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ciuucalata’s klance fic rec list

part 1

Right To The Core by BleuSarcelle

(The one that it’s based on a short cute angsty video from tumblr and I couldn’t help myself to make my space gay suffer.)

listen here. this fic! this fic!!! it destroyed me but i love it so damn much. the angst is amazing and… god i am crying just thinking about it now. please read it and i promise you won’t regret it.

Dancing With Bluenette by BleuSarcelle

(The one where Keith wants to propose to his boyfriend and almost has a heart attack.) (Then the other one where Lance proposes back and Keith cries.) (The following one where they both cry because wedding make you cry.) (And that last one where they adopt.)

if you’ve read that angsty af fic and you need something to heal your heart and soul please read this because it’s so damn fluffy and domestic it’ll make you tear up. and when you finish this please read the whole series bc it’s so fluufy and good!!!!

Kiss by coralreefskim

“Keith,” Lance slurred, so it sounded more like he was saying Keef instead.

“What,” Keith said flatly, not really asking, as he jogged over to Red, eyes glowing yellow into life.

“You have stars in your eyes.”

Keith choked. “What?”

“Why do you have stars in your eyes?” Lance murmured.

ft low key mutual pining and bad pick up lines

i loove the way the author wrote keith and all the other characters. it felt so in character to me and the dialogue is soo good!! the fic is really cute and it made me smile so much

Please Don’t Go by Lxie

“Please don’t go.”

“Sorry, Lance." 

okay i know this is angst too but i promise you it’s really good. i loved the writing so much! like the biginning hit me hard and i fell in love with it instantly. and there’s also a second part!!! and lxie promised me a happy ending so there’s also that

Hello Meithman by archaicsextoy

Red escapes from Keith’s apartment only for his super unfairly attractive neighbor to bring her back. 

this was so cute!!! keith worrying about his cat was adorable and there were parts that made me laugh out loud tbh. this fic made me smile so much and i just love it!!

high tide, incoming by kojondo

It starts like this:

They’re sitting across from each other at a table in the local burger joint, tossing casual banter and the occasional insult back and forth. It’s familiar and comfortable, reminiscent of every other conversation they’ve ever had, until out of nowhere Lance leans forward and says with a mouth full of fries, “Let’s date.”

okaty okay okay the beginning of this fic is really really good. and pining keith is always a good thing. and the ending was just so damn soft. and the comparisons to the ocean were so well done. I LOVE COMPARISONS

Butterfly Kisses? by waffle_walks

"Butterfly kisses?" 

this is so damn soft and fluffy. *soflty* what the heckie? it had me squeeling so much and smiling so hard. please please read it. i promise you you’ll be smiling so hard your cheeks will hurt

You’ve Been Added To Space Nerds by bespectacledoikawa

Space Daddy™: Children,
Space Daddy™: please.

( or that one fic where voltron meme squad is formed by various college kids all over japan and keith is slowly falling head over heels in love with the kid with freckles on his face and stars in his eyes )

listen here. this fic is everything, it’s one of the firsts group chat fics that i ever read and i absolutely fell in love with it. i loved the ending and the pining was soo good. but mostly the interactions between everyone were the best. and coran is also present here which is always a bonus

Barbie Girl by shipstiel

Soulmate AU—Everyone hears the occasional stray thought from their soulmate—more of a glimpse into their mind than anything else. Unfortunately for him, Keith seems to have gotten the strangest, most irritating soulmate ever and seriously who the hell sings Barbie Girl at three in the morning, what are you twelve? Get some fucking sleep. 

soulmates aus are always the best thing ever no mater what. and this one is too. it was so funny and i loved it so much!! the ending was the best. and there’s also a second part from lance’s pov so make sure to read that too

Must Have Done Something Right by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee

“So that was…”
“If you say painless I’m shoving you into another snowdrift.”
“Okay, that’s fair.  But you got a lollipop!”  
“That you stole from pediatrics.”  
“I’m a very good date.”

