youre so perfect i love you

Jungkook with a chubby girlfriend

  • Love,LOVES, loves your thighs.
  • You guys would meet in a coffee shop
  • Ge spilt coffee on you and offered to pay for drycleaning.
  • Your relationship started from there
  • Words cannot describe how much this man loves you
  • He loves cuddling
  • He loves to be the big and little spoon
  • Likes wrapping his arms around you and have your head on his chest
  • But he loves to have you war your arms around him and he lays his head on your boobs like a pillow
  • Always reminds you at night before bed that he loves you
  • Will list reasons he loves you if you are doubtful
  • “I love the fact that we are perfect for each other. We are literal opposites but work so well with each other”
  • “ i love that i can use your breasts as pillows. They are so big and comfy, but i especially love my marks on them”
  • Laughs when you blush and put your head in his chest
  • You are perfect for him
  • If you have doubts because of yalls size difference he will crush your thoughts
  • “Trust me jagi, i love your size. Its perfect and id love you either way. I love your heart and soul……. and maybe your ass and tits”
  • Now onto the dirty stuff 😉😏
  • Loves making you flustered and a blushing mess by voicing his dirty thought
  • “Baby girl all i can think about right now is my head between your sexy thighs”
  • “I cant wait until we are home so i can be slamming in and out of you while you are scratching my back and moaning my name”
  • Then your knees would buckle and he would chuckle smugly then walk away
  • Dom!jungkook(fight me)
  • Wants you to ride him and and ride his face
  • “I dont know jungkook. I might crush you”
  • “Trust me baby. Im a grown man. I can handle it”
  • Eventually he would convince you to and it would be the best sex you have ever had
  • He loves lap dances
  • Loves your ass
  • All together he loves you to the moon and back
  • You complete each other like pieces of a puzzle
  • Honestly relationship goals

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Momotaro | #41 #44

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Anon: Bssvwiwg i love your writting so much!!! Can i request #41 and #44 for jungkook???

author’s note: thank you for requesting~ 🍑 Momotaro = “Peach boy”

“You’re one of my best friends Kookie, wouldn’t it be odd if we started dating?” You and Jungkook were at farm, one of his friends let Jungkook and you come pick fruit for their store. It was sort of like a date. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun shine was more comfortable than hot, it was a perfect day.

“You know I’ve always had feelings for you, I’ve always been transparent about that. I don’t think it’ll be weird for us at all, best friends end up dating all the time.” Jungkook was looking up at the peach tree, trying to remeber what the farmer said about how to pick them. “Is it me?” He looked a bit hurt, trying to figure out your reasons behind rejecting his offer for what felt like the fifth time. He was ambitious though.

“Of course not Jungkook, but how do you know that your feelings for me are genuine? You don’t, being friends is just as good as being…in a relationship. You don’t have to be in love to love each other.” You mumbled, gently pulling the peach from the tree and sitting in the basket.

“That doesn’t make any sense. Tell me, what is love then? Because I believe it blooms where it chooses and you know it chose us, don’t you?” He was so matter of fact sometimes.

“Jungkook,” You rested your hands on his shoulders, “we’re close friends, why does it have to turn romantic? That complicates things…” You sighed, sitting under the tree to rest a bit.

“Aaah,” He groaned, stretching his arms, “you can’t kiss your friends, it looks weird. This is the only appropriate option.” He whined, pouting like a child as he plopped down beside you.

You knitted your brows, he heat to your cheeks at the thought.“You’ve kissed me before…”

“I was in preschool, and you beat me up for it.” He scratched his head and giggled at the memory. Your cute little self jumped on him and pulled his hair until his face turned red, the teacher had to rip you off of him.

“Yeah,” You giggled, “sorry about that, but you didn’t ask.” 

He turned his head, looking at you with a smug look. “Can I kiss you now then?” He was so open about how he felt, it always seemed to catch you off guard.

“Um, if you want to…”

“Really?” He was taken aback by your response, he wasn’t expecting you to actually be okay with that. He sat up on his knees, scooting a bit closer to you so he could cup reach your lips. “I want to…” When he kissed you your eyes went wide in surprise—he actually did it. There wasn’t much movement at first but soon his hand slipped under your jaw he was sighing in content. He slipped his eyes open to see your expression and your eyes were still open, he pulled away.

“You know it’s kissing etiquette to shut your eyes, right?” Your cheeks were flushed from the summer air and the kiss, you just nodded. “Okay, let’s try it again.” He held you in place so he could repeat his previous actions, pressing another kiss on your lips. This time you closed your eyes and he smiled in satisfaction, you were too cute to him. His lips were sweet and soft, sort of like a peach. You found yourself melting into him, letting yourself go in the feeling—as soon as you did that, he pulled away.

“Why’re you walking alone? I’m right here.” He shook his head with a bunny smile on his face. “I know you feel the same way so please, can we just try?” He held your hand, sincerity in his doe eyes.

“Okay…we can try.”

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  • shocked
  • haven’t seen a person eat that much in his life
  • and not even getting fat
  • like you look like one of this models from tv or magazines
  • but you eat like those persons in discovery h&h show’s
  • “wow MC this is amazing”


  • jealous
  • like so jealous
  • he does tons of workout to get in perfect shape
  • and you sit there eating and looking like you were in the gym a minute ago
  • but loves you anyways
  • “how can I be like you MC?”


  • “MC is that normal?”
  • like first time eating together you eat a LOT
  • and it was maybe that you were hungry
  • but second and third …
  • “You eats that much all the time?”
  • “you look like you only eat salad”
  • “I will love to have your metabolism”


  • a bit concerned about you
  • “you may not gain weight but still not a healthy choice”
  • takes you to a nutritionist
  • and plans a diet where you can eat as much as you want
  • but healthy
  • kind of likes to see you eat that much


  • WOW
  • he has a great metabolism too
  • since he only eats honey Buddha chips and Dr Pepper
  • “I bet I can eat more chips than you”
  • now your house is full of junk food to share with him
  • you two always go to see Yoosung to eat in front of him
  • to better him about having tons of honey buddha

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They knew you were down. They had known you long enough. So, Steve lit the candles in the room while Bucky brought you to the bed. They knew it would get your mind off the family troubles happening, and when you smiled softly at them. They knew they were right. Together, they undress you before bringing you into their strong arms. The kisses are slow, the roll of their hips deep as they both slip inside you. The three of you working in perfect tandem.

God yes 🤤🤤 I think they’d be the perfect distraction and would show you how loved you are

Frisky Friday™


Aerith’s Dream Diary 🍑

Entry 53: Harthome/ 5C00-0011-9B85/ @mayor-clover

Harthome made me so excited for winter and for Christmas. I loved the red and the white themes. The time of day in this dream was perfect; you could see all the lights shining so perfectly. The falling snow was the cherry on top for me! 

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How about a dark blue with Chase? :D

(No more angst….for now)

You sat on the edge of the couch cushion watching Chase carefully. Your fingers fidgeted as he undid the wrapping paper. This was your second Christmas together, and he was unwrapping the gift you’d made for him.

You knew Chase would have loved anything you gave him, he was just that sincere and kind. That didn’t stop you from wanting to give him the perfect gift.

The paper removed Chase held up the set of four hand knit dark blue scarves. Each one had a small difference. One had white stripes, one had tassels at the end, and two of them had a red and white star on either end. 

Chase’s smile was a little confused, “I don’t mind the variety, but you didn’t need to go so far out of your way Babe.”

You blushed, “Actually, its a family set. One for each of the kids, and one for you, and me.”

His smile widened and he dashed over to your side, immediately peppering your face with kisses.

Request: McCree and Reaper w an s/o who is The Biggest Theatre Nerd Ever and won’t ever stop quoting plays and singing along to musicals at like 3 am

I’m listening to the Hamilton mixtape it’s all good lmao -Mod Zen


*Lets be real, he’s not much of a theater person. He’s into old movies, especially loves the aesthetic of old Westerns (surprise)

*So he won’t be singing or quoting along, but he’ll listen. And if you repeat your favorites, he’ll pick up on it.

*He finds it adorable, tbh. McCree loves innocent, passionate people and this is just perfect.

*Get him into theater and he will be a critic. He would probably hate Andrew Lloyd Webber (JUST SAYING)

*Knows every bit of Oklahoma!. Has never been to Oklahoma. He has not seen the musical either. God help him.


*I know there was discourse as to what Reaper’s costume in Masquerade was supposed to be from: im pretty sure he was going for the Red Death from the Poe story, so it’s not a Phantom reference.

*He hates Webber too

*He LOVES theater. It’s one of his soft points: probably before the fall he frequented as many theaters as he could to see any types of plays

*And musicals were, and still are, his favorite.

*Loves West Side Story and Hamilton. Unorthodox ones he can almost relate to…

*If you’re singing, he’ll join you, and he’s GOOD. It’s such a soft moment for Reaper you stop in awe of his voice or if his humanity.

*Everyone at Talon hates you now for the inside jokes you have.

*“This next hit is crucial. Don’t miss it.” “I am not throwing away my shot.” “Reap-” “wE ARE OUTGUNNED”

Idk. You can decide to hate me. This is what I felt like writing. I still have 12 requests done in my drafts and 33 requests in my inbox. But I’ve been struggling to get up the will to write again. I’m usually so tired after work and I just wanted to write something sad and lovey. This is the result…

Drabble: The Morning Coming

Your soft gaze trailed over the sight of your beloved who laid beside you in bed. You admired the smooth contours of his face of his perfectly unblemished skin. You never knew someone could look so perfect. So, handsome. He was even more lovely to behold when he was relaxed, the way he was now.

The morning had woken you up through its brilliant rays of light that shone through your tan colored drapes. You had stirred from your slumber and quickly realized there was a body lying beside you. You had opened your eyes immediately remembering last night’s events were not a dream. Your lover had come home after many months of being absent.

A feeling of contentedness filled you as you laid perfectly still by your lover. You knew he could be easily waken even by the slightest movement or smallest sound. You did not want to disturb him. You wanted him to get as much rest as possible as you knew he slept little on his own.

Sleep usually did not bring him peace or comfort like it does for most people. Some nights were worse than others as he has woken up in freight or anger within minutes or hours of shutting his eyes. Those nights he would barely get any rest as his nightmares would haunt him. Yet there were other nights that he slept like a babe.  Where he had whist dreams that swept him away from his woes.

You were glad that one of those peaceful nights was last night, especially after he had been gone for so long. You were happy to wake up beside him while he was at peace.

It wasn’t long until your lover’s dark coal eyes fluttered opened. His tired gaze traveled down to you, noticing you watching him. You had no doubt that he might have felt your lingering stare earlier, but you were not ashamed by it. You held his gaze while your face was thoughtful, feeling slightly guilty for perhaps waking him up.

He eventually moved in one swift motion as he turned onto his side and squeezed an arm up from under you. He brought you closer to him. His own expression unreadable as his dark hair hung over his eyes.

“Did you sleep well?” you inquired, gently.

“Hmmm,” Sasuke responded as he was not overly fond of mornings. It took him a moment to repeat the question back to you as he analyzed your mood. “You?”

“I’m better now… that you’re here,” you replied kindly, worming your hands around him.

Sasuke’s eyes drooped at that. He knew he had been gone way longer than expected. He felt crummy for leaving you but he knew he couldn’t bring you on his travels. He needed to do this on his own, even though he missed you in every way. He couldn’t be at home with you every day. He had a personal mission he had to fulfill.

Sasuke’s thoughts snapped back to the present as he felt your fingertips gliding along the raised skin on his chest.

“This scar is new. I guess I didn’t see it last night,” you mentioned, vaguely.

Sasuke shut his eyes, knowing exactly which scar you were referring to. That was another reason why he left you at home. He wanted to keep you safe. The path he sought was too dangerous.

Your hands patted his chest, feeling the steadiness of his heartbeat. You weren’t looking for an explanation on the new scar. You knew he would tell you when he was ready and willing to.

Sasuke inclined his head towards yours, opening his eyes to meet yours. He held a tender and regretful look in his eye for you before slowly kissing the top of your head. You were all that was left of what mattered to him.

The warmth of his kiss left goosebumps on your skin as his arm tightened around you. His face then fell into your hair as he took in a deep breath. You relished in the closeness of him, pulling yourself up against his chest. Your heartrate quickening and suddenly all you could think about was how bad you didn’t want him to leave again and how much you’ll miss him.

“Please… hold me longer,” you begged softly against him, maybe even too quietly for him to hear.  

When the following morning came, you were left with empty sheets and a promise of until next time.

Moonie {Animal Shelter! AU}
  • Pairing: Taeil X Reader
  • Genre: Fluff: Animal Shelter! AU: Bulleted Scenario
  • Request: ”knock knock. who’s there? orange. orange who? orange you glad it’s not another flower shop au request? okay excuse my lame joke i love your flower shop au’s and I love whoever requested them too, they’re so much fun but I have a ~different~ request. Could I get a taeil animal shelter volunteer! au? sorry for such a long ask lol.” - @kaylanshaw0
  • Word Count: 965
  • Summary: When nobody adopts a dog, you and Taeil plan adopt together.

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AH! You're genderfluid and pansexual (if I had gotten the second one correct) and I find that so amazing because I'm both gf and pan! You're art is damn amazing and it's so nice to see other gf peeps! You're fantastic and stunning, you're art is frickin' perfect, and I love you so damn much! <3333

Yes I am!! At first I thought I was bi but then I realized! Thank you so much for your support; I’m so glad I’m finding more genderfluid people! Feels good not to be alone <3

Thank you again!

Love for the Final XO

I didn’t want to lose these or leave them to rot in my inbox or not acknowledge them or delete them. I want to keep these forever because they’ve truly meant the world to me and I love each and every one. You guys have really shown me such love and support and I can’t express how grateful I am. 

So this is just going to be a massive post of responses I got from the final. No URLS will be posted. 

Thank you thank you thank you! xx

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Cassian, Rhysand, Aedion


who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite



who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

So as soon as Rhysand was introduced my entire heart and ovaries were like THAT ONE. HE IS THE ONE YOU WILL SHOWER ALL YOUR LOVE ON. Honestly he is the embodiment of my perfect man. The well tailored clothes, dark hair and dark eyes. His position as High Lord and the love he has for his people. And like how he purrs ‘Feyre, darling’. LIKE PLS PURR TO ME


who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

So when he was first introduced I was really concerned that he was going to be on the King’s side for some reason hahah but AEDION MY PURE TERRASEN BBY. His loyalty for Aelin and his sass is everything 

Put a fictional character in my ask

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Hey! First time messager here :) Love your blog-- could I have some comforting Frank hc's?? I'm doing a project atm and it's making me unbelievably stressed :// X

hiya!! i’m glad you reached out- i’d love to help! i believe in your ability to complete your project, and remember: you CAN do it, but even if it isn’t perfect, it’ll be okay. your life is bigger than just what you can complete in this task. but you can do it!!! you will do your best, and that’s all that counts.

so, here are some soft frankies! to give you motivation!

frank doesn’t like when his girl is stressed. he HATES it. not because it’s bad for her to feel stressed- she is completely entitled to her emotions and he respects that- but because he feels like he’s let her get hurt, somehow, and what right has the world to make her suffer? she’s too good for these assholes. no one has any right to ask her to do something that makes her stressed, worried, pained. so he wishes he could just reach in and take her pain out, but he knows he can’t. so all he does is stay by her side and help her as best he can, occasionally grumbling curses at those who would tax her in this way. 

frank tends to buy his girl small tokens of affection here and there. found a little button at a store that says “apple of my eye” or a magnet or a toy model; some small thing that caught his eye and made him think of her. he likes leaving them for her around the house with little notes attached; “love ya,” says a sticky note signed “your frank.”

frank can’t cook anything gourmet, no, but he can make something nice. pancakes, waffles, toast. sometimes soft and sweet for her, a nice, warm snack for her, complete with fruits and whipped cream and a kiss on her cheek. “a treat for you,’ he smiles, rubbing her back. “lemme know if you want anything else.”

also, let’s be real, frank can do a damn fine deep massage. he sees that his girl’s shoulders are tense so he puts his big, strong hands on them and works the muscles, hushing her with his nice, deep voice. “shh,” he says. “just relax, hon. take a minute.” “but the project-” “can wait. i don’t want you getting any cramps or some shit. just hush a minute.” he pets her hair and kisses her head, then returns to massaging her neck and shoulders. 

he also is strict about “okay, you’ve worked for three hours, you’re taking a break.” and if she goes past 10 o clock at night he will reach around her and shut her books and computer and lift her up, carrying her to bed. “FRANK I HAVE TO WORK!” “nuh uh. it’s bedtime for you, missy.” “I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE!” “and you won’t be able to if you’re not RESTED. so quit squirmin’ around,” he grunts, plopping her in bed and wrestling her shoes off, tossing her pajamas on the bed (though he does wink at her and say that it’d take a step out of the checklist if she just wore nothing), then pulling the covers over her. he settles in next to her and fastens an arm around her waist, pulling her close so she can’t wriggle away and go to finish her all-nighter. nope. she’s staying with him.

i hope that helps!!! i love you!!!

1054. I am currently part of a love… triangle, square or something. An adult, divorce and everything, love mess. I love him with all my heart, want a family with him, and that keeps me from going more than 24 hours without food, getting a scale, etc. All I want is for him to choose me, but my plan B if he doesn’t is to starve myself until I am 45kg. “Hey, you lost the love of your life, so you get to be skinny as a consolation prize” (sorry if my English is funny). I am sick.

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Hi! Do you have any tips for growing a potted gardenia?

OKAY i love gardenias they are my favorite flowers / scent but my house is so obscenely dry that finicky tropical plants come with an automatic death sentence. so i’m holding off on getting one until i can provide the perfect conditions. realize tho that gardenias are notorious for being VERY hard to grow indoors, so keeping it outside once the temps are steadily above 55 degrees is recommended.

the most important (and hardest) part of gardenia care is humidity. gardenias CRAVE that moist air. some people suggest a daily misting for humidity-loving plants, but i’m here to tell you that that is a LOAD of buttcrumbs. misting keeps plants moist for like, five minutes. your best bet (apart from a humidifier) is placing the pot on a dish of pebbles, and keeping water at just below the level of the pebbles. you don’t want the pot to soak up the water – you want it to evaporate! the evaporation will increase humidity around your plant. keeping a group of plants together will also help to increase a bit of humidity.

Soil: must be well-draining but also rich. a good-quality compost mixed with peat will work well, with added perlite and vermiculite for better drainage. gardenias are acid-loving plants, so a soil formulated with that in mind will work well, too!

Water: keep them lightly moist. this means not letting their soil dry out, but also not keeping it soggy. like a well wrung-out but still slightly damp sponge. i also recommend putting them in the shower once every week or two for a deep watering.

