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My very first (decent) cc recolor, feel free to test it and use at your own disposal. This is (one of) my first recolors and I probably do not know what I’m doing. 

Tag me or send me a pic or something if you do use. I wanna see what you do with it.

Credit goes to @kedluu for the original MESH (hey psst. You MUST get the mesh for it to work).

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Into the Woods Musical Sentence Starters.

“ You can talk to birds? ”
“ The prettier the flower, the farther from the path. ”
“ For all that I know, she’s / he’s already dead. ”
“ Slotted spoons don’t hold much soup. ”
“ There’s a dead giant in my back yard! ”
“ What about our anger? ”
“ Do you think it was a picnic disposing of your husband’s remains? ”
“ No one cared when there was a dead giant in my backyard!  ”
“ I don’t remember you volunteering to come to my aid. ”
“ Now I have two friends: a cow and a harp! ”
“ The difference between a cow and a bean is a bean can begin an adventure! ”
“ But where am I to go? I have no one to take care of me. ”
“ There are big tall terrible giants in the sky. ”
“ Oh, my precious calls to me. ”
“ Sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be touched. ”
“ Some of us don’t like the way you’ve been telling it. ”
“ When you’re dead, you’re dead. ”
“ You’re not good; you’re not bad; you’re just nice. ”
“ Careful the things you say children will listen. ”
“ To the people in the woods during the last midnight. ”
“ Will you please go home! ”
“ Well… perhaps it will take the two of us to get this child. ”
“ It’s magic that… defies description. ”
“ I’ve never lied to royalty before…I’ve never anything to royalty before! ”
“ I need that shoe to have a child! ”
“ Oh, these beans are no ordinary beans. ”
“ This is ridiculous, what am I doing here, I’m in the wrong story! ”
“ If you know what you want, you go and you find it and you get it. ”
“ I was raised to be charming, not sincere. ”
“ Worrying will do you no good. ”
“ I can capture my own damsel, thank you. ”
“ What kind of a name is that? ”
“ The harder to get, the better to have. ”
“ What a strange name… Strange, but beautiful and fit for a prince. ”
“ No, there’s a dwarf standing guard. ”
“ Wanting a ball is not wanting a prince. ”
“ What I want most of all is to know what I want. ”
“ Your house was a dream. Now I want something in between. ”
“ When first I appear I seem mysterious, but when explained I’m nothing serious. ”
“ Never can tell what lies ahead, for all that I know she’s already dead. ”
“ Every knot was once straight rope. ”
“ Sometimes I fear you’re touched! ”
“ No, what matters is that everyone tells tiny lies. ”
“ There are bugs on her/his dugs! There are flies in her/him eyes! ”
“ You know nothing of madness ‘til you’re climbing his/her hair… ”
“ Sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be touched. ”
“ The closer to the family, the closer to the wine. ”
“ The mouth of a wolf’s not the end of the world. ”
“ Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. ”
“ I’m not longer a child. I wish to see the world. ”
“ Don’t you know whats out there in the world? ”
“ Someone has to shield you from the world. ”
“ Who out there could love you more than I? ”
“ Stay with me, the world is dark and wild. ”
“ It’s no sicker than your thing with dwarfs. ”
“ Anything can happen in the woods. ”
“ Any moment we could be crushed, don’t feel rushed. ”
“ Wait a minute though, I chopped down the beanstalk, right? ”
“ So the one who knows what happend to the bean is you! ”
“ Oh, dear! But I didn’t knew it, so I dropped it right here! ”
“ It’s the last midnight, it’s the last wish. ”
“ Broke a little vow, did you? ”
“ Ok, that’s the thing you enjoy: placing the blame. ”
“ If that’s the ame just give me the blame! ”
“ I’m not good. I’m not nice. I’m just right. ”
“ Children may not obey but children will listen. ”
“ Only I can lift the spell, the spell is on myhouse. ”
“ Well, that makes no sense. ”
“ What kind of magic? ”
“ I see you’ve the red cape. ”
“ I don’t believe that egg came from that hen. ”
“ It plays the most beatuiful tunes without your even having to touch it. ”
Red flags to look for in psychiatrists

- if they do not like that you research your disorder/s and treatment/s
- if they do not explain the reason/s behind certain treatment/medication that they are prescribing you
- if they are reluctant/refuse to let you access your medical records
- if their first response to symptoms is medication without any talk therapy
- if they say they “don’t believe in therapy”
- if they say they “don’t believe in medication”
- if they insist on seeing your parent/legal guardian without you being present
- if they tell you that there are no other treatment available if you complain about your current treatment/medication not working/having unmanageable side effects
- if they diagnose you without explaining how they came to that diagnosis, what it entails, and which treatments you have at your disposal
- if they fall asleep during a session (you’re laughing but it happened, several times, and i’m not boring)
- if they assure you that you cannot have [insert disorder here] because you are too young/wealthy/poor/fat/skinny/smiling/old/whatever bs (the only valid reasons for not having a disorder is if you do not meet the minimum criteria for it, age/body/ethnicity/etc are not criteria)
- if they tell you that you obviously do not want/are not ready to get help (that’s a super abusive technique, would only see this as a valid comment to make if you are pressured into seeing them by someone who has authority over you)
- if they insist on you continuing to take a medication despite the side effects very negatively affecting you (for example: if you are recovering from an ED and you get the “gaining weight” side effect and that is very triggering to you)
- if they are flippant about/disregard your feelings

i’m probably forgetting a lot. feel free to add.

EDIT: I made a blog to vent about bad mental health practitioners @shrinksfromhell. Check it out and submit your stories!

Enchanted Items 🔮💍

•its always a good idea to enchant items you know you’ll almost always have on you like glasses or a piece of jewelry, maybe even that lipstick you always wear.
Personally i enchanted my glasses and a ring I always wear

Purpose of Enchanted Items:

Enchanted Items can serve a lot of purposes.

💍You can enchant it to serve as a protection charm

🔮You can put your witchy energy in it, and use it at your disposal

💍When you ground, you can store all the excess energy within the item to recycle the energy for next use

🔮When you do a spell you can store some intent in there

💍Use the energy in it for spells

🔮Give enchanted Items to someone else to give them your intent whether it be good or bad

💍Use them to direct energy

🔮If you choose to enchant glasses your gaze can fix any sort of intent onto something, same goes for rings (enchant with touch) and other things

💍Be creative, there are so many more things you can do with this.

🔮 Housing entities, it can serve as an anchor to your entities and can be used to call upon them, also can be used to channel energy through that entity

How to enchant items:
💍Bless it yourself, however you may do it

🔮Ask your deities to bless it for you

💍Simply fill it with you own energy

🔮I personally called down energy from the universe to go into it

💍Literally do anything

🔮Leave it under a full moon

💍Seriously, you can do anything to enchant it

🔮Do a ritual

💍If you choose to use it as a protection charm, do a protection spells and store it’s energy in there

🔮 If you choose to use it for any sort of charm you can use the energy of your intent to enchant it

💍Call upon the elements

🔮Seriously guys, these are just examples be CREATIVE go wild with it

Gone with the wind

being shut down as a child and told that what you want doesn’t matter 

feeling like your words don’t hold any weight and that you have no influence on anything that happens to you

still feeling when you get hurt it’s your fault, because everyone agrees that it is

feeling like nobody will ever want to listen to anything you have to say

feeling like anything you say can’t possibly be important or of any value

feeling like anything you do has no worth or significance simply because it’s you who did it

feeling screaming inside from injustice but knowing you can’t do anything about it

feeling unbearably anxious and angry and helpless you end up harming yourself

feeling guilty for harming yourself

feeling helpless to change anything

feeling like you’re not important enough for your pain to matter

feeling like you probably wont live for long anyway

feeling like you’re disposable, and your life is disposable

feeling like there’s no meaning to life like this

feeling like there’s no way out

feeling like any expression of your pain is attention seeking, selfish, manipulative, abusive, wrong, and like you’ll get shut down and punished for it

because you always were shut down and punished for it

but it’s still nobody’s fault because “you’re not expressing how bad you are so nobody can help you”

feeling like nobody could help you even if they knew

feeling like your pain is a burden

feeling inner frustration so unbearable you want to explode

feeling scared of yourself and what you might do

feeling like you’re a monster even if you can’t figure out just what did you do to become one

all of these are signs of experiencing severe child abuse.

if you felt this, you were abused.

Shameless - CALUM SMUT

there has been a ton of requests for this sort of thing and i got inspired. basically this is pure nsfw smut plz read with caution.


“This is a bad idea.” Calum swallowed thickly as he adjusted his tight jeans.

“You are not backing out now.” You grinned, holding the small remote in your hand and adjusting the settings fast in an attempt to sway him.

Calum lurched forward, his mouth wide as he moaned freely; completely at your disposal as you toyed with the settings of the remote control vibrating anal beads currently in him. You squealed as he lunged for the other remote on the dresser - the one that controlled your own vibrating underwear - quickly getting his revenge and swivelling the dial to the highest setting.

“Godammit.” Calum choked out, almost on his knees with how good the vibrations felt pulsing through his prostate.

“Calum I’m in my dress turn it off!” You squeaked, desperate not to cum in the original Yves Saint Laurent before you’ve even stepped out the house.

You were both meant to be preparing for the AMAs, walking the red carpet in just under two hours. But the scandalous idea had hit you when playing with your own full size vibrator one night, astounded by the purrs from your boyfriend as you experimentally ran the toy up and down his cock. The revelation spiralled and ended up with both of you daring the other to wear remote controlled vibration devices at the next public appearance you both attended.

And that had landed you in this situation today. You didn’t let your gaze stray from the panting boy as he plucked the small remote from your hands and turned his anal toy off, then turning yours off.

“Jesus, we’re never going to last the whole night.” You panted, propping yourself up by your elbows on your kingsize bed.

“Speak for yourself.” Calum said confidently, giggling at you.

You rolled your eyes and stood up on weak legs, lightly hitting his arm. You moved to the full length mirror in the corner of your shared room, smoothing out your dress and checking your makeup in the glass.

“We need to get going.” You spoke as you received a text from your Uber driver.

He would take you to the rest of the boys and their respective dates, and then you would all arrive at the red carpet together.

“Don’t forget this.” Calum handed you his remote, winking deviously before switching your vibrations on for a split second and cackling as he left the room, closely followed by you.

The car ride was uneventful, neither of you working the other up too much in front of your friends. They’d all caught you in compromising positions anyway, it was far more fun to build the sexual tension and watch Calum twitch as you ran your fingers along the remote in the pocket of your dress.

“Ready?” Calum laid his large hand on your thigh as you neared the venue, the car buzzing with excitement.

“As I’ll ever be.”

Shivers ran down your spine as the door of the car slid open, your vision faced with an onslaught of flashing lights and ears deafened by high-pitched screams from the crowd.

Neither of you dared to make the first move as paparazzi clamoured around you. One picture is worth a thousand words and both of you had boundaries. Your jealous nature meant you didn’t want Calum’s orgasm immortalised and shared around countless magazines and websites, and you were sure the feeling was mutual. However as the less intense interviews started, so did the fun.

You had been singled out by MTV, asking you who you were wearing and which acts you were excited to see later on that night. The interview was going well until you flinched at the all too familiar feeling of vibrations from your underwear. You glanced over at Calum, who was beaming at you, his hand in his pocket as he discreetly fiddled with the speed, switching from lowly vibrating to the bullets’ fastest setting. You felt your cheeks get hot as you tried to control your breathing and stay upright in your heels as your legs quaked.

You were overcome with relief as the interview finally came to a close and you could return Calum’s little favour. You caught his eye from across the bustling carpet and shook your head, a sly smirk decorating your face as you slowly turned on his toy. You watched hungrily as Calum’s entire body tightened, only making the sensations stronger for him. He narrowed his eyes at you before having to answer a question the bright-eyed female reporter addressed to him. Even from a few meters away you could tell he was struggling to keep his voice from cracking. But before your head got too big Calum flicked his own remote again, bowing his head and chuckling as you almost had to lean against a barricade to keep yourself standing. You had nearly given up trying to hide your inevitable orgasm; you were fighting to keep your eyes open and your mouth closed as the harsh vibrations wracked your body. You turned Calum’s toy off in surrender but he didn’t return the gesture. Your breath was hitching and before you could moan the incessant trembling in your soaked underwear ceased. You let out a whimper which was easily drowned by the non-stop shouting from fans and would have collapsed if not for Calum’s impeccable timing. His arm wrapped securely around your waist, giving your weak legs a break and allowing your body to stay standing. He kissed your cheek as you were heckled for more photos, but guided you both indoors, courteously waving at the electric crowd.

“God…” You laughed as you tried to collect your fuzzy thoughts.

Calum had led you both to a quiet corner and you propped yourself up against a wall, your breathing pattern slowly returning to normal.

“You okay?” Calum asked, the look on his face telling you he was wrecked from the teasing too.

You giggled again and held your head in your hands, “We need to get seated.” You exhaled loudly and took a ginger step forward, testing the strength of your legs.

You walked in front of Calum and jumped as he slapped your ass, whispering, “I’m going to make you cum so fucking hard during those performances.” As he took your arm, ignoring your jaw going slack at the thought.

Once you had found the other boys and their dates, you had almost forgotten about the secret you both were keeping. As the musical performances started you both couldn’t help but cheer along with the roaring crowd and get completely distracted by the acts. However, as the awards started getting announced, you both got fidgety. Teasing each other for so long without a release just had you itching to get the other alone. But you were restricted to your seats as the award 5SOS were nominated for was finally announced. You gave Calum’s hand a squeeze and held your breath as the presenters waited for the end of a tension-filled drum roll that felt like it would lasted forever.

“And the winner is… 5 Seconds Of Summer!”

Calum leapt up, quickly joined by his overjoyed bandmates and you. Calum was greeted by high-fives and handshakes from the surrounding crowd and a gigantic hug you engulfed him in. As the supportive cheering died down it was time for the boys to collect their award on stage but Calum quickly hugged you tight again. You tried to draw away after a few seconds but he held you firm, you stiffened as he whispered in your ear.

“Don’t you dare play games with me whilst I’m up there.”

You didn’t reply, too stunned from their win and his threatening tone to think of a sassy comeback. Calum kissed your cheek gently and left your side to join his friends and the presenters on stage.

You sat back in your seat, tossing the small remote in your pocket and pondering whether or not you should comply to Calum’s demand. As the microphone was handed to Calum you mentally exclaimed ‘Fuck it.’ and twisted the dial which switched on Calum’s toy.

You bit back a laugh as Calum’s words became choked and short and his heavy breathing was audible through the mic. He was chewing the inside of his cheek and his hands were shaking, and on the big screen you were sure you could see a layer of sweat beginning to form on his flushed face. To the audience it would seem as if he was just nervous or excited but if he stayed up there longer than a few minutes you both knew it would suddenly become a very different televised event. You watched eagerly as Calum handed the microphone over to Ashton and reached his hand into his jean pocket, deftly returning the vibrations in full force. You bit back a squeal and squirmed in your seat, the highest setting making you giggle uncontrollably as you knew Calum was definitely angry at you for potentially embarrassing him. The people next to you gave you smiles, innocently thinking you were just overjoyed for your boyfriend and his band, little did they know. Your stomach was in knots and your toes were curling against the soles of your shoes, you were sure you were about to explode from all the edging that Calum had put you through tonight. In the meantime Calum was sweating next to his peers, praying that his boner was concealed by his long shirt and that the boys would get ushered off the brightly lit stage soon. He slapped a hand on Luke’s shoulder, to others it would seem congratulatory, but truthfully it was because he wasn’t sure how much longer his legs would hold up against the assault of the vibrating toy.

As soon as the presenter ushered them offstage Calum was rushing back to your side, glaring at you and gritting his teeth to hold off from cumming in his jeans. He grabbed your hand and took the remote from you, switching his toy off. You couldn’t put up a fight even if you wanted to, at this point you were trying - and failing - to steady your breathing and your hands were brutally digging into the arm of your chair. You were close and Calum knew it. He took out the remote control for your underwear and held it on his thigh where you but no-one else could see it. He watched you closely, examining your breath and the scrunching of your eyes.

He was waiting.

Tension was pooling in your belly and you could hardly stop yourself from thrashing around and causing a scene. Just as you were about to moan out in pleasure Calum flicked the remote off, instead causing a disappointed whine to leave your mouth, which earnt a few strange looks. You almost had a strop in the huge venue but hastily decided against begging for Calum to let you cum in front of a few thousand people.

You silently seethed as Calum had all the power now. You were now forced to wait until you reached the comfort of your own home before finally getting the release that currently had you completely wet and quaking.

You bounced your legs nervously in the taxi. You were riled up and internally screaming for Calum’s touch to push you over the edge, but he had deliberately ignored you for the rest of the night, letting you take his arm but refusing to acknowledge your tugs on his sleeve in an attempt to get him home.

He finally complied to your silent request just after midnight, bidding farewell to his fellow musicians and gripping your hand a little too tight as you walked out of the grand doors of the venue and into your arranged car.

By the time you arrived home and got inside you were practically sweating from anticipation, but Calum simply swanned over the threshold, hardly paying any attention you. Just because he had been treating you this way the entire night, didn’t mean you had gotten used to it and you were far from happy with being looked over. You pouted dramatically and huffed as you sat down on the sofa, waiting for Calum to check on you but he didn’t. You heard footsteps echo into your bedroom and crossed your legs and arms, pursing your lips even more and furrowing your eyebrows.  You sighed loudly and eventually resorted to following Calum, trailing into the room stroppily before stopping dead in the doorframe.

Calum was lying on your bed completely naked and jerking himself off leisurely, his remote control toy discarded next to him. He lazily turned his head towards you as you walked in, giving you a nod in acknowledgement and biting back a smirk at your reaction to his position.

“What are you doing?” You gulped.

Calum’s hips bucked as he sped up, unwilling to admit he liked you just watching him hungrily. You could only stare in awe as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. He glanced over at you, still stuck in the doorway, and chuckled lowly.

“Don’t look so lost princess.” He grinned as he fucked his fist.

You doubled over, the vibrating in your underwear suddenly violent as Calum took control of the remote again, rendering you weak for the fourth time that night. He waved the remote tauntingly, luring you over to the side of the bed. Your legs ached and you surrendered, collapsing on the bed next to Calum, who was in turn wrecking himself.

“Turn it off!” Your legs spasmed as you swatted at Calum, who kept the remote way out of reach, stroking himself more deliberately as his eyes swept your quivering body.

“Calum!” You practically yelled your boyfriend’s name, your hands grabbing fistfulls of the sheets.

Calum complied to your request at the last second you could hold on for, reading your body like a damn book. You relaxed on the bed, somewhat disappointed but glad he relented for just a second. Before he could start his torture on you again you hastily stood up and wriggled out of your dress, throwing it over a chair and making a mental note to hang it up later.

