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JR: I love all my show characters equally!! Lexa, Clarke…
*reads smudged writing on hand* Ramen, Baloney and… Thriller?

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i hate that people feel guilty for being kin with some characters when they have absolutely no control of it. i hate that there are other people who specifically try to make others feel guilty. i hate you for your attempts to control someone's identity when it's not your business in the least and they didn't even choose this. everyone bullied out of identifying as a kintype is still that kintype, wow, what an idea! they're just hiding it now because of how much harassment they received.

Avengers Imagine - Swoon

Avengers Imagine – Swoon

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything Marvel. Just the plot bunnies running around in my head. 

Imagine having the powers to produce a one-way force field so that stuff can go out but nothing can come in and one day on a mission you pass out from over exertion because Hydra finally realized what you could do. And then you wake up with your legs in Thor’s lap and leaning against Steve’s chest and he’s massaging your shoulders.  But Pietro is super worried and pacing back and forth but that really means blurring back and forth annoying everyone else.

Once SHIELD found out about your powers you were immediately assigned to the Avengers. For the most part you protect Iron Man, Hawkeye, Wanda, and occasionally Vision since everyone else is doing hand to hand and your control wasn’t that good. Since you could project your force field anywhere you were usually high outside of the fight with Clint in overwatch position. That also helped to keep Hydra off your tail, until he last mission when an explosive had thrown you from your position into the middle of the fight. Hydra took notice when none of their agents could get within a three foot radius of you. The next time you had a mission, they were waiting for you.

As usual you took your place with Clint; today you were on the catwalk of an abandoned warehouse turned Hydra weapons factory. From the moment the team breached however there was a group targeting you. They were launching weapons fire and agents at you. Cap realized it first and ordered you to get the hell out of dodge, but you refused, continuing to protect your team.

“Speedy, get (y/n) out of here,” Cap barked.

“Bit busy,” Pietro gritted out.

Your eyes scanned the room for Pietro, worried, now. You spotted him in the corner bound by electrified wires. The power was pulsing through his body, making him lose control of his super speed. He was blurring back and forth surrounded by Hydra agents. A sudden wave of fury overwhelmed you along with a sudden surge of power. The force field around Tony and Wanda hardened standing still on its own and you knew that it would remain without conscious effort on your part allowing you to bring up another force field. The first one you projected around Pietro to keep the Hydra agents away from him. The second one you controlled more carefully, wrapping it to the exact contours of his body between him and the cords. Suddenly he was crumpled in a heap on the ground and you were fighting back panic, but a moment later Pietro was gone and the cords were in a heap where he had lain.

You let the two force fields you had created drop and turned your focus back to the fight. The Avengers were all getting hit pretty hard in hand to hand. The newest force field you had created with Pietro gave you an idea. Instead of a large bubble force field around Tony and Wanda, you make two smaller force fields closer to their bodies. Seeing that it’s working you create them around all of the Avengers and suddenly they’re untouchable. All of the hits Hydra had been landing were suddenly glancing off. You silently rejoiced as your team gained the upper hand. You didn’t realize just how draining it would be until eleven heat-seeking missiles came out of nowhere, and all of the force fields were hit at once. The impact was too much and you passed out.

The last thing you heard was a deep Sokovian accent murmuring your name.

The first thing you became aware of was a constant breeze; the second thing you realized was that you were leaning back against Cap’s chest as he massaged your shoulders and your legs were in Thor’s lap.

“Speedy, if you don’t stop pacing I’m going to start powering this place with a giant hamster wheel instead of the arc reactor,” you heard Tony threaten.

“Miss (y/l/n) should be awake in the next thirty seconds,” you heard Vision report.

“I should pass out more often if this is how I’ll wake up,” you mumbled.

The breeze stopped and you felt your eyes flutter open, and found Pietro kneeling next to you staring at you.

“There’s my girl,” Cap smiled down at you.

“(y/n), you showed much valor in combat today,” Thor commented.

“So riddle me this, Bubbles,” you rolled your eyes at his stupid nickname for you, “How come you never told us you could do multiple force fields?”

“Tony, leave her alone,” Bruce admonished gently at the same time Nat smacked the back of his head.

“I didn’t know I could,” you admitted, sitting up, sad to leave Steve’s warmth.

Thor eased your legs down on to the ground and Steve sat you up, though you let the majority of your body weight slump on to him. Pietro was watching you with quick eyes, still on his haunches in front of the couch.

“How are you feeling?”

“Just wiped out. Did we get them?”

“Yes, we got them,” Clint commented.

“My scan’s show that Miss (y/l/n) is dehydrated and will suffer the onset of a headache in approximately four minutes.”

Before anyone could say anything else, Pietro had raced out of the room and returned with a glass of orange juice that had your favorite swirly straw and two aspirin and was handing them to you.

“Thanks, Speedy.” You smiled weakly at him. “What happened after I passed out?”

“Sam was able to take out the missile launchers, and after that we were able to take out the rest of them. Pietro got you out of there and we called the mission.”

“Sorry, guys.”

“For what?” Pietro asked almost angrily.

“I’m there to protect you guys, and I nearly jeopardized the mission.”

           “Bubbles, you saved our asses big time. And you did not jeopardize the mission.”

           “We owe you much, little warrior,” Thor boomed.

           “Why don’t we all get some rest,” Steve suggested. “We can debrief tomorrow. It looks like we’ll have to change your whole training regimen.”

           They all say their goodbyes and wish you a speedy recovery and leave you with your thoughts, all except Pietro, the speedster who’d worked his way into your heart. You always felt bad because you could rarely protect him when he was sprinting around. He moved hesitantly to take the seat Steve had vacated.

           “What’s up, Pietro?”

           “You saved my life today. I wanted to thank you.”

           You blush.

           “Oh you’re welcome. I was really scared when I saw that they had caught you,” you admitted after a moment.

           “As was I.”

           “I bet.”

           “No, no. I was afraid because I thought I was going to die before I got to tell you how I felt about you.”

           “And how is that, Pietro?”

           You smile as he fidgets adorably.

           “I like you a lot, and I would like to date you,” he mumbled in a rush.

           “I would like that too.”

           He grinned widely.

           “Tomorrow? After you rest.”

           “I’d like that.”


1. Awakening - You have picked this card today as a call from your spirit to look at your coming awakening with open arms. A new wave of energy, light and inspiration is coming your way very soon. Are you ready for it? Will you see this opportunity for what it is, a gift to progress and live the life you deeply want? This awakening can be listening to the small voice within or it could be a big change placing you down a completely new road. It is coming either way.

2. Patience - You have a choice today and every day. You can either go with the flow and allow things to play out like they are going to or you can try to be stubborn and get things to go your way. Control is the ego. Flow is the soul. Things may not be going as quickly as you want them too (this is my life theme card so I feel you on this one) but it is happening this way for a reason. Stop being so stubborn :) allow life to flow, you will get there when you are meant to.

3. Hope - You have been drawn to this card today as you are being called to keep going. Hope springs eternal, even if it is hard to see now you are on the right path. When things hit a road block or get very difficult it can seem hopeless. It is not so. Try one more time. Take some time to look at things this week through a different lens. How can things be a blessing instead of something hard?
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Blurb where you cuddle while he plays video games (any boy)

for some reason i’m totally feeling calum on this one like he’d be in the most awkward of positions for some reason but it’s because he wants to lay down with you and originally you were playing video games but then he was killing you too much and you just didn’t like to be humiliated so you threw the controller to the other end of the couch and he just chuckled and took you out of the game and continued playing on his own. he insists that his arms are wrapped around your waist, the controller rested on your midsection. sometimes he’ll get frustrated or too into the game and his hands start twitching and you can’t help but laugh at him. you try your hardest to distract him, kissing up his neck or his collarbones and your hands play with his shirt or the pockets of his jeans and he’ll warningly say your name in a low tone, a deep rumble in his chest. “what?” you’ll ask innocently, knowing full well what you’re doing to him because it’s obvious and you’ll just shrug, “keep playing your game” and he’ll flare his nostrils and roll his eyes but you know he’s just playing and he loves when you tease him as payback for killing you three times in a row earlier. 

blurb maybe ?? 

man i sure do love seeing a “safe place” blog getting so popular that

a) villainizes fictives for being races/genders/sexualities other than the body

b) thinks it’s possible to control your non-coping kintypes

c) thinks killing off and forcing fictives to alter themselves is okay

sure do love seeing that

The scent was intoxicating, drawing you in. Blood ran down the poor girls neck, who stood, dazed, in front of Kol, blood running down from his fangs to his chin. You felt your fangs start to drop and covered your mouth with your hands, trying to fight the instincts, gain control. Kol smirked, giving the girl a nudge towards you, the blood dripping down more every second. Your throat was burning for the crimson liquid, but your brain, your humanity, kept you back. Kol rolled his eyes, speeding behind you, his hands sliding round your waist, feeling how your entire body was tensed.

“ C'mon Darling, one bite, she won’t even notice, that’s the beauty of compulsion,” His lips were pressed against the nape of your neck, his breath fanning down your back,“ I know that you crave every single drop of her blood, you want to drain her dry.” You gulped, feeling your control start to wear away, the primal instincts kicking in. Just as you were about to speed forward, to rip the poor girls throat out, Kol pulled you back into his chest,“ But, you can’t, I’m supposed to be teaching you control, not to become Stefan 2.0,” You heard the smirk in his voice.

Dick,” You hissed under your breath, his chest vibrated as he chuckled.

“Fiesty, love it.”

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Hey there! I was wondering what to do about coming out to my mom as trans. For reference: I think that telling her I'm "turning into a boy" might be fairly easy, but telling her I have really been a boy my whole life is a lot harder! I'm very very nervous and I'm worried that it won't be recieved well at all, honestly. What magickal stuff can I do to make coming out easier? Thank you for reading!

Oh! So, I might now be the best person to ask for this, because i did not consent to coming out to my parents, i was outed and it turned into a very violent and unsafe situation
As far as helping your parent understand, and working through the after math, I can offer a few pointers

Now is the time to realize that you can’t control your mother’s reaction, and that this is going to have a big impact on your relationship with her
If something goes wrong then it is now your fault, but it also might not be permanent
Even if the initial reaction is poor, her feelings may change overtime as she works to understand you

Regardless of her feelings you are important and you are valid

Now, in regards to phrases to use-
For me, it was important to establish that my gender identity was not optional, or new, or fleeting
It’s okay for your feelings on gender to change over your life time, but when i had to explain my gender to my mother I said “I am a boy” so that there was no question
It’s essential to make sure that you are providing information to your mother, because if she’s cis then she won’t completely understand what your going through, all the terms you are using, transitioning (if that’s your thing), or what qualifies as misgendering you or maybe even why misgendering is harmful

A safer method that is recommend is to come out at a distance, by writing a letter or sending an email, and to explain your feelings as best you can and (in the case of the email) to attach informational resources

Now, for magic stuff
Any spell, sigil, etc that you can find for providing peace to yourself would be great in the situation, and since it’s such a personal issue this is definitely something where all measures and ideas are optional for what works for you
I tend to use mediation and mint for this

Confidence is key here as well
Spicy and sweet has always worked well for me, so depending what you like you could do spells involving cinnamon, honey, or something esspecially hot
I would also suggest charming an object to keep with you while coming out, so that you can focus on it and have a source of courage
Sigils for validation and confidence can always help too, and my favorite way to charge a these types of sigils is to draw them on my body, and then listen to a song that really pumps me up

Lastly is safety and this one is tricky
If you ever feel unsafe coming out with your mom then don’t rely on magic, do everything you can physcial and mentally keep yourself out of danger here
Sigils and charms can only help so much here, and while they don’t hurt and will help some, they can’t save you

Does anyone else have some suggestions?

*Requested* BSM Preference: You have really bad anxiety, but management makes you hide it from him. (Liam Payne & Niall Horan) (Part 2)

*Request: “Can you do a part two of the anxiety bsm and maybe like you get an email from management after they found out that you told him and you have a huge full blown panic attack and he walks in on it”.-Anonymous*

~Trigger Warning!~

Part 1: Click Here


You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t do anything. Your hands lie motionless on your laptop as you read the email over and over again. In their own twisted way, Modest! had threatened you.

