youre allowed to cry

[On seeing himself as Captain America for the first time]: Terrifying. I think the first time I saw it was back when I was still pretty insecure and a little apprehensive about taking the role. So it was a real dichotomy. There was simultaneous joy, but at the same time, a deep fear. That’s eroded over time, and now it’s very familiar. It feels very comfortable. It feels great now, and damn, if I had said no, I would have been the biggest fool on the planet. 

Witch Tip

It’s okay to be negative. I keep seeing and hearing other witches say that you have to be positive in order to attract positive things into your life. But sometimes you gotta let those negative feelings out. You need to cry and scream and curse and throw things. Use those energies as a way to bring change into your life. While crying, screaming, and cursing, really allow yourself to feel the strength of your emotions and then release that energy with your intent to bring in something better.

You’re allowed to want to kill yourself,
but you’re not allowed to do it.
You’re allowed to fight with your mother,
but you’re not allowed to to leave her crying on your bedroom floor.
You’re allowed to miss your ex boyfriend,
but you’re not allowed to say the scars all over your arms are his fault.
You’re allowed hate the girl who almost got you suspended,
but you’re not allowed to tell her that the world would be better off without her.
You’re allowed to stand on the edge of that bridge,
but you’re not allowed to jump.
You’re allowed to be mad at the world,
but you’re not allowed to blame it for the state you’ve put yourself in. 
You’re allowed to be sad,
but you’re not allowed to give up.
Ignorance || Jeon Jungkook

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Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

It was around this time that things starting getting hectic in both of your lives. It was already hard enough, but with the added pressures of tours coming up and not being able to spend time together, you wondered if they two of you ever really would see each other again. There were some days you would wake up and it would feel as if there was no way you would ever see the smile you used to when you snuck out for midnight coffee.

Calling and texting didn’t work, as he just managed to ignore all of it. He would either send you to voicemail or leave you on read, and you weren’t sure what you had done to deserve the cold aura he was providing. You weren’t sure if it was because of the fact that the both of you were getting ready to leave the country again, but it had been happening for longer than before that.

Your time to catch him had finally come, as you were meeting backstage at a music showcase that both of you were performing on. You were going to make sure you caught him before he could escape on stage, and as the lights came down around you, the last note exiting your lips, the only thing your mind turned to was Jungkook, and how you were going to confront him about what was happening recently.

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Love or hate ?

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Alec Lightwood x Female! Reader 


Warnings : mentions of sex , angry Alec , angry reader , make out , swearing , smut

     “ Alec , come down for breakfast ! How much time do you need to spend on that bathroom ?” Isabelle asked as she was sitting on her brothers bed waiting to tell him the news . 

     “ If you cooked I would prefer to fight with a bunch of demons without weapons instead of eating that food .” Isabelle chuckled when she heard what her brother said .

     “ I didn’t cooked , (Y\N) did . So you will better hurry up !” Isabelle got up right when Alec got out .

     “ Who’s (Y\N) ?” Alec asked confused he knew only one person with this name and she could piss him off just by opening her mouth and she was his sisters parabatai . Isabelle suffered very much as she haven’t had her parabatai close for a few years but it was her choice not to leave with (Y\N) .

     “(Y\N) , my parabatai , the one that you are in love with .” Izzy always felt this tension between the two of them and she knew that they will do a wonderful pair .

     “ I’m not Izzy , I don’t know why do you even think about that , you know that me and (Y\N) hate each other ?” Alec said as he didn’t wanted his sister to think that she was right even if what she said was true .

     “ There’s a thin line between love and hate , brother , a very thin line .” Isabelle teased before going out Alec following after her .

     “ (Y\N) is really back ?” Jace asked as he appeared out of nowhere .

     “ Yes , I am .” you said appearing suddenly in front of them . You hugged Jace tightly as you missed him a lot while being away . Then your eyes met with the cold ice glare that Alec gave to you . He was the most beautiful boy that you ever meet . He was charming , a good fighter , smart and even funny and adventurous when he wasn’t thinking about the law . You loved him from the moment you met him but the cold glares and constant insults kept you away and after a while you started to talk with him just like he talked with you . Things got even worst when you accepted to be Izzys parabatai and what we should say about the moment when you decided to leave and left Izzy behind as she didn’t wanted to leave her family.

     Besides the fact that Alec hated you with all his might you still couldn’t control yourself and you feelings took over you . You hugged him even if you never was good friend with him , after such along time you needed to feel him body next to yours , to hear his heart beating against yours . 

     “ Long time not to see you , rule-boy !” you said and Alec pushed you away coldly a expression of disgust plastered on his face .

     “ If you ask me not even 1000 million years wouldn’t be long enough .” Alec said and your eyes widened , for one moment everybody could see the hurt in your eyes and the tears forming at their base but you regained your self-control fast and turned your back to them .

     “ So who’s hungry ?” you asked walking to the kitchen the others following after you . You ate in complete silence , actually playing in your food in complete silence , approving Izzy whenever she asked you something , you felt really off after Alec rejecting you so brutally . After they ate you took the plates and told them to go do something else , you put the plates on the sink and hot , salty tears started to steam down your face . Izzy wanted to talk to you but when she saw how bed you have been feeling she just helped you up the stairs to your room and laid in your bed allowing you to cry in his arms as much as you wanted .

     “ It’n not worth it (Y\N) , my brother doesn’t deserves your tears , you are way to good for him .” Izzy said caressing your back slowly in a calming motion .

     “ But I never did something to him to hate me that way , I always loved him but he just keeps rejecting me and hurting he , he just keeps hating me even if I never hurt him , I never did something for him to do this to me , I always tried to get close to me but he just keeps pushing me away and hating me . H e never liked me Izzy , all that he wanted was to get rid of me ass fast as he could from the moment when I first appeared here , but I grew close to you and we became parabatai and he hated me even more from that day , he always said that I mean just trouble and he always hated me , I wish  just knew what I have done to him ?” you said as you sobbed in Izzys shoulder .

     “ You have never done something to him , he is just to blind to see what a wonderful girl you are and how much you love him .” She said kissing your forehead , “ He is stupid (Y\N) ! He doesn’t deserves your love !” You blink softly and get your face out Izzys shoulder . Your eyes are red and puffy , the iris haves a bright green color and your cheeks are stained with tears .

     “ You are the best ! I alway knew that you were the right choice !” you said ad hugged Izzy to your chest .

     Alec was outside listening to you and Izzy talking , he never knew that you loved him , he always thought that you were thinking that you were good enough for him . 

     “ Izzy could you leave me and (Y\N) alone for a moment ?” Alec asked as he suddenly got into the room , the tone of his voice nothing but demanding . Izzy smiled weakly to you and got out closing the door after her .

     “ What ? Did you came here to see me suffering ? This is the way that you like to see me Alexander , you like seeing me this broken and to know that you made me this way ?” you asked more tears rolling down your cheeks , Alec approached you slowly and sat on your bed looking in your eyes whit an expression that you never got to see on his face until now .

     His hands whip your tears out your face tenderly and he is still looking into your eyes . He gets up and rips his shirt of .

      He pushes you down into the matters and his lips are inches apart from yours .

     “ You don’t know how much I have been waiting to do this (Y\N) . I love you !” He said and his lips were pressing on your seconds after that .

     His lips traveled down your neck making you moan . All your clothes disappeared in a matter of minutes and Alec’s did the same . You were soon naked , bodies pressed to each other lust and love floating in the air , lips and hands traveling and touching everything , moans of pleasure being heard all over the room . Alec’s lips found yours again as he slid slowly into you tight body . 

     You were moving in sink , a light layer of sweat on both yours and Alec’s body . “ Fuck … Alec … “ you moaned as his body was bringing you to the highest on the universe . 

     “ Say it again … say my name again baby . Tell me who owns you .” Alec said seductively , his lips finding the soft spot on you neck as he was pushing himself deep into you .

     “ Alec … oh by the Angel Alec … I … I can’t take it any longer Alec . “ You said as your muscles tightened around Alec .

    “ Come for me baby .” he said and you released calling his name . Your orgasm caused Alec’s and he ended on top of you . His lips kissed your forehead , nose , cheeks , eyelids before finding your lips and kissing you softy .

      He rolled off and brought you on his arms , your head resting against his chest .

     “ Alec ,” you mutter slowly and he hums in response “ You will won’t act like nothing happened tomorrow , right ?” you asked looking in his eyes as you were afraid of finding out the truth .

    “ I won’t (Y/N) , I love you way to much to do this to you .”

    “ I love you to .” you said kissing his lips .

    “ Alec , Izzy told me that I will find you here , I … “ Jace entered the room and his eyes widened as he was shocked a little bit by what he saw . “ Sorry for disturbing . See you later and have fun .” Jace said ad walked out of the room happy that Alec finally got with you .

