youre not a mundane

for your gay consideration;

  • a boy with long hair who puts it up in a ponytail on hot days
  • a boy that wants to hold your hand but is too shy to ask
  • a boy who laughs hysterically at all your jokes and thinks youre the funniest person hes ever met
  • a boy who wears oversized t shirts and smiles at strangers on the street
  • a boy who likes all your selfies and daydreams about kissing you
  • a boy who is nervous about being mlm, but being with you makes him feel like he is safe and ok
  • a boy who will make you a mixtape on a cd and doodle little hearts and flowers all over the label
  • a boy who will listen to every mundane detail about your day with interest
  • a boy who talks about you to others like youre the coolest person he knows
Witch Tip: Stock up on coffee filters

Especially those round ones that you can lay out flat. Seriously, they’re the cheapest and most versatile store-bought tool I use.

-Easily sewn into tea bags for homemade tea blends
-Completely biodegradable and safe to bury
-Quick and cheap sachet material
-Perfect for herbal bath mixtures so you don’t have to clean up after (in my experience you should use two for this since they might rip if overstuffed)
-Rubber band one over a jar to filter herbs out of herbal water mixtures, or clean dirty rain water (I still wouldn’t drink it, but it’ll look nicer)
-Collect the rain water with one on it from the start to keep bugs out
-Use one as tracing paper on your screen if you’re not good at copying sigils or symbols
-They look completely mundane in your cabinets if your craft is a secret
-A pack of 100 is like $1.50 at most

There’s probably a lot more I haven’t thought of. I just love these little things.

Clan Leader Simon, Fledgling Raphael

Okay, okay, but LISTEN. Clan Leader Simon and fledgling Raphael, like basically their roles switch but their personalities are mostly the same. Just imagine:

  • Simon trying not to crush on the new fledgling he’s training because god dammit undead libido needs to stop and he’s just barely keeping his fangs in
  • Simon being a goofy ball of sunshine but as soon as shit gets serious he’s Serious Vamp #1™ and handles it like he was born to be a diplomat
  • And he’s friends with everyone so he’s got a shit ton of connections and now that Camille’s locked in the basement, vamps and werewolves are getting along so much better
  • Raphael being Clary’s friend and she can tell he’s got a soft spot for Simon, and he’s basically the really salty best friend and she adores him for it and she cries and tells him he’s still the “same Raphael that shit talks random people on the street and always has a comeback and loves looking at expensive suits you can’t afford and always protecting everyone you care about” when he crawls out of his grave
  • Climon being The BrOTP™ with Clary being all, “you’d better look after my saltmate or I’ll have to stake you” and Simon taking it all in stride and being all cool (until he trips over himself) and reassuring her that Raphael is fine and offers to let her have visiting hours as long as she leaves her weapons at the door
  • Simon going with Raphael to tell his family after the war because he partially blames himself for letting Camille get to him and feels he deserves to get yelled at
  • But instead Raph’s mom, while not happy about it, she can tell Simon cares and asks for Simon to look after her mijo, Simon does not cry, he doesn’t (yeah he does, but not until they’ve left)
  • Simon teaching Raphael to have faith again, teaching him to hold his cross and rosary and to walk on holy ground and say G-d and Jesus Christ and pray (and I’m not crying, you’re crying)
  • And when the malec wedding crash happens, he goes and recounts it to Simon in calm detail and comments, “It was sort of like The Graduate” and Simon flips his shit because he loves The Graduate and he’s happy that his friend Magnus finally got his guy and Simon wonders if he’ll get his
  • Simon insists that Raphael teach him about pop culture and they spend hours watching movies together (and maybe making out during them, which makes Simon insist that they rewatch them because “we didn’t actually watch it, Raph! My eyes were on you!” “As they should be.”)
  • And when the betrayal happens, because Raphael has to choose between the Clan and what’s left of his mundane life, he still chooses Clary and Jocelyn because he loves them and he’s as loyal as they come and he’s only known the clan for a little while, even if they gave him a home and a new family and he’s falling for Simon (he’s swears to himself that he won’t let Camille harm him if it costs Raphael his life, well his unlife)
  • And Raphael just watches as the light dies in Simon’s eyes and it hurts more than the “I’m sorry we weren’t enough for you” and even the “I’m disappointed”
  • “I thought you were my sunshine, and I suppose this is when I turn to dust, because I just wasn’t enough. We’d barely begun before the end, and maybe you were heavensent, but so were fallen angels in descent, and now I just feel cursed and blessed.” Simon writes a bunch of tragic love songs and cries and pretends to be okay when doing business because he’s clan leader and he can’t lose it over an almost love (though he thinks maybe on his end it was all love and that’s what hurts the most, that it must’ve only been on his end).
  • But Raphael is feeling the pain too and distracts himself by hunting down Camille so he can kill her and Clary tries to stop him but realizes she can’t and instead insists on going with him since she couldn’t get any leads on Jace and they take Camille down together, but Raphael gets badly injured and Camille says a lot of emotionally scarring and nasty things, and he needs more blood to recover than the ridiculously small amount that he’s been drinking lately
  • So Clary calls Simon and tells him they’ve killed Camille even though Raphael tells her not to and Simon rushes over with blood bags and even though he hasn’t quite forgiven Raphael, he doesn’t want him to die and just says fondly, “For a such a smart guy, you think you wouldn’t almost die so much. How long am I gonna have to come to your rescue?”
  • And Raph is pretty out of it by now so he’s not even sure if he’s hallucinating Simon or not, so he replies, “For the rest of my life, I hope.”
I held every memory of you I had inside my palms so that if you ever came back, I’d show them to you. I’d show you what I remember about your eyes and your laugh and the mundane conversations we’d have that had us in fits of laughter. I’ll show you the times you held me through my fears and the times I stood strong beside you when you reached for your dreams. I’ll show you, us.
—  Almaz A.
Buying It