Lance accidentally crashes into his new neighbor in front of their mailboxes and somehow ends the night with a very attractive (and slightly concussed) date.

this is the first part of True Love or Something and i just started reading it but i am in love with it. cneiurnhcr wish i could talk more about this but i am only at the seventh part but i promise you this is an amazing series and you should read it

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Just wow! I’m so flatteeeeered! This is amazing. I couldn’t have imagined how many people would enjoy my little storys about King Arthur and his lovely magical manservant. Thank you, with all my heart, for following and supporting me ♥ I really wanted to do giveaways but instead I would like to open my inbox for your Merthur ideas. Drop me an ask and tell me your story about them. I wonder what the boys are up to next time :)

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Hey could you give me some fanfics recs? I'm new here to the fandom, luv ur blog btw :)

Hey beautiful!

Sorry this took me all day to answer but I promised I’d answer it so here ya go! Here are people in general that I would recommend because their writings are amazing! I have attached their tumblr name cause you should defiantly follow them and I also put their AO3 accounts as well cause you really need to read all their works! Everything is amazing! Also at the end I attached some series of fics I am reading that you might be interested in.. Hope this helps you my love and welcome to the fandom! It is so great to have you here and please don’t be shy because I would really like to talk to you more!! Please go to the AO3 website and search “robron” because there are so many more beautiful works :)
















@reformedcharacter They post works on their blog but idk if they have AO3









M_au pair  

His Savior  

By your side ( @snarfettelove fic is amazinggg! first fic and its great!)

Never was yours  

Between lines you fail to see  

Take my sins  

Dales United  

Big Spender  

The other side  

~Disclaimer: Just because you were not tagged in this does not mean I think you are a bad writer! There are sooo many people in this fandom who are beautiful writers but I have only been reading fanfic for a few months now and these are the people I found and loved! If you know of any more people then I more than encourage you to tag them and let me and everyone else know about them! I love you all so much and thank you for everything you do!!~


ending scene vs bonus  

Even in a world of heroes Los Santos is too corrupt for any true good to prosper. The Supers who come to fight the good fight soon fall, retreating from an unwinnable battle, being brutally murdered and made public warning or, worse, plunging fast and hard into the ever growing ranks of villainy that rule the city. And really, is there anything more dangerous than a villain with a cause? A baddie with all the self-entitled righteousness of a former hero, the taste for glory, for public deference, for power.

It’s not like there are rules, no handbook for the Powered to follow, checkboxes for being good vs being evil, no set destiny determining that one must be one or the other but things always seem to play out in the same way. Humans aren’t half as complex as they’d like to believe, all follow the same broad paths sooner or later; the ones who hide themselves away, the ones who take what they want, and the ones who think to stand up and protect their idea of justice.

When the Powered came into the public eye there was fear, jealously, there were calls to register, to lock up the powerful, demands to go to any extreme to ensure the protection of the Non-powered. Not all Powers are equal, for every terrifyingly notable gift there are dozens of negligible abilities, little more than party tricks or cosmetic changes, but most Non-powered didn’t care to see the difference. The lack of rhyme or reason scared them, the fact that unknown powers may have manifested in anyone from a childhood friend to a nephew, a nun to a super-max criminal, newfound supremacy with no regard for class or wealth. Many of the Powered were talented beyond belief, some stronger than anyone could deem reasonable, but the Non-powered would always have numbers and the ever reliable quality of hating anyone who was different.

Overall it was handled poorly, even in areas not screaming for imprisonment or execution, places where Powers were seen as gifts, amazing and awe-inspiring, society simply lacked adequate infrastructure to support so many new abilities. Prison cells were no longer adequately applicable to all people, some were now immune to necessary medicines, the limits of human weight and strength had gone out the window and airspace no longer belonged solely to machines. Worse though was the fact that there was nothing in place to protect the Powered from the hateful masses, nothing to help identify and channel the newly Powered into appropriate support and education programs, nothing to mitigate the growing tensions and unease. And, yes, nothing at all which could combat the inevitable pushback, fight off the onslaught of Powered coming for law-enforcement and society alike, not just actual criminals but also mismanaged children and the inescapable furious retribution from regular Powered when it all goes wrong.

