youre still a faggot

Azealia Banks literally compared the LGBT community to the KKK. The KKK. And she even called the LGBT community weak. I may like her music, but I am DONE with her bullshit. A majority of the lgbt community is Black or of color and have the audacity to compare not only me, but every other member of color to people would lynch people who look like me? Fuck You. All these other queer rappers and singers like, Janelle Monáe, Sam Smith, Olly Alexander, Niel Milan, Halsey, Shamir, Angel Haze, etc. Who actually care about lgbt, feminism, AND race are ignored by tumblr, yet I still see your one hit wonder ass on my dashboard. Faggot used as a “feminist term” ? You “Kinda agree with donald trump”? And somehow you don’t think that’s the reason why you flopped? You should study your own contracts more than the twitter guidelines. May god forgive you, I sure the fuck won’t.