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who would be a sweet talker/praiser and who would be a degrader?

Oh boy, this…please my heart ovaries can’t take this

Seokjin, 1000000% Sweet talker. Like, nothing but how beautiful you are would ever come out of his mouth. “You’re so beautiful, aren’t you?”, “My sweet little cupcake”, “The sounds you make are like an angel”.

Yoongi, degraaaaddderrrrrrrrrr FFS. I don’t even need to explain it. “God you’re such a little slut for my cock, aren’t you?” “Fuck, you take it so well”, “Your cute little pussy is so fucking wet for daddy”.

Namjoon, 80% Praise, 20% Degrader. Like, his mood would totally shift depending on the day he’s had, but he’d never be aggressive. “Daddy loves it when you moan for him”, “Baby girl, you better be on your knees by the time I get over there”, “Come on, I know my little bitch can be louder than that”.

Hoseok, UGH He’s such a fucking switch I could never tell you specifically which he’d be, because he’s fuckinggggggg extra. You’d get things like, “Oh my princess is so gorgeous today”, “Why don’t you come over here so Oppa can help get rid of some of that stress” ORRRRR “I’ll have you screaming so loud, your neighbours are gonna know how much of a little whore you are”.

Jimin, PRAISEEEE FO DAYSSSSS. He can dirty talk for days, but he’d never be a degrader. He’s sweet, but totally into what you’re doing. “Jagiya, I love you so much”, “I just want to make you feel good”, or this little fuckin heathen would belt out shit like, “oh god, Jagi, you’re so tight, you feel so good around me”, “Scream my name, baby, I want to hear my name off those lips like it’s the only word you know”.

Taehyung, I’m not even sure he can be labeled?? like he’d literally just belt out whatever the fuck came to mind at that exact moment. “Oh shit, that feels so good”, “I just really want to bend you over that counter and watch your ass bounce”, or in a sickly sweet tone, “Jagiiii, can you please come suck me off? I really want to feel your lips right now”.

Jungkook, to be honest? I don’t think he’d be anything. He’d be more of a grunter, a groaner, and a growler. You’d know he was having fun by the noises he made, not the words coming from his mouth. You’d get obscenities like “Oh fuck,” or “holy shit” followed by some heaving panting, but I don’t think you’d get anything near the other boys.

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i've liked girls for as long as i can remember- but i was scared of what might happen if i came out so i concealed my feelings for many years. last year, i told my best friend about my sexuality because i trusted her and felt the need to vent. she outted me to the entire school. i moved away and now i'm in a completely new state. i have a fresh start. do you have tips on accepting your sexuality + being open about your sexuality after you've been treated harshly?

I’m so sorry for what happened, I’m glad you’re able to have a fresh start though and I hope you’ll make wonderful friends who will respect and support you!

I’m not really out to anybody so I don’t know if I can help… But to accept my sexuality I tell myself that it’s about me and that it’s nobody else’s business, if people can’t accept it then that’s not my problem because I won’t change for them. 

Actually I’m still trying to accept it, and I’m able to be open about it on tumblr because people on here have been very supportive every time I talked about it. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to be open about it irl, but I think that accepting your sexuality can help you feel more confident? So just remember that it’s about you, people don’t get to decide for you, they don’t get to say if it’s bad or wrong; your sexuality is valid, it’s part of you, it makes you who you are and you’re a wonderful person!

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Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻


Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs


miles congratulating michael on the pregnancy!!! i’m crying!!!


I’m Hinata Shouyou, and I sprouted from the concrete.

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Okay so I feel like people really do not understand fetishization.  Like, accusing KS of that is Wrong??  Like, listen, I’m a queer girl (so don’t bother dumping that straight people BS on me), and I have read a lot of yaoi, BL, yuri, GL, etc. and let me tell you something.  KS is the least sexual BL/yaoi I’ve ever read, barring the like super cutesy and fluffy kind.

That’s right.  You heard me.  It is almost entirely unsexy, and the only scenes of sexual content are either interrupted, extremely brief, or focusing on the developing dependence between them rather than the act itself.  The sexual content is not “fetishy” and the manhwa isn’t “porn with plot.”  I mean, there have been a handful of scenes with sexual content, but they were hardly what I would call explicit.  I mean, have you read a yaoi lately?  I’m guessing not.

This manhwa was certainly not written by a 13yo and frankly?  I’m actually offended on the author’s behalf.  How dare you.  You owe the author an apology for that.  The writing of this manhwa is better than half the things I’ve read lately.  It’s consistent and well-paced, not to mention suspenseful without being frustrating.  The dark themes are extremely well-handled and are probably more the reason for the rating than the barely their sexual content.

Do me a favor and read through some of Blood Bank (great manhwa, btw) and compare them.  THAT reads more as porn with plot to me, though the tone is shifting by the later chapters.  The beginning has some kind of sexual content in nearly every chapter, enough that the plot is actually slowed down considerably.

You CHOSE to read a manhwa called KILLING STALKING and expected what?  Some kind of healthy little romance?  Really?  You thought it wouldn’t be dark and potentially upsetting?  If you’re so against it, then why did you waste your own damn time reading it??

Personally, I am fascinated by Killing Stalking.  As a writer, I’m amazed with the characters and the little details that have been used to build the world.  I’m amazed that the author can write something so dark with such consistency and flare, not to mention grace.  The relationship building is deeply flawed and unhealthy.  Obviously.  The two main characters are a serial killer and a stalker.  If their relationship was healthy, I’d be disappointed.  The complexities of their choices and their motives is what draws me in in the first place.

How do you feel about people who enjoy Dext/er, I wonder?  Or Break/ing Bad?  What about The Sopr/anos?  Hann/ibal?  Or any other show about criminals?  Are they also sick and horrible?  Or is it just because the relationship is abusive that you have a problem?  Is it the inclusion of abuse and sex in the context of a relationship between two men?  Do you really think that enjoying reading about criminals is something new??  People are always fascinated by the darker side of things.  It’s why film noir and true crime and detective fiction in general is still so popular.

Scared they may be, but people are still fascinated by the dark and what lurks within it.  If you’re having nightmares or panic attacks, obviously you should stop reading it.  Don’t read things you find that scary.  For me, I only have trouble with supernatural horror, so this kind of thing is really interesting and intense.  I enjoy reading it.  I’m on the edge of my seat with every new chapter I read, wondering what’s going to happen next.  Finding a story the captures my attention so fully is extremely rare for me, and frankly nothing anyone says will convince me not to keep reading.

If you want to try, you’re welcome to.  I won’t stop you or even bother to block you.  Hell, I’ll engage if you want.  But no one’s ever taken me up on the invitation before, so I doubt anyone’ll bother now.


open your heart to love, it is so worth the risk

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I like to imagine Neil giggles a lot when he gets tipsy. Imagine: Andrew and Neil sitting on the roof, sharing a bottle of whiskey, Andrew’s bitching about Kevin and Exy and Neil is just lying with his head on his lap, staring up at his stupid face and losing his shit. Andrew alternates between glaring at him and shutting him up with a kiss. 

Shout out to the verbally abused kids who are told it doesn’t count because there are no bruises.
Shout out to the abused kids who aren’t taken seriously because they were acting up/asking for it/there are no marks to ‘prove’ it.
Shout out to the manipulated kids whose parents guilt them into thinking they deserve those shitty words and actions they get.
Shout out to everyone and anyone who is abused or has been abused.
You are strong and wonderful and I hope that one day you can get away and be happy and have the life you want.
No one deserves that kind of treatment. I love you.


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