It was a dark time, Powered persecuted without cause or mercy and Non-Powered constantly looking over their shoulders lest they be the target of rebel vengeance, a world-wide uproar which eventually gave rise to the Supers. Because there were of course Powered who believed in justice, who wanted to help, who stood up to stand up against their own kind when things got dire and led the charge to bring peace and understanding between Powered and Non.

So things eventually settle, an uneasy truce, but there will always be those who use their Powers for their own benefits, society be damned, just as there will always be the do-gooders using their Powers to police how others behave. It of course takes the general public no time at all to start referring to them as Heroes and Villains, the comparison too close to ignore despite the general lack of spandex, but there was never going to be such a clean division.

Clearly those who think it’s simply black or white have never had to define the Powered who were scouted for shady corporations or government wet work, never had to draw the line between political or military ‘heroes’ and vigilante ‘villains’. Clearly those people had never been to Los Santos, where the heroes could be just as bad, could be far, far worse, than the villains had any hope of being.

It’s all well and good for the villains in Los Santos, at least a while - better to have the heroes get on board than have them chasing you down and ruining your every plan -  but it’s getting a bit crowded to be honest. It’s hard to stretch your wings as a bad guy when there’s no one left to push back against, when on every job you trip over half a dozen bozos running their own gigs. When the levels of depravity some of these assholes stoop to start giving all the regular villains a bad name.

So, something has to be done, and if the good guys can’t hack it, the bad guys are going to have to. Or at least that’s how Ramsey sells it when he’s dragging a pack of semi-reluctant crooks together, cherry picking powers and personalities to build what will be an undeniably formidable crew so long as he can get them all onside. Considering Geoff’s gift of telepathy and thought implantation, limited though it may be, getting everyone to sign up and play nice with one another isn’t quite as difficult as one would expect.

Some of his choices are crooks he’s already worked with, Powers tried and tested, those who Geoff trusts more than anyone else on earth. Most notably of these are his ever faithful right hand, Jack, who manipulates wind and weather, and the ineffable Lindsay with her flaming wings. Then there’s Matt Bragg’s technological genius, Trevor’s ability to defy notice and walk unseen, Steffie’s unearthly level of multi-tasking and information analysis, and the host of loyal Powered friends they bring to the table.

Even the ringers who Geoff’s not actually trialled have been vigorously investigated, carefully selected from the hundreds of possible Powered criminals in Los Santos. He’d built up some rapport with the foreigner, Free, who’s been running with two other Powered, a little crew he won’t leave behind, not that Geoff actually wants him to. He was after Gavin’s power, inherent luck and the manipulation of probabilities an indispensable quality in his endeavour, but he’d be a fool not to snatch up Gavin’s friends while he’s at it. Jones with his control of heat, of fire and ice, and Dooley’s ability to change his own density at will makes the pair near indomitable in a fight, an unquestionably powerful duo to have in your corner. And last, but by no means least, was the terrible Vagabond, the corrupted healer who takes people apart from the inside out, a living nightmare even in Los Santos. Ryan was by far the hardest to win over to the cause, but once he’s in Geoff knows they’re golden.

It’s quite a line-up but even with that security there is no scattergun approach, Geoff’s done his homework, has villains and ex-heroes categorised by the danger their powers pose and the difficulty in taking them down. The first few jobs are so quick and ruthless the targets have no time to see them coming, to prepare proper defences, no chance to combat the array of abilities they’re faced with. From there word gets out, but while they lose the element of surprise they’re still in the unique position of being united; it’s so rare for those who are Powered to truly combine forces, rarer still in a group of more than two or three, and without any backstabbing or infighting Ramsey’s collection have found themselves to be near unstoppable.

