things his attitute towards you doesn’t really change because to him, nothing changed at all. You’re still his beautiful significant other and in fact, he actually respects you a bit more because even though you’re struggling, you still manage to be really positive most of the times.


  • “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
  • That would be his first question towards this whole matter
  • He will question himself about not noticing anything up until now
  • But most of all he’ll question the fact that you didn’t feel like you could share this with him
  • He will be a bit sad about this whole thing especially because he can actually relate, and you know it
  • He struggled with depression himself in the past and sometimes he still lives this really dark moods and you witnessed it with your own eyes
  • He wouldn’t understand why you didn’t want to open up to him and even though you explain it to him that you were just trying to be strong, he’d still feel like this is a bit of his fault
  • He would apologise for not noticing even though you try to make him understand that he didn’t do anything wrong
  • There will be tears on both sides because you hate to hurt him like this and he hates himself for not being there for you when you really needed him
  • When the first dark hours are behind your backs he will turn into his supportive self 
  • You will witness a lot of affection from him
  • He’ll also joke around more than usual when he senses your dark moods in order to lift you up
  • And he’ll be a gigantic cheeseball whenever you’re cuddling or just chilling together because he just wants to make sure you feel loved all the time because he knows, ultimately, that’s all everyone needs to feel better


  • This poor thing would feel SO BETRAYED
  • Like, you have no idea
  • Because you well know his struggle in life because he shared pretty much everything with you
  • So he would start to question your sincerity at first
  • He feels like you hid a huge part of your life and yourself from him
  • And he would say this one phrase that he knows, deep within, will break your heart, but he can’t stop himself from speaking it out loud
  • “How could you keep THIS from ME? I would have understood. I wouldn’t have judged you.”
  • And it’s the absolute truth.
  • He would never judge you for struggling with this
  • He knows better than anyone else how hard it is
  • How tiring it can be to go through it all alone
  • And he’d be heartbroken by all of it
  • When he calms down he’ll make sure to be there for you, to show his supportive side to you
  • And he WILL ask question and he WILL pretend some answers because he has been through this and he knows you need to talk about it if you want to get better
  • He’s not a therapist but he’s someone who felt on his own skin those dreadful thoughts you’re having
  • So he knows
  • He knows it so well
  • And you’ll never feel like you have to hide this from him ever again
  • Actually, he understands you so well you feel the burden lessen when you talk with him
  • He gets you on a spiritual level and he never fails to be supportive and positive when you open up to him
  • He becomes your confident in a matter of days and there’s nothing that could ever make him happier than that
  • He’ll make sure to always be there for you because he wants to be your saviour just as much as you were his.
“with you” - 5SOS visual smut+imagine

just a lil thing because i’m too lazy to write anything and you guys deserve a little something extra :) thanks for all of you who have stuck around with this blog aha so keep reading and enjoy!!

its not the best work/writing i’ve done but the gifs are hella cute


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Requested by annonymous!

AN: Thank you for requesting. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days! Shoutout to @ihaveabadreputation for being supportive and cool as fuck 

“Shawn I promise everything will be fine! You won’t break her if you touch her.” You try assuring him for the hundredth time.

Shawn and yourself were babysitting your little cousin, Sage. She has just turned 6 months a few days ago and your lovely cousin was going out of town for work. No one else could watch Sage and you figured why not? She loved you and it would be adorable to see your boyfriend with a baby.

“Y/N she’s so tiny..what if I drop her.” Shawn’s eyes were wide as he watched the small human bouncing up and down on your leg.

“I’m going to make you hold her eventually. Get over yourself…”

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Meeting Derek's Parents Would Include...

•Derek, I’m nervous. Can we do it another time?
• It’s going to be okay baby girl. They’ll love you
• Do I look good on this?
• You look amazing
• Derek singing along on the radio in the car in a silly voice to make you feel better
• I promise you, you’ll be fine
• Derek holding your hand as you walk to his parents’ house
• Oh hello sweety! You are even more stunning than Derek could describe
• Please come in, make yourself at home
• I told you they’ll love you
• We’ve only come in, a lot can change
• Just be positive baby girl
• Derek showing you pictures of him and his sister as a baby around the house
• Engaging into small talks with Derek’s dad
• Derek’s mum always calling you sweety and telling you how pretty you are
• I’m glad Derek found someone like you
• Okay everyone, time for dinner
• Having random conversations with Derek and his parents
• Derek putting his hand on your knee
• Moving it up the inner part of your thigh
• You trying to ignore him and pay attention to the conversation
• *Cough* Derek stop *cough*
• Are you okay sweaty?
• Derek trying to hide his laugh
• Derek continuing to tease you
• I’m sorry, can I please use the bathroom
• Finally escaping Derek
• Nvm, the mf decided to follow you
• What’s wrong baby girl?
• We are having dinner with your parents, can you please stop?
• Derek reaching under your skirt again
• Let’s just skip dessert and go home
• No Derek
• I’m sorry I’m back
• Derek being an asshole and teasing you even more than before
• Finding it harder and harder to pay attention to the conversation
• Mum, dad, we have to go now
• Oh but honey, you haven’t even had dessert
• Sorry mum, I realised we promised Nate to pick him up from the airport
• It was lovely meeting you and you are welcome here at any time sweety
• Bye everyone
• You are such an asshole
• A hot one

