youre perfect and ily

flamedeyes  asked:

I decided to take a minute and tell you how thankful i am that you're in this community! I have almost all your custom content and i think it's 10/10, your profile is so amazing and you seem to be a really nice girl, you're one of my favorite simblrs here and this place wouldn't be the same without your presence! (sorry if i seem a little weird but i had to, you deserve it) (and let's talk about your edits, fu**in PERFECTION)

anonymous asked:

i just wanted to say that i am so in love with your blog, and your blog brings me such a warm and cozy feeling, with the way that you capture your pictures and edit them <3 and i absolutely love your legacy!! your whole blog is perfectly perfection, and your blog is my favorite <3 xx ily

idk if this is one of those honest opinion asks BUT I DON’T CAREEEE I’M BREAKING THE RULES AND ANSWERING IT anon you’re too sweet and i’m so glad you think my pics are cosy because that’s my entire life’s aesthetic ok ;_; hahaha! thank you so so so much this really made me feel all warm and happy ily moreeeee <3<3<3

mens-frights-activist  asked:

sam showing bucky how to use video as a way of recording things he doesn't want to forget, to assuage his fear of losing things -if- he ever gets captured and wiped again. and then video leads into phone video which leads into vine, and bucky starts having fun with what he can squeeze into 6 seconds of video, and his vine account gets tons of followers and it's a huge boost for him because it makes him feel like these little things he's remembering are important objectively

and to other people rather than just in his own fucked up brain. mostly it’s sam and steve and nat doing things, but Steve isn’t good at picking out when bucky is just holding his phone and when he’s recording, so almost every steve vine is candid, and then bucky starts doing funny things like recording himself drinking a glass of water while deadpan staring into the camera while steve is in the background trying and failing to balance on one foot while he ties his shoes

and then it becomes a game of what he can catch steve doing while they just go about their routine, like dancing secretly or spiling something or cursing because his computer isn’t behaving, and not only do those vines get so many hits and get circulated on tumblr because they’re so funny but bucky also gets to capture their daily life, which is always precious to bucky and he never wants to take it for granted, AND he gets to make fun of steve so its win win win

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I followed your blog for your amazing art and YOI content but then I recently watched a few episodes of HxH and just, omG, KURAPIKA IS ACTUALLY SO WONDERFUL AND GORGEOUS I LOVE HIM, YOUR BLOG IS GREAT AND PERFECT ILY