youre gonna be fine

Pick up lines Sentence Starters

Some of these are NSFWish but most are SFW

“Hey, are you a parking ticket? because you’ve got fine written all over you.”

“Are you the moon? Because even when it’s dark you still seem to shine”

“Are you from Jamaica? Because jamaican me crazy over you.”

“Is that a phone in your back pocket? Because that ass is callin’ me!”

“You from Taiwan? ‘Cause Taiwan-na get in your pants!”

“Hey, mind if i take a picture of you? I wanna prove to my friends that angels are real.”

“Hope you’ve counted your sins, ‘cause there’s gonna be a demon in your bed tonight”

“There’s gonna be a full moon tonight. I’ll help you howl all night long“

“You like sleeping? Me too! We should do it together sometime!”

“If you were a transformer, you’d be a hot-obot and your name would be optimus fine~”

“I’m gonna need ice over here, cause you’re too hot for me.”

“Hope you like Pokémon, ‘cause I wanna Pikachu!“

“I think I need a paralyz heal. Because you are absolutely stunning.”

“Is your body from McDonalds? Cause I’m loving it!“

“Are you religious? Cause you’re answer all my prayers!”

“Do you have a map? Because i got just lost in your eyes”

“Do you mind if I walk you home? My mother always told me to follow my dreams.”

“Are you a bicycle? Cause i wanna ride you all night long~!”

“Are your legs made of Nutella? Cause I want to spread them!“

“Are you from china? ‘cause i’m china get ya in my bedroom tonite!”

“Your lips look lonely. Would they like to meet mine?”

“Are you a magician?  Because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears.”

zayn is genuine. zayn is creative. zayn is smart. zayn is successful. these are things no one can take from him; they are his. no matter how much you don’t want them to be true, no matter how much his ex-band members don’t want them to be true, it doesn’t matter. because zayn malik will always be the cream that rises to the top.


For your sanity DO NOT imagine Sally and Paul going on a date and asking Percy and Annabeth to babysit their toddler. And Percy being so excited, he starts packing his stuff from camp to entertain his little sister. But on the other hand, Annabeth is so nervous she starts panicking, she’s seen the little girl before but only for a couple of minutes, she’s never taken care of a newborn child, not even his brothers because her step mom wouldn’t let her. And Percy starts comforting her and telling her how awesome his little sister is while massaging her head, so she calms down. And when they arrive she’s still a bit nervous, while saying their goodbyes Sally holds Annabeth strong and whispers “You’re gonna do fine, you’ve got Percy by your side”. Then she sees the little girl who stars showing her little arms towards Percy the second she sees him. Then Percy brings his little sister to Annabeth and the little girl falls in love with Annabae and won’t let Percy take her away from her new big sister. Percy is kind of mad and goes like “It’s my turn to have her you’ve been holding her for three hours now.” every 15 minutes. When it’s almost midnight, the three of them cuddle and fall asleep on Percy’s old bedroom, Percy hugging Annabeth and Annabeth having the baby on top of her chest. The next morning they wake up to the sound of flashes, it’s Sally taking silly pictures of her children (cause she considers Annabeth as one of her own too), she takes her baby with her and lets Annabeth and Percy rest for a couple of minutes while she makes breakfast. They are eating their breakfast and Percy won’t stop grumbling about how Annabeth took all of his sister’s attention and didn’t let him take the baby away from her and Annabeth is just red, Sally is just listening her son with a smile on her face and after a couple of minutes when everyone is silent eating she just goes “Both of you are gonna make great parents one day.”

So look I’ve been having this headcanon for a while of Lance and I’m gonna draw it tomorrow but

The Voltron crew and the blade of mamora Galra stop at some water planet to replenish their stocks before they head toward zarkon and it’s really high energy cause they finally got an army so it’s all fine and dandy but hunk notices that Lance looks sIck so he’s all like

“Lance, buddy, you okay? You look like your gonna pu-”

“Ha ha I’m fine big guy I just need some air”

And so he goes off wandering for a bit and everyone just shakes it off as nerves so after the ships are ready and everyone is ready to go they ask for Lance to see if he’s come back yet and Coran says that he’s gonna go find him so he’s wading through the thick forest and finally he reaches a clearing and he sees Lance near the beach and so he’s a bout to call out for him but… Something’s wrong…

Is Lance glowing? Wait…no…. Not Lance… The… Water??

And it’s like that thing from Moana where the water is personified in a blob and it’s staring straight at Lance and Lance is mumbling worriedly

“It’s like… I know you said you’d be with me but… I can’t waterbend anymore and I have no connection to the spirit world and I’m just really scared because zarkon-”

And out of the corner of his eye he sees Coran who looks absolutely SHOOK and it’s like a really still moment until the ocean recedes and Coran screams and Lance tackles him with a hand slapped over his mouth with large desperate pleading eyes like


few minutes later they return to the crew and allura is like

“Coran… You look absolutely ghastly is everything alright?”

“Oh y-yes princess couldn’t be wetter I MEAN BETTER”

and everyone is looking at them like what? And shiro comes over like

“I know nerves are high but the odds are in our favor this time.”

And both Coran and Lance are smiling too wide and too awkwardly and Lance is like

“I-IM GONNa just go to bed like it’s been a LONG day today so later dudes see you in the morn”

And then proceeds to all but parkour up the ramp and into the ship. Lance is MIA for the rest of the night


Bully: *pushes you against the wall* you gonna cry little girl?
Y/N: I uh I d-don’t know
Bully: well you be-
Carl: what do you think you’re doing?
Bully:bouta take this girl’s money you want a round after I’m done she probably has a nice tight virgin-
Carl: *punches him before he can finish the sentence* don’t you ever talk about her like that again or I won’t stop till I see blood, we gotta deal?
Bully: what you’ve gone soft Gallagher?
Carl: the only soft thing is gonna be your organs after I spill them! *throws another punch*
Bully: fine whatever man *runs away blood dripping from his noses*
Y/N: *whispers* thank you.
Carl: it was nothing, I’ll see you around.
-requested by anon
-not my gif


Y/ N: hey Pete?

Peter: yeah.

Y/N: I know you saved me and all but could you please let me go?

Peter: yeah but no. I find this quite comfortable my dear Y/N.

Y/N: ok, I’m not kidding anymore, let me go.

Peter: nope!

Y/N: fine, but your arms are gonna start hurting.

Peter: and I will let go of you when that happens

If you know your friend, partner, or family member has dependency issues and they’ve made it clear to you that they have separation anxiety and would rather you tell them you don’t want to talk to them rather than ignore them, and you still ignore them, I’m sorry, but

You’re a piece of shit and they deserve so much better than you. I don’t care what the fuck your reason is. There literally can’t be a logical explanation as to why you can’t take a minute out of your day to text your loved one who’s MADE IT CLEAR THEY NEED THIS to tell them that you’re not ignoring them, you’re just not in the mood to talk.

You are a piece of shit.