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Mayday - v

Genre; spook

Length; 1,500+ words

Warning(s); violence

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Y/N P.O.V.

The moment you heard those chilling words freely flow from his twisted grin; Found you y/n..
Just made it that more obvious that he treated this like kind of sick, horrifying version of hide and seek or something. 

Immediately, your first thought was to fight- you didn’t know what he had planned to do, frankly you didn’t know if this could possibly be your last day on earth. Kicking out as hard as you could, your foot connected with his chest. You watched as he basically flew back, gripping his pained chest. “Fuck!” He grunted, gasping for air. 

You scurried onto your feet and just as you were about to run out of the room, his hand roughly wrapped around your ankle; viciously yanking you down. You came crashing down, your side and chin slammed against the floor- knocking the wind out of you. 

Soft gasps for air escaped you as your face contorted in pain, you held you side as you rolled onto your back only to have Jackson standing over you. With you between his legs, he menacingly stared down at you- that once playful glint in his emotionless eyes disappeared and turned into what you could only describe as nightmare fuel. 

Jackson knelt on top of you, roughly gripping your tender jaw, “Fucking little bitch..” He snarled, cracking is neck as if he were trying to contain his rage. 


His open hand connected with your cheek drawing out a pained whine. You shut your eyes for the second time and prayed that this would all turn out to be some kind of god-awful nightmare. 


He landed another vicious blow on the opposite cheek, then relished in your distressed whines. “You’re such a selfish little bitch, y/n.” Suddenly, he grabbed a fistful of your hair as he began to stand, pulling you up to your knees, “LOOK AT ME NOW!” 

You meekly whimpered as you finally opened your eyes, obeying his four-worded command. Peering up at him through your teary eyes, automatically being greeted with his demented smile. 
“P- Please don’t kill me..” You whimpered as tears fell from your eyes. 

A deranged chuckle flowed out of him as he heard your whimpered plea. The older man clicked his tongue while shaking his head, he gently caressed the abused flesh on your face all while still holding a fistful of your hair.
His expression looked semi-sympathetic, yet giggly all at one, “Oh no, no, no y/n..” He cooed, “I’m not going to kill you, sweetheart..” 

You winced at his touch, and though he wasn’t being cruel now- you could only imagine the horrors that awaited for you, so you made a haphazard attempt to wiggle out of his strong grasp. 

Shaking his head in disappointment, he licked his lips just before slamming you back down to the floor. You weakly grunted as the back of your head hit the icy tile and your vision became blurred. 
Tears streamed down the sides of your face as you tried your hardest to regain your sight, you sniffled, “Pl-Please stop..” 

Jackson’s P.O.V. 

Though his heart ached at seeing how utterly terrified you were, he became fueled by the pent up anger he hide away for so long. As you laid there before him, crying- begging for him to stop; he reminded himself of the fact that you chose Mark over him and that you’d always choose that son of a bitch instead of him unless he intervened.

Jackson then formed his hand into a fist, hitting you twice before you finally were out. He released you now limp body from his grip and stayed there for awhile, intently observing the bruises that formed on your cherubic face. 
“So pretty..” He uttered out, leaning down to wipe away the tears that littered your cheeks. 

Pulling out his phone, he quickly checked the time- though it didn’t feel long, the little game of hide and seek you forced him to play took a bit longer than expected. 
“Huh.. almost 3 already..” Throwing his head back slightly, a soft sigh flowed out of him as his hands ran through his hair. 

Peering back down at your fast-bruising, unconscious body; Jackson squatted down, lightly lifting your head as if he was about to examine the areas he hit but instead just admiring how pretty you looked covered in bruises- then he began thinking about how pretty you’d look hogtied and gagged. 
Though many would say it was wrong, especially after everything- after all the reason you were unconscious in the first place was because of him, he felt that torturous tightness in the front of his jeans, “That has to wait..” He practically scolded himself as he lifted you up in his arms.

