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Days Off

how you spend your day off w your avenger boo

Steve: After spending years in the ice, he always explains that he’s spent too much time laying around. So on days off, the two of you make the most of it. Most of the time you guys go shopping, all expenses paid by Tony of course, and get new decorations for your house in upstate new york. The two of you were amongst the first to have a house outside of living in the avengers compound with the team, so you take great pride in showing your house off to the team when they come visit. Steve for some reason also enjoyed shopping for clothes, and most of the time it was him dragging you into stores when all you wanted to do was go home. There was something about the Nike stores that always drew him in like a kid to a candy shop, including him tugging on your hand until you weakened and went into the store with him. But you wouldn’t trade Steve for the entire world, considering how cute his butt looked in new nike sweatpants.

Bucky: It was a hilarious scene when you and Bucky had a day off. Most of these days were spent by aggressively watching HGTV, and commentating (more like yelling) what your ideas were for the houses on the various shows. Even Bucky had better style ideas then some of the idiots they hired to renovate. All the Avengers knew when you guys had the tv room, it was best to stay away from the hostile situation. Despite the yelling, you were always sprawled out on top of Bucky while he laid across the couch. Bucky loved the feeling of your warm body on top of his, and his fingers always found their way to massaging your scalp while you had your cheek pressed to his chest. Nat loved taking pictures of you guys like this to prove to the twitter world that despite the assassin title the both of you held, the both of you showed enormous amounts of love for one another.

Natasha: It was rare for the two of you to have a day off, since you were almost always training or on missions. Matter of fact, Fury was the one who had to tell the two of you to take a day off once in awhile, the last thing he needed was two assassins with an attitude from lack of sleep. So on those well earned days off, you made sure it was filled with laughter, movies, and lots of food. Neither of you had time for sad or sappy movies, so Natasha always managed to find the best comedies on netflix. She had also recently found The Office, which meant you were taking a lot of days off to finish watching it. The two of you watched said movies/shows curled up with each other on her bed, fingers and legs entwined. You put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, and hoped there wouldn’t be a world emergency while you shut off F.r.i.d.a.y.

Sam: The tradition started when the Avengers had a week off, and Sam was more bored than ever. He had asked you about some bar in the city, and if you would ever visit it. It was a such a weird question that you didn’t think twice about it. That was until he was on your balcony with the falcon wings, and telling you to put on some decent clothes. Luckily it was a cool summer night, because Sam holding you in his arms on the 6 minute flight was terrifying. But once you arrived and realized how amazing of a night it was going to be, your terrified thoughts from the flight went out the window. After many drinks, and lots of laughs, Sam made sure he rented a hotel room down the block for the two of you to stay in until the hangovers were gone. Plus he didn’t want to be drunk while flying, and holding you at the same time. The beer and the atmosphere was just too good to not go back, so you made sure the two of you got there every few months whenever you had off again.

Wanda: She always joked about watching too many cooking shows in her downtime, and even watching Food Network while she was on the treadmill training. So it was no surprise when one morning she came busting into your room with all sorts of ideas from Pinterest for themed cookies and full dinner ideas. With a smile on your face, you climbed out of bed and made your way to the kitchen to help her begin with the recipes. There was something that clicked in Wanda when she was lost in a recipe, and you later learned it was that she felt like a normal person when she went into a cooking zone. Wanda had called herself a monster too many times, and if you could help in the slightest by sitting there on a stool and taste testing cookie batter, you didn’t mind spending your days off in the kitchen with her.

Thor: Everyone in all the realms knew of how much Thor loved his beer, friends, and now you on top of it all. Thor treated you as his equal, and it was one of the many reasons he’s the love of your life. Being on Asgard is still a trip for you, considering you spent all your years on earth prior to being astral-projected to another realm. The avengers have vacation weeks every few months, and Thor wanted to make sure he showed you around his home as much as he could. The one major thing the two of you end up doing is spending time in the pubs on Asgard with his friends, and family. He recently learned about your alcohol tolerance, and the fact that you could keep up with him and all his friends. Even the asgardian alcohol couldn’t bring you down, or the annual pub fights. All in all, Thor really knew he had found the one when you chugged a pint of asgardian alcohol and kicked Loki’s ass in the span of twenty minutes.

