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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Just a quick sketchy pic I did up on the weekend and threw some basic colours on last night :D This is actually AU1 of 2 (You’ll see what I mean)
was a real fun process doing the Ratchet colours cause I was “laaaaazzzyy”  - lots of random gradients, deleting of those gradients with the eraser tool and then some random sprays of the airbrush tool. I was real happy with this sketch ^_^

(And as you can see I didn’t even colour Drift) XD

I hope you all have a lovely one!

Courtney Gears - Sombra

I thought it’d be an interesting fit, if not very fun! Sombra has a great design, I’ve been itching to draw it since I saw her debut short film. I’ll be trying to compose my images in a more interesting manor. I feel like my work can be stale, so I want to change that.

R&C/Overwatch Crossplay:

Transformers with quotes from Bob’s Burgers

Hey guys I just thought this would be funny! Enjoy! (Btw, I limited myself to  ten fifteen transformers so I’m sorry if your fave isn’t up there.)

Optimus Prime: Your ass is grass and I’m going to mow it.

Megatron: If you teach me how to shoot I’ll teach you to regret teaching me how to shoot. 

Sunstreaker/Sideswipe: Quiet dignity? Have you met us?!

Bumble Bee: Oh it’s okay. I guess I wasn’t meant to have a good life.

Prowl: You’re my children and I love you but you’re terrible at what you do here.

Jazz:  Don’t tell me not to dance Dad!

Starscream: What is this feeling I’m feeling right now? It’s like I’m sad, for another person? Is that a thing?

Soundwave: (*thinking*) You guys are a burden, you’re dead weight.

Knockout: Agh, someone has not aged well. What a butter-face.

Windblade: I just want to slap your hideous beautiful face.  

Ratchet: I can smell fear on you.

Ironhide: Almost dying is the best part of living it’s called almost live dying.

Hound: Why would I be horny? I’m not an antelope.

Chromia: Mommy doesn’t get drunk she has fun. 

Arcee: "I don’t need a boy to pay attention to me. I’ll pay attention to myself.“

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Fuck me up Melly.

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Sure thing Emmy. Anything for Kinksame Friends eeey. )

It was innocent enough.

Swerve’s is as its peak hours, the joint bustling as the liaison and their friends have a good time by catching up, swapping stories, and generally enjoying each others’ company.

Then someone mentions that a meteor shower is going to happen soon and the liaison is thrilled upon learning it. Their eyes twinkle in excitement as they try to down their drink in one ago, asking the others if they want to come along with them over at the observation deck. The enthusiasm and excitement is appreciated but someone asks the question that’s on everyone’s processors: What’s with all the excitement for a bunch of falling rocks? They can see it in the next sixty-five years or so when they come back to this part of the system.

Cue the human giving the ‘bot a funny look, sharking their head in bemusement. “Sixty-five years? I might not even be around that long!“

After being pressed for more information by the rather horrified ‘bots, the human explains that the average human lifespan is around seventy nine, give or take. Some humans are lucky enough to see a hundred or so but that’s pretty rare from where they’re from.

They don’t seem to really mind the reminder of their eventual passing because let’s face it: After being an officer of the fratboy ship long enough to have so many brushes with death it could be considered silly, they’ve come to terms with their morality and are just happy to have been part of this wild but exciting journey. Is thinking of their eventual death rather morbid and sad? Of course, no one wants to die, but they’re content with what they’ve done so far and it won’t be a long, long while in their eyes.

The crew members have different reactions. They’ve forgotten that years to a human is months to a Cybertronian. The reminder/wake-up call that they’ll probably never see the liaison again after a vorn is… unnerving. Upsetting.

The crew members react differently to this.

Like how Ratchet becomes more cranky if he thinks they’re not looking after themselves well enough. More prone to snapping at the liaison if they try to eat something unhealthy or land themselves in the medbay if they hurt themselves during an adventure. For a while they think he’s mad at them until they see the way he looks at them when he thinks they’re busy. Almost as if trying to remember them in that moment.

Ultra Magnus letting them finish work early and recommending insistently that they get their full eight hours of sleep and not do anything hazardous like smoking or sitting too long in their chair. He’s more willing to be around them as Minimus Ambus, wanting the liaison to remember him as him.

Rodimus insisting they spend all their time together, dragging the poor human into pranks or stunts that either has them yelling at him or laughing so hard their lungs hurt. He also suddenly grabs their hand and holds onto it from time to time, staring at the way his fingers entwine with theirs as if trying to remember the way it looks, the way it feels.

Rewind trying to record much as he can of them doing their day-to-day activities be it doing paperwork to negotiating a compromise between Rodimus and Ultra Magnus. He takes special pain to catch them whenever they’re happy, laughing or smile or saying 'I love you’ to someone without a care in the world, their smile so bright it makes his spark hurt to think it’ll be gone so soon. He promises himself to show this all to the others when… when they need it.

(And to make sure this isn’t a sad ending, please think of this:

The other shoe finally drops for the liaison when, one day, Tailgate bursts through the doors with coolant running down his visor and static lacing his panicked distressed pleas to please please please don’t die in less than a vorn! The idea of them being gone so soon is awful? Do they wanna become a Cybertronian?? They can try to do that for them just please don’t leave him and Cy!!

Naturally the liaison has no clue what the heck is going on at first. When they’re certain they won’t die of a heart attack born from sheer shock, the liaison finds themselves holding a crying Tailgate in their arms. They rock him back and forth, making comforting sounds as they look up at Cyclonus in confusion. He can only shrug in response, looking uncomfortable and unsure himself.

Then it clicks for them. The strange actions. The looks. The fact Ultra Magnus tries to strap them down to their bed and see to it they get exactly eight hours of sleep. The human tries their best to comfort the crying marshmallow, wondering how they got to this point in their lives. Ah.

These emotionally constipated robots.)