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dating sirius black would include...

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- literally begging him to let you play with his hair
- “i dunno, love. my hair is very precious to me.”
- “please, sirius. please.”
- you give him the puppy eyes and pout your bottom lip
- “no, no. stop that, please, sweetheart.”
- he gives in pretty quickly after that
- braiding his hair, putting it in a top knot, making him flower crowns, so many things with his hair
- so much jealousy
- “mine.”
- him showing off in animagus form for you
- james and remus roll their eyes
- you just giggle and happily pet him bc dogs
- piggyback rides between classes
- wearing his leather jacket
- him being very very proud 
- “that’s my girl.”
- you literally wear his clothes all the time after that 
- so many inside jokes
- “such a good girl for daddy, right sweetheart?” fUCK
- having an infatuation with his hands
- “they’re so huge!”
- smirks. “my hands aren’t the only things that’re huge, love.”
- you facepalm. “oh merlin.”
- he’s such a gentleman like all the time
- pulls out your chair, holds every single door open for you, etc etc
- he’s so fussy over you and wants to cater to you 25/7
- “i’m thirsty.”
- “you want water? i’ll get you some, love, stay here.”
- always holding hands
- kissing the top of your head
- you hugging him from behind and rest your head on his back while he talks to friends
- he can’t stop grinning as he talks 
- him teasing you in public 25/7 because he’s horny every second of every day
- you start teasing him as payback
- daddy sirius punishing you for teasing him ;)
- becoming the fifth marauder
- remus is like your best friend
- james is a brother figure to you
- you make sirius a softie
- like he gushes about you to the boys
- “i’ve never felt this way about a girl before. she’s just- bloody hell, i love her.”
- you’re his rock when it comes to his family problems
- and vice versa 
- so much love and fluff and cuteness ugh

Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

Requested. [I feel like this was awful, because I struggle with comedy. But I tried]

Song or Quote : “I’m not a damsel, not tonight at least.” & “ Do you even watch the news? Come on, I’m Spider-Man. You know, stringing up criminals and saving damsels?“

“What’s a pretty girl like you doin’ all by yourself in these mean ole streets, huh?” 

[Y/N]’s head swiveled to her left, stepping sideways off the sidewalk to get out of reach. She narrowed her eyes, this guy looked like trouble and reeked of cheap booze and menthol. “Going home.” 

The way his eyes raked over her, made [Y/N] feel uneasy. She knew her time was coming to cross paths with the crooks of the city. It had only been a little less than a month since she had moved here. But, [Y/N] could bet that walking home alone in the dark was the sure way to come across one. 

He smirked towards her, his teeth oddly glistening in the flickering street light. “Takin’ some late night pilate classes?” The man’s eyes skimmed over her gym bag that was slung over her body, “What kind of goods you got in there, hon?”  

If asked what her worst trait would be, it would be that she was extremely outspoken. She always struggled to keep her mouth shut in situations that called for it to stay closed. This was one of those times that she blatantly ignored her better judgement. Squinting her eyes, she cocked a brow. “I don’t know what I’m more shocked about. The fact that you believe that you’ll be able to mug me or the fact that you know what pilates is.” Taking a step back when he stepped forward, she narrowed her eyes. “And if you must know, I take mixed martial arts, so believe me when I say despite the vast height and weight difference between us, I could kick your ass with my eyes closed.” 

“You a bit ballsy, ain’t you?” He growled while he cracked his fingers, “I’m going to make you eat those words that’s been comin’ out that pretty little mouth.” 

[Y/N], you should probably stop while you’re ahead. Gasping like she was scared, her hands flew to her mouth. Pretending to shake, she squealed out. “Oh no, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Please, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean any of that. Oh, please don’t hurt me.” Or not

Before the mugger could respond, the sound of laughing made them both jump. Searching in the dark to find the source of laughter, they finally looked up to the fire escape of the closest building. Standing on the railing, with one hand propped up against the bricked building, the other was placed on his stomach while he was bent over still laughing. 

“Oh man, I just love sarcasm.” He laughed, “It’s like punching someone in the face but with words.” 

[Y/N] squinted her eyes, who the fuck

Before she could get the chance to ask, the mugger growled out in anger. “And just what the hell are you supposed to be?” 

“Ditto,” she muttered. 

Jumping from the fire escape, he landed gracefully in front of them. Shrugging his shoulders, “Do you even watch the news?” Whoever the masked man was, sounded incredibly insulted. Groaning, he shook his head. “Come on, I’m Spiderman. You know stringing up criminals and saving damsels?” Leaning against the mugger, [Y/N] could only assume he winked in her direction while he clicked his tongue and pointed towards her.

"I’m not a damsel, not tonight at least.” She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, “This guy’s a joke, I could take him with or without you.” Seriously, [Y/N]? Do you ever think before you speak? It’s called a goddamn filter.

Spiderman shook his head, “Man, she’s a little feisty.” Looking up at the mugger, he snickered. “Isn’t she?” 

“Get your damn hands off me.” The guy yelled, slinging Spiderman off his shoulder, he pulled a knife out from his jacket. “Come on Spiderman let’s see what you got kid.” 

Spiderman chuckled, “Funny you mention the whole kid thing because this kid is going to kick your ass, dude.” Flicking his wrist, a web shot out and landed onto the mugger’s hand with the knife. Flicking his wrist again, he webbed the knife out his hand. “Oh shame you don’t have that anymore.” 

[Y/N] yelped slightly, “Yo, is that stuff coming out of you?!”

“What? No! Ugh, I made it.” He groaned, looking down at his hands, he started moving them towards the device on his wrist. “I engineered it to-” Getting cut off by the mugger yanking back on the web, Spiderman flew forward. Before he made it close enough for the mugger to grab him, he shot out another web and stopped himself. Chuckling, “You’re going to have to do better than that if you want to get me.” 

“You some piece of work kid.” The mugger growled. 

“Yeah, yeah.” He snorted. 

[Y/N] felt sort of freaked out. Biting her lip, she tried to process what was going on. First, she decides to walk home alone, in the dark from the gym. Then, a creepy man stops her when she passes an alley. Next, she decides to be mouthy because she’s always been that way. And now, a man kid person in a spandex suit was trying to save her. “Is this? Is this,” moving her hand in their direction, she raised a brow, “normal?” 

Spiderman glanced in her direction before webbing the guy up against the building, pointing at him, he scolded. “Don’t steal, the Government doesn’t like competition.” Turning towards [Y/N], he casually walked towards her. “Is what normal?” 

“That….this whole thing? I mean is this normal?” She motioned towards his suit and then the web. “Is it normal for a kid vigilante to be running the streets at night in spandex?” 

“Don’t insult the suit, man.” Spiderman ran his hand down his torso, “This is a one of a kind.” 

Squinting her eyes, she muttered, “I don’t doubt that.” 

He tossed his head, shaking his head. Looking back towards her, he fake gasped. “I’m sorry, did I just roll my eyes out loud?”

“I can’t even see your eyes!” 

“Stop insulting me.”

Feeling frustrated, “I’m not insulting you, I’m describing you!” 

Before Spiderman could have a chance to respond, the sound of heavy footsteps and chains rattling interrupted their small argument. Instinctively, he stepped protectively in front of [Y/N]. 

