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Shameless Imagines 3- The future (Lip x reader )

Paring:Lip x reader 

Requested: No, This just came to me

Discription: After a day of babysitting you and lip are laying in bed when the topic of the future comes up and you both talk about what you want, with each other

Warning: just a lot of fluff 


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You laid in lips bed, which at this point had kinda felt like yours as well, you had spent so much time here it felt like you lived with him. Which honestly neither of you minded. Lip never wanted to be without you and you didnt want to leave him so it worked out.

You and Lip had spent the day watching Liam, which honestly you loved. Besides the obvious fact that you got to play with toys and watch disney movies lip knows you secretly love but the fact that he was so amazing with Liam and it made you fall for the boy even harder. 

Seeing him with Liam made you think about the future, with him in it. You had grown up wanting a family, with a big house and a loving husband, most importantly raising amazing kids and loving them with everything you had, to be anything and everything but your parents and that was your goal, to be everything to your kids, to be an amazing mom and nothing like your own.

“Hes all tucked in and sleeping. He told me to say thanks for an amazing day with his favourite girl and that I better watch out because he could take you. My 3 year old brother is gonna take my girl” Lip says taking off his shirt and lighting a smoke. A huge smile spreads across your face as you scoot down to the end of the bed, criss cross apple sauce next to your extremely hot boyfriend and take his smoke.

“Today was a pretty great day” You smiled passing the smoke back and leaning your head on his shoulder.

“This is why I love you, other girls would expect dates and flowers and things I cant afford or don’t have time for with everything in my family going on. But not you, you offer to help me. You are more than happy to sit and babysit with me all day, and laying in bed cuddling is so much better than going out” He saig bringing his lips to your forehead.

“I would babysit with you anyday everyday for the rest of my life. I don’t need expensive things that makes you have to work your ass off to afford, I don’t mind helping out your family because I love you and Im not going to let you suffer in doing it all by yourself, we are a team lip” You said. Out of the corner of your eyes you could see a smile on his face. 

When you and lip first started dating you were so fucking scared that it would just be a hook up, that he still had feelings for Karen and that in the end you’d be left heart broken. That was over a year ago and after lip telling you many times “This is so much fucking more to me than sex Y/n, I want this, I want you” and him staying for so long you allowed yourself to open up to him, allowed yourself to love him.

“Hopefully one day we won’t be babysitting, they will be our little ones running around” He said standing up going to change into shorts before coming back to lay down with his babygirl.

“You think about those things? Like the future?” You asked, kinda shocked if you were being honest. You thought about it all the time, you just didn’t think lip did.

“All the time actually. Before you I wasn’t like this, girls didn’t stay over, I sure as hell didn’t tell them I loved them and cuddling wasn’t something we would be doing. But now you staying over is almost an everyday thing and when you aren’t here I don’t sleep. I love you and Ill tell the whole world and I don’t feel complete without you in my arms so, looks like Im a changed man” He laughed at the end causing you to laugh, lip wasn’t the the boy who sat with you and blurted out his feelings, he only did it sometimes which you were okay with but when he did it made you feel like you were on cloud nine.

“Tell me what you think about” You said placing your head on his chest as his arms were wrapped around you.

“Well, as college is next year Im hoping to make it through and get an amazing job, You living with me of course. Im hoping I impress some rich people and get a really good paying job. Once we save enough money I will buy a huge piece of land and me and your brothers (Milkovich brothers) we will build you the house you’ve always dreamed about, adding as many rooms as we can and filling a few of them with the beautiful babies we make” Lip had described a future you had wanted so bad.

“I want that more than anything.. Seeing the way you are with Liam makes me want that with you so bad one day. I want my children-” You were cut off by lip.

“Our, you said mine but if you even think for a second that we won’t have that future together you are wrong.. You are my end game y/n. You are my first and last love and we will have adorable babies” He said, kissing the top of your head after, you had millions of butterflies and it was so amazing to hear him say those things.

“I want our adorable Gallagher-Milkovich babies to have the life we didn’t. No hitting, no yelling, no sadness and no brokenness, just love. Just us” You told him telling the truth. That right there, was all you ever fucking wanted.

“If someone ever hits my child I will get Svetlana on their ass faster then I can get Mickey on their ass. Our kids will never grow up having the lives we did and you will spend the rest of your life remembering that we aren’t our parents” He told you moving your head to be able to kiss you, he needed too. He needed to feel the love he felt once your lips connected to his.

“We are a team Lip, you and me and one day little ones” 

“We are a family Y?n” He said before you closed your eyes and fell asleep with the biggest smile on your face.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.287

Warnings: smut, oral sex (female receiving), wrap it before you tap it!

A/N: This is another request of an anon and I hope you all will like it. I had much fun with it!

request for a drunk!bucky that is just smashed from a boy’s night out and is really horny, and steve has to bring him home to y/n? u can take it from there ;)

You sat in your little cute apartment you shared with Bucky. You two decided to leave the Stark Tower for an own home but it was still near to Tony’s residenz. You were in your favorite place of the apartment. You sat with a book and a cup of hot chocolate in the alcove with the beautiful view over the already dark city.

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More hogwarts AU of Maggie and Alex?

She loves flying.

Loves it.

The wind in her hair, the broom between her legs, the way her robes whipped back behind her, like they were her wings and she can soar over the Forest, over the castle, over the lake, over Hogsmeade. Over everything.

It makes her forget. Or, almost, anyway.

Forget – or, almost, anyway – that she can’t go back to her parents’ place over the holidays, because they tolerated her being a witch but dammit, he would not stand for her being a… a homosexual…. too, because how could she possibly be so selfish?

“God, you’d think he’s afraid of getting hexed for even saying the word ‘lesbian,’“ she mutters mid-flight.

Almost forgets.


But a voice calls her back, a voice calls her down.

“Maggie! Maggie, it’s almost dinner, and if Professor J’onzz catches you using the pitch without permission again – “

“Alright, alright, I’m coming, Little Danvers!” she calls, and she grins, relishing the way the third year looks after her, cares for her. No one’s ever done that before.

She takes in a deep breath, and she catapults her Comet 260 into a nearly ninety degree dive. She hears Kara scream for her to be careful, and she pulls up cleanly – well, less cleanly than she would have with a less rickety broom, but hey, at least she’s not a pile of mush on the grass – just above the ground, just before it’s too late.

“You know I get so nervous when you do that,” Kara says shakily as Maggie swings her leg off her broom and tosses her arm around Kara’s shoulder, setting off toward the Great Hall.

“I’m sorry, Little Danvers. I just couldn’t resist. I love the feeling, you know?”

“You love the feeling of practically getting yourself killed?” a voice drawls as they stroll past the greenhouse, and Kara lights up, but Maggie stiffens.

“Danvers,” she greets as Kara slips away from Maggie’s side and into Alex’s arms.

Kara – the Hufflepuff third year – is the only one who touches Slytherin fifth year Alex Danvers and lives to tell the tale.

Maggie – proud Hufflepuff fifth year – would love to join that elite crew.

Because Alex is rumored to be ruthless, but Maggie only ever sees that streak when someone she loves is threatened.

And Alex is rumored to be cold, but she’s spent too many nights listening to Kara’s stories of Alex’s warmth to believe the facade the Slytherin puts up.

