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The cat noise for the noodle dragon AHAHAHAH 
And how the fax tremble in Hanzo hands, the change of music ahahahah 
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Words are at the end of my tongue, my lips are so close to yours, and I keep on wondering how perfectly my hands would fit with yours. But oh, I’m back here. Staring and hoping for you. Just screaming on the inside, how much I love you.


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Overwatch OC Voice Lines

I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I’m gonna take a shot at it. You know how all of the characters have lines for stuff? I wanted something where someone could think of what their character would say. Feel free to add/delete as so fits your character. For example, mine would only have interactions with former Overwatch members. So what’s your characters lines?

Character Name:


Country of Origin:

Voice Description:

Attacking (feel free to delete characters that your character wouldn’t have anything to say)

Enemy Ultimate:

Friendly Ultimate:

Ability 1:

Ability 2:

Killing Enemy:

Killing Genji:

Killing McCree:

Killing Reaper/Blackwatch Reyes:

Killing Soldier 76/Commander Morrison:

Killing Sombra:

Killing Tracer:

Killing Doomfist

Killing Widowmaker:

Killing Bastion:

Killing Hanzo:

Killing Junkrat:

Killing Mei:

Killing D.Va:

Killing Orisa:

Killing Roadhog:

Killing Reinhardt

Killing Zarya:

Killing Winston:

Killing Lucio:

Killing Mercy:

Killing Symmetra:

Killing Ana:

Killing Zenyatta:


When teammate gets an elimination:

When a teammate is on fire:


When Mercy Damage Boosts them:

Group up:


I need healing!:

Interactions (write down a possible interaction your character can have with their teammates in spawn):

What they have to say about maps:


Temple of Anubis:




Route 66:

Kings Row:



Horizon Lunar Colony: 

Volskaya Industries:

Watchpoint Gibraltar:


Support Character Specific (Write down what your character would say while healing a certain character or what the Overwatch character would say while getting healed:


okay so, everyone who knows/follows me pretty much gets that I come as a package deal with @miimesis, and I just wanted to take a moment to gUSH ABOUT HER BECAUSE IT’S HER FUCKIN 19TH BIRTHDAY TODAY AND SHE DESERVES ALL THE LOVE AND BIRTHDAY CAKE BECAUSE SHE’S AMAZEBALLS. 


seriously I can’t scream about this crabcake enough – we’ve known each other just over a year now, and already I can’t imagine my life without her. she’s my soul friend, my sistah from another mistah, and in… 7 days time I actually get to meet her in person and OMG it’s going to be the most glorious weekend.

I freakin love you, Keira! Have an amazing day, eat our combined weight in cake, and I’ll see you next week!!!!!!



tips for writing Star Wars fanfic/Star Wars roleplay things

  • it’s not concrete; it’s duracrete
  • viewports are the windows on ships
  • not a plane; ship or speeder
  • it’s not steel; it’s durasteel
  • books are rare; holorecords or datapads
  • it’s not a glass pane it’s transparisteel
  • caf is the equivalent of coffee
  • it’s not paper it’s a flimsi
  • medcenter is a hospital

Star Wars can be very similar to things we’re already used to, but getting familiar with some of these terms can make your writing really fit in with the universe


8 reasons why we love Regina Mills (insp)

happy birthday @freifraufischer​!


“I’m a terrible dancer. I need to be really drunk and see a beautiful girl over there. It was a way of getting close to a girl without having to speak because always, whenever I opened my mouth, they would leave. So, dancing was a chance to keep them close.”

 A very necessary gifset of Diego Luna dancing in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 

(insp by this other very necessary gifset)

+ bonus:


Legolas reports back to his father.

I really wish people on the internet didn’t throw around mental disorder diagnoses without actually understanding them like…mislabeling something on a site like this just misleads a ton of other impressionable ppl, and it’s irritating to see someone wrongly label symptoms or justify a mislabeling with this front of infallible authority when they’re just…wrong haha

It’s better to be cautious with labeling something a disorder when you don’t actually know if that’s what it is. That includes your favorite character or someone else’s symptoms…like it’s one thing to recommend researching a disorder/asking a professional about it or having a headcanon or something, but just, remember to be humble about it


“Life is more a matter of choosing than knowing. He could never know the eventual destination of his path, but he could always choose in which direction to take each step.” 

― Matthew Woodring Stover, “Traitor”


Screensavers ft. the raira trio

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back

Originally posted by shxwnmendess

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x non-gender specific character
Request: 9, 20, and 125 from this prompt list/drabble challenge.
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1438

Shawn has always been playful. First night back after two months of touring? A little more so. Tonight, every chance he gets he manages to discreetly smack my bum or  slide his fingertips up the back of my thighs. One would think that after having been separated from his family for months he would like to spend quality time with them, but halfway through the movie that’s playing in the Mendes living room after dinner he fakes sleepiness and excuses us both. I reluctantly follow him upstairs, wanting to finish the movie.

The second Shawn’s bedroom door closes behind us his arms encircle my waist from behind, and he kisses my neck. I spin around in surprise, seeing a grin plastered on his face.

“Okay what’s going on? You’ve been handsy all day!”

“Baby, I’ve missed you. I’ve been gone for ages, and I need you so bad.” He reaches out for me with his hands, pulling me close and kissing me. I push against his shoulders and take a step back.

“Your sister and your parents are downstairs, they could hear us. No way. We are not having sex tonight,” I say in the most serious voice I can muster while watching him bite his lip.

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i love how different all the charters are ♥