youre my clarity

I write a short story in which three out of the four primary characters are ladies. The primary male-coded character happens to be a spaceship rather than human. Men are indeed referenced as existing in relation to female human characters.

So far so good?

My professor snarked me for creating a planet entirely composed of women.

Requested Drabbles

These are NOT shipping drabbles. I’m backlogged– I have eight more prompts waiting, I think. I don’t promise to do every prompt I get, but it doesn’t hurt to send it in.

This was requested by 80daysofunsaidthings. I won’t relay the prompt, since I stuck closely to it.

Neji tilted his head like a bird, white eyes focused off into the pale sunlight. Everyone who couldn’t see for miles and through solid matter waited patiently, most of them with fingers stuffed in their pockets to protect against the early morning chill.

Itachi had never been on a mission that seemed quite this much like overkill before. Sasuke could have accomplished it on his own, quite frankly. Yet here they were, on their way to garnish the Daimyo’s court and intimidate his rivals under the weak guise of acting as bodyguards. Kakashi-senpai was probably the single most famous Konoha nin on the active roster, Itachi had an international reputation for ruthlessness, Sasuke was the Hokage’s apprentice, and Neji was a representative of the current most powerful clan in Fire Country.

(“And,” Tsunade had mused absently, “You’re all adorable. Watch your tush, the Daimyo can be a bit grabby around pretty men.”)

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Let it be the breaking of the surface,
the place where sunlight reaches
everywhere hands underneath
to call you up,

I want those un-shaded places
on your body,
the patches lit by brighter moods
that allow you to reveal them.

this is where the water warms
when it is moved,
the deep thaw rising
to be caressed,

ice in the brooks dissolving,
drops falling from my fingers
onto your face –
clarity for drinking.

I have wanted to lay you bare
just beneath water,
the glass of small waves
presenting your shadow structure

disrupted, out of the ordinary,
your clefts and ridges
subtly changed, for lapping,
and rising from, and tasting deep.