You just gotta accept the fact that everything I write about Derek will end with sex 😂

Jan 31st--Alternate Universe/AU

So this is my first time writing for Gajevy week and… *jazz hands* here is the bonus~

Betaed by @ilovebeingintroverted

Also, all my medical knowledge comes from @ilovebeingintroverted ‘s friends who are EMTs and my mother, who is an ex-EMT

ao3    ffn

Levy pulled her scrubs over her head, listening to Lucy talk. “So, as I was saying, he’s really great and he’s been single for a while.”

“No, Lu.” Levy began to dress in her civvies.

Please Levy? You never get out of the house.”

“I’m perfectly fine, Lu. I don’t need to go on a blind date.”

Lucy put her arms over Levy’s locker door, slouching over it. “C’mon, Lev. Pleeease, Natsu vouches for him.” She pleaded, using her puppy eyes.

“I’m just not into EMTs like you are.”

Pleeeeaaase. Just this one time. I’ll be your best friend~” she promised.

Levy sighed and slipped on her shoes, bending down to tie them. “Fine. But,” Levy pointed at Lucy to emphasize her point. “I reserve the right to send you a frantic text and have you come up with an emergency which means that I must leave the date immediately.”

Lucy laughed. “Okay, Lev. But I don’t think you’re going to need to do that.”

“We’ll see, Lu.”

“He’ll pick you up from your house around eight!” Lucy called as Levy grabbed her bag and waved goodbye to her friend.

What did one wear to a blind date? Levy stood in front of her closet, hair drying in a towel twist. Everything she had was either scrubs, sweatpants and ratty t-shirts that she’d had for like ten years, and evening gowns. Somehow she doubted that evening gowns would be appropriate and sweats definitely weren’t. Levy dug around in her drawers looking for anything she could possibly wear. Scrounging through her clothes she finally found a half decent dress. It was bright orange with a white belt. Albeit nice, but in it she looked like an orange with a sash. Oh well, at least her blue hair made her look less like a fruit. The dress was a little too short for her blind date preferences but it would have to do.

Levy glanced at the clock. Seven thirty. Good, she had time to do make up. Hmm… she didn’t want to overdo it, especially because she had no idea what he would be like. What if he liked girls in heavy make-up? What if he hated it? What if he was shallow enough to care?

Levy decided just basic foundation and mascara. She stared at the lip gloss hesitantly before putting it in her purse, just in case. She glanced at the clock again, seven forty five. So he should be here soon. Levy decided to go downstairs and read until he got here, reading helped calm her nerves and made any and all qualms she had at the moment go away. She almost didn’t even notice when eight o’clock hit. Almost.

So she sat, in her house, at eight o’clock, all dressed up and no knock on the door. It’s fine, she told herself, he might be working late and forgot to call to cancel. No! Don’t be so pessimistic, he probably got stuck in traffic, besides Lu said he’s be here around eight, not eight on the dot. Slightly reassured she went back to her book, every so often checking the clock.

Eight oh five.

Eight ten.

Eight fifteen.

This was ridiculous. Levy closed her book with a snap and began to walk upstairs to change into pajamas and wash off her make-up. This was precisely why she didn’t date EMTs, especially blind date them. That was when there was a knock on the door.


She huffed and went back downstairs and opened the door to… well, a chest. A very wide chest. One that had a white button down stretched across it. Levy’s eyes slowly travelled up, and up, and up. Jesus, was this guy just che-Oh. She had gotten to his face, which was sharply defined, high cheekbones and sun-tanned skin. He took a step back and frowned.

“You’re really short.” The mountain of man said very loudly.

Levy was too shocked to respond. “I-um. You’re really tall.” She countered dumbly. He smirked. Levy vaguely remembered a fleeting thought about how it was one of the only things he hadn’t pierced, because his face, for all intents and purposes, seemed to be a pin cushion. Okay, so maybe she was exaggerating. But he really did have a lot of piercings. They dotted curves where his eyebrows were supposed to be, and they followed the edge of his ear, the top earrings hoops and the ones embedded in his lobes looked like steel studs.

“Yeah. That happens when you get older. I mean, obviously not to you.”

Levy scowled. “That’s rude.”

The man raised an eyebrow before holding out a (non-pierced, but manicured with black nail polish) hand. “Gajeel Redfox.”

She shook his hand and it almost engulfed hers. Seriously? Who was actually this large? “Levy McGarden.”