You were sitting beside Liam at the moment, and while he was on the phone with modest! himself, you felt your control slipping away, your breathing becoming so labored you began to feel lightheaded. Your laptop slipped off your lap and slammed into the ground, gaining Liam’s attention as you scrambled after it, breathing labored, eyes wide, and hands shaking so bad you ended up dropping it again.

Hanging up and pulling you into his arms so fast you never recalled it even happening, he pulled your knees up closer to you, forced you to place your head between them and gently rubbed your back.

You couldn’t calm down, your breathing wouldn’t slow and you were feeling so lightheaded you began swaying back into him.

You need to breathe.” He said, his voice strained as he tried to stay calm himself.

It took you a while to do what he said. It was almost as if your body refused to calm down no matter hard you tried, but eventually you felt your control over yourself coming back, and after a few more minutes you sat there, silently crying as different thoughts of what could have happened came to mind.

It will be okay.” He muttered, visibly relaxing once you had calmed down. “I’ll handle it.


It was obvious that your parents telling Niall about your anxiety only made you more anxious and on edge. All of you, Niall included, were expecting some form of communication from modest! especially after his little call down to their office. The only thing you didn’t expect was for it to come to you.

You were with your tutor, one hired by modest! because they basically owned you, checking your email while he got some of your work graded, when you saw the email. It was simple and straight to the point. The underlying message they were giving off was obvious: Let anyone know about this and your anxiety would be the least of your worries. They were threatening Liam’s career, something he worked so hard for, and almost immediately your heart began to beat faster and faster. 

You had been doing so good before, and just the thought of having another attack only made your body react worse. Soon your heart felt as if it was skipping beats, a feeling almost like a cold sweat seemed to wash over you, and your breathing began coming out in short gasps.

Your tutor must have heard you, or had been watching you as you read the email, because he quickly stood up and made his way over.

You need to relax. There is no time for you to be having another attack!” All previous kindness he showed you was gone as he glared down at you.

This only made you worse and he continued to yell at you as if it were helping. His yelling must have gained Niall’s attention, because suddenly he was downstairs, and the room was filled with their yells. Your vision started to darken around the edges, and your heart was fluttering so bad you were sure you were going to die.

Something happened after that moment, and in your current state you could only recall seeing your tutor leave, Niall rocking you back and forth, and then everything was almost normal.

It took a few hours for you to fully calm down, but eventually you did and let Niall take care of you until your parents came home.

I have no idea how to write a panic attack (or any action for that matter) but I tried and even did my research! Thanks for requesting and reading and I hope you enjoy!

Louis and Harry’s part 2 will be up tomorrow unless something comes up!

“it will be okay,” “everything will work out,” and “there’s nothing to worry about” do absolutely nothing for anxiety

in fact, they exacerbate it by implying that your fears have no basis, that your feelings are unfounded, that your illness can be controlled by empty affirmations and you simply haven’t thought of that before

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You know I have bipolar disorder and really don't know how to explain that to people. I am really scared to meed new friends because sometimes I don't know how to control myself.

Work on your self control,okay? And if you think that you are wrong when saying that people are liars and bout to double cross,then let me tell you that that is entirely true. However,just because the majority can be of evil and envious hearts, doesn’t mean that all people are. Your thoughts, both violent and non violent, should always be channeled towards hope and optimism, and you should remember that although hardship may seem endless at times, but your struggles to maintain calmness will be rewarded. Try your best to control it and to engage in life… And if it gets to severe, a doctor could help. Know that I am here for you. It’s okay to meet new people.Some will accept you while others won’t- it’s life.


It’s the game everyone’s waiting for!

Two kingdoms at war – the peace-loving Hoshido and the glory-seeking Nohr –Control your Battles, future, and see what Fate has in store for you.

It’s up to you to decide which kingdom will rule. As the prince/princess of Hoshido, who was raised by the Nohr royal family, you will be torn between two families you love. Whichever path you take, you will be forced to face different types of challenges.

The Hoshido path is a more traditional path as you work together with your allies to fend off Nohrian invaders.  The Nohr path will force you to revolutionize an unruly kingdom from the inside – this path offers a slightly more complex story and will be more challenging.

A third route will be available via download. The invisible kingdom.

Look forward to Fire emblem fates: birthright and conquest in 2016!

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