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Don’t You Trust Me- Hvitserk

Requested by: @betheworstyoucanbeandenjoyit

You regretted even showing him Fifty Shades of Grey now. He couldn’t just see a movie and enjoy it, noooo. He had to be complicated. Hvitserk went to the hardware store and overnight his man cave had become a blue room of pain. You were kind of thrilled but then scared as hell too.

“These will be fun.” He pulls your shirt over your head and then hooks your hand into manacles he’d mounted into the wall.

“You’re not the one being handcuffed.” You try not to blush as you notice the huge smile plastered on his face. “What in the hell are you smiling at?”

“How nervous you are Y/N.” He chuckled again trying to secure your other hand in the leather manacle. “Don’t you trust me?”

“No.” You pout.

He slowly pulls your leggings off and steps back. “This is new.” His eyes leer over you round full breasts and then down to your hips. He steps towards you. “I don’t even think I have the patience to do all the shit he did in that movie.”

You laugh as he wraps your legs around his waist and his kisses devour you as if it’s his first time. He rocks into you burying his face in your neck for support and manacles detach from the ceiling. You both tumble to the ground and Hvitserk rolls off of you. “This was mistake.” He laughs.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Sentence Starters

  • “Betrayed by my own butt yet again.”
  • “Can you explain memes to me?”
  • “Contrary to popular belief, penguins are… birds.”
  • “Did you think I was gonna stab you just now?”
  • “Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I swear to god if you cry again.”
  • “Don’t write checks your dick can’t cash.”
  • “Here’s to bad decisions and relaxed moral values.”
  • “How’s the…… jeeeeeeeeeesus?”
  • “I am a happy little cheese monster.”
  • “I am spinning a web of lies that I fear will one day consume me.”
  • “I don’t want your stupid fruit leather.”
  • “I have to get a solid two to three hours of brooding in per day. Filling quotas.”
  • “It’s called ‘string cheese’ and not ‘chompy cheese’ for a reason.”
  • “I’ll probably end up standing uncomfortably in the corner with a plate of food and hope that nobody talks to me.”
  • “I’m so many levels of irony deep I’ve forgotten what humour is.”
  • “I’m suddenly struck with the overwhelming need to crawl back into bed.”
  • “Mothman is bullshit.”
  • “My ultimate sexual fantasy is sleeping in on a Saturday.”
  • “See you in class… bitch.”
  • “Sharks are tight.”
  • “So, you ever kill a man?”
  • “Stop being so desperate to please your hot friend.”
  • “That… that is a good butt.”
  • “The key to being cool is acting like you don’t care about anything but actually care very deeply about everything to the point where it’s debilitating.”
  • “This ice cream cake is my new boyfriend.”
  • “This is where I come to masturbate.”
  • “Wait, I’m a wreck.”
  • “You can never be too careful. See that baby in that stroller over there? Government operative.”
  • “Your face… is… good.”
  • “Your unending thirst will be your ultimate downfall.”

initial thoughts on the new character designs, in order:

- that’s literally a carpet from the fucking 80s you’re wearing
- I am SO here for the horn accessories
- your pants are ALSO from the 80s jfc
- you beautiful fashion bicon you

- this is the best discount korra I’ve ever seen
- I am so excited for her to whoop my ass into next week
- THE POOFY PANTS askjldhaskjf
- thE noSE RIng
- I would like one (1) order of ribbon gymnastics please

- THE FACE SCAR IS AN X? and the lip scar unff
- where are your tusks
- these dark leathers are giving me feelings
- where are your tusks
- HIS HAIRCUT IS SO GOOD? him and beau are undercut friends do YOU THINK THEY SHAVE EACH OTHER’S HEADS??

