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Imagine. . . Being Crowley's Queen

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Demons practically scrambled out of your way as you walked down the hall,  A content smile on your lips at their cowardice, respect and fear.  “Idiots” you thought idly as you walked into the throne room.

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Fandom: Suicide squad

Pairing: Killer Croc X Reader

Prompt: 34 & 36 for Killer Croc

Rating: Mild

Warning: light mentions of sex, one swear word (is damn even a swear word? IDK)

Notes: FINALLY GOT AROUND TO THIS!! Tried to make it longer…but it’s not one of my best :/
As your eyes flickered open, you moaned gently at the bright light shining through the window and into your fuzzy sight. You heard a deep chuckle beside you and you turned to see Waylon Jones, your boyfriend of a few months, lying next to you, staring at you. You smiled and rubbed your eyes.

“Good morning Handsome.” You grumbled, moving the sheets to cover you chest.

“Morning Gorgeous.” He said, nuzzling your hair before whispering into your ear. “Last night was…exciting.”

You felt a blush creep into your face as you flopped into your pillow.

“Just put some pants on, idiot.” You said, trying to keep you voice from cracking. Waylon let out a deep laugh as he got up and did what he was told.

Slowly, you let your face come out of the pillow and let your eyes start to examine the hulk of a man in front of you.

You had met when you fell into the Gotham sewers, very drunk, and he stumbled upon you. He saw how drunk you were and took pity on you, going against his reputation of being a heartless monster. Slowly, you got to know each other. He didn’t scare you…anymore…sure, his hulking frame was starting at first and his scale-like skin and sharp pointy teeth scared even Batman himself, but as you got to know Waylon Jones, the less you say of Killer Croc.

His eyes…those were what hypnotized you at first. The yellow orbs with slits for pupils and the cool way they blink like an actual reptiles…you found them wondrous.

“Like something you see?” Waylon asked slyly as he caught you staring. You blushed at first, but then quickly got over it.

“You.” You answered simply before getting up and putting on a tank top that was laying on the floor, the left strap ripped from Waylon’s claws. You made a mental note to fix it later.

“Why do you stay here?” You heard him ask and you turned to see Waylon staring at the floor, so you were unable to read his expression. But you knew it was going to be one of your deeper conversations.

“…it’s my apartment.” You said simply, trying to avoid the answer.

“You know what I mean.” He growled, unamused. “Why do you stay here with me? I’m a monster, and I’m putting you in danger. You should forget me! Fly to another state and start a new life. Get a great job, a real house, a guy that you can go on public dates with…the life you deserve.”

You sighed as you walked over to him.

“I can’t lose you…and I dont know when I’ll snap. What if I hurt you?” He added, sadly.

“Waylon!” You said sternly and he lifted his head, although hesitant. “I’m with you because I love you and you’re the only one I want.” You said, rubbing your thumb over his cheekbone.

“But what if I-”“Hurt me?” You cut him off. “Please, you’re a huge teddy bear…just with scales and canabilllistic tendencies.” You said, and suddenly Waylon laughed deeply and pulled you into one of his tight bear hugs that sent warm happy feelings straight through your body and into your brain, making you overjoyed.

“I love you…so damn much.” He whispered into your ear.

“I love you too.” You replied.

Melting Ice Chapter 1

Nashi Dragneel and Storm Fullbuster Next Generation.

 Nashi Dragneel

 “Idiot,” I muttered smoothing my cherry blossom hair back.

“Shut up Pink Headed Marshmallow, come here and fight me,” suddenly he was in my face as we collided foreheads.

“Whatever you say Navy Headed Lollipop, you want a fight come on…” I had my arm bent at the elbow and prepared with rolls of fire over my fingertips which I stole off a near by torch, and even though I couldn’t see it, I could feel it; the tendrils of small snowflakes caressing my molten skin as his hands brushed his long black trousers.

“Lollipop? That’s a new one, saying you’re going to put me in your mouth?”

I smile mischievously, “Considering you’ll melt I would but putting small things in my mouth could be hazardous,” his blue eyes darkened, don’t get me wrong, he looks like his father in stance and attitude considering we’re rivals his navy blue hair and light blue eyes put me off a bit, I love Juvia she’s pretty awesome and she can put out my flames like nobodies business…yeah I know, I’m a Dragon Slayer, and I can’t absorb fire, simply because I don’t have dragon lungs, I only inherited my fathers use of flames, I can only possess the flames when I get them from a source.

When my father isn’t around Juvia takes care of the flames, I owe her for that, but this nutcase looks like her in a way, and I can’t hurt the sucker!

“You drive my patience up the wall Nashi,” he growled.