“Hey, you’re that ER doctor who occasionally gets sent out of conference rooms because people think you’re too young to be a doctor!”

Levy blushed heavily. Why did people keep spreading that story around? It had been one time! “T-that only happened once!”

Gajeel Redfox snorted. “I can see why they kicked you out. You’re tiny!”

Levy crossed her arms over her chest. “And you’re late.” She accused. Gajeel at least had the decency to look slightly abashed.

“I was busy at work. Sorry. I didn’t have your number and Natsu had already left on his ride.”

Well, she guessed she could excuse tardiness in that case. They were in the medical profession after all. “So…” Gajeel began awkwardly. “Shall we go?” He asked. Levy gave him a stiff nod and grabbed a coat before locking the door and walking out to the street.

“That one.” Gajeel said pointing to a black sports car.

Levy looked at him in surprise. “How did you get that on your salary?”

“Now who’s the rude one?” Gajeel said with a smirk. He opened her door for her and Levy began reconsidering this whole not-dating-EMTs thing of hers. “Dad’s a dealer, he gave one to me cheap.”

“Huh. Think you could score me a deal?” She asked as casually as possible.

Gajeel outright laughed at that. “Depends if you break my heart or not.” He said.

Levy’s eyes widened for a fraction of a second and Gajeel saw her expression. “I’m kidding Shrimp, lighten up.”

Levy blushed again. She hated that she kept doing that. He started the car and turned on the radio. Surprisingly some type of rock/metal band didn’t play, instead the music that filled the vehicle was pop music. Levy looked at her driver quizzically.

“I-I thought you might like this music better.” He offered as an explanation.

I don’t listen to pop music. “It’s nice.” Levy lied. The rest of the ride to the restaurant was silent.

The restaurant was a nice place, not overly fancy but clearly expensive. It even needed a reservation. Gajeel told the greeter their names and she led them to a table near the middle of the dimning floor. Levy sat on her chair, across from Gajeel. She nicely placed her napkin in her lap, feeling a tad underdressed here (it didn’t help that her legs didn’t reach the floor and they swung awkwardly under the table, she hated when that happened, it always made her feel like a child). Gajeel had long black hair that was tied into a ponytail behind him. His shiny black nails placed the napkin in his lap as well.

A waitress appeared in a black button down and black slacks with a small beige half-apron around her waist. She handed the two of them menus and smiled before disappearing. Levy opened her hesitantly, glancing at the foods. They were all a little rich for her taste, truth be told she would have been fine with a burger.

She finally chose a chicken dish with a side of salad. Gajeel chose a steak. Neither had spoken to one another since the music-in-the-car conversation. When the waitress asked if they wanted wine, Levy who was considering excusing herself to the bathroom to send the get-me-out-of-here text to Lucy, almost nodded vehemently but Gajeel waved it off, saying that they were fine with water. So, Levy said nothing.

They sat quietly, looking everywhere but each other until Gajeel mumbled: “So, like your job?”

Levy hadn’t… expected that question. “I guess. You?”

“’S pretty fun. Expect when someone has an adrenaline rush and doesn’t understand we’re trying to help him.”

Levy smiled softly. “I once had a guy try to punch me because he thought I was going to tell the CIA he was in my ER.”


“Yeah. He was having hallucinations. Took five orderlies to get him still long enough for me to sedate him.”

“Damn. I mean, I’ve had nothing that exciting. Except one time, my rig was called onto a gunshot wound call, turned out the dude had shot himself in the ass.”

“What? How?”

He grinned slyly. “You don’t want to know.”

“Is it true that you guys just sit around when you aren’t on a call?”

“No! We drive around… I mean, what else are we supposed to do?”

“So do you know the entire city like the back of your hand?”

“We only patrol a certain area in the city, but yeah. I know it pretty well.” Levy watched as he tugged on the cuff of his black blazer that he wore over his shirt. “You know, you’re different from other doctors.”

“Good different or bad different?” She asked as she took a long sip from her glass of water. That was never a good sentence.

“Good different. I mean, all the doctors I’ve ever met are always so cocky. Like get off your goddamn horse, am I right?” Levy felt her lips begin to purse. “Not that you’re like that or anything.” He added.

Levy wasn’t sure if she should have been offended or not, so she just stayed silent. Gajeel bit his lip awkwardly and toyed with the cuff of his jacket again. Was he waiting for her to speak?

They were thankfully interrupted by their food. They dug in gratefully, and the silence continued as they ate. They were ten minutes into their meal when they heard a loud scream and a crash. They turned towards the source of the sound.

A woman stood, hands clenching and unclenching, looking around frantically. “My husband!” She cried. “My husband! He just collapsed! Someone help him, please!”

“Is anyone a doctor in the building?” One of the waiters called. Levy and Gajeel were on their feet in seconds, pushing past the crowd of restaurant patrons who had risen to see what the fuss was all about.