- he looks like he has literally never bathed in his entire life
- and like he’s just been picking up rags off the street as they travel
- a rag for every occasion!!
- Scarf Dad™
- seriously please bathe I worry

- the mask is… decidedly creepier than I expected, I’m gonna be honest
- she definitely stole that gold belt off a rich woman
- I can’t wait to see her claw someone’s eye out
- rags slightly cleaner than dad ayyyy *finger guns*

- She hAS FRECKLES?!? I’m
- I’m gonna need a minute
- I love her dress
- I LOVE her cape thing?? It looks very lotr hobbits
- the diFfErENT SHADES of bLUE IN HER HAIR!!!!!
- the tail and horn jewelry????
- laura bailey owns my entire ass oh my god 

- I will give you literally all the gold in the world to hold me for eternity
- And teach me how to braid
- and how to DRESS??? honestly her entire outfit is on point
- the cape/scarf thing???
- cyberpunk queen of my heart

body guard | jughead x reader

Originally posted by kylogue


anonymous said: hey, i’d like to request a jughead x reader where jughead is like super protective over the reader. like he walks with her in school. sits with her in pop’s. the reader is never out of his sight (only when she’s home). and the reader doesn’t really mind, bc there’s a killer in the town and stuff. and it’s kinda hot thank youu^^

“you do know you don’t have to follow me everywhere i go” you joke as you start your journey from riverdale high to the infamous pop’s chock'lit shoppe, jughead hot on your heels

but let’s face it, when wasn’t he? you’d grown up in neighbouring trailers and he was always so over protective of you, he’d walk you to and from school, to pop’s, to the drive in. everywhere.

you loved it, he was your best friend and essentially one of the only friends you had. jughead had been transferred to southside high but it didn’t stop him for walking you to and from school, no matter what.

“you’re not my bodyguard yanno?” you tease earning an eye roll from the dark and broody raven haired boy.

“there is a killer on the loose yanno” he pokes back stuffing his hands into his jacket pockets, a famous jones smile hanging off his lips.

“see that excuse expired a week ago- the killers been found and put away. i don’t need a security detail anymore”

you can see the clogs turning on his head trying to come up with a witty response to your playful banter

“maybe i just like to be sure that a beautiful lady like you gets to her beloved diner in one peace” he smiles sweetly nudging your shoulder with his own

“oo smooth jones, but unfortunately not smooth enough. this girl can look after herself” you smirk spinning around on your hells, the ice seemingly a lot more slippery than you anticipated

next thing you know your put on your ass, the cool snow melting through your jeans. you cuss and let out a muffled groan as you glance up to see a smirking jughead.

“oh i can defiantly see that mrs slick” he jokes offering you a hand up, you hesitantly grab his hand as he pulls you up off the cold ground.

“damn it!” you exclaim feeling the wetness on your butt, “my damn butt is soaking wet now great!” the boy goes red trying to suck in laughter

“it can’t be that bad, turn around” you huff turning letting the boy free range at staring at your butt

damn” he mutters, you spin around quickly trying to get a good look yourself “what! is it that bad? you panic

he licks his lips shaking his head “oh no defiantly not i think it looks rather-” he pauses “peachy”

you turn and smack his chest “stop it you perv”

he places his hands up in defensive, wincing at your contact on his chest “first of all-ouch” he pause and you roll your eyes

“oh please i barley touched you-” he narrows his eyes at you silencing you as you allow him to continue.

“second of all you asked me to look- so i was just admiring what you were so gracefully born with” he argues a smirk etched onto his face.

“you owe me a milkshake jones” you complain

“because i proved you wrong or checked out the goods” he comments as we continue toward the diner

“now that you mention it, milkshake and fires” you smirk batting your lashes at the boy as you use your back to push open the door.

“would you look at that you holding the door open for me, how very twenty first century of you (y/l/n)”

“add a burger to that order, ill grab us a booth” you yell to the beanie boy as you slip into your normal booth waiting for jughead to slide in opposite you

“you’re going to make me go into bankruptcy” he mumbles as he slides in next to you, catching you off guard.

he senses your tense “everything okay?” he asks stretching his arm behind you resting on the booth.

“yeah just you never sit next to me, always opposite” you smile biting your lip as you notice your closeness

“maybe i wanted to sit next to you for once” he beams bringing a hand up to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear

“and maybe since you let me check you out we’ve moved up in our level of friendship” he winks our food being placed in front of us

“what’s that supposed to me” you blush feeling the room growing hotter

“well i was hoping to move from platonic bodyguard to sexy serpent boyfriend” you eyes widen your stomach seemed to flip in your stomach.

“you think with that leather jacket your all slick huh?” you tease picking at your fries

“your bad boy leather jacket facade can’t win me over that easy jones” you smile feeling a little more at ease even though your insides were screaming at you to kiss him.

