youre even making everyone read you yelling at yourself in the tags

dear person reading this:

  • your crooked teeth make your lovely smile extremely cute and endearing  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • your splotches of freckles? yeah, those are places where the galaxies whirling inside of you leaked out to radiance their brilliancy into the world
  • your thighs touch? that’s a GOOD thing. you’re getting proper nutrition! you have muscles! d o  n o t  b e  a s h a m e d!!!! also, thigh gaps are awesome too! anything related to thighs is awesome! all thighs are different because every person is different, and honestly, why does it matter what your thighs look like?? people who are bothered by thighs are weak tbh
  • “bingo arms”???? listen up: you only have bingo arms when you’re WINNING. otherwise why would you be yelling “bingo”?? thought so. you’re a winner – you can do anything you set your incredible mind to!
  • your hair is so unbelievably gorgeous and don’t you deny it. don’t forget to style it, dye it, try new shampoos with it, as long as you want to! your hair is your own, whether it be frizzled or dry or thick or thin – be proud of that, and remember that you can always change it up!
  • your eyes are not too small, or too big, or too wide apart, or too ugly. your eyes are your own mortal doorway into your soul, expressing your thoughts and emotions in dazzling swirls and hues for others to decipher. don’t be afraid to cry, don’t be disgusted by the crinkles at the corners when you smile, don’t hate on the small, microscopic blood vessels running through them. don’t lock your door out of needless shame!
  • scars!!! scars are so cool! they’re visual results from a chapter that makes up the story of your life! no matter where scars are, don’t be conscious of concealing them! ppl loVE scars! even the tiny lil ones! anyone who has a scar is automatically known as an ultimate badass sorry that’s the rule
  • same goes for stretch marks! those little ripples on your thighs, your hips, your waist, your belly? those mean that you’ve GROWN. your body has adapted frequently throughout your life, and leaves those little ripples as little hints of your amazing journey from babyhood to adulthood! (or maybe you’re just a mystical ocean god/goddess and those waves are symbols of your enormous power, onlookers should be on the lookout)
  • sorry, did you say you had a pig nose? do you even kNOW how cute piggies are you should be PROUD of your nose cAUSE U CUTE
  • long, thin nose? p l s. that just means you’re king/queen of everything. don’t deny it. you know how powerful you truly are
  • tummy rolls? everyone has them. seriously, no matter how thin a person may seem, tummy rolls are inevitable. you are not alone! tummy rolls rock! ROCK THOSE TUMMY ROLLS!
  • trust me, barely anyone see your feet anyways. besides, feet aren’t that bad – how do you think your hands would look if they walked everywhere over the earth’s rough terrain? feet are hella 
  • ears are so cool omg they’re like fingerprints, unique to you and you only! plus you can pierce them! repeatedly! how cool is that? ears are best
  • do nOT be anxious about flaunting your legs! wear that short skirt! wear those shorts! own that bikini! your legs are marvelous! ppl would kill for a pair of dandy lookin legs like yours! pale or tan, legs are glorious! L E G S
  • lips. lips. do you know how many magic tricks your lips are able to perform? the formation of words, the ability to smile or frown, the ability to express, to kiss, to wear makeup; lips are ethereal and exquisite in all forms!
  • #1 tip: your eyebrows are always on fleek  (▰˘◡˘▰)
  • and lastly: you are not dumb. you are not worthless. you are not a waste of space, an empty void, a meaningless shell. you are loved. you are worth everything. you are so incredibly intelligent, you are utterly unforgettable, and you are breathtaking in every single way.
  • next time you look in a mirror, blow yourself a kiss and don’t worry – you’ll kill it out there today. ♥

anonymous asked:

there was a post going around saying ""dldr is meant for things like, “if you don’t like coffee shops, don’t read this coffee shop AU,” not, “i can be as racist as i want and you have to deal with it because i used a disclaimer"". a lot of people in the tags argued that this is what they mean when they say incest/p*dophilia/abuse portrayed in a positive light in fanfic is problematic. whats your opinion? xoxo

… phew. this ask almost passes as a legit question, but the ‘xoxo’ at the end is a little much.  still, what a great opportunity to talk about this ongoing problem of people ignoring warnings that a work contains content that upsets them, then complaining that they were upset when they viewed it.

(first, a side note: don’t censor the word ‘pedophilia’. It’s not a slur - it’s a content warning. If you censor it, the blacklists of people who don’t want to see posts that mention pedophilia won’t catch it and they could be harmed. Just use the word.)

anti-shippers who look at a fic or fanwork’s tags and say ‘this has problematic content! I better go tell the author how problematic their content is!’, I have news for you:

warnings on fanworks indicate that the person creating the work knows the content is ‘problematic’, not for all audiences, and may hurt people if they view it unsuspectingly. stop taking fanwork warnings and tags in bad faith and using them as an excuse to harass and harm creators.

warnings aren’t ‘disclaimers’ (and aren’t used as such). they’re the CONTAINS NAPROXIN. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN sticker on painkillers. The content is good, even helpful, for some people, but for others who don’t need it or are too young to understand what they’re consuming could be harmed. take the warnings seriously and if you don’t like what they say the fic contains, you really are better off not reading/viewing it!

‘they’re not warnings, they’re advertisements!’ they can function as both! people who want to read that content can find it and people who don’t want to read that content can avoid it. everyone is happier, except anti-shippers who are mad that people are enjoying content they don’t personally approve of.

‘If the creator knows their content is problematic, then they shouldn’t have created it in the first place! Or if they did, they shouldn’t have put it on the internet for people to see!’ well that’s a very different conversation. What you’re saying is that you advocate for censorship, and in that case ‘don’t like don’t read’ would be worthless: only things you like would be allowed to exist in the first place.

But let’s talk about how ‘they shouldn’t have put it on the internet for people to see.’ the basis for this is, I know, that it could corrupt the unsuspecting youth who read the bad content. But isn’t this a bit contradictory? if a fanwork is tagged with a warning that it contains abuse, everyone who looks at the fanwork is going to know that 1) the author believes that abuse is bad and needs to be warned for, and 2) the work contains abuse. Taking these points together, no matter how positively the abuse is depicted, a viewer has foreknowledge that it’s abusive and the creator thinks abuse is bad.  It’s simply insulting to imply that viewers will look at the abuse in the fanwork so uncritically as to not think it’s horrible after receiving such a warning.

In fact, I’ve heard anecdotal evidence that people who have been raped or abused (or still being abused) or undergone other harm have read fics with these warnings and because of the warnings, realized what had happened to themselves was not okay.  If anti-shippers had their way, those fics wouldn’t even exist, much less be warned for.

I’m about to say something radical, so brace yourself: 

because tagging warnings is the accepted way to warn people about dangerous content in fandom, the things more likely to cause confusion and harm in fanworks are the things that aren’t warned for.

Even the most positive depiction of abuse would be spoiled by a warning. Can you imagine if the beginning of every copy of Nabokov’s Lolita started with ‘Warning: this work contains depictions of csa, abuse, and child grooming.’ It would force readers who are blind to the hints that the narrator is unreliable to read the work with a very different eye, and I doubt most people would read it and conclude it’s a love story the way many people do today.

Now Lolita was intended to be a kind of monster story from the point of view of the monster - it was never meant to be a positive depiction at all. Nabokov’s work was too subtle for most people, but he was a master storyteller. I think if he could, he’d go back and add a warning so people would stop getting the wrong idea.

In fandom, where we have a widely-accepted tagging system, potentially harmful content that the creator adds deliberately will be warned for. But the potentially harmful content that the creator doesn’t know about won’t be - and that’s the stuff that tends to be a lot more sneaky and insidious.

Let’s take your example: 

“i can be as racist as i want and you have to deal with it because i used a disclaimer".

Racism does crop up a lot in fanworks, but not in the way this implies.  There’s a huge difference between a creator recognizing racism exists and utilizing it as an aspect of a setting or acknowledging it in a respectful, truthful way and a creator who does not recognize their own racist blind spots and therefore ends up perpetuating harmful stereotypes or providing racist narration without realizing it.

The former tends to be warned for; the latter never is because the creator doesn’t even know they’re being racist. The former may be painful, because racism is shitty and harmful and real, but a person can steer clear if they want to avoid it and the warning shows the content is known to be bad. The latter is more painful because it’s not just depicting racism: it is in fact perpetuating racism.

So which is actually worse: the fic that has a warning for racism or the fic that doesn’t?

And this can be applied to anything. A fic that depicts a character being abused but doesn’t warn for abuse tells me that the author doesn’t know the work contains abuse (which is worrying for the safety of the author). A fic that contains dubious consent but the author doesn’t warn for noncon/dubcon/rape tells me that the author has a poor understanding of consent.  These are the fics that are more likely to be dangerous. Fics without content warnings are also the ones most likely to unironically and uncritically depict the bad behavior in a positive light - because the authors have been taught by the rest of society outside fandom that what they’ve depicted is normal/not harmful. They are victims, and they need help, not people yelling at them about how problematic they are.

Two last notes, which I’ll try to keep short:

  • If a fanwork depicts a relationship that’s canonically unhealthy in a world where it’s fluffy and healthy, they are not responsible for putting warnings on their fic that pertain to the canon version of the ship.  For instance: Kylo and Rey are enemies in current Star Wars continuity and Kylo tried to torture Rey for information. But if a fic is set in a future where Kylo is well-adjusted and happy and dating Rey in a non-abusive relationship, the fic does not need to warn for ‘abuse’. the fic doesn’t contain abuse. Let it go.
  • No creator is beholden to using anti definitions of words like ‘pedophilia’, ‘abuse’, and ‘incest’ for their warnings. The definition of what antis call ‘pedophilia’, ‘incest’, and ‘abuse’ varies from fandom to fandom - sometimes from pairing to pairing. While tags will always be somewhat subjective, the wide variety of definitions these words have in anti-shipper parlance makes them all but meaningless, so use them when you see fit, not when antis demand it.  If antis have a problem with it, they’ll just have to start treating ship tags as warnings* and avoid all depictions of ships they don’t like. (which is what we all wish they’d do anyway.)

And now for the final irony: every time anti-shippers use warnings as a reason to go yell at people about how their fanworks are bad, antis give creators less incentive to tag warnings. People might start to hope that if they just don’t warn up front for the potentially dangerous content people will stop yelling at them without even looking at the work itself. Or if the work is borderline (’maybe this is abusive but maybe it’s not’), they may opt to go without the warnings so they can avoid the extra trouble. this is already happening with dubious consent depictions. If a noncon warning gets you yelled at, then fics where the consent isn’t completely denied will just not get warned for at all, and that’s fucked up.  And when the warnings aren’t there, people are way more likely to stumble on something of a nature that upsets them! 

So as usual, in their crusade to eradicate all content that isn’t unquestionably wholesome and pure antis make everything a little less safe for everyone. Thanks, guys.  (please stop.)

and creators: please, depict terrible things in your fanworks in whatever light you choose - and warn for them. you might accidentally help save someone from a real situation that’s terrible.

