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Author-Themed Asks

-Jane Austen: Who was your first love?
-Ray Bradbury: What is your favorite book?
-Charles Darwin: What is your favorite animal?
-Alice Walker: What is your favorite color?
-Kurt Vonnegut: What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
-J.D. Salinger: What was your least favorite subject in school?
-J.K. Rowling: What is your favorite magic creature?
-Neil Gaiman: What religion are you?
-Oscar Wilde: What is your vice?
-Julia Child: What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten?
-Stephen King: What was your last Halloween costume?
-Harper Lee: Who was your childhood best friend?
-Brothers Grimm: What is your favorite fairytale?
-F. Scott Fitzgerald: What is the best party you ever attended?
-George R. R. Martin: Summer or winter?
-Mark Twain: What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?
-Edgar Allan Poe: What scares you the most?
-Herman Melville: Beach or mountains?
-Roald Dahl: What is your favorite candy?
-Jack Kerouac: Where do you want to travel?

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They’re called “Fifth Year”, “Fourth Year”, and “First Year”, respectively, and they all have over 20 chapters (First Year will when I’m done with it, anyway, right now it’s got 18). They’re futuristic Hogwarts with a whole new cast of characters, but they feature cameos from all of the characters we know and love!

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Say Anything(Reader x Sam Wilson)

Word Count: 1787

Summary: Sam likes the reader, and the Reader likes Sam, but doesn’t show it. So, Sam decides to bump things up a notch.

A/N: AH SAM!! The bird dad love of my LIFEEE!!! This was a lot of fun to write and I hope that you enjoy it! Since I’m offically on Thanksgiving Break, MORE WRITING WOO!!! 

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There was one thing that was certain, he wouldn’t be able to get back at Ezra Carson in any typical sort of way– nothing physical, but he still could mess with him mentally, from a far. It was the sole reason he decided to claim the second Gautier twin. This one, he was positively certain would act out, given the fact that he wasn’t allowed out of the commons due to bad behavior. This twin would likely suffer, and maybe after a few sessions, he’ll start to behave. 

Alexei leaned against the entrance to the commons, watching Marlowe Gautier from where he stood, eyes narrowed in contemplation. “Gautier,” he called out, gesturing with his head for the boy to come to him. “Get your things.”


I think that one of these days… // J.D. Salinger