“oh really? you sure about that?” he smiles playfully, you kept your eyes trained on your fries knowing that one look into his eyes and you’d melt

“mhm” you muse

in one swift movement his beanie is in your hands and he’s running his long fingers through his luscious raven locks, a strand of hair falling infront of his eyes.

you stop breathing your heart hammering in your chest as your ovaries go into overdrive

you open your mouth to report with a snarky remark but you end up opening and closing your mouth at a loss of words, mumbling a inaudible response before your cheeks heat up.

“what was that?” he tease closing the gap between you slowly

“screw it ” you mumble pulling him by the collar of his leather jacket crashing your lips onto his, jughead spends no time kissing back pulling on your legs so they were draped over his lap.

you hands roaming over his chest before working their way up to his neck and hair as his hands stroke your leg, pulling your waist so they was no space between the two of you.

you were broken apart at the sound of pop clearing his throat, you turn red burying your head into his chest “sorry pop” jughead attempts to keep a straight face as the older man leaves our table, shaking his head.

“so was that a yes?” he asks

you bring your brows together “a yes to what?” you tease

“to being your sexy serpent boyfriend” he wiggles his brows placing a kiss on your neck

“i don’t know maybe just boyfriend” you joke cussing him to tickle you, letting out a small squeal gaining the attention of the owner once more. a scowl on his face.

“fine fine!!” you giggle

“fine what?” he argues

“you can be my sexy serpent boyfriend” you admit rolling your eyes as he boy grins helplessly

“only if i can be your sexy serpent princess”

he nods pecking your lips “you’ve always been my sexy serpent princess”

Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 5 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!!!! Here is the moment you have all been waiting for!

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six ~ Part Seven FINALE


Phase Six of Operation Henderson and Harrington: Get Y/N and Steve to see each other.

Your feet were killing you. The red heels were a horrible idea and you couldn’t help but wonder if you could just sit on every porch that you saw. How could anyone wear heels for such long periods of time? You couldn’t figure it out!

Despite the discomfort, you were having a lot of fun. El and Max seemed so carefree as they ran up to every single house, skipping and laughing as they moved around with their arms locked together. El kept offering you pieces of candy but you insisted that she keep it for herself. This was her first Halloween where she was able to relax and be a kid, and you just knew she was loving every minute.

You couldn’t help but wonder when you’d be running into the boys and Steve. You had been trick or treating for over an hour now and there hadn’t been one sighting.

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moodboard inspiration - Armie & Timothée + Leather

💁🏻 I mean. I knew I had a subconscious leather kink but they didn’t need to drag my soul out like this. Just saying. *fans self*

✨Lockscreen size. Reblog & Likes are much appreciated x

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anonymous asked:

if your still doing requests, could you do a fic where Jughead is a serpent and goes to Southside high and Betty is head cheerleader at riverdale and is dating Chuck? thanks and I love your writing!

Jughead held the rag to his nose, cursing under his breath as his friends all tended to their injuries. They had been jumped, absolutely wrecked by some Riverdale goonies in Blue and Yellow Letterman Jackets. Jughead recognized them instantly when they ran onto the Southside Basketball courts, Chuck Clayton leading the way as he and his idiotic, brain dead jock teammates face off against The younger generation of he Southside Serpents, a notorious gang in the darker parts of Riverdale.

Neither side had won the fight, both groups of boys going home with some serious injuries, however they had stolen his Leather Jacket and he was fairly pissed about that.

“I’ll kill them” a burly boy named Dean stated, spitting tobacco on the ground as he cracked his knuckles, nursing a seriously bruised cheek.

“We have to retaliate, maybe hit up that Diner they’re always going too.“A dirty teenager shouted from the back.

Beside him his closest friend and fellow Serpent ,Keith, rolled his eyes, elbowing Jughead with an exasperated shrug.

Jughead shook his head, wincing as he removed the rag

“We’ll get them back, but for now…we make them wait.. they’ll be waiting for us. Make them shake a bit” he said simply, as the other boys nodded in agreement. The Serpents always listened to Jughead, he was the voice of reason
And with his father being the gang leader he had somewhat of a pull.

There was a soft knock on the door, all of the boys went quiet as it slowly opened, revealing the one thing no one was expecting.

