youre taken

  • queen ji so: you and your sister have been causing nothing but trouble for me and the king of silla. i have told you many times to stop interfering but you continue to get in my way. and i thought making you a hwarang and having your sister taken away from you would be enough to send my message across but both you and her don't seem to listen...
  • sun woo: *deeply thinking* woah... look at these wrinkles... what is holding this woman together? huh... WHAT THE? what is that... how long has that been in there?

Yesterday I hit 4,8k followers which is insane, and people suggested I’d do a writing challenge. So here we are! This is a supernatural writing challenge, so only supernatural fanfiction allowed (:


  • Must be following this novak trash™
  • Ships, reader inserts, real people ships, all allowed. I’m not accepting John x Sam/Dean, Bobby x Sam/Dean, Mary x Sam/Dean, you get the idea.
    I’m a multishipper, but I don’t ship everything. If you’re not sure, send me a message. I try to give most things a shot.
  • I won’t read ABO, heavy BDSM and things close to those extremes. If you worry about your ideas, please ask.
    It might be that I’ll accept it but not read, since I have some other trigger warnings that I won’t read but will accept, especially if they’re minor..
  • Send me 2 or 3 numbers by ask, so you have a backup if your first choice is taken.
  • There can be up to 2 people for each prompt.
  • Each individual can claim a max of 2 prompts.
  • The sentences don’t have to be the first line, but it must be in the story literally. You can change the pronouns.
  • There’s no word limit, feel free to make it as long as you want.
  • Tag me in your fic and use the #jimminovak’s writing challenge within the first five tags!
  • If I didn’t like your fic within two days after you posted it, send it to me by message.
  • The deadline is May 27th. If you need some more time, please tell me, I understand. 
  • Here I’ll keep track of everyone who entered the writing challenge, so if you want to see if I signed you up/what’s taken, go there.

If there’s any questions or things I forgot, feel free to ask me!

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When You First Realised Dan and Phil Have Taken Over Your Life

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Ok, so i just had a dream where a new Gorillaz music video came out. Strangely enough it started out in a similar way to Clint Eastwood, same lyrics and everything but just outside as opposed to in a white void. The sun was setting and soon enough they pan away from 2D and they’re in a backyard with a bunch of dolls and plush toys sitting in seats and made to look like a funeral. Noodle ends up walking towards a podium and starts singing a song with undertones of abuse at a young age and facing the world knowing that something from your life was taken away from you, you can’t get it back, and the world around you isn’t going to acknowledge it ever happened.

The saddest part was near the end Russel ended up walking through the aisles of toys and dolls in a black suit and clutching something close to his chest, he goes up to the empty coffin that’s near the front. He eventually ends up letting go what he’s holding and letting it fall into the coffin, and it turns out to be Del’s Hat and they’re throwing the funeral that he never had seeing as he’s been banished from Russel’s body and don’t know if he’s out there anymore.

With that…have you ever dreamt of something so amazing that you wish it was real?

when the entire kitchens dirty and the two pans you need to make dinner are dirty buried in the sink under a mountain of dishes and you remember last night your mother Actually yelled at you for at least 30 minutes about doing the dishes and if you clean them one more time youll get your phone and computer taken away:

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


2017 World Championships || Yuzuru Hanyu, “Hope and Legacy

126.12 TES + 97.08 PCS → 223.20 (world record)

“We can escape to the great sunshine

We made it out to the other side…”