“Move! I’m a doctor!” Levy said, trying to get to the man on the ground. For some reason whenever she said that no one moved. It really annoyed her.

“EVERYBODY MOVE!” Gajeel roared, and the sea of people parted shocked by the loud voice.

“I’ll get the defibrillator!” One of the waiters called, running off to the kitchen where they presumably kept it.

“I’ll deal with him and the wife.” Gajeel told Levy. “You’re the doctor, you check on the guy.” Levy nodded, before running to the fallen body.

“Sir, sir can you hear me?” Levy asked, patting his face sharply. He didn’t move. She opened his shirt and found the sternum, rubbing against it hard. Still nothing. No, no, no, no, no. She checked his pulse. Nothing. Crap.

Meanwhile Gajeel was trying to calm the wife, who was crying still babbling about her husband and how he just fell. Hysterical. Lovely. Best thing a doctor needed. “Hey. Hey.” Gajeel snapped when asking nicely didn’t shake her from her sobs. She stopped babbling and looked at him, terrified. He’d only seen that look too many times. “I need to know, if your husband on any medication? Any diseases?”

She shook her head before quietly adding: “H-he has a p-pacemaker.”

“Levy! Pacemaker!” Gajeel called to the doctor who had just finished her examination of the patient.

“No pulse. Starting compressions.” She responded.

“C-compressions?” The wife shouted distraughtly. “That-that means he’s d-dead right? Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” Fuck, Gajeel thought. She’s hyperventilating.

“He’s going to be okay.” Gajeel assured her, sparing a quick glance to the large old man who had fallen on the ground and small woman on top of him. “Doctor McGarden is very good at her job. And I have another question that you have to answer. When he fell, did he just fall, or did he clutch his chest? Did his left arm hurt?”

“He clutched his chest. I thought it was nothing. It’s all my fault!” She wailed, grabbing Gajeel’s shirt and weeping into it.

“Listen, I can help your husband, but to do that you need to let go of me. Okay? So can you take a deep breath and let go?” The wife nodded weakly, and Gajeel ran over to Levy. He joined her on the floor, kneeling next to the man.

“Heart attack.”  He told her. She stopped her compressions to test his pulse. Still nothing.

“I’ve got the defibrillator!” The waiter cried, running past the staring circle of people around them.

“Get him out of here!” Levy snapped as she pumped the man’s chest.

Gajeel turned to the waiter. “Put that away, we can’t use that.”

“What do you mean you can’t use it? Don’t you doctor people use them in the TV shows?”

“Yes. But we use hospital ones, those won’t work on someone not in V-Fib—look, because science it won’t tell the difference between him and a table, we can’t use it. If you want to be helpful, get everyone away from here and call nine-one-one.”

The waiter nodded dutifully and set aside the equipment. He turned to the patrons and ushered them back to their seats. “Nothing to see here folks!” He told them. Gajeel knew he wouldn’t be successful but at least he was out of the way.

Gajeel knelt next to the man and grabbed a napkin from one of the tables near them and held it between his mouth the unconscious man’s mouth to prevent germs from spreading between them. He began breathing into the man’s mouth, and every two minutes the two of them would stop and Levy would check the man’s pulse. She didn’t even need to shake her head to let Gajeel know the verdict, all he needed was the look in her eyes before she went back to pressing on his chest.

“The ambulance is five minutes out!” The waiter called out to them.

“Thank you.” Levy said without pausing in her compressions.

The man beneath them blissfully unaware (at least from the look on his face) that he was dead. Behind them Levy could hear the wife whimpering and the awed whispers of the bystanders. She paused to take the man’s pulse. Nothing, dammit! Back to compressions. Come on, come on, COME ON!

The time was paradoxical in its speed. On one hand every second seemed to take forever, but at the same time when the paramedics arrived Levy was almost surprised at how quickly they’d showed up. “Sudden heart attack, pacemaker must have shorted. Been administering CPR for…” She glanced at Gajeel who was helping the on-duty EMTs roll the man from the backboard they’d put him on to the gurney. One of Natsu’s partners, Juvia Locksar was doing compressions for the man while she kept pace with the rolling gurney.

“Six minutes.”  He supplied.

“You and Gajeel were first on scene?” Natsu asked as he began to roll the gurney (with the help of another one of his partners, Gray Fullbuster) to the ambulance.


“You have to ride with us.” Natsu informed her. By law she wasn’t allowed to leave the patient in the hands of less qualified people.

“I know.” She spared Gajeel an apologetic smile. “Sorry, Gajeel.”

“It’s the law, Shrimp, I get it.”

“Where are they taking my husband?” The wife howled. Gajeel walked over to her and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am. He’s in the hands of the best emergency room doctor in Magnolia. If you want we can follow the ambulance to the hospital.” He paused and yelled to Natsu who was already loading the man onto his rig. “MAG GEN, RIGHT?”