In walked an incredibly beautiful, blonde teenaged girl, her long hair pulled tightly in a ponytail and her shiny green eyes looking nervously around the bar, she had on a floral blue skirt and a clean white sweater, considering the fact that it was definitely over eighty degrees the choice of top confused Jughead, she stepped forward a nervous smile gracing her perfect heart shaped lips. She had a familiar leather jacket clenched in her hands and she seemed taken aback by everyone staring at her

“Umm hello. I’m so sorry to interrupt but I have something to return.”

Even her voice was soft like cotton. She held out the leather jacket to the group

“I found this in my boyfriends car, I know it doesn’t belong to him so I thought I would bring it back on my own.” She looked around, waiting for someone to claim it, her fingers twitching.

Snapping out of his daze Jughead walked towards the gorgeous blonde.

“That’s mine, your boyfriends an asshole” he said simply, standing before her and gently taking the jacket, his eyes fluttering closed for a second as he inhaled the fresh vanilla and peach that wafted off of her.

“You have no idea” she smiled sadly, something in her eyes made Jughead want to reach for her, grab her and wrap her up. “I’m so sorry about this, he just.. he gets that way sometimes, Chuck should never have taken your things and he definitely should never have attacked you all.” She looked around, her sad green eyes growing more desperate by the second, he wanted to make her feel better, something he wasn’t used to feeling. Jughead jones didn’t care about anyone but himself and his gang.

“It’s not your fault he’s a dick” he said monotone .

He saw a glint of something in her eyes as she giggled and he felt a tiny bit of pride for being the one to put it there. She coughed a bit and nearly every Serpent ran towards her, shoving beers in her face.

“Oh!” She exclaimed, smiling at the gesture
“That’s very sweet, but I’m okay.” She coughed again and this time Keith pushed his beer a bit too fast, spilling most of it on her sleeves, Jughead shoved his friend away from the blonde and then rest of the Serpents shouted at him, smacking him upside the head

“That’s okay!” She laughed, an honest to god happy laugh “it’s just some beer” she rolled up her sleeves to her elbows and Jughead had to bite back the hiss at what he saw. Her arms were covered in purple and blue bruises, fingerprint shaped marks littered her wrists and by the collective growl he knew the other boys had seen it too. He was going to kill Chuck Clayton.

The Serpents didn’t make the best decisions but one thing they didn’t tolerate was abuse to any woman, especially this gorgeous angel.

Her eyes went wide and she began pulling her sleeves down
“Well, once again I want to apologize for my classmates behavior. I’d like to say it won’t happen again, but when you make Chuck Clayton mad.. well there’s really nothing you can do.” She shrugged helplessly as she headed towards the door, waving slightly to the people she passed.

When she was almost at the door Jughead looked up to see each and every Serpent looking at him with threatening eyes.

“Go after her you dumbass” dean whispered loudly.

Rolling his eyes Jughead headed for the door just in time to catch her before she stepped into her black minivan.

“Hey!” He called, causing her to spin around.

“Is everything okay?” She asked, concerned.

“Everything’s fine, you just didn’t tell me your name.” He smirked, pulling his leather jacket on and sticking a cigarette into his mouth.

Betty stared at him, that same glint he had seen a few moments ago back in her eyes. She plucked the cigarette from his mouth, popping it into her pocket and beaming

“My names Betty Cooper, I’ll see you around…?” she trailed off, waiting for him to fill in the blank.

“Jughead. Jughead Jones” he answered, still in awe of the angel in front of him.

“Okay. I’ll see you around… Jughead Jones.” With that, she got in her car and drove towards her personal hell. Riverdale, the town with pep.

Meanwhile Jughead was staring at her retreating car, his face stuck in a stupid grin.

Keith and Dean came up behind him, calling for the other Serpents.

“So.. what’s her name?” Dean asked as the low mumble of the Serpents came from behind him.

“It’s Betty.. Betty Cooper. Maybe you were right, maybe we should pay the diner a friendly visit sooner than I thought.” He said, his eyes hardening at the thought of Betty’s “boyfriend”

You want a war Chuck Clayton? You got one. And this time?

He was gonna save fair Juliet.

Not What It Seems Part 2 | Sweet Pea X Reader

Originally posted by aunt-imogene

Request: I was wondering if you’d write a part 2 for Not what it seems? Maybe where the reader is hanging out with Sweet Pea, Fangs, and Toni and Archie, Reggie and the Bulldogs cause a huge scene when they see her with them inside the Whyte Wyrm (or outside of Riverdale High) with her serpent jacket? I really love your writing by the way.