*ship tags also work as both warnings and advertisements, as it happens. Funny, isn’t it?

married part 7- h.s imagine

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“This hotel really is beautiful. I can see why Niall and Emma wanted to have their wedding here.” You thought out loud as you looked around the hotel lobby.

Harry nodded his head as he stared down at his lap, his foot tapping anxiously. You sighed. You had a million and one thoughts going through your mind. You didn’t know how to fit everything you wanted to say in one sentence. So you started with the obvious thing you had to say.

“I’m sorry, Harry.”

Harry took his gaze off his fighting to fingers to look at you as you sat down on the spot next to him. He watched as you played with the hem of your dress. “When you told me you were marrying Kimberly…I cried so hard I thought I was going to run out of tears. When your wedding day finally came up, I remember crying so hard seeing you in your tux ready to marry someone who wasn’t me. But. I think what hurt the most was when you found out about my feelings for you last year…you gave up on us.”

Harry bit down on his bottom lip softly, shame written clearly on his forehead. You glanced at him before you sighed, “You were a married man, Harry. Never would I ever do something that could potentially hurt your marriage. Never would I ever ruin your chance of happiness. Yes. I was in love with you. But I would’ve gotten over it. We could’ve still been friends. You didn’t have to shut me out for a year. You didn’t have to break our birthday tradition.”

Harry closed his eyes momentarily. Harry doesn’t have a lot of regrets in his life, for he thinks that everything happens for a reason, whether it was good or not. However, missing your birthday the way that he did will always be his biggest regret.

“I think all the hurt I’ve felt finally caught up to me. That’s why I said what I did last night.” You stared into Harry’s green eyes before you softly grabbed his hand. “I told you that I was in love with Lucas.” Harry grimaced as he had to hear you say you loved another man for the second time within 24 hours. “But I’m not.” You finished.

Harry’s eyes went wide. He held your hand tighter. “What?” Harry asked. You looked down at your hands holding each other as you rubbed small circles on Harry’s hand with your thumb. “I told you I was in love with Lucas.” You looked up at Harry. “When really I’m in love with you. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being in love with you.”

Harry was quick to close the gap between the two of you. He placed both his hands on the sides of your cheeks as he kissed you. You sighed against Harry’s lips as you kissed him back. Harry pulled away and leant his forehead against yours. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.” Harry whispered. You shrugged your shoulders as you placed one of your hands on top of his. “We both are.”

Emma looked at the entrance. She let out a squeal as she placed her hands on her cheeks. Niall looked at her, a piece of cake stuffed in his mouth, “What?” Emma nodded her head towards the door. Niall looked over and instantly his eyes went wide.

You and Harry walked over to the newly wed couple with your hands interlocked together. Harry leaned in and gave Niall a “bro hug” with his hand still holding yours. “Congratulations you guys! I just-”

“Emma. We’re in an alternative universe. It’s just us. We need to somehow gain control of these foreign creatures and declare land on this planet.” Niall said as he grabbed his wife.

Emma flicked Niall’s head before she turned to you and Harry. “What’s going on, here?” she smirked as she crossed her arms together.

Harry looked down at your hands before he looked back at you. “Just two best friends finding their way back, that’s all.”

You glanced at your hands and smiled. Emma let out a squeal as she pulled you into a hug. Niall let out a puff of air and smiled. He pulled Harry in for another hug and whispered in his ear, “It’s about damn time.”

Harry rolled his eyes playfully before he pulled you back to him. “I know it’s your wedding and all but me and Y/N have a lot to catch up on.” Emma nodded her head as she placed her hand on Niall’s chest. “We completed understand.”

Niall leaned into you and motioned you to come closer. “Make sure you use a condom.” Your eyes went wide before you flicked Niall’s ear. “Niall!” Niall raised his hands up in defense, “You guys have been in love with each other for years! Something’s bound to happen!”

You buried your head into Harry’s shoulder while he chuckled. With one last goodbye and congratulations, the two of you were off.

You had your arms crossed as you were walking around Harry’s still bare apartment. “So you decided to move?” You called out as you stopped in front of the bookcase he had at the side of the room. “Sort of. Kimberly wanted the apartment” Harry said sheepishly from the kitchen. You pursed your lips together as you looked at all the knickknacks Harry had on his bookshelf. You let out a chuckle as your eyes bounced to each item: a tiny statue of a frog, a ring Harry used to always wear when you guys were younger but outgrew (it broke his heart when he couldn’t even wear it on his pinky finger), his name tag from when he used to work at the bakery back home, his polaroid camera.

Your eyes landed on the framed picture of the two of you. You could feel your heart rate quicken. Even though you guys haven’t talked to each other in a year and even though he still had a lot to unpack; Harry still put up a framed picture of the two of you. You looked towards the kitchen and smiled. You shook your head as you stared off into the ground while chuckling.

“Y/N! Harry’s here!” Your mother shouted from the bottom of the stairs. You stared at yourself in the mirror and sighed. You smiled and quickly frowned when you saw your braces. You sighed as you grabbed your backpack and headed downstairs. Harry was sitting at the breakfast table in the new uniform you guys were required to wear in high school.

Your mom placed a glass of orange juice in front of Harry and took her seat. “I can’t believe you guys are in high school already.” You placed your chin in your hand and mumbled, “I can’t believe I’m starting my first year of high school in braces.”

A 15 year old Harry with hair that basically looked like a bird’s nest on top of his head swallowed his food. He patted your shoulders. “I keep telling you that you look fine, Y/N.” Your mom nodded her head as she began to leave the room, “He’s right, sweetie. Everyone gets braces at your age.”

You picked up your fork and began picking at your eggs. “Harry doesn’t have braces.” Harry let out a chuckle as he took a sip of his juice. Your mom came back with a camera and stood in front of you two on the other side of the table. “Come on, before you guys are late. We need to take a picture of your first day of high school!”

Harry leaned in closer to you and smiled. You looked at the camera and smiled a closed lip smile. The flash off and Harry scowled at you. “Love, that’s not a genuine smile.”

You let out a puff of air while you leaned back into your chair. “I don’t want to smile with my braces, H.”

Harry shook his head as he turned his body to face you properly. “Y/N, I think you look beautiful with your braces and I know for a fact that you’ll look beautiful once they come off. Don’t let them hide away that gorgeous smile I love so much.”

Your cheeks were quick to blush. You turned to your mom and let out a mumbled, “Fine. Let’s take another one.”

Your mom smiled as she got the camera ready once more. You smiled, braces in full show. Harry placed his arm around you as he smiled as well.

Through your entire friendship with Harry, he made sure you never questioned your beauty or worth. He was the first boy to ever tell you that you were beautiful. Maybe that’s why you fell for Harry as hard and as fast as you did. Harry was genuine and he was forgiving. He made sure everyone felt welcomed and he made sure everyone knew how much they meant to him. You fell in love with Harry for just the kindness he had in his heart.

Your thoughts were soon interrupted as Harry finally emerged from the kitchen. In his hands was a small muffin with a lit candle on top of it. He was quietly humming “Happy Birthday” as he walked closer to you.

You placed your hand on your mouth as your eyes brimmed with tears. Once the song was over Harry whispered, “To make up for the tradition I broke.” You smiled before you blew out the candle. Harry placed the muffin down on one of the shelves on the bookcase before he pulled you into your second kiss that night.

You and Harry were sitting down on his bed with your backs against the headboard. You had your head resting on his shoulder as Harry had his arm around you, tracing small circles on your shoulder. It was silent for a long time but you guys didn’t mind. What you guys needed right now was each other.

Suddenly Harry’s phone dinged, telling him he got a text message. He grabbed his phone from the night stand and sighed as he read the text. Your eyes glanced over to the screen.

From Kimberly: Don’t forget out meeting tomorrow.

Harry locked his phone before he placed it back onto the night stand. You bit your bottom lip, mentally debating whether or not this was a sensitive topic for Harry. “How did you guys get to the decision to get a divorce?”

Harry sighed as he stared at the wall in front of him.

Harry kicked a rock as he was walking along the sidewalk. He had his hands in his coat pockets as he was looking at the ground. Kimberly kicked him out once again. She claimed that she “needed space from him.”

Ever since Harry found out about your true feelings for him, his relationship with Kimberly started to change. He feels ashamed and disgusted with himself but he couldn’t help it. After knowing how you felt about him, he couldn’t help but question his marriage. That’s when the arguments started happening. Kimberly would yell and accuse Harry of not fully being in the marriage. Kimberly even went as far as accusing him of cheating.

Harry would never cheat on a woman. Ever.

His mother and Gemma always taught him the importance of a woman’s worth. He would never do something so stupid in his life.

But did he cheat? Did he cheat emotionally?

Was he cheating when he couldn’t push his feelings for you aside? Was it cheating when you crept into his mind when he was looking at Kimberly? Was it cheating when Harry would creep on your social medias, wondering if you were taking care of yourself? Was it cheating when the only concern Harry had was whether or not you moved on?

Harry sighed as he sat down on a bus bench. He was staring at every person walking by. Surely everyone was having a better night than he was right now. As he was staring off, his eyes landed on a familiar person. He let out a gasp. His heart rate started to quicken and he could feel butterflies fluttering in his stomach.

It was you.

You were walking on the other side of the street, a bag of takeout in your hands. Harry mentally debated whether or not he should run over and try to talk to you. It’s been three months, would you even want to talk to him?

The first thing he noticed was how long your hair has gotten. He noticed that you had your headphones in. Were you listening to the latest Coldplay song because you loved the band so much? Or were you talking to your mom, telling her about the latest news at work? The next thing he noticed was the bag of food you were holding. Was it just for you? Or were you going to share it with someone that wasn’t him?

As you walked away and your body was becoming smaller and smaller in the distance, Harry couldn’t help but let out a sniffle. His eyes started to water as he came to the realization you were out of his life. Sure he brought this upon himself but after seeing you for the first time in three months, it broke his heart.

“When I saw you that day, I realized that you were the only thing on my mind. I didn’t care that I was in a fight with Kimberly, I didn’t care that I was freezing my ass off on a bus bench. All I could see was you. That’s when I finally realized I was being fair to Kimberly. She deserves someone that would be able to love her properly and I couldn’t do that when you were on my mind.”

You turned your body so that you were sitting in front of Harry. You grabbed his hand. “Do you regret getting married?”

Harry placed his other hand on the side of your cheek. “I regret not marrying you.”

From Harry: Dinner tonight, love?

You smiled as you glanced at your phone on your desk. Your coworker, Olivia, was sitting in the chair in front of your desk. Her eyebrows perked up at you, “Alright. Spill. You’ve been smiling at your phone the entire day. Did something happen last night?”

After texting Harry a quick “yes”, you placed your phone into your desk drawer. “Actually-” But you were cut short as you saw the last person you expected to see, marching up to your desk. You quickly got up, “Kimberly?”