I laughed, “Then don’t challenge me Storm,” we stepped back making sure the challenge was well and truly over before backing down, he stood straight calmly placing a smirk on his smug lips, I tried to let self control back in trying not to act as impulsively as my father does from time to time, at least I take after my blonde haired mother in most serious situations, she does tend to explode if someone ruins her control.

I walk over to the bar watching as Mira ran the cold tap for me, placing my fingers under gently I watched gravely as Storm walked towards the table alongside kiddy Reiki, Gale and my annoying blonde haired brother Ash. Sure those two get along but there is something about our relationship that just doesn’t work…we infuriate each other, fight when we feel an urge to.

It’s confusing but our guild is used to it.

“Sister! Sister…” I look down staring at another Dragneel with blonde hair and infectious grin that she had inherited from our father.

“Hey Luna, how you doing?” she pointed towards the ceiling while jumping up and down on her tippy toes.

“Up, Up-U-Up!” she whined loudly causing most of the guild members to look at me pointedly giving me strange looks.

I bent down picking her up before placing her on my hip, she then pointed around the room wanting to visit everyone before we finally ended up in front of the request board, I stared at them, I’ve been on a few, but my father refuses to let me go without him so I always warn him about it.

Luna had her head against my shoulder snoring particularly loudly for a toddler, my mother is probably assessing her health from where she sat, she likes to wait here since dad has gone on a dangerous mission, she doesn’t like being alone and so she surrounds herself with Fairy Tail members.

Suddenly I felt a loud harsh scream before a sneeze then a wail, I looked down in utter horrification as Luna sneezed rays of fire against me.

My hand shot out settling the flames, I pulled the flames away as everyone shot up to aid the raging fire surrounding, me, these weren’t just small flames, they were huge!

“Luna!” I yelled.

I settled her further down my arm protecting her nimble body from the flames trying my utmost best to absorb them in my hand.

“Nashi!” I heard my mother call, Luna cooed before falling limply against my chest.

“Damn, you sure lose interest quickly,” I clenched my fist closing my eyes trying to rain down on the amount of fire on my hand, it soon began to travel up my arm-

Then something cold, touched my palm, it raced down and up my skin like a train before settling it actually felt kind of settling…almost comforting, I open my eyes to see Storm standing near me, and when I looked down I see that his hand was wrapped around mine stopping the flames.

I pulled my hand away as if I had been burnt-Well that’s stupid because not only can I not be burnt he tried to freeze my ass off!

The guild members coughed and went back to their tables.

“You alright?” he asked.

I snorted, “Like you care…” my mother approached me her big brown eyes widened in alarm.

“Nashi is Luna alright?” I nodded.

“I think I’ll take her for the day mom…you just relax and think about dad,” she sighed walking forward to kiss Luna on the cheek.

“Damn your father, I thought you were like me…”

Storm still stood in his place but was looking over at the wooden pedestal with a face of simple thoughts.

Or so I thought.

“What’s the matter?” I asked with a little sass, or maybe with a lot…

He rolled his eyes, “Aren’t you going to thank me?” I acted as if I thought about it before shaking my head.

“Nah I figured you owe me…”

“For what?” he argued

“Your existence,” he snarled.

“You’re lucky you’re holding Luna or else…”

“Or what?” he ignores my threat turning on his heel while he grumbles loudly usually he repeats insulting names over and over again but today was slightly different instead it was followed by a retort, and that retort made my heart crack a little.

He furthered away walking towards his seat in the guild hall, “Stupid Flame headed Tomboy, nobody’s gonna date her I swear to god…”

I felt this overwhelming feeling of anger, usually before I destroy something, but something made me think about what he said clearly.

He made it sound like not only am I unattractive, but I have a personality no guy would ever want in a girlfriend…that made me feel unwanted, usually I wouldn’t take his comments so seriously but this time I can’t throw a punch and usually he doesn’t do it so publically that the guild looks at me for a reaction.

I almost lunged but my sister nuzzled my arm, reminding me of her whereabouts and the responsibility I have to take care of her.

I lowered my chin tucking it into her blonde hair as I hid my face in order to hide away the pain of what his words meant.

“Mom,” I tried to keep the shakiness from my voice surprised to know it was working, “I’m gonna take Luna home, she’s tired and that might be why she’s bursting with flames see yah later ‘kay,” As I walked home I soon felt a small hand tugging on the bottom of my shirt, I stared down to see it was just Reiki, he’s about twelve years younger than me, he’s bright and ridiculously talented but that’s no surprise considering his mother is none other than Erza Scarlet and not to mention his father, Jellal Fernandez. The terrifying Titania who was a very young S-Class Mage, survived the horrific Tower of Heaven slavery project, female puberty (I’m barely coping, especially since Storm’s comment makes me want to rob a candy store) taking down the Oracien Saints, achieving a win in the grand magic games, she phenomenal!

