youre both so cute in this scene

“Frisk finally smiled at Chara like once. Chara cried.”

Fanart for @soleilos​ / @askhopesanddreams. I know you’re not active on the blog anymore, but I needed to express how much I love your interpretation of Frisk and Chara (both before and after the new headcanons), how much I enjoy your blog, your storytelling, and goodness, your art. It’s just so clean and cute and just–

So, fanart! Dunno how exactly that particular scene went down, but here’s my interpretation of it. I just found it adorable, okay?

I Think We’re Gonna Like It Here

Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader

Summary: You and your boyfriend finally move in together after leaving school

A/N: I am actually so proud of this, it’s so fluffy. The end scene was kind of inspired by a scene from the Doctor Who book Touched By An Angel (read it and cry with me), just because I thought it would be a really cute ending. Please please please tell me what you think of this!

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(Not my gif)

A satisfied, tired sigh escaped both yours and Remus’ lips as the two of you collapsed side by side on the tiny sofa, propping your aching feet on the even tinier coffee table in front of you. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders and you responded by resting your head on his shoulder, the soft material of his jumper tickling your nose.
“I think that’s everything,” he said, his eyes scanning the living room, which was packed full of cardboard boxes. It had taken nearly an hour and a half to carry them all in, and neither of you even wanted to think about how long unpacking would take.
“It bloody better be,” you mumbled, yawning. “I think my arms are gonna fall off.”
Remus chuckled, resting his cheek on top of your head. “Likewise.”
Despite your aching limbs and the yawns that were getting harder and harder to fight, you felt a twinge of pride and excitement. You and Remus had finally done what you’d always said you’d do after you left Hogwarts, and moved in together. True, the flat was tiny, and in some areas the paint was peeling off the walls, and the heating didn’t seem to work, but it was perfect to you.
“C’mon,” he said suddenly, getting up quickly. You must have started to fall asleep, as you fell to the side without him to lean on.
“What? I want to sleep,” you complained. He laughed, holding his hand out to you.
“We haven’t even looked at the other rooms!” he pointed out. “I’ll carry you, if you want.”
You grinned, climbing onto his back and wrapping your arms around his neck as he hooked his arms behind your knees.
“I’ll make pancakes tomorrow morning in here,” he promised as the two of you stopped to look in the kitchen. You chuckled.
“We don’t have any food,” you pointed out.
“Then I’ll pretend to make pancakes tomorrow morning in here,” he corrected himself, turning with difficulty in the narrow doorway and carrying you through to the bedroom you’d be sharing.
“Bagsy the left side of the bed,” you grinned, hopping off his back and collapsing on the mattress the two of you had hauled up three flights of stairs. You heard him chuckle, and a moment later felt the mattress dip down as he lay beside you, resting his long legs on yours.
“It’s gonna be weird, sharing a room without the guys teasing us,” he laughed. You snickered into the pillow.
“I’m sure they’ll come round in the morning and make themselves at home.”
“God, I hope not,” he thought out loud. You rolled over, propping yourself up on your elbow with a grin.
“You know they will.”
Smiling, you shifted closer to him so that you could rest your head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around your waist gently, nuzzling your forehead with his nose in a familiar gesture. You let your eyelids droop shut for a few moments, sighing in content.
“I already love living with you,” you whispered, tilting your head to press a soft kiss to his jaw. He smiled softly.
“I love living with you,” he replied. “As long as I get in the shower first in the morning.”
“Call your mum and tell her you’re moving back in with her,” you said jokingly. Remus chuckled, before sitting up and swinging his legs off the side of the bed. Once again, you fell slightly as your head found nothing supporting it.
“Are you gonna keep doing that?” you called after him as he left the room. “Because if you are, I honestly will make you move back in with your mother.”
You got no reply, but heard him moving around in the kitchen. A loud yawn escaped your lips, and you lay back against the pillows, pulling the blankets over you. Five minutes of sleep wouldn’t do you any harm, would it?

“Hey, wake up,” came Remus’ soft voice beside you. Yawning, you rubbed your eyes and blinked tiredly as they adjusted to the light again. Once you were sitting up and semi-awake, he handed you a chipped mug half full of a sparkling, pale gold liquid. You chuckled quietly.
“Champagne in mugs?” you asked. “Very classy.”
He shook his head, smiling as he sat beside you and clinked his mug off the side off yours. “Here’s to our new flat,” he declared proudly. You grinned, taking a sip of your champagne.
“Blimey, our new flat,” you repeated, the words foreign but welcome on your tongue. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt more grown up,” you chuckled.
“We’ll be getting married next,” he said light-heartedly. You nearly choked on your drink.
“What?” you asked, unsure of whether you’d heard him right. He shrugged casually.
“Well it’s the next logical step, isn’t it?”
You raised your eyebrows. “Is this you proposing to me?”
“No,” said Remus. He took a small velvet box out of his shirt pocket and knelt on one knee in front of you, opening the box with slightly shaking fingers to reveal a simple silver ring. “This is me proposing to you.”

