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marvin at the psychiatrist, a three-part mini opera

don’t despise what you feel,
love the friend, not the heel.

Guess who just finished reading lord of shadows also guess who is sobbing in the corner of the room

His Warmth (M)

Word Count: 3532
Member: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff & Smut
Warnings: Cum-play, Biting, Lots of cute bc I’m in love with Jimin

It’s been two months since your boyfriend went on tour and you haven’t been able to see him, so when you unexpectedly wake up to him in your bed you just can’t seem to keep your hands to yourself.


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Just so you guys are aware, Tumblr’s activity graph is faulty at the moment. So if you’ve seen your activity plummet in past few days don’t think too much of it. 

For instance, this is my graph right now for the last 7 days:

And this is a something I posted 24 hours ago:

Notice how it has almost 2k notes and the activity graph says I made 300+ notes on the last 24 hours…

I don’t know what’s wrong here, @staff @support, but I’m pretty sure something is wrong with your code. I can see tons of tags and comments on that post so I’m fairly certain the number of notes it displays is correct. That makes me believe something on the retrieval of data for that portion of the activity is not working.

Meanwhile, followers, just ignore your activity graph. For you sanity.

Thank you P-Goon for staying with the boys so long, through all the up and downs. You were an awesome leader and someone Toppklass will always look up to and after. Good luck in the army and I look forward to your acting career.

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Nakta I need you to remember something, all these hatters,

Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Will never measure even a quarter of a percentage up to you. Live your life for all your fans. Cause we love you with all our hearts. Because you,

Our Handsome Camel,

are a part of our hearts! Live your life and do whatever you want cause we will always support you with our beautiful hearts

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Hansol, well done my butterfly! Your wings are so pretty, they blind us yet we can’t help looking at them. Please never hide them cause they deserve to be seen by the world. Good luck on getting into the army.

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Can you hear us?

You can’t see us?

We are there boys!

Right behind you!

Even if we have different paths.

Even if our paths are paths that

may never meet.

Cause we are your fans,

And you our idols.

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Oh and Hunus,



Staying Quiet- Part One

Tony Stark x Daughter! Reader

Tony Stark x Steve Rogers

Summary- The reader was made from Tony’s DNA (and an unknown inhuman). Fury brings her to Tony after the civil war.  The reader is 5 and doesn’t speak due to the trauma she has faced in her life. But Tony finds out she can control machines.

Message- There is going to be a part two that includes more Stony.

Word Count- 1103

“So she’s my..?” Tony whispers.

“Daughter. Yeah.” Fury says and Tony just stares at you with wide eyes. “I thought it best to bring her to you, but if you don’t want to deal with this…”

“No, I-I’ll take her. W-What’s her…?” Then he turns to you and kneels down in front of you. “What’s your name, sweetie.” You just blink up at him, unsure of his intentions.

“She doesn’t speak, her file says her name is Y/N.” Fury says. “We don’t know much about her, the group that created her deleted most of the files, before we could get there. Here’s what we could find.” Fury finishes as he hands Tony a file. The two men shook hands and Fury left, leaving you alone with your Dad.

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He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

The conversation - Bucky Barnes smut

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2237

Rating: 18+ (Smut, fingering, oral sex, unprotected sex, orgasm denial, spanking, being tied up, blindfold)

So, this just happened, sorry. It is the smuttiest thing I have ever written I guess. I hope you like it.

Requests are open! 

It is Bucky’s birthday in a week and Y/N still hasn’t a present for her boyfriend. They are together for almost a year but every time she asks what he would like to have or about his dreams, he says nothing. He always tells her that he has everything he could ever wanted as long as he has her. And he has her so she can’t give herself to him. You cannot give a human as a present to another human.

‘The conversation’ she mumbles. She can give herself to him in a way she has never done before. She overheard Bucky tell Steve about his darkest fantasies about her. She remembers every word of it.

‘I just want to bent her over my knee and spank her until her red is as red as a cherry’ Bucky tells Steve. The blonde man blushes at the ramblings of his best friend. He doesn’t really know what to say. ‘You get what I am saying right. I mean just want to bind her to my bed and have my way with her. Just have her at my mercy and control when she comes. Deny her even a few times, I want to be in control, Steve’ Bucky rambles to his best friend.