But she’s always afraid that Alex only ever tolerates her because, in Kara’s first year, Maggie put her body between Kara and a bunch of Slytherins who didn’t yet know Kara was The Alex Danvers’s kid sister.

Maggie doesn’t know that she’s nearly all Alex ever thinks about.

But Maggie has a smile that lights up the entire Astronomy Tower at midnight, and Alex is withdrawn and distant and cold to everyone but Kara.

Maggie is kind and Maggie is selfless and Maggie is so brave Alex often wonders why the hell she’s not in Gryffindor and she’s so smart Alex often wonders why the hell she’s not in Ravenclaw, but the only House Alex knows Maggie doesn’t belong in?

Her House.


And Maggie deserves someone better than someone who lives in the dungeons and likes it.

Maggie deserves sunshine.

Kara is sunshine, but Alex? Alex is the opposite.

So she keeps her distance and she keeps her cool, because anyway, she doesn’t want to imagine Eliza’s response if she came home saying she wants women, not men. Because how could that ever be good enough? How could that ever be perfect?

“Sawyer,” she greets, her eyes cooly raking Maggie’s body up and down. “You pulled that off on that old Comet?”

Maggie shrugs and tosses her broom from hand to hand.

“It’s a reliable enough old thing.”

Alex stares between Kara and Maggie and Maggie’s rickety old broom, and Alex thinks about Kara’s pleas, which come in almost daily now – Alex, come on, I think she likes you, and I know you like her even though you pretend not to; wouldn’t it be amazing, for my sister and my best friend to date? Because let’s face it, you already have huge crushes on each other; Alex, guess what spell Maggie taught me last night?; Alex, Maggie loves astronomy, too, you should ask her on a date to the Astronomy Tower, I can set it all up for you! – and she bites her lip, and she sighs, and she thinks about how she wouldn’t be afraid to put her name in the Goblet of Fire, so dammit, she’s not going to be afraid to be vulnerable with a girl anymore.

“Well hey. If you ever want to take a ride with me, I um… I can lend you my Nimbus 2001. The ride would be smoother and the way you fly… it… you know, with the maneuvering and the control and the finesse… watching you fly on a steadier broom would be… I mean… kind of beautiful. If you wanted. Whatever. Isn’t it dinner time? We should get to the Great Hall.”

She squeezes Kara’s hand and sweeps off for the Great Hall at breakneck speed, and Maggie is left spluttering and stammering, and Kara is left with a grin that lights up the entire dusk.

“Little Danvers, did your sister just… did your.. your extremely badass, super hot sister just ask me out?”

Kara just squeals in response, and tugs Maggie along.

“Alex! Wait up! Maggie says yes!”

Alex stops without turning around, because her smile is bright enough to match her sister’s, and her cheeks are more crimson than that Olsen kid’s robes.

So she doesn’t turn around, but she waits for her little sister and the girl who – maybe – is going to be her girlfriend, and they head into the Great Hall, hearts pounding with everything that has been and everything that might be, together.

Wore Me Down

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 5,273

Warnings- Nothing much really, mild angst I suppose and some heated moments.

A/N- This is quite a long one that I wrote with @beabravo10 a while ago, but it’s taken a while to edit down. And in typical me style, it’s a really long one-shot. One day I will write something under 3,000 words, but today is not that day! I hope you enjoy!

@plamspringsdancingontables @nesthemonster

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Chocobros S/O gets possessed in battle and turns on them trying to attack them? D: I love your blog!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Ignis in this one was kind hard but I love a challenge! Yet I hope it’s good! <3


“Move!” You barked tackling the man before you, only to freeze in place as you felt what could only be described a mucus cover you from head to toe. You entire body felt heavy than, nothing, you felt nothing at all.


Only able to move your head in jerky motions, hearing a faint whisper in your head to go on the offensive against your companions.

“Y/N?” Noctis called, as you rose your hand, summoning a spear from his magic, as you approached him. “Y/N! What’s wrong!”

“It appears that whatever that bile is on them has taken control of their body.” Ignis stated, summoning a spear of his own to block your attack on the Prince.

Kill him! Kill him! He smells of magic, kill that one!

The voice hissed repeatedly, as you spun, slamming the hilt into Ignis’ solar plex, knocking the wind out of him as he stumbled back. Spinning last moment to grab Gladiolus by the forearm as you tossed the large man over your shoulder. Surprising you both, as you knew there was no way at all you had enough strength to throw the man around like a rag doll.

“Prompto, don’t!” Noctis called.

You tilted your head, the only part of you, you could control, as you turned it slightly, showing Prompto’s gun raised.  Another sick disturbing tilt of your head you face Noctis again as you quickly rushed the Prince, your speed obviously increased, as you slammed into the young man with your spear, he managed to pull up a sword to block you.

“What are we supposed to do?” Prompto’s panicked shrieked reached your ears. “She’s the only one who’s versed in Deamons.”

You slammed the spear repeatedly into the sword, blocking you, watching as Noctis remained on the defense, never once attempting to hurt you in return. Another downward slam into the sword, resulted in the spear becoming stuck to the blade, your eyes locking with Noctis, as you strained out.


“Y/N! Are you still in there? What are we supposed to do?”

You noticed the panic in his blue eyes, as you glanced around, noticing the underground spring not far from where you both were. Going to open your mouth to speak again, you found your teeth actually clenched shut, this gunk was now spreading to your face.  Your eyes darting toward the fountain, as your body suddenly released the spear, going at the Prince with your bare hands. Every so often you managed to turn your head toward the spring, trying to get it across to the man.

“Noct, she’s pointing toward the spring!” Ignis yelled.

FINALLY! You thought, only to feel your body jump away from the Prince, turning to run further away, only to gasp as Noctis warpped before you. You went to throw a punch, but only found yourself being engulfed by Noctis’ arms.



One moment you were standing embraced by the Prince, the next you were sent flying with Noctis by Gladiolus, sinking into the spring. The ice cold water washing away the bile surrounding you, as your body immediately went into shock, your limbs freezing as you felt yourself sinking further down. Only to suddenly feel a tug on your arm, as you noticed the figure of your boyfriend dragging you behind him as he kicked up to the surface.

Both of you breaking the surface, as you gasped loudly, your body still frozen as the bile moved off of you, Noctis wading the water to keep you both afloat.  Pushing your hair from your face, as he held you up with his other arm.

“Y/N, y/n, are you okay?” He panicked.

You shook your hair plastered to your face out the way as you smiled brightly, “You finally got it!”

Noctis gave you a lazy smile, “Can you move?”

“No, the shock from the water, and that gunk put my body in state, I’ll be out for another 5 to 10 minutes.” You replied, as he handed you over to Gladiolus, while Prompto and Ignis helped him out, the Prince shrugging off Ignis as he walked over to you cradled in Gladiolus’ arms. “We should keep going, that things bile won’t work on anyone else.”

“Just rest for a bit, we’ll get out of this.” Noctis smiled, placing a kiss to your forehead, as he turned leading the way out of the maze.


You froze, whatever that deamon spit over you was making your body tense uncontrollably, and made your body hot. Extremely so, letting out a shriek you collapsed to your knees, cradling in on yourself, as the creature moved back into the shadows of the cave with a hiss.

“Y/n!” Prompto called.

“Stay back!” You yell, only to scream in pain, as the spit moved up to your head, creating some sort of false eyepatch over your left eye, leaving only your right eye open to look at the world around. Your body moving to stand without your command.

“Y/n, are you still in there?” Ignis called.

“I can’t, I can’t control my body.” You panic, as your body moved forward toward Noctis, raising your hand as one of Prompto’s guns appeared, aiming it toward the Prince, as you let out a warning “Noct, move!”

On cue the Prince dodged out the way, as you fired where he once stood. Praising the Six that you were such a horrid shot, your body swinging as you were brought face to face with Prompto holding both his guns at you, both of you staring each other down.

“I don’t know what you are, but you need to leave my girlfriend now!”

Yoru heart fluttered, Prompto sounded so cool, only to gasp as that growling voice echoed in your head again. “Prompto, your left!” You scream, as a large black limb reached out, going to grab the blonde, only for Gladiolus to slash it away. “Ignis!” You call, as your body turned to aim and fire at the man who tried to sneak up on you.

The tall man managed to dodge out the way, as you pulled the trigger, only for the bullet to ricochet off a rock behind him. Your body moving to take aim at Ignis again, only for the gun to be shot out your hand, by Prompto.

“I said get the hell out of my girlfriend!” Prompto barked, to the empty cave, as the creature attempted to fight off the other 3 men currently launching around deflecting any and all attacks coming at the two of you.

You gasped, as your body begun to move forward, stopping just short of the barrel of Prompto’s gun, as you pressed it against your head.

“Prompto,” You groaned softly, noticing the creature had stopped fighting the others, only to pull itself back into the shadows. “Shoot.”

“Y/n, what?” Prompto’s blue eyes widen in shock confusion.

“Prompto,” You pleaded as you stared in his eyes leaning further into the muzzle of the gun, closing your eyes as you smiled softly.

“I’m not…what are you? I’m not going to shoot you.” Prompto stuttered, moving back only for you to step forward to press the muzzle against your forehead again.

“Prompt, please.” You begged again. “This thing isn’t going to stop until one of us is no longer standing. Kill one to save the other, right?”

Prompto’s eyes dashed around, before a look of determination appeared on his face, his finger moving to the trigger, as you closed your eyes. Your body flinching as you heard a loud bang, followed by a body hitting the ground.

Opening your eyes, as you turned seeing the creature that had slimed you was doing exactly what you thought it was going to do. Sneak up behind you and then try to eat the both of you, yet at the last moment the blonde turn his gun shooting it through the head. Only to turn back around, as Prompto hugged you tightly.

“Please don’t ever ask me to do that again.” He muttered against your hair, as the hardened gunk fell from your face.  

You smile softly, as you place a hand on the back of his head, “I won’t, I promise.”


“You alright, babe?” Gladiolus called as you wiped the gunk from your mouth, spitting out whatever remained of it.

“Gross!” You gagged, as you remained hacking up the bile. “I’m going to rip it’s head off!” You barked, as you rush toward Gladiolus, “Give me a boost, I’m going for the head.”

Gladiolus chuckled as he cupped his hands, launching you in the air, a move you had performed hundreds of times before. Summoning you large axe in hand, as you spun mid air, slashing the throat of the deamon open, as it gave a gurgle, collapsing to the ground dead before you could land in Gladiolus’’ arms.

“Were we even needed?” Prompto inquired, as your huge boyfriend sat you down.

“This just means I get first dibs on a shower,” You stated, as you nudged Prompto playfully, “Since someone enjoys using up all the hotwater.”

“Beauty like this doesn’t just happen in 10 minutes.” Prompto pouted playfully.

You couldn’t contain the sigh as you laid out across the large full bed beside Gladio, how long was it since you had a nice bath, and got to sleep in a nice warm bed, instead of partially on top of Gladiolus to not freeze to death on the cold unforgiving ground.

“Someone’s happy.” Gladiolus chuckled, as he pulled you closer to him.

“Nice bath, and Prompto didn’t use up all the hot water.” You laugh, to the blonde currently starfished across the other bed, with Noctis. 

You always wondered how they shared a bed, considering it was a starfish battle anytime they got a room, and you learned after sleeping with them the one time Gladiolus’ snoring got too bad that you were better off getting use to the snoring.

“That’s good.” Gladiolus chuckled, placing a kiss to your cheek, now that you were no longer covered in gunk, he was all over you.  “Night babe.”

“Night Gladdy.” You purr.

Only to snap awake from a growing growl in your ear, turning over as you letting out a blood curling scream at the large creature beside you. Taking a note from Gladiolus’ book as you swung first, questions later.  Well, actually headbutting the creature in the nose, flipping back as you stumbled from your bed.

You were at a campsite, but you could have sworn you were asleep in a nice warm hotel room. “Gladiolus! Noctis!” You gasp in horror as you spun around trying to get your bearings. “Ignis, Prompto!”

When no one came to back you up, you bolted left through a strange archway into a strange clearing of trees. Your bare feet, slamming against the strangely comfortable grass. Glancing over your shoulder, as you ran up hill. 

Finding yourself atop of a cliff, glancing around as you gasped, how much like a romantic novel, a lonely heroine on a cliff side.

Had you notice, your back up actually had come with you. Gladiolus and the others were torn from their sleep, when you screamed, and the poor big guy was thrown off guard when you suddenly headbutted him. Only to quickly chase you out into the hallway, and than up to the roof.

“You wanna fucking go, let’s go!” You bark, summoning your large axe in hand, as you stared at the four creatures staring you down. Swinging a large arch, as two of the creatures dodged out the way.

“What the hell, y/n?” Prompto gasped, as he and Noctis barely jumped out the way of your axe.

“Gladio, look at her eyes.” Ignis called.

“Babe, listen, it’s me.”

“Where are the others!” You yell, as the large creature attempted to approach you, growling as it caught your axe when you swung. Glancing around yourself, as you noticed the others slowly approaching you to corner you on the cliff. Looking over your shoulder, as you chuckled, before leaping off.

“Y/N!” Gladiolus yelled, jumping after you.

You gasped as the cold water surrounded you, surprised that the spring water was so gross and tasted very much like chlorine. Only to quickly swim away as the largest creature dove in after you, reaching out to you. Pulling yourself from the water, you quickly summoned, a shield, it was a larger one, but you needed to protect yourself from this huge thing.

“Y/N! What’s gotten into you?” Gladiolus yelled as he watched you swing the shield at him.  Only to quickly grab it, as you swung it around again.

You grunted as the creature grabbed your shield, yet you were prepared, jumping up off the shield you, kicked out, only for the creature to block. Again you struck out, again it was blocked, it was like the damn thing could read your mind!  Only to shriek as it grabbed your arm pulling you up and off the ground.

“Gladio, earlier, with the deamon, Y/N got some of that gunk in her mouth!” Noctis called.

Gladio turned toward you, as he groaned, “Sorry about this babe.”

You remained giving your fight, only to grunt in unexpected pain, as you felt a strong jolt to your gut as the creature dropped you to land on your hands and knees. Heaving hard, you let out a cough quickly followed by all of your  dinner to come up.  

“Sorry about that babe.”

Turning watery eyes to the creature beside you, you noticed as the monster became your boyfriend.  “Gladdy, what the hell?”

“That.” Ignis called tossing a dagger into a slug like creature trying to crawl away.

You moved to shaky legs, leaning against Gladiolus for support, “That was in me?” You gag, pulling a face.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Ignis stated.

You could feel the color draining from your face, “…I’m gonna vomit.”

“You kind of already…oh you mean for real.” Prompto stated as you ran over to a nearby planter, vomiting up whatever remained in your system.

Gladiolus chuckled as he walked over placing a large hand on your back, as he knelt beside you, “You put up a fight, you almost had me.” He replied, only to laugh loudly as you rose a hand in the direction his voice was coming from, flipping him off.


The moment that bile hit you, you immediately collapsed to the ground, your legs no longer willing to support you.

“Y/N!” Ignis gasped in shock.

A large shadow hovered over you, only to feel Ignis leap into you, moving into a tucked roll as he moved you both away from the deamon coming towards you. The jerking movement of the man moving you out a of harm’s way only, seemed to give your body the restart it needed.

“Thank you, love.” You cooed, as you summoned a spear, moving back into the fray, the large centipede like creature turned to look at you, before quickly burying itself in the ground.

“Where’s it going?” Gladiolus growled.

“Hopefully to never bother us again.” Prompto groaned.

“If we want that reward, we’ll have to follow it.” Ignis stated, as both Prompto and Noctis let out groans in disbelief that the man would even suggest it. “Shall we?”

You giggle at the two youngest members of your party, groaning in protest, turning on their lights as you all moved through the dark cave. Moving slowly as you gain closer and closer to what you assumed was the nest.  

Almost running into the back of Noctis, when he stopped, feeling something land on his head.

“Please tell me it’s a leaf.” Noctis groaned, as you stepped forward, noticing it was in fact not a leaf but a rather large bug.

“Nah, it’s a huge,”

“Leaf!” You called, cutting off Gladiolus as you picked the creature up, tossing it away from your group as you turned to the taller man, who chuckled giving you a shrug.

“Are we there yet?” Prompto whined.

Stepping back to cover the rear as the guys moved forward, you glanced around, something about this seemed off. Turning back to the others, as you noticed your vision begin to blur, only to quickly come back in focus, with a gentle shake of the head.

Moments later to come into what could only be described as a huge nest in the middle of the cave systems. “The queen.”

“What was that, y/n?”

“This is the Queen’s nest.” You repeated, as you stepped forward away from the group, summoning a lance to your right hand. “I can’t allow you to hurt the Queen.”

“What, shit!” Noctis gasped, as you quickly pivoted, and began to toss lance after lance at your group, watching them scatter. “Y/N, what the hell!”

Your voice droned from your mouth, as you repeated it again, “I will not allow you to hurt the Queen, your bodies will provide nourishment.”

“Noct wait,” Ignis called, as he stared at you. “Earlier, y/n was cover in some type of secretion from that deamon, she’s not herself.”

“Dude, I know your girlfriend is being mind controlled.” Prompto called, as you tossed another lance at the blonde. “But get her to knock it off!”

“I must protect the Queen.” You groaned, as the large creature appeared behind you, letting out a hiss. “Yes, my Queen.”

Your body rushed forward, as you dodged a swing from Noctis, shoving the Prince aside, as you vaulted over Prompto,  aiming your lance for Ignis, only to be quickly stopped by Ignis summoning his own lance.

“Go, destroy that thing, I’ll handle her.”  Ignis grunted, as he pushed you back.

“I will protect the Queen.” You groan again, as you moved to go after the others currently heading for your “Queen”

“I do apologize, dear, but I believe this dance is for us.” Ignis called, as he grabbed the blunt end of your staff, yanking you back.

“Queen.” You hiss, as you roll your shoulder back, going to elbow the man in the face only for him to spin you around, pulling your back to his chest.

“Yes, yes my dear, we must save the Queen.” He prattled, only to groan in pain as you kicked him in the shin,  rushing to go after the others.

Only for your body to be slammed into the ground, as Ignis tackled you. “I do apologize for being so rough, my love, yet you’re being quite the distraction.”

A loud primal roar came from your mouth, as you brought your hand around, going to swing at his face only for him to back away, before pinning your hands to the ground. Turning as you heard a loud guttural death rattle, your mouth hanging open.

“Queen.” You gasp in disbelief, as the large body fell to the ground, giving one last shake before stilling forever. Blackness creeping into the sides of your vision as your head collapsed to the ground.

You came around a little later, as you felt a slight jostle, than Prompto’s soft voice, complaining about being lost. Looking up to notice that Ignis was carrying you on his back, his jacket placed over your shoulders, his hands placed under your thighs.

“I think we’re suppose to go left.” Noctis stated scratching his head, as you all stood in the middle of the area where you have gotten covered.

“Move forward.” You groan weakly as everyone turned to you.

“Y/N are you feeling alright?” Prompto asked, moving over to you and Ignis.

“Aside from a headache, never better, what happened?” You inquired, noticing how filthy they all were aside from you.

“Fought a huge centipede, so normal everyday stuff.” Gladiolus stated with a shrug.

You gave a soft pout, “I do apologize about that, I don’t seem to have much memory after the creature covered me in mucus.”

“Really?” Noctis asked as the party begun moving again.

“Unfortunately not, was it a tough battle?” You ask, shifting slightly to get Ignis to put you down, only for the man to adjust you in a more comfortable position and kept walking in the right direction after Noctis.

“Like a dance, my love.” Ignis called over his shoulder. 

Take Me Or Leave Me - Derek Hale

Summary: Based on the song Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent

Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 2,512

Author’s Note: I really have a problem with writing too many song fics but I’m not sorry about it lol. I hope the dialogue actually sounds like something Derek would say. I try to make it as true to the character as possible. Also, if you haven’t seen Rent, you really should. I love it so much.

Some of the words are lyrics from Rent


Originally posted by expressivedolphin

It was Saturday night, and you and Derek were at the policeman’s ball. The ball was supposed to help raise money for the sheriff’s station. After all of the supernatural troubles, the station had been hit more than a few times, and it needed some financial help to fix things.

Derek wasn’t too excited about going, but you had a red dress in the back of your closet that was dying to be worn. The dress hit you in all the right places, and naturally Derek insisted that you change. You were always a little hard headed, and you weren’t about to let a man try to tell you how to dress. Besides, you knew Derek thought you looked hot in the dress, and he would be the one taking it off at the end of the night.

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thatgirl-intheback  asked:

isi!! i wanna know what jonas said to isak after he saw even winking at him before he started singing. this was such a fanfiction scene im yELLING

skdskdjskdjskd so in this little moment here

After Even smooched his cheek and murmured “This one is for my favourite boy.” he walked over to chose a song. 

“Whom of us does he mean with this, tho?” Magnus asked grinning at Isak, who rolled his eyes but grinned back (it was hard to make an annoyed face when your extremely hot boyfriend is gonna dedicate a song for you, ok?).

Jonas and Mahdi hooted and laughed at this and the boys talked some more, but Isak tuned them out. As sappy as that made him sound, he has only eyes for Even. Those full lips curled to the side in thought as he looked at the songs from which to chose. His eyes getting that little twinkle when he obviously found one he liked. 

When the first notes of the melody came, Isak could see that Even was a bit nervous. Doing that bounce, bounce, bounce of his. Eyes flying over the crowd that turned their focus on him more and more. When Even’s gaze found him he felt his eyes take him in and roam over him. (Isak knew Even had a weakspot for the shirt he was wearing.) When Even looked up and their eyes locked, Isak felt the familiar and yet nevertheless exciting flutter in his stomach. Faen he was so in love with him. 

“Why the hell would he chose this song?” Jonas said beside him. Exasperated and pulled him out of his thoughts. Isak had been so occupied with, well, Even, that he didn’t even register what song was playing. 

“It’s a good song.” Came Mahdi’s voice. Mahdi shrugged a bit and took a sip of his beer. “It’s a beautiful message.” 

They all mumbled their agreement to that. 

“Fy faen, look at him!” Magnus said followed by his high pitched laugh, “He is gonna make all the panties drop with this!”

Isak leaned forward a bit to better look to Mags and huffed affronted. “What the hell, Mags?!” 

Magnus just shrugged and frowned, as if to ask what? His bestfriend, who had laughed loudly at that - the traitor - bumped Isak with his shoulder. 

“Relax, Isak. That boy only wants your panties.” Jonas said with a kind smile.

Isak rolled his eyes, looking for help on his other side. But Mahdi just nodded with raised eyebrows. 

“That boy is as whipped for you as you are for him, Kamerad. You’re good.”

Before he could decide if this was Mahdi helping or Mahdi half dragging him Even began to sing. And, well, it may or may not took all of Isak’s will not so sigh dreamily bc wow. Mahdi did have a point. He was a goner for Even. 

Bucky Barnes One Shot

Writer: burdenofheroes

The Comfort Series: Whenever you’ve been in a bad place, have you ever thought about how much you wish your favorite character was there to comfort you? This is what ‘The Comfort Series’ is about. This is in no way meant to be triggering but helpful and I hope that this brings some comfort to you.

Trigger Warning: Self Conscious Reader/Weight Issues

Prompt: Reader is self conscious about her weight and looks compared to Natasha and Wanda. Bucky comforts and reassures her.

You smoothed down the edges of the pale pink dress and looked at yourself in the long length mirror. The dress was falling just above your kneecaps and it was feeling a bit tight around your bosom. The real struggle was getting the zip done without a friend to help you out. It had taken you nearly five minutes of cramped wrist joints and sweaty fingers to get the job done. The end product of seeing yourself in the dress did nothing to make you feel better. If anything, all that effort to get into the damn cloth made you feel more bitter and angry. You began to claw at the zipper to get it open. You wanted the damn thing off and you wanted to get the hell away from the store.

You got out of the cubicle with rage written over your face and threw the pile of clothes that you were going to try at the lady that was putting away rest of the discarded clothes. You hadn’t meant to be so rude but she got in your way when you were aiming for the metal rack and at the moment, you simply could not be asked to apologize for your behavior. You marched your way out of the store without even bothering to hear Bucky’s protests that were beginning to follow you. When the cool outside air had hit your face, you blinked away a few watery drops that were beginning to form quickly. You quickly glanced both ways and marched across the road towards your car. You got into the car with a violently slam to the door just as Bucky opened his passenger door. Before you could jam the keys into the ignition, he grabbed the metal set from your hands roughly. You tug on them, throwing your anger at him but he refuses to budge. He throws the set in the back and you glare at him fiercely.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” you shout at him, leaning towards the back to find your keys.

“Me? What’s wrong with you?” he yelled back, “you stormed out of that store as if someone was about to get murdered.”

“The only person who’s going to get murdered right now is you if you don’t help me find my keys.” 

Bucky looked at you for a few brief moments before locking his jaw. Stretching his body to the back, his hand roamed on the floor until he caught hold of the metallic keys. Clutching them, he held onto them tightly, refusing to put them in your extended hands.

“I’m gonna drive.”

When you went after them again, he stretched his hand back moving them away from you.

“Fine!” You shout, bolting out of the car and stomping towards his seat.

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Word Count: 1364

Triggers: None

Requested by @ssabea

You weren’t really a fan of baseball, if you were perfectly honest. It just wasn’t that interesting to you. However, if you were talking about the men playing baseball, it was a completely different story. Your older brother was a huge minor league baseball fan, for no reason you could discern. They weren’t famous and most games were basically the same. He’d drag you to a game every once in a while, if you weren’t working, and you’d eat your overpriced hotdog, pretending to have fun.

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“ Gokudera, Yamamoto, Hibari, Dino, and Mukuro making their SO laugh with a sarcastic comment ” - Anonymous

This was tougher than I thought it would be. I couldn’t think of ANY sarcastic comments that actually fit the requested characters and was funny at the same time. I’m not very good at comedy. xD;;

By the way, thank you so much, Karen-senpai! I don’t think I would have been able to do this request without you helping me with those comments. You’re so wonderfullll~ Oh my god I friggin’ love you~! //hugs ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy, Sparkles~! c:

Gokudera: “Hey, we’re going out.” Gokudera told you nonchalantly when he picked you up from the gym, hands stuffed in his pockets and a cigarette hanging limply from between his lips. You looked at him with a perturbed expression, blinking owlishly as you stood in front of him. 

“We are?” you asked him. The silver haired bomber bit down on his cigarette in irritation, but said nothing and motioned for you to follow as he began to walk back towards your shared apartment. The two of you had been living together from the moment you met - neither of you could afford to live on your own, and your landlord arranged for the two of you to be roommates. Of course, neither Gokudera or you were happy about having to live together, but you eventually warmed up to one another. Now you were dating, and from what you could tell, both of you were happy in your relationship. 

Glancing at Gokudera out of the corner of your eye, you saw that he was actually dressed in a three piece suit with a few accessories of his own - his V.G., wristbands, and a few necklaces. “Why are you dressed so nice?” you asked him, which earned you a sigh of exasperation. “I told you. We’re going out.” he repeated, which only confused you more. You never went out places that required you to dress up like that - you never had the money for it. “Yeah, but where?” you asked him, but he remained silent, taking a drag off the cigarette before putting it out and lighting another one. 

It was completely silent the rest of the way home. When you opened the door to your apartment, you dropped your bag and went to get a glass of water. You downed it quickly, and placed the glass in the sink before turning to look at Gokudera. “Where-” “Don’t even. It’s a surprise.” he interrupted you from asking him a second time where he had planned to take you. “O-okay… should I get changed?” you asked. 

“I don’t know. Maybe the five-star restaurant would love for you to show up in sweaty workout clothes.” he said, causing you to snicker slightly. 


Yamamoto: Covering your mouth as you coughed, you groaned and rolled over onto your side, curling up more and pulling your blanket a little tighter. Of course, with your luck, you had gotten sick the night before your boyfriend’s big game and couldn’t make it. Takeshi had promised to hit a home run for you when he found out, and try to get the game on camera for you to watch later, but you were still upset that you couldn’t see it live. You always loved to watch Takeshi play baseball - he always looked so happy whenever he was up to bat or pitch. 

“____! Yamamoto-san is here!” your mother called from downstairs, causing your face to light up. 

“S-send him-” you coughed, “up!” you finished in between your coughs. A few minutes later, Takeshi came into the room dressed in his baseball uniform with his bag slung over his shoulder.

“Hey, ____. How are you feeling?” he asked you, smiling as he set his bag down and made his way over to the bed. You quickly covered your face with your blanket, though. “No! You’ll get sick too!” you stated defiantly when he tried to kiss you. Takeshi laughed at your actions, and pulled your blanket down to kiss you anyway. “I don’t care.” he told you as he sat down on your bed and grabbed hold of your hand. “So, you feeling any better?” he asked you as he placed a hand on your forehead to check your fever. Your face was flushed and your skin was extremely hot, which brought a worried expression to Takeshi’s face. “I’m feeling o-okay. My fever just won’t go d-” another cough, “down.” you finished. He knew you were lying though. 

“I’m sorry I couldn’t go. How was the game?” you asked him as he brushed some of your hair back behind your ear. Takeshi smiled at you and leaned to kiss you again, this time on the forehead. “Nothing huge happened. Just an alien aircraft that landed on the diamond. I was probed, I hope you’re okay with that.” he said with that adorable grin of his, earning a laugh from you. 

“You’re so cute, Takeshi~” you said, coughing again a moment later. 

Hibari: You had been exclusively dating HIbari Kyoya for about three months now, and rarely did you ever get to see him. So when he called you in the middle of dinner, you quickly jumped up and went to your room to answer it, forgetting entirely about your dinner. “Kyo-kun! I’m so happy you called!” you said, excited that you get to talk to your boyfriend. “So, how was your day?” you asked him before he could get a word out. Kyoya didn’t really like talking over the phone, so you carried most of the conversation whenever you called him and vice versa. “Long and boring.” he replied with a sigh.

“Did you get to bite any ‘herbivores’?” you asked him, using the word he had used to describe people he believed were weaker and inferior to him, which was mostly everyone. “Only three today. Sawada, Sasagawa, and the Bucking Horse again; they were being noisy.” Kyoya told you; you knew that he was smirking slightly at the thought of being able to bite those three to death earlier today. “Only three? Wow, the students must have been behaving extremely well today.” you said, surprised by how little herbivores had disobeyed. Usually, the number was up in the twenties or thirties; but this time it was only three, and one of them wasn’t even a student or employee at Nami-chuu.

Humming slightly at your observation, Kyoya continued speaking. He was oddly talkative today, you noted. “One of the board members came to inspect the school and make sure everything was running smoothly. I guess they knew that I would have bitten anyone who screwed things up to death.” you chuckled slightly at that statement, a little glad that you attended Midori-chuu with Haru instead of Nami-chuu; but you had entertained the idea of transferring over just so that you could spend some more time with Kyoya. “I’m guessing everything went well then, since you only got three today.” you stated.

“Yeah. I was taking a nap on the roof and they woke me up.” he told you his reason for biting those three earlier. That was something you never understood about Kyoya, how he was such a light sleeper that a petal falling was enough to wake him up but Hibird’s chirping wasn’t.

Lying on your bed with your knees bent upwards, you rolled over onto your back a moment later and let your head hang off the edge. “Mhm. So, will I get to see you tonight?” you asked him, before you heard a click and then a dial tone. Did he just hang up on you? You groaned in exasperation, assuming that it was an accident; so, you laid there, waiting for him to call you back. 

“Well, unless you become spontaneously blind, probably.” you heard a voice from your window, which caused you to scream and shoot up, only to fall off your bed. You heard a chuckle come from Kyoya as he sat on the window sill of your bedroom. Looking up at him from the ground, you glared harshly at him, but you couldn’t fight off the laugh that bubbled to your lips from both how silly you must have looked when you fell and his little comment.

“Damn it, Kyo-kun! I told you not to do that anymore!” you said between laughs, sticking your tongue out at him. 

“Stick your tongue out one more time. I dare you.” he said with a smirk as you got up and went over to him to give him a hug and a kiss. Being the smartass that you were, you stuck your tongue out one more time, only to be flipped and pinned against the wall to the right of your window. Kyoya kissed you, but you squealed slightly when he bit your tongue before pulling away. “Kyo-kun!" 

"Hey, I warned you.”

Mukuro: Being in a long distance relationship sucked. Horribly.

When you and Mukuro met for the first time, you were instantly smitten the second you saw those mismatched eyes of his and the kanji for six that replaced his pupil in the red one. For some reason, one that eluded you entirely, you had always been attracted to people with heterochromia, the condition that causes two different eye colors in the same person. You always found the trait to be extremely enticing and alluring. 

So the day you had met, you wasted no time in making your attraction to Mukuro known, and despite the threats from the red haired she-devil named M.M., you asked him out about a month later. Saying that you were shocked when he agreed to go out with you was a major understatement. But since you resided in Namimori and Mukuro lived in Kokuyo with his subordinates, you didn’t really get much time together. You didn’t get to see each other during the weekdays because of school, but during the weekends, you would go to Kokuyo and spend a couple days there with him and his subordinates. You cherished your time there with him despite the constant threats and mild abuse from M.M. and the insults that both Ken and Fran shot at you. 

With an exasperated sigh, you went to the roof of Midori-chuu and flipped open your cell, quickly dialing Mukuro’s number. You usually spend your lunch breaks up on the roof talking to Mukuro - today was no exception. When he answered, you smiled and greeted him, before you began to tell your boyfriend about your day so far.

“… and then, Haru just slips on the spilt pudding and falls down flat on her back. She’s still trying to get the pudding out of her hair and clothes.” you told him, laughing slightly at the memory of what happened before you had made your way up to the roof. “Kufufu~” you heard him laugh, followed by the sound of Ken and M.M. bickering in the background over some expensive bag that Satan (as you called M.M.) had bought a week before. Silence filled the air then as the two of you listened to what was being said between Satan and the mutt. “What are they even arguing about?” you asked suddenly.

“Ken used Satan’s bag to carry snacks home. He forgot to empty it, and his chocolate melted. It ruined the lining of the bag completely.” he told you. “Serves her right. Maybe if she didn’t act like such a bitch, Karma wouldn’t be an even bigger one towards her.” you chimed in. If it wasn’t obvious enough, the two of you didn’t get along; your reasons for not liking each other were even more obvious than that. 

“So, what are you doing later, Mu-kun?” you asked him as you leaned against the fence that bordered the rooftop of Midori-chuu, his next words causing you to snicker slightly.

“Oh, I’m just gonna take over the world. Or, ya know, maybe watch some tv, play a few games with Chikusa and Ken.” Mukuro said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“It depends if I’m in a world domination kind of mood or not.” he stated chuckling slightly at both your cute little laugh and the things Ken and M.M. were saying to one another in the background.

Dino: You were extremely excited when you found out that the Bucking Horse was returning from his mission earlier than expected. So when the day he was supposed to come home finally rolled around, you had asked Dino to have a candlelit dinner at your place. Your home wasn’t as extravagant as his, and your cooking wasn’t as good as the professional chef’s that worked for the Chiavarone family, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? Besides, you had more privacy at your place than you did at his enormous manor, where all of his subordinates resided.

Pulling the chicken from the oven, you placed it on the stovetop so that it could cool down before you set the small table. As you were setting up the candles, your phone rang. Before you lit the candles, you answered the phone with a giddy expression once you saw the caller ID.

“Hey! How was your flight?” you asked him, to which he replied with, “Uncomfortable. Extremely uncomfortable.” Oh yeah, that’s right. Dino hated to fly, even if he was always in first class. You snickered slightly before you brought the food to the table and set it up, the phone pressed in between your ear and your shoulder. “I’m sorry to hear that, sweetie~” you told him. “Liar.” he said; Dino knew you were lying through your teeth. You always found his discomfort when flying to be especially adorable and funny.

“So, we’re meeting at your place in twenty?” he asked you. “Yeah, are you on your way?” you asked him; you were sure Dino just nodded, as if he were standing directly in front of you. He had a habit of doing that when on the phone. “Okay then. I’ll see you then, mi amore~” he told you, about to hang up before you stopped him. 

“Wait! How will I know that you’re outside?” you asked him as you took a seat at the table once you had finished setting the table and distributing the food you had cooked for the two of you. You couldn’t help but chuckle at his next statement though. 

“Well, if you hear obnoxious doorbell ringing and see a shadowy figure, it’s probably me. Or a serial killer. You should probably check through the eyehole first.” he told you. You smiled and gave him your reply. “I will. I guess it’s a good thing you gave me that glock though, huh?" 


”… You better not shoot me, ____.“

Fanfiction (Luke smut) DAY 12!

Request/Summary: Can I get a Luke smut where you’re best friends and he finds out you read smut about him and just take it from there please I need this in my life

Warnings: This is smut!

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: I WANT THIS SO BAD OH MY GOD. Check out Smutty September! 

Originally posted by thiccassluke

You’re sat on the edge of your couch, glancing up every once in a while to make sure Luke isn’t watching what you’re doing. The both of you are together for your weekly sleepover, a tradition you’ve had ever since you were little. With him being away most of the year on tour, you try to spend as much time together as possible when he’s back.

“Y/N? What are you doing?” You blink a few times, quickly closing down the tabs on your computer before looking up to see your best friend standing there, arms crossed across his chest. 

“Reading some news,” You lie, a small blush hinting at the edges of your cheeks. Luke scoffs and shakes his head, falling onto the sofa behind you.

“I don’t believe you. What are you really doing?” 

You bite your bottom lip. If Luke knew you read fan fiction- dirty fan fiction, about him, he’d never stop teasing you.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there, can I get Chrom, Inigo, Henry, and Lon'qu for "I just had a terrifying nightmare that something happened to you and when I woke up you were not there next to me" please? Thanks!

hoo boy i put a lotta time into this

Chrom: It’s the same sequence of events again. A bolt of Thoron passes through your hands to impale itself into your husband. His look of triumph dissolves into pure horror and a grimace of pain and he falls on to his knees. “It’s not your fault,” he coughs out as blood stains his lips in a shade of red you never want to see again. “Save yourself,” he begs with his dying breath and his hand falls to the ground before you can even grab it. It’s the moment when his fingers still on the floor that you wake up.

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Masterlist Master Post as of August 30, 2015 


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Imagine Being Checked Out By Soulless Sam

Imagine Sam Catching You and Dean Singing Along To Don’t Stop Believing Together In the Impala

imagine Castiel Nervously Asking If He Can Kiss You On New Years

Imagine Dean Teaching You How to Fix the Impala

Imagine Daring Sam and Dean To Pick Up Girls With Creepy Pick Up Lines

Imagine Getting Into A Fight With Dean and He Drives Off

Imagine Being With Sam At Stanford When He Gets A Call From Dean

Imagine Watching Dean Beat Up Baby

Imagine Dean Helping You Study For A History Test

Imagine Castiel Trying to Help You With Your Homework and Not Understanding It

Imagine Getting into A Fight With Sam and Him Kissing You To End the Argument

Imagine Castiel Trying to Teach Your Kid To Brush Their Teeth

Imagine Babysitting Your Niece With Cas

Imagine Getting Sam A Dog

Imagine Telling Team Free Will Your First Sexual Experience Was With A Girl

Imagine Trying To Cut Sam’s Hair

Imagine Telling Sam You Cheated On Him

Imagine Sam Watching You Work Out

Imagine Being Hired to Kill Dean After He Falls In Love With You

Imagine Castiel Taking You to A Bookstore

Imagine Having A Breakdown and Sam Comforting You

Imagine Being Dean’s Wing Woman

Imagine Pretending To See Lucifer So Sam Doesn’t Feel So Crazy

Imagine Dean Teaching Your Daughter This

Imagine Being Dean’s Daughter and Getting Mad At Him Because He Was Never There For You

Imagine Coming Back As A Ghost and Dean Doesn’t Want To Say Goodbye

Imagine Castiel Popping Away Because You Had A Fight

Imagine Making Valentine’s Day Cookies For Team Free Will But You Accidentally Used Salt Instead of Sugar

Imagine Planning A Hot Date for You and Cas, But Sam and Dean Interrupt

Imagine Having To Explain To the Archangels Why You Don’t Like Valentine’s Day, Only to Have Them Say They’ll Be Your Valentine

Imagine The Boys Refusing to Leave You Alone on Valentine’s Day

Imagine Sam Telling You He Is In Love With You

Imagine Having To Wake Sam Up From A Nightmare

Imagine Waking Up Next To Dean With No Recollection of the Previous Night

Imagine Sam Teaching You How To Drive In the Impala

Imagine Getting Drunk With TFW

Imagine Slow Dancing With Dean

Imagine Pretending to Have A Sword Fight With Dean Behind Sam’s Back

Imagine Praying to the Angels When You’re Bored and Telling Them Corny Jokes

Imagine Sam and Dean Giving Their Reluctant Approval of You and Cas

Imagine Sam Trying to Embarrass Dean In Front of You

Imagine Being ‘Just Friends’ With Dean

Imagine You and Cas Trying to Prank Gabriel

Imagine Finding A Dog On A Hunt and Trying to Sneak It Into the Bunker Past Sam and Dean

Imagine Sam Watching Friends With TFW

Imagine Making Dean Smile

Imagine Dean Realizing That Letting You Go Was A Mistake

Imagine Being In A Fight With Sam and Accidentally Calling Him Sammy

Imagine Adam, Lucifer and Michael Getting Out of the Cage, and You and Adam Have To Teach the Two Angels How To Act Human

Imagine Being Expelled From School And Having To Tell Your Brothers, Sam and Dean

Imagine The Boys Take Turns Every Day to Wake you Up For School

Imagine TFW Helping You Run Lines

Imagine Sam and Dean Find You After You’ve Been Kidnapped By A Demon and They Save You

Imagine Sitting Outside the Door While Sam Detoxes From Demon Blood

Imagine Catching Sam and Dean Digging Up A Grave and Arresting Them

Imagine Dancing With Dean As He Sings Careless Whisper by George Michael to You

Imagine Babysitting Sam and Jess’s Son With Your Boyfriend, Dean

Imagine Telling Your Kids the Winchester Story

Imagine Watching A Very Potter Musical With TFW

Imagine Dying On A Hunt, Only to Wake Up To Your Family In Heaven

Imagine Cas Healing You After A Bad Hunt

Imagine Trying to Flirt With Cas But He Just Doesn’t Get It

Imagine Going LARPing With Charlie and the Boys

Imagine Telling Dean He Needs A New Vocabulary

Imagine Dean Comes Home Late…

Imagine Falling In Love With Dean

Imagine Getting Sun Burned and Cas Doesn’t Like that You’re In Pain

Imagine Cas Popping In On You While You Are Changing

Imagine Castiel Catching His 4 Year Old Daughter Cussing

Imagine Dean Catching His 13 Year Old Daughter Cussing

Imagine Crowley Catching His Daughter Cussing

Imagine Sam Catching His Seventeen Year Old Daughter Cussing

Imagine Braiding Sam’s Hair

Imagine Dean Trying To Teach You How To Be Sexy

Imagine Being In Love With Dean But Leaving Him When He Tells You What He Does

Imagine Babysitting Young Sam and Dean

Imagine Meeting Teen!Sam and Falling For Him

Imagine Playing A Drinking Game With TFW And Going A Little Crazy

Imagine Being Partnered With Teen!Dean For An English Project

Imagine Trying to Read With Dean Looking Over Your Shoulder

Imagine Dean Being Your First Kiss and When You Tell Him He Sneaks In As Many Kisses As He Can

Imagine Being Late to A Job Interview Only to Meet Your Extremely Hot Boss

Imagine Fighting With Dean Over the Dirty Dishes

Imagine Getting Into Trouble With Your Dad and Asking Your Dad For A No Questions Asked

Imagine You and Sam Find a Stray Dog and Sneak It Into the Bunker, Only for Cas To Accidentally Spill the Secret to Dean

Imagine TFW Being Worried About You Possibly Losing Your Soul, So They Ask Cas to Check

Imagine Eating Cereal With Cas

Imagine Your Big Brother Sam Homeschooling You

Imagine Your Son Trying to Make A Joke, But Cas Doesn’t Seem to Get It

Imagine Sam Proposing to You

Imagine Bela Hitting On You in Front of the Boys

Imagine Being Scared During A Storm and Cas Comforting You

Imagine Cooking With Cas

Imagine Training With Sam and Dean and Totally Kicking Their Asses

Imagine Taking Dean to A Concert

Imagine Listening to Hopelessly Devoted to You in the Impala After A Break Up With A Member of TFW and One of the Boys Finds You

Imagine Dean Teasing You ABout Your Crush On Cas

Imagine Going to A Bee Farm with Cas

Request A One Shot or Gif Imagine

Switching it Up (ReaderxSam)

Request: Okay, well I’m new to this so.. I’m pretty sure this is where you put your requests in right?? I would like to have it where the reader hangs out with Cas and Dean a lot and they’re like brothers to her but she secretly likes Sam. She’s too scared to talk to him and is always nervous around him, but one day she sees him flirting with someone and Cas accidentally spills the secret and the reader is embarrassed and runs away but leads to her and Sam having smut?? Wow I’m blabbering, sorry itsjustafandom

Warning(s): fluff, smut, shy reader

Words: 2341

Note: This was really sweet and idk <3

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To Stay Or To Go [Owen x Reader]

Request:  Hiii, I love your writing! Could you do one where Owen and y/b break up and then he finds out she got an offer to work at a lab in like New York and then tries to stop her from leaving?? Thank you so much ☺️

Warnings: None

Words: 1,423

A/N: I really, really, really wanted to post another imagine since I haven’t in so long. So please excuse the fact that this is not my best piece of writing and that it may be sloppily edited! 

“Claire!” You yelled excitedly as you ran through her apartment door, you had a copy of her key. You didn’t even know if she was home or not. 

“Y/N? What’s the matter-” She began to ask but excitement got the best of you and you just had to interrupt her. 

“I got the job!” You jumped up and down, smiling happily. It was your dream job, you had a offer for it a couple years ago but you declined it, not wanting to leave your boyfriend. But now your single and they have a spot open up again, it was perfect! Nothing was holding you back this time, you needed some change anyway. 

“Oh my gosh, Y/N, that’s amazing!” Claire exclaimed, smiling along with you. 

“I know it is! I’m so excited, like, I can’t even believe this is happening! It’s perfect!” You yelled, this was a habit of yours, yelling when you got really excited. Of course when you got to the lab in NYC, you would act professional. 

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Namjoon proves to be not so much of a bad boy after all.

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Pairing: Badboy!Namjoon | Reader

Requested by: anons

Word Count: 2,117

If someone would’ve told you, that you’d be on the couch making out with Kim Namjoon you would’ve laughed in their face and think they were delusional. Because you thought that you were nonexistent to this godly man. You were just a girl that helped him with physic homework for extra credit and you still found it strange that he even applied for help since he was in the top 3s. But hey you weren’t complaining because this is literally all you’ve ever wanted since you noticed him.

You pulled away from his velvety lips looking away. Your heart was about to leap out of your chest and your cheeks were extremely hot. You wanted so badly to kiss him again but you didn’t know what to make of this situation. His eyes burned through you but you were too afraid to look at him. The two of you remained silent for a couple of minutes, the most agonizing minutes in your life.

“Y/N,”his deep voice startled you making you look at him. He had a bright smile, the one that always made you melt because it was very rare to see him smiling,”I’m so happy I signed up for tutoring.” You bursted into laughter, this has to be a prank? “Why are you laughing?”he asked with his smile still intact.

“I don’t know,”you admitted still having a giggling fit. He chuckled running his thumb against your knuckles. You stared at him but his eyes were on your hands, for the first time he didn’t look intimating.

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anonymous asked:

Chen as your Demon boyfriend au please? Thx !

hi there! i’m so sorry this took so long >< hope you enjoy~ (also demon aus are one of my lowkey faves omg)


  • so in my demon au, the demons are kinda similar to the ghouls in tokyo ghoul in the fact that they need blood (flesh if they can get to it) in order to survive and their irises turn red (minus the black sclera and veins)
  • they also have black veins streaking through where they have thin skin, like their necks and wrists
  • demons all deal with their hunger differently
  • in jongdae’s case, he goes close to insane
  • he never tells you that he’s hungry, but you can tell by the way he goes almost silent, swallows uncomfortably every few seconds, and starts to nose along your jaw and throat
  • jongdae never wants to hurt you, even when he’s going mad with hunger
  • so he often puts you into a deep sleep (most likely after a round or two of “i need you so much right now” sex ;-) )
  • you wake up to aching bites on your shoulder and wrists and jongdae has wrapped bandages around them and is gently kissing them and running his fingers over them 
  • after jongdae’s all sated and full, his mind clears up, and he spends the next few days being sweet to you and making sure that the bites heal up
  • most days he’s fine about the scars left on your skin, but on certain days, he frowns at the marks that he left on you and thinks about how he’s hurt you for his own benefit
  • on these days, he just touches the scars, lips curled down and eyebrows furrowed
  • you catch on soon, and then it’s your turn to cheer him up
  • before he met you, jongdae was still pretty new to the human world and didn’t care much about humans
  • but after falling in love with you, he wants to learn more
  • so you frequently go out at nights (it’s harder to notice that his eyes are red) and try to show and teach him a lot of interesting things
  • his favorite human holidays are christmas and halloween
  • christmas because you’re cuddled up almost all the time, insisting that you’re cold (the temperature doesn’t bother him) and because of the presents and how pretty fireplace looks when it’s in use and hot chocolate
  • halloween because all he has to do is make his hair messy and line his eyes black or gold and all the kids going trick-or-treating just have to take one look at him before going “ohHhhHhhh SICK COSTUME DUDE” and he just smiles smugly at you as you roll your eyes
  • you find him extremely hot still and handing out candy has to close up shop early bc jongdae’s pushing you towards the bedroom ;-)