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for those who hate what you write:

(i remember, intimately, what it’s like to hate something 8 seconds after I type it. A word, a phrase, a sentence, or a chapter.) 

The thing is all writing and art stems from our imagination. But no matter what, it’s impossible to completely and perfectly relay your imagination through words alone. So you’re left shifting, comparing what you’ve wrought with what you’ve conceived in your mind.

Wondering how it can be better, closer to the ideal. 

Good writers, the ones that have readers, are the people that admit that they’ll never fully reach the ideal and are okay with that. That doesn’t mean that they stop trying, though, but rather they don’t let the impossibility of reaching the ideal stop them from writing. 

Other writers give up because they can’t reach that acceptance, and don’t have readers because they don’t show their work to people, as they’re too dissatisfied with it. 

If you hate what you write: nothing you will ever make will be perfect, and you ultimately have to swallow down your revulsion at your own work and acknowledge that it’s not the ideal but that’s okay. The thing is, only you know what the ideal version of whatever you’ve made is. It dwells in your imagination, not someone else’s. Everyone else that reads your work will only know what you give them; they have no ideal version to compare it to and tear it down as lesser to — hence the dissonance between reader reactions and writer’s feelings. 

As writers, we obsessively try to find the perfect way to convey our story. But in the end, that’s impossible, because words aren’t enough to express the whole breadth of the imagination. So rather than searching for the perfect way and getting paralyzed because you can never reach that perfection, do what’s reachable —

Put out your best work, accept that it’s not perfect, and keep writing. 

List of people not to trust:

- people who call warren graham creepy, a stalker, etc.
- people who scream at you and say you’re bad for believing that max caulfield and chloe price are bisexual
- people who ship jefferson with anything other than BURNING IN HELL
- people who think victoria is innocent and did nothing wrong?? Excuse me??
- people (except like young people who might not understand) who don’t take nathan’s mental issues into account for his actions (not an excuse for them, but an explanation for them)
- people who are like “it was only women who suffered in the game! Men led happy lives!” w h a t

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why does narry even exist if nouis is right here

The problem to me isn’t the ship, is the person. If they just kept on their lane, no one would have any problems, but they’re constantly hijacking posts, writing nonsense rants, @ people and all of that without anyone asking lol it’s really a desperate scream for attention to me like “Look at me!!! I need larries attention to survive!!!" 

You were 18 and you were in love. It was your first love. Don’t expect to just move on and forget about her right away. You loved her and it felt like everything to you in the moment. If you have to cry alone in your room listening to sad breakup songs to get through it, then that’s okay. Just please don’t let this make you cold and hard and afraid to love again.
—  My mom
stormed the castle, pt. 2

battering ram in hand, you
made an unsteady path straight to my heart
beat down the large wooden doors,
thick with fear and apprehension
and lit a fire in the hall to last a hundred years but
you never said you’d break promises
you never said you’d light that flame in the hearth and let me sit there all alone
without your hand to hold
storming castles hasn’t been the same since you up and left, taking half the kingdom on your stallion

i’m tired, tired, of this game

More Than Anything (Ashton Irwin) - Part 2

Part 1

One week later

Another Saturday, another day you were alone in your house. You thought about running errands – not having either of the girls with you would allow you to actually get only the things you needed – but you didn’t end up doing that. Instead, you ended up doing nothing. Sure, you watched a couple TV shows here and there and tried to read a book, but you just couldn’t make yourself stop thinking about what Alexia had asked you.

The way she looked at you when she asked why you didn’t love her dad anymore understandably broke your heart, but you weren’t so sure you didn’t, to be honest. Ashton was their father and the first man you ever truly fell in love with – you were sure you were always going to feel some level of love for him.

Fortunately for you, your thoughts were once again interrupted. A knock on the front door made you furrow your eyebrows – you weren’t expecting anybody to come by that evening – but you quickly got up to answer it anyway. However, you were only even more confused when you saw your ex-husband standing there.

“Ashton?” you said curiously, “What… What are you doing here? Where are the girls?”