Steve’s is turning redder and redder with every word that leaves Bucky’s mouth. ‘You never think about what it would be like to have a woman like Y/N, strong and fierce, to be at your mercy?’ Bucky asks. Steve quickly shakes his head. He never did but now his mind is wondering towards Y/N. 

Y/N starts writing down everything she needs to get for her present. Starting with some lingerie to get Bucky hot and bothered the moment he walks into their room. She is almost blushing at her plan but it is going to be perfect, she is sure of it.

‘Are you having a good birthday?’ Y/N whispers into Bucky’s ear. ‘It is amazing. Thank you, doll’ he smiles at her. There aren’t a lot of people, since Bucky hates big gatherings so Y/N and Steve threw a small party for him. She kisses his cheek and smirks at him.

‘I have a present for you’ she whispers at him. He looks at her with a glint in his eyes. ‘If you come up to our room in about 30 minute your present is waiting there for you. And you can do everything you want with her’ Y/N says softly. Bucky stares at her with wide eyes. 

Quickly Y/N kisses him and moves away from him. With her hips swaying she walks away from him. Bucky is already moving in his seat when he looks at her figure moving away from him. He can’t believe what she just did.

 Y/N walks into their shared room. She quickly starts pulling of her clothes and puts them away. She grabs the bra, panties and stockings that she hid in her part of the closet. With the stuff in her arms she walks to the bathroom and starts getting ready.

When she is ready she walks out of the bathroom and lays down in the middle of the big bed with a big smile on her face. She feels confident in her new lingerie and the make-up makes her feel very pretty. Now the only thing she has to do is wait for Bucky to arrive in the room.

The door opens and Bucky steps into the room. His shirt is clinging to his chest and Y/N looks her lips. The sight of her boyfriend like his turns her on like never before. He smirks down at her and steps closer to the bed. His metal hand strokes her calf while still smirking at her body. She looks hot like this and this will be the best present he ever got.

‘I heard you and Steve talk the other day’ she says. ‘About what you wanted to do to me’ she smirks. Bucky his eyes widen and he starts opening his mouth to apologize for saying all of those things about her, but before he can say anything Y/N already shushes him. ‘I want you to do all of that tonight’ she purrs at him. Bucky his eyes grow even bigger. ‘Sure?’ is all his manages to get out. She nods her head and smiles sweetly at him.

Bucky pulls her of the bed and let her stand in front of him. His hands grab her ass and pulls her pelvis against his. She can already feel him to harden under her. Y/N starts to grind against him.

‘Stop it’ Bucky growls at her but she doesn’t. She needs the friction that is causes. Everything about Bucky turns her on and she just needs him to do something other than just staring at her. He pushes her away from him and sits down the bed.

‘You are a bad girl, doll’ he says. Y/N nods her head and looks at him. He pets his leg. ‘I want you face down, ass in the air’ he tells her sternly. Y/N does what he tells her to do with putting on a smart mouth. Something she normally would do.

When is laying on his lap with her ass in the air Bucky starts rubbing her ass with his metal hand. The cold feels nice against her hot skin. He makes the elastic from her panties snap against her skin a few times before pulling them down from her legs in one swift move. The metal hand grabs a hold of her hair and the flesh hands comes down on her ass. It stings a little but doesn’t hurt to bad.

‘You doing good, doll?’ Bucky ask concern in his voice. ‘Yeah’ she mumbles and before she even knows it his hand comes down on her ass again. He is not using all of his strength but this hit was harder than the one before.

Before Y/N knows it Bucky says ‘ten’ and his metal hand is rubbing her ass that feels like it is on fire. ‘Your ass looks so pretty like this’ he says and helps her of his lap. When she is standing in front of him she pulls of the bra. When she starts pulling of the stocking’s Bucky stops her. ‘Keep them on’ Bucky growls at her. She nods her head. ‘Now lay on the bed’ he commands her.

‘Put your hands on the headboard’ he does. Y/N grabs a hold of the metal spikes they have on the head on the bed. Bucky uses her bra to bind her hands to together with the spike between them. He climbs of her and looks at her. ‘You look perfect like this, all tied up for me. Now I can do everything I want to you’ Bucky says. Y/N nods her head.

