youre the one thats crazy

Muse to a Pessimistic Non-Muser

my sister went with me to weenie roast and here are some of the funny things she said (she doesn’t know anything about muse)

- Who is that guy in the back? is he in the band? He’s so insignificant what is he doing? (she was talking about Morgan :()
- it was cool when everyone was singing “trials and tribulations”
- thats song [plug in baby] is so boring it doesn’t sound like muse at all
- im NOT letting you buy that psycho t shirt i dont want you walking around with weapons on your shirt
- is psycho one of those songs thats going to make a crazy person go on a killing spree?
- OMG look at his fingers how is he doing that (when matt was playing guitar)
- wtf they look so OLD
- Is this the clappy song? (starlight)
- Which one is Dawn (she meant Dom)
- WHOAH! what is that? (when matt was using the kaoss pad)