“What’s wrong Reiki,” I pet his dark maroon hair, to me it convinces everyone that he looks like Jellal no doubt about it.

He’s going to be one hell of a heart breaker that’s for sure.

He grabbed my hand, “Take me home, take me home…” he urged with feistiness, I grinned, just like his mother, bossy but completely adorable.

“Very well,” I grinned, pain that had once plagued my thoughts slowly hid away as I spent some time with Reiki who strangely glanced at Luna from time to time.

When we approached his home I walked to the door knocking loudly, I heard a shift as someone came forward to open the door.

“Reiki!” Rosemary his sister grinned walking forward to hug him, the pair of them are utterly adorable, their probably the only siblings on this earth that get along, mind you their mother is none other than the Terrifying Titania.

“Oh hello Rose,” I smiled down at her.

She gave me a wide smile before pulling back running back through the door her bright purple hair bouncing on her small shoulders.

We stepped in my arm a little tired, I’ve been here several times I’m always welcome to settle in and make myself at home.

I walked to the living room where there is a large chest set up, clothing material filing out, and pins scattered everywhere, luckily somebody had set out a small barrier around it so nobody could hurt themselves.

I placed Luna carefully on the couch quietly mumbling to myself as Reiki joined her side placing his fingertips on her leg.

I smiled to myself cheekily, he likes her. I chanted like Happy.

Reiki also falling asleep I laid him down placing blankets over them as I stared at the chest in the centre of the room I stared down at my clothes, pink haired tomboy. I sigh, I’m not like the other girls in my guild, I don’t wear fitting clothes, I pleasantly like loosely hung things, but that’s because my father never allows me to go near my moms clothes, I am very well endowed in the chest area thanks to my mother but it actually makes me look kinda block like not that I think about it.

I dozed off for a moment simply staring at the chest, but a voice came gently from the hallway.

“Nashi thank you so much for settling him,” I smiled at Erza who walked in very gracefully I may add her red hair done up in a pony tail a suitable dress made for a housewife…she looks beautiful.

“No problem,” I sighed.

“No problem getting him to sleep, but there is a problem,” she tapped my chin, “Tell me little one, I’d like to hear it…”

Perhaps if I tell Erza she’ll kick his ass? But isn’t that just me responding to Storm’s violence like any petulant child who wants the victor to suffer?

“Do you think I look like a tomboy?” I asked.

Her right eyebrow raised, “Well you certainly don’t look like a princess,” I knew it! I am unattra-my bottom lip trembled.

“But all you need is a new set of armor,” my eyebrows furrowed, a new set of armor? I don’t use her kind of magic.

Erza reached for my arm grasping my wrist before pulling me onto two feet, she pushed me through the magic barrier, “Come on, I’ll make you into a woman only worthy of feminine comments,”

I blushed but pushed back, “Erza I can’t I don’t want what he said to change me…” I whispered.

I don’t want him to think his insult hurt me even though it did.

She giggled, “No he won’t change you…do you know what happens when I summon armor to my needs?”

“You destroy the opponent because you adapted to their attacks?” I queried.

She smiled nodding, “And isn’t that what you need? Change your clothes so he can’t attack you for how you look…” well she has a point.

“He also made a comment on my personality but how do I change tha-“
“No Nashi, don’t change how you act, because only people who appreciate who you truly are, are the only people that deserve to know you,” she pulled me closer.

I watched in shock as she grabbed a measuring tape and began to take measurements.

When she was finally finished she grabbed a sketchpad and began to work away. I went in search of Rosemary who was in her room staring at her glowing candles.

I find it adorable at how easily she is entertained by such a small knick-knack.

“How are you?” she jumped but smiled pointing to the flame.

“Warm…” she giggled.

I sat at her side, “Very warm,” I took an inch of her flame lighting it up happy when it began to change colours, she watched in uncontained fixation with the pretty colours, there must be a spell on these flames.

We simply sat there just watching the beauty of my magic, and I thought about what Erza said, she’s right, Storm doesn’t appreciate me, he forsakes me, but I can’t let him take full blame, I do as well.

So maybe those things that are bad to us just shouldn’t be in my life.

Maybe I should talk to him, tell him I don’t want him to talk to me, to challenge me and I’ll do the same…then I can get started on trying to make relationships with people who do care and love my personality.

Because god knows how long out of my day I spend fighting him.

“Nashi come here…” I heard Erza from the living room, I blow out the flames placing Rosemary back on her bed as I exited the room.