‘Is it okay if I put a blindfold on your eyes?’ Bucky asks scratching his neck in a nervous manner. ‘Yes, everything you want’ Y/N says. A grin spreads on his face and he puts the blindfold on her eyes.

When the blindfold is in place Y/N can’t see anything, and is naked and on display for the eyes of her boyfriend. She hears him move around in their room. All she can do is hope that he removing his clothes and fucks her into this matrass soon. She needs just some kind of release and Bucky needs to give it to her soon. Only she can’t do anything to make it happen. She liked being spanked more than she ever dared to dream.

Before she can start complaining about Bucky taking too long she feels his metal hand on her thighs. It is slowly stroking closer and closer to her pussy. ‘Open your legs’ he demands. She does what tells her and spreads her legs wide. Bucky growls at the sight of her pussy. It is already glistening with her juice.

On finger of his metal hands slowly eases his way onto her heat. Y/N moans at the feeling of the cold metal inside of her. Bucky starts to move his finger slowly around in her and his thumb starts rubbing her clit in a soft pace. ‘You are so tight around my finger’ Bucky tells her with his famous smirk on his face. ‘Bucky’ she moans bucking her hips into his hand. ‘Don’t move’ he tells her and puts his flesh hand on her pelvis to keep her down.

Another finger joins the one already inside of her and it takes all of her strength to keep still. He keeps moving while he bends over to suck on her nipple. Her pussy starts spasming around him when she gets close. Her stomach thightens and she can’t stop moaning anymore. ‘I.. I’m gonna’ she starts saying. Before she can cum, he removes his fingers from her heat. A loud whine escapes her lips and she pouts. She knows that he is smirking down at her.

‘You taste delicious, doll’ Bucky tells her. ‘I need to cum. Please Buck’ Y/N is almost begging him. It is taking way to long for him to fuck her. He doesn’t answer but he laughs. ‘Don’t laugh, just fuck me. I need you to fuck me’ Y/N whines. But her boyfriend keeps ignoring her pleads.

Instead of giving Y/N what she wants Bucky moves his head between her legs. She feels his hair tickle her thighs and immediately she moans softly.

‘Be quiet’ Bucky growls against her core. After his command, he licks a broad lick against her pussy. He crawls even closer to her and puts her legs over his shoulder. His metal hand grabs at her boob while he sucks her clit into his mouth. The cold of his metal hand against her boob feels great and when he starts pinching her nipple again she can’t keep quiet because the pleasure is overwhelming her.

Bucky moves his head up. ‘One more sound and I put you over my lap again’ he threatens her. Y/N bites her lip and nods her head at him. 

Bucky starts sucking on her clit again while playing with her boob. It takes all of Y/N her strength to not moan out of buck her hips into Bucky’s mouth. Her stomach starts to tighten again and she feels her release come closer with every second that he keeps sucking on her.

Bucky feels that his girlfriend is getting close to an orgasm and right before she gets there he removes his head from her dripping core. She starts whining at the loss of contact.

The blindfold is being removed from her eyes and Y/N blinks from the light into her eyes. Bucky is hovering above her and kisses her roughly before she can say anything. He lowers his pelvis against hers and she can already feel how hard he is.

With one swift move he slides into her dripping core and a hiss escapes his lips when he feels her tights heat around him. He starts trusting hard and buries his head into her neck. Y/N her hands being tied up is really starting to annoy her because she can’t hold on to anything while Bucky is fucking her into the matrass.

Quickly she feels her orgasm approaching because Bucky didn’t let her come before. When Bucky starts rubbing her clit she comes all around his dick with a loud moan. ‘You feel so good around me, doll’ Bucky growls at her while he even starts trusting harder in and out of her. ‘I just want to be inside you all the time. So perfect for me’ he adds

With a loud grunt Bucky empties himself inside of her and when Y/N feels him cumming inside of her she comes again with a high-pitched scream. Her pussy tightening around his dick over and over, milking him from all his seed.

Bucky rolls over hand lays next to Y/N. His breathing is heavy and his chest is moving up and down in a rapid pace.