A/N: Me again! I really hope you enjoyed this, as I loved writing it! If you did enjoy it, want a part 2, or would like to make a request, you can tell me here

@fennethianell showed me some prompts she got for newtina and one of them was like “Newt and Tina in the rain, and one of them takes their coat off to shelter the both”, anon was clearly unsure which one should take the coat off (kek) so I asked Fen if she’s gonna draw Tina being the one who does that, and she was like “no, come on! but maybe you should draw your version” so yep.

(Newt is carrying his suitcase and Tina’s coat is very big so it’s clearly more practical that way)

they’re cute. I liked the scene at the end, Newt being like “I’ll send you a copy of my book. (moments later) you know maybe you want me to deliver it personally?” and Tina being like “yeah of course” or something, so awkward lol

Imagine Adopting A Kitten With Poe

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You didn’t know whether to be surprised or claw your face off in reaction to the adorable scene you found in front of you when you returned to your quarters on the Takodana base.

“Isn’t he cute?” Poe grinned, “I found him wandering the base…poor little guy was freezing.”

“You, Poe Dameron, could make a friend in an abandoned desert,” you chuckled. “…I’m sure I could convince the general to let us keep him.”

“Really?” Poe beamed.

“Oh, sure, but it’s not General Organa you’ll really have to contend to on this decision,” you laughed, pointing at the indignantly-beeping droid behind him. “It’s the droid.”

You were certain that Poe would find time for both– and you, of course.

(For @miss-phasma-vanbowie)

Beauty and the Beast 30-day Challenge: Day 7

Question number seven!

7. Favorite moment?

sdlfkghsdlkfgsldkfjglkdhfg why do you force me to make these difficult choices? Okay…how about top five? 

5) “come into the light” (i love the eeriness and tension in that scene, the dramatic lighting, i love how courageous and selfish Belle is, but i also kind of giggle to myself going, “hey guys, you have no idea of this yet, but you two both just met your future spouse. life is weird”)

4) Beast gives Belle the library

3) cute lil snowball fight (especially when he makes that big huge snowball and she makes him drop it on himself, and then she laughs really hard–it’s so important to see them having fun together and the Beast learning not to take himself so seriously all the time)

2) Belle explores the West Wing (possibly the best, most atmospheric music in the film and the most eerie imagery)

1) the Beast lets Belle go. There’s so much said just through body language. The way he runs a hand through her hair really delicately. The way she turns back for a second and touches his cheek. I cry every time.

EXO react to coming home to find their child and spouse asleep and the house a mess

@spadashio thanks for requesting!

Xiumin: Unable to fully enjoy the adorable moment surrounded by mess, he quietly cleans everything up so when you and your child wake up, the house is clean again. After that, he just sits down and watches you both lovingly.

Luhan: Since he came home early from work, he’s a little disappointed, but the scene is so cute, he leans over the side of the couch and gently brushes his little girl’s hair out of her face and lets you sleep as he picks up a little.

Kris: Seeing that you’re both sleeping comfortably, he’d cover the two of you with a couch throw and dim the lights so you can keep sleeping. He watches you gently for a moment before picking up RouRou so he doesn’t bark.

Suho: He starts cleaning up, trying to be quiet, but the clatter of dishes makes his son wake up with a little whimper. Hearing him, Suho lights up and goes over to pick up his little boy, who hugs him and yells happily, “Apba!”

Lay: The two of you are the only thing he sees when he comes in and he silently lies down on the bed next to you with your child between you. He has to cover his mouth to keep from aw-ing out loud as he watches you together.

Baekhyun: Knowing he’ll be awake all night if his son oversleeps, he gently picks him up and softly wakes him. “Looks like my little Godzilla destroyed Seoul today, huh?” They both laugh when the little boy roars playfully.

Chen: He kisses his wife’s forehead and then gently wakes up their daughter, grinning when she jumps up to hug him. “Did you miss me, angel?” He brings her into the kitchen so she can have a snack and tell him about her day.

