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Masterpost of Ryan Ross singing

For anon: Ryan has provided backing vocals for most pre split panic songs. there’s also loads of clips of him singing w/ friends etc, but I’m listing the ones I found noteworthy.

For Afysco his vocals can be heard clearly on Live In Denver

Songs where he’s had major parts on Pretty Odd include:

Iconic Acoustic Versions:


The Young Veins:

Solo Stuff:


To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

So after all that anon drama I had yesterday, it really put me in a mood so I just made myself happy by curling my hair and putting some makeup on haha.. I have always been shy showing my face on here but I felt kinda descent looking so thought, “Might as well!” Sorry if your computer suddenly crashes and burns up over seeing my ugly mug!

also i’m sleepy / Lazy & reblogging that post as many times as i wanna sounds like a Lot so instead here have this Greatly Abridged list of people without whom my dash(es) would suck so much

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the goods might also be in love with me


holy heck! one hundo followers! what a beautiful day for this dumb little blog.

i’m sure you don’t want to see the proprietor of weirdzootopiaframes dot tumblr dot com get too mushy or anything, so i’ll be brief. this truly excellent film has, over the course of a little over a year, cultivated a truly excellent fandom. and i don’t say that lightly. fandoms are often garbage fires! fandoms are usually garbage fires! but this one is amazing, brimming with enthusiasm and creativity and just lovely people. maybe it’s because the message of the film is so great, stressing inclusion and communication. or maybe it’s because we all rally around one really solid ship instead of getting into slapfights over who judy should marry. (”what ship?” “wildehopps!”) whatevs.

point being; running this blog has been a lot of fun, and most of that is reading people’s comments and riffs on the posts i make. keep being great, zootopia fandom. you’re the best.

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Dropped items are a regular thing on any campus, but the things you find on the ground at EU tend to be trinkets you'd normally be interested in. I recommend leaving those trinkets undisturbed.

Don’t touch any combs you find - the banshees don’t like having to recollect. Other than that, about a third of the things you find will be gifts from something or other, a third will be something like an anglerfish’s light, and a third are just genuinely lost. So your odds are better than a coin flip, but not necessarily good.

Is Ryan Ross anti LGBT+?

Let’s delve into the debate and find out if the accusations have any depth.

There was a screenshot of texts posted by Sh**e where he asked Ryan what he would do if a girl had a bigger dick than him. My personal interpretation of the texts was that Ryan was referring to the dick as ‘it’ and not the girl. But yeah, kinda shady. (assuming we trust Sh**e on this one) (Also I do not understand why he doesn’t break ties with someone as problematic as Sh**e)

However, he has tweeted this: (RFRA was a bill that was seen as a threat to the LGBT+ community)

Yes, Time To Dance is about Invisible Monsters, but I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if it is transphobic. Firstly, though, Time to Dance was one of their first songs so Ryan was pretty young when he wrote it and secondly, I guess the social perspective 10-15 years ago was somewhat different than it is now.

This is just a musing of mine, but I think Ryan might’ve been hinting at himself through that particular line.. as a boy with very little to no inhibitions about adopting a traditionally feminine appearance (his hair, his makeup, his clothing, his mannerisms) This is entirely a product of my warped brain, but to me, a teenage Ry trying to figure himself out seems more likely than him penning down a song to hurt others, especially when he was going through disturbing times himself.

Also, I assume everyone knows about ‘reinvent love’, one of the highlights of the Pretty Odd Era, being a quote by the gay poet Arthur Rimbaud?

I’ve read the Paul Cates theory on tumblr too, and here’s something I found today:

George Ryan Ross III. I admit he is not perfect, he has done questionable stuff. But weren’t most of us pretty unaware about such issues before we joined tumblr? I believe he’s on the road to improvement. Let’s give him a chance and see. :)


“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”(Neruda)

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Headcanons/scenario where the reader is Ryuji's childhood best friend, and they were inseperable until the Kamoshida because Ryuji, being the numbskull he can be, thinks that the reader wouldn't believe him and leave. They show back up during the Phantom Thieves situation because of Akira introducing them to the group as a friend or s/o(up to you honestly). How does Ryuji react to their sudden reappearance into his life? Is it awkward? Do they make up? I hope this wasn't too confusing!

  • you and Ryuji used to be best friends; he would always come to your place to avoid his abusive father and read manga with you
  • you guys used to race each other all the time and Ryuji would always win; he always had a natural talent for running
  • you guys still remained friends up until you guys entered high school and he joined the track team… you felt like he was always working too hard.
  • then he suffered a leg injury and then people starting gossiping that Ryuji got the injury from his abusive household and the likes of that.
  • but you know none of that is true! but before you can talk to Ryuji, you watch as he punches Kamoshida in face.
  • despite the multiple texts you send him and how much you try to talk to him, he just ignores you; he avoids you at school too.
  • you decide to give him distance but you feel lowkey hurt since he’s one of the few friends you have but a few weeks later
  • he tries to talk to you but you were so mad the time he ignored you, you tell him you don’t want to be seen around him and he backs off.
  • it hurts but you guys eventually grow apart and you eventually transfer to Kosei High School and become ultimately lonely.
  • your loneliness eventually manifest a palace; not as strong as the other palace the phantom thieves had stumbled across before.
  • you see Kosei High School as a fallout shelter because of how you became lonely to avoid being hurt by others and you are the overseer, allowing no one to enter your heart
  • Ryuji, when exploring your palace, wonders, if the manifestation of your palace is partially his fault for ignoring you during the Kamoshida’s, incident.
  • to progress forward through the palace, someone has to try to hang out with you and must break through your loneliness.
  • the best candidate to do so is Ryuji since he was already friends with you beforehand and knew you for the longest.
  • Ryuji with some good effort manages to hang out with you… it’s kind of awkward until he apologizes for ignoring you, that a bunch of shit was going on and Kamoshida had literally broken him.
  • you understand where he’s coming from and apologize for avoiding him as well, saying that you became self-avoidant to avoid being hurt again.
  • you tell him how when you moved to Kosei High, people made fun of you for your rather odd behavior so you became sheltered.
  • after he says he has to go, the Nav pops up on your phone and it asks for a name in which you typed in yours out of curiosity.
  • after school the next day, you see Ryuji and a group of Shujin students along with one Kosei High students, disappearing. 
  • Surprised, you look at the Nav app and type in the location and the candidate is found… next, you try to think what you think about the school and remember about the atomic bombs dropped on Japan which your grandparents were victims of during WWII…
  • so you say fallout shelter and before you can blink, you’re in front of your own Palace and you follow the Phantom Thieves.
  • the group confronts your shadow and your shadow self basically bitch at Ryuji for abandoning them… however, you come in.
  • Ryuji is surprised, wondering how the hell you managed to enter your Palace but he watches as you interact with your shadow.
  • the shadow is the true self and you listened to them, how you were truly upset with Ryuji and everyone who left you, how mad you were at your parents for moving during the middle of the year, etc.
  • however, your deny your shadow self and this only triggers them to unleash their true strength–similar to facing a Persona 4 shadow self.
  • your group battles with your Shadow and finally, manage to defeat it… after some reevaluating, you understand they were right.
  • your Shadow smiles “so you finally decided to take off the facade of desolation and eschewal; now let us make a compact… I am thou, thou art I and today you will embark your graduation from the chains of loneliness and show your true nature to the world.”
  • I would like to think Jeanne d’Arc would be your persona and their attacks would either nuclear or fire attacks but it could be someone else, this is your story after all reader.
  • you decide to join the Phantom Thieves and by such, you rekindle your relationship with Ryuji… you both apologize for the time you spent apart.
  • you guys don’t immediately start a relationship but once you break away from your avoidant shell and revert back to your old cheerful and eccentric self, you may choose to pursue a relationship with him.
Find your own key. Banish your own devils. The world is filled with voices other than the ones in your head. Listen to them.
—  Paul Dini, Dark Night: A True Batman Story