Warnings: Violence, Mentions of Making Out, Fluff, Angst. 

Word Count: 795

(Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)

Sweet Pea sat across from me and handed me an ice pack wrapped in a dish towel. We were in his living room at his trailer. I knew that I couldn’t go home and face the wrath of my mom, Alice Cooper, just yet. Sweets had just come out of the kitchen from asking his mom over the phone if I could stay over. I held the ice pack to my bruised knuckles.

“Thank you,” I muttered looking over at my boyfriend. He gave me side-eyes and crossed his arm.

“That was stupid.” He scolded, sitting back on the couch. I shrugged and examined my hand.

“I was sick of his voice.”

“Y/N, you can’t do that,” He leaned towards me and took my hand in his. His hand guided mine up to his mouth where he lightly kissed my injured knuckles.

“It’s all over now,” I got up and straddled his legs. Sweet Pea rested his hands on my hips and looked up at me. I tilted my head and kissed his jawbone. He rested his head against the back of the couch, exposing his neck. I moved on from his jaw and placed kisses on the left side of his neck. When my teeth grazed a certain spot, a low moan could be heard through the room. I pulled away and went to slide off of Sweet Pea’s lap but was caught. He put his hands on my thighs and picked me up. I screeched with laughter and had to hold onto his shoulders so that I didn’t fall. Sweet Pea carried me into his room where we would spend the night making out.

Sweet Pea, Fangs, and Toni were all waiting for me outside of Riverdale High School when I got out the next day. Sweet Pea had informed them of what happened sometime during the night. I had been avoiding my sister and her friends all day.

“Hey, baby.” Sweet Pea greeted me with a tender kiss, “Did they give you trouble?” I shrugged.

“Betty tried to get me to talk to her.” I sighed.

“Y/N, I brought your jacket,” Toni remembered. She handed me my leather jacket. My face light up and I slipped it on.

“ Much better.” I sighed happily. Sweet Pea put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him. I slipped my hand into him one of his pockets and smiled up at him.

“Uh Oh,” Toni muttered. Our moment of bliss didn’t last long. I looked up and immediately stood up straighter. In front of the four of us was Archie and Reggie along with the rest of their bulldog crew.

“What do you want, Archie?” I questioned with a cold glare. He had a nice bruise on his jaw.

“Zip it, slut.” Reggie snapped. My jaw tensed and I clenched my fist. I went to march forward but sweet pea had beat me to it. He swung his arm back and punched Reggie on his cheekbone. Hard. Reggie went tumbling to the ground and the other Bulldogs rushed forward. Someone held sweet peas arms back as Archie took a swing at him.

“SWEET PEA!” I ran forward to help him but I was held back by someone. The person holding me captive was strong and wouldn’t budge. I tried to jerk away from the person but it was no use. The only thing I could do was watch my boyfriend and friends get beat up. Toni was fighting back and so was Fangs. Archie kept punching Sweet Pea. Tears were streaming down my face to no end.

“GET AWAY FROM THEM!” I heard someone shout through all of the grunts and groaning from fighting. I was thrown to the asphalt. Everyone scattered except for the victims. Someone ran up to me and dropped to their knees.

“Y/n, I’m sorry,” It was betty, “ I tried to stop them.” She tried to help me up but I ran over to sweet pea who was laying the ground. Toni and Fangs met me over there.

“Sweet Pea?” I gently shook him, “ Sweets?”

He groaned in response.

I let out a deep breath that I didn’t know that I had been holding in. I brushed his hair out of his bruised face.

“What am I going to do with you?” I sighed, gently caressing his cheek.

“Kiss me.”

The male LIs (and a couple non-LIs) of Dragon Age wanted to get together to share their own Valentine’s Day messages with you all. With a little personal touch to start things off by Varric.

As always, all the writing credit for the Valentine’s goes to the ever brilliant and wonderful spicyshimmy!! Go give her a follow and tell her how amazing she is!

And all the voice impressions are done by lightgetsout

We hope you enjoy them and that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Below is the script for each character’s message:

Zevran: The only leather goods I want for Valentine’s Day this year are your goods in leather. Ahahaha… It is lucky you love me, no? 

Dorian: Let me bring your cold, dead heart back to life this Valentine’s Day.

