youre so pretty it should be illegal

Every day, I see stuff in this fandom which disgusts me, but today I think I saw the absolute worst, and I’m sure plenty will agree with me. The majority of this fandom, I think, is full of wonderful, respectful people who only want the best for Harry and the rest of the guys but the past few days, I’ve seen so much stuff go on that is just wrong and far beyond too. 

Finding out where his hotels are, waiting for him, going inside the hotel and trying to find him when he’s on holiday, basically forcing him to have photos with you, and then when he asks you like the angel he is to not post them for a couple of days, you still do? That’s wrong. I’ve walked past him three or four times in the street, live pretty much on the same road, walk past his house regularly to get to the pub or go to the Heath, and the only time I’ve ever even dared to go up to him was at a live performance, when he was working

Standing outside his house in London and going through his rubbish? Pretty sure that’s illegal. And it’s wrong. You can’t invade people’s privacy like that and think it’s ok or that you should get away with it. It’s wrong and I swear if I caught anybody doing that outside his house, I’d knock them into next week.

Leaking his and his family’s private photos is wrong too. So what if they’ve been posted on a family member’s Facebook, it’s not your place to take them and share them. If there is no clear source or you can’t recall an event or day when it was, do not reblog or share.

Sharing private, heartbreaking information that nobody knows whether true or false and where you have ZERO right to share, is a disgrace and the person who does this and who leaks the photos (it’s the same person) needs to be reported at every single opportunity by everybody who is able to. 

Harry is an angel to every single one of us, even those who don’t deserve it, and it’s time some ‘fans’ started giving him a little bit of respect back. Some of you really do disgust me and make me ashamed to be associated in the same breath. I hope Harry knows that this is just a small minority of people. This is a man who walks around London and Holmes Chapel with no security, because he should be able to; he shouldn’t have to hide away from fans but the way some of you act are going to make him go that way one day and then you’ll be the ones crying over how he never has time for you. You know what? You brought it on yourselves.

Undercover Discovery

Spencer Reid x Reader

Requested: No. You and Spencer are asked to go undercover at a couples retreat to catch a couple that have been performing high-profile kills. You successfully catch the UnSubs and discover something that you had always wanted to know.

Word Count: 2,331, Warnings: None.

A/N: I had this idea in my head for a long time after watching Season 8 Episode 18 of NCIS: Los Angeles. Eric and Nell went undercover to a couples retreat and it was really cute. This is slightly different but definitely inspired by it. This fic is honestly major fluff and God, Reid is such an amazing human.

(Gif not mine, credit to owner)

Originally posted by mggandme

“Wait,” you said gently shaking your head in confusion. “Let me get this right. You want Spencer and I to go undercover at a couples retreat?” blinking vicariously and cocking an eyebrow at your unit chief. “Precisely, yes,” Emily replied professionally yet somehow her voice exposed to you that this was a ruse to get you to admit your undying love for the oblivious genius. The team’s glance switched between you and Spencer as he sat awkwardly in his seat, switching his weight from one leg to the other. “Look, guys, it’s only for two nights until we can catch the couple in the act,” explained Luke taking another sip of his now cold coffee. You rolled your eyes and turned to Spencer, he nodded up at you whilst fiddling with his thumbs signalling he’d be willing to do it. “Alright, fine. We’ll do it. Garcia, what can you tell me about the couple and the retreat?” Asking the peppy blonde as you sat down in a chair next to Spencer. “Well, munchkin. The couples retreat you’re going to go to is called ‘The Homestead’ located in Hot Springs, Virginia. The Homestead is a luxury resort located in the Allegheny Mountains. The couple..”, she began as she pressed the stubborn button on her remote causing pictures of the couple to pop up. “Liam Hart, 31 and Mary Davis, 28 are both going to be attending this weekend.”, the team nodded, scanning their tablets for more information. “Alright. JJ and Alvez, I want you as well as Reid and Y/L/N to be hooked up with in-ears and you can feed them information along the way.”, they obliged, slowly getting up from their seats. “Now, you two. Act like a damn couple, hold hands or something,” exclaimed Rossi as he pointed a finger at both of you, causing the other team members to stifle their laughs. “Go home and start packing, I want you back here in 2 hours,” Emily stated whilst walking away to her office, the evidence of a smirk dripping in her voice.

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universal-glitch  asked:

Can you write the Connor x Internet friend! Reader as a fanfic. I would love it if you did.

Message Me || Connor Murphy x Reader (PART 1 OF 5)

requested : yep
prompt: n/a
pairing : connor murphy x reader
warnings : suicide plan mention
additional notes : reader is female, based off of a Connor X Internet friend reader headcanon by @watch-the-whole-world-disappear, they meet on tumblr, connor runs an Edgy™ Aesthetic Blog, WHICH I RUN BTW, NOT THAT THERES ANYTHING ON IT YET BUT YEAH FOLLOW ME AT @connor-fvckng-mvrphy lmao it’s a Connor roleplay blog

Bored. Bored. Bored.

Bored is such a boring word. In this moment, you’ve never heard a word that describes you so much.

You scroll listlessly through your tumblr, liking random images and quotes from this one aesthetic blog that you follow. Your eyes wander, not that you’re finding anything interesting, until you come across an interesting poem.   