‘Best birthday ever’ he laughs after a few minutes when his breathing as gone back to normal. ‘We need to do this again’ Y/N laughs softly. Bucky looks at her and starts untying her hands. Taking her wrist in his flesh hand he kisses them softly. Luckily there is nothing noticeable on her wrist that could tell the team about what happened tonight.

‘I love you so much, doll’ Bucky tells her after a while where the two of them are just laying in each other’s arms. ‘I love you to, Buck. Always and forever’ Y/N whispers softly. Her voice is tired and so is the rest of her body. Bucky kisses her head and after that she falls asleep with a happy smile on her face feeling completely satisfied even after the orgasm denials.

Bucky watches Y/N sleep on his chest, feeling it tighten with love for her. He is really happy that she overheard his conversation with Steve. He would never have the guts to tell her about his fantasies. He fears almost nothing but when Y/N gets angry he gets scared of her. She even wants to do this again. He smirks and kisses her head again before closing his eyes. His night is full of dreams and for once they are good ones about the sleeping woman on his chest.

Wendigo Girlfriend

I was commissioned by @serami commissioned me to write about a Wendigo girl in love with a transwoman. I loved this. So I hope you do too.

   You’re walking home one night. It’s cold and you’re pulling your hoodie tight around you. You hate the late shift, but you get paid more for working it. And at least your gross lech of a boss isn’t around either. You’re about halfway when your music stops. You check your phone and cuss when you see the battery has died.

   “Dammit,” you pout and huff. You glance around, suddenly feeling exposed and vulnerable. You bite your lip and continue on your way home. You keep the headphones in just to feel a little safe.

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Hit My Balls ( ii )

one | two | three | four


Summary: You and Jeongguk mess around in the locker room.

Genre: smut, sub! jungkook

Length: 1.5k

A/N: i’m not sure what happened but just the thought of sub Jeongguk triggered me and i mentioned a nickname last chapter that stuck a bit too much… i would appreciate your thoughts aha

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“Do you ever get bored of pining after her?” Taehyung glanced over at Jeongguk, in interest to see how he would react but instead, the younger shrugged his eyes gleaming as he watched you hit another pitch. Jeongguk could almost feel the weight of the bat in his hand, that split second of fiery confidence that oozed into his veins and took over his being and as he watched you the awe in his eyes only increased.

“Why would I get bored when she has such a good ass-” Jeongguk, who had been picking at grass paused, before stammering to Taehyung’s amusement, “I-I mean form.” Jeongguk ran a hand through his hair, desperately trying to erase the thoughts of you from this morning out of his head.

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Girl go ahead let your hair down: Tom x Black Reader Headcanon

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This is really fun to write! Again it’s for @hufflepuffholland and @spideyarms PoCofMarvel day. I’m deadass in my feelings reading this ugh I love it so much and hair is such a big deal.


Word Count: 665

Warnings: Sexual suggestiveness and swearing(?)

Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister

  • There’s that saying that dating a black girl is like dating different people because of how often they change their hair, and Tom is in love with that.
  • He’d love your hair. 2, 3, 4, whatever the hell your curl pattern was he loved it!
  • Tom would be right next to you on wash days because he knew how long it would take you.
  • He loved running his hands through your hair in the shower and helping you wash.
    • “I love your curls, they’re so pretty.”
  • Tom would give you the best head massages.
  • He’d be like a child asking you which each bottle did for your hair. 
    • “Babe, this one smells like coconut”
    • “Loveeee, that one made your hair extra pretty.”
  • He’d also sit there with you and help you dry your hair.
  • The two of you would be sitting there pretty much all day but enjoying each others company.
  • He’d start learning hair terminology and it’d make your heart swoon.
    • “Are you laying your edges, princess?”
    • “Her hair looks like healthy 4A.”
    • “Look at my baby with her baby hairs.”
  • Tom would learn a lot about the different hairstyles you take on.
  • If he knew you wanted to get your hair braided, he’d call up the stylist and see if she could come in and do it in the comfort of your home so you wouldn’t have to go to the salon and sit in the chair for hours
    • That would get him major boyfriend points
  • He’d have Harrison seek out the best stylists in whatever city the two of you were traveling in so you wouldn’t have to stress.
  • Big cornrows were a favorite for him because it showed off the full length of your hair.
    • Also because you let him tug on them in bed.
    • Sidenote: You know it’s real love when you let a boy pull you by your braids.
  • They were also usually the hairstyle you’d wear whenever you wanted to workout with him, especially boxing.
  • He associated gym sex with cornrows, he had a soft spot for them.
  • Another favorite of his are Bantu Knots.
  • They remind him of the 90s which he has an extreme fondness of,
  • They’re also so badass looking that he appreciates how you’re able to rock them.
  • The first time you wore Faux Locs was when you had planned a vacation to Turks and Caicos together.
  • You didn’t know how he’d feel about them but in the airport, he made it very clear that he was in love with them and the little gold charms also adorning your hair.
  • Watching you flip your hair in the water only added to the love of that style.
  • You normally pulled out lace-front wigs when you didn’t feel like doing too much to your hair or wanted a change of style.
  • Sometimes you wanted to rock a pixie cut or have flowing pink mermaid hair. Just depended on the day
  • One day you’d wait in his trailer wearing a long blonde wig with bombshell curls and he’d be surprised.
    • “Uh that’s a new style.”
    • “They say gentlemen prefer blondes.”
    • And that night your gentleman certainly did
  • At the beginning of your relationship, you’d be really self-conscious about wearing your headscarves and headwraps to bed because you were worried he’d think it was ugly but he actually loved them.
    • He’d find Versace and Gucci headscarves so you could sleep in style.
  • And if you guys had a daughter, he would be so involved with her hair.
  • As soon as she starts actively needing to take care of her curls, he’d call one of your usual stylists and have them teach him the proper ways to wash and style her hair.
  • Your little one would demand he does her hair because simply, “Daddy does it better.”
  • And he’d love his two curly haired girls.

pussydestorier  asked:

Hey!hey!heeeeeyyy!since you're really good at draw and your style is amazing. Do u hav any tips on how to find your own style?cuz I'm having a hard time rn 😧

To find your own art style takes a long time cause mine took forever smh

But here are some small 3 tips based on what I did to find my own style! ;;v;;

1. Look at various different art styles to get ideas.
My art style started off with someone’s else. I’m not very creative so I used to draw in those typical anime girls style. With those..really big eyes omfg. I usually look at anime styles cause lmao I’m a weeb.
But as you gradually keep observing and drawing you may start changing the details in your art and it will eventually become your own style.

2. Try to experiment with your drawing!!
Use those ideas and test them out. While drawing ocs, I will add or change their eyes, face structures, or anything.

Here is a example of what I usually do. I’m not very creative as you can see..but it’s something LMAO

3. Take your time and have fun!!!
Don’t make it a chore or you will get stressed! Like me rip
I did this a lot back in 2010-11 and it would bring my mood down because I just could not find my art style. So drawing became very stressful when I should be enjoying whatever I drew smh.

I’m not very good at explaining things so..I’m sorry ;;o;;

Seventeen reaction to S/O tracing them and saying sweet things

S. Coups:
The leader had finally fallen asleep during a movie you two had been watching with his head in your lap. You watched him for a moment before your fingers began to trace outlines of his jaw and nose. You smiled and whispered anything that came to mind. “Coups, I’m so proud of you. You manage to be so strong, but I know how gentle and beautiful you are.”

He was being moody while exhaustion crept on him. He was still trying to be a good boyfriend and keep you company though, but he couldn’t fall asleep, even while watching a drama you were currently hooked on. He grumbling and shifting until you pulled him towards you and laid his head down and began stroking his hair and tracing his cheeks. “You’re amazing Jeonghan, I love you and I know you’re tired. So just go to sleep.” You told him while placing a kiss on his head.

He was asleep, or so you thought, and you decided to trace his features yet again. He was so beautiful when he slept, and when he was awake, but there was something about him sleeping. “Josh, why are you so cute and handsome? It isn’t fair.” You whispered as you gently traced his eyes and lips, but suddenly those eyes fluttered open and he smiled. “You do this often? I like it.” He chuckled before falling asleep against you for real. You smiled and kissed his eyes before going to sleep yourself.

