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Which Classics Author Should You Fight?
  • Charles Dickens: The Victorian equivalent of a white male tumblr meninist. Fight his past newspaper blogger ass, though the guy does write about his own "tragic experiences", so be warned that a caricature of you will probably be appearing in his next novel.
  • The Brontes: idk they're from Yorkshire I wouldn't risk it
  • Dante Aligheri: Yess he spends all his time in his room writing self-insert Bible fanfic and never goes outside, 10/10 would fight this nerd. You will win. Easily.
  • Mary Shelley: Why would you want to fight Mary Shelley???? She's nice and bad things happened to her and she invented scifi! Go reevaluate your life choices.
  • Victor Hugo: Don't. He will kill you otp viciously and then spend 38 pages describing someone's hat.
  • Jonathon Swift: It's 50/50 you'll win, but you might fall asleep from his long-winded prose before you land a punch.
  • William Shakespeare: Little is known about him, other than the fact that he had free access to bears and swords and a penchant for revenge and mass murder as plot devices. If you're gonna fight him, watch your back.
  • C.S. Lewis: Whiny and allergic to adjectives and allegorical and super racist. Fight Him. So long as your childhood can take it.
  • J.R.R Tolkien: Shakespeare's biggest fan, so a total dork. Also old and shell shocked. Your call.
  • William Thackeray: Him and his friends will get drunk and gang up on you. Not advisable.
  • Alexandre Dumas: He was once described as "the most generous, large-hearted being in the world" and had extensive military training. Just... don't.
  • Harper Lee: Still alive, so she's got a foot up on the rest of them.
  • George Orwell: Total fuckin' politics nerd. Will keep a diary of the fight.
  • Jane Austen: You'd feel too mean, it'd be like punching some harmless lana del-ray book club chic. Fight her if you want but be aware of the emotional consequences.
  • Mark Twain: Constantly angry looking. Just look at that mustache. You want to fight him already, don't you?
  • Oscar Wilde: The sassiest little shit ever. Be prepared for cane wielding sassmeister. You'll probably lose, but it'll be worth it.
the superhero code | peter parker x hero!reader

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notes: Y/S/N = your superhero name
possible spoilers from the movie, so be warned. also in this imagine peter doesn’t have a crush on liz. 
also there is a part two if you’re interested, it’s called the lovers code it’s linked in my masterlist on my blog.

“Ugh! Watching you stare at Peter, is like watching a kid stare at a toy they really want but know they can’t have,” Michelle stated, as her eyes lifted from her book to point out the obvious. That analogy was pretty much the perfect way to describe your feelings for the boy. 

Since your freshmen year at Midtown, you had developed a crush on the cute nerd. You thought it would go away soon, but here you are a year later still longing for him. It’s not like you were shy or anything. You shared that quality with Michelle where you’re outsiders but you aren’t afraid to share your opinion with people. 

The analogy she given was perfect because you knew you couldn’t have him. Not with the life you lead. You were one of Queen’s heroes, (Y/S/N). You couldn’t have anybody get too close or else they’re life would be endangered. It was kind of the superhero code. 

Michelle was fully aware of your predicament, after reading one of your text messages from Tony Stark….’s assistant/body guard Happy. You didn’t work for Tony Stark or the Avengers. Mr. Stark saw you on the news and realized you were a superhero he would have to keep an eye on. Just like Spiderman.

“(Y/N)! No witty comeback. I’m disappointed,” Michelle stated as she stood up out of her seat. Apparently you were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t hear the bell ring, signifying the next period. Where you had P.E.

“Peter knows Spiderman!” Shouted the voice of Ned, gaining the attention of every student in the gym. You and Michelle also turned your heads to hear the story. 

Peter quickly stood up from his gym mat and walked up to Liz Allen and her group of friends. “Ugh… y-yeah. I know-know him. I’ve met him through the internship.” Peter explained, clearly nervous due to all of the eyes on him. Flash scoffed as he walked up to Peter.

“Yeah right. You probably know (Y/S/N) too since she and Spiderman are pretty much inseparable,” Flash said. You tensed at the statement. You were aware that some of the public thought you and Spidey were a thing, which made your hear hurt cause you just wanted to be associated with Peter not Spiderman.

“I’ve met her too.” Peter said. Now this got your attention. You had never once approached Peter as (Y/S/N). Too scared that he will recognize you.

“Sure. So why don’t you bring the happy couple over to Liz’s party.” Flash suggested. Which made your stomach turn, as you looked away from the two boys. Michelle noticed your reaction. She put a reassuring hand on your shoulder. 

What you didn’t know was that Peter was looking like a tomato due to the couple fact. 


“I swear if I hear that one more time I will scream.” You stated to Michelle. You were both at Liz’s party. You weren’t that into partying but you wanted to see if Peter was actually going to bring Spiderman. Or if Peter was going to try to get (Y/S/N) here. You wanted to help the boy out but you knew if you did your secret identity- POOF.

“I swear if they don’t have any cream for this bagel I will scream.” Michelle stated as she looked around the snack table for any kind of cream. She found one and started to spread it on her bagel.

“Are you seriously eating at a time like this?” You questioned, crossing my arms and keeping my eyes on the front door. Michelle nodded. “Would you relax? Your little love bug is going to show up with the boy you wished was your love bug. And he won’t look like a complete fool.” You narrowed your eyes at her for that statement, but then you saw Peter and Ned… in an interesting? fedora. But no Spiderman. 

Liz walked up to them and engaged in a short conversation. She left after someone smashed a vase and now it was Michelle’s turn to socialize. 
“Can’t believe you guys are at this lame party,” She stated as she took a bite from her bagel. “You’re here too.” Ned replied. “Am i?” With that Michelle turned to me, winked, and then walked away. Ned following, probably to argue with her or something. 

Peter walked up to you though. “Hey, (Y/N). Since when has partying ever been your thing?” He questioned. It took all you had not to squeal. Because one your crush was talking to you and two he observed your habit of not going to parties. “Michelle wanted to come but didn’t want to be stuck by herself with all of these strange people.” You lied. You were actually the one to drag Michelle here.

Peter chuckled. “Oh. Well-” 

“Hey. Parker!” Flash said into the microphone turning everybody’s attention onto Peter again. “Where’s Spiderman? Is he in Canada with your girlfriend?” Peter looked hurt and immediately exited the party.

Every muscle in your body ached for you to go after him but you knew it wasn’t your place. But you knew someone who could fix this. You looked around for Michelle and when your eyes locked with hers, she offered you a small smile fully aware of what your plan was.

You were all suited up and were about to go ahead into Liz’s party when you saw a certain web-slinger perched on a roof. You jumped up on it and joined him. Maybe he had come for Peter after all.

“Hey, Spidey! What you doing at a party like this?” You tried joking as you sat down next to him. The fellow hero seemed to be in a better mood now that you joined him. “Hey, beautiful. The question is what are you doing here,” He said. 

“First of all; how can you know I’m beautiful if you’ve never seen me underneath the mask.” “I don’t need to see your face to know you look like an angel.” “Two; I asked you first.” 

“Okay, my buddy Peter invited me. What’s your excuse?” “Thought I’d just swing by.” Spidey nodded as he looked down at the house. It was like he was looking for someone. Probably Peter. He doesn’t know that the boy stormed out of the party though. You then realized if Spidey knows Peter, maybe he could offer you some advice. 

“Hey, Spiderman can I get your advice on something?” You asked, starting to twiddle with your thumbs. Spidey nodded as he looked at you through his mask.  “Do you think it’s a good idea for superheroes to date civilians? Like I know Iron Man has Pepper Potts, but do you think it’s a good idea?” 

“Do you like a civilian?” You only nodded. Spidey let out a sigh. “If you would like to know I also like a civilian but I have no idea if it’s a good idea to date her. And if I did would it be a good idea if she knew about my whole Spiderman life.”  “That’s exactly my thoughts.”

“So who do you like?” The wall-crawler asked. “I’ll say his name if you tell me her’s.” “Deal.” And then we spoke of their names:

“Peter Parker”

“(Y/N) (L/N)”

Spiderman liked you. You had no idea how to feel or whether you should tell him that you were her. The spider had the same predicament. You let out a nervous laugh. 

“It’s probably a bad idea if we dated these people right. It’s against the code, right?” You questioned. Spidey nodded.

I do

this is the l o n g e s t thing i’ve ever written also it’s literally a fluff extravaganza so you’re welcome. thanks to @kidinlovewithakid for helping me on this (it would actually suck ass if she didn’t) so enjoy folks! 

feedback is very much appreciated! <3 

wc; 4644

“Y/n,” you felt someone shake your body in attempt to wake you up. You groaned and turned yourself around so you were facing the opposite side of your warm bed. “Y/n you need to get up, you’re getting married today!” the voice you now identified as Mel, your best friend and maid of honour, kept vigorously shaking you until you finally sat up. You figured they must have let themselves in earlier since you had given Mel a key to the house for emergencies.

“Guys it’s so early please let me sleep,” you mumbled, wrapping yourself up in your warm comforter again in hopes they’ll give you just 5 more minutes. It may be your wedding day, but you were still beyond tired from last night’s rehearsal dinner and you were really starting to wish you and Shawn hadn’t stayed up for 4 hours after you got home. Neither of you had been able to sleep due to nerves and excitement so you decided to stay up and watch movies until you were tired.

“Where’s Shawn?” you mumbled, noticing that the other side of the bed was already empty.  You were a little disappointed that he woke up before you, even though you aren’t supposed to see each other until the ceremony you wanted to sneak in one last moment together before the chaos started.

“He left, now get up so you can go marry my brother!” Aaliyah exclaimed, jumping onto the bed and pulling the covers off you, exposing you to the cold morning air that was coming in from the window that Mel must have opened. You sat cross legged on your bed and took a look at your bridesmaids and the two mothers standing around you waiting for you to get out of the bed so you could finally go to the outdoor field where the ceremony was taking place.  You let out a shaky breath, the realization that you were actually getting married later finally sinking in.

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Dating Peter Parker and Being Bucky Barnes Daughter Headcannon

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A/N: School just started so ships will be done very slowly but I will get to them.

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  • When your dad finds out you like a boy he automatically wants to know everything about him
  • Including where he lives
  • You don’t tell him much just that he has brown eyes and is super cute
  • At school Peter doesn’t know you’re Bucky’s daughter
  • He’s scared of your dad
  • One day you walk out of school and Peter is trying to flirt but failing
  • “So, your outfit today is really nice.”
  • “So my outfits every other day aren’t?” You joke but he takes it seriously and starts major blushing
  • Your dad is watching from a far and he knows Peter and he does not approve
  • “It’s ok Peter I know what you meant.”
  • He’s so relieved, he really thought he messed up
  • Bucky decides when your hands start brushing against each other that he’s had enough
  • He steps out of his (Tony’s) car and makes his way toward you
  • Peter looks scared af right away
  • He’s ready to run
  • “Dad what are you doing?”
  • “I just saw you here with Peter and I wanted to say hi.”
  • Peter is a little angry because he didn’t want to tell you under this circumstance
  • “Wait how do you know each other?”
  • “Oh he’s spider-man”
  • Looking at Peter like he has two heads because how the fuck is this blushing mess of a nerd Spider-Man
  • “Surprise?” Peter says while shrugging
  • After that day your dad picks on Peter any chance he gets
  • “I can’t believe you’re going on a date with a spider. Isn’t that unsanitary?”
  • “Dad shut up.”
  • Your first date was perfect
  • Peter even forgot about all the crime happening while you were on your date
  • First kiss at the end of the night was super awkward
  • Standing outside of your building and he really just wants to kiss you but all he’s doing is staring at you
  • Finally you just pull him in and kiss him
  • He’s so taken back that his eyes just widen and he can’t seem to get over that you kissed him
  • Kissing you back because he’s been waiting for this for a year now
  • Your dad sees this but doesn’t say anything because, he’d never say it, but he kinda likes that Parker kid
  • After a few months of dating you bring him to the Avengers compound for a big dinner
  • He wasn’t originally invited
  • Holding his hand and he can’t stop the blush that appears on his cheeks
  • All of the avengers teasing him because “Look at Parker he’s red as a tomato”
  • Bucky definitely asking if you’ve done anything physically
  • Peter chokes on his food when he asks that
  • “N-No s-sir, no”
  • “Too bad”
  • You choking on your food this time
  • Wtf Bucky
  • Your relationship is all kisses and hand holding and cuddling on your couch and patching him up at the end of the day
  • Bucky loves it
  • He wishes he could have a relationship like that
  • But for now he’ll just watch his beloved daughter be in love with a wonderful boy
How each type is a bad friend


First of all, if you’re friends with this person, you’re probably a nerd. Your friend’s dominant Ni means that they’d rather spend their time alone complimenting deep shit than going out and doing actual fun shit like spending time with people and being a relatively normal human being. You know who does that? People who lack a social life, that’s who. People who spend more time on Tumblr reblogging fandom gifs and roleplaying as fake people than taking a stroll outside or getting food in their system, that’s who. People who use “INxJ” as the main way to describe themselves even though most of the world doesn’t have an idea what an INTJ or INFJ is, that’s who. I’d tell you to steer clear of making friends with these people, but their introversion and lack of connection to the outside world is already doing it for me.


