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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Just a quick sketchy pic I did up on the weekend and threw some basic colours on last night :D This is actually AU1 of 2 (You’ll see what I mean)
was a real fun process doing the Ratchet colours cause I was “laaaaazzzyy”  - lots of random gradients, deleting of those gradients with the eraser tool and then some random sprays of the airbrush tool. I was real happy with this sketch ^_^

(And as you can see I didn’t even colour Drift) XD

I hope you all have a lovely one!

Courtney Gears - Sombra

I thought it’d be an interesting fit, if not very fun! Sombra has a great design, I’ve been itching to draw it since I saw her debut short film. I’ll be trying to compose my images in a more interesting manor. I feel like my work can be stale, so I want to change that.

R&C/Overwatch Crossplay:


That feeling when Transformers Prime: The Game gives this romantic sunset scene between Optimus and Ratchet FOR NO REASON

I mean, just LOOK AT THEM

SERIOUSLY, for what freaking purpose were they staring into the sunset all romantic-like with just the two of them at the end scene of Transformers Prime: The Game

(well, until the others arrived, but by the looks of things these two had had the cliff all for themselves for quite a while already) 

Still boggles my freaking MIND 


Or did the game’s production crew know something we didn’t

…Just how much DO you love Optimus, Ratchet?

something to think about.

Red bracelet

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A Mingyu soulmate!au for me please? Yah know the red string stuff /I’m so sorry I can’t remember anything about the red string I just heard about it when I had a vacation in Japan/ㅠㅠ thank you dear

A/N: sorry this took so long but i really love how it turned out and i hope you do too!

wc: ~4K

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