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its just funny how you say dev patel is your extremely hot husband because i saw that gif of him writing in the blue t-shirt and now he's my SUPREMELY hot husband. so.


Warning- close to being smut, detailed use of wording

You dreadfully made your way through the halls and into the potions classroom. You sat down next to your extremely hot classroom partner Draco Malfoy. He always seemed to find ways to touch or tease you, which you didn’t mind. Professor Snape suddenly appeared and immediately began class. “We will begin class today by me assigning your next project to be completed with your partner.” As professor Snape finished assigning the project Draco turned to you smirking and said,“ Looks like we will be spending a lot of time together, ehh, (y/l/n)! How about you come over to the manor this weekend?” You agreed and you all began to discuss your project.

That Saturday afternoon you arrived at Malfoy Manor alongside of Draco. You walked in and Draco showed you around for a minute before you all made your way up to his bedroom. You first question, once you got everything set up was,“ Where are your parents?” Draco then answered,“ They are at my Aunt Bella’s and we shouldn’t be expecting them home until late!” Draco smirked for a moment before you began to work on the project. Draco soon joined you and began to help. After a few minutes of working Draco dropped his pen and asked if you would get it. You of course said yes without thinking… You bent over to get it and Draco stared the whole time. You then sat back down after noticing what he had been staring at. You smirked at him,“ Do you like what you see?” Draco being snapped out of his daze nervously said,“ Umm… Let’s just get back to the project, okay?” You agreed and you all continued to work, that was until you noticed he began shifting around. “Problem?” You smirked. He looked your direction with lust in his eyes,“ Screw this!” He threw the project to the side and grabbed you pulling you up to kiss him. He grabbed your face and pulled you in slowly kissing you passionately, but then becoming more eager. He licked your bottom lip begging for entrance, as he moving his hands down your body,“jump!” You obeyed and you wrapped your legs around his torso, his tongue still exploring your mouth never breaking the kiss. He carried you over to his bed and laid you down. Your hands were free so you moved them down to play with the hem of his shirt before eagerly ripping it off of him and running her fingers down his bare skin making him hungrily moan. His lips moved from your mouth to your neck, leaving soft wet kisses. He found your sweet spot and began to suck making you moan, then you felt his smirk against your skin. He lifts up and his eyes roam over your shirt,“ May I?” He asks. You smile and nod in agreement. He then takes off your shirt leaving you in your bra. He then begins to kiss further down until he reaches your bra line, his hands traveling behind your back about to undo your bra when you heard two familiar voices. “Draco!” Yelled Lucius and Narcissa, both standing in the doorway. You quickly covered yourself with the blankets as Draco hoped off the bed. “What in the name of Merlin are you doing?” Yelled Lucius. Draco being his witty self replied,“ Well, dad I think it’s pretty obvious what we were doing? Would you like me to describe it?” Narcissa begins shaking her head. You put your shirt back on and walked over to Draco. “What were you even thinking with having a girl over at the house while we were out?” Narcissa asked sternly. “Well I was thinking that dad said it was ok…” Narcissa looked at her husband with a very serious look,“ did you know about this?” “Cissy, listen… He only said that they were working on a project.” Narcissa looking as stressed as ever looked at Lucius and said,“ You, bedroom!” Then looked at Draco,“ You grounded!” Then looked at you,“ and as for the little slut… OUT!” Draco was quick to jump to his feet when he heard the words escape from his mothers mouth,“ DONT YOU DARE TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT!” Narcissa looking shocked said,“ Well I come home and I see a little tramp in a bed with my 17 year old son! Oh yes Draco, she’s a perfect angel!” Draco replies,“ Yeah! Well she is my angel and I love her!” “Oh Draco, you don’t even know what love is yet!” Lucius buts in,“ Cissy, if I might add, we were their age, when you know…” Draco disgustedly turns around and looks to you,“ Come on we are leaving!” You walked alongside of him as you all walked down the stairs of the manor. Narcissa followed quickly behind,“ DRACO! DONT YOU DARE LEAVE THIS HOUSE! DRACO! Draco…” Right before you all reached the door Draco turned around and looked his mother in the eyes,“ watch me!” His mothers face was burned into my mind, the look she had, she looked so shocked and broken… As Lucius ran up behind her. You all had left the manor and you were on your way back to Hogwarts. “I’m sorry! I never meant for any of that to happen!” You looked at him and he looked as if he was about to cry. You just gave him a hug and said,“ I know, it’s ok! And I should be the one that’s sorry! Your mother looked crushed and your father… He was so concerned! Maybe we should go back?” Draco stopped walking,“ there is no way I’m going back there, I hope that they feel awful! They should have never said those awful things about you!” “But Draco they were both so shocked… You don’t really think that they meant it do you?” Draco thought for a moment before breaking down into tears over the pressure of the situation. You pulled him into an embrace and you knew what was right, so you all walked back towards the manor. You all walked in and went towards the drawing room where you figured you would find his parents. You all opened the door and Narcissa quickly looked up from her husbands hug. “Draco…” She said quietly. She practically ran to him, Lucius followed closely behind, she grabbed him quickly still in tears. She said,“ oh Draco… I’m so sorry! I love you so much and don’t you ever think for a second that I don’t! I just got really worried thinking now about how fast my little boy is growing up! And (y/n) I would love for you to stay for dinner this evening, we can talk and have a fresh start, I’m terribly sorry for all the things that I said!” She dried her eyes and you nodded and then Draco said,“ and I’m sorry for going against the rules, but I am growing up mother, you need to realize that!” She nodded and you smiled. “Are you all ready for supper?” You both nodded and Narcissa and Lucius went to tell the house elves to prepare a nice dinner. Draco put his arm around your waist and you all soon followed behind them, he then whispered in your ear once you all were safe,“ Maybe later, we can finish what we started…” He smirked and you nudged him making him trip. You both laughed and you all walked towards the dining room together hand in hand.