“My mum wanted to spend time with them, so she took them to the zoo,” he informed you, “But I heard you wanted to talk to me and since I wasn’t doing anything, I thought I’d just come over now.”

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Hi. My son is autistic. As he is growing up, I am realising that many of his behaviours are like mine as a child and things I still deal with, including sensory issues, stimming, executive dysfunction, lack of emotional intelligence/self regulation, neglect of self care, hyperfocus, social exhaustion. It's a long list of similarities. But I can hold conversations although peopling is confusing. I want to look into diagnosis but I'm scared I'll be dismissed as over associating with my son. Am I?

You are not alone in your experience. There’s been a wave of new diagnoses of autism in adults due to children being diagnosed and a parent or parents realizing that they share many of the same qualities. While there are certainly some ableist doctors who will deny that you could be autistic because you’re an adult, any competent doctor will evaluate you objectively to see if you have enough autistic traits to qualify for a diagnosis. 

I don’t think you’re just associating with your son. I think it is very likely that you are autistic as well, especially since it’s been noted that autism is likely inherited which means that your son likely got it from either you or his other parent, and if you see many of the same traits in yourself, then it is likely that you are autistic. 


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crackship?! Priam/Walhart, for sure!

  • Priam: Walhart… […] If I didn’t know better, I’d say your aura alone keeps the water aboil.
  • Walhart: I could say the same. The energies surrounding you set the air aspark. Even in all this steam, you crackle like a beacon. […]
  • Priam: I know the quickening you speak of. But what I feel now is different…[…]  But I look at you now and struggle to picture my sword buried in that armor.

Seems pretty canon tbh.

TVLINE | Do you think Nick needed to hear Eve say that she doesn’t regret anything that happened?

David Giuntoli | Oh my god, yeah. That is a huge help… Yeah, he needed to hear it. I think that it’s always on his mind, the fact that he indeed was warned by his Aunt Marie in the pilot and his mother from the get-go when she was introduced. He was directed to leave these relationships alone, [because] “yours is a different destiny. The people you love will be in harm’s way…” Anytime one of his Scooby gang stepped up and helped him, they paid a tremendous consequence — and Juliette paid the greatest. Took the biggest hit. And her telling him that it’s all OK and it’s not your fault and I wouldn’t change things? It was wonderful for him to hear that.

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Hey you got any first thoughts on MEA yet? A friend is hesitant about getting it after all the negativity it's been getting

Honestly just play it–i like it. You can’t base your opinions on negativity alone, esp in the case of a game that creates on user-specific experiences. Mass Effect 1-3 was really not perfect either but it was still a memorable game that many people still love.

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You gave me the cutest match (Landeskog!) so I'll give you one :) Nikita Kucherov! While on vacation with your family in Tampa you go to a small coffee shop every morning (you love your family, but alone time is important -- especially on vacations when it seems like a minute alone is impossible to come by). Kuch sees you the first day you're there from under his hat, but god knows he didn't have the courage to say hello and you didn't look up from your book once. "Tomorrow, I'll say hello." (1)

Ever since this was sent to me I’ve been obsessed with him and I’m not happy about it. But I still love this so so so much so I’m sharing it

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Answer in a single word.

  1. WHERE IS YOUR PHONE? - table
  2. YOUR HAIR? - ponytail
  3. YOUR MUM? - frazzled
  4. YOUR OTHER HALF? - none
  5. YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? - carbs
  7. YOUR FAVORITE DRINK? - raspberry :I
  8. FEAR? - alone
  9. YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME? - school (ugh)
  10. WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT? - chemistry
  11. SOMETHING THAT YOU AREN’T? - antipetty
  12. MUFFINS? - delicious
  13. WISH LIST ITEM? - makeup
  14. WHERE YOU GREW UP? - california
  15. LAST THING YOU DID? - tangled
  16. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING NOW? - pajamas
  17. YOUR TV? - outdated
  18. YOUR PETS? - nineteen
  19. FRIENDS? - funny
  20. YOUR LIFE? - stressful
  21. MISSING SOMEONE? - maybe