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We rehearsed all the time. I mean, I couldn’t appreciate the compliment about the chemistry more because, like, I fell in love with Timmy in the process of making the movie. He’s fuсking terrific and he’s also an incredible actor, so I had all of that. It was just this great experience where I think we all, in the process of making this movie, got that experience of that one summer where we were there and everything was perfect.” — Armie Hammer on working with Timothée Chalamet on “Call Me By Your Name”

the thing with me and depression like we’re not dick and dom, we’re not ant and dec, we’re not smosh, we’re not omfgitsjackanddean. i’m me. he’s depression. we’re friends. we live together but we’re separate people. you know what i mean? you know you can like us both but we’re not a double act you know what i mean i don’t think we want to be a double act ‘cause we like just being friends as individuals

Slang decoder for parents :))

Ever wanted to know what your child is talking about on the internet???? See a strange text from their friends you haven’t met??? Here are the answers!

Lmfao- Lost my freaking Add Ons

Omg- Odd mine ghosts

Stfu- Some Troquantaries found undermeat

Wtf- Whales that fly

Fml- Found my libra-orb

Lms- Lets make Sugar

Tfw- Tie for winners

Rofl- Residential area forbidden, loser

Wth- Where’s tiny Hugo?

asf- Aggressive specters fighting

pm- Pedalo meetup

ftw- Fortune tickets wanted

no gf- No golden flesh :(

rt- Rats, Tiburce!

tmi- Tall Mister incoming

mf- Meat fountains

pos- Post office specters

mfw- Merchant’s fun wares

Smh- Specters make hell

  • John: *sneaks into the house, something in his coat*
  • Philip: *follows behind him, hiding something as well*
  • Eliza: John? Philip? What are you two doing?
  • John: *stops* Uhh,,,,, *sweats*
  • John: *facepalms*
  • *as he does, at least 7 turtles fall out of his coat*

Percy Weasley

  • Everyone is staying at Person C's house. Person A and B are being flirty and cute.
  • Person C (talking to A): so you can sleep with B
  • Person A: *smirks*
  • Person C (Backpedaling): I meant to share a bed
  • Person A and B: *continue to giggle*
  • Person C: No! Not in the office *pauses* Or in my room! Do it in your own room
  • Person A: I don't have a room here!
  • Person C: and by your room I mean outside

Anyways misgendering someone because you dislike them / purposely using the wrong pronouns to make them mad and then spouting bullshit about “free speech” doesn’t make you cool or edgy it makes you a genuinely terrible person have fun with that lmao

The pictures dont really do Jules’s shimmer much justice, because its not just “oh hey green would'ja look at that.” Its more like..