He couldn’t help but to admire you as he walked back to his room. “She’s finally mine..” He cooed in utter disbelief while laying you down on his bed. Walking over to his dresser, he opened up one of his drawers and pulled out some black rope and tape. 

Jackson walked back over to your unconscious body, flipping you onto your stomach and placing both hands behind your back- he tightly wound the rope around your wrists and forearms, then did the same to your ankles; all while making sure you wouldn’t be able to get loose. 

Once he was done, he knelt down beside you- running his long fingers through your hair. As he opened his mouth to speak, he heard someone opening the front door. Panic set in the moment he heard Youngjae and Jaebum’s voices. 

“Jackson!” Jae called out followed by the sound of front door shutting behind them. 

Jackson turned back to your limp, bound body.
Fuck, fuck, fuck..

He immediately ripped off a piece of tape, slapping it across your mouth- then picked you up and practically tossed you into his closet, making sure to lock it after. 

“Uh yeah, hyung?” He replied innocently, his panic settling down- walking out of his room, making his way to the living room with his two friends. 

“How are you feeling?” His hyung asked as he reclined back onto the couch. “Also, why is the house such a mess?” 

“Oh um..” Jackson replied, rubbing the back of his head as he tried coming up with some sort of excuse; he didn’t even realize how much of a mess he made because of you, “Well Coco was really hyper earlier, so I was playing with her to tire her out. She’s asleep in your room now Youngjae.” 

“Ahh she’s usually never that hyper..” Youngjae replied, a concern look on his face as he made his way into the hallway, “Where’s y/n?” He suddenly asked while turning back to face him, “Mark-Hyung said she should be home by now, and that when we come home to have her call him.” 

“Y/n? She hasn’t come home yet.” He replied, combing his hair back. 

“Wait..” Jae cut in, tilting his head in confusion at Jackson’s statement. “If she hasn’t come home yet then..” Standing from his seat on the couch, walking over to the kitchen counter, coming back with a black bag and a phone. “Aren’t these her’s?” 

Youngjae ran over to their hyung, grabbing the phone and carefully examining it, “Yeah this is her’s, Mark-Hyung’s the one that put this star sticker on the back.” He replied, turning it over then pointing at the little white star that sat at the bottom corner of the phone. 

Jackson silently cursed himself as he continued to stand at the end of the hallway. 
How could he be so stupid? Son of a bitch.. 

“Yah!” Jae shouted, “Where is she? You said she hadn’t come home yet?” 

“Sorry, I had fallen asleep in my room- but I think I heard her talking on the phone with her sister or something..” Jackson replied in an apologetic tone, “I kind of forgot, I was just really tired..” 

“We should call Mark.” Youngjae blurted out, paying no mind to Jackson’s excuse, “He’s going to be worried if we don’t.” 

“Yeah I know.” Jae replied, pulling out his phone and automatically dialing up Mark, “I’ll go let him know.” 

Youngjae nodded, “I’ll go over to y/n’s sister’s place and see if she’s there.” The younger man stated, grabbing his keys as both men made their way back to the front door. 

“Aren’t you guys overreacting?” Jackson blurted out as he followed them to the door. 

Jae shot an agitated look  back at the younger man while shaking his head, “Y/n never leaves without her phone and bag, plus when if the last time she’d take off without leaving a note or something?”

Staying there completely silent, Jackson just nodded as watched his friends rush out the door. 
The moment they left, an unhinged little giggle flowed out of him, “Fuck they’re stupid.” He giggled, taking pride in the fact that they automatically believed his excuse. 

He began walking back towards his room;
God you were right beneath their noses and they didn’t even realize that. Hilarious.

As he walked into his room, he heard the wonderful sound of your muffled cries. He opened his closet door, peering down at your squirming body. “Let’s get you home before they come back, shall we babygirl?” 

To Be Continued..

Preference #25- He Makes You Feel Insecure (Zayn and Harry) Part 2

Louis: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Harry and Zayn: (Part 1)

Zayn:      You sigh as you got up an hour before Zayn. You dreaded waking up early but now you have been waking up to make yourself look presentable for when Zayn woke up. Ever since the night of the club you have been terrified of loosing him. You knew that changing yourself was stupid but you would be devastated to loose a one year relationship over something so small.