“YEAH. SEE YOU THERE, METALFACE.” Levy climbed into the vehicle after the gurney and closed the doors behind her. Levy grabbed a breathing bag, and pressed it over the mouth of the man, Juvia continued to press on his chest.

Juvia paused and checked for a pulse. “He’s got one!” She cried happily. “Slow but there.”

“He’s not breathing though.” Levy told the other woman. Levy handed the bag to Juvia who continued to bag him. “Where’s your oxygen?”

“Top shelf, right.”

Levy climbed frowned. Sometimes her size sucked. She looked at the floor, and climbed onto a bag of ResuAnnies. She grabbed one of the oxygen tubes and almost fell as they ran over a pothole and the vehicle shook. She returned to her cramped seat between the gurney and the wall of medicine. She handed it to Juvia who hooked the tube to the back of bag and Juvia continued bagging him. Levy counted his pulse, fifty beats per minute. She took a deep breath and leaned back against the wall of medicine, drawer handles digging into her back.

“So?” Natsu asked. Levy glanced up at him in the rearview mirror. “How was the date?”

The ER was rather empty. Lucy ran up to her friend, taking the bag from her. “Middle-aged. Heart attack. Pulse, but still has difficulty breathing, keep him on oxygen. Wife en route.”

Lucy began ordering nurses around, once they got him to a bed. Lucy took a minute to ask Levy about her date. Levy shrugged. “It was fine.” She offered.

Levy heard the familiar voice of the frantic wife of the man that she’d saved. The woman ran past Levy like a speeding bullet and wailed over her husband distracting Lucy for a minute. Five feet behind her was a winded Gajeel. Gajeel took a deep breath and braced himself on his knees.

“She’s really fucking fast.” He heaved. “I think I broke like nine traffic laws because of her.”

“Uh huh.” She said, crossing her arms.

“Look,” He said once he caught his breath, “I’m really sorry about dinner. You were really amazing tonight.”

Levy blushed. Why did she keep doing that tonight? “Thanks. You were too.”

“I know.” He said cockily. And yet… Levy was starting to find that endearing. “Hey, you’ve done your ethical and legal duty and he’s in great hands. You want to get dinner?”

Levy raised an eyebrow. “Nothing fancy.” He said with a grin. “How ‘bout burgers?”

Levy smiled. “I’d love some burgers.”

Gajeel’s grin widened and he held out his arm for her to take, and she did. 

Annabeth locked herself in the bathroom

Chiron: *knocks bathroom door* Is everything all right?

Annabeth: I’m fine. Can you get my mom?

Chiron: Uh, you know, your mom is actually a goddess and she might be busy…

Annabeth: Can you please just get her?

Chiron: Uh, you know, Annabeth. Whatever it is, you can trust me, I promise you…

Annabeth: I got my first period!

Chiron: …

Chiron: I’m gonna go get your mom.

Ease My Mind - Part 3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your best friend and, of course, you’re in love with him. But apparently Bucky is just fine with your platonic relationship - you’re going to have to do something about that.

A/N: so this one was gonna be hectically long so i basically turned what was gonna happen in this part into two, so get excited for part 4 with KGB night! (you’ll understand by the end i promise). not too angsty! but still some feels ;) hope you enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2


You pull your hand away from the wound in your gut and it comes away dripping, bright red and nauseating. The force of the bullet means you stumbled back into Bucky, who is holding you up by the shoulders and talking into the team comms at the same time.

“We’ve got hostiles - (Y/N)’s been shot,” he says, his voice cracking right down the middle. You pull away from Bucky and examine the angle of the bullet hole inside you - it had to have come from the facility, not away from it.

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“(Y/N), wait, wait, don’t let me go,” Kurt nervously clung to your arm, his skates continuously slipping out from underneath him.

“I promise you’ll be find Kurt, ice skating is a blast,” you shot him a reassuring grin.

“I-I don’t think so,” he stuttered, holding your arm in a death grip as if he might wipe out at any moment, and judging by his skating ability, well it was a possibility. 

“Come on, let go and just try for a few seconds on your own, okay?” Kurt shook his head furiously at your suggestion. You raised your eyebrows at him in response.

“Okay, okay fine, if I can help take down a god who planned on ruining the world, I can do this,” he smiled weakly.

“That’s the spirit,” you encouraged him, slowly prying his hands off your arm. Kurt’s arms immediately shot out, steading himself. Then he shuffled, moving forward at a snails pace, but moving nevertheless.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), I’m doing it, look I’m-” Kurt turned to look over his shoulder, and at the same moment, tripped over his own skate, tumbling forward onto the ice.

“Oh God, oh God, Kurt are you okay?” You were at his side in a second, I mean he hadn’t gotten very far. He gave you a thumbs up, laughing from his spot sitting on the ice, causing you to laugh as well.