Light: about six hours of bright, filtered light per day. light is SUPER important for bloom formation! no direct sunlight – that could burn the leaves. in winter you may have to supplement sunlight with a grow light.

Flowers: warm days and cool nights are key for developing blooms. nighttime temps should be between 55-60 F and daytime temps between 65-70 F. they also require about 14 hours of night / darkness.

Other tips: Remove woody stems to encourage the plant to develop more green growth for flowers. feed with a fertilizer made for acid-loving plants, nothing too alkaline or with any lime.

Aaaaand that’s a wrap.


MY Black thoughts
Drifting Aimless
In the weightless purity,
of your matter.

There is no name
For the God who created you…
Its as if,
A perfect flower
Bloomed into my existence

From the Hands
Of nothingness…
I was given

My words
can give no weight,
to your Flawless

Your energy
so Vibrant…
That the light
of your smile
Purifies my darkness.

Your love
Is not religion,
And yet…
It is in your love
I put my faith



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hi!! first of all, thank you so much for running this blog, it's just such a pleasure to come here and see how good you guys are to answer our questions and the good quality of the stories here!! and i would like to ask if you guys know good fics with shy and innocent baek (it can be nc-17), thank you 😘😘

Thank you for your kind words anon!

Not a Fairy Tale
It Began with a Bet
The sweetest thing 
Fall For Me (Like How I Fall For You, Love)
The Cute Omega Across the Hall
Pure Perfection 
Bonded for Life 
What Heaven Sent Me

-Admin Ellen 

storysongandstars  asked:

I want to personally thank you for that post about Taako having to deal with a bunch of necromancy bullshit and just being like barely fazed by it seriously those scenarios of "You picked the absolute worst target for your horror movie bullshit you don't even know" are MY JAM! I love them so much! And Taako is the perfect character to star in these scenarios bc not only does he have The Most arcane power but also his family connections are worst case scenario for anyone trying to mess with him

Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you liked it! It honestly started as a silly thought I had - a song came on and I thought of fnaf and had the realization that not only was that totally a possibility in this world after Lucas’s robots, it would also be hilariously easy to deal with for Taako. And then I just had… more ideas.

I just really love the idea of these people underestimating Taako and being so hilariously over the top about everything? I mean if your chosen form of magic is raising the dead you’re not gonna half-ass the aesthetic, right? And if you’re going to continue to break the laws of death even knowing that there’s a trio of bounty hunter reapers who are really good at their job, you’re probably going to go all out and are also maybe not going to make the best choices. He’s powerful all on his own and even if you get the upper hand his whole family is after you, what are you thinking. So essentially, all of the horror stories are just… cultists and liches and such being really extra and doing a terrible job of it. (Which is a great way to take the horror out of horror stories, honestly; just imagine Taako seeing this scary thing, being unimpressed, and blasting the fuck out of it.)

Plus, can you imagine? Taako finally lives out his life and is ready to join his family on the job, and there’s no training or preparation to go through - he’s assigned to missions from day one because he’s been dealing with this shit for hundreds of years already.

Found in one of my old notebooks

New dress
New hair
Some such change in my reflection
And this is how you compliment
To show your affection:

So quick to articulate the specifics
Of this particular iteration
To which you do not take exception,
Bringing me nearer to perfection.

For only through discontent
May I achieve salvation,
To stand each dawn a better creation,
Lit by the rays of your satisfied gaze,
Erasing my yesterdays
With the particles of praise you scatter my way.

Yes, I believe it is given
And I cannot earn your love
But I can learn to improve
And I can yearn to be approved
If I do not carry with me
All the selves I have enjoyed
That you destroyed and had removed.

And generations have tried so much
To attain this pride it is dangerous to touch.

For to not cover myself as I walk down the street,
To not compare myself to everyone I meet,
To not control every mouthful that I eat,
But to move my overlarge feet to my own heart’s drumbeat
And to look in the mirror and find it sweet,
That would be your defeat.