What the fuck is a Si-dom? I don’t fuckin know. Si is such an invisible function, just like your friend is at social gatherings. If you wanna find an ISxJ at a party, just look near the walls, you’ll find one eventually. They’re the person who’s there but not doing anything notable. I’ll be honest, I don’t know anything about Si-doms and I’d be happy to sit down with some and get insight into what goes on in their heads.


They care about you and aren’t afraid to show it. It’s flattering until it isn’t. It’s flattering until they message you literally every day and talk about their best experiences so many times that you can practically imagine yourself being there as, for the third time this week, they tell you about that one time they consoled a crying stranger at a party and left with them to get food together. It’s flattering until you deliberately avoid them in public so you don’t have to deal with them clinging on to you and asking about your personal business nonstop. “You know (mutual friend)? I think they hate me” “I think that barista at Starbucks is into me” “How’s it going with (SO or crush)?” are some things to expect from an ExFJ, which will be followed by you thinking something along the lines of SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS


What a great friend you’ve come across. They’re so loyal and really know how to hold a good conversation. You want to hang out with them, so you ask them if they’re available. Oh wait, they aren’t. Just like they were last week. And the week before that. And the week before that one. And most of the time you’ve had them as a friend. “Yo, wanna hang out tonight?” “Can’t, got work to do” or “I’m thinking about hitting up this bar tonight, wanna come?” “Sorry, already got plans with someone” or “How about we get lunch today?” “I have a meeting all lunch hour” are all exchanges you can expect to have with an ExTJ. So many things in their life they have to make time for and none of them are you. If text conversations and little face-to-face time satisfy you, then ExTJ is a perf friend for you.


You think you’ve found yourself a nice, sociable, and wholesome friend. They’re charismatic, warm, and can always make a mundane situation fun. Then they get sick of using Fe and go into full Ti mode. That’s when you discover just how much of a sociopath your friend probably is. “Here’s some circumstances in which (breaking a certain law or moral convention) is fine” and “Actually in my opinion, killing someone is justified if…” are some ways in which this can manifest. Don’t make friends with an xSTP unless you can handle jokes that would make an INFP mad and oh look, there they are hitting you up to go do parkour and light shit on fire at your local park. It’s almost midnight, don’t they have responsibilities or sleep to get to? Of course they need to sleep, they have to get to the gym in the morning so they can look good for their trashy Instagram selfies.


Oh. My. Gawsh. You think xSFP is so lovable. Their down-to-earthness and outgoing vibes trigger such positive reactions from you. But their Se is powerful. Watch them go out and get lit every weekend night without you. Watch them make friends with everyone at parties and post pics with their friends on their Snapchat story. If only you could be good enough to do that fun shit with xSFP. Of course you’ll make a nice joke that makes them laugh once in a while or help them out with some things, but if you’re not already best friend material with them, odds are you never will be, which is especially heartbreaking if you’re ESTP. Unless you’re xSFP yourself, then you may still have hope.


xNTP. Such a dynamic person. Has the active mind and the means to express it of an xNFP with the no-fucks-given attitude of an xSTP. But good luck getting a friendship with them to be strong and lasting if you don’t share anything in common. No, you don’t listen to their favourite progressive death metal corewave glitchhop bands or enjoy Tuvan throat singing or share their appreciation of obscure films, so what the fuck are you supposed to talk about together? Concrete reality? Normal people things? Go find someone with high Se if that interests you.


So you want to discuss an ethical issue without anyone taking anything too personally. Well too fuckin bad for you cause xNFP’s gonna take something personally sooner or later. They’ll give you that “seen 5:38 pm” and be very obviously disinterested in your conversations after that before removing you from their list of people they like being around and never talking to you in a friendly context ever again. And Jebus help you if you’re not into their main interests cause the second they meet someone who shares said interests, you’re getting fuckin replaced no matter how emotionally invested you’re in xNFP. You aren’t a fan of Arctic Monkeys? Too fuckin bad for you cause xNFP has at least 3 other friends who are and they like those friends a lot more than you. I hope you like feeling worthless cause that’s what happens when xNFP likes you but just as an acquaintance or just straight up doesn’t like you at all.

Trust (Jimin) Part Two

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Genre:Angst/Fluff/Suggestive Content

Word Count:1,627

Summary: “Save the fake tears, I don’t want to see them.”

A/n: I finally updated! I hope you enjoy reading it.~Joy


“That’s not even the best part…He knows about you and has been telling her to draw the line with you!” Taehyung shouts as Jimin is now looking down, clenching his fists.

“He’s going to fucking pay” Jimin growls.

It’s been a couple days since the party and Jimin had been avoiding you since, you never saw him around campus and the only class that you had with him he was never there, tonight was tutor session and you wanted to make sure if he was going to make it.

Y/n (4:32 PM): Are you coming to tutor session tonight?

Y/n (5:00 PM): Hello?

Jimin (5:35 PM): Head to the library I’ll be right there.

Y/n (5:45 PM): Okay.

You put down your phone as you headed to the library, you grabbed a coat as you headed out and felt the cold air hit your cheeks, when you walked into the library you saw Namjoon grabbing returned books and he looked over at you and smiled. “Hey y/n, good to see you here” he greeted as you smiled back.

“It’s so warm in here” you commented as he grinned and held his hands up to touch your cheeks.

“Your cheeks feel like ice” Namjoon grins as you laugh.

“Why the fuck are you touching my girlfriend?” You both hear Jimin yell as you both whip your heads to face him, Jimin is glaring at Namjoon and his hands are clenched. “I thought Taehyung was joking but clearly he’s not.” 

“Jimin, it’s not what it looks like!” You exclaimed as Jimin glared at you.

“Save it,” he growled as he headed to Namjoon, grabbing his shirt collar and pulling it up, “you want to tell me why you’re getting so close to my girlfriend?” Namjoon didn’t even wince when Jimin was yelling at him. 

“Can you shut up please? We’re in the library” Namjoon calmly replies as Jimin feels himself get more angry seeing that Namjoon isn’t even guilty or scared of what Jimin is planning to do to him. 

“Okay, let’s take this outside” Jimin suggests as Namjoon rolls his eyes.

“Look, I’m still working, if you want to “fight” then you have to wait till I’m done work, okay?” Namjoon calmly a reply not even bothering to look at Jimin, Jimin rolls his eyes as he looks over to you.

“Are we going to study or not?” Jimin asks as you quickly grab your books and head to the nearest table. 

“So is there anything that you’re not getting right now?” You asked as Jimin nodded.

“Yeah, my girlfriend is cheating on me with the nerd who works at the library; do you have a math equation that can help me understand that?” Jimin asks bitterly as you roll your eyes and puff your cheeks.

“I’m not cheating on you; he was just touching my cheeks because it was cold outside, I know that it looked very strange.” You explained, hoping that Jimin would understand and stop this whole theory.

 “That’s not why I’m mad, I’m mad because you kissed him that night when you left the party.” Jimin hisses as you give him a confused look; you tried to think back to the night and try to remember what happened but your mind was going blank.

“I didn’t kiss him, I stopped him, and how do you know this anyways? Weren’t you at the party?” You asked as Jimin clenched his papers tightly.

“Taehyung saw you…He caught you guys kissing and even his photographic evidence.” Jimin explains as your eyes widen, you didn’t even kiss him and Taehyung had a picture of you two, you were ready to punch him.

“I didn’t kiss him though, I need to see the picture, and it’s probably photo shopped.” You answered as Jimin pulled up the picture, you remember the night clearly now, it was when you were mad at Jimin and was venting to Namjoon and Namjoon tried to kiss you but you stopped him. “I stopped him before he kissed me, it’s just how Taehyung took the picture I swear!”

 “I don’t want to hear it, I hate hearing lies, and I can’t believe you would do that to me.” Jimin angrily replies as you gasp.

“Jimin I would never lie to you, and even if the things you did that night really made me want to kiss Namjoon, I would have never done it because I love you!” You confessed as Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Save it and what did I even do that night?” Jimin asks as you scoff.

“You don’t remember? You basically told me I wasn’t worth taking a Saturday off for and you’d rather party than date me.” You hissed as Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Well right now, I’d rather party than date you” he muttered as your eyes widened and you felt your heart kind of break.

 “Excuse me?” You asked as Jimin let out of a scoff.

“You act like I would cherish you after my best friend shows me you’re cheating on me.” Jimin scoffs as you inhale sharply.

“Jimin, I didn’t cheat on you,” you were so frustrated with having to repeat that sentence over and over again, Jimin didn’t seem to care and it was starting to make you cry, you felt the tears well up and your breathing staggered.

 “Save the fake tears, I don’t want to see them” Jimin bitterly replies before grabbing his bag and heading to the door, only to be stopped by Namjoon.

“I thought we were going to fight? You’re going to give up, I know I’m tough and everything but I’ll let you win to save your honour from me embarrassing you in front of your girlfriend.” Namjoon taunts as Jimin glares at him.

“I’m not in the mood, we can fight next time” Jimin growls as he leave the building, leaving you to cry by yourself, Namjoon walks over and gives you a gentle smile.

“Hey best friend,” he gently greets as he takes a seat beside you, you look up to him and give him a tearful smile. Wiping your tears away, you take a deep breath in before speaking.

“Hi” you hoarsely greet back as Namjoon gives you a sympathetic look.

“I’m so sorry for trying to kiss you that night, if I knew that this was going to happen I would have avoided all contact with you.” Namjoon jokes as you give back a tiny laugh.

“It’s okay, I knew that Jimin and I weren’t going to last very long…we’re polar opposites, it was expected.” You sigh as Namjoon give you a tiny smile.

“Not all the time, he’s probably really upset and just needs time to cool down.” Namjoon comforts you as you smile and thank him for being there for you.

You had class first thing in the morning and you and Taehyung had a class together, you knew he came early so he could flirt with the smart girls and hopefully get their notes for the class, when you got there you saw Taehyung already snuggled up against one of the girls in your class. “Hey, Taehyung!” You angrily shouted for his attention, gaining a bit more attention from the girls than expected, Taehyung glared at you and quickly replaced it with a smug smile.

“Awe girls look! It’s the slut who cheated on my best friend” Taehyung shouts for the whole class to hear, the room is filled with laughter and whispers as you feel your face heat up and your eyes start to blur.

“Can we talk? Outside please?” You asked calmly, as Taehyung looked at the girl who was tugging on his arm, begging him not to go.

“Fine, but promise not to fuck me too? I don’t want to catch whatever diseases you probably have.” Taehyung shouts out for the whole class to hear again, you are ready to burst into tears or just beat Taehyung up so much that even his own mother couldn’t recognise him. You guys walk out of the class room and Taehyung is now glaring at you. “What do you want? Are you hear to fuck me too so you can hurt Jimin again?” Taehyung asks rudely as you slap him.

“I never cheated on Jimin, you fucking framed me for something I didn’t do…I thought we were cool, you knew I stopped him” You growled as Taehyung put his hand on the burning slap he had received from you. 

“You can’t expect me to believe that, right? You were venting to this random boy in the library and listening to him say that you should leave Jimin and you didn’t say anything to that.” Taehyung glares at you, as you glare at him back.

 “I didn’t say anything because I was mad at Jimin for bringing me to a party when he promised to hang out just us two for once, I don’t expect you to know because all you do is sleep with other women.” You spat as Taehyung shrugged.

“At least I don’t hurt Jimin by kissing other dudes” Taehyung replies as you glare at him again.

“Taehyung you have no right to say I’m the cheater when we all know what happened with your last relationship, at least I didn’t actually do the crime.” You taunt as Taehyung growls and slams you against the wall.

“Don’t you ever bring that up” Taehyung growls as you wince in pain from the contact of the locker and your back. 

“Taehyung? What’s going on here?” The professor asks as he sees that you’re crying in pain and that Taehyung’s face is red. 

“Both of you come with me now!” You and Taehyung sat in the office together, you sat with an ice pack to your back and Taehyung was sitting there and looking down at his feet. “You went too far this time” the professor sighed at Taehyung, “why are you two fighting? I’ve never seen you guys talk let alone bother each other.

”“Professor, what Y/n and I do are none of you business, you see, we’re just playing.” Taehyung smiles as he pats your back, making you wince due to the pain from the locker.

“Look you two, you’re good students, and well at least one of you is, but I don’t want you two to explore your sexual fantasies in this school…that’s for your own time.” He shyly explains as your eyes widen.

“That’s not what we were” you tried to say before Taehyung spoke up.

“Yes, we’re very sorry, aren’t we y/n? We should have never thought it was a good idea to explore whilst during school” Taehyung grins as he glares at you and signals you to agree.