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: That Lin x reader was super cute? I wanna request a Daveed x reader where Daveed meets reader at a coffee shop and asks them on a fake date because his friends won’t leave him alone.

summary: reader is at a coffee shop alone before work one morning when daveed, lin, and oak come in making a big scene of themselves. 

warnings: none, just fluff

words: 1226

a/n: this is my first request fill and my first diggs fic as well, so i hope it’s good you all like it! (don’t forget, my requests are open, so feel free to pop in and request anything you want to see!)

A typical day in your life was pretty mundane; in fact, it felt like your entire life was that way. You’ve been an intern at the New York Times since graduating from NYU a year ago, just waiting for a job opening there. You were next in line for an office position writing articles for submissions, and frankly you couldn’t be more excited.

But for now, you were stuck getting coffee for your co-workers on a daily basis for no pay. It was all about working your way up.

You were on your way into work one morning and made a stop at the coffee shop to pick up all the regular orders. While waiting for the drinks, you took a seat in the back corner of the coffee shop and tapped your fingers on the table absently.

A soft ding rang out through the small place and three men filed in, their loud voices filling the air of the building. People didn’t usually come into this coffee shop, which was one reason you loved it so much, so having three very loud men interrupt your quiet morning irked you.

You mumbled a few swears under your breath and looked over at the men sitting across the coffee shop from you. As soon as you made eye contact with one of them, a man with dark curls and thick framed glasses, they resigned to quiet whispers, much to your relief.

“You see that girl? She’s cute,” Oak murmured to Daveed and Lin.

“Course I see her,” Daveed hissed under his breath.

Lin looked at the two of them. “Oak, you’ve got a girl already.”

“Ayyee, I didn’t say I was making a move, Lin! What about you, Diggs? You think she’s cute?”

Diggs glanced over at you before averting his eyes over to his friends again, shrugging nonchalantly. “Sure, but what of it? I can’t ask her out, she rolled her eyes the moment we walked in here. No way she’d be interested.”

“No way to find out unless you go for it.” Oak nudged Daveed with his elbow, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, which caused him to roll his eyes.

“I’m ordering a coffee.” He pushed his chair away from their table and made his way to the counter, ordering himself a coffee.

You couldn’t help it when your gaze followed him all the way to the counter, taking note of his appearance. He was in a tight grey tee that had “Oakland” in bold letters, but that isn’t what caught your eye; it was the muscles that looked like they could tear the shirt open at any given moment.