Between them they have the best plans, horrifyingly efficient fighters, have infiltration, manipulation and extermination completely covered. Hell they even have a preternaturally skilful wheelman to get them all the hell out of dodge when things take a turn. Perhaps best of all, though, is the fact that to some degree they have the support of the city; law enforcement, struggling Supers and civilians alike, who’ve noticed this new group shaking up the powers that be in the underbelly of the city. Who might not all be actively helping but certainly aren’t hindering, stepping back and giving Geoff and his people free reign to finally fix up the wicked city.

So for a moment they are beacons, a spot of light pushing back the darkness in Los Santos, persevering where others have been crushed, relentless in their quest to take out the worst elements of the city. It is, of course, difficult to be swayed from the right path when you were never on it in the first place, can’t fall from grace when you never had any to start with. Ramsey’s gang seem invulnerable to the filth and corruption of Los Santos simply because the darkness was in them all along, their goals have never been anything close to altruistic.

Some still believe, see only what they have intentionally been shown, think Ramsey’s crew vigilantes, perhaps too harsh, too violent, but only out of necessity, the strong hand of justice the depraved city of sin has been crying out for. They think the attacks will cease once the city has been cleansed, cheer on their counterfeit champions right up until the moment they finally realise that they’ve been played, that Ramsey and his gang of reprobates will never be the good guys.

Because no matter what the idealists would like to believe, no matter what other crooks might sneer and spit, no one who’s paying attention could truly think Ramsey’s crew had gone light side, not by a long shot. They take down other villains, yes, but not in ways the so called good would approve of, not peacefully, not humanely, not even remotely quick, clean or painless. They take down other villains, sure, but for their own benefit, for their own power and greed, their own amusement. They take down other villains but they don’t spare the cops. They take down other villain’s but they aren’t saving civilians, aren’t restoring peace, they don’t return stolen goods or misappropriated funds, don’t seek to inspire children or bring safety back to the streets.

When all the Powered formidable enough to have half a chance of beating them have been overthrown, Ramsey and his crew are right there to see their plan through. They’ve not been cleaning up Los Santos so much as they’ve been claiming it, taking full control over the city that has been thought for so long to be utterly untameable, all the while ensuring there will be no one left to challenge them. An empire built on fallen bodies, tacitly approved by the masses, a violent take over sold under the guise of justice. And in that they have found a whole new way to be devious, a fresh take on villainy, giving hope to those who’d thought themselves hopeless only to dash it all away again. Those false heroes, those reprehensible Fakes.

Main Crew Powers | Support Crew Powers

a message to feminists

i will never rejoin a movement after being told i deserve to be raped, abused, killed and harassed for leaving or being against it.

nngh it STILL kinda bothers me… how in the anime they showed kid tsubomi actually being impressed with mob’s powers and then growing “bored” of them… but in the manga she actually had no interest in them in the first place, and the lines from when she was impressed in the anime were taken from an omake that was mob’s dream……

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Hi, thank you for the bottom yoongi yoonkook rec list! What are your top 5 yoonkook moments? (or if you can, top 5 yoonkook moments where jungkook is a total top)

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for liking my fic rec ;~; It means a lot to me!! I’ll try and answer both of your questions! 

My top 5 YoonKook/SugaKookie moments:

1. My number one moment will always have to be when our boys were on the Bon Voyage Vlive. (The one they did just together. Even though the hug when they got roomed together will always be iconic as well!) It was just nothing but pure YoonKook/SugaKookie content for a whole 7 minutes *-* Never forget.

2. I’m going to say number two has to be the more recent YoonKook/SugaKookie tango on BTS GAYO. They were just so cute and squished together and honestly they meshed so well together even with Kook blindfolded. Like you know they did that more than once! You know! (maybe not with the blind fold, but you know what I mean.)

3. I have to include Yoongi being the most adorable thing and asking Jungkook to give him an airplane ride. It was just so precious and… My heart. 

4. Those fancams that captured Jungkook playing with Yoongi’s hands while they were supposed to be watching performances. I honestly think they don’t place them next to each other during events like that because those two get lost in their own thing. (*Gestures wildly to YoonKook/SugaKookie eating cookies together at the BBMAs or when they thought they wernt being recorded and were playing around in the background*) I’m on to you Namjoon.

