youre not necessary ever


“I just can’t think of a reason for you falling in love with me” you stated. “It would take me long to make that list, (Y/N). Just believe me.” “But-” “Discussion end”, he cut you off, throwing you over his shoulder and spinning your around. “Kol, stop it!” “As you wish. But I think it was necessary to snap out of your weird thoughts. Never, ever doubt my feelings for you again.”

did i ever tell you guys about the time some middle management asshole “joked” about technicians not deserving their jobs to the faces of a pair of digitization techs during my first week with the company

so i was in the middle of training on the automated scanning system at the east coast HQ, and someone from the west coast HQ was giving someone else a tour of the scanning studio

she comes over to me and the tech training me, and we were like “hi how are you” and she just straight up looked right through us, no handshake, no greeting, no introductions, just turned to the person she was giving the tour and was like “and this is one of the automated systems we use for rapid scanning, and a few of our digitization techs. …i’m not sure why we need people running it if it’s automated.” and then she kinda laughed

and the tech training me was like “haha well no book is bound perfectly, and we have to be here to make sure the books don’t get damaged and the pages all scan correctly”

the middle management asshole got this sour look on her face and was like “i guess that makes sense,” and just kept fuckin walking

fun fact: i think about that every single time the stupid idiot nonsentient machine makes an error and misses a page or pulls up an extra page or crinkles the edge of one, but nooooooooo it’s ~automated who needs to pay techs to do their job right

Lessons I’m trying to learn from Water:

1. Be transparent, but deep. Easy to drink but necessary. Cleansing & thirst quenching.

2. Refuse stagnation. Embrace your ever-changing nature. Find a way to flow through or around obstacles, dams & rocks this life throws your way – even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts.

3. Stay fresh & clear of debris & noise. Don’t let anything, anyone pollute your soul.

4. Be a home to many creatures by first being a home to you.

5. Never stop making your way to the ocean. Aim for wholeness, with every wave you take.

—  Andrea Balt