His friends must have caught you staring because they started hooting and the loudest of the group ran up to him, whispering something in his ear, then the man with the afro was shoved towards you. He stumbled over his long legs before standing up straight, offering a toothy smile.

“Oh, hey! I’m sorry if my friends and I disturbed you. We, uh, don’t usually come here and when we do, nobody else is here,” he stammered, causing you to raise an amused eyebrow.

“Don’t stress it. You are…?” You took a sip of your coffee and looked up at the man.

“Daveed Diggs, those are my friends, Lin and Oak. Oak’s the loudest one, it’s impossible to see him before you hear him.”

You snorted a laugh. “I heard all of you guys before I saw you, not just him. I thought there were easily a dozen of you when I heard you guys. Frankly I wasn’t expecting a pretty face.”

He sat in the chair across from you and grinned; you’d clearly brought up his confidence level and ego with that compliment. “I hope you don’t mind if I sit here, I think my friends would rip off my head if I went back over so quickly.”

“Not a problem. I come here every morning, so a little bit of a change is nice. How do you know your two friends?”

“I met them through work, we work on the block together. The one with the ponytail wrote this new musical, it’s about Alexander Hamilton, and we all play big roles in it.”

“You mean to tell me that Lin-Manuel Miranda, actual musical genius, thinks you should ask me out?”

“Well, when you say it that way.. They’re gonna be bugging me all day if I don’t get your number.  They’ll search all over New York City to find you again, and I don’t even have your name.”

“Hm.. As tempting as it is to have the cast of Hamilton searching the city for me, I’ll spare you the humiliation and give you my number.” You had a teasing tone to your voice, letting out a soft giggle.

Daveed handed his phone to you with a new contact page up and you entered in your cell number and name with a few emojis, passing the phone back once you finished. You heard a few cheers and shouts from the peanut gallery across the coffee shop, so you giggled.

“It’s good to finally have a name to the pretty face.” He showed a bright smile. “Why do you have half a dozen coffees in front of you? Do you just live off of caffeine?” He asked, as if he suddenly realized the carrier filled with coffees for your co-workers.

You just started laughing at the comment, shaking your head slowly. “No, no. I’m an intern at New York TImes, I pick up coffees before going in every day. I gave myself time this morning to get coffee myself.”

“Oh! Well that makes a lot more sense than an extreme caffeine addiction. Are you into journalism then?”

“I majored in journalism and writing at NYU, I’ve been working as an unpaid intern for about a year and I’m next in line for a promotion, so it…” You trailed off when you realized he was looking at his phone and you cleared your throat.

His head whipped up to look at you. “I’m sorry, they just started a group chat. Lin says if I don’t ask you out soon, he’s gonna come over and do it himself.”

“Is that so?” You laughed out.

“He says we’re really hitting it off, so they’re definitely buying it. I’m busy all of this afternoon, but I can take you out for dinner tonight if you want. Y’know, just to sell it even more.”

You had smirk on your face while he spoke, surprisingly smooth for how nervous he seemed.

“You don’t have to say yes, but I’ll admit it may hurt my ego if you say no. Even if it’s just to avoid Lin and Oak’s mocking. We gotta sell it,” Daveed joked and looked at you hopefully.

It took you a minute to ponder the idea but you finally replied, “I think that would be a lot of fun. I have to get going or I’ll be late to work.”  

You stood to your feet with the coffee carrier in your hand, winking over to the two staring at you across the room. “I’ll see you tonight.” To really sell it, you leaned in and kissed Daveed on the cheek before you left, beaming from the interaction. Maybe you would have to come to this coffee shop more often.


Quartzbound’s Home Protection Ritual

So I just moved to a new city, about a month ago. I’m not staying long enough to get a proper lease, so I’ve been subletting through Airbnb and it sometimes makes me really uncomfortable not knowing who else has keys to my apartment. I’m also pretty unaccustomed to living on my own since my partner and I have been living together for nearly 2 years, so this particular move has been particularly disorienting. Fortunately I was finally in a good place to start creating demonic sigils, so I gave it a whirl with some pretty ironclad wards. There were a lot of decisions that were a bit personal to keep this ~mine~ but the process seems pretty generalizable so I wrote it up. The whole thing from start to finish takes a couple of hours depending on your candle and the state of your apartment, but feels pretty damn satisfying.

