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Helloooooooo can I please get cute floofy relationship headcanons for Phichit? (I have a feeling he's going to be such a cute boyfriend ermgah) Love your blog, keep it up! :DD

HEYYYYY! Phichit is the best boyfriend pls omg like 10/10. Honestly he’s so cute and ugh I hope you like these headcanons pls enjoy. Thank you for the requests!

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • Do you like receiving gifts of chocolate and flowers at random?
  • Do you like being told you’re loved constantly?
  • Do you like having a healthy and supportive relationship with your significant other????
  • If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, Phichit Chulanont is the boy of your dreams, for sure
  • He’s the sweetest person alive, so he likes to spoil you rotten
  • you literally have a huge pile of stuffed animals on your bed that are just from him, and you don’t have the heart to move them somewhere else
  • He has so many cute photos of the both of you in his camera roll that he barely has any room for his other apps
  • His favorite selfie is of the two of you at a Starbucks late at night, both of you holding a hot chocolate and you dozing off on his shoulder
  • Every anniversary or milestone you reach becomes a post on Instagram tbh
  • your first kiss post was a selfie of him kissing you and it’s still the most-liked and commented post on his account
  • His goal is to show you off to the whole world and let everyone know that he’s the luckiest guy in the world because you chose him
  • In every interview, he thanks you for your love and support and dedicates his performances to you
  • If you ever come support him at a competition, he’ll mostly likely give you some of the flowers and stuffed animals he receives from his fans
  • and usually you’re like ‘babe aren’t i supposed to give you flowers????’ but he’s like ‘what nah babe i got u’
  • Kisses of all kinds are his favorite, but he loves the way your cheeks get all rosy when he kisses them
  • He’s the boyfriend that loves to touch, play with, and brush your hair
  • fall asleep on his shoulder or in his lap and I promise he will never let you go after that
  • He really likes sharing a bed with you !!!!!!!!!!!
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual; he just loves cuddling up to you under a bundle of blankets and just claiming your warmth and love for an entire night of peaceful sleep
  • Spontaneous dates are his thing
  • Like showing up unannounced with flowers and dragging you out of the house no matter what attire you have on is his specialty
  • His favorite dates are the ones where you stay out all night, bumming around the city and then winding down at a Starbucks at two am
  • He loves taking you skating !!!! so he can hold your hands and guide you on the ice !!!! so cute
  • Wear his clothes and I promise he will either cry or ask you to marry him
  • and he’ll take/post a zillion pictures ugh typical Phichit
  • He will coddle you any chance he gets, so you’re going to be well taken care of if you’re sick or not feeling well 
  • ((or if you’re a female and on your period jfc he will make the whole thing so much easier for you holy fuckkkkkkk I need me a freak like that))
  • Sometimes he might act like he’s in a relationship with his phone and not you, but I promise he would pick you over his phone any day
  • but he might cry a bit lmao
  • He would be like the best boyfriend in the world, basically, so cherish him <3
#120: Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute

Ashton: Stay with me, baby stay with me. Tonight don’t leave me alone.”

“Please,” Ashton begged, tears shining in his eyes as the moonlight hit the side of his face. “I’m begging you, please don’t leave me. I need you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it; I didn’t mean any of it. My life’s just been this huge shit storm and there’s been so much pressure in the band and it’s just been getting to me. But you can’t leave. You just can’t. Because you’ve been the only solid thing in my life and when you’re around, I just- I feel everything. You promised me forever; what happened to that promise?” “Don’t you dare turn this around and put the blame on me!” you hiss, your eyes narrowing to slits as you clenched your hands into fists. “You promised me that you would always be there; that no matter what you were doing or where you were, you would always be there. So explain to me why I would be stuck here, in this fucking apartment, crying my eyes out while my boyfriend is halfway around the world having the time of his life and not even bothering to return my calls.” After a moment of tense silence, you let out a sigh and run a hand through your hair, looking at him helplessly. “What are we doing, Ash? Look at us. Maybe we should just-” “Don’t,” he cuts you off. “I’m not giving up- we’re not giving up on this; on us. Just stay. We’ll fix this.”

