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Jaime & Brienne Appreciation Week
❤️ Day 5 - Favorite Quote Day ● A collection of quotes from Game of Thrones cast and crew confirming J/B’s love

❤️“George R.R. Martin said what he wanted to do was to take the traditional format of Beauty and the Beast and change the roles — and also the genders. That really excited me.“  - Gwendoline Christie

❤️ Brienne fulfilled her oath and the job was done, and she hands it to Jaime and he says, “It’s yours—it will always be yours,” and it’s his way of saying, “You’ll have my heart—you’ll always have it.” - Nikolaj Coster Waldau

❤️“It’s one of the greatest love stories on television for me. I just absolutely love it.” - Mark Mylod [Director]

❤️ I don’t think he’s been closer to anyone before who never wanted anything from him. I think when humans are confronted by someone like that, it’s impossible not to fall in love with them.

Objectively, I don’t think anyone knows the moment that they fall in love. I’m not sure either Jaime or Brienne know themselves well enough for that.”  - Gwendoline Christie

❤️Jaime and Brienne or Jaime or Cersei… As an actor I think they’re both amazing relationships. As myself? I don’t think the Cersei thing is very healthy. I just hope for the guy, I hope he will move on, to be honest. The relationship he has with Brienne is one which has evolved into this beautiful mutual respect, which is a great way to kick off a relationship.” - Nikolaj Coster Waldau

❤️ “[The bath scene] That was an act of love, I think, and it is an act of love when you open up to someone and for the other one to then literally embrace you is beautiful.”   - Nikolaj Coster Waldau

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Any suggestions for someone who wants to start an rp account like you and your friends have but have no clue what they're doing?

((OOC: Seriously guys. I am not one with the rp advice. It’s all trial and error. My Ginny has had three different designs on this blog, and each time I do her the freckles are different XD ))


Gif source:  Elliot

Imagine a soulmate AU where newly divorced Elliot Stabler has a soul mark wrapped around his wrist and finds out that it’s the newest member of the SVU team, before awkwardly asking you to go get a coffee with him

——— Request for ilariyalavorowrites ———

He comes up to you in the break room as you pour yourself a cup of the coffee that had been brewed a questionable amount of time ago, “Hey, uh, if you want real coffee, we should go get some sometime.” He clears his throat as you give him a raised brow at the rushed offer, “I mean, if you want. I’m Elliot. Stabler.”

You’re Elliot Stabler?” you ask, recognizing the name as the one that you’d had on your wrist for as long as you could remember. Of all the places to finally find him, you hadn’t expected for it to be in your newest assignment in the police department, SVU. Your coffee sits abandoned on the counter as you turn to him in surprise, taking in this man that fate or God or whatever was in charge of the soul mark had decided to intertwine your life with, and you ask, “Do you… Do you know who I am?”

Elliot nods, having heard the name when Cragen had announced your assignment to SVU, and rolls up his sleeve just enough so you could see his wrist, and your name wrapped around it, “Nice to meet you, finally.”

You grin, “I think we should take that coffee, sometime.”


Who gives a shit that this doesn’t go with my theme? I’m in love, it doesn’t matter.


Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there
The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air
It’s hard
Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round
It’s funny how things never change in this old town
So far from the stars

And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

I saw that you moved on with someone new
In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you
It’s so hard
So hard

And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now

Because if the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

And I know that it’s wrong
That I can’t move on
But there’s something about you

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
Everything comes back to you


Ever wanted to party in style, here’s your chance to come dressed in everyone’s favorite color. GOLD. If gold isn’t in your vocabulary your standards aren’t that high. To be permitted into this party, must be dressed in gold, rose gold is accepted also. Please RSVP by liking and/or reblogging. 

  • Place:  90-15 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY.
  • Time: 9 PM - Till the cows come home, dawg.
  • Attire: Everything golden. *Shy Glizzy voice* (Includes Rose Gold)

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Dating Joe Sugg Would Include

- Not getting up until at least 11am

- “Joe, we need to get up”

- “No, we don’t, we can lay here for a couple more hours”

- “Well, I want breakfast and you know, we’ve got meetings” 

- constant arms around your waist as you cook breakfast

- neck kisses

- subtly kicking his ankles so he stops

- “can you stop doing that?”

- “Stop doing what?”


