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Miranda, my angel, it's that time again: i need a new phone background and only Michael will do. SHARE DAT GOOD SHIT. i know your Michaelpics folder has to be ridic by now 😏

you didn’t specify how many… so… here’s my top three and some extras are under the cut!!!

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“Hey, Hayley, how’d you react to the Director’s return?”

…Oh. You know.

Second Chance

Jung Hoseok x Reader

Summary: He would’ve done anything for a second chance, but what would that ‘anything’ be?

A/n: Inspired by my gal @h-obii

He missed you. He missed you so so much. With every smile came the thumping beating of his innocent heart. With every laugh came the inevitable feeling of love that rushed through his veins. It was an indescribable feeling - a feeling he could not even bear to understand, but it walked with him like a patch on his shoulder.

“Hobi! Let’s go already!” You cried out with a signature smile that made his mind go blank. Nothing really could make the captain of the dance team completely blank out other than the sweet sweet voice of you.

If only he could hear your voice once more. Just once more.

“Hobi? Hey, take off your headphones already!” You giggled and he scoffed, slipping his headphones off to let your sweet voice overcome his senses.

But why did this have to happen?

“Happy Birthday, Hoseok! I love you so much!” A large wrapped box was in your arms as you extended it towards him, giving nothing less than your million dollar smile.

Of all people, why was it you that suffered this fate?

“H-Hoseok, it really hurts.”

He wanted a second chance. He wanted you back.

“Hey, I think I might actually die, Hoseok.” You whispered, a weak smile plastered on your face. Tubes extending from your body and your weak body resting on the dove white hospital bed.

Anything… Anything to get you back in his life. Anything.

“We’re gathered today to mourn the death of a beautiful, beloved child: (F/n)-”

Anything to let you live the life you never got to live.

“Now, (F/n)’s family for their words.”

Anything to keep your smile alive.

“She was an amazing girl who always smiled.”

Anything to have your warmth in his once more.

“If only fate was kind enough.”


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I walked off and laid down on a bench. I felt my eyelids closing.
The city is so peaceful at night. I heard a couple cars driving past and the sounds were rocking me to sleep.
Not…now …
I really needed to talk to a doctor about why I pass out so often.

Tom and Tord are cute together! (A poem by Kitty)

You’re like Pepper and Salt, Peanut Butter and Jam–
You two need to get together, maybe start a fam!
Tom as the father, Tord can be the mother
(and I can be the sister who you want to smother.
You two? My in-law, and whiny big brother)
Come on….you two are PERFECT for each other!
You’ll salivate all over each others faces
And cuddle and kiss in the craziest of places
You’ll call each other, ‘Honey-kins’ and ‘My brave, handsome, knight’
And then you’ll both kiss, much to the fandom’s delight!


Tom: You’re starting to get on my nerves.


happy birthday, evilwvergil~! .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

fluff friday “food” [izusaku]

so @vesperlionheart and I decided to start up “fluff fridays” to balance out “smut mondays.” this week’s prompt is “food.” 

please feel free to leave prompts/pairings in the inbox! 

(also, I’ve been binge-watching “the great food truck race” so…yeah.)

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So did you ever eat Toast sandwiches growing up?

Sly:*opens the door* Hey guys! Working hard or hardly -Whoa! Is this a bad time?

Marty: [points] You think that toasting a piece of bread and putting it between two other pieces of bread is absolutely loopy, right?

Victor: Someone informed him of the existence of the “toast sandwich,” and he seems to be taking it personally.

Continuing this au even though literally no one asked me to 

I accidentally made it matsuhanaiwaoi

So Makki comes back like a week later, dragging Iwa with him. And Iwa is just like “Honestly, all you had to do was buy a snake, who could possibly stop y-” and then he sees Mattsun cooing over the snakes and he freezes. Because oh fuck.

He instantly texts Oikawa to get his ass down there as fast as he can.

Now, Oikawa doesn’t believe that this guy can be so hot. Poor Oikawa doesn’t know what’s coming. He walks in and strides up to Makki, grabs his hand and pulls him over to where Mattsun is.

“Excuse me, sir, my friend-” mattsun looks up and Oikawa freezes. Shit. “Um. snake. Friend. Uh… want. He wants. A noodle. Yeah.” And Matsukawa laughs and Oiks and Makki are goners.

“So do you all call snakes noodles?” And Makki feels like dying.

Makki’s like “I just want a snake…pls..” Mattsun then laughs again at this and it’s as if angels are singing. Then suddenly Mattsun places his hand on Makki’s back and motions towards the snakes. They start to talk about the different snakes and Makki isn’t nervous anymore and wow this guy is pretty easy to talk to he’s pretty cool.