     “ Guess what ? “ Alec said as he got in Izzy’s room and saw her and Clary talking . 

     “ What now Jace ?” Izzy said . 

     “ They got together .” Jace said and Izzy jumped hugging him . 

     “ Oh my god , I have to go and congratulate my them .” Izzy said as he was already walking to the door .

     “ We should do that in the morning , I already interrupted them .” Jace said and Izzy tuned around .

     You fell asleep in Alec’s arms feeling protected in his strong arms . “I’ll always love you .” Alec whispers and kisses your lips softly before falling asleep himself .

Attention (M)

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Request: Based on the song Attention by Charlie Puth

References to lyrics are in bold

Genre: Angst/Smut

Member: Sehun


You knew something was wrong, but you didn’t want to say anything about it. You’ve always hated confrontation and had felt awkward when you had to have an important conversation about something. All these years and you haven’t changed.

You had thought that you were getting better with your problem of confrontation, but that didn’t seem to be the case right now. To be fair, you weren’t sure if confrontation was the thing that you were afraid of. Maybe it was that you were more afraid of what the problem actually turned out to be and if you were the cause of it.

You noticed how Sehun started acting indifferent towards you. He just didn’t seem interested in what you had to say, in what you were doing… or you in general.

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Most Beautiful: Jon Snow X Reader

And this one is dedicated to the famous and beautiful @restlessanawake who is really awesome! Go check them out! They were a massive help to me in setting up this blog. Hope you enjoy!!

Warnings: Pregnancy. Labor. Fluff overload ;)  One sex joke With him and the whole Stark clan, This is post White Walker War were all is good and Jon knows his parentage, but still goes by Jon Stark, or I guess goes at last. Things are almost too happy. But fear not no one dies.. Well…..Meh

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“Time to get up love.”

You groaned, pushing away the arms that were attempting to shake you awake and moved closer to the other side of the bed. “Jon.. Lemme sleep. Little Mister Stark would not stop kicking last night. I am surprised you couldn’t feel it actually.” You smirked and opened your eyes, hearing his laughter and he carefully turned you around as he echoed your smirk.

“I told you, my love. It will be a she.” You gave him judging eyes and he rolled his own gray ones, “Even our  Lady Sisters and Lady Aunt is on my side. As is Tyrion.”

“Well while that may be true, Bran is on my side and he has the sight.” She winked while forcing herself to stand slowly. “Speaking of your Aunt and Sister, when will the royal Queen and the Hand be visiting?”

He smiled, standing up so that he could help you while he continued, “Sansa and Tyrion promised to be here by nightfall, but you know the Queen. She said she would be here a fortnight ago… She will do her best to make it for the labor. And Arya, of course, must guard the Queen being the head of the Queen’s Guard.”

Your nine-months were up  and being a Stark, family was essential for all things. Holidays. Name-Days. Weddings. And pregnancies.

As though the stress of almost delivering a child was not enough, the anxiety that holding off the labor until everyone was present was madness. Jon, being around you enough, could tell.

“Fret not, Y/N.” He smiled, pressing his forehead yours and wrapping a robe dress around you for the day and kissed your nose, “They will be here. And now, we must break fast.”

No surprise to the couple, Bran was already down stairs, his plate full as he was working on his sister’s-in-law. Seeing them he stopped and blushed, wheeling towards the two slowly as Jon embraced his brother with a hearty laugh.

Brandon Stark was decreed Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King of the North, so the three of you were practically inseparable.

“How is the Lord Snow this morning, Y/N?” Bran smiled, wheeling towards her and placing his hands on her belly as Jon sat. “He get you any rest?”

“None.” Jon sighed from across the room, “She was kicking all night.”

This caused both you and Bran to laugh and Bran to say a small, “We shall see.” As the three of you began to eat your food.


A grand feast was the result of Lady Sansa and Lord Tyrion’s arrive, Jon and the imp drinking away while you, Sansa, and Bran sat across the hall, discussing matters of getting Bran married.

“What about the Mormont girl?” You suggested, “She supposedly has the beauty and wits of the Tyrell’s but the strength of her father’s name.”

“The Queens bastard?” Sansa raised her eyebrows, “She is an adventurous girl. Young though, don’t you think?”

Your sister in law had not left you alone since she arrived, her hand barely leaving your belly.

“Besides. I think our Bran has his eyes on the head of House Reed. Lady Meera, is it not?”

With the words of her name, Bran blushed and brushed it off, “Have you and Jon thought of a name?”

You nodded, “Well since he will not listen to me about the gender, I decided Eddard Robb will have to do.” Bran nodded, a bright grin taking away the blush on your face. Sansa gasped.

“I hate to agree with my Lord brother, I do believe that your babe is a girl.” She winked at you causing both of you to laugh as Jon and Tyrion came towards you guys, handing drinks to Bran and Sansa.

Jon broke the laughter, snaking an arm around your waist to your belly as he looked at Sansa and Tyrion, “When are you and the Hand planning to have children, sister?”

Sansa’s face fell and she set down her goblet, Tyrion taking her hand. “We are waiting.” Silence fell between them as they knew what he meant before Tyrion broke it, winking at the youngest Stark,  “We would like to see little Bran wed to the Reed girl first.” Bran blushed as everyone laughed mutter a small no stop as Jon kissed your cheek, then moved to your ear, his beard tickling her cheek.

“Bet it will happen by years end?”

“Please, by months end!” You smirked and he pepper kisses everywhere on your face, causing you to laugh.

“This is why I love you” He smiled.


A few days had passed and you were still waiting on Dany and Arya. Maesters had demanded you bedridden, fearing labor would come any moment though nothing came for a week. Deciding this and seeing your husbands nerves at an all time high, you had forced him to go on a hunt with Tyrion and Bran, promising that Sansa and a hand maiden be at your side.

“I just want you out lil lord.” You groaned, rubbing sleet off your eyes as you had not gotten proper sleep in several days,(basically since Jon left, your baby had been especially persistent in moving all night) “Stop being so feisty like your father and his family.” You smirked at Sansa who laughed. “Where do you the Queen and her personal guard are?”

“You know Daenerys. “ She smiled sadly, rubbing your belly, “And Arya. Stubborn as mules those two.”

“Aye. That is one way to put it.”

Silence fell as you were both occupied as the baby leapt and kicked about the in your belly causing you to hum in attempt to calm him. When at last he stopped, you sighed and Sansa smiled, but only for a moment when you felt something wet between your legs.

Cursing, you looked at Sansa whose eyes twinkled.

“Do you think-”

“Sansa…” You bit your lip to stop you from swearing again, “Get Ghost. He will get Jon. And get the Hand Maiden… Hurry… Please…”

She ran, laughing gleefully and picking up her skirts hollering, “IT’S TIME! THE HEIR TO THE NORTH IS ON THE WAY!” And within minutes, servants came rushing in, dabbing your forehead with a cloth and offering you food and wine as others spread your legs open. All the while all you could do was scream bloody murder.

“I just want my husband!” You whined, “Gods!” You closed eyes and bit your lip to try to and stop tears from falling out of your eyes.

Then you felt the tickle of a beard on your chin and allowed yourself to cry tears of happiness and the man kissed your cheek and slowly wiped your tears away.

“Hush now love. You need to start pushing.”

“I-I-I-I can’t.”

“Yes you can.” He grabbed both her hands and brought them to her lips,”You are strong.. You can do this… I believe in you… Ready?”

You nodded opening your eyes to meet his dark grey (brown in show) ones.



You opened your eyes to see your family sitting in your room, Bran and Arya making small talk, Sansa talking to Jon on the other side and Tyrion discussing matters with the Queen herself.

“Morning love.” Jon said, moving towards you slowly, a swaddle of blankets in his arms. “You did marvelous love.” He kissed your cheek and helped you sit up, placing the bundle in your arms.

“ Who is this?” You smiled brightly as he moved back to the crib. “I was right, wasn’t I?”

“We were both right.” Jon smirked sitting by you on the bed with another bundle, “Eddard Robb and Catelyn Rose.”

“Twins.” You laughed happily, “Huh. Don’t remember that.”

Sansa laughed, kneeling beside you “Don’t see how you could. You were screaming bloody murder.”

“Honestly Y/N.” Arya piped in, “The Queen and I could hear you from outside.”

“Perhaps we will wait forever to have children, my lord husband.” Sansa added.

“She did have two.” The Queen herself added, “I would never imagine having two back to back.”

“You did have three dragons though, your grace.” You smiled, “Can’t imagine that.”

The Queen smiled, making her way towards you, kneeling beside you and looking down at the babe in your arms, “Dany or Daenerys please.. He is handsome, just like his father, and grandfather.”