I have to get this
off my chest before
I straighten every crooked object
offensive clutter distraction
nervous as fuck
I’ll pull out every hair
or tear my fingers off
If I don’t figure out how to look
in your eyes
without screaming

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I can’t remember anything before you
I can’t imagine anything without you
I want to live the rest of my life with you

But only if you think I’m cool
We should just kill ourselves

‘Interesting,‘ You think, 'Edgy, but very interesting.’

This guy (girl? other?) seems interesting. Relatable. You click on their name, intrigued.

At one click, you fall in love with the account. You follow on first sight.

According to his bio, his name is Connor and he’s seventeen. His posts consist of black-and-white photos of chipped nail-polish, of pale wrists with even paler scars zigzagged across the stick-thin appendage. Quotes by Poe, little poems like the first one you read. 

He’s tortured, you know. But you can’t bring yourself to message him, like the little stalker you are.

Hours of pouring over his account turn into days, days into weeks, until finally you have been an avid fan of his for a month. 

And then it all comes crashing down.

One day, you refresh your page, bored, and there’s a new post from him. Literally must have been posted not even a minute ago. 


this is not going to be a great week
or year or life
or anything inbetween
i thought for a millisecond
that i had found a friend
a kindred spirit
but you fucking tore it up

fuck you, E.H.
your friend too
go ahead and laugh
laugh all you want
but will you be laughing when the school shooter is dead?


You’re worried.

This poem…was not like the others.

This was angry. This was raw. This was…this was real.

You bite your lip. Your eyes flick down to the tags.

#suicide plan #goodbye

Shit. Your eyes widen and you click on your inbox, typing in a message frantically

hi I know you don’t know me but I just saw the tags on your newest poem and im freaking out
please please don’t kill yourself
I’m sorry it’s just your poems are really relatable and help me a lot and i feel like I’ve gotten to know you through them and oh my god you probably think I’m so creepy I’m so sorry

You wait, terrified, for a response.

One minute.

Two minutes.




There is no answer, and you bury your head in your pillow and try not to cry. You can’t help it, your shoulders shake with wracking sobs. You probably failed at saving this guy, you failed so bad. You suck, oh god, you suck.

After another five minutes of sobbing, you hear a loud ding from your phone, and you blearily stare at the screen through unshed tears.

im flattered
I didn’t realise that somebody actually read my poems or my tags or cared or…

You gasp in relief, fingers tap-tap-tapping out a reply. 

OH thank god I thought that you had…
Are you okay??
thats a stupid question omg I'm sorry

im fine
actually…i feel much better.
thanks for, you know.

I’m [y/n] btw


i know
thats creepy oh my god;sorry

it’s fine ig I mean it is in my bio so??? its chill


so this might sound weird but ????
you’re…pretty cool.
i just looked over your account and wanted to know
well you know
want to talk more???

wow im??? Really???

yeah i mean you helped me there,,,like a lot,,,

id love to !!!!

You talked almost every day. When you got down to it…he was a sweetheart. He was kind. He got you.

do you think, like…
well ever get to meet each other??
imean you’re a really great friend now and???
id like to meet you.

i wish
but we live like eight hours away from each other…

ill drive to you!

calm down, connor…lmao
we don’t want you burning out on the way

:( I don’t even know what you look like…

i don’t know what you look like either! XD

shit well
if I send you a picture of me
will you do the same?

sure ig

me.jpg my sister took the photo so,,,


id prefer handsome but I’ll take it
your turn, missy.

hnnghhh okay


holy shit



no no no I am definitely not wtf you need your eyes checked?

no way you’re fucking adorable
i think /I’m/ in love you cute lil motherfucker

we should swap phone numbers

and skype??

fuck yeah

oKay !!! im [skype/name] and my number is [number]

my Skype is the same as my tumblr and my phone number is XXXX XXXXXX

saved and I just texted you too :)

'hi Connor!!!!’ with a bunch of happy emojis?
dude you’re just,,,
thats really fucking cute

wh y???? do you keep calling me cute I’m???

because, as it turns out, i have a really cute best friend

best friend??
awww connor!!!

yeah yeah
you’re literally all I have, [y/n]

you’re my best friend too!!
i really wish i could meet you…

me too…hold on a sec

connor??? you okay???

my sister just walked in and was being a dick, being nosy about who I’m talking to and not believing that it was a friend. She thinks I’m talking to my dealer.
i fucking hate her sometimes

do you?

but she thinks I do. It’s easier to let her.

*internet hug*

Fuck…that’s cute.

 As time went on, you found yourself more and more drawn to Connor. His photos could always make you smile, and nothing brightened up a shitty day more than clicking on his Skype name and watching him answer a video call, smiling dopily at the camera.

And also as time went on…you slowly began to realise why.

You were in love with him. 

Fuck, you were in love with a guy eight hours away. A guy that you had never met in real life. What do you do?

…You continue pining for him over a distance, of course.

You watch yourself in the screen, waiting for Connor to pick up the Skype call. Soon enough, he does, and his grinning face fills the screen.

“Hey, [y/n].” He greets sleepily - it’s like, midnight over there - and rests his chin on his hands.

“Heya.” You wave at the camera, grinning sheepishly and a little shyly. The thrill of actually seeing him rather than just a message still gets you.

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day, huh?”

“Yep! Any special girl that you had in mind?” You ask, a hopeful smile plastered on your face.

“No, well…actually…” He furrows his brow, and your heart drops.

“Is she pretty?” You ask, concealing your jealousy. You could be there for him.

“She’s cute. Like, really fucking cute.” Connor says, watching you carefully.

Truth be told, Connor felt the same way. He was absolutely crazy about you, but he didn’t want to ruin this adorably heartwarming friendship you had.

To wake up and have no more *internet hug* messages or cute little reminders…it’d ruin his life. You were absolutely the only thing keeping him going.

You talked for ages, until it was about 2:30 on his end. Before long, he was getting tired. 

“I should go soon.” He says drowsily. 

“Mmmm.” You don’t want him to go. “Night, Con.”

“G'night.” He yawns. “Love you.”

You freeze. He freezes and hurriedly leaves the video chat.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Connor slams his head on his desk, pissed off. “I fucked up. I fucked up.” He mumbles.

A small chime comes from his computer and he bites his lip, glancing reluctantly at the screen.

i love you too!!!!

Random Prompt Starters

  • “This is illegal?”
  • “We are not getting married!”
  • “Stop following me like a lost puppy.”
  • “Can you two stop embarrassing me?”
  • “I can’t believe you would do this to me.”
  • “You don’t always have to be in control.”
  • “They’re going to kill you when they find out you…”
  • “Your tutor is pretty hot.”
  • “Why have you been so secretive lately?”
  • “I think we should take a break.”
  • “I’m dying.”
  • “Don’t push me away anymore.”
  • “How come you’re the only one who can see me?”
  • “I just wanted to hear your voice.”
  • “You’re a nightmare.”
  • “I’m not helping you babysit.”
  • “Just so you know, this isn’t a date.”
  • “Did we sleep together.”
  • “How long are you going to keep blackmailing me?”
  • “I’m not taking you to the hospital just because you stubbed your toe.”
  • “If you won’t do it I will.”
  • “I can’t remember anything.”

anonymous asked:

ohhh, what would the RFA+Saeran's reactions be to MC's overprotective father being a mobster or a mafia leader?? kinda lame but mehh, it just kinda popped into my head ^^"

I only know about the Mafia from Bungou Stray Dogs, so that’s what it will be based off. Hope you don’t mind.


  • he laughs when you tell him
  • “That’s funny MC, but I     doubt he’ll be that scary”    
  • No, no you were serious
  • He was the leader of the mafia
  • Yoosung stares at you for a     second, before smiling and nodded    
  • And passing out
  • When he came too he began to     freak out
  • He couldn’t handle this! He’s a     university student! Want if they try to kill him?
  • What if they want him to do…     illegal things?
  • Yoosung, trust me, my     father will take one look at you and know you aren’t up for that
  • Wait what does that mean?
  • He tries really hard to be     tough around your father… but he fails miserably 
  • He just kind of looks like an     awkward puppy dog     
  • Puppy dog vs Lion
  • Your father wasn’t acting very     threateningly, you were glad and thought maybe he finally warmed up
  • But when you left him and     Yoosung alone…
  • “I’m sure you have good     intentions with my kid, but should you hurt them I’ll make sure you and     your family disappear off the face of the earth without a trace,     okay?“     
  • "Okay, Sir”
  • He leaves the place terrified 
  • You have to reassure him he     won’t do anything, because you won’t let him. 
  • Also that he shouldn’t worry     what your father thinks because you love him very much and that’s what     matters.     


  • fuck.
  • She’s a little overwhelmed by     your father’s status in the world 
  • For a while she lets her fears     get the best of her and she avoids meeting your father for a while
  • But then, she looks at it     objectively
  • One of her closest friends is a     secret agent that probably does illegal things a lot 
  • And if she’s not scared of an     elite hacker that could ruin her life with a few clicks of a button
  • She should be afraid of the person     she loves father.     
  • It wasn’t the best comparison     but if it kept Jaehee confident enough to meet your father then it didn’t     really matter
  • She’s very polite when talking     to him, and although she’s scared she does well in not showing it
  • Your father is pretty impressed     so he backs off with the threats for now
  • When he’s alone with Jaehee he     gives her a gentle reminder of your wellbeing
  • “Woman or not, should you     hurt my MC I can assure you your existence will be wiped from this earth     in the blink of an eye”     
  • Jaehee nods and agrees, saying     she understands and promises she would never do something like that to you
  • She’s a mix of shaken and     relieved after meeting him    
  • You assure her you wouldn’t let     your father hurt her     
  • She’s grateful but still     terrified     


  • Zen should definitely be the     most worried     
  • Because your father has seen     his type before, his "I can handle this baby, don’t worry” kind     of confidence before    
  • He’s seen his type right before     putting a bullet in their brain    
  • Zen’s confidence is still up     and running
  • But it’s covering up his utter     fear
  • Your father’s glares pierce     Zen’s eyes
  • Zen’s polite and confident,     showing he can be tough and handle looking after you
  • While his father admires     that… he still worries Zen will hurt you.
  • You’re afraid of leaving them     alone but it becomes unavoidable, so you try to make it as quick as     possible
  • “You have a pretty face, I     bet it does well for your career. It would be a shame if something     horrible, like acid burn, were to happen to it, right?" 
  • "U-uh, yes” 
  • Terrible threatened 
  • While Zen is terrified, he does     promise your father he loves you very much, and he would give his life to     protect you.     
  • Your father’s impressed by his     sacrifice, and he escapade unscathed 
  • However, you do have to calm     him down when you get home    
  • Zen is strong but holy shit     your father is scary    