- being really close to the other guys

- knowing you can talk to Oli about a n y t h i n g

- spontaneous small holidays

- “it was Jack!”

- “It was not!”

- cheesy date night

- Joe would be a hopeless romantic let’s be honest

- leaving the house work and secretly hoping the other one will do it

- giving up and doing it together

- the fans loving the two of you together.

chevko  asked:

I'm totally new to your page so I have no idea - were you guys doing Alolan pokemon? I'm trying to avoid spoilers because I'm excited about this one, though I really want to follow you (guys).

Hey there, I’m the sole artist/blog runner! I haven’t done Alolan Pokemon yet, so you’re safe in that regard. I’ve been waiting for the new National Dex numbers to be released before I add them to the list, but I probably won’t get to any before the games are out anyway.

I have answered asks that talk about Sun and Moon, but I try to tag them as “sumo spoilers”. Also, I have done one Pokemon that, in a way (no spoilers) has something to do with Sun and Moon, but it’s also tagged with “sumo spoilers”, so as long as that’s blacklisted, you should be safe :)

miim13  asked:

I can't believe I just came across your blog. It's literally #goals. Love the pictures btw. Do you take them? If so, you should pursue that career. I know I wanted too. <3

Aww, thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoy my blog and the pictures. All of the photos I upload should have credits in the captions and a click-through link to the source. I only take the ones tagged/my+photography. It would be very fun to pursue photography as a career! It’s a pretty expensive hobby but I don’t find so much joy in much else. Maybe someday. ♥

anonymous asked:

hello! i saw your post about aging up characters in the ship discourse tag, and i want to say that it erased some of my fears. yet, i'm still quite unsure because, my ship is one where one is a teen and the other is an adult in canon, but the thing is, with their canon ages, i ship them only platonically, however, in an au/different universe where they both meet as adults, i ship them romantically. i'm afraid i'm doing something wrong because i don't care shipping them romantically or (1/2)

(2/2) platonically depending the verse, i just like to see them together and explore the possible relationships that can come from them. but reading antis comments how putting underage characters in sexual situations or aging them up for shipping is gross and no better than a ‘pedophile’ really scares me and makes me feel guilty for shipping them as a couple in an AU, when in the actual canon i like them only as friends. your post helped me, but i’m still scared i’m doing something bad…

Anon, my patience for all of this utter bullshit has reached levels that can only be expressed in negative numbers, so I will be brief. 


I’ve said it myself and you’ve laid it out here as well. If the characters you’re writing and shipping are written as two adults by the time anything romantic takes place, then what exactly is the bloody problem? The whole thing reeks to me of a group of people knee-jerking to hell and back, going ‘well, one of these characters is underage in canon and even aged-up versions remind me of that and that makes me uncomfortable, therefore no one must ever engage in this, because I have been taught that my discomfort, whatever the cause or reason, must always be Centered, Prioritized and Catered To, at the expense of everyone else. And if that doesn’t happen, the people who refuse to do so must be publicly tarred and feathered.’

To which, again, I say ‘fuck’em.’ I’ve got a a ton of things that range the gamut from making me uncomfortable to infuriating me or downright triggering a panic attack, complete with vomiting and deer-in-the-headlights state. But what I do is I avoid them like the plague, block the people that post them, blacklist their tags and generally take advantage of the fact that it’s fucking rare in fannish culture nowadays for anything even remotely controversial to not be tagged and warned and disclamered out the wazoo. You’ll notice that nowhere in there is any inclusion of me dictating what others can or cannot write or deciding what they’re allowed to do by being an invasive shithead and digging through their lives and their issues/traumas for my own personal gratification. 

Block like no tomorrow, anon, is what I say. Or better yet, spend less time on this cesspit of a site. Why do you think I’ve been so scarce as of late? Between working with wonky, ancient scripting code in Morrowind (that breaks and glitches all the time and that takes forever to debug) or browsing Tumblr, I vastly prefer the first alternative these days. 

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Yes, relationship-wise :)

Okay sweet no problem!

10 - Kurama is super fucking sweet! I mean the kind of guy who holds his coat over you while it rains, comes over and takes care of you while you are sick and just giving you flowers (home grown mind you) because he can and he wants to.