Clint: Spending all his time shooting targets was the regular Clint activity, despite the fact that he was already at his best. You thought it to be futile, since he never missed a target, which then struck you with an idea. Learning to shoot with a bow was a skill you had always admired, and wanted to acquire. So, you approached Clint with this idea on your day off, and he was more than happy to indulge you. He spent hours with his hands on your hips, guiding you through a simple lesson in how to stand and hold the bow, and general mechanics of the art of the bow and arrow. His hands never left your body, either holding your hips or positioning your arms. (Not that you minded) Learning to shoot a bow with the love of your life was an ideal vacation for you.

Bruce: He took up meditation as a hobby at first, because it helped him keep a calm and collected mindset, which he needed so he wouldn’t turn green. It’s an all day event, so you hadn’t seen him on a random tuesday until dinner time had rolled around. You noticed that Bruce had a more tranquil air about him as soon as he walked in the doors, so you made it a point to accompany him on the next day off. This ended up paying off, because you had never in your life felt more at ease. Bruce was more than happy to guide you through his routine, sitting with you. He admired how peaceful you looked, and wanted to spend every day exactly like this with you.

Tony: Although never getting any time to sleep, when he finally has the downtime it’s as if he fights going to bed. Tony firmly believes in staying on his feet until he’s been awake for a week and can’t feel his legs anymore. However, you know him better than he knows himself. You know when it’s time for him to curl up in bed for several hours, and order some chinese food to your floor. There have been countless times that you’ve wandered around the tower to found him sprawled out on the couch, or on the floor in his lab surrounded by blueprints and abandoned parts. With this in mind, early one vacation morning when you felt him stir and get out of bed, you quickly grabbed his hand and yanked him back towards you. Tony was too exhausted to argue, so he fell back next to you, and immediately started snoring. Both of you slept the entire day, occasionally waking up just enough to creep closer into each other’s bodies. Tony appreciated your warmth and general presence, because he knew that he couldn’t live without you.

Peter: Going to the movies was a favorite pastime of yours, and it was like you struck gold when you started dating Peter. Every other wednesday of the month, he two of you spent a full day at the theater. Which started with buying all the tickets for the movies you planned on watching throughout the day, then using Tony’s credit cards again for the snacks. Sure you could’ve movie hopped, but when you’ve got a billionaire’s credit card, who would? After said movies were over, Peter took you on a fine date of getting Pizza. Luckily there was an amazing pizza place on the same block as the movies, so you had no problem walking down the street with Peter. Plus it gave you a few extra moments to enjoy his right arm pulling you close to his body while you walked, fingers resting comfortably on your hip. Kisses before walking inside the pizzeria were nice too.

Pietro: Dragging Pietro to go rollerskating with you became a regular thing once you had realized how much you truly enjoyed the freedom of it. Although, he was adamantly against rollerskating, because going as fast as he did with a pair of wheels was naturally bound to end very badly. (and a few broken bones in the process) That didn’t stop you from literally dragging him to the counter and getting a pair for him. Pietro refused to step into the rink while you gracefully skated around, yelling at him from all the way across the rink. Most of the time you resorted to yanking his arm to get him to release the death grip he had on the ledge of the protective glass. Begging him to just try and coast around, Pietro gave in and pushed off the wall at full speed. Before you knew what had even happened, he sped full speed into the glass on the other side of the rink and fell flat on his ass. You let out a burst of laughter as you rolled over to him, making a mental note to keep a hold on him at all times. Days off were full of laughs for you, and it was perfect.