“I’m good, cold, but good.”

Soulmate AU (Leonard Snart) Part 2

A/N: As promised here’s part 2 of the Leonard Snart soulmate AU. I hope you all enjoy it!

Part 1

“What if they don’t take it well?” you ask casting a side look at your soulmate. “I mean you’re pretty much reformed but Joe is a cop.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine, if not it’ll be fun seeing the looks on their faces,” Leonard smirks.

You let out in exasperated sigh. “Just let me go in first to prepare them.”

“Of course, I’ll just wait outside in the cold,” he drawls.

You roll your eyes. “Don’t even try it, we both know you love the cold,” you say before entering the STAR Labs building.

“(Y/N)! You’re back!” Barry says and in less than a blink of an eye you were wrapped in your brother’s arms.

“Hey Barry,” you say returning your brother’s hug.

“What are you doing back? I thought you were time traveling.”

In the background you can hear Joe grumble about time travel to Cisco and Caitlin.

“Yeah acctually, I had something to tell you guys,” you say.

“Please don’t be pregnant,” Joe says in his usual father manner.

“Acctually no, I met my soulmate,” you tell them.

“Oh, that’s great!” Barry exclaims. “Who is it?”

You open your mouth to reply when a voice cuts you off.

“Nice to see you again scarlet,” Leonard says from the door way.

“What are you doing here cold?” Barry

“I’m here for my soulmate,” he replies, his eyes light up when everyone in the room makes the connection.

“I thought we agreed that you stay outside until I told them?”

“I got bored with waiting.”

“You’re sure he’s your soulmate?” Joe asks.

“Positive,” Leonard replies.

“I wasn’t asking you,” he snaps at him.

“Yes Joe I’m sure,” you tell him before the two can get into an argument.

“Well I am happy for you,” Caitlin says walking over to hug you. “Are you happy?” she whispers in your ear.

“Very,” you reply quietly.

“You know she could do worst then Leonard Snart,” Barry tells Joe as they watch you tell Cisco and Caitlin the story of how you found out the two of you were soulmates.

“He’s a criminal Barry,” Joe replies.

“There’s good in him, Joe,” Barry says, “besides he’s going around saving people now.”

“I assume stealing stuff as well.”

“Actually yes,” Leonard cuts in, “if you two are going to talk about someone like they’re not here, perhaps you should be quieter about it.”

Barry had the decency to look abashed. While Joe sent a quiet glare over to the criminal.

“We actually need to get going,” you tell them. “We only took this short break to visit all of our families really quick.”

Barry gives you a quick hug. “Be safe,” he whispers.


“Look out for her Snart,” Joe tells the criminal after getting his own hug in.

“You don’t have to tell me that,” Leonard replies his voice loosing it’s normal snark. An understanding look passes between the two and Joe nods.

“I’ll try and get home for Christmas,” you tell them before looping your arm through Leonard’s and leaving the cortex.

an open letter to incoming high school freshmen

from an incoming high school senior

- you’re gonna be fine
- there will be shitty days, maybe even weeks, and maybe even months but the fact is you’re gonna get through it
- when you do get through it, you’ll realize you’re tired as hell
- but being tired as hell means you’re getting strong as hell
- if you don’t want to go to that party, then don’t
- if you don’t want to do something, then don’t. you’ll be fine, i promise
- it’s okay if you only have one or two really close friends
- just be nice to everyone
- but know when you need to put your foot down/show some tough love/be a bitch (you may need to sometimes)
- you may be tired but please know that teachers get tired too
- please don’t make pulling all nighters a habit (some instances are unavoidable, though)
- time will definitely fly a lot faster than you think
- get joggers that fit well because that’s comfort and style rolled into one
- sneakers. just, sneakers.
- index cards and colored pens will be your best friends during exam week
- t a k e n o t e s
- it’s okay to skip school if you’re really not up to it. your mental health is important, too
- make something a daily routine; whether it’s morning yoga or washing your face or drinking water when you wake up- this routine will keep you sane when high school life gets messy
- treasure your summers
- keep your close friends close. you’ll be able to point out who you can really talk to during this time in your life
- and, as my parents said, “high school best friends are basically your best friends for life”
- proof to support the above statement: my dad still meets up with his high school group of friends. so does my mom
- try not to cram
- but if you have to, be smart about it (strategy, my friends)
- don’t be afraid to explore your interests
- you don’t have to be typecast. you aren’t defined by whether most people know you as the jock or the nerd or that one kid in biology, you’re you and you can define yourself okay
- be there for people, even if it’s people you don’t always talk to
- know that everyone’s going through their own shit
- i said it once and i’m sorry but i just really need to repeat it: TIME FLIES FASTER THAN YOU THINK
- find a teacher who you trust that you can talk to, it doesn’t have to be your guidance counselor
- if you need to cry, cry
- always keep an extra pen with you
- when the teacher says that the lesson is in the book, it’s in the book you just gotta look for it
- you’re gonna be fine
- make memories, yeah?
- i believe in you