“Yeah, we’re very sorry” you half-heartily apologised.

 “Okay good, to think I would have to expel you both, my heart would really break, then no one would get good marks in my class” He dramatically replies as you both awkwardly chuckle “now let’s head to class shall we?” The professor leads the way as Taehyung pulls you back.

“Look sorry for what I said about you earlier, I know that I shouldn’t have told Jimin that lie but I’ll tell him the truth, thanks for not getting me expelled.” Taehyung smiles softly as you smile back. 


Katsuki Bakugou wasn’t sure how he’d ended up in this situation, but here he was sitting on a couch next to Ochako Uraraka in the lounge. The girl had her knees pulled up to her chest. For some reason it ticked him off to see her like this. It just wasn’t normal and quite frankly it made him a little uncomfortable. What do you do when a girl cries?

Bakugou crossed his arms before tilting his head back. He stared at the ceiling and racked his brain. He wasn’t really sure why she was crying. Bakugou glanced at the girl out of the corner of his eye and cleared his throat. “Are you fucking alright?” Bakugou bit his tongue. Shit. This was just going to make things work. Wait, why did he care?

“No, I’m not fucking alright.” The reply startled Bakugou. Uraraka peered up at him. “I’m feeling really stressed.”

Bakugou turned to face her. He crossed his legs. It was too late to run from the conversation. “About what?” he pressed. “Did that damn nerd do something?”

“No,” Uraraka started, “it’s just y'know how you wish you could help someone and you try your best, but it doesn’t amount to much. And then there’s finals coming up and what not. And it’s all just really overwhelming y'know?” Bakugou stared, silent. “Ahhh this is stupid!” Uraraka hid her face in her hands.

“No.” Bakugou said. “It’s not.” She sniffled. “It’s not fucking stupid, you hear me? It’s not!”


“No goddamn buts! Now come on!”

Uraraka gasped as he took one of her hands, pulling her up from the couch. “Where are we going?”

“Outside to get some fucking air.” Bakugou’s pace quickened with his heart. He wasn’t really sure why he was doing this, but he couldn’t stand seeing her cry.

A cool breeze was blowing as they exited the dorms. It tickled Uraraka’s cheeks. It must have tickled Bakugou’s too as they turned a light shade of pink. Uraraka smiled. “Thanks Bakugou.”

“Yeah whatever.” He dropped her hand and shoved his own into his pockets. “Don’t mention it. Ever.”

“So is this how you deal with stress?” she pondered. The blonde snickered.

“Not at all. I bottle that shit up and use it as fuel for fighting.” Uraraka looked concerned. “Look you cry and I yell. Who gives a shit?”

“But you always yell.”

“I DO NOT!” Bakugou shouted, proving her point. His face turned a shade of red. “So what? Like I said who gives a shit?” He huffed.

“Well I do.” Bakugou spun around. Fixing her with a “what the fuck did you just say” look. “I give a shit.” She said firmly.

“Don’t lie.” Bakugou said quietly.

“I’m not lying!” Tears welled up in her eyes. “You deserve a shoulder to cry on and someone to vent to, too!”

“I don’t need a shoulder to cry on damn it. I’m fine. Why the hell do you “care” anyway?“

Uraraka blushed. "Because you’re my friend.” Bakugou laughed. “Why the hell did you sit with me tonight if we’re not friends?”

Bakugou’s face reddened. “No damn reason! I just-” he swallowed, “I just aaaaa FUCK.”

Uraraka wasn’t backing down. “Well?”

The words were trapped in his throat. A string of curses flowed out instead. “Damn it fuck. Shit how the hell did I-” he growled. “LISTEN HERE BITCH I ONLY DID IT BECAUSE I FUCKING CARE DAMN IT. I COULDN’T STAND SEEING YOU CRY FUCK.” Bakugou spat. He was winded. “Is that what you want to hear, huh?”

Uraraka was stunned. Bakugou was mentally kicking himself for admitting such a thing. “This is fucking stupid. I’m going to bed!” The boy turned to go back inside.

Uraraka caught his hand as he passed. “No. It’s not fucking stupid. It’s not.” He stopped. “Do you hear me?” The blonde exhaled and squeezed her hand.

“I hear ya.”



I haven’t told you guys before, but I have glasses!

Not because my vision is blurry though,
I actually got this glasses for eye protection against screen radiation, which translates to longer working hour and healthy eyes that don’t tire easily… Also it kinda look good? Not to be narcissistic but people often comment it made me look smart LOL so I’m starting to wear them outside even

Anyways, take care of your eyes guys! Especially fellow artist who stares at their screen for hours!

Bonus: I actually do the pic traditionally first and practiced inking while I’m at it! I have a long way to go but I’m getting better at stabilizing my brush!

The Nerdy Plan

Summary: Your boyfriend is always on his phone. Never gave you any attention. Never said I love you. It’s time for revenge, making him live what you lived. With the help of your best friend, Neha, you come up with some kind of strategy involving desire, envy, and well… sex? The nerdy plan officially begins.

Pairing: Stuart Twombly x Reader

Warning: Contains smut, sex, blowjobs, pussy eating, public sex, teasing, sexting, showing off, fluff, sexual tension, sexiness, exposed skin, multiply orgasms, lingerie, revenge, all that you know?

Word count: 10 409 (holy shit) (sorry it’s more than 10k)

A/N: Took me two weeks writing this. I got stuck to the smut part, rewrite entire parts and translate some when I couldn’t continue. It wasn’t hard to write but I always have trouble with smut haha! So, this is for @ellie-bee242 writing contest, that was Revenge and Showing off some Lingerie. I hope y’all like it cause I never wrote so many words before. It’s something new. And also, this might contains mistake. Sorry if it does! Enjoy!

Tag list: @multilovee @5sospoplikerock @rosecoloredshawn @mieczzyslaw @honeymoonmuke @fox-lau

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Kitten303: Neha, I need your help.

Neha69: Y / n, seriously, you know we’re sitting next to each other right now? Why are you texting me?

Kitten303: Because it concerns Stuart who is, if you didn’t notice, also sitting in this room.

Kitten303: Legs open.

Kitten303: His tight gray jeans that marry the shape of his legs.

Kitten303: His laid-back position

Neha69: Okay.

Neha69: Tell me.

Neha69: When you start to describe how your boyfriend is sitting there is something wrong between you and him.

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wanna one as types of boyfriends

yoon jisung:

the walking meme. everything he does is fucking hilarious. you literally have 2000 photos of him on your phone which could be edited into potential memes. there’s never a sad/boring day in your life. he’s actually always super excited about everything and you always sometimes question his mental age but you still think it’s really cute. always makes stupid puns and jokes to make you laugh (that sometimes even results to self degradation). all that makes him happy is seeing you smile, so he makes that his daily goal. likes to send you weird pictures of him using different filters on snapchat that you obviously screenshot. he’s super funny and your whole family loves him, especially the kids. “auntie when are you getting married to uncle jisung?” “soon” “um jisung wtf stop lying to the kids” “i never said i was lying”

ha sungwoon:

the tea sipper. he has the dirt on everyone, and i mean everyone. knows what’s going on in your life, your neighbor’s life, and your second cousin’s uncle’s grandfather’s life. your dates consist of gossiping with the neighborhood aunties every week at the book club he organized. wants to know how your day is and knows you so well that he can tell when your feeling down. sings to make you feel better, and if that doesn’t make you smile, he’ll probably pull out the big guns and start dancing to girl’s day something. doesn’t mind embarrassing himself if it makes you happy :’). doesn’t like it when you call him cute bc he’s “manly not cute”. tries to fight other people when they talk shit about you. talks a lot!!! like when you’re trying to catch some z’s, all he does is talk about how your neighbor’s husband is cheating on her with her sister??? “omg don’t tell anyone but jisoo’s husband is cheating on her with her own sister” “wtf how do you know?? did you stalk her husband again??” “no way, i was throwing away the trash and i saw them?? coincidentally??”

hwang minhyun:

the perfectionist. a little ocd and always needs everything to be super clean and organized. he told you that he had perfect attendance in school and always had straight a’s. his skin is perfect, his visuals are perfect, and his voice is perfect. sometimes you feel like he’s too good for you, but then you remember how much of an awkward loser he is in real life. texts you the most romantic things, but can’t say it in person to you. you like to tease him a lot for being an awkward antisocial person. very easily embarrassed person. not a big pda person. blushes a lot. doesn’t know how to convey his feelings into words or actions, but it’s okay bc you know he’s trying hard. he looks like a cold tsundere but sike he’s a soft mochi on the inside. smiles a lot more now bc “you make me happy i guess”. 

ong seongwoo:

the prankster. he loves messing around with you and pissing you off. one time he put blue dye into your body wash and you came out of the shower looking like a smurf. you guys end up having prank wars and once you even super glued his feet into his shoes. when he’s not thinking of ingenious plans to prank you, he’s actually a really sweet boyfriend. sometimes he takes you out on spontaneous dates to that fancy restaurant across town to make up an excuse to see you wear a beautiful dress. but he loves taking you on midnight rides. like he’ll drive you in silence as you enjoy the night sky and talk to you about random things and let you rant about your inner thoughts. “stop staring at me ong!! focus on the road” “you’re just too beautiful. you distracted me”

kim jaehwan:

the musician. he confessed to you in broad daylight while playing the guitar and singing a song written for you. you guys were sitting on a bench in the city and he randomly whips out his guitar and starts singing. a crowd gathers around you eventually, and they cheer when you accept his confession. he likes to write songs in the middle of the night, so you’ll probably wake up at 3 AM and hear him playing random chords on the piano and writing lyrics in the dark. he writes songs thinking about you and likes to sing to you when you have trouble sleeping. also super extra!! likes to boast about things that he can’t do like karate and playing soccer. he told you that he used to play soccer in middle school, but when you actually took him out to play he said “yeah i played soccer. i played fifa” “ugh i hate you so much right now”

kang daniel:

the gamer. he’s a huge fucking loser, and he loves playing league and overwatch and basically every game ever. tried to teach you how to play league once but you never understood anything, so he ended up carrying the team and winning. spends 95% of his time indoors, but he also likes to cuddle with you when he’s gaming. makes you sit on his lap while he wraps his arms around you and rests his chin on your head when he plays. likes taking you to comicon or any other nerdy convention. but it’s endearing to see him so excited about cosplayers. “cosplay with me next year” “lol how about a no”

park jihoon:

the prince. on top of his handsome looks and dancing skills, he was also born with a silver spoon in his mouth. buys you everything you’ve ever wanted and then some. but you’re not interested in materialism ok yes you are but you’re more interested in him. so he doesn’t really understand love?? like he’s always been loved by his parents but he tries his hardest to convey his feelings for you without extravagant gifts. like this is the first time someone told him that they didn’t want a new car and he doesn’t understand why you don’t want a mercedes benz but it’s your loss?? he takes you to nice dates at super expensive high end restaurants while you assure him that getting a take-away pizza is always fine too. wears gucci and givenchy and saint laurent and tries to buy you clothes from there too but one dress is worth more than your life??? he likes to sleep on your shoulder while you stroke his hair. really cute relationship full of $$$. if you need a sugar daddy you know who to call. “you want a new car?” “wtf no i want a new boyfriend” “>:((((”  

park woojin:

the shy turned wild one. yeah he was really shy when you first met but now he wildin. you tried taking him to a family party once but he was getting too into his dancing and ended up grinding the floor. what happened to the shy bean that couldn’t look you in the eye?? sometimes he’s still really shy around people he just met, and he kind of attaches himself to you. but dancing really makes him let everything go, and he tries to teach you choreographies to your favorite songs. taught you how to dance to red velvet and exo and rap to okey dokey. dates consists of dance lessons and chilling at home watching smtm together. bet milk tea on who’s going to make it to the finals. “yo it’s gonna be nucksal” “oh hell no i’m betting on hangzoo” “wow it’s only bc you like zico & dean more smh i thought you loved me”

bae jinyoung:

the nerd that turned hot. you known him since elementary school but boy did he glow up in high school. the last thing you remember was him being that smart nerd that never talked, but now he has a whole army of girls chasing after him. outside appearance may have changed but he’s still a nerd. dates consists of chilling at home and watching the latest episode of the anime y’all like while cuddling. takes you to animecon where you cringe at the weebs but where he enjoys every moment of it. likes taking you to manga and anime stores. dreams of going to japan with you. also likes to buy you cute couple charms for your phone. “i bought you the touka charm bc you’re the touka to my kaneki” “you’re such a fucking weeb lmao but sasaki is better”

lee daehwi:

the foreign swagger. yeah he lived in america for 4 years, that’s why he’s here man. just kidding, he’s a super adorable boyfriend that sometimes mixes up his languages when he’s flustered. super caring and always frets over you. nags you a lot when you get sick. “i told you not to go outside without a jacket!” but really good music tastes. makes different spotify playlists for you to listen to when you’re sad or tryna to get turnt. likes shopping dates!! he is your personal fashion designer and buys cute dresses when he thinks you look cute in them. “i thought this color suited you really well, so i bought it!” “um but it says it’s $300″ “oops?”

lai guanlin:

the athlete. he likes every sport but he’s super obsessed with basketball dude. like he’ll take you out to the nearest basketball court to shoot with him even if you can’t make a shot for your life. dw he’ll teach you the proper shooting form and how to dribble. you’ll end up having lots of cute basketball dates and afterward he’ll probably take you out for ice cream. likes to rest his head in your lap as he practices his shooting form laying down. lots of after-practice cuddles. “ew guanlin you’re so sweaty. get off of me” “no i like staying with you like this”

Secret Sensations. Casifer.