Scott: Spontaneity was the core of your relationship with Scott, because he always took you to do outrageous things. Your first date was snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean, which without a doubt turned out to be the best date you ever had. He kept that up with the following dates, always outdoing himself. Ziplining, hang gliding, and skydiving were among the other activities he had arranged for dates, and you were practically in love. So, he used his spontaneous attitude and thought up more adventurous things to do on vacation days. Ice skating was a personal favorite for both of you, because it warranted a reason for Scott to keep a grip on you, and vice versa. You both were laughing the whole time, while Scott continuously slipped and grabbed your arm for dear life.

Loki: Baking was something you did with your parents as a child, so naturally you found yourself doing this whenever there were days off. You had become very skilled in the art, and Loki appreciated just sitting at the counter, intently watching you with a smile on his face. Loki just silently watched you experiment in making the batter, just mixing different shit together with the essentials. Since cakes were a specialty of yours, sometimes you threw in some chocolate chips, or caramel sauce, or blueberries, whatever you could find to experiment with. He usually suggested a flavor for the icing, and helped you whip it up. It was nice, really. Loki loved a simple, low-key day with you. Helping you bake wasn’t his first idea of how to spend a day off, but in the end it worked out since Loki really adored spending time with you.

let me explain to you why I think Shawn proposing to Katy is one of the worst things that they’ve ever done on this show.

Reason 1: Maya does not need a father to be happy. She has gone ten years without a dad, but you know what she did have? She had Cory, she had Topanga, she had Riley, She had Shawn and she had Katy, her mother, who loves her and cares for her and is an excellent role model.

Reason 2: Katy does not need a man to be happy. Katy is a single mother, she has a job, she puts the food on the table, she keeps a roof above both her and Maya’s heads, she keeps the lights on. She is an incredible woman and a fantastic mother. She is to be looked up to because she is a woman who can take care of herself and does not need a male breadwinner to help her. She does not need Shawn Hunter to help her.

Reason 3: Katy asked Shawn out during GM Hurricane which was the 8th episode of Season 2 of Girl Meets World, they are now at the beginning of season 3, episode 5 to be exact. That would mean that it has been less than a year since Shawn and Katy began their relationship. Less. Than. A. Year.
I am one to believe that times serves no value, that when you’re in love, you’re in love. But being in love with someone does not mean that you should marry them almost immediately.

Reason 4: Not only did they get rid of Angela, but they also completely disregarded Shawn’s feelings for her, making her seem insignificant compared to Katy when we actually got see their relationship unfold and got to see how much they loved one another. They threw out this incredible, interracial relationship so that Maya could have a father, whom she doesn’t need and Katy could have a man, whom she doesn’t need. Tell me something, if Shawngela couldn’t be Cory and Topanga, why can Shawty be Cory and Topanga?

Reason 5: We saw absolutely no development between Shawn and Katy’s relationship. None at all. She asked him out, less than a year later, he asks her to marry him. How is anyone satisfied with that? We didn’t see any dates, any memorable moments, any anniversaries, we saw nothing. Yet here he is, asking her to marry him. How are we supposed to be satisfied with a relationship that we know nothing about? There is so much detail put into Smackle/Farkle’s relationship and all the other teen relationships, they were built up with a backstory and a lot of memorable moments, so why didn’t they do that for Shawn and Katy? Because the show isn’t about them, right? They couldn’t fit it in, right? They didn’t see it as necessary as giving the teens new topics to deal with, right? Well, if you can’t supply this couple with some (incredibly necessary) memorable moments, how can you possibly think that it’s okay to just suddenly have them get married, out of the blue? This relationship should have been built up more or it shouldn’t have been built up at all.

Honestly, I don’t even care how happy Maya looked. I do not care one bit. Normally I would, but not when it comes to this horribly played out relationship. Maybe I would have split a tear when Shawn said he’s in love with Katy if it was built up in a better way. May I would’ve awed after their kiss if it was built up in a better way.

I really hope Michael finds a way to fix this, because this is most definitely not okay.