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The male LIs (and a couple non-LIs) of Dragon Age wanted to get together to share their own Valentine’s Day messages with you all. With a little personal touch to start things off by Varric.

As always, all the writing credit for the Valentine’s goes to the ever brilliant and wonderful spicyshimmy!! Go give her a follow and tell her how amazing she is!

And all the voice impressions are done by lightgetsout

We hope you enjoy them and that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Below is the script for each character’s message:

Zevran: The only leather goods I want for Valentine’s Day this year are your goods in leather. Ahahaha… It is lucky you love me, no? 

Dorian: Let me bring your cold, dead heart back to life this Valentine’s Day.

Fenris: “Take another little piece of my heart now, Valentine–” Varric, this time, you have gone too far. I will not say this. You cannot make me.

Blackwall: I may not be you, but I can talk for hours about how great you are, Valentine. Just ask the Grey Wardens.

Anders: This year, Valentine, I won’t drown the world in blood to keep you safe. I got you some chocolates instead. You’re very welcome. 

Solas: Let the Dread Wolf take you this Valentine’s Day.

The Iron Bull: Romantic plans? That’s all well and good, but where are the chocolates? The little ones with the Orlesian guimauves? And the sprinkles. And the fudge… Ahhhhhh, the fudge. Will there be fudge? 

Sebastian: Neither the heir nor the spare, but you’ve caught my heart in your snare. [chuckles] Varric wanted me to rhyme that with ‘underwear’. 

Alistair: Here, take this down, courtly scholars. Official business. Very important. Ahem. 'Roses are red–I got you one already–something something that rhymes with already. Teddy? Steady? Freddy?’ Do we know a Freddy, and is he romantic? Why are you still writing this down? I’m clearly thinking out loud, it’s not dictation when I don’t–

Cole: Roses are red, violets are blue–blue as deep water, waves lick the sundered shore, stones slapped slick to silence, hull docked on rocks. …Varric wins the bet. I didn’t finish the poem.

Cullen: Nice, ah… Nice weather we’re having today, isn’t it? That is– I suppose I should have thought about this before I– Right. Well. Happy Valentine’s Day. If that’s the sort of thing you– Maker’s breath

Tamlen: My love for you is like the Deep Roads–never forgotten, seemingly unending, but lost to the darkness beneath, lethallan

Varric: And I’m still not a love interest. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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You can leather me with your lips……

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How I met my boyfriend
  • Me: so your name's Dean.
  • Dean: yep.
  • Me: and you're eating pie.
  • Dean: mhmh
  • Me: at McDonald's.
  • Dean: basically... Yes.
  • Me: ...
  • Dean: ...
  • Me: do you like rock music?
  • Dean: HELL YEAH!
  • Dean: what?
  • Me: is that your jacket? *point at the leather jacket on the chair*
  • Dean: huh actually... No. That's my jacket *points at the trench-coat on the other chair*
  • Me: you gotta be kidding me.
  • Dean: why wou..?
  • Me: do you have any brother? Maybe he's name's Sam...
  • Dean: I... What? No! I have a sister, her name's Charlotte.
  • Me: y-your sister's name's Charlie?
  • Dean: yeah... Why?
  • Me: ohhhhh we are gonna be best friends, bro.
  • Dean: I was just having lunch...
The Boys And Their Hogwarts Scarves

I know dates don’t match up so modern!

Warren birb: forcing Warren to watch all the Harry Potter movies with you (he surely wouldn’t admit to reading the books but he does at night in secret when he thinks you’re fast asleep)
And one day skipping up to him happily with your hands behind your back and gesturing for him to lean down and wrapping a bright Hufflepuff scarf around his neck and he’s looking at you like your crazy “Hufflepuff? ME?” he points to his leather clad self “You’re just a big soft loveable bird and you know it” and squishing his cheeks together.

Kitty Kurt Wagner: lending Kurt your Harry Potter books to read and him just adoring them and as soon as it starts to be cold weather you surprise him by wrapping a long Hufflepuff scarf around his neck and kissing his nose with snow falling around you

Peter Maximoffer: Peter seeing both Kurt and Warren with their new scarves and wondering where his is? he knows you love Harry Potter and he even got a pair of prescription glasses just like Harry’s.
He doesn’t have to wait long when you come up behind him tying a Gryffindor scarf around his neck and he’s confused he didn’t get Hufflepuff too? he’s almost Kurt level kind? “For my brave and bold mutant boyfriend” and kiss his lips

im--a--disnerd  asked:

Suddenly, the actor was in a face off with superhero chat noir for the girl's affections. Fortunately, he came prepared. "You can't defeat the power of song and early 2000's swag Noir, no matter your superior technology." The leather clad feline sneered. "Try me, freaky callback boy!" They fought for awhile, wrestling on mari's balcony while she watched fearfully. Troy pinned the other boy down victoriously. "Once a wildcat always a wildcat!"

Someone make art for this quick. Too beautiful for words I cry. The intensity is an A+ in my book. 


Want them wearing leather, begging let me be your taste test. I like the sad eyes, bad guys; mouth full of white lies. Kiss me in the corridor, but quick to tell me goodbye. 💀