Cowritten with @scribble-me-wordless .

Summary: Lucifer has a spell that he needs the Winchesters help with. He discovers Castiel’s secret lover and takes a liking to her.

Triggers: Bit of angst. Smut. Lucifer being Lucifer.

Word Count: 3495

Lucifer made a mistake. Well, less of a mistake and more of an….oversight.

He was looking for a spell to take down Amara and found an ancient one called “The Spell of Light.” Drafted by some of the first Seraphim, it’s said to hold the Power of God…but you need a Hand of God to amplify it.

Now he doesn’t have one, nor does he know where one is, but he has a strong inkling of some people who might.

The Winchesters.

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Love at the Playground Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Hey lovely. Could you plz write another Bill fic where he’s babysitting his youngest siblings & your taking care of your little neighbors/cousins/friend’s kids to the park.

He watches you chase them around & pushing them on the swings etc. The kids start playing together & he finally starts talking to you (bonus if your a bookworm & don’t know he’s an actor) & lots of cute fluffiness, blushing, lip biting, etc.

Swap numbers & him being so impressed with how good you are with kids & asking you out

Warning: None

Note: Reader is 19 and Bill is like 20.

And also I’m SO SO sorry for not posting this last night my high school had a HUGE football game last night where we kicked our rival school’s but for the 17th time now so that’s why its a bit late :/!

I legit thought oh I can finish editing when I get home cuz it should end around like 8.


We were stuck in the parking lot and traffic for about 2 hours so I arrived home around midnight and of course it was a school day and we had a pep rally so I’m exhausted af and I just went straight to bed.

So that’s my excuse.

But it’s out today and I’ll post hopefully 3 no guarantees.

Anyways enjoy!

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Everything going on was blurry and like you were in a black and white movie.

You were sitting on a swing lightly swinging back and forth. A boy your age was beside you his handsome laugh like an echo in the wind. His face was blurry but you could still tell he was tall and handsome as hell.

You were biting your bottom lip and blushing, looking down at the ground where the toe of your shoe was gently digging a small hole into the soft soil beneath your feet. The man took your chin and lifted them up to look into your eyes and you felt your face heat up continuing to bite your swollen lip.

He leaned towards you and you gently stretched your neck out your eyes drifting close…only inches away. You could smell his cologne that made your skin prickle with goosebumps…millimeters.

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Invisible, Chapter Two

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

A/N: last chapter of set-up before some action begins!

word count: ~1140

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do like a hc for the RFA + others asking MC out in high school? Idk why but I think it would be pretty cute :) Thanks, and I love your account!!

Omg, a high school AU ^^
In Saeyoung and Saeran’s case, just imagine they were taken from their mom and adopted by somebody else when they were young so EVERYTHING IS HAPPY.
Also, in Zen’s case, he didn’t drop out, obviously.
These turned out WAY longer than I had planned lol

-You knew Yoosung got lots of secret admirers and date offers. It made you… jealous.
-You wanted to ask Yoosung out too, but you weren’t ready. You were too nervous. What if he just denied you like he denied everyone else? Would it ruin the friendship you’ve built over so many years?
-Because of that, you decided you wouldn’t ask him out. You didn’t want to put your friendship at risk.
-Yoosung, however, was going through the same kind of doubt.
-He has had a crush on you for years but he doubted you felt the same way. Sure, girls were on their hands and knees begging for him to date them, so he shouldn’t have such low confidence, right?
-Nope. Even though people would fuss over him, he knew in his heart you didn’t love him back.
-So, sadly, it’s a while before he actually asks you out.
-He’s tired of wondering “what if” and imagining a future with you he might not even have.
-He asks you out on a normal day. You were eating lunch together in the school’s picnic area outside. There weren’t many other people, so it was perfect.
-You sat on opposite sides of the table. As you chatted over lunch, Yoosung grew nervous.
-It’s now or never.
-“So, um, _____, I have something to tell you.”
-You swallowed some food. “Okay, what’s up?”
-You were obviously a bit nervous about what he was going to say, but he was ten times more scared. His heart was hammering away as he took a deep breath.
-“I hope this doesn’t change anything, but, _____… I really like you. As in… I was wondering if you’d like to be my boy/girlfriend…?”
-You swear you almost choke on your food.
-“What? Me?”
-Yoosung nods. He looked so terrified, like he was preparing for you to laugh at his feelings and call him names. He’s scared that you’ll never want to see him again or that he creeped you out, really, his mind is playing worse case scenarios.
-“…Yeah,” you smile. “Yeah, I’d love that. I didn’t think you’d ever ask… I’ve actually… had a crush on you for a while.”
-You nervously scratch the back of your neck and mumble that last part.
-Yoosung shoots up from where he sat. “Really?! You’ll be mine?!”
-You chuckled. “Yes, Yoosung. I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine.”
-He’s blushing like mad.
-He runs over to your side of the table and engulfs you in a really tight, loving hug.
-He is so relieved.
-This is the best day ever. His dreams are all coming true. He can’t stop smiling for weeks.
-At school, he doesn’t like too much PDA. Just hand holding and occasional kisses on the cheek, forehead, or temple are enough for him.
-You help him with his studies, and he helps you with yours. Both of your grades benefit.
-He loves taking you out to parks for dates. It’s his favorite. You go there very very often.
-Everybody that knew him, even just a little bit, notices that he is so much happier now that the two of you are dating.
-Cutest couple in the yearbooks will likely be the two of you, as long as the kids that had crushes on him before don’t hold a grudge.

-Zen was an obvious bad boy in high school. (ALSO A THEATER NERD). It wasn’t uncommon to hear girls whisper about him either.
-It’s surprising he wasn’t reprimanded for his gang activities. Somehow he was still here.
-You didn’t drool and lust over him like some girls did. You had more innocent intentions.
-You had dreams of going on dates and holding hands with him. Sometimes, you would imagine what it would be like to marry him.
-Your own daydreams would fluster you.
-For the longest time, you doubted he even knew you existed. But, one day, he saw you sitting alone outside the school on a bench, reading a book from the library.
-He sat next to you.
-Such a simple, two letter word, but it made you question if this was reality or a dream.
-“Hi,” you said back.
-“I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Hyun,” he held his hand out. A handshake would have normally seemed formal, but now, with him offering it, it felt gentlemanly.
-Your heart caught in your throat as you put your hand in his. Your hands fit so perfectly together like you had imagined they would.
-“I know. I’m _____.”
-“I know,” he smiled and gently shook your hand. “I’ve seen you around, but, why are you out here all alone? A lovely girl/boy such as yourself shouldn’t be left alone like that. You never know what kind of bad people might show up.”
-“…Like you?”
-His eyes widened
-“Uh, that’s not what I meant. I’m harmless, really! I just meant a creep might start talking to you.”
-You raised an eyebrow.
-“I’m not a creep though! Definitely not!” you suppressed a giggle at how flustered he was. “Ah… I’m not really helping my case, am I?”
-After his rambling of ensuring that he was not a bad person (which you never thought he was, you were just messing with him), you both talk for what feels like hours.
-After that, you guys talk more often during school. You become a bit flustered anytime he compliments you, which he does pretty often.
-You both quickly become best friends and your crush on him only grows. You had a good influence on him, too. He didn’t do nearly as much gang activities as you two became close.
-Time goes on and you’ve been best friends for three months.
-He finally gathers up courage to confess his feelings to you.
-He meets you on the same bench he introduced himself to you on after school one day.
-Nobody else was around, so it was perfect.
-You sat together and carried a normal conversation before Hyun spoke up and told you “I have a question for you, _____.”
-You grew nervous. “Okay, what is it?”
-He took a deep breath. He was surprisingly nervous because he really wants this to go well. The patient but slightly worried expression on your face made his cheeks turn warm. You looked adorable. His heart picked up speed.“Don’t think I’m weird, but… I’ve had a, uh… a crush on you since I first saw you. A-and it’s only gotten bigger since we became friends. So, _____… will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-You were frozen and staring at him with wide eyes. “Really?”
-Hyun nodded. “Yes, but you don’t have to say yes. I understand if you don’t-”
-“I do.”
-“I’d love to be your boy/girlfriend, Hyun.”
-His heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Seriously?”
-You laugh. “Yes, you dork.”
-He smiles the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and gives you a giant hug. “You’ve made me the happiest guy ever, _____. Thank you so much.”
-You were both hugging, smiling, blushing messes, but you were also the happiest people on earth.
-After that, at school, lots of PDA.
-Kisses, hand holding, hugging, cute nicknames, longing stares, all of it.
-You’ve caught the attention of many less than satisfied staff members that always yell at you.
-Hyun’s gotten written up so many times for kissing you during school.
-The girls are jealous of you, which makes him very protective over you. He would hate if you compared yourself to them.
-He quits his gang and lives a much quieter life. Like I said, you have a good impact on him. His grades improve with your help and you cheer him on at every theater performance. You bring him flowers every time and he keeps them until they are practically disintegrated.
-You bring him lunch everyday, or you pay to buy him lunch, because he never eats lunch.
-He takes you on so many dates. Any location you can think of around town, he’s taken you there.
-It’s likely you’d be voted for cutest couple when year books are released if it wasn’t for the jealous girls.

-She was such a quiet kid, but she wasn’t necessarily shy.
-She quietly completed all of her assignments on time and didn’t let conversing with her classmates distract her. She was a very hard working kid. Everyone knew she was, too. Sometimes they’d take advantage of that when they had to work in groups. They’d make Jaehee do all of the work. It, frankly, pissed you off.
-Out of class, however, you and her talked for hours.
-You had both been best friends since the beginning of your freshman year when you asked her for directions. It turned out you had some classes together, so you hung out often, including at lunch.
-You both had the same group of friends and they all knew that you both had crushes on each other.
-They would constantly tell the both of you to make the first move, but you both denied every time.
-“You should totally ask out Jaehee.”
-“But what if she doesn’t like me?”
-*everyone collectively face palms*
-With a lot of convincing, they finally get Jaehee to confess to you.
-She’s never been more nervous in her life. As your friends suggested, she was going to meet you before school in the back of the library and confess to you. It’s the most secluded place in the school, so you were guaranteed privacy.
-So, you met her there first thing in the morning.
-You could tell she was on edge when she stumbled over her words while trying to say “good morning”.
-“Jaehee, are you alright? Is something bothering you?”
-“No, everything is okay,” she smiled. “I’m alright. I just… wanted to talk to you about something.”
-Anxiety bubbled up in your chest. “Okay, sure, what’s on your mind?”
-She guided you to sit down on one of the chairs and then took the seat next to you.
-“Listen, _____… this is really hard to say. I, um… I’ve…”
-She has rehearsed over and over again in the mirror last night, why is she struggling to get the words out now?
-“_____… I…”
-You put your hand on hers and gently said “Jaehee, whatever it is, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want-”
-“I really like you, _____!” she blurted out.
-She immediately turned red and stared at your hand on hers. The sudden contact and the way that you spoke to her… it kind of forced the words out of her.
-“You do?”
-She nodded. It’s too late to turn back now. Her heart was going faster than ever as she waited for you to respond.
-“That’s a relief.”
-She looked up at you. “Huh?”
-“I’ve always wanted to be your boy/girlfriend.”
-She took a minute to process what you had confessed. Then a huge smile spread across her face. “So, you’ll be my boy/girlfriend?!”
-“Yes, of course,” you giggle at her.
-She hugs you tightly. “I’m so happy I could cry.”
-“Let’s meet up after school and go out, okay?”
-Her heart sped up even more. Not only did you just accept to being her lover, but you just asked her out on a date. You.
-Her poor heart can’t take it.
-She agrees. You both have an amazing first date that you will remember quite literally forever.
-At school, she is scared to hold your hand or show any PDA because she’s afraid of being judged.
-Eventually, she can’t stand not being able to hold hands in the hallways or sneak kisses when the teachers aren’t looking, so she gives in and does it anyway (with your consent).
-The other kids, thankfully, don’t pay any attention to you both as you happily walk hand in hand to class together.
-The only kids that do pay attention to you are your group of friends that aggressively ship you two.
-As you’re walking, you’ll sometimes hear “AW YOU GUYS ARE GOALS” or “(SHIPNAME) IS CANON" from across the hallway.
-Or whenever they see you and Jaehee even near each other, they awe and do heart hands to you two.
-You get peace when you’re away from them, though. That’s Jaehee’s favorite; getting to be alone with you.
-Also, study buddies!!!
-You guys do homework together everyday.

