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I’m visiting my grand parents. So no tablet, no computer, just some color pen and paper ^^ I want to have fun with one of your OCs. So go ahead! Send some references. I ll draw one for sure, maybe to if I’m motivated XD

Let’s go!

the tuxes
  • john: sherlock, will you help me pick out my tux for the wedding?
  • sherlock: yes, we should go tomorrow.
  • -tomorrow-
  • john: ok, *holding up a tux* what do you think about this one?
  • sherlock: not your color.
  • sherlock: *holds up another tux* this one.
  • john: *tries it on* i like it, i think it would look good on you too.
  • sherlock: *almost passes out* what
  • john: you should get the same one
  • sherlock:
  • john: what
  • sherlock: nothing, if we were wearing the same thing, do you think that would take away from mary?
  • john: i don't think so...
  • sherlock mumbling so john cant hear him: ok if you really want it to look like i'm marrying you, i have absolutely no problem with that.
  • john: what?
  • sherlock: nothing.
Rhys Drabble

“Rhys, why do you sleep naked? I mean not that I really care, more of a curiousity.” She can feel her ears turning red at the very personal question she has asked her roommate over breakfast.

He chuckles, “Not for any of the dirty reasons your mind is thinking.”

She sits there and waits.

Finally he sighs, “This is top secret, you can’t tell any of them. When I bought this place, they would all come barging in my room at all hours.

"Mor was the worst. One night I decided that if she was going to barg in that I would give her one hell of a show, one she didn’t want to see. After that I found I liked sleeping naked and it has the added benefit of them knocking.”

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Aaa I love your 2nd generation paladins! I especially love that one of them is asexual! I love seeing ace representation in anything because it seems like people don't really understand it

I’ll admit, even I don’t fully understand it. I don’t understand a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try and work hard to learn more and help include them. I made him Ace (specifically aromantic asexual) because it felt right for his character? And also because I wanted representation, and he fit. Plus one of my very best friends in the entire world is asexual, and she always talks about lack of rep!

And thank you! I’m really glad you liked my Paladins :)

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can I have a request? XD can you create a badge for Karamel Family? I want to put it on my page coz Im proud to be a part of Karamel shippers/family XD

Thanks for this request :) I just want to say that I’ve never done anything like this before so I apologize in advance if you don’t like it. I did my best and hope it’s not so bad ;) Until someone, who’s more talented than me, decides to make better one, I hope this one will do:

If anyone else want to use it then go ahead :) Just don’t claim as your own :)

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I think you guys are long overdue for a fun M!A - so how about we bring back an older one! M!A Dragons - you and Runiel both get to be dragons again! (And don't worry, Runi, this'll only affect your projections. ;) ) Lasts as long as the mun wants! Oh, and you'll both be able to speak normally. Don't want communication to be an issue here.

* [Yo, Holy Shit.]

( above art done by @fragmentednothing / @koyoss ! )

( above art done by @drwingdingshitposter ! )

* [These two are currently heaped in the pit…. And Flaps definitely is the largest thing in the pit now. Hopefully he hasn’t squashed anyone,]

( as a size ref - runi’s probably about the size of a Labrador retriever, whereas they only come up to the top of flaps’ hip as he is now. )

You guys are SO SWEET with your comments on court edits!! I want to do another one later today but I have no idea which one. What would you like the most? :)

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i had this one guy follow me and then not even within ten minutes of us being mutuals he messaged me like "i'm so glad i got to meet my daughter in this life i love you and you can call me dad if you want!" Like uh ... fml? and i havent really talked to him since its been like a month? but he replies to all my posts like "i'm here if you need me babygirl" and its horrifying

oh god oh god oh gd oh god oh god oh god 

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I am struggling with depression and was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to cope?

coping with sadness
♡ seek a therapist (when we are unwell, we see a doctor…physical or mental…be honest to them as well, because there is no gain in lying)
♡ do not “casually isolate” (fear of judgement & mental exhaustion draws us into isolation, however separation only feeds the problem…begin to know the world once more, yet see it in a new light…)
♡ discover what you forgot (return to old hobbies or ones you wished you could learn…ice-skate, dance, garden, stargaze, paint…create to experience life !)
♡ know it will be ok (repeat things inside your head if you feel terrible: “I am happy when the words ‘I don’t want to stop trying’ repeat in my head”, “it will be ok”, “I am here”, ect…best of luck starlight)

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ok so I just read your moose post and I wanted to mention that, in my province moose weren't native but they were introduced from 2 individuals, and so they generally aren't as bright as your average moose due to inbreeding. Hitting a moose with your car is much more common here, and last year one guy hit a moose and it tore the top of his car off but the impact made him forget immediately and just continue driving, thinking that the wind was just his air conditioning turned up really high

Jeepers more crashes suck. The big idiot moose are trying their best

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Ty, I got a bit of a sensitive question to ask? Recently a freshman confessed her feelings to me, a sophomore. She's about one or two years younger than me yet I don't know what to make of the age gap. I remember having dated somebody one year older than me in middle school and it didn't do me good. Not to mention she's emotionally unstable and it feels like theres a power imbalance.I want to let her down easy, but would bringing up the age gap make me look like an idiot? I'd love some advice.