Fenris: “Take another little piece of my heart now, Valentine–” Varric, this time, you have gone too far. I will not say this. You cannot make me.

Blackwall: I may not be you, but I can talk for hours about how great you are, Valentine. Just ask the Grey Wardens.

Anders: This year, Valentine, I won’t drown the world in blood to keep you safe. I got you some chocolates instead. You’re very welcome. 

Solas: Let the Dread Wolf take you this Valentine’s Day.

The Iron Bull: Romantic plans? That’s all well and good, but where are the chocolates? The little ones with the Orlesian guimauves? And the sprinkles. And the fudge… Ahhhhhh, the fudge. Will there be fudge? 

Sebastian: Neither the heir nor the spare, but you’ve caught my heart in your snare. [chuckles] Varric wanted me to rhyme that with ‘underwear’. 

Alistair: Here, take this down, courtly scholars. Official business. Very important. Ahem. 'Roses are red–I got you one already–something something that rhymes with already. Teddy? Steady? Freddy?’ Do we know a Freddy, and is he romantic? Why are you still writing this down? I’m clearly thinking out loud, it’s not dictation when I don’t–

Cole: Roses are red, violets are blue–blue as deep water, waves lick the sundered shore, stones slapped slick to silence, hull docked on rocks. …Varric wins the bet. I didn’t finish the poem.

Cullen: Nice, ah… Nice weather we’re having today, isn’t it? That is– I suppose I should have thought about this before I– Right. Well. Happy Valentine’s Day. If that’s the sort of thing you– Maker’s breath

Tamlen: My love for you is like the Deep Roads–never forgotten, seemingly unending, but lost to the darkness beneath, lethallan

Varric: And I’m still not a love interest. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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my everything l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

a/n: kinda short but I really needed to post something. I’ll hopefully by able to finish the first part of a Hogwarts!Shawn series soon <3. Hope you enjoy it.


prompt: Shawn & (y/n) get in a fight hours before she’s badly injured shooting her new movie. (I shamelessly included Tom Holland on this, im sorry lol)

Originally posted by illuminateshawn

Everybody knew you and Shawn were together.

It had taken one sneaky paparazzi to capture you holding hands while you were hanging out four months into the relationship.

Both your agent and publicist, more strictly than Shawn’s, had warned you that being seen with him was going to be bad for you, more importantly, your career, since his large fanbase was mostly teenage girls who didn’t care to think twice before going on Twitter and start speeding rumors about yourself, jeopardizing your career.

So it was safe to say your entire team was pretty bummed when the news got out; telling you off because you weren’t able to keep it a secret for at least a bit more time. Even Marvel, who you were shooting for at the time, were mad because they didn’t want one of their new recruits to have a damaged reputation.

All of this had happened almost a week ago; exactly on the same day you were visiting Shawn on the last show of the North American leg of the tour, and the two days you were supposed to spend together to relax before he had to fly to LA for the VMAs and you back to Atlanta to keep filming.

Long story short; the Boston show was a nightmare.

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Gotta Get Better. (pt. II)

Part I |

Recap: And hell did you forget every plan you made once your eyes caught his. He looked at you then back at the suitcase then back at you. “Are you traveling somewhere?” He asked, wanting you to deny the possibilties he had in his head.

“I want to break up.” 

“Wh-What?” Harry stuttured, gulping as his hands began to get sweaty and the air closed in on him. 

“I want to break up.” You repeated, eyes falling to the floor as to avoid his gaze. 

He slowly and genty sat on the couch beside you, leaving distance between the both of you that the both of you hated. “Why?” 

You released a low chuckle, shaking your head. “Why? Really?” 

“Yes, Y/N. Why? Why after 3 and half years would you want to break up? Tell me what went wrong?” Harry asked in a shaky voice, looking at you, absorbing you as if it was the last time he might see you. 

Feeling anger inside of you, you turned to look at him. “Who are you? Who the fuck are you? Are you the same guy I met years ago?” You accused, standing up. “I have been trying so hard, Harry. I have been trying so hard to keep this going, convincing myself that you were just having a rough day but fuck, this is the first time you look me in the eyes since 3 weeks ago!” 

He stayed silent, shamefully looking at you and gulping all the words he wanted to say. Hell, he wanted to beg, plead that he needed you; but he didn’t. 

“Okay.” He said. 