-Relationships were never something Jumin thought about in high school.
-Well… at least we wasn’t supposed to…
-He ever thought of relationships as anything necessary. They seemed pointless and he had no interest in them.
-But, when he looked at you, he understood the fuss about being in a romantic relationship.
-You seemed to have some affect on him that nobody else did.
-You gave him feelings he never knew were possible. He was very confused.
-You and Jumin had been friends for years and over that time, he developed feelings for you.
-Jihyun was actually the one who asked Jumin about you. He saw how Jumin acted around you and asked him about it. In response, Jumin asked him about what his strange emotions are. He had a feeling they were romantic, but he had no previous experiences to confirm or deny it.
-Jihyun, thankfully, cleared things up.
-In high school, he only ever hung out with Jihyun and you. You got along with the both of them perfectly.
-Jumin was often cold, even as a teen. But, when he was with you, he was warm. He showed a weakness and vulnerability to you he didn’t show anyone else. You were one of the only people he would share his worries and personal issues with without hesitation.
-There was something about you that drove him insane. He wanted to be able to call you his. He was a bit perplexed by those kinds of thoughts, but he had them so often, he got used to it.
-He eventually accepted that he can’t be satisfied with only being in a platonic relationship with you.
-With Jihyun’s encouragement, Jumin decided to confess to you.
-It was unlike him to give in to such personal emotions, but he couldn’t stand not being able to tell you he loved you, or kiss you, or hold your hand, or protect you, or hold you in his arms…
-Yeah, he was a hopelessly in love mess because of you.
-But he had a ginormous crush on you.
-He told you to meet him at a park near your school after school one day. You assumed he just wanted to hang out, which also meant you assumed Jihyun would be there too.
-When you got there, you were surprised that it was only Jumin.
-“Hey, Jumin,” you greeted him. “Is Jihyun coming?”
-“No, actually. I wanted to talk to you.”
-You became visibly worried and took a seat next to him on the bench he was resting on. “Okay, what about?”
-Honestly, you had also fallen desperately for the cold, unpopular Jumin Han. Everyone saw him as an unlovable robot, but you could see who he truly is. You can see his threads.
-That was another thing he loved about you; you could see the real him that nobody else saw.
-“I just have something I wanted to get off my chest.”
-You nodded cautiously for him to continue.
-“______, I’m not sure how to say this, so I’ll just say it…”
-You nodded again. Your eyes were wide and the nervous expression on your face made Jumin even more flustered.
-“_____… I love you.”
-He watched as your eyes almost popped out of your head.
-“I want you to be my boy/girlfriend.”
-It was like him to be so straightforward, but he actually had a crush on you too?
-“Are you serious?”
-“Why would I lie to you?”
-You smiled and hugged him. “I would love to be your boy/girlfriend, Jumin. I… I love you too. I have for as long as I can remember.”
-Your words and actions made him stiffen. Though he was calm and collected on the outside since you arrived at the park, he’s been a nervous wreck on the inside, and the fact that you actually accepted his feelings and reciprocated them makes the world stop spinning.
-“Why would I lie to you?” you mimicked him.
-He chuckled. Jumin Han chuckled.
-He hugged you back. “Thank you…” he said in a whisper.
-From then on, at school, kids were surprised to hear that Jumin of all people got a boy/girlfriend.
-The most emotionless kid in school has a date? How?
-He holds your hand a lot, which is how kids figured out you two were dating in the first place.
-If anyone ever picks on him about it, you stand up for him, of course.
-He sends you good morning and good night texts every day, even if he sees you at school too.
-He’s also a fan of long phone calls with you if you’re up for it.
-He keeps your relationship secret from his father for a while, but he eventually finds out.
-He doesn’t approve of it because Jumin is supposed to have an arranged wedding when he’s older.
-However, Jumin will not let you go even if it costs him everything he has.
-His father can’t change that he is going to spend the rest of his life with you.
-Rebellious teen Jumin, yes?

-Being best friends with this kid never had a dull moment.
-He had a sense of adventure you’d never seen before. You’d often get random texts from him to come meet him at various places without any context other than “I have an idea.”
-It’s wild.
-He was also the most understanding when you would vent your problems to him, no matter what they were.
-He would always defend you if you ever got picked on and vise versa.
-So, obviously, you developed a crush on him quickly.
-Saeyoung, too, has an undying love for you, but has always been too doubtful of himself to confess to you.
-He truly wants to be able to take you on dates and do typical teenage couple things with you.
-He never thought it would be possible for someone as amazing as you to see him as anything more than a friend, so he took a romantic relationship out of the question.
-a little birdie told him that you have a crush on him too.
-(the little birdie was Saeran lol)
-So, with the spark of hope the only thing on his mind, he sucks it up and decided to finally make a move.
-He told you to meet him in the school’s courtyard during the lunch break because he wanted to talk to you.
-Anxiety ate you up the entire day. What could he want to talk about? Did you do something bad? Did something bad happen to him? Is something wrong in his family life? Does he want you to leave him alone?
-Luckily, when you meet him, he’s smiling at you.
-“Hey, glad you made it.”
-“Yeah,” you replied, obviously nervous. “What did you want to talk about?”
-“Oh, I just wanted to test a theory.”
-You assumed it was another ‘I have an idea’ type of thing again so you calmed down.
-“Oh? What’s your ‘theory’?”
-Saeyoung holds your hand and doesn’t say anything.
-You can feel your face growing warm. “What are you doing?”
-“Hm… judging by your embarrassment and red face, my theory is more than likely correct…”
-“What are you talking about?”
-“_____, do you have a crush on me~?”
-“What?!” you practically screamed. “I do not!”
-He put his hand over his heart and you could see tears in his eyes. “I’m… I’m hurt… how could you say that, _____?”
-You panicked. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry, I do! I really do like you, Saeyoung!”
-Now it’s his turn to turn red. He smirked. “So I was right!”
-“Yeah…” you avoided his eyes.
-He smiled gently at you and held your shoulders. When you met his eyes, he continued.
-“_____, will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-“Will you?”
-“You mean, you like me too..?”
-“Well duh. Why else would I ask you out?”
-You were overjoyed. You gave him a huge smile and tackled him in a hug. “Of course I’ll be your boy/girlfriend!”
-At school, Saeyoung likes to give you kisses on the cheek. He also refuses to walk through the hallway without holding your hand, unless, of course, it makes you uncomfortable.
-He still invites you out places saying he has an idea, but they usually turn into dates, and are surprisingly romantic, at least to you.
-One time you made a date out of visiting a gas station at one in the morning to buy snacks, then sitting in the parking lot of a closed shop nearby, chatting, cuddling, and eating snacks.
-Honestly, the most fun you’ve ever had.
-He gives you corny, punny pick up lines often.
-“Did you get those jeans on sale?”
-“Uh, no.”
-“That’s too bad. They’re a hundred percent off at my place.”
-(my best friend used that on me once and it’s been an inside joke ever since, I’m sorry)
-Probably the goofiest couple on the whole school.

V: (this one is a bit cheesy whoops)
-Of course you had a crush on Jihyun. He was only the nicest, most generous boy in your entire school, or maybe even your entire town.
-Oblivious to you, he also has a hopeless crush on you.
-The only person that knows is Jumin. Jumin helped him rationalize his thoughts because he was so hopelessly in love with you he wanted to drop everything and ask you out.
-He sees no point in waiting to ask you out. If you don’t like him back, he’ll understand and back off. It’s better he get this out of the way. Nothing’s going to change if you’re both just waiting for the other to confess, so it’s better he just do it and get it over with.
-That being said… he’s really nervous.
-He wants to be with you forever so he’s scared you’ll reject him and he’ll never see you again.
-But, its better to take the chance than to never bring it up and let somebody else take you from him.
-He arranges for you to meet him first thing after school in the front of the school.
-When you go there, you assume he just wanted to hang out, but he’s holding flowers.
-You walk over to him. “Jihyun, why do you have flowers?”
-“Oh, they’re for you.”
-Your eyes widen slightly and he hands them to you. “Why..?”
-“Because… I wanted to ask if you’d be my date to the dance coming up…”
-You had completely forgotten about the school dance. I guess you forgot about it because you didn’t plan on anyone, especially Jihyun, asking you to it.
-“Oh…” you mutter while you stare at the flowers.
-“You don’t have to. Don’t feel pressured. I’ve had really special feelings for you for a while now and it would be an honor to take you to the dance.”
-“Jihyun…” you can’t think straight. You’re too busy trying to convince yourself you’re not dreaming. “This is so sudden…”
-“You don’t-”
-“I would love to go with you.”
-He gasps and smiles. “Woah, really?”
-“Yeah, I’ve… liked you for a really long time too. I just never imagined you would feel the same.”
-The night of the dance was something that will stay with you forever. You wore matching formal attire and spent the whole night with each other, laughing and chatting the night away.
-Afterward, he took you out to get ice cream.
-“So, Jihyun,” you said, “does this mean we’re officially boyfriend and boy/girlfriend?”
-He laughed and nodded. “Yes, dummy.”
-At school, Jihyun loves holding your hand. Once he was even caught holding your hand during class and got yelled at. The whole time you tried so hard not to laugh.
-He takes so many photos of you.
-You like to make dates out of driving around looking for places to take amazing photos together.
-Did I mention he gets you into photography too? (Unless you’re already into that like me lol)
-Your photos together might even end up in the school year book if you’re lucky.
-Photography dates always end with going out to eat, or sometimes just driving through a fast food joint and sipping on slurpies while watching the sun set.
-He makes it a necessity to tell you he loves you everyday. Also, he loves kissing your forehead or the tip of your nose.
-It’s common for him to kiss both of your cheeks before finally pecking your lips, then pulling back and giving you a loving smile.
-He feels so lucky to have you.
-His parents aren’t very in the picture of Jihyun’s life, so you don’t have to worry about that.
-His sister loves you though.

-He didn’t talk much at school. A lot of the kids didn’t even know what he sounded like.
-But, you were his best friend, so whenever he was with you, he talked endlessly.
-You both had a habit of rambling to each other. It happened so often that you were both positive you knew every single detail about each other.
-And Saeran was in love with every detail about you.
-You even helped him through when his anxiety or depression became too much for him to handle on his own.
-He’s never thought much about relationships but hormones do strange things.
-Whenever he’s with you, he gets such a warm feeling in his chest.
-He denies it and distances himself from you when he gets shy and flustered because he’s a tsundere.
-You notice he gets uncomfortable around you and you think he doesn’t like you, which hurts a lot because you’ve developed feelings for the sweet guy.
-You back off and don’t initiate hugs or give him lots of compliments like before.
-Saeran is actually really sad about it.
-Do you not like him anymore?
-His brother notices him looking glum one day and asks him about it.
-He sighs. “_____ hates me.”
-“What makes you say that?”
-“She doesn’t act as affectionate as she used to.”
-“Well, didn’t you use to get angry when she did before…?”
-“Yeah, but…” he stops. “Wait, is that why? Does she think I don’t like her?
-“I think she does. She asked me about you the other day. She wanted to know if everything was okay because she said you’ve been acting strange.”
-Saeran face palms so hard at himself.
-“God, I’m an IDIOT!”
-So he texts you and asks you to meet him outside near his house. (You live close).
-To his surprise, you actually show up.
-He stands from the sidewalk he had previous been resting on while he waited from you and stands in front of you.
-“_____, I wanted to apologize.”
-“Hm?” you tilted your head slightly. “What for?”
-“I hurt your feelings, didn’t I? I know I used to yell at you to get off of me when you hugged me or I would tell you to shut up when you said something nice to me, but I didn’t mean anything by it. I really like you a lot and when you were nice to me, it made me nervous and it confused me.”
-“…You like me?”
-Saeran froze. “Did I say that..?”
-“Yeah, you did.”
-“U-uh…” his face flushed with embarrassment. There was an awkward silence before Saeran spoke up again. Now is as good a time as any, isn’t it? He can’t really turn back now…
-“_____, will you date me?”
-Shocked, your eyes flew open. “What?”
-He didn’t repeat himself. He was surprised he managed to say it the first time.
-“You really mean that?”
-Saeran shot his eyes up from the ground and stared at you in disbelief. “Wha- seriously?! You… you like me too..?”
-“Uh, yeah. I’ve liked you for a long time now. Thanks for noticing.”
-Saeran smiled and laughed before hugging you tightly.
-Your cheeks heated up because his smile and his laugh are the cutest things in the universe.
-He starts rambling about where you should go on your first date, when and where your next dates should be, etc. relationship things etc.
-You’ve never seen him this happy. Not even Saeyoung has seen him this happy.
-During school, even though he’s not a fan of PDA, he plays with your hair a lot.
-Teachers get onto him about keeping his hands to himself. He stops messing with your hair just long enough for the teacher to leave, then continues what he was doing.
-After school, he always walks you home and gives you a goodbye kiss on your forehead.
-Also, everyday he tells you he loves you.
-Even if it can only be over text message or phone call, not a day goes by that he doesn’t remind you you’re the most important thing in his life.