Kimberly walked straight up to you, nothing but venom in her eyes. Through gritted teeth, she said, “Fucking home wrecker.” before her hand collided with your cheek.

eh. i liked how i started this…not sure about how i ended it lol. let me know what you guys thought/ want to see happen next! 

you can read part 8 here

Damn It, Jared!

Summary- The reader is a teen actress on the show, she’s hanging out in the makeup trailer with Misha when he alerts her of some weird tweets.

Characters- Jared x platonic!reader, Jensen x platonic!reader, misha x platonic!reader.

Warnings- mild language, mentions of family problems.

A/N- I’VE FINALLY UPLOADED A FIC! it’s been a while but I’ve been busy revising for my exams so that’s a good reason;) anyways, I hope you enjoy this! It was really fun to write and made me chuckle.

You were lounging in one of the makeup chairs, Misha was sat on your left getting his hair done whilst you were stuffing your face with gummy bears. 

You had been on the show for almost two years, you were introduced as Sam’s daughter halfway through season eleven, you had just turned fourteen when you started filming and being so young meant the cast -past and present- were extremely protective over you and that’s something that never changed, and honestly you were grateful! You never really had the greatest relationship with your parents so it was nice to have a group of people who cared about you the way your parents didn’t

Jared took the roll of your father in real life as well, you just had that instant connection when you met, you both had similar interests and similar characteristics, you even looked alike: hazel eyes that seem to change colour, dimples, same length hair. He acted more like a father than your biological dad, lets just say you don’t have the ideal family life, you’d much rather go to Texas with Jared and Jensen than go home (which most of the time you do), whenever you visited you’d always help Gen and Danneel with the kids, they were grateful and loved having you around. 

The cast knew how much your parents would nag at you, they knew how down you’d get about the things they’d say, today was one of those days. You had argued with both of your parents, quite heavily, Jared walked into your trailer when he heard you almost shouting. He comforted you and listened whilst your ranted and cried about the argument, he held you whilst you sobbed, he hated seeing you so upset, it tore him apart, to him you were his daughter, he couldn’t handle seeing his daughter so torn up.

Your head snapped up towards Misha who started laughing, a lot, “what’re you laughing at?” You asked, he turned his phone towards you, reaching out you took it from his grip “maybe you should go and find your phone” he laughed. Furrowing your eyebrows you scrolled through your twitter, your eyes widened at some of the tweets before your narrowed them and let out an audible groan “damn it, Jared” you grumbled, you quickly replied back to one of the tweets before handing the phone back to Misha and jumping down from the chair, “good luck!” Misha called as you stepped out of the trailer, “i’m gonna need it” you mumbled making him laugh again.

You stepped into the motel set that you would be using for that day, the crew were getting ready to film, you saw Jared and Jensen leaning against one of the tables, Jared was still typing away on your phone, stepping forward you gained their attention, “give me my phone, Jared” you demanded holding your hand out, “give me five minutes” he replied turning his head back towards your phone, rolling your eyes you crossed your arms, “no, Jared give it back” you said, he sighed and passed it towards you, however when your reached out to grab it his hand shot in the air, “jump for it” he chuckled, you gave him a bitch face, “I am not jumping for my phone” you answered placing your hands on your hips.

You saw that his phone was on the table behind him, quickly, you leapt forward and grabbed it before holding it behind your back. He chuckled, “you don’t know my password, i’m not bothered”, you smirked and typed in his passcode before showing him the unlocked screen, “really? Your birthday? C’mon Jared, be original” you said, he went to reply but the director cut him off.

The director called for everyone to get into their places, you sat on the bed with your back against the headboard, you knew the camera’s wouldn’t be on you, it was just Jared and Jensen’s coverage. The director yelled “action!”, as the guys were doing their dialogue you started to tweet from Jared’s phone silently giggling to yourself, “Just ate some spicy ass Buffalo Wings, never again. My ass is going to hurt for weeks” you looked up and watched the scene for a bit before tweeting again. “Oh god, the smell! it’s everywhere!“ Misha who was trying to focus on the scene caught sight of you giggling, he pulled out his phone and went onto Jared’s twitter, his face immediately went red from trying to hold in the laughter, you started typing again, “SHOULD IT BURN THIS MUCH?!” you hit send, Misha looked back down towards his phone and closed his eyes and took in a deep breath as if trying to compose himself, you started typing again “I just burnt a hole through my underwear… shit… quite literally” that was the last straw for Misha, he immediately burst out laughing shortly followed by you, doubling over you were face down on the bed with tears streaming down your face, “what’re you guys laughing at?” Jared asked, “ch-check your twitter” Misha wheezed out, he furrowed his eyebrows and unlocked your phone, his eyes widened, Jensen took your phone from his hand, he started reading the numerous tweets out loud whilst simultaneously laughing, hard. Soon enough everyone in the room was howling of laughter.

You sat up, still laughing hysterically, wiping away the tears that were cascading happily down your face you took a deep breath, trying to calm down, “y/n, you little shit” Jared laughed causing you to start laughing again, grabbing his phone from your hand, he deleted the tweets and pocketed his phone. “Hey, you started it, I finished it” you giggled, “can I have my phone back now?” You asked, he shook his head before throwing it towards you, you caught it and tucked it in your pocket. 

“Okay everyone, take a ten minute break to cool off, god knows we need it” the director laughed, you stood up and walked towards the boys, “where did you come up with those tweets?” Jensen asked, you shrugged your shoulders, “honestly I have no idea” you laughed, whilst Misha and Jensen were talking Jared swung an arm over your shoulders, “you feeling better?” He asked, you nodded your head, “yeah, still feel a bit bummed about earlier but better nonetheless” you smiled, he squeezed you, “good” he replied, “I’m still gonna get you back from tweeting on my phone, you know that right?” He asked, you rolled your eyes and chuckled “yeah, even though what I did was completely fair” you said, he sighed “yeah yeah, whatever you say” he said playfully.

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Alone- Part 1

Based on a prompt line; “Don’t leave me behind.”

Warnings; Fighting, Feelings of Worthlessness

Words; 1,249

A/N; Honestly I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. If you want a part 2 though let me know!! Feedback is encouraged! :)

Pairings; Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

It had been almost 3 years since Bucky became an avenger. And it had been almost 3 years since you developed the biggest crush ever.

He had sauntered into the compound and looked at you with those piercing blue eyes and that was it. Ever since then you’d been inseparable. The bestest friends ever, but that was it, nothing more.

The only other person who knew about your feelings was your best friend Nat. She’d been trying to encourage you to tell Bucky how you felt for years but you couldn’t, you were almost positive that he didn’t see you that way and didn’t want to ruin your friendship.

You always told her “Something is better than nothing.” To which she’d dramatically roll her eyes.

You were looking down at the book you were currently reading but couldn’t focus on the words. All you could hear was the high pitched giggling coming from the kitchen and every note pierced your heart. It was one of the many girls Bucky would bring over when he was ‘lonely’.

He strolled over to you, coffee in hand. “Hey doll, whatcha readin’?” He asked as he sat down next to you and handed you the hot mug.  

You smiled and grabbed the coffee from him. “Thanks Buck. It’s uh-”

He grabbed the book from your lap before you could protest and read aloud. “In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

He paused for a second, his cheeks going lightly pink and looked at you. Your eyes met and it seemed like his eyes glossed over before he let out a loud awkward chuckle.

What the hell was that about? You thought.

His eyes were still lingering on you as the blonde girl came up behind him and laid a hand on his shoulder. He jumped slightly and turned to look at her. “Honey we should let her read, come on let’s go back to bed.” She purred. He looked visibly uncomfortable as he stood up and followed her down the hall.

As you stared into your mug urging your eyes not to water and trying to suppress the stabbing feeling in your chest, you missed when Bucky turned back to look at you, a hopeless longing in his eyes.

* * *

A few hours later you were in your workout gear pummeling a punching bag, imagining a certain blonde.

Why couldn’t you be enough, why couldn’t he see you as more. What were you doing wrong.

Why. Why. WHY.

You felt hands touch your waist and turned just as fast sweeping their legs out from under them. There was a thud and an “Ow! (y/n)!”

Steve was laying splayed out on his back looking vengeful.

“Oh Steve! I’m sorry! Instinct.” You shrugged as you helped him up.

“It’s okay it was my fault, shouldn’t have snuck up on ya like that.” He smirked. “So what’s got ya so angry?” He pointed at the still swaying punching bag.

“Honestly I don’t even want to talk about it.” You sighed.

“Wanna practice then? We do have a mission tomorrow.” He smirked again inching towards you.

“Rogers, don’t even try.” You ran at him flipping over his shoulders and he turned slowly, not expecting it.

Just then Bucky walked by the door of the training room, but you were too distracted by Steve to notice.

He sauntered over to you and got right up in your face. Grinning he pushed a strand of hair out of your face. You were always very fond of Steve and had a flirty relationship but never took it any further. With one swift movement he took you down and was straddling your hips  inches away from your face.

Bucky couldn’t watch any longer, a lump growing in his throat as he walked away feeling defeated.

Just as he left you flipped Steve over and put him in a head lock. “I win!” You sang cheerfully.

There was clapping from behind you and you both turned to see Nat walking in. “I want in on this!”

The three of you spent the rest of the afternoon training together until you were all too tired and sweaty.

* * *

The next morning you met in the hanger fully dressed in your gear. This mission wasn’t going to be all of you. It was just a simple mission to retrieve information from a Hydra base.

As you, Bucky, Steve and Nat got into the quinjet you tried to make eye contact with Bucky but he wouldn’t meet your gaze.

“Alright, Nat and I will go in through the front and (y/n) and Bucky will go through the back.” Steve said over the comm. “You two will take out anyone in your way and get to the communications room, there should be computers. Back up the information to a USB and get out of there as fast as you can. Nat and I will check for prisoners and take out anyone else. Everyone understand?”

We all nodded in unison. Thirty minutes later everyone was in position. You and Bucky made your way inside, working together to take out the four guards blocking the door. He still wouldn’t meet your gaze as you crept down the dark hallways. A man came from your left, you didn’t see him in time and there was a direct hit to your side, you crumpled to the ground as you heard Buckys metal arm hit the guy and he went down.

Bucky helped you to your feet, your face only inches apart. “Watch yourself next time.” He said in a flat tone as he turned to walk down the hall.

You reached out and grabbed his hand to pull him back. “What did I do that made you so upset?” You asked quietly.

His cold eyes bored into yours. “Why don’t you ask your boyfriend.”

You stood there shocked. “My-my what?”

He pulled his hand out of your grasp. “This isn’t the time for this.” He said as he turned and walked down the hallway turning into a room a few doors down.

Once you were in the room you told Steve and Nat over the comm that you had begun transferring the information.

When the screen read 94% there was yelling outside of the room you and Bucky were standing in.

He looked over at you and nodded. “Stay here, make sure it’s done.” With that he left the room.


Someone was thrown against the door.


There was a gun shot and a loud yell.


The door crashed in, Bucky and another man rolled into the room.


They both stood, the other man had noticed you. You reached for your gun.


There was a bang. Then a lot of pain, you looked down to see thick red blood coming from your stomach. You fell to the ground.


Bucky walked over to you, glanced down and took out the USB. You could see him saying something over the comm but couldn’t make it out. Your vision was starting to fade in and out.

He started to walk out of the room.

He was leaving? Why is he leaving? You thought urgently. Don’t.

“Don’t leave me behind.” It came out as a whisper but he tensed and you could tell he had heard you. Your eyes locked on his and your vision went black. 


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“Don’t Look”

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 1555

Warnings: fluff

Summary: Bucky shows you how much he appreciates all your help.

A/N: This is a friend to lover sort of drabble. Congrats @marvelous-fvckson the 3K!! Your fics make me happy :) Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE or HERE

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Like Father, Like Son

Title: Like Father, Like Son

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Word Count: 2,167

Request: @imboredsueme - Reader and Sherlock have a really bad argument and break up, she realizes she was pregnant with his kid. Years later her curious son tracks down the detective.

A/N: I’ve hit 1,000 followers!!! This is crazy and I couldn’t have ever imagined this would happen. Anyway….. This was the most requested of all my imagines in my ‘to-do’ list so thanks to everyone who voted and please enjoy! If you’d like to request an imagine message me or leave me an ask, my plates pretty full right now but I’ll add it to the list and hopefully get to it soon. If you’re not on my tag list already and want to be let me know! As always- feel free to message me if you need anything or just feel like saying hello!


    “William?” You bellowed from the kitchen. Your son hadn’t come down for dinner yet and you were beginning to  worry.

    “William your food’s gonna get cold, love-” You marched through the hall and opened his bedroom door, losing your voice when you saw his window open and his sheets tied to the drain pipe outside.

    “William!” You shrieked and ran to the window, sticking your head out. You looked at the drop from the second floor, it wasn’t much but you still worried for your small child.

    Pulling your head back inside, you yanked the window closed and began searching for a sign of where he’d gone. You turned and noticed your phone lying on his dresser. That wasn’t where you left it, your eyebrows scrunched together and you read the screen it was left on. A Google search - Sherlock Holmes- leading to his website with his address: The Science of Deduction.

    You cursed yourself for ever telling William his name. You could barely keep up with him, he was always 12 steps ahead of you, and he was only 6! Sighing, you looked out the window once more, knowing where he must have gone.

    You grabbed your phone and keys, running out of your flat. His name floated around your head. Memories that you had tried to forget stringing back together in your mind.

     “How many more times is this going to happen, Sherlock?” You yelled, you’d been stood up one time too many and you were sick of it. Sitting there, promising the waiter he would come, only to be left sitting there an hour later. All eyes on you as you left some cash at the table and finally gave up.

    “It’s never seemed to bother you before.” He argued.

    “Oh I promise you it has. You’re just never around to notice it.” You yelled back.

    “Well I’m sorry if my job is a little more important than you.” He growled. Your stomach dropped. You knew he felt that way, but hearing him say it out loud made it feel real, and it killed you.

    “I see…” You said quietly, shaking your head and turning towards the door.

    “Y/N, I didn’t mean-” he began, realizing what he said.

    “Yes you did, Sherlock, that’s the problem. You did mean it. I’ve never been enough for you, I’ve never been more important than your cases. I can barely hold your attention for more than a few minutes. Sorry I wasn’t clever enough or fascinating enough for you.” you yelled, grabbing some of your stuff and shoving it into your bag.

    “What are you doing?” He asked, seriously.

    “What does it look like genius?” You shot back.

    “You’re leaving.” He spoke, as if it was a question.

    “Not that you’ll notice.” You responded, truthfully.

    “Don’t go.” He pleaded, but he didn’t sound very convincing.

    “Make me. Sherlock, tell me I mean more to you than a case does. That you’d rather spend time with me then be out solving some crime. Tell me that, honestly, and I’ll stay.” You pleaded. If he couldn’t tell you that, then your relationship wasn’t going where you thought it was.

    You waited for an answer. His mouth moved as if he was about to speak, but stopped and he looked to the floor, he stayed silent for far too long.

    “Goodbye Sherlock.” you scoffed, closing the door, ending that chapter of your life.

     Your feet hit the dirty pavement, running, praying. You knew Baker Street was only about a mile away, but you prayed that’s where he was. That he’d be okay, that if he was anywhere it was there. Because if he wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have a clue where to find him. Even if he is there, you weren’t ready to face this. To be drawn back to him: Sherlock Holmes.

    Ever since William was born he had been causing you trouble. He wasn’t a bad kid, he was just so much smarter than you and so curious. It scared you how much he reminded you of Sherlock. Jesus, he even looked exactly like him. A miniature little Sherlock running around wreaking havoc on your life. But you loved the havoc, and you loved your son.

    You remembered the day you found out you were pregnant with William.

    “Mate, I’m going to the store do you need anything? Tampons? Food? Breakup ice cream?” Sharon, or Shazza as everyone called her, asked you on her way out of your shared flat.

    “No thanks, I’ll be fine.” you laughed, but stopped when your roommate closed the door. You hadn’t needed those in a while… you counted on your finger how many months it’s been since you last period. Jesus.

    You called your roommate a couple minutes later after frantically flipping through your calendar to make sure the dates lined up. You were trapping your foot anxiously, hoping she could discreetly pick up a pregancy test for you.

    “Shazza, could you do me a favor?” You asked hurriedly when she picked up the phone.

    “Finally gonna let me set you up with that guy from my spin class?” You could feel her smirk through the phone.

    “No, listen while you’re out I need you to pick up something for me.” You spoke slowly.

    “Sure love, what?” She asked, casually.

    “A pregnancy test.” You whispered into the phone. No one was around but you felt embarrassed.

    “Are you serious?” She yelled back.

    “Shh, yes.”

    “I thought you were on the pill!” She exclaimed, just as shocked as you were. You could only imagine the looks she was getting in the store right now.

    “I am!” You retorted.

    “I swear to God if that bastard knocked you up–” She began, but you stopped her mid-rant.

    “Shazza! Please just get one…” You pleaded.

    “Jesus ok, I’ll be home soon.” She said, hanging up the phone, leaving your mind to wander until she returned to confirm your suspicions.

    You’ve always heard it said that waiting for a pregnancy test result was “ the longest five minutes of your life”. You thought that was an exaggeration but jesus were they right.

    “What does it say?” Shazza asked after the timer went off.

    “I don’t know, I can’t look. You do it.” You closed your eyes, scared.

    “Oh my god,” Was her only reply.

    “‘Oh my god’ what?” Your eyes flew open, scanning her face.

    “You’re pregnant!” She jumped, a genuine smile on her face.

    “I’m pregnant…” You couldn’t help but be happy, you’ve always wanted a child. Although you pictured it happening differently.

    “Are you gonna tell him?” She asked, addressing the elephant in the room.

    “No.” You answered simply.

    “No! Why not?” She yelled.

    “Because! Because he hates kids, he’d never have time for a family. Frankly the best thing will be for him not to know, I can take care of this child on my own, thank you very much.” You said proudly.

    “Damn you’re stubborn,” she smiled and shook her head,”but I’ll be here, I’ll help you in whatever you need.”

    “Thanks Shazza.” You hugged her.

    “Anytime, love.”

     That was how William was brought into your life, a surprise at every turn since. All you wanted to do was protect him, and you feared in protected him you only caused him more pain.

    You had managed, raising a child on your own, but you feared he needed some fatherly contact that you just couldn’t provide.

    You were half way to Baker Street when it started to pour. You tried to catch a cab but none of them would stop. You were splashed by a passing car and groaned.

    You should have known this would happen, that he would search him out. It was just last week that the questions you normally avoided were given answers.

     “Mommy…I know you don’t like talking about it, but I have this family tree project for school and I…well my tree is half empty.” William held his drawing up to you. You were struck with a pang of guilt.

    “You don’t have to tell me now, only a name, I’ll understand.” He said, he always knew how to outsmart you.

    “Oh, baby, come here.” You patted the bed next to you and he jumped up. He positioned his paper and pencil and looked up to you, ready to write it down.

    “Sherlock.” You said quietly, it tasted strange in your mouth, foreign almost.

    “And his parents?” He asked, batting his eyelashes at you. He really had you wrapped around his finger.

    “Uh.. Wanda and Tim.” You took a moment, hardly being able to remember. You’d only actually met them once, and they didn’t even know you and Sherlock were dating at the time. That must have been… almost 8 years ago now.

    “And did he have any brothers or sisters?” He asked. Thinking back on this you wondered if his ‘family tree project’ was even real, or just a ruse designed to get you to give up the name of his father.

    “A brother, Mycroft.” You watched as  he filled in the enlarged leaves on the tree and jumped off your bed.

    “Is that it?” You asked, surprised at his sudden absence.

    “Yes, thanks mummy!” He rushed away excitedly, you raised an eyebrow in suspicion but let it go and got back to your work.

     You were now standing in front of 221B Baker Street, soaked to the bone, frantically knocking on the door.

    “Y/N?” Sherlock answered the door, surprised to see you.

    “Is he here?” You asked hurriedly.

    “You’re soaking wet.” He said, pulling you inside.

    “Is he here!” You asked again.

    “Upstairs” He nodded. You ran past him, taking the stairs two by two, thanking God you weren’t wearing heels.

    “William!” You yelled, Sherlock was rushing behind you. You stepped into a familiar living room that hadn’t changed a bit only to see your son sitting by the fire sipping tea. Wearing his favorite shirt,little tie and coat.

    “Jesus I was so worried.” You knelt in front of his chair and hugged him, inspecting him, making sure he was okay.

    “I knew you would be, but I had to know, I’m sorry mummy.” He looked guilty. You kissed his forehead, knowing this time would come some day.

    “Y/N…” Sherlock said from the doorway, you stood and whipped around caught off guard, forgetting he was there.

    “Can we speak for a moment” He motioned out to the hall. You nodded, wrapping your arms around you to create some warmth and comfort. You were still soaking wet. Your hair dripping slightly onto the wood floors.

    “Is he mine?” He asked, wasting no time at all. You looked up to him and nodded.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, a hint of sadness in his eyes.

    “Why would I. We had just broken up, I wanted nothing to do with you then.” You answered honestly.

    “And now?” He asked, hopefully.

    “Now?” You asked.

    “Now I’d like to be able to spend some time with my son. He’s almost too smart for his own good. I mean jesus he looks just like me, I want to make sure he doesn’t turn out like I did.” Sherlock looked to the floor.

    “What are you saying?” You reached out and took his hand, you could tell he was struggling to find his words and you tried to comfort him.

    “I’m saying I’d like to help, in any way you’ll let me. I’d like to be there for him. I’m sorry, for the way things ended, the way I treated you, never being there. I’d like to be there now. Please.” He spoke with so much sincerity that you would argue this wasn’t the same Sherlock you left 6 years ago. Something had changed, he’d changed, seemingly for the better.

    “Alright, but only because he needs his father. I’ll need time, Sherlock, to adjust to this.” You whispered, realizing how close the two of you were standing.

    “I know. Thank you” He kissed your forehead, and headed back inside the living room, only to see William looking through old case files on his desk.

    “What’s this?” William asked curiously, raising a photograph in the air.

    “A beheaded nun.” Sherlock said, casually glancing at it.

    “Jesus” You rushed over to the desk and pulled the picture out of his hands.

    “Cool.” William said, now curious, wanting more of Sherlock’s crazy life.

    “Most certainly not cool.” You said. They both looked up to you and rolled their eyes. Like father, like son.

    You couldn’t help but smile at how similar they were, and how your life had seemed to fall back into place. Your son gained the father he’d secretly needed, and you gained back the man who was once the love of your life.

    It would be hard: going back to some sense of normalcy, forgiving sherlock completely, but watching your son look upon him with admiration and love was going to make the process so much easier.

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Black and White - Chapter 5

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 4014 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Mini Masterlist

After that particular night in which Baekhyun had kissed you on the cheek, things seemed to have changed. During the following days in which he’d meet up with you so you both could continue the progress of the project, there was an unidentified tension lingering the air. It wasn’t thick to the point where it would suffocate him, but faint enough just for him to feel it in the lightest of ways.

Not to mention, neither of you addressed the kiss either.

He liked you. That much was undeniable. If he thought that the first few weeks when you were glued stuck to the back of his mind was too much, now it got worse.

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anonymous asked:

Hi guys! Can you please update the 50k, 80k, or 100k tag? Any of them are fine if there are new ones. Tysm!

We’re not sure these will be new ones for you but these are some we read that we haven’t recced but worth checking out. -C


(Once in a) Blue Moon by clarkoholic and skywardsmiles

Stiles and Derek are getting along, but they’re not a family, and they’re sure as hell not mates. Christ, they’re basically just two stupid guys who happened to get pregnant because of a full moon and sheer dumb luck.

The Lighthouse Keeper by tugela54

On a rural island just off Alaska’s northern Inside Passage, stands a centuries old lighthouse - the perfect sanctuary for its keeper to hide when the moon is full, to burn and rage through its cycle with the townsfolk being none the wiser.

But then a new resident comes to Beacon Harbour – a bright-eyed young student chasing an elusive whale species – and all of a sudden those thick stone walls seem paper thin…

The Difficult Kind series by whiskey_in_tea

if you could only see / what love has made of me

The Nearness Of You by triggeringthehealing

College is an experience that’s different for everyone. Of course, Stiles dives right into the fray. Having already made friends before he started, he’s pulled into the college’s student parliament, the nightclub at the dorms, and – most importantly – into a dorm room with all his friends right next doors. That includes the elusive, tall, dark, and mysterious Derek Hale. And maybe a few too many poetic descriptions that Stiles absolutely doesn’t have from Harlequin romances. They’re Isaac’s, okay, he just happens to share a room with him and Scott. And the bathroom. Which they also share with Derek, and it’s not going to be a problem at all. Featuring meddling friends and siblings, college shenanigans, fancy ballrooms, and curly fries.

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Stay Professional!


You managed to get your first job at a prestigious and famous marketing firm. Nothing was going to stop you from working there. A few distractions may be problematic but.. there was a man that stood out unconventionally well. Despite being the CEO’s only son, his face alone is enough to win over the nation’s heart 10x over. An interesting romance that’s sure to get you screaming.

Fluff & Angst: Jungkook x Reader

A/N: Hey! I’ve been MIA but I’m back with something for you :)

“Yes Ma’am I understand.” You lowered your head politely and stuck on a smile that tortured your face muscles. You were lucky enough to land a job straight out of university and you knew it was going to be tough but.. the extent as to which you were being used and bullied by higher ups was unbearable.

“If you understand then don’t make this mistake again! You ruined my morning.” The head of department of advertising scolded you over a small mistake of pouring too little milk into her coffee.

After she left, you lifted your head up and rolled your eyes at the amount of bullshit you dealt with on a daily basis. It was kind of getting tiring.

“Should you really be pulling that face right now?” An unfamiliar and cool-toned whisper sent shivers down your spine.

“No sir! My mistake, my apologies.” You immediately brought the radiant smile back to your face, not knowing who it was but it didn’t matter because everyone here was basically of much higher power than yourself. You had to show respect even if it killed your hidden inflated ego.

You heard the heavy clacks of his Armani shoes as his strides led him closer to you. He carefully examined your petite frame in comparison to his tall, dark and handsome nature.

“Are you new here?” His low tone sounded velvety and smooth as dark chocolate. It felt like eerie music to your ears.

“Yes sir.. It’s only been a few months since my arrival.” You bowed your head to this unknown yet alluring man. His presence was overwhelming and the entire office was silent- all eyes and ears on the two of you.

“Enjoy your stay, Y/N-sshi.” His husky voice trailed off behind him before he disappeared into the elevator with another unfamiliar man behind him.

How’d he know my name..?

You face-palmed after noticing the shiny golden name tag attached to your crisp white blouse.

“You should really stop drinking.” Your friend tightly gripped onto the soju bottle in which you refused to let go of.

“Let me relieve my stress! Work has been so much hell for me.” You managed to pour yourself another shot glass that was quickly downed, the stinging sensation brought tears to your eyes.

“…Don’t you have work again tomorrow? You’re going to get such a terrible hangover Y/N.. You should probably stop.” She quickly picked up the soju bottle that was almost empty and chucked it into the bin.

“I don’t care.. I don’t even want to work there anymore.” You managed to growl out, the alcohol taking it’s toll on your body.

“Hey! You should feel so privileged that you get to work in such a fine company. Look at me! I’m still working 3 different part time jobs because I can’t find a job. Do you want to be like me?” Your friend lectured you, peeling you off the desk and chair to take you home.

“Oh wait..” You slurred out, vision blurry and body-coordination out of reach.

“I think I left my house-keys in the office. I might need to go get them..” It was hard to articulate let alone walk straight.

“My god Y/N. Please get your life together.” Your friend buckled you up in her car and drove you to your work place that was still surprisingly operating.

“Tell me where your office is. I’ll go find it.” You just giggled to yourself, completely unaware of your actions. “It’s okay.. I’ll go get it myself. They’ll think you’re a bad bad intruder.” You slurred your words and sounded like a 4 year old. You shot her winks in her direction.

She just laughed and nodded. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come?”

“I got this! I work here!” You giggled, completely out of your mind.

Miraculously, you managed to make your way to the elevator. You pressed on the button and tried your hardest to not collapse from the alcohol intake. Your head was spinning and you couldn’t hold your body still. You steadied yourself by resting your head on your palm and walked into the elevator as soon as it ‘dinged’ with no further precaution.

That was when you smashed into an unknown figure once again, despite your pride in keeping yourself steady for some time, the balance was taken right out of your body and you landed- bottom first on the shiny tiled floor. You were ticked. You had no control over your mouth and lord knows what kind of mess you were about to get yourself into.

You groaned in pain and massaged your scalp, hoping the loud thumping in your head would somehow disappear.

His eyes lowered down onto the ground to find you mumbling curses. He was surprised at what you were doing at the office so late at night. But being the gentleman he was, he gently reached out his hand to pull you up with ease.

His skin was surprisingly cold and you were picked up with such little effort, it felt refreshing to feel something so cool as your body felt like it was boiling. You started unbuttoning your white blouse and unzipped the bottom of your pencil skirt from your knee up to your lower thigh and continued to casually strip in-front of the unknown man.

His cold fingers put your actions to a complete halt followed by his cold tone that sounded familiar.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He raised an eyebrow, a somewhat surprised and confused expression spread upon his flawless face.

“Let go. It’s hot.” You mumbled, weakly pushing away his cool hand and continued to take off your shirt, struggling to do so, you wobbled back and forth before almost falling again- he had caught you by the waist and looked down to see you: flustered and abnormally drunk.  

“Ugh.. don’t touch me. I don’t need your help.” You weakly pushed him away again, this time a little more audible than before. He was surprised at the way you were treating him.

“Suit yourself.” He let go of his gentle grip on your waist and continued to watch you struggle to walk and read the buttons on the elevator.

“What are you doing here so late.” His question sounded more like a demand as his curiosity was slowly starting to eat up his mind. “It doesn’t matter.” You missed the buttons and started to get irritated at your lack of body coordination.

A cold smirk spread upon his face and he chuckled at you.

“What are you laughing at? Do you think you’re some kind of powerful being? Are you another one of those annoying bosses that won’t stop yelling at me for making their coffee wrong. God people here are so…”

He stopped chuckling and raised a single eyebrow. He calmly slid his hand into his pocket and continued to scan you from head to toe.


He examined your messed up bun that consisted of hairs sticking out and bobby pins falling out. He looked at your peachy red face and smelt the very noticeable stench of alcohol that leaked from your body. He noticed the beads of sweat that formed around your forehead and the heat of your breath that also smelt of alcohol. You were a mess.

“Y/N return home. I may not know of your intentions here but you’re not in any condition to do whatever you’re planning to do.”

“Blah blah blah. Stop nagging with you?” You retorted like a 4 year old, closing the gap between his face and yours. You were just a few millimetres from his face and he could feel your warm breath on his cold lips. It sent shivers down his spine and he was caught off-guard for the first time in years. He noticed your collarbone clearly visible and cleavage from your unbuttoned blouse but refused to look at it despite his obvious chances.

“Would you like me to call a driver?” He offered, somehow sounding half-assed so you took it as an insult. What really were his intentions?

“Listen here you.” You poked his toned chest and spoke with a slurred and drunken accent.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do here but I’m just trying to get back home and go to sleep so I can come back to this hell tomorrow morning and cry over how dumb this shitty company is.”

Once again, he was hit with things he thought he would never hear coming from a very new employee. Amused, he chuckled once again unable to hide his interest in her.

“Would you stop laughing? What do I need to do to stop you?” You smiled weakly at him, completely drunken with stress and alcohol, you had no control over what was about to happen.

You closed the gap between your lips and kissed him softly, the taste of alcohol spread to him as your tongue intertwined his and turned into something a little more passionate. He didn’t stop you so you assumed this meant a green light to continue. His lips tasted kind of addictive and cooling. You ran your hand up his smooth cheeks, through his perfectly combed hair and ruffled it before fiddling with his thin black tie and blacking out completely.

What in the fucking world just happened?

Part 2 

Meant to Be (3)

Meant to Be Masterlist

Pairing: Prince!Bucky X Servant!Reader

Words: 1404

Warnings: More angst….

Summary: As the news of the King’s death spreads throughout the land, lords and ladies from the nearby countries swarm the castle to offer condolences to the queen and her son. As the prince mourns his father, he is met with the reality that he must now choose a wife and begin his reign.

A/N: Because I was feeling nice and wanted to waste more time and not study Hieroglyphs. Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE.

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Bucky the Jerk, part 2


ok, um, HOW WHAT!!!

so many people liked the first part and some even reblogged it and all of you wonderful precious pandas want to be tagged - my heart will explode!!

thank you all so much! I bring you chapter 2, with even more jerkiness and general confusion :) Please let me know what you think!