“What the hell is going on out there?” A voice yelled from the alley.

Tony, get your ass out here and get me down!” The mugger yelled.

“Hey, I know a Tony.” He looked over towards [Y/N] nodding. “He’s a good friend-” stopping short, they both gulped at the sight of the stacked guy emerging from the alley with heavy artillery. “That….that um, that is not the same Tony I know.” Turning around, he shot webbing towards [Y/N], pulling her in close, he whispered, “Hold on.” 

“I’m sorry, do what?”

With no response, they were both zipping through the air. [Y/N] could feel her heart leaping out of her mouth when her eyes adjusted to the height at which they were flying at. Yelping, she held on tight and closed her eyes. She felt like they were in the air for hours but that was due to the fact that she was incredibly terrified of heights. 

Once she felt solid ground on under her feet, she retracted herself from the kid and fell to the ground. Her chest was heaving from her adrenaline coursing through her body. “Why did you think that was a good idea?” 

“I mean it was either run away or be shot and I’ve got a lot of life to live so I ran with option B.” Sitting on the ground in front of her, he chuckled, “And normally my problem is that I have really fantastic bad ideas.” 

Clutching her chest to try to slow down her heart rate, she flickered him a look. “Like dressing up in spandex and looking for trouble?” Taking a deep breath, she sighed. “Shouldn’t you be playing video games or hooking up with girls after curfew?” 

Spiderman reached up to the scratch the back of his head, wanting to laugh at how ridiculous the last part sounded. If only this girl knew who he was under his mask. “Yeah the thing about that is I don’t know how to act my age because I’ve never been this age before.” 

Standing up, she dusted herself off. “Right.” Looking around her to make sure nothing fell out of her bag, she looked at the masked hero. “I guess I should thank you for saving me.” 

Standing up, he shook his head. “It’s not really a problem. It’s what I do.” 

“I suppose so.” Chewing on her lip, “Who are you? I mean I know your Spiderman, but you’ve got have a face under that mask.” 

Stepping backwards, he chuckled. “I’m just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.” Slinging a web, he saluted. “I’ll see you around.” And then he was off, leaving [Y/N] staring after him. Maybe moving to this city wasn’t so bad. 

Innocent? Not Really.

Theo Raeken x female!Reader
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Author: T💕
Request: “Could you make a Theo Raeken smut where the reader is a really innocent good girl and she is Stiles sister? One night Stiles and the pack are at a party and Theo takes his chance to get the reader alone and finally do what he’s been wanting to do with her? Please and thank you so much!”
Warnings: Smut & language

  So, tonight, my brother decided that he is going to throw a part. Fantastic.
  “It isn’t really a "party”, Y/N/N. It’s just the pack getting together to hang out.“ Stiles ran behind me while I walked to the jeep.
   I rolled my eyes. "Fine, whatever. Can I drive?”
   "Are you high?!“ Stiles held his key above his above his head, out of my reach.
  I jumped up and down trying to get the jeep keys. "Come on, Stiles! Don’t be so mean!”
  Lydia, Scott, Allison, and Theo walked up to my brother and I.
  “Um, is everything okay here?” Lydia looked between the two of us.
  “Stiles is being a dick!” I huffed.
  Lydia gasped dramatically. “That was a naughty word, Y/N!”
  I rolled my eyes and pushed passed the two giving me grief. Theo stuck out his arm and pulled me into his chest. I stood on my tip toes to wrap my hands around his neck and hug him back.
  “Don’t worry about it, Y/N/N. They are just being assholes.” He squeezed me.
  I smiled.“ Yeah, they do it all the time, it’s nothing I can’t handle.” I pulled away from Theo.
  “Are you coming over tonight?” I asked.
  Theo rubbed the back of his neck. “Y-Yeah. I mean, uh, if you want me to, I will.”
  I smiled, showing my teeth. “That’d be amazing!”
  “Y/N! Let’s goooooooo!” Stiles honked his horn at me.
  “I gotta go. I’ll see you later tonight?”
  Theo kissed my head and nodded.  "Of course. Don’t get into any trouble, Little Miss Innocent!“
  I laughed out loud and jumped in the jeep.

  Stiles put some snacks on the living room table. I sat on the couch, staring at my phone.
  "Are you going to help me or?” Stiles stood with his hands on hips.
  I smiled and quickly typed on my phone. “No, sorry. I’m busy.”
  “Doing what?! Everyone will be here any second and you are just sitting there texting! Who are you even talking to?” Stiles snatched my phone away from me.
  “I wouldn’t!” I warn.
  Stiles read the messages.

