Four of Swords

I’ve always seen the Four of Swords as being in a meditative state. It’s about taking a break once in a while and not overworking yourself too much.

Keywords: rest, time-out, peace and quiet, meditation, relaxing, vacation, keeping faith, protection, repose, sleeping on your problems, solitude, healing, preparation.

Reversed/Shadow: tired, overwhelmed, overworked, over-thinking, in need of a break, stress, burn-out, lack of progress, restlessness.

Elemental association: Air

Yes or No card: Maybe

Love: In a love reading, the Four of Swords indicates you may be feeling disconnected from your current relationship. This card suggests you may want some time to yourself to clear you mind. If the card is reversed or in shadow, you may be putting too much effort on making the relationship work. If you’re the only one in the relationship giving and not receiving, you may want to take some time to figure out if the relationship is worth it or not.

Finance: In a financial reading, the Four of Swords indicates that you may want to take into account another way of bringing money to the table. If the card is reversed or in shadow, make sure to take time off and not overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion.

Health: In a health related reading, the Four of Swords indicates it may be time to slow down a bit. You may be burning yourself out. Be very careful not to stress your body too much because it may lead to health issues. If the card is reversed or in shadow, you may want to stay more active to better your health. Don’t sit on the couch all day doing nothing.

Disclaimer: Please don’t take health related questions to heart. Tarot isn’t always 100% accurate. If you’re really concerned about your health call or make an appointment with your doctor.

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I can't believe it but I'm not even happy or excited about Cait's Q-A and I LOVE her. Sam is all over his twitter "suddenly" and to me it just smacks of him trying to hone in on her spotlight with his usual cutesy/friendly shit to save his ass from his latest fuck up. Will NEVER fall for it again. And I hope Starz is reading this. I'm going to send Cait a fan card and write to her how much she means to me. Over Sam and his bullshit!

hahahaha I’ll co-sign your card. I wish it didn’t feel like this though. Nothing like some nasty messages in the inbox to make you crash real hard from your post q&a high. It’d be nice to have something in this fandom make me genuinely happy. Maybe eventually. 

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A friend of mine saw your Tarot cards and he called them 'badass.' Then, I showed him your black and red Black Widow dress. He's now into your art and doesn't even have a Tumblr account. Lol.

Oh my god??? This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read! You have no idea how much you’ve made my day by telling me this. Thank you <33333

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We know how you feel about using partners for 2 or 3 color pairs, but what about using a partner card as your only commander and not even pairing?

Honestly, it’s ALL fine and good. I won’t hold it against anybody HOWEVER they decide to use the new commanders.

I’m just processing some emotions right now, and some of that is coming out as unnecessary frustration.

But as with most human beings, the target of my frustration actually has very little to do with the cause. Thanks for being patient with me in the meantime.

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Where are the best places to study in Edinburgh. Both in the uni buildings and outside. I've been struggling to find the best places!! P.S - amazing blog, you're aesthetic is stunning

ahhh thank you so much! hmmmm okay so i tended to do most of my studying in the classics department so this is sort of HCA-centric BUT:

in the university:

  • the divinity library in new college!!!!!! i learnt new testament greek here and SO CAN YOU (through the courtyard, through the big wooden door on the left after the john knox statue and up the stairs)
  • the student research rooms in the school of history, classics and archaeology, floor 2m, you need to be an HCA student for your card to swipe you in but if you know someone who can let you in people won’t mind (unless it’s revision season/right before essays are due, in which case they 100% Will Mind) 
  • if you can get admin to give you out-of-hours access, the HCA common room at weekends (protip: out-of-hours access is the best and most useful thing in the whole world) i wrote my undergrad dissertation here and SO CAN YOU
  • if you need to do an all-nighter and don’t have out-of-hours access then the hugh robson bunker, but i think that’s what hell looks like
  • the cafe/study spaces under david hume tower, infinitely nicer than actual dht (although the views from floors 11+ are to die for)
  • avoid appleton tower concourse at all costs, Here Be Engineers 
  • if you have to use the main library, the fourth floor is nicest and feels least like you’re actually in the process of dying
  • potterrow/dome is okay and has easy access to food, but gets super busy during exam prep
  • the library bar in teviot is actually pretty good for studying during the day, plus you can have a pint while you study if you feel so inclined/are tacking a particularly rough paragraph/have been driven to drink by your tutorial readings
  • i have heard that the law library in old college is a good one but also that you will 100% get glares from pissy law students who Recognise Their Own
  • apparently kings exists?

