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Hi there! I saw everyone talking about umfbamha (is that the official name?😂) and I decided to check it out. It is so so good so far, and thank you for all the hype. I love your blog so much, and being pretty new to the fandom this has helped a lot. Thanks so much!

The official name is Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches!

Thank you so much! It’s no problem! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.


“You can’t shy away from it, (Y/N).” He said putting a hand on your knee. The pair of you were sat in the car and from the view in the mirror you could see the people who made your life miserable before S.H.I.E.L.D. You’d been so determined to stand up to them but now that you had eyes on them, you started to wonder if you really were all the names they called you. 

“C’mon, you can’t exactly say no to ‘Captain America’!” Quickly, he did a little salute which made you smile. You stepped out the car and intertwined your hand with Steve’s. Not out of love but out of thankfulness; today you would stop your bullies.

hey starlights!

I took intro stats last semester and I really want to make the most of my nonexistent skills by collecting some data on vixx fans and seeing if I can find any interesting correlations! you can help me by taking my questionnaire here and by spreading this so I can get more entries

I hope to publish whatever cool data I get out of this after reaching 100 or so entries so we can all laugh about it together because it definitely won’t be a perfect study but it should be pretty entertaining!

thanks so much for your help ✧ !

Shit Aph Belarus Does #173

Has too much time on her hands so she attempts to learn other nations languages, but her procrastination levels are out of this world so she never actually gets around to it


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Reaction (Twice): Being caught in public with their girlfriend

Jihyo: “Oh jeez, we weren’t supposed to get caught. I hope we don’t get in trouble.” 

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Tzuyu: “Oh this is so exciting. Now we don’t have to keep this a secret anymore.”

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Dahyun: “I guess there’s no use in keeping my jagiya a secret anymore.”

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Sana: *You show her the pictures of you two online* “Omo, where did those come from?”

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Momo: “Well shit… Guess they know, huh yeobo?”

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Mina: “Oh no, we’ve been caught. Should we run or confess?”

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Chaeyoung: “This is your fault jagiya. You just looked so pretty and I just couldn’t help but hug and kiss you.”

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Nayeon: “Who cares if we were caught. I like mixing things up anyway.”

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Jungyeon: “Yeah, let them talk shit. I still get the girl, so I think we all know who wins this one.”

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I’ve wanted to try alcohol based markers forever, but it’s always been cost-prohibitive.  Even the cheapo markers in this category tend to come in $50 sets. And while buying a few ($6-8/pc) single markers would have probably been the best way to ease in,  I never got around to it because I never had a project that I felt was worth the risk and investment of a few expensive markers I’d never used before.

But in walk adult coloring books and a clearance markdown on some no name brand alcohol markers at Barnes and Noble.

Man I have been having fun with these things.  It took me a few sheets from the excellent Color Your Own Doctor Strange coloring book before I really started to get a feel for what you can do with these markers, but I like the way my last sheet turned out!

Given that this is my first set of alcohol markers ever I have no idea how they stack up against others in the same category, but I am definitely going to be trying more markers!  It’s been too long since I dabbled in traditional media.

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What sort of surgery would be required for a stab wound to the stomach (actual stomach, not just anywhere on the abdomen) with a knife about the size of a steak knife? Or would someone not be able to survive that at all? I've been trying to find answers to this for a while, but it's always abdomen stab wound and not specific to the stomach. Thanks for your help!!

Ouchies! The stomach is pretty vascular, so I’d imagine a lot of blood, but this is a survivable wound if care is given relatively quickly (within a few hours).

The character will get antibiotics, and probably surgery to suture the stomach itself closed, likely within a few hours of the injury itself. Stomach acid and bacteria can leak out and irritate the lining of the abdomen, causing a condition called peritonitis, but with good care (and lots of antibiotics) this may not be an issue. However, he will have a realtively large surgical scar on his abdomen, because they will basically need to do exploratory surgery to make sure the stomach was the only affected organ.

Depending on the degree of blood loss they may also need a transfusion.

Hope this was useful! (disclaiming things now)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Killing Stalking

I feel like yandere 2p America would be Sang Woo and 2p England would be Bum

No questions asked.


Les Myths: Rusałka Cosette Moodboard for @incandescent-darkness 

Cosette was splendidly pure; Cosette was a light.

BTS reaction when you offer to help them with their English

I didn’t updated it in long time so it might be failure u.u

Jin : * tries to change subject * You’re really beautiful and well dressed and…

Suga : * laughs loudly while thinking that you’re just bad joker *

J-Hope : You said what?! So my English is not good enough?!

Rap Monster : * gives you judgemental look * are you sure that I need help with English?

Jimin : *copies Jin* Hey, you’re so pretty *talks in English*

V : * hears your English * how it will help me?

Jungkook : *falls asleep in three minutes after letting you help him with his English*