  I watched my brothers face get red and heard the front door open. Scott, Allison, Derek, Lydia, and Theo came in. Theo’s eyes instantly met mine. I threw my head in the direction of my brother. Theo looked and saw Stiles holding my phone in his hand. The two of us started to bust out laughing.
  The pack took their shoes off and chose their seats. Theo slumped on the big chair with me. I sat with my back resting against the arm of the chair and my lower body draped across Theo’s lap.
  Stiles turned off the lights and popped the disc in the DVD player. The previews to the movie started.
  “Are we watching fucking Star Wars again, Stilinski?!” Scott yelled.
  “Yes, McCall! Now shut the fuck up and watch the movie!” My older brother yelled back at Scott.
  Scott mumbled. Stiles leaned forward from his seat next to Derek. “I don’t know what you just said, but we could all be dying instead, so count your blessings!”
  I picked up my cup. “And I could be riding Theo’s dick, but whatever.”
  The choked on whatever he had started eating a few seconds ago. Everyone turned their heads to us.
  “Is he alright?” Allison asked.
  Theo coughed some more. “I’m fine! I just clearly can’t eat right.”
  I felt my ears get hot. Theo leaned to me. “Where did that come from?!” He whisper-shouted.
  I whispered​ back. “I honestly don’t really know. I didn’t think you’d hear me! And I need you to move your phone, please.”
  Theo pause for a second. “Y/N…that isn’t my phone.”
   I squinted. “What?”
  Theo took my hand and moved it to where I thought his phone was. As soon as my hand touched the bulge, I knew exactly what it was. I felt my underwear get wetter.
  “Oh…” I said.
  Theo let my hand go and rested his on my upper thigh. “I really like you, Y/N. I like you so much that it is actually hard to put into words. You are so damn pretty that every time I see you it makes my heart stop. The fact that you aren’t my girlfriend drives me fucking insane, Y/N. And right now, all I can think about it fucking you senseless.” He whispered in my ear.
  I smirked. “I’m game.”
  Theo growled, and I felt myself get wetter. We snuck upstairs to my room silently. Theo closed the door with his foot quietly. He picked me up and I wrapped my hands around his neck.
  Theo and I leaned together. Our lips connected and the kiss sent sparks through my body.
  Theo gently placed me on the bed and pulled away from me. I bit my lip as I watched him pull off his shirt. I sat up to take mine off too. Theo stopped me.
  I rose my eyebrow at him.
  “Be mine, Y/N? I need to hear you say yes before we go any further. I meant what I said about liking you while we were on the chair.” Theo held my waist.
  I smiled wide. “Of course, Theo. I’ve wanted to be with you since we met.”
  Theo pecked my lips and let me finish taking off my shirt.
  Theo cupped my breasts. “This is a pretty bra, Y/N…but I think it’ll match the floor a little better.”
  I rolled my eyes at Theo. He removed my bra and licked his lips. I squirmed in my seat a little bit.
  Theo leaned forward and took my boobs in his hands. I moaned quietly and rolled my head back.
  Theo groaned. “God, Y/N. You are so fucking beautiful.”
  I crawled up to the top of the bed. I used one finger to beckon Theo to me. He climbed up to me and kissed me. His lips unlocked doors in me that I had long forgotten.
  Theo pushed his crotch into mine. I gasped.
  “Can you, u, help me out with that, baby?” He bit his perfect, pink lip.
   I smirked. “Only if you make it hard for me to walk tomorrow.” I whispered.
  Theo moaned. “Jesus, Y/N. I thought you were an innocent good girl.”
  I grabbed Theo’s dick through his pants. “Oh, babe, good girls are just bad girls who haven’t been caught.”
  Theo shot up and undid his belt faster than you could imagine. He took off his jeans next and tossed them somewhere in my room. He took out one claw and tore my cloth pants and underwear in half.
  Theo slid a condom over his hard on and crashed into my lips.
  “Theo..fuck me…I want to feel your cock inside of me.” I panted.
  “Do you want me to go slow, baby?”
  I grinned. “Fuck, no.”
  Theo rammed his cock inside of me. I bit his shoulder to keep from screaming out. I drug my nails down Theo’s back roughly.
  Theo’s cock stretched my walls and made me a moaning and panting mess.
  “Harder, Theo. Please, fuck me harder.”
  Theo put one of his hands over my mouth and the other by my head. He thrust into me with more force. I closed my eyes, overwhelmed with pleasure.
  “No, no, no, Y/N. Look at me while I fuck you in your tight, little pussy.”
  Theo’s words made me moan super loud in his hand. The feeling of Theo hitting my g-spot with every thrust made it hard to keep my eyes open, but I managed to do it anyway.
  “Look at you, Princess.” Theo praised. “You take my huge cock so well. Your pussy looks so good wrapped around my shaft. Fuck.”
  I moaned and dug my nails even deeper into Theo’s shoulders.
  Theo moved his hand from my mouth. “T-Theo. Oh, fuck, you make my pussy feel so good. Please don’t stop.”
  I didn’t think Theo’s thrust could get any harder, but they could. Theo thrusted harder and put a hand on my headboard so that the group downstairs wouldn’t hear it hit the wall while Theo pounded into me.
  I gasped as I felt myself start to cum. I arched my back and pressed my chest against Theo’s. My toes curled and I groaned louder than I should have. Theo started to get sloppy and thrusted into me a few more times. He groaned in the crook of my neck. I felt his cock pulsate in my pussy when he came.
  Theo pulled out of me and we both collapsed on the bed next to each other.
  The condom got tossed in the trashcan next my bed. I snuggled into my boyfriend’s chest. “Well,” Theo smiled at me. “not really all that "innocent” are ya, baby?“
  I kissed his chest. "Babe, I promise that only you will see me like that.”
  Theo kissed my head. The living room light flicked on and some of it shone under my door. “Hey, where are-OH, FUCK NO! Y/F/N Y/M/N STILINSKI!” My brother started up the stairs.
  “If he liked me before, he sure as shit is going to hate my guts now. ” Theo joked and I hid under my blanket.

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BTS Reaction to You Waking Up From a Coma

Request: can you pretty please do a second part of the gf in a coma reaction, like she actually wakes up (can’t see my boys sad) even if you don’t all I want to say is thanks for all the amazing post you make 😍

Note: Thanks so much! (ಥ﹏ಥ) Plus, I didn’t get home since recently so I’ve been having real bad jet lag lol, sorry for being mia for longer than necessary! *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ You had been under for so long that Jin was starting to lose hope, but that didn’t stop him from being at your side at all times. It was one day when he had opened the curtains to bring some light into the dimly lit room when hope had slapped him in the face in a matter of seconds. “Seokjin?” Your voice was scratchy, and when he turned to find you squinting at him, his heart was drowning in joy. He was speechless, but it was when you gave him a tired smile that had tears instantly running down his cheeks.

You were finally awake.

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Suga ➳ He was slowly forced awake once he felt a nudge on his cheek, softly getting up from your legs from where he had fallen asleep on before yawning. “That was some hibernation, do you know how many weeks have passed?” His eyes shot open, boring into your innocent ones as you stared at him lovingly. He quickly grabbed your hand to make sure you were real and hoped he wasn’t in some fucked up dream; tears prickling in the back of his eyes as he held it in, forcing a sad laugh. If only you would have known, that you were the one hibernating for so long.

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J-Hope ➳ He had food with him, walking to your hospital room with his throat swelling throughout the way. He had prayed that you wouldn’t be suddenly gone while he went out to find himself something to eat after so long, but little did he know that he was receiving something more. When he walked inside your room, closing the door behind him and plastering himself onto the seat beside your bed while releasing a sigh, he glanced towards you to find you staring at him curiously, waiting for him to say something.

But instead, he screamed in terror.

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RapMonster ➳ He was already staring at you the moment you woke up, but he was also sleep deprived. You were looking around frightened, wondering where the heck you were but when your eyes rested on him, a small smile crept on your lips. “Hey cutie.” Your voice was hoarse, and Namjoon had to slap his cheeks to make sure he hadn’t fallen asleep and hoping to anything that it wasn’t some sick joke. When he realized that it was in fact not a dream, he felt a surge of emotions overtake him; looking to the ground in sadness. Finally.

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Jimin ➳ He froze once he heard you moan softly, his eyes widening as yours began to open slightly. He didn’t know how to react, he just..stood there with his eyebrows nearly rising to his hairline. He didn’t know what to do, and once your gaze landed on him while you blinked to see clearer — he smiled. “How was it at the other side?” He asked, trying to make a small joke out of it. When you replied with a ‘huh?’, a huge smile crawled onto his lips as he let out a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding. Your voice was enough to restore his heart, and he felt like he was falling in love all over again.

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V ➳ The moment Taehyung heard you call for him while he was about to doze off, his eyes blasted open in disbelief. “Oh my..” he muttered, and when your eyebrows furrowed cutely in confusion, he flew to your bed and embraced you into a tight hug, forgetting how fragile you were as you let out a pained yelp. “She’s awake!” He screamed in glee, pressing the nurse button as he began to squeeze you tighter to make sure you wouldn’t slip from his grasp once again. He nuzzled his face into your neck, feeling the once frigid skin feel warm and surging with life, tears clouding his vision. He was beyond happy.

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Jungkook ➳ He began to tear up once he saw you stir in your deep slumber, and when your eyes fluttered open he suddenly latched himself onto you; giving you many kisses onto your face before his hands rested on your cheeks - cupping them. “Oh god,” his voice was soft, and you were surprised to see the man in such a state. If only you knew what he had been through while you were gone, but, now none of that mattered, you were finally in his arms. “I love you so much, you know that right?” He told you, placing a peck onto your chapped lips. “So much.”