When the boy was awake he was beyond greasy, even though he was already dating you. However when he was asleep you could finally trace his features and say what you really felt as during times he was awake you tended to tell him to back off due to how cheesy he was. “Junhui, I love you. I love your eyes, you lips, I love your laugh. You’re really amazing, and I’m always here.” You whispered and pressed a kiss to his forehead before hugging him to you.

You didn’t bother waiting for him to fall asleep to trace his features, while he was lost in a book you would sit by him and start by poking his cheeks and then move on to  tracing his jaw and so forth. He didn’t mind, it was just something you did. However you didn’t usually compliment him so sincerely. “Wonwoo, I think I love you. You’re too beautiful and sweet, and I really like your smile.” You would admit softly and he would simply put his book down and smile just for you before kissing your hands that were tracing him.

He didn’t like skin ship, however when he made you mad, to make up for it he would let you have your fill. This was one of those times. You were in the studio, just the two of you, sitting on the sofa while he held you. You let your hands trace his and his fingers before you spoke up. “I’m sorry I got mad, I know you mean well, and you work so hard, but sometimes I just want to see my boyfriend’s smile and hear him laugh to myself. Okay?” He nodded at the confession and placed a kiss on your cheek before settling back massaging your shoulders while you traced shaped onto his thigh.

No one could blame you for touching Mingyu so often, he was very pretty. That wasn’t the only reason you did so though so publicly. One day when it happened to be just you two, you started tracing his face once again and he caught your hand and asked you the question. “Why do you keep tracing me?” You sighed and moved past his grip to continue tracing. “I just want to make sure this is real. That you’re mine, my beautiful prince.” You whispered and he simply darted forward to give you a kiss. “I’m real.” He nodded and let you continue tracing him.

You liked tracing his arms and hands, they were very strong and rough, but appeared soft. “Minghao, why are you attractive? Like, I don’t mean to brag but I think I have the best boyfriend ever.” You told him, he laughed and held you close in the arms you had been tracing. “Where did that come from?” He asked, “I just wanted to let you know I loved you.” “I love you too.”

You only dare traced his features while he slept, otherwise the diva might emerge and announce you antics to the world. Sometimes he could be full of himself so you couldn’t always say what you wanted without a sarcastic comeback. However when he slept you could trace his features and give butterfly kisses as you pleased. “I know you’re tired, but I want you to know I’m here for you, and that I love you and that in my mind you’re the number one visual in Seventeen. Besides my opinion should be the only important one to you.” You would giggle while placing another kiss on his head.

You would start to trace his features while facing him to get him to shut up about the latest memes to be honest. It would make him flustered and he would freeze as your gaze remained solely focused on him. “Why do you do this to me?” He asked, “Because you’re beautiful.” You replied. “Isn’t that suppose to be my line?” He whined, “Not with me.” You laughed and would plant a small kiss on his face to let him know what you meant was true.

You really couldn’t help yourself as of late when it came to the maknae. He really had glowed up and you didn’t have much restraint. “You’re doing it again.” He commented as you poked his cheeks and ran your hand along his jaw. “I can’t help it, you’re so pretty…yet sexy. How did you do it? Did you eat more ramen? Rice? Meat?” He would laugh at your comments before turning to face you. “It’s a secret.” “Please tell me, I need this glow up too.” He would then begin tracing your face, “You’re too beautiful already.” “Stop it, you can’t compliment me after I compliment you.” The two of you would laugh and continue on with whatever you were doing.

His features were very distinct and addictive to touch. You always traced his face while he was laying down or relaxing, or sleeping. It was a habit, and he embraced it. You only talked to him when he was asleep though. “Hoshi, I love you. I love how hard working you are, and how amazing your dances are. You’re also very handsome. I think I got very lucky meeting you.” You whispered before kissing him softly.

You traced his eyes and lips a lot, and you tended to be funny too sometimes tracing his face not only with your fingers but with a marker. Sometimes though you couldn’t help but become mesmerized by him. “DK, I think you were a prince in another life,” you whispered while he slept, “You’re too handsome not to have been a prince in some life.” You mumbled before kissing his nose and letting him sleep.

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A/N: Thank you @soft-smoll for requesting, I hope this is what you were hoping for.