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McHanzo Week Day 1: First kiss 

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me at this point in the semester

  • Will: You can't keep shadow travelling. You'll hurt yourself or worse...Nico, are you listening?
  • Nico: ...yesss?
  • Will: What did I say then?
  • Nico: You asked if I was listening.
George Washington X Reader: Captured

Word Count: 1096

Pronouns Used: She/Her

Summary: You (the reader) are captured by British soldiers and interrogated on the location of your husband, George Washington’s, troops. 

You twirl the wedding ring on your finger as you stare off into the distance out of the window of your home. Smiling softly at the memory of your wedding, you pray and hope that your husband is still alive. In the middle of a revolution, you never knew what was coming around the corner. This was especially because your husband was the general of all the troops opposing the British forces.

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You always wanted to know who your father was. When your mother had still been alive she had never told you, no matter how much you begged her. After she died you had seeked out the help of your friends and Izzy actually found somebody who could tell you something about him.

“My father is a Seelie?”, you gave back to Meliorn, not ready to believe it. You had always thought that he maybe had been a mundane, but never that he could actually be a downworlder.

Meliorn only smiled lightly, not saying anything more. Giving you the time to progress that you were part of his race too. 

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You watched your classmates walk the stage, accepting their diplomas. You had worked hard to be here, but you would have given it all up if it meant your family could still be alive. A year without your parents helping you study and your siblings dragging you away from your books felt empty. You would have dropped out, but you knew they would have been disappointed in you for doing so. So, you buried yourself in between the pages of books to shield yourself from the reality that you were all alone.

Your row stood and marched up to the stage in a single file line. You watched families applaud and cheer the success of their own as your line quickly dwindled. A silence settled over the room as your name was called. Everyone in your small town knew about what happened and the weight of their watching eyes made you feel as if you couldn’t breathe.

You shuffled up to accept your diploma, offering a hand wet with tears. As you were offered your diploma, you heard distant clapping. And your name being called.

A part of you thought it was your family. Knowing that was impossible, that you would never see them again, you couldn’t help but search the crowd anyways. You couldn’t help but hope.

Two men were standing in the back row, clapping and yelling your name.
Tears clouded your vision. Two brothers, two saviors, and now the two people that felt the most like home. 

Sam and Dean Winchester came to your graduation.