9 - family values are so important to him! And while he may be embarrassed when his mother brings out the baby pictures you can tell one of the most important things to him is that you and his mother get along.

8 - he cares about your friends and his friends. He will have no problems being around your friends and he would gladly love to bring you around his.

7 - I can see him being very protective and honestly he is a fox and they can be very territorial. No one is going to be touching his woman. Hell who wants to mess with Yoko kurama?

6 - his main focus will to always protect his SO and to keep them happy no matter what

5 - now in the bedroom he is all about giving pleasure more than receiving it. So he will go to town on whoever he is with 😈

4 - he would prepare the most romantic dates of all time

3 - hell a rainy day could be romantic with him. Cuddling up with some hot chocolate under a blanket watching a movie. Gah he’s perfection

2 - he’s not gonna be scared showing he cares for someone. There won’t be excessive PDA but you can definitely expect him holding their hand and having his arm around them and kisses on the nose and cheek and forehead

1 - he always being loving and supportive. Basically perfection

Gah why can’t he be real?

Marvel PR...

- Pink Floyd mentions Doctor Strange in one of their songs (Cymbaline)

- Pink Floyd uses Doctor Strange art for one of their Album Covers (A Saucerful of Secrets) 

- Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Doctor Strange in the MCU 

- Benedict Cumberbatch sings the part of the Doctor with Pink Floyd

I called it…this was about as unscripted as BC’s pap photos were “unsolicited”. Still, it piqued public interest despite many agreeing that Benny Boy should stick to acting. Oh and PR? You might also want to prevent a certain malignant narcissist from ruining your entire DS promo run within the next 6-10 days. From what I’ve been hearing? She’s dead set on following through with her threats…

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Well Jess, I just have to give back your words. Nobody can have everything they want but we just have to bear that, right? Well, actually it wasn't like this but you get it.

Of course. Like I said, I still love DR dearly and will continue to support it, but no one can argue that there was anything of substance in that episode that just aired.

Even if you wanted a happy ending…are you really satisfied with this? That everyone just showed up out of nowhere and no one learned a damn thing and absolutely nothing was explained?

Rafe&Nadine again (don’t be surprised ;))

I didn’t intend draw that will look like this one, like frame from an animated movie it just kind of happened, but I really like it ;) 

I dedicate this drawing everybody who likes RafexNadine and support me in this ship ;)

Guys I want to thank the people who support me and sent messages to tell me this!  Your kind words warm my heart ^^ I have never been the part of some fandom so long. Probably because that fandoms I started to like have always been old, died slowly.. And now I’m in love with Uncharted 4 game! It’s so young game and a lot of people drawing, writing and making amazing stuff! Thanks to YOU I want to draw all the time! YOUR interest recharge my batteries and give me the desire to create :) without YOU I would just slept all day and grumbled that “nothing make sens” or “I want to do nothing..”



@xnanami and @steph-the-fangirl-925 for your kind words!

Hana Sakuraba for nice mail!

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I just started poly and I’m the mono side of the monopoly. It started when she started falling for an old love again online and I have never had anyone but her. Idk what to do to find someone too. No one but her has ever showed interest in me.

Dating is hard for everyone, trust me! But don’t get discouraged because it’s been hard in the past. If you want to find someone to date, the best thing to do is to be persistent but respectful, and put your best foot forward but be genuine too!

If you’re just trying to get into the dating scene, anywhere and anything works! I don’t know how you met your current partner, but consider continuing to do that! Get involved in a local scene - blues dancing, rock climbing, bird watching - where you can meet people. For the most part, dating for poly folk is pretty similar to dating for mono folk. Find people to meet, meet them, flirt, fail, flirt, flirt, fling, date, etc!

It can be extra hard to meet people who are going to be okay with the poly arrangement. I’d say that about 2/3 of the men I meet outside explicitly poly contexts back out when they find out I have other partners. If that’s your concern, fear not! Many poly folk have good luck with OKCupid accounts, because they let you be clear about your nonmonogamy and filter for other people with the same stated preferences. You can also go to polyamorous meetups in your area to meet other people who are already down with polyamory. 

But there is no rush. You don’t need to find someone else to date just because your partner is dating someone else. You don’t need to prove to yourself or anyone that someone else could be interested. If you’re happy with how things are, don’t let external pressures make you feel like you have to find a new partner.