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Clint part two

Finally got another part done, Loki should be up next! Enjoy :) 

Complete series 

You huffed exasperatedly as you just about manage to squeeze your arse through the open window leading to the roof.

Once you had calmed down from your earlier hysterical laughing fit you felt bad for acting like that with Clint, and he was obviously pissed off.

When Tony and Steve were sent off into the closet (much to their displeasure I might add), Natasha dragged you away to ask you exactly what had happened in there. She knew about his tattoo as well apparently, it had been part of her own bet, so you felt fine to share a laugh at his expense since you weren’t technically doing anything too wrong.  

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Part 1

Detention was awkward to say the least. The tension was thick and heavy, seeming to suffocate you and leaving you gasping for air.

You knew he heard just about every word you said, let alone how you wanted to ‘grab his big dummy head and kiss his stupid lips’. And though you fully regretted ever saying those words at this very moment, you couldn’t help but imagine Mr. Hemmings grabbing you and kissing you with a deep passion you never knew existed.

He was just so yummy, you couldn’t seem to resist him.

You heard someone clearing their throat, causing you to leave your trance and focus on the body a desk away from your own.

  “Now, (Y/N), lets discuss why you’re in here with me today,” it slowly felt like a lump formed in your throat and you couldn’t seem to get a word out, nodding your head to your extremely hot teacher in front of you. “What exactly is this?”

He held up your notebook, but it wasn’t just any useless old notebook.

No. It was your journal.

The journal where you wrote about everything. And when I mean everything,

I mean everything.

About family issues, how your day was going, random thoughts.

About how you wanted to fuck Mr. Hemmings.

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ok. we’ve all seen this pic.

but like, who the hell is thissssss??

he looks shirtless. in shorts.

my main guess is shannon.

Nothing like photographing your younger extremely hot and veiny brother, shirtless and flexing every visible (and non-visible) muscle in only his Japanese skirt/pants getup all dehydrated outside what looks to be, but is probably not, an empty airport.

oh those letobrothers. what can’t they do?

……..besides settle down and have some letobaybehs……..

Day 10: In Very Cold Weather!

Man, I don’t know what really cold weather feels like, so I’m mostly just guessing the level of clothing required for that.

List of feel good things to help on the down nights
  • Wash your makeup off before bed
  • Brush your teeth 
  • take an extremely hot shower
  • blast music extremely loud
  • Brush your hair gently, massage your scalp
  • Lose yourself in a book
  • smile until it feels real