as a white™ to other whites™ in the omgcp fandom i feel like a lot of y'all are afraid to write poc because you dont want to get shit wrong but like fr. its not hard. just dont talk about being black or asian or latino if you dont know what its like. thats it. you can still write them, and have them be your main character, and allow them to be complex. you can be white and write a black character!!! all you have to do is not write about the black experience because you dont personally know about it. that means that you can still have them be black, like things that are typically associated with black culture (if thats what the character is like), and still have human emotions!! it can be done well, like if you take a gander at @geniusorinsanity who writes an amazing nursey!! and if you REALLY don’t feel comfortable making content like that, you can always reblog it!! support those creators, like @hoenursey and @omgcphee and @duanlarissa and @oluranurse and like a billion others!! follow accounts like @omgpocplease !! dont be afraid to show interest in those characters because even if you get called out, its a learning opportunity man. if someone calls you out then you just learn about what you did wrong like nobody is perfect but if you recognize your mistakes, own up to them, and strive to be better itll be okay!!! like the characters you want to, but dont be deterred from the ones you do because you dont want to make people angry!! its just a process of life my friends, we are all on a learning curve. (make content for non-white characters broski. it will enrich your life.)

My Mum travelled to her motherland Kenya in 2014 for the first time in 5 years. The sun was setting, the rest of the family were in the living room playing and talking, I caught this candid moment of her in reflection sitting on the balcony overlooking the street near her childhood home.

By Imran Suleiman

the reason for my recent inactivity:

On Friday, February 3rd, I was having a beautiful round in the junior hunters at HITS Coachella in Thermal, CA. As we came to the first jump of the last line of the course, the horse I was catch riding didn’t pick up his feet to jump (likely distracted by a light, shadow, or any number of other things). Instead, he hit the 3'3" jump with his chest, his hind end came up, and he flipped completely over, throwing me headfirst into the ground. (I have no memory of the event or the day that it happened; I know all of this only from descriptions by witnesses and people who watched the video of the incident.)

It’s a miracle that I was thrown far away enough to not be crushed by his body, and that my brain trauma didn’t exceed that of a bad concussion. My helmet (and a bit of raw luck) saved my life.

It was a freak accident unrelated to the horse’s ability, rider error, or jump height. No matter your (or your horse’s) age, level, or experience, please: wear a helmet. It takes so little for a situation to go so wrong. #mindyourmelon

(The horse I was riding is eating, drinking, begging for carrots, and continuing to make stable improvements at the rehabilitation center.)

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation

LOCATION: Dreadnaught

PARTIES: Three [3] Guardian-type; One Anonymous Class Warlock [u.1], Two Anonymous Class Hunter [u.2], [u.3]



[1.1] Did anyone just - her helmet blinked. It blinked at me.

[2.1] Yeah, just ignore it. That’s what the rest of us do.

[1.2] What is that? Is that some kind of smoke? Why is it smoking? Are you seeing this? Her armor is smoking.


[1.3] Hello? Anyone? You, with the smoking armor - where did you find that stuff?

[3.1] Mm? Ghost built it out of…something it found. Dead Taken, maybe. I tried not to look at it for too long, because it started to make my head hurt. Are all Warlocks this jumpy?

[1.4] I’m not jumpy! You’re wearing - I don’t even know what you’re wearing but it’s smoking and blinking and…Dead Taken? I didn’t even know they had mass.

[1.5] They don’t have any mass, do they?

[3.2] Dunno. Maybe that’s why I feel so light? Like I’m wearing nothing but starlight. Except it’s not light. It’s more like…emptiness.

[1.6] Uh-

[3.3] It’s fantastic. I bet I could jump pretty high in this stuff. Ha ha!

[1.7] I’m sure you could. You…have no desire to eat the Traveler or anything?

[3.4] Nope, all good in here. A great set of armor. Only downside so far is the screaming.



[1.8] The screaming?

[3.5] Yeah. It’s like my ears are ringing but it’s just an endless scream. And I kinda feel like I’m falling. Just…falling, forever. Falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and…





[1.9] Right. Screaming, sublimating armor that makes you feel like you’re falling eternally and hurts to look at. That sounds completely safe and not at all physically and philosophically disastrous. This is not okay. Why are we okay with this?

[2.2] Hey, like I said: ignore it. Stop worrying so much, will you?


[3.6] Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha aha ahahahahaha.



[1.1.1] Traveler help us.