youre ratchet

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Just a quick sketchy pic I did up on the weekend and threw some basic colours on last night :D This is actually AU1 of 2 (You’ll see what I mean)
was a real fun process doing the Ratchet colours cause I was “laaaaazzzyy”  - lots of random gradients, deleting of those gradients with the eraser tool and then some random sprays of the airbrush tool. I was real happy with this sketch ^_^

(And as you can see I didn’t even colour Drift) XD

I hope you all have a lovely one!

Ratchet and Clank universe aesthetic:

~ infinite numbers of languages + cultures to discover and learn about
~ countries being at war with other countries across the galaxy
~ the diversity in media
~ bands doing universe wide tours that take years to complete, releasing new music on the go
~ long distance relationships + being separated by galaxies
~ school trips around the solar system
~ going to university three galaxies over but promising to come home on weekends anyway
~ lessons on the humans who killed themselves off but dreamed of the stars and could only begin to imagine what was out there

Ratchet and Clank universe aesthetic c:

anonymous asked:

There NEEEEDDS to be a request for tfp Wheeljack taking care of a sparkling with s/o or my life is a lie 😂 pls and thank you!


  • Poor guy doesn’t know how to deal with a sparkling. He’s a loose canon, a drifter… Honestly, he’s not too hot about the idea of taking in a baby at first. Wouldn’t someone like Ratchet be much better suited?
  • However, he decides to give it a try. For you. And while he doesn’t commit often, when he does it’s for good. He loves you both and would do anything for you. 
  • When the sparkling wakes up in the middle of the night he kisses your head and tells you he’ll take care of them. Part of it’s because he’s used to not getting a lot of recharge, plus he’s very busy during the day and doesn’t have much time to help out then.
  • Ratchet is your go-to babysitter. Wheeljack loves Bulkhead like a brother, but… he waits until the kid is a little older before leaving them with him. He’s very Large and also wouldn’t know how to care for a baby baby.
  • When he comes back to base he says “Papa’s home!” He tosses the smol up and catches them. Wheeljack, no!! He laughs and kisses you, but tells you he won’t do it again.
  • “Hey, babe… We’re raising the most AMAZING kid…”