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Tag Your Tumblr Bestie(s)

I just thought it would be fun to tag your tumblr bestie(s) and say at least one nice thing about them…

@chaos-and-the-calm67 she’s amazing. She is literally the sweetest, nicest, most caring person I’ve met on tumblr. She’s become my source of inspiration and, to me, she’s turned into a really good friend. (I didn’t talk to her for like a day and it felt like 10 years) I love her writing and her!! 💜🌹

@sam-reidzugzwang she is the best!! She’s my tumblr bestie and my irl bestie. I love her so much. Her writing is superb. She doesn’t know how good she is. She’s blatantly honest and hella fucking rude but she wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t. 💜🌹

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing I know we don’t talk much but when we do I get all warm and fuzzy inside. She is so nice and so supportive and she has made my confidence in writing grow so much. For that I am grateful to know her.

wow so i said i’d do something for 300 followers and i think i just hit 400 sometime today?? i’m probably making too big a thing out of this, but i’ve only had this blog for about a month and half, so even this much support was so surprising, but also super welcome :-) ilysm guys, thanks to each of my followers for helping me get this far <3

i’d like to give a special shoutout to @charllesmacaulay for being my awesome and hella encouraging intro to social mythology tumblr things!! honestly brittany, without you, i wouldn’t ever have had the courage to create stuff of my own, thank you <33

also shoutout to people i feel like i can actually call my friends lmao ( @constllations / @daniellewlds / @gansgay / @kingcnsey / @richavdpapen / @svcredstars ) i know i can be trash at keeping in contact, but ily kids!!!

bold - faves, italics - mutuals!

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@aaronminyxrd, @achills, @aconissa, @alyxhathaway11, @andrewminyrd, @aphroditce, @areswrath, @ashryvaer, @asteriea, @atwells, @calliophies, @cassiophea, @ciirce, @cronusfallen, @danwilds, @dstoevsky, @elcntiya, @empyrreal, @eurydse, @evahns, @fayrearcheron, @fyeahmyths 

g - m

@glendowers, @gnseysblue, @horridheart, @hynpos, @hypvlon, @illuminosity, @inkmagician, @julietcapulaet, @kaitegecko, @kerouc, @kilornwarrcn, @lavnderlesbian, @lxcuna, @mnemosyhne,  @movntolympus, @mythaelogy, @mythsapphic

n - z

@nickyhemmick, @pahtrohclus, @persrephone, @perxephne, @pmegranate, @pureblud, @pxrsephonie, @rhaellas, @ryhysand, @silkensquall, @siriusorion, @softheat, @softjespers, @softkings, @softmccree, @tpersephone, @wrathofmorrigan, @wxldhunt

flowerjom  asked:

you're so sweet and supportive and important and i hope you're having a lovely day!! remember to eat food and drink water and relax!

this is a callout post for flowerjom:

• way too sweet

• committing crimes!! being this cute is definitely illegal

• will shower you with love

• more crimes: will try to kill you with kindness

• too caring like do you see this? do you see the daily messages? that’s way too precious for this world

• we’ve met a few days ago and I already love her this is ridiculous

so yes conclusion: send lots of love to flowerjom, that’s her punishment for being this amazing

I’m so tired of seeing posts that make fun of teachers for not knowing how to use technology, like…EXCUSE YOU, but THIS teacher can do graphic design-level shit and literally grew up with the evolution of the computer, so kindly go back to Snapchatting your friends and posting selfies on Facebook and whining on Tumblr (which were all invented by my generation, by the way. you’re welcome) and give your teachers some credit for what they do. Humph.

When you thought your characters were fucking up your entire plan with their shenanigans only to realize that they’ve just shown you the perfect way to connect a ton of plot points you were concerned about

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YEAH… I can’t either. That asks just been sitting there because I just can’t. Only his height and it’s like… I don’t think that’d be like a huge deal? He’d probably get annoyed with people teasing him about it and if someone went too far (why would someone do that to the precious frog) then Lúcio would make it very clear that he wasn’t okay with that.

I think some things might come up? Like if we put Lúcio and Junkrat in certain situations, then something might pop up, but I just can’t think of anything right now. Aside from like being nervous during their first time but who isn’t nervous during their first time. 

Plus I don’t even think Lúcio would share his insecurities or make it blatantly obvious. He might try and cover some shit up. But I just think that Lúcio is just proud of himself? Like look at where he is and how far he’s come like he’s so thankful and happy and wants to use the money and influence he has to make the world a better place like i’m

coming up empty with this precious angel, damn.

Things You Shouldn't Have To Apologize For

1. caring about something/someone
2. not looking your best
3. being depressed
4. asking for help
5. following what you believe is right for you and not what’s right for everyone else
6. lending a hand to your friends in need
7. crying

Ummmm so can we talk about how important it is to reassure young girls everywhere that developing feelings for your girl best friend isn’t wrong or voyeuristic. It’s normal. It’s fine. You’re not dirty and you shouldn’t feel guilt.


Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.


Tonight on “Grunkle Stan Lines You Already Knew Were Tragic But You Didn’t Know How Tragic Until Now…”

This is what Stan was going to say to the kids before the government showed up. At that point, he didn’t know about any of the crap that was going to go down that day. He had no reason to think the kids would find out any of his secrets before Ford showed up.

But he knew Ford’s version of events wouldn’t be flattering to him. He knew that he might lose the love of these two precious kids that he’d spent the summer growing to care for.

He’d read his journals. He knew what his brother thought of him.

So what? You had a bad semester. You gained some weight. So what? You’re single again. You lost your job. So what? What now? You live. You try again. That’s what.
—  never give up