Calum: “No, I could not want you more than I did right then.”

The music started up and so did Calum’s heartbeat, his hands twitching as he glanced from the door to his band mates. Ashton gave him a reassuring smile while Michael and Luke just shot him a thumbs up, none of them able to calm his nerves. The big wooden doors opened up, everyone’s attention on the approaching couple. His eyes swept along the crowd one last time, wanting to take it all in before you came in. And then there you were; and damn, did Calum’s knees almost give out? Or was the whole world just suddenly tilting? You looked absolutely breathtaking; Calum didn’t even know how to describe your dress or your hair or your face. The only coherent thought coming to mind being, “Wow, she looks so beautiful. I can’t believe I’m getting married to her.” And he shot you a nervous smile which you mirrored, his hand shaking as he gently pulled you next to him, your father letting go of you and pressing a kiss to your forehead before leaving to sit next to your mother. And Calum couldn’t help but kiss the back of your hand, right over the place where your ring would go, basically restraining the rest of himself from just scooping you up and jetting off to your honeymoon destination right that very second.

Luke: “Hold my breath as you’re moving in, taste your lips and feel your skin.”

“Did you have fun?” Luke questions nervously, biting down on his thumbnail nervously as you teasingly roll your eyes at him. “Of course I did!” you exclaim as if it should have been the most obvious thing in the world. “Although I never expected to meet your best friends and your mom on our first date; I thought that was reserved for later on. But hey, I mean I’m not complaining. Your friends are pretty funny and your mom is the sweetest person alive.” “You said ‘later on’,” Luke points out, trying (but failing) to hold back an excited smile. “Does that mean…” “It means whatever you want it to mean, Hemmings,” you answer his unsaid question, chuckling when you see him jump up on his heels a bit. “So I’ll see you tomorrow?” Luke chimed, slightly leaning against the wall beside your front door. “I don’t think we agreed on that,” you reply mockingly, narrowing your eyes at him. “Well you’re the one that said later on meant whatever I wanted it to mean,” he shrugs, shooting you a dimpled smile. “And 'later on’ means tomorrow to me.” “Hm, I’ll think about it,” you ponder, smiling back at him. He glances down at your lips and your breath catches in your throat; now was the time. Slowly, you leaned forward and reached up on your tip-toes, connecting your lips with his.

Michael: “And it’s hard to love again… when the only love you knew just walked away.” 

He couldn’t do it; Michael just couldn’t do it anymore. Everywhere he went, he was constantly reminded of you; your favorite Starbucks drink, the time you stayed up the whole night and marathoned Arrow together. It just wouldn’t stop. Every show they had, he couldn’t help but look for your face in the crowd, as if you had suddenly materialized back into his life and he could take you in his arms and never let you go. Because every time he saw a girl, all he could see was how she wasn’t you; her hair was too light or her eyes were the wrong color or she carried herself differently. And of course Michael tried to hide it; he didn’t want to offend any of the fans, he loved them dearly. But he missed you; he missed you so bad. If he could go back in time, Michael wouldn’t even hesitate to go back to when you walked out of his life forever; he would grab you and fight for you because he knew exactly how he would end up if you left. He would end up regretting every single day that passed since the night you left, the scene leaving him with nightmares for weeks that kept the other boys up during the night. Because that was it; that was his worst nightmare. You with a tear-stained face, screaming out that you hated him and walking out of your apartment and never coming back. And sometimes Michael thinks that he could never love someone ever again because you left this damn mark on his soul and he could never get rid of it because you were his whole world; you were his life.

A/N: I’m really sorry about not posting something yesterday. But after uploading for 11 days straight, I just couldn’t do it; I really needed a break. And I was seriously contemplating whether or not I should write tonight; obviously I did. But yeah. I’m all written out, if that even makes sense. At least I still have the energy to write a partially sad preference. I haven’t written one of those in a while. My next one will most likely be “sad” too because I miss writing those kinds. Anyways… Hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx