youre my acorn

ok ok guys

we’ve discovered and created sooo many lovely bagginshield au’s

but have you ever considered a HOGWARTS AU

  • they’re both in gryffindor
  • thorin is in year seven; bilbo year six
  • thorin’s parents died in a tragic accident a few years ago (something with dragons?) and he now lives with his older sister and her children (i need kili and fili as babies in every au i’m sorry)
  • bilbo has a huge, annoying family
  • ah and both thorin’s parents were wizards
  • and bilbos mother is a witch and his dad is a muggle but he is completely fine with all that magic stuff
  • and bilbo’s patronus is a… idk, squirrel?? because ACORNS
  • thorin is a grumpy cupcake (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ and the death of his parents still depresses him but he tries not to show it 
  • yeah and his grades slided bc of that, obviously
  • and bilbo is ..well, not hermione, but he’s a sharp student who enjoys lessons
  • his fav subjects are herbology and history of magic
  • thorin is in gryffindor’s quidditch team as a chaser and his favorite subject is idk, defence of dark arts??
  • and, just to be very detailed, thorin’s wand core is dragonheart ( know) and bilbo’s unicorn hair
  • this is half crossover/half au
  • but still
  • i nEED THIS
do You Want to Plant an Acorn
do You Want to Plant an Acorn

Do you want to plant an acorn? 

Or show me ‘round your halls? 

Come on, Thorin, get out of there, 

I’m getting scared, 

Your eyes are not your own. 

Your nephews are getting worried 

and so am I,

the Arkenstone’s not worth this. 

Do you want to plant an acorn? 

It doesn’t have to be an acorn. 

Go away Burglar! 

Okay bye. 

Do you want to plant an acorn 

and maybe not go to war? 

Thorin, these are your kin, 

please let me in, 

your words are not your own. 

this Mithril shirt is beautiful 

but I have to go 

I have to save you now. 

Yes, I want to plant an acorn

but it looks like I’m too late. 

You’re braver than I’ve ever been, 

you helped us win, 

I’m sorry for what I did. 

Please go home and plant it 

and watch it grow; 

watch it and think of me. 

Yes, I want to plant an acor–