(feel free to add)

I’m not gonna lie. I’m hard to put up with, honestly. sometimes I have an attitude, a smart mouth, or I just want your attention. but there’s so much more to me than what I show people. I care so much, and even if I’m just talking to you, I wouldn’t talk to you if I didn’t have intentions of being with you. I’m not with you, to just have a label. I want to know everything about you. I want to go so much deeper than your favorite colors, and movies, and foods. I want to go so much deeper than your childhood. I want to know what you think about during the day when everything’s crazy, or at night when you can’t sleep. I’m not going to run off when things get hard, I’m not only going to stay because things are going fine. I want to see you at your worst, and I can promise you I’ll still want you. your best is great, but I want to see both sides of you. I want to see you when you’re angry, or when you’re sad. I want to be silly with you, and talk trash, and I want to lay with you and have deep conversations. I want to go on long drives to anywhere and hold your hand. I want to go on cute dates. I want to go for long walks. I want to take pictures just because. I want you to be happy. I want you to feel loved. I want you to know that I’m not leaving. I want you to know I’m here for you when you need me. I want to see you smile all of the time. I want you, and I want everything that comes with you.

“Harry, what is this.”

“It’s called Pokemon Go. You can walk around catching pokemon on your phone”

“That seems stupid. That seems like what Loony Lovegood talks about all the time.”

“…maybe. But I promise it’s fun! Please just try it with me?”


*2 weeks later*

“Draco, you haven’t come home in three days please just take a break.”

“hArr Y I still haven’t gotten a Lapras we’re not going anywh – wait I scheduled a Portkey to New York for tomorrow.”

“What?? Why? And why didn’t I know about this?”

“I neEd a Tauro s, Harry. But don’t worry; you’re coming, too.”

“…I’m taking your phone away.”

“n O.”

pt1 pt2 pt3

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I am happy about this decision. I feel a little weird though and don’t know how to explain it so I am just going to go and pour another glass. 

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Costume Party - part 2

It’s New Year’s Eve and Tony is hosting a party for just the team. The catch is, it’s a costume party and you have to dress as a fellow team member. When you and Bucky take a risk with your costumes will it pay off or will it end in embarrassment?


Warnings: Swearing but mostly just fluff!

Word Count: 1326

Title: Costume Party Part 2

Notes: Here’s part 2! I’m really happy with how it went. Thank you all for making my year a good one, I promise I’ll be updating Steve’s Little Sister soon and my requests too

The New Year’s Eve party was in full swing and you tried to find Bucky but he was obscured by the crowd.Before you could go find him you’d been swept away by Tony.

“y/n! You look wonderful. That arm is just brilliant. Everything working alright?” he asked with curiosity.

“Hey Tony. It’s all working fine.” To demonstrate you rotated your arm a full circle and Tony burst out in a huge smile.

“Perfect. Just perfect.” He said slapping you on the back but his gaze was looking out into the crowd. Being Stark he didn’t stay long and soon he’d vanished and was replaced by Nat and Wanda.

“That was quite an entrance.” stated Nat, a proud look on her face.

“Have you seen Barnes?” asked Pietro who appeared behind his sister.

“Not yet,” you replied to the speedy Sokovian and you noticed his eyes twinkle with mischief. “Pietro,” you warned, “what is it?”

“Oh nothing,” he teased with a glimmer in his eye, “just that Barnes was drooling when you walked down those stairs. Steve had to shout at him to break him from his daze.” Pietro paused for a moment before he looked wistfully off into the distance and added, “not that I blame him. I too was struck down by the beauty that was before me.” You burst out laughing at this and he sent you a playful wink. You gave him a light shove on the shoulder and Pietro just shrugged.

“What?” he asked, “can’t blame me for trying right.” You smiled at Pietro and with one last wink he sped off. You were elated with how Bucky had reacted. If what Pietro said was true maybe you had a chance tonight.

“I’m going to go find Bucky,” you announced to the two girls beside you. Wanda and Nat shared a knowing look before wishing you good luck and sending you on your way. The last you saw him Bucky was on the other side of the room with Steve and so that was where you headed first. Weaving through the crowd you were giving several compliments and appreciative looks. Coulson came up to you and asked if he could have a photo. You had to admit Captain America and the Winter Soldier looked good together. Coulson ended up tagging along with you as he wanted to find Steve. Eventually you made it to the other side of the mass and found a group of guys playing pool.

Spotting you, Sam nudged Steve who in return nudged Bucky. Bucky looked up and his face turned white when he saw you. You sent him a small smile and with another nudge from Steve he made his way over to you. You sent Steve a look and nodded towards Coulson and ever the gentleman Steve made his way over to him. That left you and Bucky alone.