Ain’t My Thing

Summary: Y/n has moved from Georgia, Atlanta to Queens New York… Maybe things wouldn’t be too bad due to a certain brown eyed and curly headed boy…

Requested: No

Word Count: 1.8k+

Taglist: @cutie1365

Warning(s)?: Teen Angst, Swearing, Party (if that’s warning idk), fLUFFF

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Ain’t My Thing

Peter’s pov#

“We really shouldn’t be here…” I muttered to Ned, staring at the huge house in front of us. It was practically bursting at the seams with drunk filled teenagers. Parties… we never got invited so how do we even know if they are our scene? Highly doubtful…

“What helps with stress is going to a party… Unless you go to the party” Ned responds back leaving me slightly confused. Instead he just pulls on my sleeve practically dragging me towards the front door. 

We really shouldn’t be here…” I try again but seem to fail. The door opens where Liz stood with a smile across her face. 

“Hey guys!” She greets happily noticing us.

“Cool hat Ned” She says to Ned, admiring his outfit. He gives me sideways glance, not believing that she just complimented him. 

“Thanks Liz!” He replies over-the-top happy but I let it slide. Instead I hide my head in my hands trying not to laugh. Ned has had a crush on Liz since pretty much preschool and he always seemed to make a fool of himself in front of her. Like I did any better… 

I felt an elbow to my rib. I jolt up and mutter out an ‘ouch’, sending a glare towards Ned. He happily returns it. 

“There’s pizza and drinks… help yourself” she said, eyeing Ned one more time before turning around to leave with a smile. I just turn to Ned and shake my head, letting a smile grow across my lips. 

“Don’t even start…” Ned mumbles out, heading over to the drinks table.

I didn’t say anything!” I call out mockingly before following him. 

Y/N’s pov#

You sighed, spinning the liquid in your cup around in a circular motion. To say you were bored would be an understatement. Parties were never really your thing but you found it was usually a good excuse to get out of the house for a little while. Your parents worked late so often they didn’t need to know. 

You left where you stood and walked over to the drink’s table, deciding to turn in your sour-tasting beer for just some coca-cola. You began to pour some into your cup after pouring out the remains of the beer into the sink. The party was held at your best friends Liz’s house, it was all a hoax actually to see if 'he’ would come. 

You couldn’t help but to laugh at your foolish friends antics. She was like the most popular girl ion school, all she had to go was walk about to the guy and bam, he was hers. You were popular as well by default but kept out of the limelight as much as possible. Popularity wasn’t your thing either, in fact… did you even have a thing?

“Penis Parker!” You heard Flash begin to call out over the microphone. You sighed and placed your cup down on to the table. Not again. Without even thinking you turned around and made your way past two nerds who stood in front of you.

“Excuse me” You said politely as you made your way past them. You walked outside and over towards flash, a frown beginning to etch over your face. In all honesty you were sick of his tormenting. It was growing an old and in fact, quiet annoying. 

“Hey where’s your pal spidey?” He taunts into the microphone. You were now out the door and beginning to push your way through the crowd. 

“Up in Canada with your imaginary girlfriend?” He taunts again, each time he said something he would play a sounds that almost sounded like it was from a meme. You began to grow frustrated when people kept blocking your way, not moving even when you began to elbow them. 

“That’s not Spiderman, that’s just Ned in a red shirt” He says again, playing the tune for the last time before you made your way to the dj booth. You reached for his mic cord and pulled it out, sending him a glare in the process. He looks at you and throws his hands up in the air as the crowd began to boo. 

“We’re paying you to play fucking music Eugene not to run a comedy festival” You spoke harshly at him, shoving the mic and the cord into his body. 

“Your not even paying me…” You heard him mumble from behind you but you didn’t care. You just turned around and walked down the steps, back inside the house to go retrieve your drink. Soon enough Flash began playing music, the crowd forgetting what just happened moments prior and began to dance to the upbeat music. 

You could see your drink in sights, knowing you were going to have to empty it just in case it has been tampered with while you were gone. Great… you were really looking forward to that coke-cola too… 

Without realizing you crashed into another body. Stupid you wasn’t looking where they were going and head there eyes mainly towards the ground. You glanced up to see it was the two nerds who you brushed past before muttering a 'excuse me’ to them. You stumbled back slightly, glad no liquids where spilt on you in the process. 

“Shit! I-m-m-m so sorr-y-y-y” You could hear a voice stutter out from in front of you. You just began to laugh and shook it off, not thinking anything off it.

“It’s fine… Hey! At least no harmful yet disgusting liquids were spilt on me this time” You decided to joke, earning a chuckle from both of them. You finally glanced up to notice a very flustered brown haired kid next to a darker, chubbier kid. You furrow your eyebrows.

“Do I know you guys?” You asked, they did look awfully familiar….

“Probably not” The brown haired guy spoke up, scratching the back of his head. The other guy seemed to glare at him before speaking. 

“Your in our grade” You smiled. Of course.

“Oh! Sorry, I don’t really go out and socialize much, what’s your names?” You ask politely, seeing it was the least you could do seeing you didn’t even know who they were and you just walked right on into one of them. 

“My names Ned…” The one in the red shirt spoke up, trailing off for the other guy to finish. Just as the other guy opened his mouth you cut him off.

“Wait… Ned… as in Ned Leeds?” You asked with a smirk. Gosh if Liz only knew…

He seemed to stiffen up a bit, wondering how you knew his full name. Meanwhile Peter looked between you two confused and slightly jealous. His crush knew his best friends name and not his? 

“Yeah” He responded with a smile. You smile in return, turning towards the other guy. 

“Sorry for cutting you off… I had kind of a sense of deja vu” You responded meekly. He opened his mouth to speak again but was interrupted when your body collided into his again. Someone bumping into you from behind quite harshly. You reached out to grab the boys shoulders to steady yourself, your face heating up knowing you had just bumped into the poor guy.. again.

He snaked his hands around your waist so fast before you fell, catching you instantly. It surprised you at how fast his reflexes was but you were just grateful your face didn’t come into contact with the ground. 

“Thanks” You mumbled weakly, regaining your footing. He slowly began to remove his arms from your waist, the cool air breeze making it’s way towards you guys causing you to shiver slightly. 

“No problem” He spoke out, still seeming to gaze at your face. Feeling the pair of eyes on you, you lifted your head, your gaze meeting his. 

Wow, his eyes were really brown. Almost like chocolate… Or a puppy brown kind of.

Without even realizing you head lent forward, your eyes searching his in wonder. He also seemed to have a few specks of gold in them, very dull of course but up close you could see them. How could someone have specks of gold in their brown eyes? 

You could hear his breath hitch in front of you due to the proximity but you ignored it. His eyes were just so beautiful… well at leas’ that’s what you were telling yourself. You heart wanted to burst out of your chest at any second. Of course you knew the guy who was standing in front of you, you’ve only caught him staring at you like 90 times. You always found it adorable actually, creepy at first but them you felt admired. You felt… desired, wanted. But it was a different desire then from the way most guys looked at you, they seemed to look at you with just lust. He was different… there’s was always something else behind his gaze…

“Your eyes” You spoke up, still slightly dazed. Ned was just standing beside Peter, watching the whole scene unfold with his mouth dropped and his eyes widened. Never before have you noticed Peter… well ever talked to him before and now suddenly you guys were very close to each other. He couldn’t wait to tease Peter about this once they got home…

“M-m-y e-y-y-es?” He stuttered out again, almost feeling her hot breath fawn over his face. She was so close he almost wanted to cry. 

You blinked for a few seconds before pulling away. Okay, that was a little creepy…

“Sorry it’s just…. you have specks of gold in them” You stated, still staring into his eyes. 

“I do?” he questions. You just smile and lightly bit your lip. You really badly wanted to tease him but thought not to, he looked to innocent for that and gosh he was just… so damn cute, in an irresistible way. Why haven’t you bumped into him say… 9 months ago? 

You only arrived at Midtown high at the start of the year due to both your parents accepting jobs here in Queens, New York. You were originally from Georgia, Atlanta. 

“Names Peter right?” you asked. He still seemed to be frozen in his play due to shock but his friend Ned quickly snapped him out of it. 

“Yup.. Parker Peter I mean… Peter Man… No… Peter Parker-” He stumbled over his words causing a smile to adorn your face as he flushed red. 

“Well Parker Peter, Peter Man… nice meeting you” You said with a smile. He just smiled in return, not really knowing what else to do in the moment. 

“Ned” you spoke to Ned as a form of Goodbye.

“Y/N” he replies before you begin to walk away. You walk back over to the drinks table and decide to pour yourself another drink. 

Maybe just maybe… Queens wouldn’t be all bad. 


A/N: This was really random I’m sorry


Jeremy Heere was not brave.

It just wasn’t who he was. He tried his best but honestly he couldn’t handle a lot of things. One of those things would be a thunderstorm.

He was playing video games with Michael when the first rumble of thunder was heard, he looked over at Michael and Michael had seemed to have no reaction. Jeremy blinked a few times before he turned his attention back to the television screen where the level of their game continued to play out, except Jeremy was dead. While he was distracted his character killed.

“Dude, what’s wrong?” He heard Michael ask,


“I said ‘Jeremy look out’ like six times but you didn’t move your character or anything, and you let them beat you. Come on dude, this is a two player game, we have to work together,”

“Sorry I, Uh, I got distracted I heard something,” jeremy muttered and sighed he watched as Michael played the rest of the level on his own, easily beating it. He was soon able to get a 1-up bringing Jeremy back into the game. They were able to get through about half a level before another wave of thunder went through the house, shaking it sending a small shriek from Jeremy and his chest to begin to feel heavy, almost like someone was sitting on him.

“Dude, seriously are you okay?” Michael asked as he hit pause on the game,

“I’m fine,” Jeremy whispered, feeling breathless,

“Jeremy, You can tell me, I won’t make fun of you we’ve been friends for like twelve years, there’s nothing you can say to embarrass yourself more than you have before,” Michael offered a small smile, but Jeremy just shook his head in response.

Michael sighed before he stood up,“Do You Want a drink?”

“N-no..” jeremy whispered as he looked at the ground, Michael looked behind himself then back at Jeremy confused before he walked off to grab himself a Dr. Pepper.

While waiting for Michael to return Jeremy took a deep breath trying t think to himself. He couldn’t believe of all places he could be he was at Michael’s house while there was a thunderstorm brewing. He should’ve checked the weather, he didn’t want Michael to know the dumbest little fact about him. At 17 Jeremy Heere was still terrified of thunder storms. He stared at his hands but then there was another clap of thunder, he jumped with a small shriek, then there was another powerful clap of thunder that sent tears spilling out of Jeremy’s eyes.

“Jerm?” Michael asks as he made his way across the room to get a better look at Jeremy,“Are You crying?? What’s wrong, come in you can tell me,” Jeremy shook his head as he took a deep breath but there was another crack of thunder outside which sent another wave of tears streaming down Jeremy’s face.

“Is it the storm?” Michael asked, quieting his voice as he got closer to Jeremy, and jeremy Did a small nod in response, Michael set the drink down before he grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around Jeremy and sat by him,

“I’ll protect you,” Michael whispered to Jeremy and wrapped his arms around the boy,“The storm will have to go through me before it can get near you,”

“You’re a nerd,” Jeremy mumbled as he leaned his head against Michael’s shoulder.

“I’m your nerd,” Michael said with a small smile, happy to protect his boyf.

Enemies Pt 1 (Jungkook Smut)

Words: 3203- ish

Warning: Rough smut, teasing.