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky is being a dick to you, and you can’t understand why is he the only one from Avengers who doesn’t like you.

Chapter summary and warnings: A bit more of Bycku being a dick. nothing to warm about yet :)

Nat and Wanda wouldn’t leave your side all day long, with Sam occasionally appearing out of nowhere to pull a face at you.
You felt a little bit better, almost altogether forgetting about the idiot who made your life at the Tower hell.

You often tried to piece together everything that happened between you and Barnes - every jab, every insult, every condescending smirk. But you couldn’t understand why in the world he’d act like that. Everyone else accepted you right away. He was there with Steve, Tony, and Wanda when they took you out of the Asylum.

“You don’t think I’m nuts?” you asked Wanda meekly. She was holding you up with Steve or Barnes constantly hovering around, ready to catch your weak, tortured body.
“I know you’re not, sweetheart. Thank fuck for Tony finding out about this… We’re gonna take care of you, I promise.”

Those memories of early days often flooded your mind. Your strange powers weren’t exactly useful to the team, as it seemed at first, but then you proved yourself on quite a few occasions and became an irreplaceable asset to them.

Everyone seemed to like you, take care of you while you were still weak, help you adjust. Everyone except him - fucking Barnes.

At first, you thought he was kinda cute, and his demeanor was just a sulk, which Steve confirmed. But then everyone else started noticing it too - he would barely talk to you, and if he did - it was always something rude. He always made fun of the things you wore, teased you relentlessly about everything. Books you read, how much you slept, your beautiful colourful teacups, one of which he made you break. The other members tried to protect you, appalled at his sudden cruelty - but he dismissed it all as “harmless fun”. You got on really well with Nat and Wanda, and sometimes Sam and Steve would also join you three to hang out. They all said he never acted like this with anyone. Sulk - sure, his past was enough for him to want to be alone a lot and to have a less than sunny disposition. But him picking you out to make fun was just strange.

It went on like that for a couple of months - him being a dick, the team being a bridge between you two, or at least trying. But then, two closest people to you - Wanda and Natasha - suddenly stopped trying to protect you and let him poke his fun at you. You were sad and angry and couldn’t open your mouth to ask them why, but then, in a huff of defiance, decided it would build your character - and started answering him with equally nasty remarks.

But sometimes, like today, he still got to you no matter the tough exterior you build especially for his shitty behavior. He didn’t even say anything that nasty - but he made you break your favourite cup and didn’t apologise, which sounded ridiculous when you thought about it. But there was something so intimate in that moment, you on the counter, sunrise, tea… And then he came in and ruined it. And your cup too!

In the early afternoon you, Wanda and Nat still sat in the common area, when Steve with a towel on his shoulder passed by.

“Hey Steve, are you going to the gym?” Nat called after him.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “Gotta keep in shape.”

You all rolled your eyes at that - yes, that’s exactly what a genetically enhanced super-soldier needs - a workout to keep in shape.

“Mind if we join you?” Natasha asked, standing up.

Your eyes went wide.

“Uuh, sure. We can all spar, it’ll be fun.”

You gulped.


“Come on, Y/N, you said you wanted to get stronger. Why not start now?”

“But… now is so soon.”

You tried to crawl away, but Natasha and Wanda got you up and made you go to your room and change. They made sure to change themselves with the speed of light, so they could wait for you at your door and make sure you don’t run off.

“What’s this?” Natasha gestured to your clothes when you came out.

“Why, what’s wrong?” You examined yourself.

Wanda giggled.

“Ok, Y/N, I have a question - are you, quite possibly, a nun?”

“No.” You furrowed your brow.

“Then I repeat - what. the hell. is this?” She waved her arms around, indicating what a disaster your workout outfit was.

“Come on Nat, it’s not like it’s very different from her usual clothes.” Wanda tried to defend you.

“Yeah, exactly!” Natasha half-yelled, “Why is it all so baggy and five sizes too big? Do we need to take you shopping?”

“Oh god, please don’t,” You shriveled up internally. Anything but shopping.

“Just… why is it so baggy?” She picked at your large flannel shirt, that covered you almost to the knees.

“It’s comfy! Doesn’t obstruct any movements. What, is there some other hidden functionality gym clothes need to have that I am not aware of?”

“Did you pick up that sarcasm from Bucky?”

You only scoffed and followed them to the gym.

Steve was already running on the treadmill, and he had music playing all through the room.

Wanda and Natasha got you stretching, explaining carefully what you needed to do. Nat was supervising, making sure you wouldn’t pull anything.  

After a few sets of stretches, pull-ups and other horrible things you never in a million years wished to do, Steve joined you.

He didn’t say anything about your long, oversized shirt, and you were incredibly grateful.

“You’re doing great, Y/N.”

“Thank you, Steve. You’re always so kind.”

He smiled his perfect genuine smile - and made you believe in humanity once again. You were in a pretty good mood, endorphins from the exercise filling your body, surrounded by caring friends - when the gym door banged open and shut, and you felt your heart sink. No, no, it could be anyone, right?

But of course, of fucking course! It had to by Bucky fucking Barnes.

He passed you, nodding to Steve, and hopped on a treadmill. He wore black sweatpants and a matching black tank top, and you thought very quietly to yourself, that if he weren’t such a tremendous dickwad he would be quite delicious.

“Shall we spar?” You turned to Steve, suddenly feeling that fury again.

Natasha raised an eyebrow.

“Uuhhh, you sure?” Wanda asked. She was sitting on a mat near you.

“Yeah, I mean, Steve said we could, right?” You motioned to him and he nodded enthusiastically, “I know I’m shit, I’m not strong and I don’t have any combat training, but you know - don’t smash me into a wall and maybe I’ll learn something.”

Steve chuckled and got into a stance, starting to explain to you what to do.

As you two moved together, Steve grasping you by the waist or shoulders, shifting you around and correcting your stances, you heard the treadmill speed up and up.

Pay him no mind. You thought.
You heard Barnes’ metal arm whirring violently, as he ran and ran.

You concentrated on Steve’s movements and Natasha’s explanations and found that you quite liked it. Even if it wasn’t exactly exercise, it was still going to make you stronger and not completely helpless in the field, if you had to fight hand-to-hand. Just as Steve picked you up over his head to show you some complicated movement, Barnes walked towards the exit. He was breathing hard, sweat running down his face and right arm, his left metal one glistening at the shoulder.


You concentrated once again on Steve’s hands and Nat’s voice and felt Steve’s fingers graze your tender ribs.You erupted in a fit of giggles, ticklish to no end. Just as you wriggled your feet and laughed, Steve, trying not to laugh himself, Barnes walked past you and sneered at the scene.

“Yeah, Y/N, laugh in the face of an attacker - that’ll get you to safety!”

You felt your heart explode with rage.

Steve carefully put you down, for you were writhing and kicking, and you ran full speed at Barnes.

“What in the hell is your fucking problem, Barnes?!”

He looked at you with an astonished smile, and then looked to your friends as if saying “Is she serious?”. At least that’s what your clouded mind read in his expression.

“It’s every day, every time you see me, almost since the day I came here - jab after jab! What is it so wrong with me that you can’t stand to walk past and be silent, or, god forbid,” you dramatically put your hands up, “be civil to me?”

His expression got stern.

“Not from the first day.”

“What?” You were breathing hard, chest rising and falling, from yelling at him and getting so worked up. Oh, he could push your buttons like nobody else.

“I said,” he seethed, “Not. From the first. Day.”

“Fine.” You finally caught your breath, “If you remember the precise day and time of your first insulting comment - let me know, I’ll send you a postcard.”

You heard Natasha giggle and wondered half-heartedly, why they didn’t interject yet.

You suddenly felt really tired.

“I just… Really wanted to get along with you.”

His expression changed from what you thought was contempt to what you thought was bafflement - the man was impossible to read.

“Hard to, though, with you being such a tremendous dick.”

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Unnoticed [Jason Scott x Reader]

Request: Could you do something like the reader thought Jason never noticed her and then during the battle the red ranger saves her and once the battle is done and everything, he goes to check on her and asks her out?

Word Count: 1,952

A/N: I’m not sure how much I like certain parts of this. I haven’t actually written in about a month, so I’m a little rusty. I have read over it a couple times, and had another pair of eyes read it as well, but there might still be mistakes. Hope you all enjoy this though, and also, if you would like to be tagged in future writings let me know! My requests are OPEN! Also, if you are looking for another Power Ranger blog to follow, go check out my sister @zacktxylor! Her requests are also open!

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I Choose You | Peter Parker

 Summary: Nobody is perfect and yet out of all the girls in school, Peter Parker chooses you…

Warning: Fluffiness!

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: @yourstrulyspidey

A/N: I have fallen in love with this gif…


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Meeting cute!

The bowling alley was crowded. You and your friends had gotten one of the last lanes and were now trying to borrow some shoes. The line was moving terribly slowly.

“Alright, let’s split up. Two of us go to the booth to set everything up. Two go to the bar and order drinks and food and the other three stay here and get the shoes, okay?”, you delegated.

Your friends nodded and split up. You went to the bar with your bestie. Thankfully she was tall, blonde and absolutely stunning, which was why you got the waiter’s attention pretty quickly.

“Hey girls, what can I do for you?”, the guy asked, eyes only on your best friend.

You didn’t mind though, you were used to it. So she ordered, while you looked around, checking out the other people. A family of seven, five children, was trying to order food for everyone, but no one from the wait staff was paying attention to them. The dad looked ready to punch someone, the mother seemed exhausted. With a smile you went over to them.

“Hi, I couldn’t help but notice that you might need some help. May I?”, you asked, gesturing towards one of the waiters behind the bar.

The dad scoffed, but the mother gave you a grateful look.

“Yes please.”, she said, trying to tame her youngest, who was pulling at her pant leg.

You elbowed past two guys, seemingly just hanging out by the bar, and then yelled for the waiter, who was standing two feet away.

“Hey, there’s a family over here who would like to order. If you take their order RIGHT NOW, you’ll get a nice tip from me.”

The waiter’s head whipped around at the word ‘tip’. Meanwhile the entire mob of people around you stared at you. You gave an awkward smile.

There was a guy at the end of the bar, who had been talking to his friend, but now his eyes were on you, looking curious. He scratched his arm absentmindedly as he watched you. He was incredibly handsome and, judging by his expensive looking jumper, from out of town. For a moment you stared back, then you felt someone’s presence next to you. The waiter had walked over with the biggest smile on his face.

“You called.”, he said simply.

You barely kept from rolling your eyes. Instead you waved the mother over so she could order. You didn’t dare look back towards Mr. Handsome.

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Stroke of luck (Part-15 Final)

Word count: 4900-ish

Warnings: Angst, fluff, character death.

Series Summary: Dark highway, middle of the night, a bad boy driving an Impala, and a Damsel in distress. Too cliche? Think again.

