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I'm kinda glad that you ship batlantern cause it's a ship that gets a lot of hate and that makes me nervous to write fics for it right now.

I get why you would feel like that. People on tumblr can be very intimidating and usually the most aggressive are the loudest. It’s even worse when people seem to agree with them. Anyway, let me tell you an ironic story:
Besides Superbat, Halbarry was my first ship after getting into comics again (and it’s still my ‘main’ ship). Unfortunately that fandom is disappointing, as is every fandom on tumblr. That is, there are a few people that are very negative and loud when expressing their opinions.
When I first got into Halbarry I read some fics on AO3 and one of them was really good! I liked it so much I anticipated drawing a scene of it. But when I checked their tumblr I saw not only quite some negativity in general (e.g. the new Flash run) but also – tadaa ! – an anon hating on Batlantern and the fic author heavily agreeing in a pretty rude manner.
I never thought about Batlantern before that, but people trashing other ships – even if I dislike them – is an absolute no go for me. So I went into the tag, admittedly also out of spite. I saw fanart, read some fics and … I liked it. So kinda ironic how I got into it.
Anyway you wanna know what’s really sad? That thing about the fic and finding out about the author? That has happened more than once.
There’s nothing quite as disappointing as seeing that someone, whose art/fic you love, behaves like that.
It resulted in me always checking a users’s tumblr first to see if they, in general, blog anything negative or trash other ships/people.

What I really wanna get to is this: I started blocking users. I started having a zero tolerance on people posting negative things/bashing in the tags, no matter the age, no matter the popularity. Will they gossip about me behind my back? Maybe, who knows. That’s not important. The important part is that my enjoyment on tumblr has increased significantly. I’m having fun in fandoms, though I’m still cautious about new contacts and still check blogs first before following or messaging someone.

If you enjoy Batlantern, don’t let people stop you! Be brave, be creative and don’t shy away from blocking people (The button is there for a reason. Do you really wanna keep seeing their negativity and sacrifice your joy? Btw you can also block anons. It will block their IP). Trust me, most of the users will not dare attack you directly. And if they do, don’t answer. Block them, report them. Don’t give them the gratification of attention, even if you wanna defend yourself. Sometimes it’s better for yourself to just ignore them.

And don’t forget: Happiness is the best revenge. Enjoy your ship and keep creating. Your psyche will thank you.

Aaaanyway I don’t wanna end this on such a serious note! I do enjoy Batlantern. So, dear anon I’ll post my so far only sketch I have of them just for you :>


stannis baratheon is a stern man and his wife, selyse, is no less stern. she’s foreboding, unforgiving, strict, and cruel, ofttimes even to her husband and her daughter. stannis, however, is a bit softer where his daughter is concerned. he knows she is a bright and kind girl, and that those traits must be nurtured.

shireen was born with an incurable disorder that resulted in the notable discoloration of her skin. for a time her father insisted on private tutoring so that she could avoid being teased by her peers. shireen protested, insisting she was a big girl and that she could stand up for herself.

This my disabled NB polyromantic ace OC, Major Ronas Lile. They were a groundpounder in the 501st Legion until they got grievously wounded in battle, resulting in blindness on their left eye, impaired motor skills and reliance on mobility aids, and preferred continuing to be useful to an honorable discharge, putting their psychology studies to good use and taking a post as a counselor and therapist aboard the Executor, with great success.By 3 ABY, they’re hands down one of the best at their job in all of Death Squadron and have always found a way to help their patients, no matter what. Need advice, some kind words, help with stopping your mental health from worsening, an open ear for venting to, or just a shoulder cry on? Major “Lily” Lile’s got your back. 

Ronas earned that nickname with both their saintly patience and their love for subtle and regs-friendly, yet aesthetically pleasing makeup. They enjoy sharing tips and techniques with whoever wants to look dashing on duty and not get chewed out by their superior. 

They also have the droid equivalent of a service dog, AS-6, appropriately nicknamed Aces, to assist them with their daily life. Aces is a friendly little fellow with masculine programming who carries stuff around, manages appointments, amuses clients who need a cheering-up, and can also alert the nearest medbay in case Ronas falls and hurts themself or their chronic pain gets too severe to manage on their own.

@th3rm0pl43 - it won’t let me tag you because tumblr hates me, but thank you so much for submitting your OC!

short & sweet ♡

So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤


When Jon asked Melisandre to not resurrect him, because he would come back into a world, where Sansa is no longer alive, where she killed herself, because he failed her.

↳ “I am ordering you not to bring me back.“

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.


What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]


“Our Team Came Back”: #151115WITHBAP

happy two years of matrix. thank you for never giving up and returning.


jisung appreciation gifset - Congratulations Leader Jisung for debuting after all these years of hard work. Even though you may have lost hope at some point, even though some people were telling you that you weren’t fitted the idol life because you are “too old”, or because you don’t fit the idol-ish image, you continued believing in your dream and you succeeded. That’s why you’re such an inspiration to me! Having the chance to be your stan is not only a very fulfilling but also a beautiful adventure. I love you very much and i hope your future will only be bright and bring you happiness because you deserve it so so so so much. And I hope i can continue hearing your beautiful voice, as you are not only talented but also very modest, funny, witty, beautiful on the inside as on the outside, supportive, tolerant, patient, caring. - a proud rice grain.