5. Of course, no list would be complete without BTS confirming that Jungkook uses Yoongi as weights when he works out, and Yoongi being all to eager to show everyone just how strong and perfect Jungkook is. I have a lot of feels.

Now for the Top!Jungkook moments. Jungkook is pretty laid back, but when he is jealous he suddenly goes full Dom and has to make sure everyone knows just who Yoongi belongs to, including Yoongi. (I’ll put links for some of these if you need a visual. The link will be bolded.)

1. The first moment that came to mind was when Hoseok and Yoongi were playing around calling each other handsome and grabbing each other’s shirt. Jungkook walked up already looking fuckin exasperated with what they were doing. Jimin jumped in to play around with Hoseok which made Yoongi step back next to Jungkook, AND THE LOOK JUNGKOOK GAVE HIM. Holy shit. If that wasn’t a “Later I’m going to have you screaming who you belong to.” face then I don’t know what the fuck. Yoongi looked like he knew what was coming too. The eye contact and everythinggg. (LINK)

2. Another moment was when they were watching their performance on one of those shows (I honestly can’t remember what program it was? Like Mcountdown or something.) And YoonKook/SugaKookie were sitting next to each other on the couch. Hoseok was standing behind the couch not even near Yoongi. (On the couch it went left to right: Jungkook, Yoongi, Jin, Jimin, Namjoon, Tae. Hoseok was standing inbetween Jimin and Namjoon.) So Yoongi turned around and said something to Hoseok, and Jungkook literally turns, looks at Hoseok, gives Yoongi this look, then gets up and walks behind the couch to stand in between Yoongi’s path of Hoseok. (So he was standing in between Jin and Jimin.) It’s like. Okay calm down Jungkook we all know Yoongi is yours. (LINK)

3. This one is more in the aura than anything. Jungkook was just radiating it, mainly because he was lowkey pissed, but also because Yoongi was purposely trying to make Jungkook that way. (Yoongi probably wanted it rough later on. Just saying.) So It was during the BTS Run vlive when they went bowling (Ya’ll know the one!). Jungkook was already giving off that vibe since he was pretty much in his element. Even the others were telling him to tone it down (”Don’t roll up your sleeve it’s scary!” to which he just told them to roll up theres. Boy don’t take you telling him what to do.) And anytime he messed up Yoongi would say something about it which was having visible changes on Jungkook’s face. But even in the end he picked Yoongi as the cutest bowler. You know he was gonna get that ass later.

4. Now… I know i mentioned the YoonKook/SugaKookie Bon Voyage vlive earlier, but just the way Jungkook was wrapped around Yoongi and looking at the camera, was like he was just telling us Yoongi was his and only his, and we are super fuckin shit out of luck even thinking we could so much as breathe the same air as Yoongi. It was such a good vlive, my god.

5. I keep wanting to put another jealous Jungkook moment (I could go on for days about Jealous!Jungkook, but I’m going to go with something else for my final moment. For my last one I’m going to say we all know Jungkook is an ass man thanks to that show Yaman. And this moment is not just one but many (I might be cheating for this one, but I can’t not talk about it). Jungkook’s hands and eyes always go toward Yoongi’s ass. And Yoongi has this thing about sticking out his ass, that just gives Jungkook the opportunity to smack that ass or get a nice full view of it. (Another thing I can talk about forever). (LINK)

also you guys KNOW i love iconic by house of lashes like they’re the only lashes i like but recently i tried eye need you by violet voss and they’re so cute and i’ve been getting a ton of compliments and they’re only 10 pounds (my British pound sign key is broken it only shows hashtags for some reason?) so you know heads up

  • <p> <b>Allen:</b> [kisses Lucien's cheek]<p/><b>Lucien:</b> What was that?<p/><b>Allen:</b> Affection<p/><b>Lucien:</b> Disgusting<p/><b>Lucien:</b> <p/><b>Lucien:</b> Do it again<p/></p>