outside of uni

  • the reference section in the central library on george iv bridge - go into the lobby then up the stairs and there’s a totally fab study area that looks like this
  • cafe turqaz on nicholson street, will let you stay for literally hours when it’s quiet so long as you keep ordering more coffee (which you frankly should be doing anyway, and also the dolmades and the lamb moussaka)
  • ditto to olly bongo’s opposite HCA, gets really busy around lunchtime but after that just keep ordering more coffee and you’re golden
  • the starbucks on quartermile is actually pretty good, although SEVERELY lacking in plug sockets
  • Good Starbucks’ Of Edinburgh, Ranked By Studybility: Princes Street West End (soooo much space!!! so many tables!!), Qmile (you will run into everybody you know tho), Royal Mile/Hunter Square (super touristy obvs but you can stake out a table upstairs for hours), George Street/Hanover Street. Bad Starbucks, Avoid At All Costs: Waverly Mall (full of commuters and schoolkids), Clerk Street (miniscule and you have to fight a fresher to the death for a plug socket)    
  • How To Make Enemies Real Fast: being one of those people who tries to study in brew lab during rush hour (also unpopular #eduni opinion here but brew lab is kind of obnoxious and their coffee isn’t as nice as they act like it is)
  • press coffee on buccleuch street 
  • i don’t know if this will be in any sense conducive to studying but there is a cafe on morrison street (off lothian road, down past lebowski’s) called Noughts and Coffees that describes itself on twitter as a “contemporary board game cafe”

Status: OPEN


Payment via PayPal - you don’t need an account to pay me!

There will only be 3 slots open for the time being!

When I officially finished your commission I’ll send you an invoice (payment request) via PayPal. If you don’t have an account you can safely pay with your credit/debit card!

More info here

Commissions: At the moment I only have time to draw characters & items with simple shading and one color background (Example 1, example 2)

To commission me: read the info below, think of what you want to commission and contact me via e-mail. Your character request should include the following information:

-  What kind of commission you want (see price list below)

-  Description of character(s) and necessary attachments (i.e. character references, pose, outfits, shoes, items, ect.)

*The more specific you are the more I’m able to meet your expectations. If there is something you want to see in the picture let me know. ONLY PEOPLE AND ITEMS PLEASE, no animals I suck lol

Please contact me only if you have the money to pay me. If you “will have the money next week/month/soon” contact me next time I open commissions which will be sometime next month.  


1.       Send me an email that you’re interested

2.       Wait for my confirmation/answer

3.       If I agree send me your request

4.       After your description we set the details, deadlines and the final price

5.       The work should be ready within a week

6.       I will let you know by email that my work is finished and will send you an invoice (payment request) through PayPal

7.       As soon as I have received the payment I will send you the full resolution commission by email

Price List:

-  Waist/Bust Up

o   1 Character: $5

o   2 Characters: $7

-  Full/Body

o   1 Character: $10

o   2 Characters: $12

-  Depending on the complexity of the drawing (if there is a motorcycle or other vehicle or big/a lot of item(s) ) : +2  

In a Rush?

Heres the thing. If you come up to the register and toss your stuff on the counter and swipe your card before I even have a chance to grab the item or even greet you, then I’m gonna assume your in a rush and I’m not going to bother asking if you have a loyalty card or really even bother with my normal speil.

So don’t get mad at me when you notice your item didn’t ring up at a sale price when you didn’t have the deceny to even acknowledge me as a person.

Bonfire Colossus
If you control a FIRE monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). When this card is Special Summoned: Target 2 FIRE monsters you control; destroy those targets.
Can Be Found In: Cosmo Blazer (CBLZ-EN084)

Some effects might not seem that effective if judged on their own. Their stats might be lacking or their abilities are either underwhelming or counterproductive. However, if placed along the right cards, they will provide powerful sinergy to create all sorts of solid outcomes. Usually their use will speed up setups, while others will trigger the effects of other cards. Overall, if a card doesn’t seem that useful alone, they might have a chance to stand out as a tool for combos.

