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Guess who just finished reading lord of shadows also guess who is sobbing in the corner of the room


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

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hello! im super sorry if this has been asked before but i have a question regarding how the hack works; specifically how the characters are flagged. like if i download the hack does it activate once i get to the s support between two same sex characters? for example, if i downloaded it and then wanted olivia to s support f!robin, would she be able to s support henry in another play through or is she regarded by the game as the other sex and be blocked from that interaction? thanks so much!!

(I’m expanding on your answer because someone also sent an ask about what if they wanted to uninstall the hack.)

All the hacks do is expand the supports options available, S and otherwise. 

Changing a character’s gender flag is an entirely different thing - these hacks don’t touch gender flags. Gender flags affect class availability (e.g. Pegasus Knight/Fighter in Awakening, Maid/Butler in Fates), and in Fates, which retainer you get first (Jakob or Felicia) and whether children are automatically generated. (In the vanilla game, if you pair up m!Corrin and Niles, you do not get Kana and Nina.) 

The reason Olivia can’t support f!Robin in the main game is that the support option isn’t there - not because they’re both flagged female. You could absolutely support Olivia/f!Robin in one file and Olivia/Henry in another file, in the same way that you can already support Olivia/m!Robin and Olivia/Henry in different files.

The only situation where using the hack can mess up your supports is where you open a file that has been running the hack in vanilla, or a vanilla file using the hack. For example, I have a vanilla Fates file on my cart still which has Xander/Hinoka S-supported. If I open that while running the hack, the supports show up in a strange order - Xander is S-supported with Nyx, Hinoka isn’t S-supported at all, but Siegbert is still her son. Similarly, Xander and Laslow are S-supported on my hacked file. If I open that while not running the hack, it’ll be messed up in a similar way. Doing this won’t break your game - just turn it off without saving and it’ll be fine. 

You can uninstall (i.e. delete) or just stop using the hack at any time. You can even alternate between save files, using the hack on some and not on others. The only permanent effect will be on the file you run the hack on, because that file will have messed up supports if you then open it without running the hack. 

Concerts (Rap Monster)

Soooo. Blame highlight? Ambw~

“– if you don’t hurry up we are going to be late to see the weekend! We got pit and I don’t want to be late!” Namjoon yelled at you from downstairs as you got ready. You giggled checking yourself out in the mirror one more time before you nodded in approval ready for him to see your outfit. 

You knew it would be hot so you decided to wear black socks up to your knees with blue Nike’s not wanting to get your white shoes dirty. You had on a long blue and white T-shirt that had the sides cute a bit from under your arms to under your breast and on it that had lyrics to one of the weekend songs on it. The shirt showed your black bra but you didn’t mind it at all you knew Namjoon adored that bra. And it almost clung to your body showing off your curves. You made sure your hair was straight reaching down to your ass and your makeup wasn’t to heavy. You put on nude lipstick though because you thought it looked good on your caramel skin. You were overall satisfied and since it was your first time wearing it you knew it would surprise him.

You walked down the stairs slowly as you put his black choker on only to see him leaning against the door and you were the one shocked. Namjoon had on dark blue baggy skinny jeans with a black v-neck and of course another black choker and his clear glasses. A smirk on his lips as he eyed your body and you laughed when his shoes were matching yours. 

Namjoon on the other hand was rather surprised by you. He knew you would pull something. But this. Was sinful and it wasn’t fair to him. How would he take you out and actually behave with you like that? He decided that he would look off before he ended up pinning you to the wall and neither of you left. 

When you got to him he kissed your lips grabbing his keys and opening the house door for you.

“Jagiya your so beautiful..” He said in that deep voice that always made you heat up and blush. 

“T-thank you~ You know you look good as usual.” You shot back a soft moan leaving your lips when he bite down between your shoulder and neck humming. 

He led you to the car opening the door and letting you in before he himself got in the driver side starting the car up and driving off. You checked your wallet making sure you brought the tickets and other minor things deciding to leave your purse at home. Namjoon started up a weekend cd and you both started to sing to the music. 

King of the fall was your favorite song while Wicked Games was Namjoons favorite. Both songs came on back to back but with wicked games it always made you have to cross your legs. That song just always happen to be playing when Namjoon decides to push you against shit or turn your late night cuddling into him fucking you into the mattress.

“Is something the matter jagi?” Rap monster asked snapping you out of your dirty thoughts and you flushed shaking your head.

“A-ani I’m just nervous to meet him is all!” You tried to lie. Namjoon just smirked knowing by your face you were fantasizing about him. You made the same face every single time it happened and though he knew it was possible you could be happy about your backstage pass it was mostly about him.

After about a good forty five minutes you guys were at the concert venue parking lot. You smiled excitedly bouncing as he turned the car off. He got out coming to your side to let you out. You grabbed his hand lacing your fingers with his as he pulled you to the arena. It was a inside venue but still you guys would have to stand. Namjoon walked up to the people handling the tickets to them focusing on the tickets while you were focusing on the girls who were eye fucking him. 

Namjoon noticing the shift in the air looked over at you and then at the girls before he chuckled softly kissing your lips in front of them. “I am yours. And you are mine.” He smiled sweetly at you pulling you with him when they cleared the tickets. 

He glared at you when he saw that you wouldn’t be at the front but still four rows from the front. You giggled knowing it was your fault for taking so long but you stuck your tongue out to tease him. “Yah~ we can have just as much fun in the middle as being front row.” You told him smirking and he rolled his eyes before walking up with you. 

It was a good thirty mintues before the concert so you and Namjoon talked and joked with each other as usual to kill time. You noticed guys looking at you every now and then but you just waved it off because you were with him. One time you heard Namjoon growl but he quickly calmed his face as the weekend entered the stage. The crowd started cheering and as soon as people started pushing Namjoon placed you in front of him embracing his arms around your waist holding your body pressed against his as he rested his chin on your head. 

You heard King of the fall play so you instanlty started to dance swaying your hips side to side getting lost in the song. Namjoon on the other hand was trying his hardest to keep you still which didn’t work. He knew after a while when you kept dancing and grinding against him you were doing it on purpose. And he would get you back. That was for sure. You on the other hand felt off because Namjoon never let this much teasing go by withouth some sort or retaliation but you thought since you were in the pit you were fine. 

Finally Wicked Games came on and Namjoon was smirking from ear to ear. He slowly started to move his hips against yours just enough to raise your shirt up over your ass without his hands having to move. He waited until you were completly lost in singing before he slipped his hands into your panties a proud smile on his face when you froze up from dancing. 

“Wet already?” He asked you softly running his long fingers around your pussy lips feeling your juices seep out on his hands as he tsked. “It’s a shame I can’t just up and fuck you right here but the space is so tight… Like your pretty pink pussy. I’m sure my fingers could help out.. But be quiet for me ok? You don’t want to get us caught now do you?” He chuckled deeply nibbling on your neck his fingers coming up to slowly stroke your clit roughly.

You bit down on your bottom lip trying to grab at his arm knowing it was no stopping him. And it would be a lie to say you didn’t want it. But you were embarrassed and you didn’t want to get caght. You looked around seeing no one was paying attention so you relaxed against his hold and that only rilled him up more.

He spread your feet with his own and as soon as your legs were apart he spread your pussy lips with two fingers shoving his middle two fingers inside of you. His long fingers pounding deep into you as the speakers blared Often.You groaned softly when he curved them scissoring you and stretching you out. He started to suck a hickey into your neck grinding his hips against your ass slowly and unnoticed to others. He had you so wet your juices were sliding down your legs.

“Such a dirty girl. Maybe I’ll replay this song for you later and chain you up.. Either way this is only part one of your punishment.” Namjoon smirked eyeing the red spot on your skin and he fucking adored how it painted  your caramel skin marking you his. 

He slipped three fingers inside of you using his thumb to swipe across your swollen and throbbing clit teasing you as he groaned deep in your ears before the lights shut low. He let his other hand drift under your shirt since it was to dark for anyone else to see anything. He slipped his rough hand under your bra groping your breast his whole hand covering it as he continued to slam and curve his fingers up inside of you. 

You were a panting shaking mess against him. Your legs wasn’t holding out and you knew your end was nearing. Your makeup was going to get ruined because of how much sweat you were producing and you knew he enjoyed every bit of it. 

“Look at me..” Namjoon said. 

You were going to fight him and not do it but when he threatened to fist you, you happily gave in looking in his eyes. He leaned down to kiss your lips gently, his tongue shoving into your mouth claimming dominance as he rubbed harder on your clit bringing you to the edge. His tongue swirled around yours locking with yours as he tasted your cavern as his hand pinched and pulled at your nipple. He pulled back breathing against your lips looking in your eyes and after a few more deep flicks of his wrist inside of you, you were cumming on his fingers trying to stop your moans from releasing to loud from your mouth and it turned into squeals anyway.

“Good girl..” Namjoon teased pulling his hands from you, one arm wrapping back around your waist as he cleaned your juices from  your fingers. You whined kissing him again tasting yourself happy that the dream was finally breaking from his first set. You looked back to the front as people started to talk with you and Namjoon praying that the rest of the concert went fast so you could meet the weekend and fuck Namjoon in the back of your car.

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Prompt 2 with Pietro x reader please ☺️😘

2. “SO… you think I’m hot?”- Pietro Maximoff

Drinking with the girls was like an after mission tradition. You, Nat, Wanda, Sharon, Maria, and occasionally Pepper, would go to your favourite bar, The Clover Club, and get absolutely wasted. It may not have been the healthiest way to deal with some of the horrors you all saw, but it seemed to work out okay. The only problem was, you seemed to have a ridiculously low tolerance compared to the others. Natasha and Maria could drink any of you under the table, Wanda and Pepper didn’t really drink all that much, and only Sharon seemed to be on the same level as you. Usually you held back a bit, or got a lift back when one of the guys came to pick up the others. However, this time, you’d had a particularly bad mission and really didn’t feel like going back to the compound. So you passed on the lift with Rhodey when he came to get Maria and Pepper, passed on the lift with Sam and Steve when they picked up Wanda and Sharon, and finally passed on the lift with Clint when he came to get Natasha. You were too busy brooding at the bar to even consider how much alcohol you’d consumed, and all that combined left you seeing double as you tried to push yourself to your feet at approximately 3 am. Slumping back down into the seat, you called the one person you knew would be able to come and get you at such a late hour.

“Prinţesă?” The familiar voice of your best friend sounded next to you. “Piety!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms up in the air as you almost tipped off the back of your seat. Chuckling, Pietro wrapped his arm around your waist and held you up. “Let’s get you home dragă.” Pietro cooed, bright blue eyes peering down at you as he helped you out of your seat and through the bar. “You’re so pretty.” You cooed as he helped you into his car, giggling as you poked his stubbled cheek. Cocking an eyebrow, Pietro just chuckled at your slurred speech, before shutting the door and jogging to the drivers side. “You must be the HOTTEST guy in the WHOLE woooorld…” You giggled, lolling your head to the side to look up at Pietro’s smiling face. “Thankyou dragoste.” He chuckled. After a short drive you and Pietro arrived back at the compound, he carried you up to your room and lay you in your bed. Curling up against your pillow, you were out like a light.

The next morning, you awoke to a pounding headache and the feel of a heartbeat against your temple. “Huh?” You muttered groggily, pushing yourself up slightly. “Good morning.” Pietro’s voice chuckled, arm wrapping around your middle. “Uh, what happened last night?” You moaned, letting yourself fall back against his chest. “Mmm nothing much.” He breathed, letting his hand stroke up your side affectionately. “So I didn’t do anything stupid?” You sighed happily, letting yourself roll onto the bed. “No, nothing stupid.” Pietro smirked, folding his arms behind his head. “SO… you think I’m hot?” He chuckled after a few minutes of silence, causing you to turn bright red before hitting him with a pillow and fleeing the room to the sounds of his laughter.

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Boyfriend Winwin
  • requested by an anon !!
  • the first ever chinaline request ever if im not wrong
  • guys dont sleep on the chinaline , don’t hesitate to request for the chinese members too because i’d be more than happy to be able to write something for them
  • okay let’s start

  • so you’ve been friends with taeyong for quite some time now

  • then one day he introduces winwin to you and at that time he was still very awkward and quiet
  • so you didn’t really pay much attention to him since all he did was smile and laugh during conversations
  • other than the fact that he’s so goodlooking you steal glances at him from time to time
  • until one day taeyong had last minute plans so he couldn’t attend the outing you guys had planned
  • and yuta was supposed to go too but he backed out and gave excuses not to go
  • yuta what do you mean by that
  • so it was only left with you and sicheng
  • you guys decided to just head to a cafe since it was only the both of you
  • he was very nervous and you could tell because his eyes kept shifting around
  • and you’d notice him trying to say something while opening his mouth but nothing comes out in the end
  • until you took up the courage to ask him about how he’s doing and all
  • then he relaxes and talks to you casually but is still afraid to have eye contact
  • and during the conversation you come to the topic of your insecurities
  • idk how that happened don’t ask me
  • and when you mention how you feel about yourself
  • he smiles and assures/compliments you to make you feel better
  • and his words made you feel so loved and you felt so much better
  • so you texted him that night to thank him
  • that’s how both of you started talking even more and got closer
  • taeyong noticed something was up when he saw you smiling to yourself while using your phone
  • same for winwin when he tried to talk to him , sicheng would always be too busy using his phone and smiling
  • so he called the both of you to meet up to have a meeting/talk
  • “ idk what’s with the both of you but are you two dating ”
  • “ no hyung .. ”
  • “ but why are you two blushing now , i need to know everything ”
  • “ okay taeyong do you really have to do this ”
  • “ yes i do Y/N , now spill the beans ”
  • “ we aren’t dating but i have feelings for her hyung ”
  • and you’d be shocked because you thought he would deny and say that he had no feelings
  • so you just sat there with your cheeks red and your eyes widened
  • sicheng would avoid eye contact and try to hide his face
  • and taeyong would be the matchmaker , asking you to confess
  • and boom , y'all are now an official couple
  • honestly he’s the adorable boyfriend you just wanna hug all day and shower him with love
  • this giant baby loves skinship A LOT
  • he has to have his arms and hands on you at any time
  • and every time he’ll flash you his small smile
  • and his eyes always lights up when he sees you smile back
  • he likes to snuggle his face in the crook of your neck a lot
  • lots of hugs !1!1!1!
  • he’s very very sweet ,
  • there’s not a time where he isn’t complimenting you
  • like you could just be brushing your teeth in the morning
  • and he appears with a backhug while resting his head on your shoulder
  • “ You’re so pretty ”
  • and everytime he says that you cant help but give him a small peck on the cheek
  • and he always blushes and gives that same sweet smile
  • so he tried cooking for you once
  • but failed terribly because he mistook the sugar for salt
  • and when he tasted it at the end he almost choked because it was too salty
  • and his expression fell because he genuinely wanted to make you something you like that’s why he’s disappointed with himself
  • so you took him out to eat instead ,
  • including icecream !!
  • so he cheered up almost instantly , and he hugged you so tightly because he was grateful
  • honestly he likes it when you interact with the other members and sees that y'all are close
  • because he’s happy that the other boys loved you and accepted you
  • he wouldn’t mind if they got close with you but not too close though
  • when he’s jealous he becomes a baby ,
  • he’d get all pouty and whiney ,
  • he’ll start doing things to gain your attention
  • “ Babe what are you doing ”
  • “ Nothing … ”
  • “ poking my cheeks and acting cute isn’t nothing ”
  • “ i just love you too much ”
  • and he pecks you on your lips suddenly
  • and you’re like ?? what just happened ?? ,
  • couple fights never really ever happen because he’d always give in to you ,
  • same like how you do to him
  • when it does he would ask taeyong for help
  • and most probably call you to apologise
  • he’s so excited and happy in the relationship ,
  • he has probably already thought of what he wants to name your children next time when y'all get married
  • if you really want something ,
  • he’d try his best to get it for you
  • and when he doesn’t he gets really upset and affected over it
  • but you always tell him that it’s fine because having him is honestly the best thing that has happened to you
  • morning stretches are really important !!
  • he forces you to stretch and do those flexible poses
  • and everytime you scream from the pain or complain he’d give that embarrassed smile of his and continue stretching
  • he gets really worried and protective when he sees that you’re sad
  • without any words he’d hug you in his arms and caress your back while you spill your heart out
  • but when he’s sad he gets really quiet ,
  • probably staring off into blank space and not answering your questions
  • and when you have the serious talk with him about it ,
  • he tells you everything and y'all end up cuddling in bed the rest of the day
  • all in all , sicheng’s a really sweet boyfriend who isn’t afraid to show you that he loves you
  • you’re honestly blessed if he’s your boyfriend
  • i love you sicheng

