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God can y'all ever stop lying no one said he would be papped today your ship is dead

Dude you set yourself up for this one, and I didn’t even have to look hard. Here’s @conscious–ramblings saying it on Monday and I know there were posts about it too


“I swear, doesn’t it sometimes feel like we’re babysitting?”


i, for one, am extremely excited about all of the first-year interactions that have both happened in the latest chapter and are guaranteed to happen coming up,

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these two are apparently the most ikemen members of hakog ak u and hell ye s I want me some of tha t and I’m kinda sad there’s no snow this december bc snow is beautiful and my birthday is in december and it’s tw o in the morn ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !

I’m so bored

I’m pretty sure everyone but Suzy knows about the Paranatural Activity Club and the weird spirit stuff that happens around the school and are just like “Yep another day here in Mayview” and it’s wonderful. 


Based off of @clotpolesonly‘s tags on this post. I immediately thought sterek, of course, so tadaaaa~ Read on AO3

When Derek wakes up, before he even opens his eyes, the first thing he hears is a voice in his head saying, “Uh, hey. Good morning.”

In his sleep-addled state, Derek’s eyebrows just furrow in confusion. His eyelids are heavy, and he can’t quite blink them open, like his upper and lower eyelashes are glued together. 

“Yeah, uh, I’d keep ‘em shut if I were you. I don’t have full control, obviously, but, you probably wouldn’t like what you’d see.”

Derek’s mouth opens fine, and he licks his chapped lips. He feels his heartbeat pick up, like his body is going into a panic-mode, but his thoughts haven’t caught up yet. “Why not?” he croaks out. His throat feels parched as well.

“Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be you looking out.”

Derek’s brain begins to catch up. “Are you talking in my head?”

“Sort of.”

“Then what are you doing?”

“I possessed you.”

Derek’s thoughts snap into place and he feels himself jolt up. His claws dig into the dirt around him, and blades of grass brush his fingers. Had he fallen asleep outside again? His memories are a bit jumbled. But now that he’s awake, he can tell that whatever is talking to him is in no way human. 

Derek bares his fangs, eyes still closed. He growls out his words. “Get the fuck out of me.”

If Derek didn’t know any better, he would have said the demon or whatever parasite is in him had whimpered. “Shit, man.” The thing sounded offended, what the fuck? “I just needed a host to stay in for a while. Mine is a little, uh, damaged. And I can’t go back yet.”

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