         You sighed as you stood in front of the mirror. You slowly drag a brush with foundation on it across your face. You continue to the each tedious task of makeup. Making your eyeliner just right and what not.

        “(Y/N)?” Zayn groggily asks from the other room. You silently curse as you look at the clock. You furrow your brows as you noticed he’s usually still asleep. “Why are you putting that on your face now?” He asks as he walks threw the bathroom door. “You’re wasting perfect cuddling time you know that?” He grins softly as he snakes his tatted arms around your waist from behind then he gently places his chin on your shoulder. “I don’t even see why you even put that on. You look perfect all natural.” He frowns. “I miss your baggy clothes and all that.”

       You look in the mirror in disbelief and anger. “You got to be fucking kidding me.” You murmur before throwing his arms off of you. You stormed out of the bathroom as a sting of curse words leave your mouth. “(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Zayn questioned in confused. You tugged at your hair and you narrowed your eyes at him. “What’s wrong?” I snort. “Oh I’ll be glad to tell you. I saw and heard you at the club. You a fucking that chick and bashing me on how I god damn look.” You yell in rage. “The only reason why the oh natural is gone is because of you Zayn! I felt so god damn insecure because of what you said. That’s why I changed. I now get up an hour before you wake up to make myself look ‘presentable’ for you.”

        Zayn’s mouth opens and closes before his hand roughly goes threw his hair. “I screwed up.” He murmurs before looking at you. “I know what I said was terrible and I know I can’t take it back. My intoxicated mind said things that shouldn’t have said. That girl is pretty but she doesn’t compare to you and my love for you.” He walk over to you then he gently laces his fingers with yours. “I am truly sorry.” He frowns.

        Zayn quickly runs over to the bathroom and soon comes back with a wet cloth. He slowly comes back over to you and gently removes the makeup from your face. “There is the girl I fell in love with… Well kind of. The makeup kind of wanted to smudge and make you look like a clown but even as a clown you are beautiful.” He grins. You couldn’t help but giggle slightly before sighing. “Promise to not say anything like that again?” He nods before whispering. “Promise.”

Harry:        You stayed in the bathroom all night. You felt too hurt and disgusted to even leave. You found yourself falling asleep in the bathtub as tears flowed freely from your eyes. You couldn’t help it. You truly didn’t want to see harry after what he said. Acne was something that really ruined you. And, what he said just made the whole thing ten times worst.

        The next morning to woke up slightly to the click from the door. You kept your eyes closed as you heard quiet foot steps walk over to you. You felt the presanse kneel in front of you and gently touch your cheek. You frowned as you knew it was Harry and you moved your face away from him. You heard harry sigh sadly before you felt him carefully pick you up then bring you to your shared bed.

        As you felt him place you down, in a swift motion you covered your face with a pillow. “Please don’t be like that..” Harry whispered with hurt in his voice. You didn’t reply and a faint sniffle came from him. “I know you heard me (Y/N) and you have no clue on how sorry I am.” He said and you felt the bed sink in beside you. “I had no right to say the things I have said. I know this is a terrible excuse but yesterday was so stressful I had to say something to get my mind off it of. But, I ended up saying one of the most disgraceful things that I couldn’t have ever said.”

        You slowly moved the pillow from your face. You gulped, still not willing to speak or look at him. You eyes stayed on the wall as you felt his finger tips trace against your jawline. “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me, I will never say something that cruel about you again. I love you so much and to lose you after so long will just kill me.” He whispered as you slowly looking over into his eyes.

        “You know how much this hurts for me.” You gulp. “I’m not going to be comepletely okay with it for a couple days but I will forgive you.” You whisper. “If you dare say something like that ever again, I’m walking out of the door and never coming back.”

        Harry nodded before quickly pulling you in a hug. “I promise I’ll never hurt you again.” He murmurs into your neck. “I love you so much (Y/N).”

        “I love you too.”