Reader x Jungkook

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Part 2 | Part 3

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Jeon Jungkook. That was the name that you groaned and clenched your teeth for. That was the person who had been bothering you in the last 3 years at school. He had been making jokes with you all the time, like calling you stupid names, teasing you, shooting you with paper balls, messing up your hair…
And teasing means: touching your butt and pretending it hasn’t been him and stuff like that. Ok, you knew that if you talked seriously with him he would stop, but you always melted into his touch, but not perceptively enough for him to do something more. But that also made him the one who you often thought about at night.
And yes you hated him, but if you didn’t, you would probably have a crush on him. No… You had a crush on him. He was so damn sexy. That really was an ambivalent feeling.
He, on the other hand, didn’t hate you. He just liked to be a jerk with you. A child.
You were in the same class, so it turned everything worst than it already was, and when the teacher gave the students a pair homework, of course the fucking teacher had to put you both together.
“But Mr. Thompson…” you begged to the teacher.
“Enough, Y/N! It’s time for you and Jungkook to resolve this problem of yours once and for all! Besides it’s a real short work, you just have to talk about a theme”, the teacher said
“This won’t resolve anything! I hate him, please let me do it by myself” you complained
“Ok. You do not have to do the homework with him” the teacher said
You sighed deeply. Yes.
“Ah, thank y-” you started saying but were cut off by him,
“But if you don’t, then you really don’t. I mean if you don’t do this with him, them you don’t need to do it at all, and say good bye to your grade. Now leave, go home. The class did finish many minutes ago” he said. You wanted to kick his ass, but just turned around and left the classroom.
When you left, you went to your locker to take your things and go home - since your class was over - only to find jungkook leaned against it. He smirked devilish when he saw you. The hall was already empty.
You decided to ignore him and just open your locker. He grabbed your waist and did spin you around to face him.
“So, princess, my house or yours?” he asked, tilting his head to the side.
“Don’t call me that, asshole” you said and he laughed “I don’t want you in my house. Let’s go to yours” you said, not daring to look into his eyes.
“Great. I like to play in places I know well” he said and you felt yourself blushing.
“You can leave now” you said, pushing him off and turning around to take your stuffs but he grabbed you, stopping you from moving. He leaned in, his warm breath touching your nose.
“You know…” he said as one of his hands squeezed your waist. “You look so damn hot wearing this uniform…This skirt” he said and his other hand grabbed the edge of your skirt, his fingers barely touching your thighs, sending shivers to your entire body. You managed to catch your breath back and found forces to push him away. Or try at least. You couldn’t melt into his touch.
“Get off! Don’t touch me, jerk. I don’t like you and if I could choose, i wouldn’t be doing this with you” you said quickly. His eyes widened and he pulled away. You turned around and closed the door of your locker, and when you did he pushed you against it and you gasped. He pressed his own body against your back and grabbed your waist again. He leaned in, his lips brushing on your earlobe as his hands traveled up and found your breasts. He squeezed there slowly, and you couldn’t help but moan a little.
You tried to move away but his grip didn’t let you.
“8:00 pm at my place. Today. Don’t be late, baby girl” he said.
“Fucking let me go I-im gonna scream” you said and he just laughed. One of his hand traveled down and touched your inner thigh, making you shut your eyes closed. ‘You don’t have to melt into it. You don’t’
“You really look hot on this skirt” he said and pulled away, exiting the building. You just watched as you fought with yourself inside.

It was 7:30pm. You had taken a shower and were now picking up your clothes. You choose a simple thing, just a shirt and skirt. You had to admit yourself that you had picked up the skirt to tease him. But you couldn’t say you were enjoying that. You still didn’t like him. For all those things he had done to you. Last time you had been at his place - in another homework but that time it was in group - he locked you outside the house for thirty minutes. You left your house and walked towards his. When you got there, you prepared your psychological and knocked the door. He opened and looked at you with a smirk.
“Hello, nerd. Come in. Don’t worry, i’m not going to lock you out this time” he said and your jaw clenched.
You got in and looked around, looking for his parents.
“Where are your parents?” you asked, not turning to look at him.
“They’re out. Business travel” he answered from behind you “The stuffs are in my bedroom. Let’s go” he said.
Once there, you both sat on the carpet. You crossed your legs since you were wearing a skirt and he noticed your movement.
“Skirt, huh? You knew this would tease me so you wore it purposely” he said and you blushed immediately.
“M-my world does not spin around you, Jungkook” you managed to say. You started doing the homework, talking and discussing about. It was going well.
But then he started.
You stopped for a while to write on your copybook when you suddenly felt his hand on your thigh. You looked up at him, confusion obviously reaching your eyes.
“Admit it, Y/N. You feel attracted by me. The more I bother you, more you like me” he whispered and you groaned. Was he really doing that? Bothering you again? Why couldn’t he just act like you were? You felt yourself getting angry and breathed heavily.
“Fuck, can’t you just leave me alone? Stop fucking teasing me. Let’s just do this shit of homework so I can leave” you almost yelled at him and his eyes widened, he was obviously surprised by you.
He laughed out loud at you and you couldn’t contain yourself anymore. He was so cynic. So stupid. So beautiful… argh!
Before you could stop yourself you slapped his cheek and he stopped laughing immediately. You got up and went downstairs, to the kitchen, and leaned against the counter to calm yourself down. What had you just done?
You were about to go back upstairs to apologize, you knew you had gone too far but when you were about to turn around and go you couldn’t, because there was jungkook, his weight pressed against your body from behind. His hands grabbed your thighs, his fingers purposely brushing against it as he leaned in towards your ear just as he did earlier on your locker.
“What the fuck” you groaned, trying to free yourself.
“How can I stop bothering you?” he whispered, “How can I stop teasing you when you are on this skirt?” he said as his hands grabbed the edges of your skirt and pulled it up, exposing your ass. You froze as the cold air did hit your skin, not knowing what to do or even say. “how Can i stop now, when all I’m thinking is how you dared to slap my cheek?” he said as one of his hands slapped your ass cheek, making you gasp. “And how can I stop now, when all i Want to do is fuck you till you be wrecked?” he groaned and brushed his lips on your earlobe, bitting at it slightly. You felt yourself getting wet by the second the words left his soft lips. Your heart stopped. He turned you around to face him, his eyes darkened with…lust?
Both of his hands were squeezing your ass now, his touch making you shiver. He attacked your neck, sucking in your sensitive skin.
“J-Jungkook” you started saying, trying to push him away but failing, “I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to…to hurt you” you said, your voice trembling. He left your neck and looked into your eyes.
“I know I know. But you know what?” He said and started leaning in, “That only made me want to fuck you harder” he said and closed the distance between your lips. At first you couldn’t kiss him back, you were in total shock. But as his hands started working on your body, your ass, your clothed boobs, you couldn’t contain yourself anymore.
You kissed him back, melting into the kiss as your brain screamed for you to stop and he smirked. Your hands made their way to his hair, pulling him even closer as he lifted you up so you were sat on the counter. He placed himself between your legs and his lips traveled down to your jawline, then your neck. He sucked so roughly you knew it would leave marks.
“I knew you wanted me” he whispered. You pulled at his hair roughly, earning a groan from him. You knew he was right. And there was no reason to contest him. His hands played with the edge of your shirt and soon he started lifting it up. He took it off, exposing your semi clothed breasts. He leaned in and sucked it, his hands searching your back and unclasping your bra. He pulled away and stared at your boobs, making you blush immediately.
“Stop looking at me like that” you complained and he laughed.
“Do you want me to suck them?” he asked teasingly. You nodded. Fuck you wanted his touch so bad.
“Then you’ll have to beg me” he said as he took off his shirt. Little bastard. That moment you stopped for a moment. First because you had a shirtless Kookie in front of you. His toned abs getting you wetter by the sec. That gorgeous V line…
All you wanted was to lick that shit. Second, Your mind was screaming at you, saying to not fall for him. Saying that it was not too late to get in real.
“Cat got your tongue?” He said when you didn’t answer.
“Please Jungkook, please suck them” you said, ignoring the last piece of dignity you had and he grabbed one of your breasts on his hand, massaging it as his tongue played with the nipple of the other. You arched your back against his touch, you could feel his smirk on your skin. You managed to unbuckle his belt as well. “You want my cock that bad? You can’t control yourself?” he teased and you just moaned. He kissed your lips again and wrapped your legs around his waist, lifting you up from the counter and walking back towards his bedroom. He let you fall onto the mattress and took off his pants. He let it fall, his boxers following soon. His erection freed, almost slapping his stomach. You licked your lips. He was naked.
God… A naked jungkook. Your clit was screaming at you to be touched. To be touched by his thick fingers…his hardened cock…
“Take off your skirt and sit on the edge of the bed” he said and you quickly did.
He pumped his dick a few times and walked towards you. You realized what he was about to do and looked up at him, hungrily.
“Now you’ll pay for what you did. My cheek is still burning” he said and grabbed your hair, his other hand guiding his dick towards your mouth.
“Suck” he groaned. You grabbed his dick and pumped it a few times, soon licking his tip that was dripping with pre-cum. You decided to tease him, to push him, licking only his tip as your hand ghostly touched him.
“Don’t fuck tease me” He said and thrusted inside your mouth, so you reached his base. You felt his tip hitting the back of your throat and you gagged a bit.
You tried to pull away but he didn’t let you. Your cheeks hollowed around him and you managed to control your air. His salty taste was so fucking good. You cupped his balls, massaging it slowly and softly. He tightened his grip on your hair, bobbing your head in and out, controlling your speed.
“Fuck” he groaned as you deep-throated him. You started feeling your juices falling down your legs. You were desperate to feel him inside you as soon as possible. He stopped you from moving, his hips moving roughly against you, cutting your air off. “Don’t fucking move, im gonna fuck this pretty mouth of yours” he groaned.
He walked forward, resisting his hand on the wall, eventually forcing you to walk backwards with his length still on your throat. His thrusts became faster and more violent, you were sure you were going to have your throat wrecked the next day.
“You take my cock so fucking well” he groaned.
He suddenly pulled you off him and grabbed your arms, lifting you up. He threw you onto the bed and crawled over you. He took off the test of your clothes so you were naked. He kissed you, exploring your mouth as his hands explored your body. He found your clit and you gasped at the touch. You had never thought that that homework would turn into that. Your enemy almost fucking you.
“You sucked me so well… I’m gonna give you a treat” he said and traveled down, kissing your neck, your breasts, your stomach and finally found your pussy. His tongue teased your clit while his fingers circled your entrance. You moved your hips, trying to meet his fingers but he didn’t let you.
“I’m wondering if I can make you cum on my fingers” he said and introduced one finger inside you easily. You gasped as he started pushing in and out. “How many can you take? Two?” he asked and pushed in one more finger, curling it inside you and occasionally hitting your gspot. Your pussy were soaking wet, the room was being filled with wet sounds, if you weren’t so excited you would have thought it was awkward.
“Can you take three?” he said and introduced one more finger, you started moaning louder and louder, but that wasn’t enough, all you needed was his dick.
“Please” you begged.
Fuck that was feeling so good. He was pushing you over the edge, when you were about to cum, he felt your walls clenching around his fingers and pulled away. You whimpered at the emptiness.
“Don’t worry, baby girl, I just wanna make sure to make you cum around my cock” he groaned and you moaned in response. He sat in the bed and leaned against the headboard, taping his lap.
“Straddle me” he said and you did. He grabbed your hips, lowering you slowly but you couldn’t help but low yourself faster and completely. He chuckled.
“Eager and impatient, huh?”
He let you adjust and started moving you up and down. You found his neck, sucking on his skin and managing to not leave marks. He slapped your ass cheek and pulled your hair, making you face him. He crashed his lips on yours as he thrusted into you, your skin slapping against each other. You rolled your hips, he let his head fall back in pleasure.
“You like that? You like being fucked that rough?” he groaned, his words pushing you closer and closer to your climax.
“Fuck yes” you said.
Then he wrapped his arms around you, moving to lay you down onto the bed while he was still buried deep inside you. He was now on top. You wrapped your legs around his hips as he started thrusting again. You liked to feel his weight against you.
“How does it feel, huh?” he groaned.
“It feels so fucking good” you moaned.
He was massaging your boobs with one hand as the other was playing with your clit to add some pleasure and you bit your lip to stop you from moaning.
“Don’t. Let me hear you” he groaned “I wanna make you scream my name”
He placed one of your legs over his shoulder, getting deeper and deeper. You were almost screaming, you had never felt so much pleasure.
“That’s it. Take my fucking cock” he groaned. His dirty talk was driving you even wetter.
He stopped moving again and pulled himself out of you, but only long enough to lay by your side, turning you so you both were now laying sideward. Your back pressed against his chest. He lifted up one of your legs and did hold it up. He thrusted into you from behind, his thrusts were so FUCKING rough.
“Fuck, Jungkook” you screamed. The sound of your skins slapping filled the room, mixing with your groans. You felt your climax getting close again, and a few thrusts later, your walls clenched around him, what made him cum soon after you.
He did lay beside you, both of your breaths calming down.
A few minutes later, the reality snapped you. You had had sex with Jungkook. Your half crush half enemy. What was he going to do about that? What were you going to do?
You stood up, grabbed your clothes and ran to the bathroom. You cleaned yourself and got out. He was completely dressed too.
“So, that’s how you treat enemies? you fuck with them?” he asked.
Was he talking serious? Or was he just making a really stupid joke?
“You kidding me?” you asked, your voice almost disgusted.
“Don’t think i’m gonna stop bothering you, nerd.” he said and you groaned. You wanted to slap him again but you controlled yourself.
“And don’t think I started liking you after that” you said “Or even that I’ll”
He stepped closer and grabbed your face between his hands.
“How can you start liking me when you already did?” he teased “Not gonna lie. I liked that. I enjoyed as much as I thought I would” You blinked. You liked that too.
Your head was spinning. Your feelings were mingled. You didn’t know how to face that in that moment. You just wanted to leave and go home to think about had just happened.
“Bye, Jungkook” you said and walked towards the door.
You were about to leave when he grabbed your arm. You turned around to face him.
“Are you leaving like that?” he said. That was the first time you had seen him talking seriously.
You just looked into his eyes and sighed before you go downstairs and leave.  