I don’t mean this to sound condescending in the slightest, but yeah at your age one year can make a huge difference. I don’t blame you for not wanting to enter a relationship and I think that’s very responsible/healthy for where you’re at.
Trust your gut feeling and your past experiences.

You don’t necessary need to tell them your reasonings though, they should respect you for saying no regardless of why. If I was in their position, it’d probably hurt a lot to hear I was too young and mentally unstable for a relationship, even if it was true.
You can just say you’re not comfortable dating right now or specifically dating them, that you don’t know each other well enough to date yet, etc. I’m not saying to lie, but being overly honest can do damage sometimes, so try to let them down gently.

@eyeloch it’s okay to ramble and to have other opinions. I do like being able to discuss these things.

I understand your point. I just don’t see any threats to the main characters of the show as credible any more because if the writers want them to survive, they’ll just come up with something absurd to get them out of a situation. It became so ridiculous this episode that I was thrown out of my own suspension of disbelief. If you take a well established character way out of character just for the point of letting one of the characters you like survive, it’s my belief you’re doing a disservice to the story.

You can say that it is to make a point about being able to bring down an Empire, but in response I say look to Rogue One. I think Rogue One makes that point absolutely clear, but it also doesn’t shy away from the point that sacrifice is also a part of that. If your characters are facing insurmountable odds, they are facing insurmountable odds. If you want to show something can be beat and don’t want to kill characters, you can not put them in situations where you have to come up with the most ridiculous set of circumstances for them to make it out. Well, honestly, you can pull it off a couple of times, but doing it over and over again is going to make it seem really implausible.

I hear you say that failure isn’t satisfying unless they gain hope or something from it, but I disagree. I think it makes it incredibly dissatisfying because if things always go well for the Rebels, there’s no suspense in the writing that anything will ever NOT go well for them. It worked the first two seasons, but if you keep repeating this pattern over and over, it just gets old.

On Kallus, I simply cannot find his character joining the rebellion interesting because I have not for one second believed his redemption arc to be in any way plausible. I don’t think it’s outlandish to imagine an Imperial questioning the Empire and joining the Rebel cause, but Kallus was the wrong choice for that character. Although I did not like Maketh Tua, had she been the Imperial in Kallus’ position, I would have been much more likely to believe/support that kind of character. Honestly it made me sick to my stomach that Zeb expressed concern over him in the finale because one incident on a moon does not resolve all tension from having once bragged about leading a genocide on someone’s race. Sure, I could see him not actively trying to kill him after that, but there’s no way someone would ever be able to forgive or understand something like that. To me, Kallus’ “redemption” is by far the most disgusting thing to happen in Rebels.

I used to love Rebels so much, but now when I watch I feel so jaded because I don’t feel like there’s a point anymore. It’s incredibly frustrating and saddening to me that I could care so little about what happens to something I used to really enjoy because I know, no matter what, the outcome will always be the same.

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Detz 4

sorry it’s so late! the pacing isn’t nearly as good as i wanted it to be but…enjoy! 

Dex twisted the cuff in his hands. He’d said it himself, crush cuffs were stupid. Even if someone liked you, why would they confess by wearing your name on a neon bracelet? That was so lame. And what if they wore more than one? There were so many ways this could go wrong, but Dex wasn’t good with confessing, and it seemed like the easiest way out. He’d been ignoring his feelings for too long. Now was the perfect time to tell him.

Fitz’s hat was already overflowing with gifts, and rainbow colored confetti littered the floor around his locker. It didn’t take Dex long to regret getting himself into the situation in the first place, but still, he swallowed his pride and walked briskly to the hat.

A swarm of girls gasped as he dropped his gift into the box, a cuff of his own.

He blushed furiously as he ran down the hallway back into the safety of the atrium.

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’…This is why the arrows are so special. Quick and above all - quiet. Something your mother has no idea about.’

Well, Jim, Ady says thank you, but when she does something, she needs everyone to know about it. And rifles aren’t that bad, afterall.

I found a photo of this light setting somewhere, and was so eager to try it myself. I don’t even want to count the amount of time spent on this one, but I am seriously happy with it. Not to mention, young Rafe ended up so cute. >>;

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Leon if you could date Isaiah would you??

Leon: *becomes as red as a tomato* UM!!! UH!!! I-I, WELL—-!!!!!

Juliet: Yes, He would.


Juliet: You would stutter the entire time and avoid the question; So as your big sister, I’m going to be the one to confirm it for you. They want an honest answer, they got one. You’re welcome, Anon. And You’re welcome, Leon.