Your stomach dropped, looking at him. “Okay?” 

He stood up and approached you, his hand moving to cup your cheek gently. “I love you, yeah? I just can’t do this anymore.” 

He broke as he watched your glossy eyes, hearing you gasp a sob as you helplessly looked up at him. “What happened?” You whispered, searching through his eyes for anything; a feeling telling you stay, an explanation, just anything. 

“We’re going to hold each other back, love.” 

You couldn’t take it anymore. You slapped his hand away from you and wiped your tears with your sleeve before storming out of the house with your suitcase behind you. 

“Y/N,” James Corden began, “You have your tour coming up, is that right?” 

You nodded with your best fake smile, “Yeah.” 

“Your album is also predicted to be nominated for a Grammy.” He said, making everyone cheer.

“Not getting my hopes too high.” You chuckled, crossing your leg over the other. 

“You should. The album was incredible. Lots of love songs, huh?” James joked. Your smile faltered before you coughed and shrugged. 

“It’s a very mushy album, yeah. Gives you some teenage vibes.” 

“And that’s inspired by your long term boyfriend and my mate, isn’t it?” James had no idea that he had touched a fresh wound. A wound that after a week still hadn’t been cured. 

Nevertheless, you nodded. “It was also inspired by a lot of love stories I saw around me, you know? My friends, parents, just a bunch of people whom are very in love.” 

“What the fuck, Harry?” Gemma’s eyes widened, staring at her sulking brother who sat on his back on his bed, hands covering his face after he broke the news to her. 

“I have scolded myself enough for the both of us.” He mumbled. 

“I’m sure it’s not enough. Listen, I know you like keeping some things to yourself and I always tell you to do what feels right to you, what makes you comfortable but that was such a dick move. You let her slip through your fingers and for what? Nobody knows. So if you please, enlighten me on why you let someone like Y/N leave?” Gemma crossed her arms, her eyes set in a glare. 

“I don’t know what I want, Gemma! I’m moving onto huge things, things I’m not sure I can maintain and Y/N - She’s going on tour and I-” 

“Is this new to you? Is this the first time one of you is on tour? First time apart? Harry, tell me honestly,” Gemma closed her eyes momentarily, taking in a deep breath. “Did you cheat on her? Is there someone el-” 

“God, no! Why would you think that?” Harry instantly sat up, looking at his sister in shock with his mouth agape. 

“Why wouldn’t I?” Gemma mumbled. 

At that moment, Harry closed his eyes. If his own sister thought he cheated, what was the girl he will always love thinking? 

Three agonizing weeks passed for the both of you. Questions ran through your mind everday but one question was what you always slept on; what went wrong? 

“Are you tired, yet, London?!” You raised an arm up at the crowd who instantly screamed louder. Standing in front of thousands of people, surrounded by your crew, you felt like yourself for the first time in so long. 

That until, you decided to confide in the people whom you know will always stay there for you and support you; your fans. 

“A little while back, something happened that took a piece of me. Someone took a piece of me,” You let out a low chuckle. “And, you know there is a time when you feel like - like that tunnel isn’t dimmed, like there isn’t light at the end of it as people say. It’s like your tunnel is pitch black and you’re just - just confused, scared. And so you have questions like where’s that light? Where’s my light?” You pointed at yourself as you stood in the middle of the stage, feeling your eyes well up. 

“So I did what I do best; I wrote a song. This song isn’t on the album, so you might not know the words,” At this, everyone cheered as a few screamed the heartfelt “I love you”’s. You sat down on the stage steps, taking a breath as the music began before you began to sing. 

As you sang, the swaying movement of mobile flashlights put you more into the mood as everyone stayed quiet to absorb every word that left your mouth. 

Do you care, do you care?
Why don’t you care?
I gave you all of me
My blood, my sweat, my heart, and my tears
Why don’t you care, why don’t you care?
I was there, I was there, when no one was
Now you’re gone and I’m here.

You stood up, walking to the front of the stage close, now aware of the tears running down your cheeks as you knelt close to the fans. 

I have questions for you
Number one, tell me who you think you are
You got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart
(I have questions for you)
Number two, why would you try and play me for a fool?
I should have never ever ever trusted you (I have questions)
Number three, why weren’t you, who you swore that you would be?
I have questions, I got questions haunting me.

