youre way too precious

My favourite precious gems

Being there for your excitement, worries and success through out TATINOF from the beginning (buying the tickets) till the end (you meeting them) has been an interesting roller coaster ride. Although I was never physically there, every part of me wishes that I was, to experience this glorious moment with you but I know we will have our own, one day. It may not be tomorrow or next month but I hope we will cherish our friendship till the day comes. You deserved everything good heading your way and your are a remarkable person, @incaseyouart <3

Can’t hide your true colours

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Words: 652 | Rated: G | Oisuga

Oikawa’s roommate sees more than most people do. 

“What are you -” Oikawa’s voice is a little too breathy for his liking, but – he can’t exactly help it, not with that look in Suga’s eyes. It’s way too intense, the way he’s inching closer like a predator closing in on helpless prey.

“Iwaizumi warned me about this,” Suga replies darkly, pushing against his shoulder until Oikawa falls backwards into the cushions, blinking owlishly. Suga crawls into his lap, wrapping his hand around both of Oikawa’s wrists to pin them down.

Oikawa could probably yank himself free, but the surprise and … granted, thrill of the situation leaves him frozen and at Suga’s mercy for now. “Kou-chan?”

Besides, what did Iwaizumi have to do with this? He licks his lips, trying not to show that this situation leaves him way out of his depth. “Did Iwa-chan hit on you for me? I wouldn’t have expected him to be so successful.”

Suga does not grace him with a reply, simply looks down at him with his eyes narrowed, searching his face for something that makes Oikawa squirm much more than being straddled. Kou-chan can be terrifying because he sees. Much, much more than others do.

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