Leon: GODDAMN IT, SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

snail emoji reviews


very detailed, blur tool is a little excessive; i appreciate the faithfulness to the eye stalks


simple and perfect. what a beautiful friend!! he smiles for you


easily identifiable, small spots add to maximum snail


a good friend, yes, but his eyes should be up there you fools


very shiny. the slimiest of all of our friends here, impervious to sharp objects at any angle. too powerful


simple and green, a very nice pal we have here today folks


his shell looks like a cinnamon roll, sweet boy


purple pal


minimalist pink friend, i trust him with my crops

Emoji One:

mischievous, chaotic neutral


eventually, this will be the being who we all have to submit to.

in short, i love all of them


Oikawa Tooru | Seijou’s Grand King |
♥ Happy belated Birthday to my dearest Anna! ( @tsukis ) ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

A lot of people apparently think it’s a valid statement when they say that Stiles and Derek hated each other, and I wholeheartedly say, you’re wrong.

I’d like to call this my masterpost for proof that Stiles and Derek did, indeed, care for one another very much. I may not list all, but I will list the ones I find the most notable:

1. Stiles getting in Chris Argent’s face about Kate and what Kate did to Derek and his family. A lot of people look pass this scene, just a mere glance, but it truly caught my attention. I don’t think this has ever been addressed by Stiles before this scene, but in a part of Formality, Chris began questioning Stiles on what he had to do to tame Scott (trying to argue for why werewolves should be taken down) and Stiles brought up the Hale fire and immediately got upset and rather infuriated at what had happened. He knew what Kate did, knew what it did to Derek and it got to him. And that’s what got to me.

2. The iconic pool scene.

Firstly, Derek told Stiles to go protect himself, ready to fight by himself.

Now, of course, Stiles did not listen.

Secondly- wait, do I really need to explain why this scene is so important?

Stiles went back for Derek, who he claimed to hate, and saved him, kept him from drowning. (Totally screwed up his phone in the process but whateves.)

This is still one of the most notable Sterek scenes.

3. Derek saving Stiles from getting killed by Isaac.

4. Derek also protected Stiles from Peter in the hospital scene.

5. This scene.

What really got me about this one is that Stiles wasn’t that close to Boyd. He hardly even knew Boyd, but what he did know was how much Boyd meant to Derek.

What he knew was that Derek needed comfort, and he gave it in the slightest way.

It wasn’t much, just a hand on the shoulder, but he did it. He did it and this scene showed that he cared, that he was there for Derek.

6. Derek trusting Stiles over his own girlfriend.

Not to mention that later on in the episode, when Jennifer stated that she could be the only one to take them to Stiles’ dad, Derek went into full attack mode.

7. Derek being protective over Stiles, ready to chase after him because he knew what Stiles was going to do would be risky.

8. The elevator scene.

Reminder that this scene was an episode after the argument they had, on the same day and possibly an hour apart at most.

What really got me about this scene was the worry on Stiles’ face when he saw Derek laying there. He just stopped all together for a moment before moving in to help.

The evident panic in his voice as he kept on telling Derek to wake up just warmed my heart.

9. Derek was incredibly hesitant in taking Stiles down while the Nogistune had taken over him. He hardly even suggested it.

10. Stiles worrying about Derek in season 4, after he got taken. He even refused to leave without finding Derek.

11. Stiles hesitating to go save his own best friend because Derek was close to dying.

This one scene basically saved season 4. This one scene broadcasted just how much Stiles truly cares for Derek.

Guys, he hesitated to save his own best friend. Understand how major that is.

Stiles only left when Derek told him to go, demanded it, and even than he still wasn’t sure and looked back once more before going.

This scene was so significant, probably the most significant Sterek scene ever.

12. Everyone looking at Stiles before Derek left.

This may not seem like a big deal, but I take this as his friends understanding just how much Derek means to him. He had to watch Derek walk away and I feel like they got it, it just clicked.

13. Stiles smiling at Derek’s initials.

The fact that something as simple as Derek’s initials had Stiles stopping just to smile really means something.

And if that wasn’t enough to prove how much he missed Derek, remember the following episode when Scott brought Derek up?

Stiles’ pause and the look on his face and the look on Scott’s face like he knew something, knew that Derek meant more to Stiles than Stiles was saying.

14. Stiles is Derek’s anchor.

Anchor. Anchor.

This is important.

An anchor being someone you feel safe and secure around, someone who can pull you back, someone meaningful.

Stiles was that for Derek, and if that’s not enough to prove just how much Derek cares for and appreciates Stiles, I don’t know what is.

In conclusion, you can say whatever you want about Sterek but do not deny how important they were to each other. It’s ridiculous and not even an argument. In the beginning, they probably hated each other but now? You’re only playing yourself if you’re really trying to argue that they mean nothing to each other.