youre gonna burn your goddamn mouth on that microwave burrito

hey guys i hate to ask but my family is really broke right now 

basically we have like no money for anything and we’re running low on food like we cant even afford bread or anything and my dads working 60+ hours a week and we still can barely afford rent

so if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my commission stuff and commissioning me id really appreciate it or even if you have some extra money youd like to donate or smth please

please reblog too if you can

okay so yeah i wasnt gonna post this but i am anyways

i just moved to colorado and i really wanna meet some people so!! 

my fandoms are 

  • dangan ronpa
  • off
  • free (imnotcaughtupthosobs)
  • wtnv
  • homestuck
  • homestuck

  • and other stuff i cant think of off the top of my head so 

ye uvu

hey guys!!

okay so i need money for a trip to see my bestfriend (for food and stuff) and i reeeeally need to see her bc it’s been since march and it’s killing me

so! i’m going to be offering 5 dollar headshots! woah cool right here’s an example

also ill be offering 10 dollar upper body shots like so:

full color (including shading and stuff) will be an extra 2 dollars on both

ill also be lowering prices on the other things i already offer, link down below! 

so please please please commission me i reeeeeally need the money!!

if you’re broke please reblog this!

info on how to commission me here!!