A/N: It’s gonna have a part 2 :D

keshuasd  asked:

6+15 Jin fluff pleeease! Love your blog. Thanks in advance <3 ^^

Know It All, My Best Friend (Jin x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.” + “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?”

Summary: After learning that Jin will be moving away for university, you accidentally confess to your best friend! Mortified, you try to avoid him. Luckily for you, Jin doesn’t give up easily.

Word count: 1.4k words

Originally posted by jjilljj

You waved cheerily at your best friend, Jin, who was leaning casually against your locker. He smiled at you goofily, quickly righting himself so that you could retrieve your belongings.

“Hey, Jin,” you greeted, spinning the combination of your lock. It clicked open, and you hurried to grab your binders and textbooks.

“How were your classes today?” Jin asked conversationally, sounding more fatherly than was appropriate for the slight age difference between you two. It was only one year.

“Well, I skipped the morning,” you replied with a shrug. You shut your locker and pulled your backpack over your shoulder. “To the library?”

“Y/N, you can’t be skipping classes!” Jin scolded, smacking you lightly on the shoulder. “Your grades are important.”

“Whatever,” you scoffed. “Besides, don’t you skip just as often as I do?”

“I’ve got chronic senioritis,” Jin explained as if that were a valid excuse. “And what’s your reason? You’re not graduating yet.”

“Do I really need one?” you laughed, rolling your eyes. “Let’s just get out of here. Unlike you, I need to study.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Jin replied with a cocky grin. “I did get all early acceptances.”

“Whatever, nerd,” you said.

You and Jin quickly made your way to the foyer of the school, exiting the building. Outside, it was growing cold. It was early December, but no snow had fallen yet.

Jin wasn’t the smartest student, but he was incredibly hardworking so his grades were among the highest. He had applied to all life science programs despite your attempts to get him to attend culinary school.

“Have you decided where you’re going to go yet?” you asked. Since Jin had been accepted to all the programs he had applied to, his choices weren’t limited.

“Yeah,” Jin replied, a little sheepishly. “I accepted my offer to K University. They offered me a great scholarship, too.”

“No way! Awesome!” you cheered, patting Jin’s arm. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Well, I didn’t know how you’d react,” Jin explained, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “But I’m glad you’re happy. Thought you might be upset since K University is pretty much across the country.”

“Oh,” you replied quietly.

Jin turned to you, a gentle smile on his lips. “You forgot, didn’t you?” he laughed. He ruffled your hair. “Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit. There’s no need to be sad about that.”

“I guess,” you said, eyes downcast.

Of course you were going to be upset about your best friend moving away. But Jin was more than that–you had liked him since you met in middle school. Obviously, Jin had no idea, but he always treated you kindly, so you figured staying his friend would be fine.

But now that he was going to move away, you wondered if hiding your feelings was worth it in the first place. Now, it just hurt. Mortifyingly, your eyes began to water.

“Y/N, are you crying?” Jin asked suddenly, grabbing your cheeks in between his palms and forcibly lifting your head up.

“No,” you snivelled, tears running down your face. “Shut up!”

“So cute!” Jin squealed, pulling you into his arms in a tight embrace. Other students stared as they walked by, but Jin paid them no mind. “You’re so cute, Y/N!”

“Leave me alone!” you whined, your tears still refusing to stop. “I’m not crying!”

“I can hear you sniffling,” Jin laughed. Still, he stroked your hair soothingly. Jin continued in a more serious voice, “But seriously, Y/N, I promise I’ll come and visit. We can still talk every day.”

“It won’t be the same,” you mumbled. Eventually, you pulled yourself away from Jin’s arms, wiping away your tears with the back of your hand. “It’s my fault, I guess. I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.”

Your heart stopped. Both you and Jin froze, your eyes meeting and widening. Jin was the first to regain his composure. 

“Uh, what?” he asked eloquently.

“Ha ha, sike!” you exclaimed weakly. You shot finger guns at Jin, trying to ignore the fiery blush that was spreading across your cheeks. “Got you bad, ha ha!”

“Wait, Y/N,” Jin interrupted, annoyed. “Stop that.”

“Well I’m just going to go home now,” you continued awkwardly, already beginning to back away. “I’ll catch you later, crocodile.”

“It’s alligator,” Jin corrected. “But that’s besides the point! Y/N, we need to talk about this.”

“About what?” you asked. Then you spun on your heel and sprinted away. “Bye, Jin!”

You heard him calling after you, but you kept running. Your shame fuelled you, and once you got home, you felt like crying all over again. This time, no one was there to comfort you. 

After sobbing into your pillow for around an hour, you sat up feeling calmer. Grabbing your phone, you turned on the screen to see dozens of missed calls and messages from Jin. You blushed again and quickly powered your phone off.

Deciding the best way to solve this problem was to pretend it never existed in the first place, you flopped onto your bed and let your eyes slip shut. Eventually, your mind cleared, and you were able to drift off into sleep.

After what only felt like a few minutes, you were woken by a banging sound. Shooting upright, you felt your heart pounding in your chest. The sun had already fallen, and your room was dim. The banging sound continued. Was someone trying to break in?

“Fuck!” someone swore from outside. You recognized the voice immediately–how could you not? Jin.

You deflated, sighing resignedly. There was no avoiding problems when it came to Jin. He never liked leaving conflict unsolved. You just hoped you would be able to salvage your pride–and your friendship–after this conversation.

Eventually, Jin’s body appeared through the window parallel to your bed. With shaky arms, he slid the window pane open and tumbled into your bedroom.

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” you asked, feigning innocence.

“What do you think?” Jin snapped, brushing dirt off of his clothes. He turned to you, his gaze narrowing. “You ran away from me, ignored my calls and my texts, and didn’t answer the door. What else could I do but climb through your window?”

“I don’t know, wait until I was ready to talk about it?” you replied, just as sharply.

“Why would I do that?” Jin asked. “You finally confessed to me.”

“I didn’t con–wait, what do you mean, finally?” you spluttered.

“It was obvious, Y/N. Of course I noticed, I’m not an idiot,” Jin replied, crossing his arms. You blushed and looked away, biting your lip. You weren’t ready for Jin to move away, and you certainly weren’t ready to for him to reject you. “The only idiot here is you. I can’t believe you couldn’t tell. Obviously, I like you too.”

“What?” you demanded, spinning to look at Jin. Unable to formulate any coherent sentences, you just spluttered at your best friend who was looking at you judgementally. “What!?”

“So dumb,” Jin sighed, shaking his head. “I’ve liked you for so many years. But I knew you weren’t ready to accept your own feelings, so I waited it out. Too bad it took you so damn long.”

“Rewind! Rewind!” you yelled. “You like me? You like me?“

“Yes, I like you!” Jin laughed, walking closer to you. He stopped once he was standing directly in front of you, forcing him to look up at him. “How could I not? You’re kind, pretty, funny, and honest–usually.”

“Seriously, you mean it?” you asked. “This isn’t some elaborate prank? A big ‘fuck you’ before you leave forever?”

“What? No,” Jin said, a little offended. “I really do like you, Y/N. I’m going to be moving away, but that won’t change my feelings for you. I’ve liked you for years, even during your emo phase.”

“Aw, don’t bring that up now,” you whined. You peered up at Jin, your gaze unwavering. “You’re really not just saying that because you feel bad for me?”

Jin rolled his eyes dramatically. Then, he leaned down and cupped your face, holding it in place. He closed the distance between the two of you, his lips brushing softly over yours.

“I’m not making anything up,” Jin whispered, his breath ghosting over your lips. “Do you believe me now?”

“Fine,” you replied breathlessly. “But no take backs!”

You flung your arms around Jin’s neck, smashing your mouths together. Jin laughed agains your lips before returning the kiss wholeheartedly. You seriously regretted not confessing your feelings earlier.

But better late than never, you guessed.

- Girl in Luv

BBMAs guys!!! BTS is out there making history. I’m so proud!!! Also…they slayed! They all looked so good. The foreheads were showing! Everything was great! Wish they performed, but it was nice to see them at the show. I wonder if they’re turning up now ;) Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed!!! 💛

Faith | 3

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

Chapters: [1] [2]

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Word Count: 5,785

Genre & Warnings: Angst, Smut, maybe a dash of fluff. Sex in public, because this is me we are talking about and that’s becoming a recurrent theme. Unprotected sex. Cheating. Weed references. NC-17 & TW Rated. 

Notes: I have hated every Keisha I’ve ever met, except Keisha Cole. So, sorry to any Keisha’s that read this and get offended. Love you boo. 

Tonight was going to be off the hook. 

You were looking good in an oversized camo hoodie, combat boots, and a cute jean skirt with fishnets underneath. Casual, comfy and cute. 

For the first time in…God…forever, you were going to go out, hang out with your friends, and get fucking wasted. Faith had fully been weaned for a couple months now, so it was safe to finally indulge in the sweet oblivion that being wasted off your ass for the first time is almost two years will bring. 

Watching Faith and her sitter play while you put on the last bit of your makeup, you can’t help but smile. Even though you felt guilty as hell, since this was the first time you’d ever left her behind for any reason other than work, she seemed perfectly content. She usually was. Faith was one of the least fussy babies you’d ever seen in your life, and you thanked your lucky stars every day that she was yours.

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Sorcerer (Dustin Henderson x Reader)

Originally posted by gaelgarcia

Request: Can I get prompt 30 with Dustin? Thank you xx.

30.i think i forgot how to breath

Authors note: I hope you guys enjoy this!!! Also I’m 7 away from 200 followers, thats insane!!! Thank you all so much!!!

You were new to Hawkins, moving here away from everything that you knew. No one likes being the new kid, but you were fortunate enough to have met a redheaded girl skateboarding to school. She said something like My dickhead of a brother left without me. She was sarcastic and sweet, you immediately liked her. As the two of you make it to school, you learn that she is also new and that she wanted you to meet her friends.

The school was confusing and Mr. Clarke seemed to be the only cool teacher, answering the weirdest questions from some students sitting in the front of class. You look back at Max, seeing her talking to one of the guys in the front of class. You raise an eyebrow at her.

“That’s Lucas, He’s cool.” She says, her face turning a bright shade of red.

You giggle and nod, turning back around in your seat, paying attention to the teachers ramblings. You look back over to Lucas, seeing him talking to a boy with curly hair.

The bell rings and everyone files out of the room, you walking out with Max.

“Hey Y/N, meet me at my locker!” Max shouts as she turns to go to her locker.

You quickly grab everything you need and shove it into your bag, closing your locker. You turn to go to Max, standing on your tiptoes trying to peer over the students heads. You spot your new friend talking with Lucas and some other boys.

Making your way over to them, you try and dodge the other people in the hallway, saying sorry to a few who you bumped into.

“Holy shit, I think i forgot how to breath.” you hear the curly headed boy say. The taller boy next to him nudges him with his arm and whispers a quiet shut up.

Your eyebrows furrowed, wondering if he was okay. You see Max and Lucas rolling their eyes, so you assume he’s fine.

“This is Lucas, Dustin, Mike and Will, guys this is Y/N L/N.” Max’s hand gesture from them to you. You give them a small smile and a quiet hello, as they smile at you. Dustin’s eyes never leaving your face.

“You’re new here right?” Will asks you as all of you walk towards the school’s exit.

“Yeah, just moved here this week.” your hands going to grab at your backpack straps.

You make your way outside, the group of you huddling in a circle. You’re standing next to Will and Max, Dustin across from you. Your eyes meet his, and you give him a smile, listening to what Mike was saying about school today. Dustin breaks eye contact for a second, looking back up at you a blush forming over his cheeks, he gives you a big smile.

All of you begin to walk to Mike’s house, apparently they’re going to teach you how to play some nerd game, Max whispered in your ear before she ran to walk next to Lucas, holding his hand.

You walk next to Dustin, it’s quiet between the two of you.

“So, who can Y/N be in the party? Because zoomer is already taken.” Max asks the group.

“What, she’s not in the party yet, she literally just got here.” Mike replies, his arms raising and his eyebrows furrow.

“She should be in the party, dude. She could be our sorcerer or our druid! Imagine how much better the party would be with her in it!” Dustin says as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“It would be cool to have a sorcerer in the party Mike.” Will speaks quietly, looking at Mike.

“We’ll see, we’ll see. It’s not… It’s not anything against you, Y/N, it’s just we’ve got a pretty good party right now and-”

“Its cool Mike, I got it.” you laugh “But please tell me what’s so cool about a sorcerer?”

“Oh god you shouldn’t have asked…” you heard Lucas mumbled under his breath.

You turn to look at Dustin who has the biggest smile on his face.

“Well, m’lady, since you asked…”

This was going to be a fun walk home, you though to yourself. A smile making its way onto your face.