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Dragon Age OC ask meme!

Send me a plant + a character and I’ll answer the question associated with it. :)

Elfroot :: What is a small, mundane thing that brings your character great comfort?

Blood Lotus :: Is your character a lightweight when it comes to intoxicating substances? How did they come across this fact?

Spindleweed :: Had your character ever been grievously wounded or ill before? What was their memory of that occasion?

Deathroot :: What is the most horrifying thing the Nightmare can cause your character to see?

Deep Mushroom :: What act does your character consider morally foul but practically necessary? Does your character condone morally foul actions for practicality’s or necessity’s sake at all?

Embrium :: What is the kindest thing anyone had ever done to your character, and do they remember or even know it happened?

Rashvine :: Who/what is the one thing or person your character simply cannot stand?

Arbor Blessing :: What is the happiest ending you can think of for your character?

Vandal Aria :: How well can your character bounce back from personal tragedies?

Imagine: Dean Watching You Read

Originally posted by poor-sammy-lost-his-shoe

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,000

Warnings: none, just fluff

A/N: HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR - have some fluffy Dean!! If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been reading A LOT for the past couple days

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Shadowhunter themed asks

angel- what’s your personality like

downworlder- what’s one of your biggest secrets that you haven’t told many people

rune- do you have any tattoos and if not do you want any

stele- what’s one material thing you couldn’t live without

warlock- if you could have any power what would it be

seelie- if you had to tell the truth all the time would you be able to do it

werewolf- describe your best friend/friend groups

shadowhunter- are you protective of those you love

pandemonium- what’s your favorite thing to do

mundane- what’s one of your biggest traits

clary- do you and your family get along

alec- what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever been through

izzy- are you self confident

luke- have you ever been in love

raphael- are you stubborn

magnus- do you put others before yourself

simon- what’s your favorite song & genre of music

camille- what’s your worst trait

jace- do you blame yourself for a lot of the bad things that occur in your life

cc- what are your opinions on the show + the actors

matt- what’s your favorite animal

emeraude- what’s your favorite makeup product

kat- what color is your hair and what color do you wish it was

harry- can you dance

isaiah- are you care free or worrisome

dom- what type of accent do you have

Do you know that feeling when things are about to end and you’ve finally accepted it? I’m not talking about things ending and still wishing for it to be like before. This is the type that you’ve finally accepted it, and you’re now hoping for a new beginning. The type of feeling that blooms in your chest and you’re a little bit excited and giddy, and wishful and hopeful of what’s yet to come. The feeling of acceptance mixed with the anticipation of the future. Will you meet him at the subway station when you’re about to go home, or at the coffee shop where you always frequent to? Will you meet him on a rainy night when you forget your umbrella and he’s just standing there on a sidewalk looking like an angel in disguise? Or probably you’ll meet him on the most mundane way, when a friend of yours will just casually introduce him to you, without any motive of linking you two together, but somehow your eyes meet and your laughters sync, and you just both click.

It’s almost like the feeling you get when Christmas season is about to start, the feeling of festivity, of anticipation, of hope. It’s like this time, anything can happen and finally, finally, you’re ready to grasp and trust the magic that comes with new beginnings.