A/N: This is it guys! This is the last chapter. Thank you for sticking with me in this wild, wild ride. I love each and everyone of you who stopped to give me feedback, trust me, y’all got me through all the crying and hair-pulling parts. Thank you for reading, liking and loving this story so much. Y’all astound me!

This wouldn’t have been possible without the lovely @sdavid09. Thank you for betaing the series. I love you, Shanna! <3 

Tumblr is breaking all my links and tags lately, so the masterlist link below might not work. However, there is an updated one in my blog bio! :)

Feedback is really REALLY appreciated!

Stroke of luck Masterlist

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual


“No no no…” Dean muttered under his breath.

He checked to see that the last missed call was about 15 minutes ago. The buzz that he heard was from an unopened message.

The water stopped running in the bathroom just as Dean opened the message from Violet, a single word in all caps illuminated the screen.



“Dean you need to slow down,” you muttered absently as you scanned the woods passing by. If he drove at this speed, you weren’t going to spot a thing.

“Slow down? I can’t frigging slow down, Y/N,” Dean yelled.

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Genre: Fluff/ Soulmate AU!

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: Everything couldn’t have been more chaotic with your stress about getting into your favorite art school so you convinced yourself you needed a break. You felt as though your art had been lacking something-like a muse. 

Originally posted by 4cyphers

The scent of coffee and baked goods easily filled up the entire cafe, while people bustled in and out on a saturday, and the sight of people either typing away on a keyboard or reading a book on the couch were all things you had grown to love. You had convinced yourself that it was a must to visit every coffee shop within walking distance and by doing this it would somehow calm you down from your otherwise panicked state. While everyone your age was freaking out about soulmates or having kids or what their lives were going to be like in the next 10 years, you just wanted to focus on now. You wanted to obtain your dream goal of getting the job you’ve wanted so badly. 

Sure, the school was going to be hard to get into but you’ve heard numerous compliments about your art. The only thing that worried you was that fewer and fewer people were actually noticing it anymore. You sat in your studio for at least 5 hours yesterday, trying to come up with something that actually meant anything to you anymore. Even you were noticing the repetitive themes or meanings behind your creations. Everything just seemed to be lacking. 

“Hey. this is not what I ordered. Are you kidding me? You work a part time job and you can’t even do that right?” The woman yelled, throwing the coffee over the counter. 

It wasn’t until then that you had looked up from your notebook, instantly catching the eye of the barista behind the counter. He nervously just smiled at the woman, telling her that he’d happily make a new one, and overall just trying to calm her down. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the sight of another grown adult throwing a fit like a child that seemed to be happening more and more these days. It almost made you cringe thinking about your own experiences from the retail shop you worked at a few months ago. Feeling burdened by how the boy behind the counter must felt you did something out of your comfort zone. Yeah, you actually stood up and approached the woman. 

“Everyone makes mistakes, right? Can’t you cut him some slack, it’s packed here and i’m sure he’s doing his best-” You chimed in.

The woman turns to you, still with an angered glare locked into her eyes. 

“Mind your business. I’m not paying for this!” She muttered.

As much as you wanted to yell back at the irrational lady, you instead pulled a 5 from your wallet, tossing it her way. At this point everyone could use a break from her being in here at all. 

“There you don’t have to.” 

She scoffed at your boldness, snatching the bill from the counter top, and shoving past to you. 

“I’m never coming back here!” She yelled over her shoulder. 

Taehyung’s eyes shifted towards you, instantly looking apologetic.

“I am so sorry you had to deal with that, are you okay?” He came around from the counter, letting the other workers continue the line. 

“To be honest, i’m shaking but I didn’t want her to keep being rude to you guys.” You laughed, showing him your shaking hands from the confrontation.

The taller boy grabbed your hands as if it was an instinct, giving you a warm smile. It was the first up close look of him that you had gotten, practically melting in your spot at how delicate and model like his features were. His large hands completely covered yours in the most protective way, and you already felt yourself blushing. 

“Thank you for that. Oh, she took your money didn’t she? Here I’ll pay you back-What’s wrong? Your face is so red..” Taehyung stated too bluntly. 

Knowing that he actually noticed made you even more shy, trying to look away from him at the floor but something small caught your eye. You heart felt as though it had stopped completely, noticing the tiny, red ribbon that was now apparent on your ring finger. The small tattoo was something you didn’t expect to ever see since it only appears on you once you’ve touched your soulmate. You didn’t confirm that he was also seeing it but out of fear you pulled your hands away. 

“N-no! Um..Don’t worry about paying me back, really. It’s okay.”

When you finally looked back up at him, it was pretty obvious he had noticed what had just happened, staring down at his hand. At first he didn’t say anything, walking back to his boss. You didn’t know what he was doing as you stood there waiting but after a few seconds he came back without his apron. 

“Let’s go.” He said, walking past you to the door. 

You ran over, grabbing your sketch book and bag before trailing behind him.

“Wait, where are we going?” 

“Our first date. I wanna know everything about you.” Taehyung smiled. 

Suddenly you felt how dry your throat had become, gulping at his words. You clutched onto your sketchbook, looking at the stranger in front of you. It was hard to guess anything about him by just standing here, plus you had time considering your portfolio wasn’t due until the end of the month, and by some speck of impulsive whim you agreed to going with him. 

“What’s your name?” He asked as he walked alongside of you, guiding the both of you.

“It’s Y/N. I read yours in the cafe on your name tag, Taehyung, right? How did you just leave work like that? Are you sure it’s okay when it’s busy?”

He couldn’t hide his childish smile, happy that you paid attention to him. 

“Yeah, it’s not everyday you meet your soulmate. Some people never get the chance, you know? You don’t always live near each other or speak the same language. It would be lame just to give you my number and talk to you later. I seriously want to know about you so much. I can tell you’re a good person when you stood up for me in there. Also you can call me Tae if you want.”

Your cheeks started to feel warm again at his compliments. 

“Yeah, I don’t know why I did. That was really scary.” You chuckled. 

“Maybe it was fate?” Taehyung said in a more serious tone. 


Nodding his head, he decided to explain.

“Well you did something you wouldn’t normally do but since you did we were able to meet. oh, we’re here-!”

In front of you was one of the parks you frequented. It usually served as a good place for scenery inspiration but for some reason it looked even better than usual. The fall leaves had just turned their colors and the cold breeze that passed by the trees felt nice instead of freezing. Taehyung had walked over to you on one of the benches, sitting down. His large hand gently reached out to hold yours, encouraging you to sit down with him. 

“So you’re an artist?” He asked, looking at the sketchbook you were holding onto so dearly. 

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I’ve been practicing a lot lately. See, I have to come up with this portfolio and I’ve been having trouble coming up with new art. The theme was supposed to be things I care about the most. It sounds easy but it’s become ridiculously hard to convey the emotions in them lately. I was thinking that I need to find a new muse.”  There was smile brought to your lips as he asked about your work.

Tae sat there with a blank facial expression, tilting his head as he stared at you so deeply. He seemed concentrated as he scanned your whole self.

“Did I say too much?”

He shook his head, pouting in refusal. 

“No, I just-…Ah, I’m so lucky. I can’t believe you’re my soulmate.” His tone was more innocent and genuine. 

“…..You aren’t disappointed?”

“Why would I be? You’re into art just like me. My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. I even have the starry night painting in my room so every night I can look at it. It’s calming. Besides I thought you were beautiful when I first saw you and seeing you closer only makes me think it more.

His words easily had you melting into your seat, blushing like crazy. Maybe it was his voice that got you so embarrassed, it sounded like art in itself when he spoke. This whole thing just felt like a dream, making you look down at the crimson ribbon on your finger. 

“I wouldn’t say I’m-”

“Does that make me a liar then?” Taehyung pouted. 

“Well, no-”

“Then that means you’re beautiful. No more take backs.” He hummed, almost too happily. 

His childish antics were endearing to say the least, causing you to burst out in laughter. He looked at you, shocked. Picking his hand up, you placed yours on his, staring at the ribbon more intently before looking past it at him. With a smile, you took in the scenery with Taehyung sitting in front of it.

“You know what, Tae?”


“I think I found my new muse.”

Bruised and Battered Chapter 3

Dean Winchester x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: Being friend with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Warnings: Mentons of Abuse

Sitting there, forcing yourself to smile and laugh as Dean tossed joke after joke, you tried to keep your mind from wandering. It was hard getting used to the fact that you were able to laugh freely, able to move about the room without fear of being beaten.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, you had tensed up when Dean sat down next to you, handing you a beer bottle. “Y/N, are you sure everything’s okay?” He asked, realizing the way you had automatically pulled away from him, wincing as you waited for his hand to land on you. It was a nervous habit that you couldn’t control, even when you knew Dean wasn’t going to strike you.

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The City of Love

Summary: During a well-deserved break from saving the world you realise on a night out in Paris that your feelings for your favourite super-soldier might not be as one-sided as you originally thought. They don’t call Paris the City of Love for nothing, right? 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warning: use of alcohol, tons of FLUFF

Words: 3182 (what happened there?)

A/N: First - no beta. All mistakes are my own. Second - Last year I went on a holiday to Paris with four of my closest friends. This story is based on what happened on one of our nights there. We had tons of fun and I hope it translates to this fanfic. Enjoy my lovelies! 

Tags: @buckyywiththegoodhair and @kapalaran ❤️ I’m also gonna tag @captain-rogers-beard because Mimi is amazing and tags me in all her awesome marvel fics. Now she can read some of my very poor attempts at Bucky fics. 🙈

Originally posted by thesazzerdazzer

Paris. The City of Love. You always envisioned yourself visiting this place with the love of your life, not necessarily married but in a happy and stable relationship at least. Just the two of you, on a romantic gateway. You would stay in a fancy hotel, go out on romantic dinners and strolls along the Seine, your lover’s strong arms securely wrapped around your waist, whispering sweet nothings into your ear while you’re watching the sunset and waiting for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle in the moonlight. Your daydream came to a sudden halt as Sam’s annoyed voice burst your happy bubble. “Give it back! You don’t even know how to use it, Frosty!”

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”STALKER” (Jonathan Crane x Reader)

Hello, my little wings!!

I hope you enjoy this oneshot! I love writting for villains of dc comics! if you got any prompt for any villain let me know!

Request: Do you write for Jonathan Crane? If so, can you write one where he stalks the reader because he loves her and then she finds out and you decide what happens from there? If that makes sense

Requested by Anon!


Tagging: @hamsterforlive and @plethora-of-things 

If you want to be tagged, message me any time!

Hope you enjoy!

 Part 1 ( here1) Part2   Jay’s ending  Jon’s ending

You were an exchange student from (y/c) and had come to Gotham for researching Arkham for your thesis in psychiatry. Your parents refused, saying it was too dangerous but you liked the thrill and you were really curious of meeting the infamous Arkham inmates.

You fixed your skirt before entering the shady asylum. In the entrance, a brunette woman waited for you.

“Hello, (y/n) (l/n), right?” She asked

“Yes, a pleasure.” You said

“My name is doctor Mel. I’ll be your tutor thought this and I’ll assist you in every interview. If you have any question you can ask me. As for the rules, we are very strict with the rules. There will be some inmates you won’t be able to talk with more than a few minutes, for your safety. I suggest you to don’t fraternize with the inmates. Everything clear?”

“Yes, doctor.” You nodded and clutched your bag harder. The doctor’s eyes softened, she put a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t you worry, miss (l/n). Nothing bad will happen to you.” You let a shaky breath as she guided you to your first interview. As you passed the hall where the cells where you clutched your bag closer.





You keep your eyes on the door in the end of the hall, doctor Mel gided you to the room.

Once you where there, Doctor stopped.

“Your first interview will be Crane, Jonathan. As he was interested in meeting you. I forewarn you, Crane doesn’t look dangerous but he is. Don’t take anything from him, and if he starts getting inside your head, press the button in your visitor wristband.”

You nodded and entered the room, a guard opened the door and waited until you were comfortable, once you nodded at him he leaved. You waited for a few moments until another guard brought the scarecrow.

“Be careful” gruffed the guard “I’ll be outside, scream and I’ll come in” You smiled and nodded in appreciation.

“Well, well,well…What brings a student here? Oh, dear…why won’t you look at me?”

“Am I talking to Doctor Crane or to The Scarecrow?”

He, for a moment looked taken aback, he quickly recomposed himself and smirked.

“Does it matter?” he sassed

“As a matter of fact, it does. Doctor Crane I’ve toughly studied your research in the concept of “fear” and I find it really interesting, I even dare to say it revolutionary. I, myself find it appealing. Have been victim of a severe Anxiety that causer Paranoid thoughts, your study discovered a new concept of the illness to me. Sadly the way you choose dirtied your brilliant future-“ Crane hand hit the table and his teeth where clenching.


You took notes of everything before nodding.

“Very well, mr Scarecrow. Would you be so kind as of answering some questions?”

His face calmed. “Okay”

“Great, now.” As the interview went on Crane found himself enchanted by you. You beauty made him weak in the knees, your intelligence made him swoon. Never had he found himself so at ease, so understood. Even the scarecrow gave him a break!

He smiled as a bit of blush covered his pale cheeks.

“Well, we are done Mr. Crane. I’m very thankful in your willingness to cooperate in my research, I’ll be sure to credit you in it.”

“I hope I can read it soon” He tried to smile charmingly.

You brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“I hope so, Mr. Cane. Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, I’ll call the guard so he can escort you to your cell.”

His hand quickly grabbed yours, scaring you.

“W-Will we-I mean I see you again?” his eyes looked mad.

“um, I seriously doubt it, Mr Crane. As I will be attending other inmates until I leave to (y/c) in approximately three weeks.” His eyes widened in horror and his hands tightened around yours.

“W-What? Already? I have more data you could use! I’m sure you could maybe, come to see me again” His smile twisted. You released your poor hand from his tight hold.

“Sorry Mr. Crane. I’m allowed to see each inmate only once-“

“But I can show you the world!” He tried to get up but his bonds didn’t let him. You came closer to the wall as he started to become violent. The two guards came in and reduced him, cuffing him and dragging him back.

“NO! YOU CAN’T GO! YOU UNDERSTAND ME! NO ONE DOES BUT YOU! NO MISS (Y/n)! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE!” Crane shouted as he unwillingly was being “escorted” back to his cell.

You let yourself fall to the ground, speechless as Doctor Mel approached you.

“Are you ok, miss (y/n)?” She worried.

“I-I am. Let go with the next one-“ You breathed.

“You sure?”

“I am.” With adrenaline pumping into your veins you attended the next patient.


Crane approached the table where the Joker was. He often never teamed up with him, nor asked for favors…but he needed out of here.

“Well,well,well…what’s brings you here Johnny boy?” The joker laughed.

“I heard you had a plan of escaping Arkham.” Crane said, unfazed.

“My, my you want to join us? Wow Craney boy! It’s that student, isn’t it? My my, cute little thing! Those pouty lip! Make a man go mad-“Crane’s fist punched the table hard, making everyone silent. That silence was broken by the joker’s cackle.

“Shut up.” He snarled. And the Joker’s smile widened.

“We leave at midnight!” The joker smirked.


You had lied, you had at least two months of classes at Gotham University.

Bad, bad (y/n)…

As you were archiving the new data you got today you felt someone watching you. You looked around, but you found nothing.

You shrugged and continued writing on your computer.

Outside your windows, Scarecrow was pushed against the wall outside your house.

You almost caught him.

He had been stalking you for about 2 weeks.

And he found himself falling more and more in love with you.

“She’s so beautiful…” Jonathan sighed.

“She is. And her mind! Oh!” Scarecrow said.

“yes” Jonathan followed your silhouette to the bathroom. You had prepared yourself a relaxing bath after dealing with Killer Croc.

You sighed as your clothes fell from your body. Jonathan bit his lip as his hold on your window tightened.

The scarecrow sighed in his mind at the same time you sat, the warm, steamy water moving around you.

“In a few days, it will be us there with her!” Scarecrow whispered to Crane.

“yes” Jonathan sighed.

“ She’s ours! As we are hers!”  Scarecrow yelled.

“No one will separate us…” Jonathan bit his lip harder as his hand traveled down his pants.


You were dress in a comfortable pants and sweatshirt as you gazed down Gotham highest building.  The harsh air of Gotham dried your lips, as you applied your lip balm, a tall shadow loomed over you.

“Good night Batman.” You said.

“Good night, miss (y/n). You said you wanted to meet me?” Batman gruffled.

“Yes actually” Turns and looks at him “ I have some questions for you”

“Hn” Batman said, and you had the feeling this wasn’t going to be productive.

At the same time, an angry jealous Scarecrow glared at the bat.

“see, Jonny boy? We have to destroy the bat! He’s trying to steal her from us!” Scarecrow feed Crane’s madness.

“Yes” Crane glared at the hand you laid on the Bat’s shoulder. “She will be ours.”

“By any means necessary” Jonathan smirked.


You were walking downtown Gotham when you were pulled against a wall when soft lips ravaged yours. You tried to push them away but they hold your hand above you head.

“Miss (y/n)….” Scarecrow moaned in your ear, but the distortion of the fear gas made you unable to identify him. “You look sooo beautiful…that terrified face…” Your scream was silenced by crane’s lips that were smashed against yours, his long fingers grabbed your hair as his tongue fought yours. His other hand that grabbed your face softly was being soaked by your tears.

“SHHHHHH, my love….shhh….it okay, it’s okay! Your soulmate is here…shhhhhh” Jonathan hugged you, kissing your sweaty cheeks and forehead comfortably. You whimpered, as the effects of the drug passed you passed out, Crane grabbed you and carried you to your room.

Crane set you on your comfortable bed, and covered your body. He get up to grab a wet towel to wipe your sweat, he sat next to you and wiped it lovingly.

“She’s so beautiful…”

“And her screams were like sweet honey”

“Her lips were soft like clouds…”

“Her skin was so warm and delicious…”


You turned around, facing him. He laid next to you, hugged you and kissed your eyelids.

“I love you”


You waked up, startled.  

Huff, it was a nightmare…

You get up and saw warm (f/b) in your table, a (f/f) sat inside a vase. A note was beside it than said:

         Good Morning my love

Last night you passed out in my arms so I carried you back home. Here you have your favorite breakfast, exclusively for you.


Your soulmate,


You let the note fall to the ground, you covered your mouth and fell to the ground.

Someone entered in your apartment.

Someone was watching you.

You started breathing heavily.

Oh god

Oh f*ck


An overwhelming pain invaded your chest as your door opened.

“(y/n)!” Yelled Jason Todd, your boyfriend. He ran to you and cached you, hugging you and rocking you, calming you down. “Shhhhh, I’m here…I’m here…” You hugged him, crying on his neck.

“Shhhh, I’m not letting them hurt you…”

As Jason calmed you, Jonathan looked at you two. Jealousy blinded him.

“If you aren’t mine, nobody will have you” Crane said.


It was time to go back to (c/n) and Jason and the outlaws decided to go with you. Well Jason came with you, Roy and Kory came once in a while.

You calmly wrote your thesis as Jason read a book on your couch.

“Babe, im boooooooooooored!” Jason said. “Come and hug me?”

“Almost done….” You typed the last words and saved it. “Done!” You laid above Jason as he kissed your lips softly, his hands burying themselves in your hair.

“mmmmh” Said Jason as his phone went off like crazy. He keep kissing you until you stopped him.

“It seems urgent, you should get it” You smiled and Jason huffed. He answered the phone.

“Dick…what?….seriously?!….shit….ill go….fine…see you” Jason sighed.

“What’s wrong, jay?” You asked worried.

“I have to go back to go home.” He sighed.

“What happened?”

“All Arkham escaped…the league is stretched tight. I have to go” He kissed you.” Okay?”

“Okay” You kissed back. “Be careful…” You kissed him softly.

“I love you” He said.

“I love you too.”


Its been month since Jason returned to Gotham, and you had enough.

You bought a ticket to Gotham but weren’t expecting to find it under Scarecrows control.

“What…What happened?”

“The scarecrow got the control of the city. Batman disappeared. You have to go back girl. This ain’t safe!” A man said as he ran away from something. You looked behind the commotion to see Bane.

“Oh god-“You started running away but Bane cached you.

“The scarecrow will be happy” He knocked you out and carried you away.


“Scarecrow, I got a present for you” Bane said as he entered the dispatch.

“hmm?” Crane looked at Bane, unsure. “What is-“ Scarecrow stopped mid-sense when he saw you knocked out body.

“This girl…is the one you wanted” Bane said.

“Let her down” Crane approached your body tentatively. “Go” Bane obeyed, leaving Crane and you alone. He immediately ran to you, holding you close.

“Look, my love! I builded our own empire! So we can rule it together! Are you proud!!?? “ He carried you to his bed and laid next to you. “ I read your thesis, it was brilliant my love! How you explained your experience….ahhh just-just orgasmic!” He moaned as he kissed your neck. “I missed you, so much! I took care of that dirt you called boyfriend! You wont see him again!” He kissed your lips and you slowly waked up.

“H-huh? J-JAY?” When your eyes were completely open you looked at the crazy eyes of the Scarecrow and screamed. He covered your mouth with his lips.

“Shhhhh, my love…..” He kissed you again. “Please, don’t scream… I made this all for us! For us and our unborn child!” His grin widened in one you could only describe as crazy.

“Please let me go!, please! I didn’t do anything!!!” You panicked.

“Shhhh, my darling. I won’t hurt you! I love you! We will be together forever!”


“Your petty boyfriend won’t come” He smirked.” Now…”

He started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Im going to show you, how much I love you…”

He kissed and bited your neck as your terrified tears fell

“Shhhhhh, we will be together forever…”


“No shit, bats! The crazy got my girlfriend! I won’t let him hurt her!”

“Jason don’t be rash” Batman said. “We can’t interfere just now!”




To be continued???

(you want a part 2?)