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Request(s): I think the request are open(sorry if there not), but what about from your first promplist nr 5, nr6 or nr 60 with Murphy? 🙏

Pairing: Murphy/Girlfriend!Y/n

Word Count: 1,200 (it was supposed to be shorter, oops)

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“How long do you think we’ll last without those supplies? We’re looking at a twenty mile trek, okay? So if we want to get there before dark we need to leave. Now” Clarke was trying to get people to move. The ark had dropped them on the wrong mountain, and without the supplies they would die quickly.

“I have a better idea” Bellamy spoke up, “You go and find it for us. Let the privileged do the hard work for a change.”

Delinquents shouted a ton of “yeah”’s in the air.

“You’re not listening. We all need to go” Wells spoke up, gesturing with his hands to try and get some motivation.

You stood near Bellamy and Octavia. You had ventured off not soon after landing, looking around the earth around you. You got back quick enough however, to see your boyfriend pick a fight with someone.

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RFA: MC and Driving Anxiety

Hi! How are you? I don’t know if you do this kind of thing and I’m sorry for bothering you but can I request a hc where mc has severe panic attacks while driving /suffers driving anxiety and how all the RFA+saeran would react? thank you ❤️


Yoosung [20 y/o]

- Little boy got his driver’s license recently, when he turned 19 

- So when you said you had driving anxiety, he fREAKED  OUT

- Like, does he have to drive? 

- You rode a car he drove once, and you were holding onto the seatbelt for dear life the whole time 

- You two decided to start taking taxis and buses instead…

Zen [23 y/o] 

- He learnt how to drive a motorcycle since he was 16 

- But he refused to let you ride a motorcycle because he didn’t want to get you into an accident 

- His car driving skills were pretty good 

- Since not having a manager lead him to drive himself around to shows 

- It would be wonderful, if only he would stop bragging…. 

Jaehee [25 y/o]

- She tries to get rid of your driving anxiety by slowly teaching and reassuring you 

- Doesn’t mind driving you around, pro driver, never breaks a law

- You would think she’s a calm, nice driver that let’s everyone pass, right?

-  Wrong. So wrong.

- JAeheE PLeaSe stOP sWEarINg 

Jumin [26 y/o]

- Probably can’t drive that well

- Doesn’t want you to get robbed or harassed on public transportation, so…

- Forces you ride with him in Driver Kim’s car 

- You feel kind of uncomfortable getting your door opened by Driver Kim when you’re JUST. GOING. TO. GET. COFFEE.


Seven [21 y/o]

- He’s really good at driving probably drove before he was legally allowed

- Even if you didn’t have driving anxiety before, his driving will give you one

- Never ride in his car if you’re holding something fragile

- Always goes over the top with his car choice


[V and Unknown]

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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 8.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
Sometimes a familiar face doesn’t mean a good thing.
Warning: Attempted rape.
Word Count: 3,110
Author’s Note: BIG thank you to @talina-boyaci for this idea! I wanted to speed this process up, so there is a significant amount of time that passes from the previous chapter to this one. I needed more Negan and Simon in this fic, so let’s see how things change now that the zombie apocalypse is in full effect! Enjoy! 

Taglist: @oceaninwinter || @fiftypercentmoreintoyou || @isayweallgetdrunk || @illysamorgan || @loreleilara || @adayinmymeadow || @cheyanhicks || @theonethatgotaway213 || @jannavaire || @butler-boi || @female-x || @1d-niallerbieberforever || @voidobsession || @choolhooter || @smudged-lineart || @zaddygrimes || @see-you-then-winchester || @neganisking || @adreamemporium || @thewew || @collette04 || @clinicalkayla || @ja9erz || @simons-thirst-squad​ || @negans-network

It had been a year. A year since this apocalypse happened.

You had thought that everything was going to go back to normal. You assumed the government would contain this big of a mess, but after a month of no progress, you knew that this world was never going to be what it was like before.

The phone call with Negan and Simon was the only thing you found yourself remembering the night the apocalypse happened. You wished your phone hadn’t died. You wished you didn’t have a meltdown. You wished you were able to ask them where they were going because with them, you felt the safest.

You didn’t know that going to the woods would be your biggest mistake yet.

You thought seeing a familiar face would calm you down and put you at ease, but knowing Chris’s true intentions caused you to cry every night. It was as if the apocalypse changed his entire personality.

You had been with Chris since the beginning and you thought being surrounded by him and two of his other friends would make you feel safe, but it made you feel the complete opposite.

As the months passed, you were losing hope in bumping into Simon and Negan. You forced yourself to believe that you were stuck with these three men that you wished you had the guts to kill. You believed that there was no one else out in this world.

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Note: This was not requested. I just wanted to do a Twitter thing. I hope you enjoy.

Wordcount: 1108

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: A bit of swearing (??) Also this is unedited because I have no surplus energy in life.

Originally posted by neighborhoodz

February 12 / 12:30


So, @Y/N said in an interview, that she has a celebrity crush. Is that by any chance @DaveedDiggs?


Because that would be really cute and they should totally date.


Just saying, I support @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs dating.

February 20 / 23:02

So, a little birdie told informed me that you indeed do have a crush on @DaveedDiggs – Is that true, @Y/N?

Talking to @TheEllenShow today was great. Got to talk about my book and we talked a bit about celebrity crushes. Btw @RafaelCasal I still won’t tell you who my celebrity crush is.

I’ll get it out of you at some point @Y/N just you wait.

February 21 / 10:05

Working on a secret project with @Y/N you guys are going to love it.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Oh, really? Is that project called a relationship?

@Y/N Who invited @RafaelCasal?

@DaveedDiggs No idea. Maybe we should just go out alone tonight and ignore him?

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N If you two are going on a date you are more than welcome to go alone.

@RafaelCasal is officially a dick.

February 21 / 15:04

Last night was amazing. Had a great time with @DaveedDiggs and @RafaelCasal

Had a great night with @Y/N and @RafaelCasal last night. @RafaelCasal is still a dick, though.

Last night was amazing. @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs still aren’t dating, though.

March 3 / 12:00

Our secret project is finally out. Had a lot of fun working with the amazing @DaveedDiggs and the rest of clipping. Check it out on @clppng ‘s Youtube.

Check out @clppng ‘s new track featuring the lovely @Y/N over on our Youtube channel.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Are you two flirting?

 March 5 / 20:34

The music video for our former secret project is now out! – Head over to @clppng ‘s channel on Youtube to check it out

Check out @clppng and @Y/N ‘s music video out on Youtube. It’s amazing!

Had a great time working with lovely @Y/N during the last couple of months. Hoping to get to work to something again soon.

March 14 / 13:12

@DaveedDiggs If you tell us your celebrity crush, I’ll tell you mine?

@Y/N I’m in.

@DaveedDiggs You first.

@Y/N Cute. But no. You were the one who wanted to do this.

@DaveedDiggs Not going to happen.

@Y/N Too bad. Guess we’ll never know then.

March 17 / 16:31

Revealing my celebrity crush tonight in an interview with @FallonTonight on @NBC be sure to check it out. It’s your turn now @DaveedDiggs

March 18 / 09:00

Apparently, @Y/N revealed last night on @FallonTonight that I am her celeb crush. So, guess it’s my turn then. My celeb crush is @Y/N

March 30 / 19:12

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N So are you guys finally dating?

April 3 / 10:24

Had a great night out with @DaveedDiggs last night. Was fun meeting some of your guys, please don’t ever stop being so amazing supporters. <3

Going out for dinner last night with @Y/N was great, but meeting you guys with her was even better. Stay amazing.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Why was I not invited? ;)

@RafaelCasal I don’t know, maybe because you won’t shut up?

@RafaelCasal because you won’t shut that pretty mouth of yours.

@DaveedDiggs Your girlfriend is flirting with me.

April 7 / 12:14

It’s official! @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs shared their first kiss last night! Look it up, kids. I’m not lying!

I don’t care about anything else right now, Daveed fucking kissed her. Finally!

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I am the best matchmaker, right?

April 10 / 21:39

Working on a new track with the love birds.

@RafaelCasal Who are the love birds? I thought you would be working with @DaveedDiggs and me.

@RafaelCasal @Y/N Yeah. I don’t know which love birds you are talking about, friend.

April 28 / 12:30

The new track featuring @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs is live on my Youtube channel now!

You heard the man. @RafaelCasal ‘s new track featuring @Y/N and I is live on his Youtube now.

You heard my boys. @RafaelCasal ‘s new track featuring @DaveedDiggs and I is live on his Youtube now. We won’t disappoint.

June 3 / 18:34

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs Why don’t you guys ever tweet each other anymore?

June 4 / 10:33

@RafaelCasal Because now I actually get to see her every day.

An important note might be that @DaveedDiggs and @Y/N finally moved in together and are officially dating. Have been dating unofficially since the release of their first song, though. Just thought you should know.

July 1 / 12:30

Going to Miami with @DaveedDiggs for the next two weeks. Take care of @RafaelCasal while we’re gone, please? He needs to be fed 3 times a day and you need to keep him hydrated.

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I’ll stay full on your love.

July 14 / 04:30

@Y/N and I are Back in LA now. Heading to bed to get some sleep. Love you all.

September 3 / 10:32

Oh, how time flies. 6 months and I still love you just as much.

@Y/N Love you more.

@DaveedDiggs Oh, I wasn’t talking about you… I was talking about our track. But I love you too

December 18 / 21:22

So as you all probably know; Daveed is on tour and probably won’t make it home for Christmas.

December 21 / 20:29

@DaveedDiggs Can you just come home, please?


@Y/N I miss you too babe.

December 24 / 24:00

@Y/N Merry Christmas baby. Now, could you please let me in? It’s getting a bit cold out here.

So apparently @DaveedDiggs is back. Am I happy? Definitely. Merry Christmas to all of you.

March 3 / 12:10

Hey @Y/N ?

Hey, @DaveedDiggs ?

@Y/N Just wanted to let you know that it has been a year and I still love you just as much. Happy anniversary babe. <3

@DaveedDiggs I love you more. Happy anniversary. <3

@Y/N Can you come to the living room? I need to ask you something.

March 4 / 10:22

So… Apparently, my dude, my man @DaveedDiggs and I are getting married now

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs Was that what he wanted to ask you yesterday?

@RafaelCasal Yes?

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I knew it! The mission was a success! I am officially the best matchmaker.

@RafaelCasal Get of your high horse, Rafa.


Dean Ambrose/OC- Reader skeptically asked Dean a question. He took it very serious.

Warnings- Overstimulation(like alot), Spanking, a slight daddy kink, praise kink.

Hey anon hope you like this because I do.

Tags: @vebner37 @the-geekgoddes @llowkeys @sierrarukia

Today I woke later than I normally do. The window in the bedroom was open so a cool breeze could roll in. The warm sun on my skin made me even hotter as I was blushing thinking about all the things Dean and I did last night. When we have sex its usually rushed and a lot of faint “I love yous” are said. But last night was different, Dean made love to me. He went slow and roamed every part of my body. It was a completely different feel but today I want something different.

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Those who are Broken | Chapter Seven

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 3055 

↬ This chapter contains SMUT. Read at your own discretion. I mean, it’s not hardcore “let’s fuck in crazy places and do some extremely freaky shit,” but more like “…eh, that was weak” You’ll either be coming to me saying “you a hoe,” or “what the fuck?” Pick your poison. This is also for @perpetually-jungshook because I was a bad friend this morning.

Chapter list 

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

“It’s nothing,” he said, leaning back in his seat as he took a drink of his water.

“It’s not nothing, Taehyung. I have a fucking name on my wrist! His name,” you almost yelled, but stopped yourself as you remembered how many people were in the building. “Something is wrong with me,” you said in a low voice.

Taehyung sighed, placing his drink on the table. “You know what this means?” he asked, taking your newly inked wrist and leaned forward. “This means it doesn’t matter whose name you have—it means you can feel, Cupcake. You’re not dying.”

You scoffed. “This doesn’t mean shit, Taehyung. This”—you thrust your other hand towards him, revealing your wrist— “means something. This means I’m still going to die. I’m a Broken, not fixed.”

Taehyung got to his feet. Reaching across the table, his hand went to the back of your neck as he leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours. You were caught off guard by the sudden move. It had been so long since the two of you had shared a kiss, but it still felt familiar. His lips were a little soft, but mainly rough. Welcoming. You found yourself almost giving in to his kiss, but he pulled back, his hand moving from the back of your neck to the side.

“See? You’re fixed—your heart is racing,” he whispered, breath hitting your lips.

It took a second for you to compose yourself and you realized that your heart was racing, and a fluttering feeling in the pit of your stomach was evident. When you and Taehyung were dating, you’ve never felt this way. The only time your heart raced was when you were doing something physical, but here you were, sitting at a booth with Taehyung’s lips inches from you.

“Your soulmate would be mad if she found you kissing another girl,” you mumbled, trying so hard not to close the gap between the two of you.

“My soulmate doesn’t even know what I look like. Plus, now that you can feel, maybe we can get back together and relive a couple of our greatest moments,” he told you, a persuasive look on his face.

You shook your head. “While I will always treasure our moments together, I wouldn’t give us a second chance. You’re too much of a playboy,” you said, leaning back to create a distance between the two of you.

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anonymous asked:

Harry what are the hottest things Draco does when he head one or two too many glasses of wine?

Draco: *quickly* I fall asleep.

Harry: Oh, he does a lot more than that.

Draco: *sullen glaring*

Harry: Oh come on, you’re pretty hot when you’re tipsy and can’t keep your hands off me!

Draco: *trying to decide if he’s flattered or not*

Harry: So you know how he’s usually not into PDA?

Draco: *groans*

Harry: *grins* Well, he’s really into PDA when he’s had too much wine.

Draco: Please stop.

Harry: I’m talking snogging me in front of everyone present, climbing into my lap–

Draco: You snog me in public all the time anyway!

Harry: Whispering absolute filth into my ear–

Draco: *choked squeak*

Harry: Feeling me up not so discreetly, and in extreme cases, he does this incredibly sexy grinding thing against me–

Draco: *blushing furiously* Why you enjoy publicly humiliating me like this is beyond–

Harry: And even if I’m not drunk, it is nearly impossible for me to resist dragging him to the nearest convenient spot and fucking him right there.

Draco: *screaming into a cushion*

Should you fight Topp Dogg?

A/N: I’ve seen this done a lot and I don’t think a toppdogg version was made lol I just thought it was super funny. Definitely not my idea, so credit is due to whoever came up with this hilarious concept 🙃

 P-Goon: yes!! Fight his tiny ass!! Why he always taking off his shirt? Why he always MCing when there’s no need for an MC? So obnoxious oml please knock his ass out. serious “Leader” my butt smfh 

 Hojoon: idk tbh he’s kinda sus…he seems all quite and innocent but when the camera are off he’s a real Scorpio™. He was born on Halloween so I bet he’s freaky. I’d fight him for always looking better than me. Don’t hurt him too bad bc Sangdo will probably scold you like a mom 

 Sangdo: no? Wtf? Are you an animal? Why would you want to hurt this Pisces baby :( if you do then Hojoon is probably already planning your murder 

 Nakta: I wouldn’t mess with him tbh he’s really tall and could beat my ass any day…but yeah he steals everybody’s food so fight him for that. Just throw a couple punches and run away quickly and pray he doesn’t catch up to you

 Yano: no omg he’d probably start crying and think about all the things he’s done wrong in the past :( he looks mean but trust me he’s a squishy panda maknae on the inside and everything affects him aw poor baby 

 A-Tom: the second maknae aka the second in line for the throne in hell. So arrogant and selfish, please fight him. You’ll probably end up apologizing afterwards just because he’s so pretty. Might laugh at you while you’re throwing your punches. Might hit you back rly hard and knock you out…take your chances

 B-Joo: yes jfc I’ll literally pay you to fight this punk. Stop saying WOOWWW all the mf time you lil shit. It’s adorable, but I think we all know he’s on the verge of insanity. Also don’t hurt this one too bad bc Hansol will probably murder you in your sleep

 Xero: tbh? Yes. Although he might not even get what you’re doing and end up giggling. So dumb. But pls don’t break his nose or ruin his face. Aesthetic prince, so you should beat him up for always acting cool and pretty and better than you

 Hansol: idk man he’s difficult bc he’s so bipolar. He might cry before you even touch him, other times he might try to choke you with his dirty underwear. Bring backup just in case tho. B-Joo will probably be watching on the side, giggling and stuffing his face with popcorn 

 This was so fun to make lol if you want another group, let me know 😇

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[GOT7 Reacts] to you fighting with your younger siblings

request by girlyswaggirll20 :Hello ~~ can I request a reaction please ? 🌸 What would be GOT7’s reaction if they saw their s/o having a childish fight with their younger siblings ? 😂 BTW cute blog continue on with it ! ❤

thaks so much! I hope you like it :) everyone please send requests I love them! this was a really cute suggestion btw :)

You decide to bring your 2 younger siblings to dinner to eat with your boyfriend but you end up fighting with them in front of him.

Yugyeom: You end up yelling at your brother to keep it down and your sister to stop being so annoying. He just laughs watching the three of you bicker over pretty much nothing. “Jagiya~ be more gentle with them. They’re just young.” You see your sister stick her tongue out. “I know they can be a lot but I am a younger sibling too and it’s just fun to annoy our elders.” He winks at your siblings and turns to you “plus look at how worked up you’re getting it’s hilarious!” 

Bambam: Listening to the three of you fight reminds of being at home with his older brothers and younger sister. He hears your sister say a back-handed comment about your weight and now all four of you start mindlessly bickering. It is awkward for a bit but as the meal goes on and you all cool down you apologise to one another and laugh it off like nothing ever happened. When you leave the restaurant Bambam is showing your brother and sister how to dab and as they leave your sister says “Bambam is so much cooler than you Unnie~ “ He just smirks saying “She’s not wrong” And gives you a peck on the cheek

Youngjae: He is the maknae of his family and so he is used to this kind of arguments but he feels awkward because as you argue you look to him to take your side but he doesn’t even know what you’re fighting about. “[Y/N] I probably agree with you, but what are we fighting about?” This adorable cluelessness makes your sister and brother laugh easing the tension at the table. “Oh nevermind.Thank you” You kiss him on the lips lightly,  for unknowingly solving your situation. “Ewwww that’s gross.” Your brother protests but Youngjae just smiles at you lovingly. “You’re welcome?” causing everyone to burst out laughing again.” 

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Relationship: lin x reader

Warnings: smuttttttt

Word Count: 1,832

Summary: “Could you write a Daveed or Lin x reader where the reader wears a choker and Daveed/Lin gets super turned on by it?”


“What the hell do I wear?” you yelled across your room, towards your bed where your phone was sitting.

“What about that slip dress?” your friend asked. You stopped rummaging through your closet to think for a moment.

“That’s perfect,” you said as you searched for the black dress.

“You’re welcome.” You rolled your eyes.

“Thanks,” you laughed.

After you found the dress, you said goodbye to your friend, hung up, and went into your bathroom to change.

You unwrapped the towel you were wearing, and put on a black lace bralette and matching panties. There wasn’t anyone you were expecting to hook up with that night, but you wouldn’t be opposed to such a thing.

Once you were dressed you started to do your makeup. You did a smokey eye, heavy contouring, and a matte, nude lip. It wasn’t intentional, but you had ended up looking like you’d just walked out of the nineties, which wasn’t a terrible thing.

The alarm you’d set on your phone earlier that day went off, so you got your purse, put on a pair of black high heeled boots, and looked over yourself in the full length mirror in your living room one last time. You were happy with how you looked, but you felt that there was something missing, so you went back to your room and rummaged through your jewelry until you found it. A thick, black, velvet choker.

After you put it on, you left your apartment and hailed a cab.

“32nd street please,” you said as you climbed into the car. Then you pulled out your phone and sent a text.

To Anthony
Hey, I’m omw to the bar.

There was a reply almost immediately.

From Anthony
Cool! Are you excited to meet everyone??

To Anthony
I’m just there for the cake buddy.

From Anthony
You only want me for my cake :0

To Anthony
You know it ;)

You chuckled slightly at your text.

From Anthony
See you soon :)

To Anthony
See ya!

A few minutes later, you pulled up to the bar. You paid the driver and got out of the cab, hesitating a little to go inside. There weren’t many people there that you knew; Anthony and Jazzy being the exceptions. Of course, being Anthony’s best friend, you’d heard many stories about them all, but that was a far cry from actually meeting them.

After a couple moments of staring at the doors of the bar, you went inside, and made your way to the large group of people that you presumed were there for Anthony’s birthday party.

As you walked up to the group of about twenty or so, you made eye contact with Anthony, who smiles and walked over to you.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” he said cheerfully.

“Hey, Ant! Happy birthday!” You smiled and gave him a hug. Then Jazzy came over to you, and you started talking. After a few minutes, you heard a sharp clinking sound. You turned and saw a cute guy with long hair trying to get everyone’s attention.

“Alright everyone! I think it’s time to wish the birthday boy a very happy birthday!” You could tell he was kind of drunk, but that just made him seem even cuter.

“Happy birthday to you,” you sang along with everyone else, although not as well, considering that they were on Broadway.

As the song finished, Anthony blew out the candles on his cake, and you made sure you were the first one to get a slice. Some people chuckled at your eagerness, but you were determined.

When you got your cake, you went to sit at the bar, but a noticeably drunker Jazzy stopped you before you could get there.

“Hey Jazzy?” you questioned, not quite sure what she was going to talk to you about.

“(Y/N), Lin is totally checking you out,” she squealed.

You were confused. “What?”

“Lin, the guy who wrote the show,” she said, not sure how you didn’t understand what you said.

“No, I know who Lin is, I just don’t know what he looks like.” Jazzy looked at you as if you’d been living under a rock for the past year, which, granted all of the work you’d been doing, might as well have been true.

“He’s the guy who did the birthday toast, he has long hair, he’s wearing a-”

“-Oh!” you cut her off. “I know who he is now.” Jazzy rolled her eyes.

“Good, because he is so into you. He hasn’t stopped looking at you all night.” You blushed a little thinking about it. “Please go talk to him, because he’s obviously not going to approach you.” You looked over at Lin, who was sitting at the end of the bar and starting intensely at his beer.

You thought over the idea of approaching him. From what you had heard, he was really nice, super smart, and it didn’t hurt that he was pretty good looking too. You decided to talk to him, so you downed the rest of your beer and walked over to him.

You took the empty seat on his right, and he looked up at you in surprise. For some reason, his eyes seemed to linger around your neck, but you brushed it off.

“Um, can I buy you a drink?” you asked, entirely unaware of what to do in this situation.

He chuckled a little bit to himself, and responded, “that would be nice.” You were confused as to why he was laughing, which must’ve shown, because he then said, “it’s a lyric from the show.” You felt a little embarrassed that you hadn’t known that, especially since your best friend was in the show, but you had just never found the time to properly listen to the soundtrack.

As your face heated up, he began to giggle and it was adorable. You smiled and started to laugh to.

“I’ll take you up on that drink, though.” You smiled.

“Sure thing.”

After an hour or two of talking, and an hour or two of drinking, you both decided to leave. You were both quite a bit tipsy, so getting home would be a bit of a challenge.

You said goodbye to everybody and went outside. It was really cold, and Lin noticed you shivering next to him. He shrugged off his jacket and handed it to you, which you took without protest.

“Thank you,” you said gratefully.

“No problem.”

“You’re really cute,” you said, not thinking about what you were saying.

“You’re cuter,” he laughed. You saw him look you up and down, his eyes lingering around your neck again.

The mood then shifted from playful to tense as you looked at each other in silence. When a few seconds passed, you decided to go for it, so you grabbed his face and kissed him.

He reciprocated almost immediately, and grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer to him.

As you got into a cab, the kisses started to turn more heated. You tangled your fingers in his long brown hair, which was returned with a soft moan that made you shiver.

When the cab pulled up to what you assumed was Lin’s building, you got out and waited for him to pay the driver. Once he was out of the car, he grabbed you by the wrist and led you through the building, until you stood in front of Lin’s door.

He fumbled with the keys slightly, before unlocking the door. Once it was open, you went inside and started to kiss again, more frantic than before.

You quickly slid your shoes off and went to his bedroom. When you were inside, he kicked the door closed, still kissing you.

You made your way over to the bed, and pushed him onto it, his legs hanging off the edge. You then straddled him and started to grind down on his lap providing much needed friction.

“Fuck,” he moaned. He quickly turned you over, so he was on top. He smirked and started to slide his hands under your dress, taking it off slowly, and then taking off the bralette you were wearing. You then took his sweater off, tossing it somewhere across the room.

His hands started to travel downwards, until he started to kiss your inner thighs. You groaned, saying, “stop teasing.” He looked up at you, smirking as he slowly slid your panties off, exposing you to him.

“Fuck, you’re so pretty,” he said as he started to kiss your neck, his hand hovering over your pussy. You started to breathe heavier, the thought of what was to come exciting you.

“You look so good in that choker, fuck,” he said as he left purple bruises on your neck. You let out a large breath, needing him to touch you.

“Please, please, I need you,” you whined. He smirked and started to gently rub your clit. Pleasure started to run through your body as he started to pick up the pace.

“You like that?” he whispered in your ear.

“Fuck, yes,” you moaned. Lin then started to kiss down your body, and when he reached your boobs, he took a nipple into his mouth and gently sucked on it. You let out a soft moan.

“I need more,” you said, desperate for him. “I need you inside me.” As soon as you said that, he slid two fingers into you and started to curl them. You let out a gasp and started to fuck yourself on his fingers.

You grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face to yours, kissing him feverishly. As you pressed his body against yours, you could feel his erection on your thigh. You then broke the kiss and reached to your bedside table, grabbing a condom from the drawer. You tossed it to him, and he immediately put it on. He then pushed your legs apart and lined himself up to your entrance. As soon as he entered you, you both moaned, enjoying it more than anything.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groaned as he started to pull in and out of you at a quicker pace.

Everytime he thrusted into you, you moaned, pure ecstasy running through your body.

After he repositioned himself slightly, he hit a bundle of nerves that sent your head spinning.

“Oh my god!” you practically yelled. “Fuck, do it again, please,” you need.

Lin was relentless, pounding into your g-spot over and over. You became more and more tense, until you couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh fuck,” you moaned as you came. Lin did the same a few moments later, shallowing thrusting to help you ride out your orgasm.

As you came down from your high, you looked over at Lin, who was laying beside you, his fingers gently gracing your neck and the choker you were still wearing.

“You should wear chokers more often,” he said softly, obviously tired.

You chuckled. “You think so?”

“Definitely,” he said with a smile.


sorry i haven’t been posting at all but i’ve been really busy with school, but i am working on the requests! they will be written :)

also i don’t usually write smut so sorry if it was bad lmao

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It's four in the morning, you're having quiet sex so as not to wake anyone while forties!bucky bounces you on his cock, but it doesn't stop him from whispering how beautiful you are, how much he loves you, please never leave him, oh, god, doll, but you're so pretty on my cock, oughta have it in you all the time, love you so much, are you ready to come? Please come for me, darling...

What a beautiful thing to wake up to jesus christ 

I love this, he’s got you held close to him while you ride him. Trying not to creak the bed too loud. He’s whispering in your ear all those sweet things calling you darlin’ 

Sinful Sunday™

anonymous asked:

You can't help everyone. No matter what you do some people will like it and some people won't. Personally I love your use of words. I love the idea of a tumblr mom especially because I have a rocky relationship with my dad and my own mom isn't always supportive. I get notified whenever you post and sometimes if I've been about to break down (I just found out I'm aro) your letters have come just in time to help me feel better. Please don't stop what you are doing. Lots of love -your tumblr kid.

My dear aro kid, 

Thankyou so much that you took time out of your day to send me such a encouraging, kind message! I have to admit that I felt pretty discouraged and sad when people told me i do more harm than good for the lgbt+ community, so it was a very pleasant surprise to wake up to sweet messages like yours <3 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: I’d like to use this chance to say a big thankyou to everyone who left a reply on my post yesterday, your words were so heartwarming and i really appreciate them! 

Should you fight Shinee?

A/N: you guys seemed to like the Topp Dogg version so here’s a Shinee one 😇 and again, not my idea so credit to whoever came up with this hilarious concept

 Onew: tbh, yeah. Who tf ignores people just for food? Eat in your own damn time jfc stop being a chicken hoe. But then again you’ll probably regret it just because his smile can cure cancer and no one can survive without seeing it so pls don’t break his pretty face. You better apologize after bc this one will sulk like a lil bitch 

 Jonghyun: I’d fight this short punk in a heartbeat. Bling Bling Bling that ass over here boi. Will go full ninja on your ass, probably. He’s short so he’s gonna move quickly, watch out. So obnoxious and flirty, please fight him. Just make sure Key doesn’t find out tho…or your ass is in trouble 

 Key: um no? Will throw so much shade at you, you wouldn’t survive trust me. Before you even get close to him he’d be like “bitch, you fr rn? You tryna catch these hands real quick?” And go back to scrolling on his phone. Don’t even bother with this one, he looks too good to be messed with. Will probably scold you on your fashion choices, wyd 

 Minho: aw no :( besides the fact that he’s actually innocent (barely) and has a good heart, he’s hella tall n muscular so girl you better think again. Might assist you with fighting the other members tho, dibidibidis one is always looking for a good time 

 Taemin: ugh, this maknae. Looks innocent and sweet, but is actually a walking meme so pls tell him to stop being so confusing all the mf time. Knock him out for always talking shit about his hyungs. Is2g every time he opens his mouth, it’s a dibidibi diss on the other members. So pretty, but so aware of it. Fight him pls ty

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Bts Reacting To You Changing Your Clothing Choices For Them.

Request:  i would like to request another one where the boys react to when you (their girlfriend) usually dress like a tomboy but you start wearing more girly things like dresses and high heels :)

This one is going to be fun haha



He noticed you trying to dress in dresses more often and would appreciate it, but he would be suspicious as he knew you weren’t a fan of dresses. He would eventually confront you and ask you about it, making sure you weren’t doing it just to please him. 

You would tell him of corse you wanted to impress him but that you just wanted to try it out. He would smiles and kiss your cheek and say you are so cute but he wants to you dress however you want. 

You eventually find a happy medium to please your tomboy side and to please what he likes as well. 

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He wouldn’t be happy, there is no denying it. He loves you wearing Jean, a snapback and an oversized tee. 

Seeing you in a dress and heels would throw him off quite a bit and he would ask why you are dressed up so much, especially for just hanging out at the studio with him. 

You would tell him it’s because you thought he would like it better than your normal style since the other members preferred a girl that dressed up. To which he would pretty much face palm and stand up and tug on your dress. 

“I think you look pretty like this don’t get me wrong love, but you look so sexy dressed in jeans and a normal shirt. Please don’t think you have to dress up just because everyone says so.”

You would blush and nod at him. He would make you go home and change and when you come back he would stop working on whatever he was doing (which rarely happens) and sit on the sofa and cuddle with you, which would lead to you both falling asleep wrapped in each others arms.

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He would get very excited to see you dressed up all nice for him since it rarely happened unless there was a special occasion. He wouldn’t stop complimenting how pretty the dress looked on you and how tall you were with your heels. 

Only later did he notice you squirm uncomfortable in the dress did he realise maybe you weren’t doing this because you wanted to but because you wanted to impress him. 

He didn’t want to confront you about for fear he would hurt your feelings so he would purposely say things like I love how you look in jeans and your flannel shirts. 

You took the hint and went back to wearing your normal clothes soon afterwards, to which he would then smile widely and say he was happy to have you back to normal. Which surprised you that he noticed you were doing it for him. 

Before you could even ask him how he figured out he would kiss your lips sweetly and tell you never to change who you are because he loved you just the way you were. 

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Rap Monster

Your mother was insistent that you tried to dress up for you boyfriend more since she had been wanting him to “pop the question” for a while. You protested as much as possible, hating the idea of pressuring your boyfriend of 2 years into something he wasn’t ready for yet especially since his career was skyrocketing.

Eventually, you caved though and she kept a close eye on what you were wearing, making sure you didn’t wear your normal clothes. 

Rap Monster of corse to notice and asked what was up, he laughed loudly when he found out. “Aren’t you cute, you are (your age here) and you still can’t say no to your mom” he would tease. 

You would get slightly upset about the whole thing, to which he said he would talk to your mom and tell her he loved you just the way you are and he didn’t want you dressing up to impress him when you had done that years ago. 

He would eventually pop the question but not for a few more years, ever time you dressed up from there on though he would tease you. “did your mom pick that out for you sweetie” to which you would playful smack his arm, earning a chuckle from him followed by a kiss. 

“You are so beautiful y/n”

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“That dress it cute y/n but why is it on you?”

That’s all it needed for you to realise you had been caught.

 You had recently watched an interview and he had stated that he had a thing for girls that dress up in dresses and heels which made you feel self-conscious that maybe you weren’t good enough for him. 

So next time you saw him you showed up wearing a pretty purple dress and white heels, he definitely eyed you up and down for a moment before he asked you why.

When you told him you saw the interview he blushed and rubbed his neck and looked at the floor.

“Just because I said I like girls that dress like that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. I just said that girls that do that are pretty, they never asked me what I find sexy” his voice would fade out shyly as he looked back up at you. 

You giggled a little realising without him saying what he was saying. You would hug him tightly and tease him for being so shy. You would share a deep kiss before he would break it only to poke your nose “You are too beautiful for me y/n”

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He wouldn’t notice it at first because he always gets so caught up staring at your beautiful face. He would sit there admire you for a solid minute at least before he would look down and furrow his brow.

“Ay, did I miss something! Did we have a date tonight!” He would panic and start freaking out as you chuckle telling him that you just saw a post talking about his ideal type is a girl who dresses up in expensive nice clothes so you decided to try to dress like this more often from now on to please him. 

He would frown and shake his head telling you not to read those silly articles and that you didn’t need to change your whole style just to please him and that he liked that you were diffrent from most girls and that is why he was drawn to you to begin with, was becasue of how you didnt follow the normal dress standard. When he realised your personality also shine differently than other girls he fell for you.

You would blush as he told you how much he loved you for being you, and he would poke your cheek as you blushed from his confession. 

“I love you y/n, no matter how crazy you are” he chuckled as he hugged you. 

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You knew he would be Shook he always is when you dress in dresses and heels, but this time it was because your friends told you to so because you were worried that you weren’t good enough for him. 

He wouldn’t say anything at first, but he would differently show it through his awkward actions. He didn’t know how to approach you about it so he asked the older members what to do (which they pretty much told him to man up and talk to you)

When he finally did talk to you about it, you thought he was going to break up with you because he looked upset. When he asked why you had been dressing up recently your didn’t bother lying to him and told him the truth.

He frowned deeply as you told him how you felt. He would hug you tightly and kiss your forehead over and over again, running his hands through your hair. “Don’t ever talk like that again, I love you and you are the most perfect person I have ever met.”

He always went the extra mile from then on to make sure he expressed his love for you, telling interviewers how much he loved you and talking about you at concerts and fan meetings when they asked about you. 

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thank you again @-happytbh- for your request. I had fun with this one to.