Relish this feeling when you get it. Hold on to it. It’s your heart way of whispering, “Hey, I’m getting there, I’m healing, I’m getting okay, we are about there, just hold on, we could do this.”
—  cynthia go // The magic of new beginnings [66/365]
Saphael #5
  • Simon: Mom, i need to tell you something...
  • Simon's Mom: Yes monkey?
  • Simon: It's really big and it's is a big part of my life... and i don't know if you'll accept me.. but here we go. Mom I'm...-
  • Raphael: *appears out of nowhere and covers his mouth* *whispers to him* You can not tell your mundane mother that you are a vampire.
  • Simon: *whispers harshly back* Then what do i tell her?!
  • Raphael: I'll handle this.
  • Simon's Mom: Yes..?
  • Raphael: What Simon needed to tell you is that he is gay, or bisexual and i am his partner.
  • Simon's Mom: Really!? Oh Simon, we did you never tell me? And your boyfriend seems so nice...
  • Simon: Great.. So this is how you handle things Raphael?
  • Raphael: *Shrugs*
Love Advice For The Venus Signs
  • Aries: It's okay to fall hard but remember that you're enough with or without someone else. Get some perspective on your current situation before making any big decisions
  • Taurus: Make sure the person you invest all your time and trust in will give you the relationship you deserve. You're much better off without people who are going to only be there when it's convenient for them
  • Gemini: Avoid routine and the mundane in your love life. You are too bright to be wasted on someone who feeds off the light of others and creates none of their own
  • Cancer: If you think someone is lying to you, trust your instincts. You have every right to walk away from someone who hurts you and never look back. Your sensitivity is a good thing, don't lose or bury it
  • Leo: Your partner is not the sun, so don't make them the center of your universe. Allow imperfection and give as much as you take
  • Virgo: Take as much time as you need and if someone pushes you, push back. Be confident in yourself and don't compare yourself to others because it's a disservice to all your good qualities
  • Libra: Don't let people think your love is a right and not a privilege. Nobody is entitled to you, and the moment someone starts acting like they are is the moment you should take your heart somewhere else
  • Scorpio: Your feelings are very real but are never going to be acknowledged if you never talk about them, so tell people how you feel while you can. Not everything is going to be perfect, but you will still be complete no matter what happens
  • Sagittarius: Find someone who challenges you and don't settle for less. Allow yourself to care as much as you want and don't brush off things that could make you happy
  • Capricorn: You act like you have so much to hide but it's okay to open up. When someone says they care about you, believe them and don't dismiss it. You won't always be in control and that's alright
  • Aquarius: It's not your fault they can't always understand you, so keep being proud of who you are. You will fall in love when you find someone who loves you for your mind and grows with you
  • Pisces: In your life, you will encounter some people who don't deserve to be forgiven. Unconditional love is a beautiful thing to give, just make sure you find someone who has it for you in return

“I watched you change into a superhero, really dude? in a telephone box? real creative” for Clark Kent bc he did this a lot and i think it would be cute for him to be called out on it lmao

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Your eyes met briefly as he paused mid rip.

You knew who he was and who he had just revealed himself to be.
From the office window you offered him a small wave and a look that hopefully translated to “Really? You’re lucky it’s just me.”

With a small chuckle to yourself and a small bounce to your step, you returned to your mundane job as he flew off with a shy smile.

Your relationship had started to suck, your job was keeping you in long dead hours and you felt as though the nights were never ending.

It was almost a shame, but for the best that you were alone.
But who would even believe you, who would you even tell?

You were used to this after all when you heard Nightwing call out your old psychology professors name, you had to keep that in your secrets box.

Well except him.
You told him everything.
And until recently, you thought he had told you everything.

After what felt like hours of the dull sound of the photocopier, a short knock caught your attention and you looked over to see Superman at the window. before he flew upstairs to the roof.

Dropping your paperwork, you followed him up as quick as you could.
Once you were up there, you were out of breath from rushing up the stairs.

He held and amused look as you panted and held a finger up to ask him to give a minute.  

“What the hell Clark?” You panted “I ran and you could have flown me up?”

“I’m sorry.” he chuckled

“Okay, lets talk payment.” You said trying to hold the straightest face you could after catching your breath.

“Payment?” He frowned and you saw him look down

“For my silence.” You smirked while his frown deepened

“I thought we were more than that Y/n.” Your boyfriend responded

“You blow me off and hide your secret, the least you can do is pay my silence with a kiss. And in a phone booth? Really?!” You laughed out as his face broke out in a smile and he shook his head.

“It worked for Batman.”

A simple truth about results: If you want something, define it…When you name it, you’ve already started manifesting it in your life.

But don’t stop there!

Define your process. What actions will you take, magical and mundane, to achieve your desire?

Map that out…

Then take action…magical and mundane…open the doors of possibility and provide the path of least resistance.