He listened to it. Harry had already planned to watch your show after it was done by the fans who post shows they have been to online but when everyone was tweeting and commenting about his and your breakup and a song you had sung in your first show, he didn’t have to search for long to find the link to your exclusive song that apparently was written about him. 

And hell to it, he cried. No, scratch that, he bawled. The house you bought together and called a home was now mocking him, guilty tripping him for doubting what they had.

In his defense, Harry acted out of fear. The fear of disconnection, the fear of the distance becoming too much and the fear of doing what he wanted but not succeeding and making your proud and good God did he want to live to do that. 

With everyone pointing accusing fingers at him, including his close friends and family, Harry turned to the leather shelter he felt comfort in. He wrote sincere words of apology; words he couldn’t bring himself to call you up and say just now. 

You sipped on your smoothie, smiling at your pianist, Xavier and your guitarist, Jessica who were talking about your last show in Amsterdam as you sat in a cafe close to your hotel in the morning.

“I think this tour will be so eventful.” Jess said, leaning back in her chair. 

“How so?” Xavier asked her before taking a bite of his sandwich. 

She shrugged, “I’m not a psychic, you dick.” 

You chuckled, watching Xavier flip her off before laughing. 

“Have you checked your Twitter?” Jess asked you, adjusting her sunglasses on the top of her head.

You felt for yours on your head, putting it on the table as your swelled up eyes stared at your hands. You shook your head, tracing figures on the table with your fingertips. 

Xavier and Jess exchanged a look before looking back at you, “You sure you can continue this tour, Y/N? You know your mental health is above anything.” Xavier said gently, putting his hand on yours as a friendly soothing gesture. 

You nodded, looking at the both of them. “He thought we were going to hold each other back, I’m not going to make him do that to me now.” 

Months passed. Months of you trying to move on and months of Harry confiding in his leather journal and friends, recording his album in the getaway he chose, Jamaica. He even cut his hair. 

He didn’t try to avoid the tabloids or the news about you, he didn’t unfollow you on Instagram like you did with him; he knew you didn’t want to see anything that had to do with him but he wanted to see every inch of you. 

“Ready?” Harry asked in the mic in the room where he stood with his guitar along with his band mates. 

Mumbles of “yes”’s were heard and so did Harry counting, 

“Two, three, four.” 

The soft tunes began, Harry swiftly and gently swaying in his place as his head played the memories he clung to. 

Meet me in the hallway,” He sang softly. He repeated the verse before singing the words that now not only his leather friend knew, 

I just left your bedroom
Give me some morphine
Is there any more to do?

And hell was he hurting. 

Just let me know, I’ll be at the door, at the door
Hoping you’ll come around
Just let me know I’ll be on the floor, on the floor
Maybe we’ll work it out
I gotta get better, gotta get better,

His eyes were shut in concentration as every word rolled off his tongue with the feelings he felt; with the wishes he wanted. 

And maybe we’ll work it out.

By the end of the song, Harry’s eyes closed as a way to block the tears, turning his face upwards as he took deep breaths and only a mumble that he told himself fell from his lips, 

I gotta get better.

Not the best, I know, I know. Sigh.

-H x 

The hunt.

Dark!Alpha!Ubbe x Omega!Reader.

I’m just gonna leave this here and we’re never going to talk about it ever again. Dark!Ubbe is really fucking hot though, can we agree? 


fucking kill me

Warning: A/B/O au!, smut, filth, probably non-con because i’m disgusting garbage, dark!ubbe is really hot, oral(giving/receiving), exhibition, unprotected sex(wrap it before you tap it kiddos), slapping, choking, name calling, spanking, hair pulling, dub/sub, some spitting, breeding kink, vaginal fingering, dirty talk, probably some anal fingering too, biting, scratching, infliction of pain, probably abusive content, cream pies, and this basically just starts out as a rape scene and just… i’m really sorry. 

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You had tried so hard. 

Gods know how much you had tried to escape the natural desire that ached deep in your abdomen, like a fire threatening to burn down your walls, but as you continued to trek on with legs like steel, not even the cold air that howled like the beast on your trail could extinguish you. Perhaps it was your pride that forced you to flee, only making this a game for the hunter behind you, adding to his twisted arousal. It was folly, your intense denial, thinking that you could out-run nature in it’s course  — thinking you could out-run Ubbe Ragnarsson

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