  • these two were two sides of the     same coin
  • Both of them had the power to     destroy the other     
  • Neither of them here shaken nor     intimidated by the other    
  • It was a very interesting     exchange
  • Your father threatened him,     offhandedly warning that should you be hurt his company might take the     fall
  • But Jumin also insisted that     should you somehow pay for his crimes, he might find himself in the same     position
  • It was like watching cats and     dogs fight
  • At the end of the day, they     almost had… respect for each other 
  • A respect that didn’t go past a     handshake, but a respect non the less 
  • You began to wonder if you’d     disrupted the balance of the earth by bringing the two of them together 
  • Admittedly, Jumin was a little     worried. But he wasn’t worried for himself, but rather for you
  • He knew having two people you     cared about deeply dislike each other was never a nice experience 
  • But he was glad that it went     well
  • And you were happy


  • please do not let this man     child near the mafia boss     
  • Please
  • Saeyoung is smart, so he’s     confident in his ability to take down the Mafia
  • But this boy has a mouth on him
  • And having a mouth is like     asking for death in the mafia
  • You’re the one frightened for     Saeyoungs life when he and your father meet 
  • It was very nerve wracking to     see your boyfriend mouth off to your father, who had a gun three inches     away
  • Your father made his threats     serious and unforgiving    
  • “You’re a fool, and should     you break MC’s heart both you and your brothers spines will be     broken”
  • “But Sir~ MC chose me! So     if you kill me and Saeran you’ll be the one breaking their heart~”
  • Your father opened his mouth     but you interrupted him.    
  • “Please don’t say     anything, Father, I’ll kill him myself" 
  • If you leave the two alone,     however, Saeyoungs personality breaks.
  • "I understand your     concerns, but please understand when I say I would do anything for MC.     That includes dying"     
  • Your father’s a little     surprised at Saeyoungs turn around. 
  • Once you leave you hit Saeyoung     for being so rude
  • Because you were afraid your     father might actually do something, and that scared you 
  • He assured you he’d never leave     your side     
  • Even if he dies
  • Ghost Saeyoung


  • Had Saerans mentality still     been messed up, he probably wouldn’t be threatened or intimidated by your     father at all
  • But it was different now
  • And even though he didn’t show     a single indication
  • He was scared out of his mind
  • He didn’t know much about the     mafia, but he knew it wasn’t a very safe organisation 
  • He was a little afraid your     father would be like Rika     
  • Even though he knew that was     stupid
  • He was still afraid
  • He was very quiet when he met     your father, and you held his hand the entire time
  • When you left them alone, your     father showed him understanding 
  • Although,  he     still threatened him    
  • "I understand what you’ve     been through is hard, but from what I hear you’re making a very remarkable     recovery”
  • “Yes sir" 
  • "I hope you understand if     you do hurt MC, I will make sure your death is quick and you are easily     forgotten"     
  • This hurts Saeran a lot but he     nods and dryly swallows     
  • When you guys get home, he has     a panic attack
  • You calm him down by     getting him to breathe and rubbing his back 
  • Once he calms down, you hold     him and promise you will not let anything happen to him
  • Saeyoung won’t either
TMNT Boyfriends: Blushing.

He’s Blushing:
Raph was in the gym lifting weights when you came down for a visit. It was one of those days where you were just feeling affectionate and cuddly. So who better to see them your bara boyfriend?
You made your way to the gym and saw him in the weight bench, sweaty and focused. You leaned against the wall and watched his muscles move, smiling a little.
“Hey, you.”
He glanced over and gave you a crooked grin.
“Hey, tiger. Come to watch the gun show?”
You laughed, shaking your head in amusement.
“I was feeling lonely, so I came for a visit.”
“Did ya now?”
He set down the weights and came over.
You looked up at him said
“You’re so handsome.”
Raph looked at you, taken aback for a moment.
“What? You really are handsome. You’re all big and buff and your eyes are gorgeous. And I love your smile.”
Raph felt his face heat up. He had never thought that he was even midly attractive, not in the slightest. But to hear you talk about how handsome he was…that made him feel so freaking great.
He smiled and leaned down for a kiss.
“I love ya, Y/N.”
“Love you too, hot shot.”

You’re Blushing:
“Raph, have you seen my notebook?”
He looked up from the tv and saw you leaning over the couch as you peaked between the cushions.
“It’s red, with a gold little latch. Have you seen it?”
“No. I’ll go check my room.”
You thanked him as he made his way to his bedroom. He pushed around his things and looked under the bed. He has seen you with the book before, but he wasn’t totally sure what it was for. Still, you seemed pretty upset and he figured you were worried about it.
His hands brushed against something and he pulled out the book. It was open, your handwriting scrawled in black ink. He read a page and read it, smiling as he left the room. He found you looking under the couch, your hand sweeping underneath.
“So, I’m so sexy it’s practically illegal, huh?” he asked.
You shot up, your face turning red. Turning around, you looked at him with wide eyes.
“You read that?”
“Just a page, darlin’. A pretty descriptive page.”
You took the book and hid behind the red leather. Raph smirked and sat back down on the couch.
“You should see what I wrote about ya, tiger. You’d really be blushin’ then.”

