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Thank God Book Tag

@brightbeautifulthings Thanks for the tag, I’m gonna enjoy this.

1. Thank God I read this - Name a book that changed your life                        Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis. I read the series when I was younger and it was the catalyst to my love of reading as well as made me more of a dreamer and creative person.

2. Thank God this wasn’t in public - Name a Book your’e glad you read it at home                                                                                                                       Probably ACOMAF just because of chapter 55 and all other similar scenes in it. Where I live, people are rather nosy and if they looked over my shoulder to see chapter 55 I would never be able to explain myself.

3. Thank God there are Tissues - A Book that turned you into a crying mess                                                                                                                        All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, that book made me want to rip my heart out and chuck it in a river. FINCH MY SWEET CINNAMON ROLL 😭😭

4. Thank God I don’t have to reread this - Name a book you didn’t like           Great Expectations by Charles Dickins. I analysed this book page after page for GCSEs. I’m happy to be free of it.

5. Thank God it’s Fiction - Name a Book character you would never want to meet in real life                                                                                                       UMBRIDGE! That woman is too pink and devious for my liking, plus I’m a procrastinator, she would despise me.

6. Thank God I’m single - Name 3 Characters you would totally want to date                                                                                                                          It’s difficult to narrow down to 3 but I’ll do it. FINCH MA BOY (Theodore Finch),would definitely be one. He is the male version of me so I know I would get along really well with him. Cal Calore, my wittle matchstick.Love him to bits. I can’t decide on definite third just because I ship them with another character too much. It would usually be Rhysand, but come on Feysand is too OP. So it’s between Cassian, Thomas (maze runner) and Zach (Gallagher Girls).

7. Thank God for friends - If this book was a human, it would be your best friend                                                                                                                       Bit of a childish one here. How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell, just because I love dragons, want one to be my best friend and the characters were my favourites when I was younger.

8. Thank God for editing - Name a book you’d like to rewrite                           hmmm, hard decision. Probably would pick The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas. Why? BECAUSE SAM DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE 😭😭 OR ACTUALLY…The Death Cure! Bye Bye pg25

9.Thank God for the Community -Tag someone

Feel free to do this whenever you want or not at all. I don’t mind! Have fun!

@addictedtobookss @acourtofredqueens @bookzane @crazybookladythings @thebookishdragon (I really like your url :D) AND ANYONE ELSE THAT WANTS TO DO IT!

anonymous asked:

What brush do you use for your lineart/ sketches? It looks real nice :o

i mostly use these brushes on procreate for the ipad! the 2nd one is the one i use for lineart mostly and the 1st for sketching.. i think theyre closeish to the default brushes but i modified them a tiny bit so heres the settings if u want em.. i only started using the calligraphy pen recently its fun

edit: ok im a fool nd just realized theres a bunch of other settings categories at the bottom i dont think ive edited those though so its probably all good