“Bonfire Colossus” is nothing out of the ordinary yet provides the option to Special Summon itself, but with a catch. If we control a FIRE monster “Bonfire Colossus” give us the option to be Special Summoned, but in return we must destroy two FIRE monsters in our field. This has some clear risks, since if we only control a single monster “Bonfire Colossus” might end destroying itself by its own effect, or lose valuable monsters just to bring this effectless monster on the field. However, “Bonfire Colossus” is not exactly about its Special Summon ability, but rather the effects it can work with to obtain bigger results than its mere arrival.

Keep on mind that “Bonfire Colossus” has no restrictions and can be summoned as any other monster in the game, going from Tribute Summon to being revived from the Graveyard. Not only that, but “Onslaught of the Fire Kings” allow us to bring it straight from the Deck, and although will only last for a single turn we have many options to work with until leaves the field. If we only have a single FIRE monster on the field, cards like “Skill Drain” and a chained “Fire Formation - Tenken” will avoid “Colossus” from destroying our monsters or itself, a really effective method if we want to summon various copies at once. But gathering atleast two FIRE monsters to pay “Colossus” destructive effect is not really difficult thanks to cards like “Rekindling” or “Hazy Flame Peryton” summoning abilities, as well Pendulum Summon recycling and/or resummoning Pendulum Monsters affected by “Colossus” arrival.

While “Colossus” is pretty much a Tribute Summon turned into a Special Summon, it actually triggers a variety of effects with its mere arrival. A good example is the Fire King archetype, as once are destroyed their effects will activate going from “Fire King Avatar Yaksha” destroying Fire Kings in our hand for further effects, or “Fire King High Avatar Garunix” wiping out the opposite field. Is a similar approach with “Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys”, which will return a turn later to clear the opponent’s backrow as a result. The previously mentioned “Hazy Flame Peryton” not only is an option to setup “Colossus” summon, but can bring two copies of “Hazy Flame Cerbereus” so once destroyed will let us fill our hand with further Hazy monsters. We don’t completely have to work along monsters with Graveyard effects, as we can obtain the assistance of the Meklord Emperors to replace the losses with their immediate pressence. Finally, “Bonfire Colossus” along other copies and effects will allow us to gather counters on “Kickfire”, a Trap Card which can deal considerable damage if we fuel it quickly enough.

“Bonfire Colossus” is an underwhelming monster on its own as can easily backfire and/or provide nothing in return. However, many FIRE strategies take advantage of self-destructive abilities to trigger certain effects, making “Bonfire Colossus” more effective than it looks. While the problem of destroying two monsters is easily solved with staple swarm effects, many candidates will provide their effects in return to overwhelm the opponent on many angles. Unfortunately “Colossus” is a very optional card as FIRE already has methods to destroy themselves without worrying, including “Goka, the Pyre the Malice” requiring a single monster to destroy yet provides various benefitial effects in return. “Bonfire Colossus” has solid potential to assist various FIRE Decks, but is not that necessary once we check other methods to obtain results arround self-destructive abilities.

Personal Rating: B-

+ Special Summons itself if we control a FIRE monster
+ Able to trigger various FIRE monsters by its destructive effect
+ Sinergy with several archetypes and effects

- We must destroy our monsters when summoned which might affect itself
- Doesn’t provide much once on the field
- FIRE has better and safer alternatives to trigger their effects including “Goka, the Pyre of Malice”

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I have a theory on your God card, if you want to hear it. It's telling you to take on your own power. You have it, acknowledge it and use it. It keeps showing up because you're at the point in your life where you are coming into your self, becoming aware of what you can do. It makes you uncomfortable because, you know, divinity stuff. And as for what you can do about it, you can accept you have more power than you think and start delving into how you can use that power. That's my theory at least

This is, actually what I was thinking too. It just seems so sacrilegious to say! Aaaarg.

You put my thoughts into words though, so thank you <3
Challenges Of Being A Third Party Candidate
The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  • Election night watch party fails to meet food and beverage minimum
  • Figuring out how the major party candidates did that cool thing on their websites where each political issue automatically expands when you hover the mouse over them
  • Hackers more interested in your credit card information than the contents of your personal emails
  • Most voters only willing to let viable candidates kiss their babies
  • Absolute best case scenario is that you have to be president of the United States

jason: do u see me as a father figure, nico??
nico: i see you as a BOTHER figure ‘cause yOU’RE ALWAYS BOTHERING ME

this is honestly the dumbest thing i’ve ever doodled