File #666

“So let me get this straight, Yoongi: you’re saying that this thing is the reason why your friends were found hanging from the ceiling fan? That this was the thing that nearly killed them?”

Yoongi’s convinced a double suicide attempt is actually a murder, and you’re busy stalking a comatose student’s blog.

request - 666: for continue file #666 from welcome to ; badpasta gone cereal.

horror triggers apply.

5.5k words, horror/thriller, yoongi + reader, college/cop au.

You tug the thick manila folder from the stack of files. File #666, marked as “resolved.” You take it from the storage and back to your cubicle. Ruminate over the case a bit. In a strange, twisted way, it’s funny: for months, members of the department had been making bets and dark-humored jokes about what the six hundredth and sixth case would be. Would it be bizarre? Or something more commonplace?

When case #665 turned out to be the kidnapping of twenty-six schoolchildren and gained international attention, speculations for case #666 grew exponentially. A mass murder. A mysterious outbreak. Or maybe someone would actually manage to summon Satan.

And yet, after all the debates and guesses, case #666 turned out to be a double suicide attempt. It’s uncommon—of course, but it was underwhelming compared to all the expectations it had garnered. You lay the folder on your desk before taking a seat. Two college students. Roommates. Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung. You review their profiles, just to make sure that nothing’s been changed.

Nothing has, as expected.

According to the case file, one of them was a blogger—Jimin, you think—and a link to the blog is hastily scribbled on the bottom corner of the folder:

mochi-min. university . blog . com

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Me, a lesbian: yeah girls are pretty cool also maybe being a lesbian doesn’t make me evil
Some shithead cishet man with a url like libertarians-against-sjw-cucks: What about everyone else??? So you only care about lesbians huh??? You should be glad nobody has even murdered you yet for being a selfish lesbian and not opening your mind up to care about the rest of us. Homophobia is over because in some countries it’s illegal for people to kill you just because you’re gay. Checkmate!!

anonymous asked:

Hey J, I know you'll probably be full of fix it asks but... Would you do something with Alex and Maggie being the best queer moms ever? I'm not out to my family, but just hearing what they say sometimes makes me sick. Besides, Adrian is one of the best OCs I've ever read. Thanks for being such a great person.

He’s never been drunk before.

He’s never been drunk before, but god, is he drunk now.

He’s drunk and he thinks he might be seeing double, but he can’t be sure because he can’t exactly count.

He thinks he might need to throw up, but he can’t be sure because – no. No, definitely sure.

He needs to throw up.

He makes it to the bathroom and he texts Maggie from his knees.

It’s incoherent because looking at the screen makes him throw up more.

He nearly drops his phone in the toilet when it starts to vibrate.

Maggie’s picture shows up on his caller ID, and he grins faintly and mutters her name mildly and spits into the toilet.

“Detective Sawyerrrr,” he slurs once he figures out how to put his finger on the green button thing.

“Where are you?” she asks, and he thinks he might throw up again, because she definitely knows.

“Maggie, don be mad! Don be maaad, Maggie, is Latinx night and I didn’t mean to have this muchhh – I don’t even think I had that much, just – did you know you’re not supposed to drink super fast? Or mix drinks? I think you’re not supposta do those things.”

“I was gonna teach you to drink, Rodriguez, you couldn’t tell me you wanted to before this?”

“Well you coulda told me you were gonna teach me!”

“Adrian.” He can’t tell if she’s frustrated or smiling or worried or all of the above, but he definitely here’s Alex in the background.

“Hi Alex,” he calls, trying to wave before he remembers they can’t see him.

And suddenly the phone is out of his hands, and he looks up, and a friend he met through the queer center, Mateo, is crouching over him, running a damp paper towel over his lips with one hand, holding his phone with the other.

“Maggie?” he asks, and Adrian tries to grab the phone back, but Mateo shrugs him off easily.

“Mateo? Is he okay? Where are you guys?”

“Maggie, I’m so sorry, I lost track of him for just a few minutes, I thought only one beer couldn’t hurt him, but you know how cute he is, some people must have bought him drinks – “

“Mateo, you have a boyyyyfriend, don’t let Jordan hear you call me cuteee.”

“It’s okay, Mateo, it happens. Just tell me where you are and we’ll come get him. And get him some water, okay?”

Jordan greets them both outside the club when they roll up in Maggie’s car – which she bought exactly for situations like this – and she flashes her badge when someone says they can’t double park, and she flashes her badge when the bouncer asks for ID, and when he balks, she says something to him in rapidfire Portuguese, and Alex can translate enough to know that it’s something about letting underage kids in, letting underage kids drink, and don’t think she won’t be checking back in if they don’t take this warning very, very seriously.

Jordan and Alex exchange raised eyebrows before Jordan leads them to the men’s room.

“Lady, you can’t – “

Maggie doesn’t even bother, on the warpath, just flashing her badge again, but she’s kneeling on the ground next to Adrian and Mateo in an instant, and her eyes are suddenly so, so, so soft, and Alex is so, so, so wildly in love with her.

“Hey, bud,” she greets softly, her hands running over his hair, his collared shirt, after squeezing Mateo’s arm in greeting, in gratitude.

“Maggie,” Adrian slurs, barely awake, and Maggie nods and grins.

“He throw up more since I called?” she asks Mateo, and he shakes his head as he shifts to let Maggie take over holding Adrian somewhat upright.

“Alright Ade, I know this is gonna be awful, but you’ve gotta throw up a little more now.”

“I don’t wanna – “

“I know, Ade, I know, but you gotta.”

“Are you mad at – “

But he doesn’t get the words out, because he’s suddenly rigid and retching violently into the toilet, and Maggie just holds his hand, rubs his back, nods softly, sympathetically.

“It hurts,” he whispers hoarsely, and Alex kneels behind Maggie.

“I know it does, Ade, but I promise it won’t hurt forever. Trust me, I know. When I was your age, damn, I got much worse than you are right now. I know how you feel, and you know what? I promise, it’ll feel better.”

“Alex! You came too. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I messed up your night, I messed – “

He vomits again, and Maggie kisses the back of his neck when he spits.

Alex takes the small bottle of mouthwash she’d grabbed from the apartment out of her back pocket.

“Here, Ade, swig this around your mouth. Don’t swallow it, okay?”

Adrian nods faintly as Maggie smiles at her girlfriend, opening the little bottle for him and guiding it to his lips.

He swishes and he spits and he leans his forehead on Maggie’s shoulder.

“Mateo, could you please – “ Maggie starts to ask, but he and Jordan have already come back with new glasses of water.

“Thank you,” she says, pleased with their thoughtfulness, with the concern and regret in their eyes.

“How you feel, Ade?” Jordan asks, and Adrian gives a mock grin and a weak thumbs up.

“You think you have more in you, buddy?” Maggie asks, and he shakes his head as she offers a straw to his lips.

“I know the idea of water hurts, but just a few sips. Just a few sips, okay?” Alex coaches, and she praises him when he forces some down, his face a tight grimace.

He whispers something that sounds a lot like thank you, and he remembers nothing else.

He wakes up in Maggie’s bed, jeans unbuttoned, top buttons of his shirt undone, shoes off. He wakes up with water, a banana, aspirin, coffee all next to his bed. With the curtains all drawn so the light doesn’t hurt his eyes, and with Alex and Maggie tiptoeing around in the kitchen, being as quiet as they can.

“Ey,” he tries, and even though it’s a whisper, they both spring to attention, spring to either side of the bed.

“How you feel, soldier?” Alex asks with a grin, and Adrian groans.

“I passed out?”

Maggie nods. “We only just got home a couple hours ago.”

Adrian’s brow furrows as he accepts the water Alex is giving him, accepts the help Maggie’s giving him with sitting up slow, slow, slow. “But it wasn’t that late when I called.”

“I figured you wouldn’t want us to carry you to the car, so we let you sleep it off in the stall until you could kind of walk. It’s okay if you don’t remember. Nothing bad happened. And Mateo and Jordan send their love, and their said they’re sorry they didn’t watch you closer. I’m pretty sure they blew up your phone with texts.”

Adrian blinks.

“So… so I get into a club illegally, and I drink illegally, and you just… let me sleep on you on a gross bathroom floor for hours and then take me home and take care of me?”

“What else should we have done, Ade?” Maggie asks with narrow eyes and a tilted head.

“I don’t know… yell at me? Arrest me?”

“Well, arresting you wasn’t gonna happen. That’s not what the law… But I did made it very clear to the club that if I ever catch them serving underage kids again… And yell at you? Why would I yell at you?”

“I was stupid.”

Maggie smiles, and she kisses his forehead, and she nods.

“Yep. But Adrian, you called me. Or, well, you texted me. You reached out when you were in a bit of trouble, and that’s all I can ask. I can’t ask you to never make mistakes. I can only ask you to make sure you call me – or Alex, or your parents, or all of us – when you’re in trouble so we can help you.”

“So… you’re not mad?”

Alex snorts. “Oh, she’s hopping mad. But we figure we’ll let you come down from the hangover before you get lectured, Sawyer Style.”

“Not helping, Danvers.”

Alex just winks at him, and Adrian lets out a groggy giggle, and Maggie can’t help but melt.

Because he’s home, and he’s safe, and he’s growing up, but god, he’s still their kid, and he always will be.

And she can’t ask for anything more.

ironic-comicsans  asked:

Okay so I went to Walmart today with my dad and little brothers to get groceries and to check out some video games. While my dad was getting food he sent me and the boys to look at the ps3 games they have. On the way to the game section, we walked past this girl and Oh. My. God. She was so pretty and cute and gorgeous and my god like that should be illegal. And she had on the coolest bomber jacket, and her hair was super long and pretty, and just wow man I am super bi (1/2)

And she was so pretty I just couldn’t help but stare. But then she looked up and saw me staring and i just internally started screaming “oh shit I have been caught!!!!!!!!!!!” But then she smiled at me???????? Like a genuine smile?????? And it was fekin beautiful. So me not trying to be an awkward gay I smiled back, and she stopped and said “I like your jeans” and let me tell you the jeans I was wearing weren’t anywhere near cute they were just your generic jeans (1.5/2)
So you know me being nice I said “thank you! I like your jacket (I meant her face but I couldn’t really say that)” and she said “awwww thank you!!!!!” And then somebody called her, and she told them that she’ll be there in a minute and she turned back to me and was like “hey uh this might seem weird but could I have your number? It’s okay if you know you don’t want to give it to me” and was like “holy shit!!!!!!!!!!” inside (1.75/2)

Anyways we traded numbers and she texted me like 5 minutes after and apologized if it was weird for her to do that and I was no it wasn’t and we talked for a bit and her name is Claire and wow I think I have a crush and I really hope she isn’t straight (I know she probably isn’t cause she asked me my number but still) but after she left I might like squealed and my little brothers looked at me like I was crazy lol (also this is okay to publish just so you know soz for it being wayyy long) (2/2)



A/N: So I am back from vacation, Idk if I’ll post pics or videos from the trip or not. Just wanted to say I’m glad to be back and in relation to this Imagine I don’t smoke weed I just know a LOT of people who do. 

You were in your room, just laying in bed trying to decide if you would turn on your laptop or not. Just when you had decided it was too much work you heard your front door open followed by angry stomps coming up the stairs.

‘Honestly I feel like if I hear the name Allison again I’m gonna start dropping bodies.’ Stiles said as he barged into your room.

‘Let me guess…Scott?’ you sighed as you sat up.

'My phone got confiscated because he texted me about Allison sending him nudes. It costs me twenty bucks to get it back then Scott asked for twenty more to take Allison out for pizza.’ Stiles griped as he sat next to you.

'Dick move.’ you replied.

'Yeah.’ he sighed.

'Wanna bake the pain away or eat it?’ you asked.

'What?’ he asked in confusion.

You reached into your bedside desk and pulled out two plastic bags.

One had a green grassy substance and the other had a brownie.

He looked between the two bags in shock.

'You know I’m the sheriff’s son right?’

'I know, that’s why you get away with so much. Like trespassing, breaking and entering, going through classified files, running red lights, stea-’

'OK I get it, give the brownie.’ Stiles interrupted.

'Thought so.’ you smiled as you handed him the bag.

While he was opening the edible you dug in your desk for your rolling papers.

'Where did you get this anyway?’ Stiles asked before taking a bite.

'My cousin down town sells, gives me half off.’ you answered as you rolled your blunt.

Stiles hummed around the brownie.

'Good shit right?’ you said as you lit your masterpiece.

'Good ass brownie I’ll say that much.’

You didn’t respond in favor of taking a long drag, as you blew out the smoke you laid back down, Stiles did the same after he finished his weed brownie.

‘How long before it kicks in?’

‘Bout a half hour.’ you answered as you took your second drag.

‘Hey I may be new at this, but I know the rules, puff puff pass.’ he whined.

‘Like hell I am, you got the brownie I got the blunt.’ you scoffed jokingly.

‘So my first time smoking and you won’t let me smoke?’

‘Cry baby.’ you teased as you handed your blunt over.

*One Hour Later*

‘Fuck me this is good shit.’ you sighed from your side of the bed.

You and Stiles were both laid out on the bed, the weed had taken the mobility right the fuck outta you.

‘Dude, fuck Adderall, this helps me focus, keeps me still and relaxed. Not jumpy and afraid of an overdose.’ Stiles  said slowly.

‘Natures best medicine is illegal in most states, fucked up.’ you replied.

‘How much for those brownies? Every time Scott brings up Allison Imma take a bite, should be pretty fucked up by lunch.’ Stiles slurred.

‘Oh my God lunch sounds so fucking good right now.’ you sighed as you finally managed to sit up.

‘I just realized I’m starving, order some pizza we’ll dutch it.’ Stiles said.

‘Didn’t you spend forty bucks already today?’ you asked as you ordered your usual pizza online, you had done this so many times you could do it in your sleep.

‘Nah just twenty, just because Scott asked for money doesn’t mean I gave it to him, besides I’m gonna need to keep more cash for my new weed habit.’ Stiles said as he sat up.

You two just stared at each other in a weed daze for a minute or so.

‘You know, I don’t see what about Allison drives Scott so crazy, sure she’s cute but not my type you know.’ Stiles said.

‘Yeah, she’s not my type either.’ you laughed.

‘You’re my type.’ 

‘What?’ you asked as you looked at your friend.

‘You’re way cooler than Allison and me and Scott have known you since the sandbox, If I were Scott I’d be all over you.’ Stiles replied.

‘But I’m not his type I think, plus he sure ain’t mine, that damn jaw of his would drive me nuts.’ you teased as you laid back down.

‘What about me, am I your type?’ he asked.

‘Let me see. your hilarious, fucking adorable, excellent movie taste, great build, a genius and now you light up…yeah your my type.’ you smiled as you moved closer to him.

‘So why aren’t we dating?’ Stiles asked as he slowly moved his face closer to yours.

‘We must be on drugs.’ you whisper before you pull him into a slow kiss.

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Kara tells his s/o how he doesn't feel appreciated sometimes, so his s/o in an attempt to make him feel better, sneaks into his house at night and covers walls upon walls in sticky notes in compliments, then comes over the next day in a t-shirt that reads "#1 Karamatsu Girl." with an arrow pointing up.

Aww, caring s/o to the rescue!!

You and Karamatsu were alone in his house, cuddling with each other on the couch. It was mostly silent as he flipped through a fashion magazine and you played a pointless game on your phone.

Suddenly, he put his magazine down. “Can I be honest with you?”