You stood there awhile in silence. Bucky kept looking you up and down as if he were in shock. You watched on with a smile and tried to figure out who he had come as. Eventually you broke the silence and asked, “Well?”

Bucky made eye contact with you apprehensive but soon broke out into a huge smile. “Me,” he stated more than asked, “you came as me.”

“Yeah Buck,” you said softly as a blush crept up on your cheeks, “I came as you. Is that alright?” you asked as panic crept up on you.

“Yes, yes, of course. It’s wonderful I just…” Bucky was quick to calm your nerves and trailed off his eyes not leaving yours. “Why?” he asked in almost a whisper.

You took a deep breath and answered his question. “Because you mean a lot to me Buck. Always have. Always will. I just wanted to show that to everyone.” You paused a moment before you looked down and added, “I like you Bucky. I like you a lot.”

You were too nervous to look up and so didn’t see the most beautiful smile light up his face. Bucky hadn’t smiled like that in a long time.

“I like you too doll.” Bucky said with a confidence he didn’t realise he had. From his back pocket he pulled out an ID card and handed it to you. “I was supposed to wear this with my costume but I never got round to putting it on.”

You took the card from him and saw that it was a replica of your ID. “Me?” you asked repeating Bucky’s earlier question, “you came as me?” you asked with a slight laugh. Bucky merely nodded and smiled. You pinned the badge on his waistcoat and ran your hands down the fabric savouring how Bucky shivered under your touch. Bucky took your hand and you looked up at him and smiled.

“I like the arm,” he mused, “it looks really good.” Seeing his hesitancy and knowing how much he hated his metal arm you took his left hand in yours and replied, “yeah, I like it too. Stark made it. It’s even bullet proof. I like the real one better though,” you finished giving Bucky’s left hand a squeeze. He smiled sweetly down at you and you thought your heart was going to melt. You beamed back at him and the two of you stood there for a moment before you were interrupted by Tony walking up on stage.

“Good evening everyone!” he called out in the microphone silencing everyone in the room. “With midnight almost upon us it is time to award the best dressed.” You and BUcky turned to face the stage, your hands stick entwinded. “Now I believe I should be winning this award,” Tony continued earning a chuckle from the crowd, “but I have been informed by our lovely captain that that’s highly unfair and that I didn’t do him justice in my costume. I must say I think I did him quiet well.” This earned a much louder laugh from the crowd. “With that in mind the winner is…”

“I bet it’s Sam and T’Challa,” Bucky whispered in your ear, his hot breath tickling your neck.

“No way,” you whispered back turning to face him, “It’s so Wanda and Pietro.”

“A tie! y/n and Barnes have come as each other. Get up here you two.” Finished Tony waving at the both of you.

You and Bucky shared a look before walking up on stage together. You were both given medals by Tony and photos were taken. You noticed Wanda and Nat giving you a thumbs up and also saw Steve and Sam share a high five. Soon the countdown started and you and Bucky were able to sneak off the stage unseen.


You and Bucky stood in silence neither of you particpiating in the countdown.


Bucky took and step closer to you.


You took a step closer to him


Neither of you were sure what you were doing.


All you knew was that this was right.


Bucky took your hand in his and stared rubbing circle on the back of it.


You smiled up at Bucky, your hands still joined.


Bucky smiled back down at you.


In a surge of confidence Bucky remember the play boy he used to be and wraped his arm around your waist pulling you to him.


You placed your hands on his firm chest and looked at hims through your eyebrows.


Bucky dipped his head down so his lips were millimeters away from yours.

“Happy New Year doll,” he whispered against your lips before he closed the distance between you. The kiss was soft and loving, better than you’d ever dreamt it would be. You and Bucky fitted perfectly together and only broke away when the two of you had to breath.

“Happy New Year Bucky.”

It was safe to say that you were greatly looking forward to the New Year and everything that it held.

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Broken Promise

Wayward-Mirage’s 500 Followers GIF Drabble Celebration

Requested By: @emilyymichelle

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Line: “But you promised.”

“Y/N, I love you, but I don’t want to tonight,” Cas said, sitting down across from you.

But you promised Cas! I’ve been looking forward to it all day,” you pleaded, giving him your best puppy dog eyes.

Cas closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead in frustration. “Fine.”

“No, you know what? Never mind. I don’t want to do it if it’s such a problem for you,” you said, bursting into tears as you stood from the table and left the room.

‘Y/N! Wait,” Cas said, going after you.

“What’s going on?” Dean asked, stepping into the hallway.  “Y/N just walked by me bawling. What did you do to her?”

Cas threw his hands in the air. “I told her I wasn’t in the mood to play Guitar Hero.”

Dean shook his head. “How many more months of this do we have?”

“Three,” Cas replied. “I’m going to go get her the ice cream she likes, maybe that will help.”

“And pickles….pregnant women love pickles in their ice cream,” Dean said with a proud smirk.