You looked Calum dead in the eyes as you unclipped your bra, sliding it off your shoulders and throwing it down at your feet. You gaze locked as you bent slightly to slip off the underwear. Calum swallowed the lump in his throat, the hand on his cock frozen. He didn’t have control over you anymore.

You moved slowly towards the bed, basking in the attention Calum was now giving you. You knelt on the edge of the mattress, eyeing up the boy suspiciously as he had a mischievous smirk on his face. As you predicted, he launched himself towards you once you were close, flinging his body on yours and pinning you against the soft sheets.

“Wanna race?” His eyes were glinting evilly and with those two words you knew that you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.

“That’s not fair, you’ve been teasing all night!” You protested.

Your ‘races’ with each other rarely occurred, due to how wrecked it left the both of you. The aim of the game was to cum last, doing all you could to make the other cum first. Calum never let you top when you raced because the position allowed you to have more control and he liked winning.

“Loser buys dinner?”

“It’s like 2am, Cal.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Eat me.”

Calum dropped his head into the crook of your neck and scoffed at your remark, his lips finding your collarbone nipping at it gently.

“After you cum around my cock.”

His sudden dirty talk startled you but sent a flood of warm tingles through your body. Game on. You wrapped your legs around his hips, pulling him in tighter to you and moaning yourself when his hard on brushed against your wetness. Grabbing the back of his neck forcefully, you pressed your lips to his and quickly realised how inevitable it was that you were going to lose. Calum’s lips worked magic and you were soaking under him just from a few seconds of making out, that boy had you utterly wrapped around his finger. You were kissing him as if he was oxygen, passionate and deep, your tongue flitting over the plump lips they knew all too well.

“Need you…” You whined, gasping for breath as Calum sucked a bright hickey on your neck, knowing he’d have to pay for it later.

“What was that?” His voice mocked your desperation, he knew exactly what you wanted.

“Calum! Please, I need you.” Your ragged breath was making it hard to talk but you spat the words out.

He said nothing else, just let you watch him in anticipation. He reached his hand between your two bodies and grabbed his length, pumping a few times before teasing you with his tip.

“For fucks sake!” You squirmed, about to burst from the need to feel him inside you.

“Patience babygirl.”

His words drove you crazy but you needed to at least try to win the race. Your jaw went slack as Calum finally indulged you, pushing in gently and pacing himself slowly to get you warmed up to his size. After all this time his size still stretched you and you couldn’t stop yourself hissing at the burning you were so addicted to.

Somehow you found each other’s lips again, soft gasps escaping your mouths as Calum thrusted gently. You both knew this wasn’t the aim of the game but you couldn’t help basking in the effortless love you both showed for each other… Even if it occasionally involved embarrassing each other in front of huge crowds. Uncharacteristically he groaned, his hips stuttering and biting his lip hard.

“Close, Cal?” You teased, grinding your hips down on his length and watched cunningly as his eyes fluttered and rolled. It was a competition after all.

“Shut up.” He growled, surprised himself at how the toy had worked him up so much.

He connected your lips again, kissing you swollen. His thrusts became animalistic, pushing deep trying to hit your sweet spot and keep his winning streak. It was working, but his panting told you he was a split second closer to cumming than you were. He rested a hand above you on the headboard and he drove into you harder, both of you moaning with abandon as you tightened around him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You whined, thrashing your arms and dragging your fingernails down Calum’s taught back, rendering him weak.

“God… fuck!” Calum faltered, exploding inside you and doing his best to not completely crush you under his weight as his arms struggled to hold him up.

The feeling of him inside you was the last straw and tipped you over the edge, sending you spiralling out of control as your hands curled into fists and you came hard around him, “Calum” being the only coherent word your lips could form.

You lay weak, Calum’s torso pressed tightly to yours and arms wrapped around each other before Calum carefully pulled out of you, rolling on his side but still remaining close to you. Both of you lay in silence, bathing in the afterglow and catching your breath.