ok guys, I’m creating an OC and she’ll be Damian and Rachel daughter. I know, i know… “Anna, why the fuck you’ll do that?” “duur cuz I want and I love to see my ships with their future kids and stuff.. pretty cheesy I know”

SO I need your help to decide her name lol

Theresa Wayne(Terry) or Clarissa Wayne(Clary)? Choose wisely my lovely demonbirds shippers cuz I’ll pick the name with more votes


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The rfa members reacting to mc being a famous dancer?

Author’s note: I wish I was a dancer, but alas I chose to play soccer for 13 years ;)


  • tells the group chat AS SOON as the words “I’m a dancer” leaves your mouth
  • he just reallyyyyyy wanted to brag about you & make the others jealous
  • brings flowers to every show


  • as soon as you tell him he INSISTS that you show him some of your dance moves
  • he’s actually a pretty good dancer himself so he’ll help you practice
  • gets a bumper sticker that says “my girlfriend is a dancer, what does yours do?”


  • “What kind of dancer are you? When are your recitals? How long have you been doing it?”
  • she is actually your number one fan now congrats she loves you more than Zen
  • probably dies when she sees you in a tutu for the first time


  • “You never fail to surprise me, MC.”
  • forces the entire RFA to come watch you dance bc if they don’t they’re fired


  • “A dancer?”
  • “Yup.”
  • “That explain’s why you’re so good in bed.”
  • “SEVEN!”
  • sits in the front row at every recital and ALWAYS YELLS “GO, MC!” 
  • he’s so embarrassing
  • also leans over to whoever is next to him and whispers
  • “That’s my girlfriend.”
  • he’s just proud okay let him be
Imagine Kylo meeting Jyn
  • Kylo: You'll never win. I am here to finish my grandfather's work.
  • Jyn: Listen up, punk, I didn't lose all my friends and the love of my life and my parents and risk everything for the safety of our galaxy, just to be stopped by some emo wanna be Sith Lord. I didn't choose the rebel life, the rebel life chose me, now move out of my way, or so help me I will tear your pretty black dress and kick your butt into a black hole!
  • Literally everyone on Star-killer base: OHHH KYLO GOT BURNED!!!

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How does King Crimson work


“You can’t shy away from it, (Y/N).” He said putting a hand on your knee. The pair of you were sat in the car and from the view in the mirror you could see the people who made your life miserable before S.H.I.E.L.D. You’d been so determined to stand up to them but now that you had eyes on them, you started to wonder if you really were all the names they called you. 

“C’mon, you can’t exactly say no to ‘Captain America’!” Quickly, he did a little salute which made you smile. You stepped out the car and intertwined your hand with Steve’s. Not out of love but out of thankfulness; today you would stop your bullies.