HELLO ALL. consider this post a re-introduction to the mun of this blog. i am now widely referred to as OKU on all of my blogs and use the pronouns he/they. i’ve finally ‘ come out ’ as genderfluid with a preference for male pronouns. i’ve yet to decide on a name, but hopefully i can find one soon. 

i’m not gonna bite your head off for using the wrong pronouns, and i get that some people might slip up and still refer to me as she/her/claire, but i do ask that you all please please please try your hardest not to ! having to still deal with it irl is terrible enough, but i just can’t pluck up the courage to come out fully just yet. 

anyways, it’s nice to meet you all and i hope you guys still love me ahah ; v;’

Let's talk BUDGETING

Ah yes, the least glamorous part of being a sugar baby, the fiscal responsibility. When many of us get into this lifestyle, we picture living fancy, spending without a care, and getting everything we want. Well, welcome to the real world. My allowance is $5000 a month, and if I bought all of the shoes and bags and clothes my heart desired, I could spend all that money easily. But that would be silly, because as nice as shoes and bags and clothes are, they aren’t the main reason I got into this lifestyle and they certainly won’t pay the bills if I ever get desperate.

The thing is, I suck at budgeting and spending money. I tend to use it up to quickly and then I’m desperate for money around the end of the month. But a SD can drop you on a dime, so this is obviously not ideal. So I’m implementing a strict budget for myself for the year and here’s what I’m doing so you can too.

  1. Set aside half of your allowances- I know, not fun at all. But it’s important to try to save at least half of your allowances. Buy a safe and stash half in there every month. For me, this is my “travel-car-life after college-rainy day” fund. I’m saving towards specific goals, but I also know that money is there should I ever need it.
  2. Give yourself a “weekly allowance”- Take your monthly allowance and break it up into weekly increments, but not just for the month. Try to break it up into 4 months worth of weeks. For example, when I get my $5000, $3000 will go into savings. Then, I’m breaking up the money into 13 envelopes with $125 dollars in each of them, which will last me from now until May. This is my money I can use for groceries, booze, going out with friends, basically anything I need for the week. Is $125 a week glamorous? Not really, but I can comfortably live on it and it gives me 13 weeks to find a new SD if my currant one decides to dump me for whatever reason. I will then add to each weekly folder. So next month, I’ll put another $125 in each of the remaining envelopes, and I’ll have $250 to spend every week. My weekly “goal” is $300, so the month after that I’ll add another $50 to each remaining envelope, then I’ll put $100 in 15 new envelopes to save for summer and repeat.
  3. Budget for Shopping and Big Purchases- If you were paying attention above, you may have realized that 3000+(13x125)=4625, not $5000. That’s because I budgeted $375 to go shopping for the month. Look, shopping is obviously super fun, but walking into a store with your full allowance in hand is just stupid and irresponsible. Bring the amount you budgeted with you and stick to it. Shopping is way more fun when you don’t have “oh no, I shouldn’t have bought all this stuff I wasted so much money” regret. I think ahead to any big purchases I need to make and plan for them. For example, I know I want to get my hair done in March, which is going to be expensive. So I budgeted extra money into March’s “spending” category for that expense.
  4. Roll Your Weekly Money Over- So odds are I won’t be spending my entire weekly budget every single week. What shall one do with this left over money? I’m putting into my “roll-over” envelope, which I will let accumulate. I can do whatever I want with this money. I can add it to the shopping budget for the month, use it to save up for a big purchase, or draw from it (not my savings) if I need a little extra one week.
  5. Get a “bonus” Sugar Daddy for Big Things- Well, technically I already have one, so this is more of a suggestion. To me, a bonus SD is a SD who you see very infrequently, generally due to travel or work. Mine gives me $1500 every time we see each other, which is rare, due to his travel for work, about every 2 months. I view this as “bonus money” and I would use it on a single, large purchase that my monthly budget doesn’t account for, such as a new laptop, phone, expensive bag, etc.
  6. Get you SD to Pay for as Much as Possible- Fucking duh.