“Lemme see!” Bran exclaimed, he rolling and Arya going to Jon. “She has dad’s hair. Mum’s eyes.”

“Opposite for him.” Sansa observed.

“Our perfect family.” She smiled at Jon who kissed her hair, bringing her in, “One boy. One girl. Perfect.”

Jon’s face fell, “What, so we can’t have anymore? Not even try?”

Laughter filled the room in a warm feeling as the world calmly faded to peace and laughter.

Nothing could be better and nothing could break their joy.

Have you been in a loop lately? Do you feel like you’ve been living the same day for months on end? It’s really not your fault, life tends to water us like we were meant to be more than just overgrown weeds waiting for the lawn to be mowed. It’s really not your fault, things will work out just fine if you take a second to ponder. Think about your many what if’s and what could’ve have been realities. It’s really not your fault, you’re allowed to cry. Do you ever wonder why the moon is constantly in a state of change? Or how the sun likes to sleep right when the party starts? It’s okay to feel alone, it’s okay to be weak every now and then, you are allowed to be human. Your soul demands it. It’s really not your fault, you’re just tired of the bullshit. So breathe in and breathe out. Your favorite people won’t leave without you. Your favorite song will still be your favorite song when you wake up from a long night. You are strong, you are going to be amazing some day. It’s really not your fault, the universe has a weird way to tell us hello. You get to have feelings for people that you shouldn’t. You get to have feelings for people who are no longer there. Although they’ve hurt you, once upon a time– they loved you. It’s really not your fault if you’re living in the past tense, just remember that your present is just as important. Your future is just a curious version of yourself waiting to burst into colors like a box of melted crayons sitting inside of a summer heated car. Do not be alarmed, you’re just melting. It’s okay to be colorful. It’s okay to properly deal with your hurt by eating your favorite ice cream. It’s really not your fault, they’re just learning too. It doesn’t matter if you start today, tomorrow, next week or next month– it’s just important that you start. And love does have a strange sense of humor, it was just a normal day, you just wanted to buy that new book that you’ve been anticipating for months. You get to fall in love with strangers. You get to start anew. No one’s going to judge you harder than yourself, so get used to loving that pretty smile. Get used to being happy. It starts when you’re ready, so like a masterpiece– you’ve been a blank canvas and the painting is already there, you just need to paint. Prepare your bristles and spray down your palette. You’re going to be someone’s somebody. Your voice will be their favorite song. Your skin will be their favorite chorus, how many times will you hold my hands today? Enough to speak the miracles into truths. Enough to spill ink around the moon. Mask the intensity with a splash of nervousness, won’t you let the real you come out to play? It’s really not your fault, you’re just you. As lovely as you have always been. As good as you’ll try. Arms stretched out to grab the sunrise, won’t you be my favorite rhythm tonight? The wolves will howl, the stars, they’ll shine. It was never our fault to live this life of ours, so go out and live it because you’re the only you that’ll ever happen today. As a matter of fact, it’s almost unbelievable that you’re here. Unique as they come. You’re like the sky, we’ll never experience the same sky twice. There will never, ever be another person like you on this earth ever again. I want to hug you good morning. I want to kiss you good night. So write these poems into your eyes and blink twice because life was meant to be nice, you were meant for this. Whatever your “this” is today, go out and do it. You were designed for this, from head to toe, you may fall, you may tip over, you may try to deny your own beauty– but the stars don’t lie, you were born from the very star that keeps you alive day after day. Don’t waste a single second living the same day over and over again. Wake up, you have changed. Each day bleeding into the next, you weren’t meant to be ran over by a lawn mower. You’re just waiting for the right person to dry press you into their journal. You’re just waiting for the right person to write about you. So I’m writing. And this? This isn’t your fault. We’re all built to be flawlessly flawed, beautifully beautiful, and enchantingly enchanting. It’s really not your fault that I’m writing about you. You needed this.
—  It’s really not your fault.
Cry (Out) - Draco Malfoy Smut

thanks for deciding to read my first smut! since i’m a draco girl, the first smut is about him (; enjoy!

word count: 1866

Draco’s fingers pulled lightly at the ends of your ginger locks, his other hand pressing your head towards his chest as he allowed you to cry against him. Sobs wracked your body, and you had a fistful of his robe in each hand.

After a while, you began to calm down and your hands slowly released Draco’s robes. You could feel his piercing grey eyes on the top of your head, trying to figure out what was wrong.

“Y/N, babe?”

Your Y/E/C eyes met his grey ones hesitantly. His face showed concern, and he held onto you as if you were porcelain. His hand has moved from the tips of your hair to your lower back, and his fingers were rubbing slow, soothing circles through the fabric.

“What happened?” He questioned, eyebrows knit together in concern.

Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath before launching into an explanation for your boyfriend.

You had been reading a book by the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room when your twin, Ron, has stomped over to you with your older brothers, Fred and George, and you little sister Ginny in tow.

“Your face is about as red as your face, Ronald,” you joked, the Charms book seated in your lap beginning to pull your attention once again.

Without replying, Ron had grabbed the book off your lap and closed – more like slammed – it shut, throwing it on the floor behind him.

You shot up angrily, glaring at your brother. “Oi, give me that book back Ronald,” you hissed, placing your hands (now curled into fists) on your hips. “I have a test to study for!” When Ron didn’t move, you shot him a look of hate and reached down to grab your book. Before you could, however, Ron shoved a picture in your face.

Your face paled considerably as you recognized the picture in front of you, taken from your dorm. The picture was of you and Draco, who was holding you with his arms placed securely around your back. You watched picture you throw her head back and laugh, before smiling as Draco kissed her on her red nose.

The picture was taken the night before Christmas break, since you wouldn’t be seeing Draco for a few weeks. In the picture, you were outside on the quidditch pitch, with snow falling gently around you. Draco’s Slytherin scarf was around your neck, and he happily used the ends of it to pull you closer to him so his lips would meet yours.

You loved the picture.

“H-how did you get that?” Your voice cracked as your eyes traveled from your livid twin to the rest of your siblings present. They had finally found out about Draco – but this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen.

“Are you dating Malfoy?” Ron asked, completely ignoring what you had just said. His face twisted in disgust as he said your boyfriend’s name. You paused for a moment, considering saying no. But you were done hiding this.

“Yes,” you whispered, letting your hair fall in front of your face like a shield.


You flinched in fear as Ron’s voice rang out across the common room, and you backed away from him slightly. Tears began to fall from your eyes as you watched Ron take the picture of you and Draco and crumple it, letting it slip to the floor.

Slowly, you stood, moving towards your twin. You bent down, about to grab the picture when Ron grabbed you by the upper arms and brought you so you were face to face. Tears fell freely now, sliding down your tan cheeks.

“Him or me.”

Your breath caught in your throat as you stared at Ron. His brown eyes gazed fiercely into your, and his grip on your arms tightened. Before you could stop yourself, your mouth had formed one word;


You looked at Draco and saw him trying to hide the smile forming on his face. Closing your eyes, you let your head fall against his chest and you let out a small whimper.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay. I’m sure the news was just a shock to him, and he reacted badly. He’ll get over it,” Draco said, pulling away from you so that he could see your face better.

You nodded, biting your lip and looking down. You saw Draco’s breathing speed up as you did so, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Instead, you let yourself get lost in thought – that was, until you felt Draco’s hand (the one that had been rubbing circles on your back) move slowly towards your hip.

Your head snapped up in shock, only to be greeted by Draco’s face, directly in front of your own. His warm breath hit your lips, and his grey eyes looked as if they were staring into your soul. Your breathing sped up as Draco’s hand began pulling the fabric down, little by little slipping off your skirt until it was on the floor.

Your lips were suddenly pressed up against Draco’s as he kissed you gently. After a few seconds, however, he deepened the kiss and moved his hand back to the spot on your lower back, pulling you closer to him.

His teeth bit your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You gladly opened your mouth, your tongues wrestling for dominance as his fingers began to undo your blouse. After the buttons were undone, he pushed the material off your shoulders, leaving you sitting in front of him – only in your underwear.

Draco’s breath caught in his throat as he stared at you, his gaze memorizing every inch of your body. Seeing this, you looked down, slightly embarrassed. You thought your stomach was too chubby, wished for bigger boobs, and immediately wished you had stopped eating sweets, your thighs were huge.

Draco caught onto what you were doing as he lifted your chin up, running his thumb over your bottom lip. His forehead was pressed against yours and his grey eyes stayed on your Y/E/C ones.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

Your hands wrapped around Draco’s tie, pulling him closer to you. His hands found the sides of your face and was pulling you closer to him. The air was dripping with emotion - lust, anger, sadness - but mostly love.

A new kind of hunger flowed through you as your hands began to unbutton his shirt. His calloused hands roamed your body, feeling over every curve from your legs to your breasts. You finally finished with his buttons and pushed his shirt off as his hands began to play with the bra clapse behind your back.

By the time Draco had let out a frustrated sigh and looked to you for help with the bra clapse, you had unbuckled his belt and had pushed his pants down so that they were pooled around his ankles on the floor.

Removing Draco’s hands from your bra, you slowly undid the clapse yourself. You saw Draco’s eyes darken at how slow you were moving, and the minute you had finally pulled apart the clapse, he ripped your bra from your hands and attacked your neck with rough kisses.

You let your head fall back as Draco’s hands roamed your breasts, his fingers rolling your rippled between his fingers skillfully. You moaned as his lips hit your sweet spot, your nails scratching down your back.

Quickly Draco picked you up and turned you so that your head was resting on the pillows at the head of his bed. With his body over yours, he began kissing you, starting at your mouth and working his way lower and lower slowly.

“I - hate - seeing - you- cry,” he said between kisses on your stomach, moving lower after each word, his eyes locked on your face as he smirked against your skin. “But - I - can’t - wait - to - make - you - cry - out.”

His mouth had reached your core, where his smirk grew once he saw how ready you were for him. He slowly pulled down the fabric, kissing your inner thigh while doing so. Your mouth formed a small “o” at this motion.

He chuckled darkly before taking one finger and running it up and down your dripping folds. He slowly rubbed you until you were begging for him. “Please, Draco,” you cried, trembling.

His eyes seemed to darken even more, if that was possible, when you said that. He brought his mouth over you opening, his breath making you shiver as he spoke.

“Oh, darling, you should not have said that.”

In an instant, Draco’s tongue had dipped inside of you and you moaned, grabbing the sheets around you. His tongue moved slowly, and he kept your legs apart with his hands. Every few seconds, he would give your clit a sharp lick, sending you into fits of moans and cursing.

Draco must have felt you tighten around him, because he pulled away after a minute or two. His hair was stuck to his forehead, which was plastered in sweat. His eyes roamed your body as he sexily crawled back over to you, fully naked (you didn’t know what he had undressed himself, but you were sure glad he had).

His cock dangled dangerously near you entrance as Draco placed himself over you, his lips connecting with your collarbone. You felt him suck, nip and bite as he pleased, wanting to claim you as his.

He moved one hand from your side and lined himself up at your entrance, before laying his body back over yours. His teeth nibbled at the skin under your ear as you waited - quite annoyed at the teasing - for him to enter you.

As if Draco had read your mind, he slammed into you without warning, causing you to cry out in pain and pleasure. Your hands scraped his back, leaving new scratch marks every time he pounded into you.

Soon, you were both a moaning mess, and Draco’s thrusts were becoming sloppier. You felt your walls tighten around him, which Draco also seemed to notice. He placed his lips to you ear, whispering a “Release with me, baby,” in his husky voice.

Not even a second later, you released, your eyes rolling back into your head and your back arching towards him. Your nails dug into his back, and you were at a loss for words.

A few seconds later Draco did the same as you, only with more control. After he finished, he pulled out of you gently and laid next to you. Your heart was pounding, and your breathing was spotty - all because of Draco.

You relaxed a little as Draco pulled you closer to him, almost falling asleep in his embrace. Draco must had thought you had fallen asleep, however, because he kissed your head and you could feel him staring at you.

“I’m so glad you chose me, Y/N,” he said, before drifting into sleep himself.

Bruises ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘‘Babes your account so fresh! I was wondering if I could request something since you’re out of ideas. Your bestfriend’s with (G or E you pick) and you and your ex boyfriend just break up and he’s been harassing you and just being a straight up D bag. Finally the boys have had enough and they get into a fight with your ex. (of course you’ll have to take care of them and clean up their bruises and such and maybe some kissing idk :)‘‘

Response: Thank you so much, that means so much to me!! I may have changed the storyline a little bit, but I hope you enjoy :) xxx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

While you’re making dinner and hum quietly on a song that is playing on the radio, you feel totally relaxed. But the thought that your boyfriend could be home any minute, freaked you out a bit. You guys have had a lot of fights the last couple of weeks, and they usually started when he got home after a long day of work or whatever he was doing. You didn’t even know what he was doing most of the time, because he didn’t tell you. Whenever you asked how his day had been, he just shrugged and didn’t answer your question. You didn’t dare to ask further questions because you were scared that he thought you didn’t trust him.

With a loud bang you hear your boyfriend closing the door, walking in the kitchen. You make a little jump of scaredness. You were so absorbed in your thoughts that you didn’t hear him coming in. ‘Hi babe,’ you greet him with a loving smile. ‘How are you?’ ‘Hm,’ he answers shortly and throws his car keys on the table. ‘Is dinner almost ready?’ You nod. ‘Yes, two more minutes, sweetie.’

He sighs and sits down at the table. He doesn’t ask you how you are or how your day has been. He was problaby just very tired, you thought. When the food is ready you scoop it on the plate and put it down in front of him. You walk around the other side of the table and sit down to join him.

‘I hope you like it. It’s a new recipe from my mom and she thought you would like it too.’ You smile at him but he doesn’t answer. He immediately starts eating, eyes focused on his food. When he has eaten two bites he puts his cutlery down and looks at you with frowned brows, eyes narrowed. You feel a nervous feeling coming up. ‘Are you fucking kidding me? This tastes like shit.’ He stands up so quickly that you dull backwards, processing what he just said.

‘I want you to make something else. I’m not gonna eat another bite of whatever this is.’ You don’t know what to say. ‘I-I don’t have anything else that I can cook… Maybe we can-’ He cuts you off by throwing his plate on the ground. You hear the sound of breaking porcelain and blink, not believing what he just did.

‘I don’t fucking care. Figure something out.’ ‘I-I can’t…’ you start, but he walks up to you and grabs you by your wrists. ‘You’re hurting me. Let me go!’ you try to liberate yourself, but he is much stronger than you. ‘What were you doing with HIM this afternoon?’ He had suddenly changed the subject, and now you finally knew why he was so mad. Of course it wasn’t because of the food. ‘With who?’ you say, while tears were running down your cheeks. You were scared that he was gonna do something to you. He brings his face closer to you so that he’s just a few inches away. ‘You know who! With that Grayson guy.’ He speaks out his name full of disgust.

You figure that he had probably seen you today while you were out, having lunch with Grayson. But he was just a friend and nothing more. He knew that. ‘He’s just a friend!’ you cry out while he pushes you against the wall. ‘Liar!’ he screams in your face. You try to look away, but he grabs you by your jaw so that you have to look at him. You gasp for air. ‘You dirty, little slut. How dare you going out with an other guy?! I do everything for you! Everything!’ he yells while he squeezes your hands, which are turning white.

‘Please let me go. I can’t take this any longer…. All these fights, I’m sick of it. We’re done,’ you say with a shaky voice. Finally he lets go of you. You rub your hands over your painful wrists. There is a long moment of silence, while you wait for him to yell again. ‘Fine. Leave then. Go back to that piece of shit,’ he says. You’re so surprised that you don’t know what to say, or do. You were paralyzed. When you finally can move again you slide past him.

You grab your phone and keys that were laying on the kitchen counter and almost run to the door. When you’re outside you sigh deeply, inhaling the fresh air. You walk to your car and get in, starting the engine. You knew exactly where you were going to.

‘Y/N! What are you doing here so late? Is everything alright?’ Grayson says with a worried look on his face when he opens the door and sees you. His hair is all messy and he was wearing a tank top and some sweatpants. He was probably just editing a video or chilling on the couch. ‘I… We… I’m…’ You try to form words, but all you can do is cry and sob while your body shakes uncontrollable. He takes a step in your direction and pulls you in for a hug. ‘Sshh…’ he tries to calm you down. ‘It will be okay. Just take a deep breath. Everything is gonna be okay.’ He strokes your back gently while he keeps whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Slowly you allow yourself to stop crying. You feel safe and warm in his strong arms.

You guys stand there for at least two minutes, when Ethan comes up and sees Grayson hugging you. ‘Y/N? What’s going on? What happened?’ Grayson lets go of you and you look up to the twins, while Grayson still holds your arms. You wipe the tears from your cheeks and sniff. ‘Me and Logan broke up this evening. He thought I was cheating on him.’ You see Graysons jaw clenching and Ethans eyebrows frowning. ‘Come in. I want to hear what happened in detail,’ Grayson says and he puts an arm around you. Together you walk to the kitchen while Ethan grabs you a drink.

After you had told the twins the whole story, you could see that they were angry. But not just angry, they were really mad. With bald fists Grayson stands up. ‘I wanna talk to him.’ You stand up too. ‘Grayson, no. That will only make things worse.’ Ethan stands up and goes into the hall to grab his and Graysons jacket. ‘I’ll come too.’ ‘No E, I’m going alone. I don’t want him to be intimidated by the two of us.’ Ethan sighs and nod. ‘Okay.’ You walk behind them, trying to stop Grayson, but he already has his jacket on an his car keys in his hand.

‘Gray, no. I don’t want you to get in a fight. He’ll hurt you.’  Grayson laughs. ‘He won’t. And I’m just going to talk to him, don’t worry. There are just a few things I want to say. I promise,’ he adds when you look at him with an unconvinced look. ‘Okay, then. But I’ll come with you, to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.’ Grayson chuckles while he holds the door open for you.

While you ring the doorbell you look next to you, up to Grayson. He has a confident look on his face, like he exactly knows what he’s going to say. His muscles are tense. You wonder how Logan will react when he sees Grayson. Probably not happy. When he opens the door his eyes flicker from you to him with a confused look. ‘What the-’ But before he knows what’s going on, he gets slammed in the face by Graysons big hand.  ‘Here’s for hurting the most sweetest girl I know,’ he says with a low voice.

‘What the fuck, man!’ Logan says with a hand pressed to his cheek. ‘Gray!’ you cry out, but Logan had already recovered and he tries to hit Grayson in the nuts. But Grayson is faster – and stronger – and he grabs his wrist. But Logan is smart. With his other hand he hits Grayson in the face, causing Grayson to get a nose bleed.  ‘Guys, stop!’ you say in despair, but no one listens. They start fighting and before you know it, Logan – but Grayson too – is covered in bruises. You hear a cracking noise.

‘Please, stop! You’re hurting each other!’ you say, trying to grab their arms. Finally they let go of each other. The room now is filled with panting, Grayson and Logans forehead shiny from sweating. ‘Get the fuck out of my house,’ Logan hisses, while he looks with dark eyes at Grayson. ‘Gladly,’ Grayson answers. ‘And this is the last time you’ll ever see her. You don’t deserve a girl like Y/N.’ He grabs you by your hand and with big steps he walks to the door.

‘Gray, what the hell,’ you say accusingly. He is sitting on his bed while you walk through his bedroom. After the fight you decided to go his house. Ethan wasn’t home, he had gone out with a friend. ‘You say you just wanted to TALK,’ you say while you look at him. He looks at you with puppy eyes, and you know that you couldn’t stay mad at him. ‘Oh shoot,’ you say when you notice that his nose had started bleeding again. ‘What?’ Grayson asks confused. ‘Wait here,’ you demand while you rush to the bathroom. You hold a wash cloth under the water tap and when it’s wet enough, you grab a clean towel out one of the drawers.

You walk back to Graysons bedroom, where he is still sitting on the bed. You kneel down in front of him and hold the wash cloth against his nose. With frowned eyebrows you stroke your fingers over his forehead, where a red bruise had appeared. You notice Grayson staring at you, and you look him in the eyes. ‘I’m sorry…’ Grayson whispers. ‘I just wanted to protect you. And sometimes I overreact. Don’t me mad at me.’ ‘Sshh…’ you hush him, while you move the wash cloth to his forehead, gently stroking against his skin. ‘I understand. It’s okay. Thank you for standing up for me.’ ‘You deserve so much better than him, you should know that. Gosh, he is such a douchebag. I can’t understand that you would date him,’ Grayson says. You chuckle, and you feel yourself relax a little since the whole thing that had happened today. ‘Well, I don’t know it myself, to be honest.’

It is quiet for a moment, and your eyes flicker to Graysons face. He’s biting his lip, eyes wide. ‘You’re so beautiful, Y/N,’ he whispers, while he slowly takes your hand that is holding the wash cloth. Your breath sticks in your throat, you can’t speak a word. You’re totally lost in Graysons eyes, which are filled with lust. Slowly he pulls you closer, so close that you can almost feel his husky breath on your lips. He licks his lips and you know what he was going to do, but you didn’t even mind.

You close your eyes while he puts his warm, soft lips on yours and opens them with his tongue. Willingly you let him kiss you. He cups your face with his hands while you moan quietly in pleasure. After a few seconds he pulls back, a little out of breath. ‘I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know what happened to me. I just-‘ He stuttered, but you place a finger on his lips. ‘It’s okay… I actually enjoyed that,’ you giggle. ‘Well, in that case…’ He smirks and leans in for another kiss.

I’m rewatching “Providence” from turn season 2 and I can’t stop crying because Lafayette is so dang cute and I just wanna cuddle him and why????? Who does he think he is just marching in my life being all “ahhh bonjour im ‘ere to destroy your life madame” Who allowed him to be so cute?? I’ve been crying for an hour straight and I can’t go on watching because I tear up everytime. Look at that little Bastard

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Unworthy - PART  1 - *ANGST*



Request: Newt’s fame makes him forget about the reader who’s always been there for him.

PART 2: here


           Fame does strange things to people, although you never expected

                          it to be what drove you and Newt apart.

From day one Newt’s little freckled face, became a large part of your life, finding yourself hopelessly attracted to him. Many times you speculated that your feelings might be returned, through little acts such as him holding your hand or caressing your face.

Though from the moment that Newt’s book became published, in the publics eye you weren’t good enough for Newt anymore. Out of all the people your heart could’ve chosen, it decided on a boy who didn’t have enough room in his own heart, to love someone like you. Quality time became a rarity, events such as book signings and conferences replaced time which he originally would’ve spent with you.

Although Newt never pursued them, it was still painful to watch women flirt with him, his success making him desirable. You had loved him before all this. Before the fame, before the success, but apparently that had been forgotten.


Currently you were attending a party that had been thrown for the publishing. You detested these things finding the large crowds intimidating and overwhelming however you forced yourself to attend to support Newt. The misery being worth it in the end, to see Newt’s happiness at you being there.

But as you entered into the ballroom you saw him with a woman, the creamy sheets of the silk dress slipped onto her shoulders, peppering her body with soft, sensual kisses. She’d managed to wrap her arm around his and was whispering things dangerously close into his ear. It hurt to know while you were searching for him in the crowd, he was searching for someone else.

You took note of how he made little to no attempt of rejecting the glamorous woman away, simply continuing his conversation with her.

Oh what’s the point of staying? You’d seen enough to know how the night would end, you alone in the corner while Newt talked to more attractive girls than you. Turning on your heel you gave one last glance to Newt before sneaking away from the scene. Making your way outside of the building you took a seat on the grass, not caring if your dress got ruined or not. It wasn’t like anyone was going to see it anyways.

The cold air nipped your skin, leaving trails of goosebumps running up your arms. In isolation you allowed yourself to cry, letting the overwhelming emotions seep out. Merlin, you wish you’d at least not gone to the effort of getting dressed up night. Nothing hurt more than trying your best and still not being good enough.

“Look at me” you painfully smiled to yourself, “crying over something I never even had….one part of me wants to smile because I’ve the privilege of being his friend, the other part wants to cry….because that’s all I’ll ever be”.

Slowly looking towards the doorframe a slightly hunched over Newt stood there, his cowardly stature intending not to intimidate you. As soon as you caught a glimpse of him you snapped your head in the other direction, not wanting him to see your tears. Goodness you probably looked a mess now.

“Y/N?” He questioned wearily, worried that he’d done something wrong. Sweet innocent Newt.

“It’s ok Newt you go back and enjoy the party. I’m fine, really.” Steadying your voice you attempted to sound normal, although the little breaks gave your hurt away.

“I em just…w-wanted to know if you’d like a dance?” He avoided eye contact but his typical shy grin appeared on his face. He was trying to cheer you up. “I’m sorry Newt but I’m really not feeling up to it”, you replied in a upset tone, Oh Merlin all you wanted was to go home.

“Oh…ok” Newt was slightly taken a back by your reserved attitude, hovering unsure of what to do next. Closing your glossy eyes shut, you waited to hear the sound of his foot steps returning to the party, however instead Newt made his way over to you awkwardly settling himself beside you. Confused you tilted your head towards him. What was he doing?


“I’m sorry, these events aren’t really my sort of things either. Too many people” he shuffled closer you, placing his blazer over your shivering frame. Lies you thought. He didn’t look like he was having a bad time, with the beautiful girl back in the party.

“I think you should go back…”, the words escaped your mouth before you could even realize.

“I don’t want you staying here by yourself” he looked towards you, concern hazing over his eyes. Oh so that’s what it is. He was staying out of guilt, not because he wanted to. A pity party.

“Newt one night of staying with me isn’t going to makeup for the rest” you sighed looking directly towards him now.

“You’ve changed Newt…”

“I haven’t changed Y/N-”

“Your priorities have” you interrupted, “I’m sorry I’m not a priority now Newt”

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, catching you completely off guard, “Y/N.. love, you know you and my creatures are the biggest priority to me, I just don’t always have the time-”

“It’s not about ‘having’ time Newt, it’s about ‘making’ time” you argued back, now completely furious about his pathetic excuses.

Newt attempted to defend himself but you cut him off.

“-How do you have enough time to go out and make other girls fall in love with you, but you don’t have time to pay attention to the girl who already is?”


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I Will Never Leave You

Imagine losing your sibling on a hunt and Dean trying to comfort you.

–idea inspired from Izzie’s mourning in Grey’s Anatomy –

“She’s just been laying in there on the floor like that for how long?” Sam asked his older brother, finally returning from a hunt he was on with Bobby.

“Two days, ever since after the hunter’s funeral,” Dean told him.  

You heard their voices carry from the other side of the door but you tuned them out not caring about anything, not feeling anything.

“Has she eaten anything?” Sam questioned.

No, I’ve tried, believe me I’ve tried, but she won’t move, she won’t eat,” Dean said, “I don’t even think she’s actually fallen asleep. She just sits there, Sam, I don’t know what to do. I can’t fix her.”

“She saw it, didn’t she?” The youngest Winchester wondered, “She saw that shifter kill her brother.”

Dean nodded and looked towards the closed bathroom door. He couldn’t stand to see you like this, he hated that he couldn’t take the pain away from you.

You heard the door open and saw Dean walk in through you blank stare. He came and sat down next to your limp body and placed a hand on the small of your back.

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“(Y/N), sweetheart, how about we get you out of this bathroom?” He asked. “Maybe we could go for a drive, change the scenery for a little while?”

You slowly looked up at him and nodded your head stiffly.

“That’s my girl,” Dean said with a small, sweet smile placed on his lips. “But first let’s clean you up a bit.”

Sam watched from the doorway as you nodded once again.

Dean carefully picked you up and sat you on the edge of the tub that was taking up the majority of the motel bathroom. He grabbed a washcloth and wet it with the warm water that came from the tap.

He slowly wiped away the blood and tears that covered your face then went to work on your arms, clearing your skin from the aftermath of the hunt that had taken place a few days ago.

“Sam, grab me one of my shirts from my duffle,” Dean told his brother as he gently removed your blood crusted shirt. As Sam handed Dean a clean shirt and he placed it on you.

Dean stood up then entered the tub to be behind you. With a brush, he carefully untangled your hair then began braiding it, something you had taught him to do on one of your days off. Once he was satisfied with his work he returned to a crouch in front of you, “You ready for a drive?”

Yet again you nodded and walked with Dean, your arms wrapped around him, to the impala. He opened the passenger’s side door for you and helped you in.

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You placed your head on the window and watched as everything went by quickly. Suddenly you felt the tears begin to wet your cheeks and quickly your silent tears turned into loud, breathless sobs.

Dean pulled his baby to the side of the country road you were currently on and slid over to you, wrapping you in an embrace.

You buried your head into his chest and continued to cry, your tears wetting his shirt. Dean allowed you to cry, and that’s just what you did.

Finally, your tears dried up but you stay latched onto the man you loved, breathing in his familiar scent of leather and mint to calm yourself.

“I know it hurts, (Y/N), and I wish I could take all that pain away from you but I can’t,” Dean began. “Just know I’m here for you, okay? I will always be here, I will never leave you.”

[ roommate!au]

pairing; got7 jackson x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!jackson, humor, fluff 

✎a/n; didn’t receive as much notes as i expected for roommate!seungkwan but that’s okay, as long as i know there are some of you who liked it HAHA // i received a wave of reqs in my inbox, and i’ll get to them asap! thank you to all who sent in your requests!! <3

  • roommate jackson
  • the best and worst thing in the universe that actually happened tbh
  • he was not your assigned roommate
  • you had been living in the same room with this other girl in total peace
  • bc she was like the really quiet kind but is still fun
  • but soMEHOW 
  • you got switched out with this guy
  • and you didnt know who the hell he was but that guy moved into your room and you had to move out
  • and the dorm-in-charge said it was bc the guy (who moved into your room) and his roommate had been creating lots of trouble tgt
  • you couldn’t object or anything bc hey you’re not a rebel
  • so you said your sad goodbyes to your roommate
  • and left with your luggage
  • ok it wasn’t that dramatic but
  • ya you were upset
  • you packed everything and you moved to the room you were supposed to move to
  • and it was not easy bc you literally had to move everything that was yours in your original room
  • including your little diy stuff on your desk which wouldn’t make it into the luggage
  • and some furniture. 
  • so you were going back and forth from room to room to get all your stuff
  • but suddenly this other guy appeared when you were on your 3rd trip between your new room & your old room
  • and he saw you coming out of his room so he was like
  • “are you y/n?”
  • you nodded hesitantly and was like yeah
  • “oh, hi, i’m jackson! your new roommate!”
  • you forced a smile and shook his hand and said hi and told him your name
  • jackson quickly runs past you and back into his room and drops his bag on the floor before running back out
  • “i’m suspecting you need help with moving?”
  • you laugh. “yeah.”
  • jackson was good looking, ngl
  • he looked really muscular too
  • and you were impressed lol
  • so jackson follows you to your old room and grabs all your heavy ass stuff and effortlessly brings them to your new room
  • wow????
  • ya’ll managed to bring everything over bc jackson was able to just carry them all at once HAHAHA
  • so you two settle in your room and 
  • you know how everyone has a time where there’s a super awkward silence when they first meet
  • you expected that but no 
  • there was no room for awkwardness with jackson wang
  • he was so random you didn’t even know if you should be happy or just ???
  • like while you were unpacking he just stands at the side and watches you
  • and questions everything
  • “why do you have so much stuff”
  • “were you against this planning?”
  • “how many hoodies do you have omg”
  • “are those for bio?”
  • “do you do a lot of diy stuff?”
  • “wait, are those diapers?”
  • no, those were your pads
  • “JACKSON!”
  • and he just laughs his high-pitched laughter and you laugh too
  • so aft ya’ll unpack
  • you had this string of fairy lights
  • and they used to hang over your bed in your old room
  • jackson saw them and was just like 
  • “what are those for?”
  • “fairy lights,” you told him, then looked over to your bed, which was just a few metres away from his.
  • “can i hang this over there?” you asked, nodding over to your bed.
  • you didn’t even know why you asked for permission tbh bc either way you were going to hang it over lmao
  • but jackson was so agaiNST IT YOU DIDN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY
  • “nO wHAT FOR”
  • “it’s really pretty !!!”
  • “but it’s just so long and drapey and—”
  • you didnt even care anymore and you just stood up with the string of fairy lights in your hands and went over to your bed
  • and you just stepped up on the bed and started marking off where you’d hang the lights
  • “Y/N”
  • “no jackson shush it’ll be pretty i promise”
  • jackson pouts and sulks but says nothing
  • you quickly hang the lights and it took u a while but when it was done
  • you turned off the main room lights and turned on the fairy lights and
  • voILA (ok sorry i use this so much in aus HAHAHA)
  • the fairy lights were so sparkly and pretty
  • jackson looks at it for a while and quietly acknowledges 
  • huehuehue u won
  • ok so as roommates
  • yall did whatever indirect bonding that roommates did
  • and got real close
  • bc the two of you were the lazy ass kind of people who would stay in the dorms 24/7 when yall didnt have class
  • so you guys would just talk a lot
  • and as months passed,, you found out more about him and knew him better
  • and he’s the super super hyperactive kind of person like omg he belongs in another planet istg
  • like whenever you’re watching tv you’d suddenly see a figure zoom past the tv and guESS WHO
  • it’s jackson somersaulting around the room
  • and he’d just walk to the front of the tv and do his handstands right there
  • “jackson i’m gonna push you if you don’t stop blocking my tv”
  • he doesnt budge lol
  • so you just walk over and jab his side and he crumbles bc he’s afraid of tickles
  • and you were so surprised like
  • jackson is afraid of tickles???
  • but he later found out u were ticklish too
  • like you guys were sitting on the couch, watching a movie, being normal human beings for once
  • but jackson’s hand unintentionally brushes your side and you flinch and giggle
  • and jackson turns to you in surprise before smirking
  • and tiCKLE FIGHTT
  • you’d usually be the one to lose bc you were ultra ultra sensitive and when someone tickles you
  • your breath literally gets knocked out and you are left with no strength to fight back
  • so ya ok he wins
  • moving on
  • to food 
  • this man right here
  • “it’S NOT ORGANIC, Y/N”
  • facepalms
  • the food you guys get to order is so damn limited bc
  • he has this organic policy thing where the food he consumes has to be 9873486% ORGANIC
  • and you literally just ignore him and order fried chicken
  • and when you hang up he looks at you like you just made a call to a secret agent to murder someone
  • but when the chicken comes it’s a totally different story lolol
  • he just stares at the chicken and self-hypnotizes himself
  • and you help him with it
  • “it’s chicken”
  • “yes it is”
  • “it’s healthy”
  • “……….is it really”
  • “it has a good supply of protein”
  • “yes it does”
  • “and vitamins and minerals”
  • ya it happens like that HAHAHA
  • and honestly you originally saw jackson as just a really happy and hyped up guy
  • who is like nowhere near the deep-kind who would really comfort another party
  • but no lol you were so wrong
  • there was this once where your best friend said something freaking hurtful to you and she didn’t even care about how you started tearing
  • like it was a really big fight
  • so you returned to your dorm and plunged under your sheets and started crying like a freaking ghoul
  • and jackson wasn’t in the room so that allowed you to cry your heart out
  • then suddenly the door opens and you freaking stop breathing so you could shut yourself up
  • but your body was still shaking and jackson could see that
  • so he came over and like apprehensively taps you
  • “you alright?”
  • you don’t reply, but accidentally let out a sniff.
  • jackson slowly pulls the sheets off you and you don’t fight it or anything
  • he sees how strands of your hair is stuck to your face which was wet from your tears and his heart honestly just breaks
  • bc you’d always been so happy and cheerful,, seeing you like this was just too much for him
  • so he just helps you up and hugs you and strokes your hair and coos you and does everything and anything to calm you down
  • and it takes a while but when you finally stop crying
  • you fall asleep in his arms
  • bc your eyes were just really tired
  • and the next morning, you wake up, stILL in his arms
  • like oh wow
  • and jackson wakes up after he feels you stir
  • and he desperately tries to explain
  • “no, i mean, yesterday, you, um, tears, i—”
  • and you just stop him and tell him you know
  • and you thank him
  • you were so damn grateful for him bc he helped you so much like you were literally so upset
  • but ya he was there
  • yay :’’)
  • not your typical cuddling lol
  • bc of the fact that both of you were ticklish
  • yall would flinch alot when cuddling 
  • “doNt tiCKLe mE”
  • “I DIDN’T??”
  • “dON’t toUCH mE RAPIDLY”
  • and yall would just burst out laughing bc what was going on omg yall dont even know
  • sometimes you guys would just start singing randomly uk
  • and jackson has a fairly low voice so when he tries to sing the high notes
  • “we don’t talk anymore”
  • “we don’t talk anymore”
  • “we don’t talk anymore like we used toOO DOoO—”
  • “nO jacKSON”
  • “shut up, i sound amazing”
  • “no, the windows are cracking”
  • “nO Y/N SH”
  • ya ok amazing roommate you have wew

requests or asks // masterlist

getupoffathathang  asked:

If u are doing the little drabbles I would likr to request one. "All we did was kiss for 5 seconds calm down" with Anthony Ramos becauee I am Anthony trash. I feel like this could be great angst *wink wink* lmao

You and Anthony were from completely different social groups. You both worked for the same company but Anthony was definitely the “It Guy”. Every guy wanted to be him and all the ladies loved him. So you were incredibly confused when he approached you on your second day with a light-hearted conversation. He gave off a fuckboy-esque vibe but his smile and freckles pulled you in and eventually you befriended him. Somewhere along that line you fell for him, despite efforts to not do so. It was hard with his joyful laugh, his hazel eyes that were always full of joy and mischief, his little smirk that sends chills down your spine. You decided not to act on these emotions and you were successful until last night. There was a staff party and a lot of drinks were consumed, not by you though, drinking wasn’t your thing. You held on to one cup of a mixed drink for the whole night while Anthony was knocking back alcohol as if his life depended on it.

“Woah, woah there. Anthony, please try not to faceplant into the wall.” You grabbed on to his arm, laughing as he turned his head to look at you.

Even with drunk eyes and a goofy grin, he was beautiful. Anthony gripped both your shoulders so he could steady himself in front of you.

“You have a ride home, right?” You asked, trying to keep his attention for more than a few seconds so he could answer you.

“Yep! I’m all gooooood!” Anthony chuckled, his words slurring together but you understood him.

Okay good because I’m about to leave, too many drunk people and I’m hungry for something other than finger sandwiches and chips.” You eyed the food table that was a mess at this point.

“Nooooo, stayyyyy.” Anthony wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him. 

You could smell the alcohol on his breath and the cologne on his shirt. You could count the freckles on his face if you wanted. You swallowed hard as your heart thumped against your ribcage.

“Nah, Ant. I really should go.”

You felt the heated glare of the other girls around you but you were sucked into Anthony’s eyes.

“Okay, okay, fiiiiine. Can I give you a little parting gift then?”

“A parting gift? You furrowed your brows, wondering what he could possibly have for you, “Yeah, sure. Just make it quick.”

“Gladly.” Anthony smiled, his arms tightening around you.

In the blink of an eye, Anthony’s lips were on yours. Your eyes widen as one of his hands cupped your cheek, the other pressing against the small of your back. Your instincts quickly reacted, kissing him back and threading your fingers through his hair. The kiss was a bit sloppy since Anthony was drunk but you didn’t care as he added tongue into the kiss. Anthony pulled away first, biting and tugging lightly on your bottom lip as he moved back. You were in a daze, staring at him as he gave you a wink and then turned to head back to a group of guys. You turned around slowly, walking out of the building and trying to register what the fuck just happened.

It took you hours to fall asleep afterward, your brain swimming with possibilities for you and Anthony. What did this mean? Sure he messed around with his fair share of women but you were different, you were just his friend. You were left confused but insanely happy that you two kissed. It was your lunch hour when Anthony strolled into your office, an easy smile on his face. You smile shyly, averting your eyes to the takeout you ordered.

“Hey, Y/N! How are you feeling?” Anthony sat on the end of your desk, stealing a dumpling from your tray.

“Hey!” You slapped his hand but he ate it anyway, giving you an innocent smile.

“I don’t get to eat for another hour! Have a heart.” Anthony pouted, looking at you through his lashes.

“Fine. Just ask next time, okay?”

Anthony smiled, picking up another dumpling and eating it. You chewed the inside of your cheek, trying to muster up the courage to bring up last night. After a short silence, you blurted out the question before you could stop yourself.

“Do you remember last night?”

Anthony raised a brow at the question but answered anyway.

“Yeah! I’m good with that kind of stuff. Drunk or not I remember everything.”

“Do you remember what happened before I went home?” You cursed internally, your voice was shakier than you meant for it to be.

Anthony was quiet for a moment before the light bulb went off in his head.

“Ah, yeah! Your parting gift. Yeah, I remember that too.” Anthony nodded, watching your face.

Is that all he had to say? Did he not have any comments on it? He had his tongue in your mouth for Christ sake. 

I’m confused. What does that mean? Where do we stand?” You looked at him, nervously awaiting his answer.

Anthony stared at you for a second then realization washed over his features.

“Oh…oh, Y/N. All we did was kiss for 5 seconds, calm down.“ Anthony laughed, shaking his head.

Your heart shattered. Sure you knew how Anthony was, he always told you about his hook-ups in the office, but this was you. You weren’t just some girl he could mess with, you were actually friends. You let your hopes rise over the past few hours and now they crashed to the ground. You turned back to your food, setting it down on the desk.

“Next time you want your daily dose of woman, could you not look in my direction? Thanks.” You said, venom dripping from every word. 

Anthony noticed the immediate change in your attitude and stood up slowly.

“Hey, Y/N, I didn’t mean to c-”

“I have a report due in 4 hours so could you close the door on your way out?” You cut him off, picking up the file to your left and opening it. 

You kept your eyes on the documents but in your peripheral vision, you could see Anthony still standing there. Eventually he slowly walked to the door, pausing to look back at you before closing it behind him. You set down the file, trying to resume the work you were doing before but soon, you couldn’t see the numbers through your frustrated tears. You sighed and covered your face, taking a shaky breath before allowing yourself to cry. 

Pretend For Me

genre: kinda angsty 

word count: 1415 

summary: Jungkook asks a favor from you and you accept, but soon it becomes too much for you. When did Jungkook stop being your best friend?

a/n: for someone who doesn’t like angst, I sure have been writing quite a bit of it

~ ~ ~

You step out of the shower, walk over to your room, and pull out a red dress from your closet. You picked that dress especially for today. You smile and then start getting ready. An hour later you are looking at yourself in the mirror, and you smile at your reflection. You walk out the door and into your car. As you drive to the restaurant, you try to calm your nerves. Even though it’s not the first time you go out like this, it never fails to make your heartbeat quicken. You get there, give the vallet your keys and walk into the restaurant. You spot Jungkook and walk in his direction. He doesn’t see you, and that’s good.

Because this is not a date. Or at least not for you.

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Love in the Dark

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Heartbroken.

can you please please please write a song fic for TonyxReader based on Adele’s Love In The Dark

A/N: Valentine’s Day is here and I need a break from the fluff all over. Songs that inspired this one shot: Love in the Dark, Goodbye, Falling Into History, Jar of Hearts, No, Better in Time and Sombra de Ti. Feedback is love!

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@muffinz323 @justcallmecinammon 
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“Mr. Stark, I–” you froze the minute you opened the door to Tony’s office. He was holding his longtime girlfriend, Pepper Potts, very tight and they seemed to have the time of their lives. You shook your head and stuttered the next few words– “I’m sorry, Miss Potts. I-I wasn’t aware you were here.”

You closed the door and without saying any other word, you left the office. Mr. Stark owed you a free day after all.

Take your eyes off of me so I can leave. I’m far too ashamed to do it with you watching me. This is never ending, we have been here before, but I can’t stay this time ‘cause I don’t love you anymore.

A few hours later, Mr. Stark himself came by your apartment. Regret showing through his pores and his words staggering on his lips, he came inside without saying a word. He sat on that familiar couch where he had been with you a hundred times before. Yes, Tony Stark and you were in a relationship; a secret one, but you were together. He silently started crying and hid his shame with his hands as if it stopped you from looking at him. But you were not even looking at him. Not at the moment.

The minute he stepped inside, you walked to the bedroom to keep folding your clothes inside a bag. You were not blinded, if anything you had never seen better than this. The tears didn’t pool in your eyes and your heart was not beating fast. Your mind was at an incredibly state of peace that you had not felt in a while now.

“Baby?” Tony’s husky voice startled you. “Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving, Tony.” You turned your head to him. “I’m leaving for good.”

“What–Where?” He babbled. “And why are you leaving?”

“I wish things would’ve been different between us but–” you shook your head and bit your bottom lip; all the harmony you once had went away, and hot tears threatened to roll down your rosy cheeks– “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Please, let’s talk it over…”

“Talk what over?” You burst. “Tony, what are we going to talk about? I know what I saw today at your office and don’t tell me it meant nothing!” You grabbed your head and took a deep breath. “I don’t want you to make things harder so if you don’t wanna see me leave, then just… look away.”

Please stay where you are. Don’t come any closer. Don’t try to change my mind. I’m being cruel to be kind

“(Y/N).” He said from behind you. You dragged your suitcase through the hallway and heading to the door but he tugged at your arm and made you turn around. You could see he was broken by the news but there was no turning back, or at least you hoped so. “(Y/N) you have to let me explain. You can’t leave me like this!”

“No, Tony.” You took a deep breath freeing yourself from his hand. “I’ve had enough. I can’t do this anymore.”

I can’t love you in the dark. It feels like we’re oceans apart. There is so much space between us. Maybe we’re already defeated. Everything changed me.

“I can’t be the other woman. I am not doing this to Pepper.” You rubbed your temples and walked to the sofa to throw yourself on it. You propped your elbows on your knees and held your head tightly. You felt Tony sitting down next to you. “I don’t know how I even agreed to do this in the first place.”

“But I love you–”

“Tony, don’t lie to me anymore.” You replied tiredly, leaning your back on the couch and looking up to the ceiling.

The single image of Tony holding Pepper made you sick and nauseated, but you couldn’t stop thinking about it. You ran to the sink to throw everything you had eaten up; it wasn’t much, just a well-digested breakfast. You let the water flow, taking away everything with it and washed your mouth from the awfully bitter taste. You fell on your knees next to the counter of the sink and started crying quietly. It had taken you a while to break, and finally you were. You curled, with your face pressed against the cold surface. A loud shriek went along with your tears as you finally let yourself have a good cry.

It was a major understatement to say you were hurt. It was as if someone had taken your heart from your chest and squeezed it. Not even breaking it. You found it hard to breathe, so you gasped loudly for air in your lungs as you sobbed out loud. Tony kneeled next to you to see if you had hurt yourself, but truth was that he hurt you.

You have given me something that I can’t live without. You mustn’t underestimate that when you are in doubt, but I don’t want to carry on like everything is fine. The longer we ignore it all the more that we will fight

“You never broke up with her, right?” you mumbled, wiping away your tears with the back of your hand. “I’ve been the other woman all this time, haven’t I?”

“You’re not the other–no. Don’t say that.” He grabbed your wrists still next to your face; a breath got caught in your throat when you felt his skin against yours. It wasn’t like before; you found warmth and a feeling of safety in his arms, but now, his mere touch gave you the shivers and it scared you. Not for what he could do, but for what he had done. He enchanted you like a prince, but turned out to be the complete opposite. You fixed your eyes on his and breathed with your mouth hanging slightly open.

Freeing yourself from him, you headed to your unattended bag again and walked to the front door. It was a necessary step for you to be strong for once. None of you deserved what was happening.

“Fire me if you want to. I was thinking of quitting anyway.” You said coldly.

Please don’t fall apart. I can’t face your breaking heart. I’m trying to be brave. Stop asking me to stay

When you were ready to open the door, Tony fell on his knees and his arms wrapped around your waist. You looked up to the ceiling trying to find strength in the white tiles or the fluorescent light that buzzed, but the way he held on for dear life to you made your heart and mind falter after such a long tug of war. You lifted your shaky hands trying to get as little touch as possible, but he had his face completely pressed against your stomach.

“(Y/N), don’t leave me.” He pleaded in between tears. You felt how he made your top wet and warm. His strong hands were on each side of your hips as he shook his head. “I swear I will change; please give me a chance, let it be the last one but don’t leave my side.”

“Tony I–I can’t,” you babbled, “I’ve given you enough chances, but what you did is… I can’t even begin to describe it.”

“I’ve fucked up before, I know,” he looked up to you, but your eyes were still fixed somewhere else, because you knew you were not strong enough, “but we’ve always managed to work things out. Why not this time?” he sobbed, “(Y/N) please look at me.”

“No, Tony–” you shook your head– “because I know what’s gonna happen next. You’re gonna tell me you love me and that you’ll change and you’ll break up with Pepper and make this thing public and finally make things right.” Your jaw trembled and more tears rolled down your cheeks; you allowed yourself another good cry with your hands covering your face. “You never learn, Tony.”

“Baby, I love you–”

“No–” you wiped under your nose with the back of your hand– “I love you,” you growled,” but you don’t love anyone but yourself. You can’t be alone and I’m guessing that’s why you haven’t broke Pepper the news.” You were trying to free yourself from him but the more you did, the more his grasp became tighter. “Tony, let me go.”

“No, not until you give me another chance.” He whispered.

We’re not the only ones. I don’t regret a thing. Every word I’ve said, you know I’ll always mean it is the world to me that you are in my life, but I want to live and not just survive.

Tony finally released you from his arms and stood up. He dried his tears with his sleeve and tried to look strong, but you both knew it was a mere façade and a terrible one. You couldn’t be more broken if you wanted to, and even though this hurt, you knew it was for the better. You took a deep, calming breath and said your last goodbye.

“You mean the world to me Tony, I never lied about that.” You added, with your voice not as shaky as it was just moments ago. “And you’ll always have a special place in my heart, but you won’t find in me the woman you’re looking for.” You shook your head just a little and bit your bottom lip. “I really hope the best for you; you’re great, but you’re just not for me.”

“I could be if you let me.” He pleaded one last time.

“Don’t let the last thing you tell me be a lie.” You pursed your lips. “Goodbye, Tony.” You twisted the knob and said goodbye to your old life.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice as to how best to react when a friend is upset? I have asperger's and I never know what to say or do. It makes me anxious because I'm afraid I'll make things worse. I thought you might have advice because you're a therapist, so I presume you deal with people being upset a lot.

here is my two-step guide to being a good friend to someone who is upset:

1. Listen. really, really listen. just be there and allow your friend to vent, cry, bitch, explain- whatever they need to do. pay attention to what they have to say without interjecting your opinion or trying to solve the problem or comparing it to your own situation. 

2. Validate their experience. Validation is not agreeing with someone. It is acknowledging and honoring their experience. Validation can be as simple as saying “that sucks. I’m sorry you have to deal with this.” Don’t try to make validation too complicated- again, it is only acknowledging and honoring their experience. Not understanding it, not agreeing, not having a similar experience, not telling them it’ll be okay, not trying to fix it. Just acknowledge what they’re going through and honor the validity of their feelings about it.