Chanyeol: Tired from work, he lies down with you, holding you in his arms as you have your arms wrapped around the twins. He sleeps until they wake up and jump on him and it turns into a wrestling match, everyone laughing.

D.O: His son opens his wide eyes after Kyungsoo comes in, bringing his older sister home from school, so they both help clean up with mess, after Soo gets a big hug from his little boy. “Your mom is going to be so surprised!”

Tao: First, he has to take several pictures of his perfect family, then he picks up his daughter and watches her adorable sleeping face as he carries her to her room and tucks her into bed. The mess wouldn’t even register.

Kai: His toddler isn’t a deep sleeper yet, so when Kai comes in, he wakes up and smiles sweetly at his father and clings to him sleepily, unwilling to let go of him, falling asleep again listening to Kai’s voice vibrating through his chest.

Sehun: He’s still in that new father phase, so he gets distracted from the mess just watching his baby girl sleeping and sucking on her thumb, thinking she’s the most amazing thing. Sleep-deprived new dad, he’d also drift off.

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Rewatching IPK some cute minor full circles came to my notice. 🏵Payal and Khushi discussing about getting married to brothers then Payal teases that “Only a crazy guy can marry you” and Kushi agrees. During shakun, Buaji says that Arnav is crazy like Kushi. 🏵When Akash proposes Payal Arnav interrupt and says He doesn’t want his brother to become halwai. Then Arnav makes Jalebi for Kushi on his Birthday. (I wish Payal was there in both later scenes.) What your fav minor full circle?

Hello :)

To my mind, full circle refers to completions of loops and story elements, so the things you’ve mentioned are irony and coincidence in my thinking rather than examples of arcs opening and closing. Though I like the term minor full circle and there’s little difference in the intent!

One of my favourite things like this is that Bua-ji always referred to Shyam as golden – he was her golden boy – but she referred to Arnav as a diamond, which is the only thing more precious than gold.

The other is probably that the idea of a live in horrified Khushi so much but she ended up doing exactly that with Arnav.

EXO react to finding you always cuddling with the stuffed panda they bought you

Ayyy. Thanks for your request~

*As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: Ahhh, he wouldn’t like this AT ALL. However, despite this, he would be really good at not displaying his chagrin for this scene. As I’ve expounded upon before, Xiumin’s a verrrry cuddly and intimate lover, so to catch you constantly snuggling up to the stuffed panda that he bought for you, would leave him feeling a bit empty and left out. At first, Minseok would find it pretty cute to see how attached you are to his gift, but as the days go by and your affinity for the stuffed animal prolongs, that’s when he’ll become a bit envious, considering how often you both cuddle with each other. “You’re really attached to it, aren’t you jagi?” he’ll murmur passively, upon catching glimpse of you once more snuggling up to the oversized panda. But, because he’s very giving and patient, he’ll allow this faze to just go on like nothing. 

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Luhan: He would be somewhat similar to Xiumin except a bit more vocal with his dissatisfaction at your newfound liking. “Baobei~” he’d whine gently as he catches you once more with the stuffed panda. “why not cuddle with me instead?” You would shake your head without even looking towards him, basically ushering him off. Luhan would groan in frustration as he contemplates whether to hide the panda from you or not. ‘She’s been around it for almost a week!’ However, bear in mind that Luhan is a level-headed individual, so I don’t see him resorting to such lengths for your attention. He’s confident that you’ll eventually wear yourself out from the panda and resume being intimate with him. He’ll also make note mentally to not buy life-size plashes for you in the future. 

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Kris: At first, Yifan would chuckle cooly while watching you snuggle up to the stuffed animal he’s purchased for you, finding it wholly cute. He would be most elated that you’re enjoying his gift. As the days go by and your affection for the stuffed animal has no end within sight, that’s when Kris would get a bit irked. Again, Kris is someone who needs intimacy in a relationship, and even amongst the likes of plush pandas, he always wants to be involved in any intimacy you have no matter who or what you have your eye towards instead. And he would make sure to express this towards you. Approaching you while you’re about to allow sleep to claim you against the soft plush toy, Kris would gently cup your face, forcing you to look towards him as he grants you an aloof smirk. “I hope you remember to re-pay the person who bought that panda for you, in some way,” and as his words trickle into your ears, he would softly release his hold of you before tracing your collarbone deftly, analogous to that of paint strokes before leaving. 