“I won.” You muttered, giggling as Calum sighed loudly.

You turned your head to look at him and raised your eyebrows, unable to erase the cocky smile from your face. He wiped the thin layer of sweat from his forehead and leaned in to peck your lips before standing up, placing a hand on the wall to steady himself as his head spun from his orgasm for a moment.

“Your regular, yeah?” He confirmed, moving to retrieve his phone and sticking to his end of the deal.

“Yup!” You smiled contently as you watched his ass wiggle out the door, “You should probably get dressed babe!” You called as he disappeared down the corridor, murmuring to himself about how he’d rather eat you for dinner.

New Witches

So you’re a new witch and wondering where to start, after all it is a massive topic, with many associated religions, paths, practices, where do you begin?

🌙 Read and research: pdf’s, library books, Amazon, there are now thousands of books at your disposal, have a browse and see what you can find that interests you.

🌙 Learn basics skills: generally there are some skills used regularly by practitioners: meditation, visualization, centering, grounding, energy manipulation, it is good to at least have some knowledge on each topic.

🌙 Look for correspondence lists: You can find them online for herbs, crystals, teas, candles, candle colours and more, and they are a great place to start.

🌙 Wait before you cast: I know of many new witches who gave up because their first few spells didn’t work. In many cases for a spell to work, it takes knowledge and if you haven’t learned enough yet, your spells may not work, you will know when you are ready and you may have amazing results if you take the time to build a foundation of knowledge.

🌙 Find a community: Whether it is a group of online friends on Tumblr or a real life group of witches, there are many safe websites to help you share knowledge, bounce ideas and grow as a beginner witch. (Real life covens are not recommended for beginners, some are questionable and many require long-term practitioners).

🌙 Don’t buy everything: To be a practicing witch you don’t need anything, only yourself, tools and other items can be bought gradually as you want them, you don’t need to buy everything all at once. 

🌙 Relax: You don’t need to be casting a spell every day to be a witch, you don’t need a witchy aesthetic, or to drink herbal teas, wear black, have a cat, be a woman, etc. Some witch’s cast only when necessary, others love carrying crystals constantly as their only form of witchcraft. Everyone’s practice is different, so don’t worry about fitting into a category.

🌙  Have Fun: If you hate what you are doing, don’t do it, learn something different, try another path, witchcraft shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something you enjoy.

Witch Dough(Stim Toy Recipe)

I thought this would be really useful for the neurodivergent witches out there! It can be used to invoke an element/spirit/deity/etc or to make an aspect of your life more prominent(such as luck/love/friendship/peace)!!

Base Dough Ingredients:

  • Cornstarch
  • Hair conditioner
  • Mixing bowl
  • Disposable gloves(optional; mixing it up gets pretty messy)


  1. Put 1 part cornstarch into your mixing bowl
  2. Put 2/3 part hair conditioner into your mixing bowl
  3. Put on your disposable gloves and mix! 
  4. If your dough is too stiff, add more hair conditioner. If its too sticky, add more cornstarch
  5. The desired consistency is more fluffy and malleable than play dough, but less sticky/stretchy than slime
  6. Store your product in an airtight container or a ziplock bag

Now onto the magic part! Here are some ideas for what you can do;

For Luck:

  • Green food coloring
  • Tigers eye/Jet/Aventurine crystal chips
  • Nutmeg/Allspice
  • Green glitter

For Protection:

  • Dark blue food coloring
  • Salt
  • Silver/white glitter
  • Clear quartz/obsidian crystal chips

For Love:

  • Red/pink food coloring
  • Pink salt
  • Rose quartz chips
  • Heart shaped/pink glitter

To activate your spell, charge and play with your stim dough! Be sure to wash your hands before and after using!

- Mod Faye
(P.s In case it wasn’t obvious, this dough is NOT edible)