When I came back into the room my eyes widened in shock, “Umm Erza-w-what are you wearing?”

She faced me with a smile, “Don’t you like it? Its my sewing armour,” oh its something alright, her bosoms hang low out of the low cut cream dress, it pressed against her curves only making mid way on her thighs, she wore platinum heels with what seemed to look like needles attached to it…and is her headband made out of cotton?

Oh dear…what have I gotten myself into?

“I love it,” I said nervously.

“Now come here its perfect…” she grinned I didn’t see what she made because she commanded me to look away.

Almost immediately she pulled the clothes from my body all except my underwear before she started shoving my body around in another material.

“Hehe, almost there,” Erza grinned.

Something was pushed up my legs before it was zipped up, a shirt stuck over my head.

I struggled and at times yelled out for help because I felt mutilated and pressed against almost violently.

“Erza,” I whined, before suddenly she steeped away.

She grinned in satisfactory.

“Isn’t it wonderful, you look stunning,” I didn’t know about that as I lowered my eyes slowly.

My eyes processed as I looked at what I now wore, she is right, it is stunning, I smoothed my hand over the material, it is a strapless dress that molded to every inch of my curvy figure while hiding my bosoms, dark satin black material that is every bit as comfortable as my other clothes, it didn’t rise up or show anything inappropriate.

So it can be given the daddy approval tick. On my feet are a pair of mild orange boots and the hem of the dress is also orange, this dress actually reminds me of my fathers clothes, and Erza confirmed.

“I put a little Dragneel touch in there,” I grinned for the next few minutes I spent gushing over the damn thing whilst trying to act cool, its unlike me to act all girly because its weird, like my mom.

When I finally stopped was when I noticed the sun was starting to set. I quickly said goodbye and took my sleeping sister from the couch before racing home.

I stepped through the door ten minutes later; Dad is lounging on the floor in front of mom as they embraced, really? In the hallway?

“What’s wrong with your room? Gross,” I urged in disgust, my dad laughed getting off the floor with mom in his arms, “Oh and hi daddy,”

“I was desperate to hold my wife your mothe-What are you wearing?” I bit my lip.

“Err clothes,” I said awkwardly while my mother also studied me.

“You look so cute,” my mom squealed in delight.

I pulled my palm out, “Mom, no, that’s weird…”

But she only sprung forward, “Please, please let me do something with your hair…” dammit she’s using those eyes…not the eyes. The ones when her big  brown eyes widen drastically and tears form.

No wonder dad caved into their marriage, that’s a face I can’t even pull it off!

I huffed as she spent the next ten minutes behind me in urgency as my father discouraged the use of clothes that made me look like a woman, not his little girl.

I shook my head, what a weird family I have.

“Oh please, I’m begging you, do it for your mom?” I couldn’t take it anymore, those eyes!

“Fine, fine I give up!” I gave dad Luna, and he took her in watching her carefully, so I guess mom filled him in about the incident.

Mom pulled me in to her and dad’s room bustling around as she grabbed brushes and god knows what.

“Yay this will be our first girly daughter and mommy thing we will do…” she sounded extremely excited so I bared with it.

“Sure mom, it sounds great,” she giggled and began to brush my hair, as she studied the strands she made a frustrated noise, “Nashi why are there a lot of split ends?” she scolded.

I sigh, “I haven’t had a chance to fix it,”

She kissed my cheek, “No matter I have just the right person to fix it,”

She pulled out one of her keys and I knew exactly who she is going to call,”

He appeared in his usual form casually making audible tunes.

“Hey Hot Pink Lucy,” that’s what he calls me. “How you doing-ebi?“

“Great,” I grinned he’s pretty cool, I don’t even act as if they’re magical beings, they’re my friends.

“Hey Cancer, can you give her a hair cut?”

She smiles in encouragement, I watch painlessly as he zipped past taking away all my split ends with ease.

“There you have it, gotta go its disco night,” then he was gone.

For the next half of my night my mother spent putting my hair in various hairstyles till she finally pulled it up into a high ponytail leaving my bangs out.

“Mom I’m tired,” I whined.

“Fine get some rest,” she urged, “Besides its celebration night tomorrow, it’s the festival of the cherry blossoms…did you know your father dug up the entire tree for me because I was too sick to go to the park?” really, my dad did something like that?

He actually dug up a tree for my mother, I mean he’s stupid sometimes he puts his shoes on the wrong feet…so what happened?

Probably a stroke of genius.

“Sounds like dad,”

Little did the Dragneel know that her hair, and change of clothes would stir a jealous emotion from the Ice Mage the very next day that started an adventure like no other. 

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