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Suho: I don’t really see much jealousy or emptiness being expressed with Suho in this scenario. This would case him some very slight (and I use slight heavily here) envy, seeing you so attached to your new stuffed panda. But, other than this fleeting feeling, he would love seeing your affinity on display for the gift he purchased for you (among many other purchases.) “Still cuddling with the panda? Well, I’m glad to see you like your gift jagi!” Suho would comment jovially, seeing hardly anything awry in this instance. Even if this faze elongates into weeks, he still would find it pleasant to see how attached you are to the panda. But, as I mentioned before, Joonmyun would feel slightly left out and he would bring that up passively as the days go by, but he would only do it once. “You know jagi, there’s plenty of…other things around here for you to get cuddly with…” he would murmur gently, feeling significantly withdrawn as you snuggle closer to the stuffed panda once more. 

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Lay: Completely unaffected. In fact, he would relish in the sight of you being so close to his gift. Even if this continues into the coming weeks, Yixing is beyond exult that you’re enjoying his gift. A benign smile would cross onto his face each time he catches you cuddled up to your stuffed panda on the couch. “I’m so glad you like it baobei,” he would comment genuinely, as he runs a hand through your filaments, trying his best not to infringe upon your ‘cuddling session.’ “I wanted it to be perfect for you.” You would smile claiming that it is perfect, which just furthers his gaiety for you. I can’t see Yixing being jealous or possessive over you in this, or for that matter most instances, since he’s a very giving lover and patient person in general. I’m sure he knows you’ll come around to him relatively soon. 

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Baekhyun: Baek would just want to extract as many jokes and jests out of this. “You’re still all over that?!” he would exasperate in a somewhat theatrical manner upon catching you cuddled up to your stuffed panda for the fourth time that week. “Ugh. Now I know to stick with chocolates and balloons as gifts,” he would mutter to himself, while eyeing you carefully as you hug the panda tighter. And in true Baekhyun fashion, he’ll want others to know about this, to once more extract more humor out of the scenario. Taking pictures of you with the panda, he’d send them to the other members with a dramatic caption. “Day 4. Still no end in sight. She’s STILL all over that animal! I don’t know why! Am I doing something wrong here and that’s why she’s all attracted to it?! Stay tune for updates.” In all honesty, Baek is somewhat left out, but he feels the need to express this through what he loves most: being jokes and humor. 

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Chen: Admittedly, he’s a little jealous, but he manages well in obscuring this each time he lays his gaze upon you snuggling with your stuffed panda. However, Jongdae is quite sure that this is a faze and wouldn’t put too much of an emphasis on this scene. He will make a few snide jokes about how attached you are to his gift. “Wow. You’re still cuddling with that? Just a suggestion: I’m sure cuddling with something that can actually hold you back would be better.” Jongdae will snicker lightly at the way you blatantly disregard his comment, to invested into the oversized plush. But, albeit a few remarks on the matter, he won’t put much significance on your uncanny attachment, as he understands that you’ll grow out of this and crave his touch once more. He would also find it amusing to see you constantly pressed against the stuffed panda though. I can see him going and getting his own stuffed animal, just to imitate you and your evident penchant. 

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Chanyeol: He’s going to feel especially left out in this instance. But, nevertheless, Chanyeol lives up to his nickname: the happy virus. With that in mind, he’s still going to retain his signature sanguine disposition, despite his perplexity on your behavior. He’ll approach you tentatively each time he catches you with the stuffed panda. “Jagi~ You sure you’re comfortable there? Maybe I could–” and you would stop him there, assuring that the stuffed panda is providing good use to you in comfortability, to which Chanyeol would pout cutely before sulking away. “We should cuddle sometime together! Just saying,” he would alert you before leaving you. Eventually, he’ll understand that this is somewhat routine, and will expect it from you nonetheless. He’ll still find it somewhat cute and probably tell the other members of your newfound attraction. 

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D.O: Somewhat similar to Chen, he’s not really fazed about this scenario. At times, he’ll feel somewhat envious that he’s not in the position of the stuffed panda, but for the most part, this is amusing to Kyungsoo. He’ll smirk each time he catches glimpse of you cuddled up to the plushie and maybe make a comment on how attached you are to it. “Still hanging on to it jagi?” Kyungsoo would enjoy watching you cutely fall asleep onto the plush toy, with an arm encircled around it securely. As I said before, Kyungsoo would feel slightly left out at this, but not overly, and he wouldn’t display it much. Just like Chen, he recognizes that this is just a fleeting faze and soon, you’ll want to be encircled within his embrace.  

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Tao: The most reactive of all the members in this instance. Tao’s another member I see desiring a lot of intimacy in a relationship, which is what would prompt him to react in such a manner. He would pout in dismay each time he sees you with the panda, snuggling up to it as if it were him. “Baobei~! How come you’re always with the panda I bought for you?! I bought it for you to just admire, not to replace me with! Come on baobei, let me be the panda you always cuddle with!” Once Tao notices you’re uninterested in his offers, since you’re too preoccupied with the stuffed animal, he’ll stalk of in evident disenchantment. Simply put, until you give in and allow him your time to cuddle with, he’s going to keep beseeching you for it. As you know, Tao wants to be your panda, and not be taken over by some…impostor. Tao’s a real panda after all. *old school EXO references*

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*he’s talking about the levels between him and the panda…I’m assuming.

Kai: He’s jealous but in a cute manner, as opposed to being genuinely isolated. Jongin feels a mixture of amusement and desire each time he takes notice of you constantly snuggled up to the stuffed panda. He’ll chuckle light-heartedly before going up to you and imploring for an extra spot on the couch, between you and the substantial plushie. “Come on babe, let me be next to you~ I won’t get involved with you and the panda, but I just wanna be near you.” And when you instruct him that he can be next to you without having to be snuggled up to you, his smile would broaden as he chuckles once more. “You’re no fair jagi~” And he’ll just continue to mildly ask you for a spot on the couch or the bed, promising not to be a hinderance between you and the panda and until you finally agree, is when he’ll stop, much to his elation. 

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Sehun: He would become possessive very quick. Similar to Kris, at first Sehun would find your newfound penchant for the stuffed panda to be cute, until days go by and you’re still attached to the gift. Sehun would want to get your attention back in an intimate manner and in the end, he’ll end up teasing you playfully. He would catch you slumbering upon the bed with the stuffed panda, and a sly smirk would materialize upon his features as he adroitly removes the panda from your arm, now putting himself in what would be your gift’s place. Startled by his presence, before you could even scold him, Sehun would already have his hands all over you, while softly pecking your lips. Instinctively, you would reciprocate to his wanton advances, as he moves from your lips to your neck. Just when you’re convinced that desirous acts will ensue, he’ll retract from you while chuckling hysterically. “I forgot: I’m not your precious panda, so, I guess we can’t continue.” 

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one tree hill » The Wind that Blew My Heart Away

“Because you kink your eyebrow when you’re trying to be cute. Because you quote Camus even though I’ve never actually seen you read. Because you miss your parents but you’ll never admit that! And because I’ve given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches in my entire life and they’ve both been with you. And because we’re both gonna get pneumonia. But if you need to hear why I love you, I can go on all night.”

Off the Script (Jr/Jinyoung)

Request: Hi!!! Would you mind writing a Jr. scenario where you both are filming a drama/CF or something and he tends to take care of you behind the scenes which is making your heart confused. He’s older than you by 3 years so you always assumed that he only saw you as a cute little sister so you try to disregard your feelings for him but his actions were too much so you confronted him about it? Thank u!
AN: I took out the age difference, since I don’t write age difference (see rules) but I thought it was a cute idea nevertheless so I hope you still like it^^
Genre: fluff/confession
Word Count: 1,237

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Skip Beat Confession:

My favourite character is Director Ogata, because he is just amazingly so cute and shy at the same time. I think what I really liked about him is how he was the very first person to be aware that both Kyoko and Ren seem to habour feelings for each other. Not to mention how he got super flustered and shy when he saw the lap pillow scene. I wish he would appear in the later chapters again T_T 

by anonymous

Send in your own confession!

I have to let this out (don’t ask why I’m this late lol)

About Naruto Shippuden Movie: Bonds, I think a story is okay but I don’t like a direction. It’s like I didn’t absorb characters’ feeling enough. However I think it is still better than The Last. (Oh, I’m not anti /wink)

By the way, I love both Narusasu and Narusaku in this movie! Narusaku interaction is so cute! I love when they’re together really <3

And Narusasu…. Oh!! IT WAS MAKE ME FEEL LIKE OHHHH! There are many of my favorite narusasu scene <33

When Sasuke sigh as Naruto babbling and acting like he used to be.

And why should you shout out like that Naruto, you were captured too! You are a bit jealous ,hm? Please take care of yourself before your boyfrie— oops best friend. ///

THIS IS YES!!!! They made it soundless in a movie and revealed what Naruto said to Sasuke after credits. I WAS FREAKED OUT. Naruto really acted like hero to save Sasuke and let out dying message. When I first watch this, I was like ‘Oh Love confession’ loooooool

There was a lot in this movie, why am i been this late! Amaru was cute too<33 I won’t doubt if she fall in love with Naruto cause he was so hot in this movie ////