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I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely adore your fanfic, it's honestly one of the best ones I've ever read. Also I think your blog is super amazing :)

ahhhhhhhhhhh thank you so much!!!!! that’s so sweet oh my gosh ;-;; i’ve seen you reblogging some art that’s been made for it and i appreciate it greatly! you’re so wonderful thank you so much ;-; 

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WHAAAAA?????????? Well now you know!! It’s meee, Attilee (and friends Taylor and Tierra here too)!

fids like “*i love you i love you so much stan youre so kind and sweet cven though ypu get intovfights such a goid heart. and your cocj icock is akazing ugh your mysvl myusckes im sooo happy stan”

stan just sitting there wrapping fods up in his arms and like tears runninh down his face just repeating L@“babe. babeE BABY OH GOD babeeeeee” and nuzzking fids heads

the authors is ib my head a lpud drunk so hes in the back shust like L"NBOOOOO GET A ROOOOM"

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Carol! I'm so addicted with your fics from 'one hundred ways to say 'i love you'' prompts. You're so talented! I'm in love <3 Can you write SS #96 or #97 please? pretty pretty pleaase :3

send me a number from here (x) and I’ll write you a fic

#96 - “I brought you an umbrella.”

a/n: awhs youre so sweet farah :’) I’ll write the other one for you as well ^-^ hehe you’re addicted to my fics, i’m addicted to your art <3

Dark grey clouds slowly makes its way across the blue sky, covering it in the process. The warmth of the sun, blocked by the clouds, leaves the air feeling cooler. 

Sakura frowns at the sky from the cafe in which currently occupies, planning to have got two of the chapters in her biology textbook read before heading back home, but now as she stares at the intimidating skies, she could probably get a lot more complete due to the rain since she never brought an umbrella. 

She sighs as the rain pours from the clouds, soaking the ground in an instant. The few people who had got caught in the rain, runs into nearby stores probably hoping for the rain to subside before making their way home. 

Pulling her phone out of her backpack, she unlocks it and checks the weather, wanting to know roughly what time the relentless rain will end so she could head back home. As the weather loads, she mentally plans what she’ll do for the remainder of the day at home. 

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reminiscing on the day I met u. literally best day of my life. (promise I'm not a stalker😆) you're perfect btw😙

aw thank you ahahahaha youre so sweet 😵 im really not that cool

Almost reached 7,000 followers !Thank you !

Ive almost reached 7,000 followers and i feel so happy so many people actually have a liking for my blog and that new people follow me everyday^^My followers are all so sweet and are always here when im in need ,and youre all so unique and special.Ill make a follow forever soon ,i wanted to do it a long time ago but i always dont have time or forget but i think its finally time i do it.Just wanted to say a thank you to all the people who add up to my tumblr family and sticking with me ^^Thank you 🍪*hands everyone gruvia cookies*Thank you for letting me be a
part of the amazing gruvia and fairy tail fandom


You know i took this prompt seriously for like .01 seconds and then it turned into this shit I’m sorry

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I know you're angry and want to be left alone, but I just thought I would drop in to let you know that you're super rad & don't deserve any shit from anyone. you're one of my fave accounts & I hope your day gets better cause you deserve it lots