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anonymous asked:

do you have any bumbleblitz headcanons.... you're like my favorite person on tumblr and if you do i will s c rEAM

oo h my god i thought i was gonna pass out after reading this…pls let me hold you, u absolute gem

amd yEA i have like 50 billion headcanons about those losers. i think about them like 24/7 to be honest l m ao:

- if they need to go somewhere together blitzwing carries bee and flies using the rocket boosters in his feet (bee wont admit it but it’s a terrifying experience and he holds on reaLLy tight :3c)

- bumblebee teaches blitzwing about all his videogames and how to play them and he turns out to be…rlly good at them

- backing up that last point, blitz broke a bunch of bee’s controllers while learning (but he stole bought him new ones)

- sometimes their relationship is angsty because of the differences between Autobots and Decepticons. they don’t fight about it, but sometimes blitzwing’s like “we gotta kill this guy” or whatever and bee’s like “wHAT the fUVk…NO”

- Autobot/Decepticon relationships are illegal on Cybertron so they have to be sneaky about the Elite Guard finding out 

- they kiSS A L O T :’)))

- a lot of people in the ship fandom say they wouldn’t sparkbond but i’m a huge sucker for robots getting married so yea

- the autobots hate the fUCK out of their relationship (mostly optimus though, everyone else is more like “ewww”) but they just. do not care

- lugnut is really disgruntled about their relationship (”All your love should be for our great and glorious leader, Megatron!”) but everyone is else pretty much ok with it. Blackarachnia tries to give Blitzwing dating advice sometimes

i could go on and on but i’m getting too excited so i’m gonna stop :v

anonymous asked:

just a quick comment- one of your followers sent an ask complaining about their civics teacher being racist, and you suggested they record them to try and catch the them being racist? i'm pretty sure that's illegal, so i would recommend against recording teachers unless they like go on a racist rant or something. maybe talking to someone about their actions isn't a bad idea, but you could be in trouble for recording a teacher without permission

If they don’t post it publicly they should be fine.  Just record and delete if nothing racist was said that day.  All the recording is for is to show the administration that the teacher is being racist.  And I mean if we’re allowed to record cops why not teachers?

mod m

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Can... Can you do Vanderwood/MC where MC is a ballerina? Not like famous or professional just does it as a hobby kinda??

Absolutely~ Enjoy!


  • ok so when they see you practicing on the CCTV the first time they’re like
  • what the fuck
  • are you a witch
  • how are you doing that thing with your feet 
  • excuse me that should be illegal wtf ur so graceful and pretty and they need to go take a walk to cool their head
  • seriously though they really, really like watching dancing/acting/pretty things, so they are always peeping in on your practice sessions but being like…… no…. that’s not…. you’ve got it all wrong… i’m just….
  • …… in in case you hurt yourself (yeah Vanderwood so smooth)
  • One day you ask them if they want to help you out with some maneuvers and like, they are INTERNALLY SWEATING
  • Just… holding you while you do all those pretty poses… seeing you in a leotard and tutu… your legs…
  • their heart has never beat faster then when they watch you do one of those spinny things on your toes from around the corner and then you notice them and smile
  • fuuuucucccucuakskaslkflkdfmlskdgmlkgmldkgmlkdmmmmmm
  • like on the outside they look cool and collected but on the inside the operations room is self destructing.
  • ok but plz imagine a princess tutu mm au for a second that’d be real dandy
  • Anyway they don’t care that it’s just your hobby or whatever they are low-key your #1 fan.
  • (hope u don’t have any preexisting heart conditions Vanderwood because boy ur fucked)
Vigilante (Barry Allen X Reader)

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen X Vigilante!Reader
Word Count: 3,693
Author’s Note: This kinda sucks but not even kidding I spent all day on this and I’m pretty proud of it so?? I’m posting it!! I should probably edit it more but I’m too tired )):

“You know, Flash, we have got to stop meeting like this.” 

The leather-clad man sighed. “We wouldn’t keep meeting like this if you’d just stop robbing banks.”

You sighed and rolled your eyes. “And why would I do that?”

“Because it’s illegal? Or maybe because deep down you’re not a terrible person?” 

You chuckled bitterly. “You don’t know anything about me, Speedy. How do you know I’m not a terrible person?”

“You haven’t killed anyone. Obviously you’re not a saint, but you’ve yet to seriously injure a single person in your robberies.”

You shrugged. “Whatever you say, Scarlet. Can we skip to the part where you try to catch me and fail, and I escape with the money?”

The Flash zoomed over to you without responding, pinning your hands behind your back and pushing you against the wall. “You’re not getting away that easily this time.” 

You snorted. “Kinky. Should’ve known you would be thanks to that full body leather suit.”

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Jefferson / Mad Hatter [OUAT]

Sebastian is seriously way too pretty. It should be illegal, I swear. Trying to make non-Winter Soldier gif hunts. I don’t even watch Once Upon A Time so if there’s a gif that doesn’t belong, I’m sorry. I really can’t tell. There’s a couple of repeats of scenes, probably. Different cropping and colouring, though.

↳ This gif hunt includes #164 HQ gifs of Sebastian Stan as Jefferson / The Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time. The sizes range from small to large and none of the gifs were made by me. If you recognize your gif and want it taken down, let me know. Please like this if it was helpful; it entices me to find more Sebastian gifs.

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