Then Oikawa is like “Makkkkiiiii you’re taking so longggg” and Makki says “Shut up Oikawa” and they start to bicker but stop when they hear a laugh.

“What is so funny?” Oikawa asks. Mattsun shrugs and is like “you guys just seem close”

Without thinking Makki goes “yeah well he is my boyfriend” and Mattsun looks surprised and Oikawa and Makki are like /sweats

But instead Mattsun points to Iwa “I thought you were dating that scary guy” iwa is cooing and petting a dog, not looking scary at all.

“ I am dating him” makki answers and then he’s like shit- but Mattsun nods and is like ‘that’s cool’ and he doesn’t make a big deal at all and just goes back to talking about snakes.

After getting all their stuff they head out to the car and yay Makki now has a pet snake. While in the car the receipt falls out. In Matsukawa’s hand writing it says ‘In case you have any questions about snakes -Matsukawa Issei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’ Makki swoons and Oikawa is like of course he’s a fucking meme 

Iwa is too busy playing with Makki’s snake to realize what’s happening around him. 

The next day Makki calls Mattsun and he’s like “so how do I feed the snake”

“Weren’t you paying attention?” (no, no he wasn’t) 

“So..I just put the mouse in?”

“Yes, Hanamaki-san, you just put the mouse in. The snake will catch it” 

“But..the mouse deserves to live as well..”

Suddenly Mattsun snorts and he’s like “How cute can you get?”

The line goes silent until Makki starts to stutter 

“um. Yeah. Mouse. Snake. Noodle. Food. Yup. Uh. Ye. thank you- yeah- ok- call you tomorrow- alrightgodbye” and he basically throws his phone across the room (Luckily it lands on the bed)

Back at his own place Mattsun is like fucking shit hole I said that out loud 

Makki, after feeding his child noodle (he names the snake Noodle, yes), goes into the living room and drapes himself across Oikawa’s lap and he whines. Oikawa is kind of concerned until Makki says “I have a fucking crush on the pet shop worker”

And Oikawa and laughs and is like well no shit don’t we all 

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Hey, Miss Everlasting! I am so glad to see that you are back! I hope that you are not doing badly. I hate to think that you are having a bad time and that we cannot do anything to make you feel better :(. I think that it is good that you took some time off for yourself. We all understand what it is to be dead inside, and since you make many of us feel better, we will all be here for you too <3. I hope you have a nice day! XOXO

I’m so sorry you’re going this rough patch right now :( My love and positive vibes are sent your way. Never feel pressured to coming on here and always having to answer questions. Take your time, do what you need to do :) We’ll never leave, EC. We’re here with open arms, always. 

Hope you’re doing ok ❤️❤️❤️❤️    


morons-never-change said:it’s always good to take a break sometimes and I’m glad you’re okay❤️ I hope things look up for you and you know how cared for you are!

actionsdbkandedh We love you!!

labyrinthstardustPositive vibes your way!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

74kwatchSending love and light your way!

❤️getwellpegasustake all the time you need 💕

mansunminded-blog But I live for your updates….

klewolf-rebGet well Miss E-C ❤️ We’re all here for you, can’t wait for you to come  

sighkyyy Take all the time you need. Although we will miss your constant presence and amazing posts; it’s just something we are going to have to sacrifice for the one and only Miss Everlasting to take care of herself :) i can’t imagine how much this community and myself would have missed out on if it weren’t for you! You have done more than enough - don’t ever feel pressured to contribute and work yourself to death to please us. Take your time and take care of you first.  We 💓 U

actionscoloredchandelier Love you 😘😘😘

mansunminded-blog  Let us know if we can help.

You are too intelligent, devoted, and charming, to let anything or anyone, put you down. This community needs you.

I’m profoundly grateful to have such caring, compassionately empathetic, beautiful followers. Many, many thanks to everyone who has reached out with the love and positive vibes. 💓I’ve been on Tumblr occasionally perusing the tag and checking in from time to time, I’ve read all of your little notes and pms of encouragement, inspiration and caring and it has mostly definitely lifted my spirits and has helped me find a sense of strength and purpose where I often feel none in this particular trying means more than you all know. 

Thank you, thank you beyond infinince. 💖💫

So I hit 1k followers!

Anything in particulular you guys would want to do? Like would you prefer a livestream, or just a typical contest like raffle?? The livestream would get more people but it’d be sketches. And the contest would be less prizes but colored pictures and such. 

I’m leaning towards raffles but this would be about you guys who all popped up here! So I’d like to get your input c: 

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NO, SAMA! IT’S WORTH NOTHING! also i completely forgot about xander but NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT you could have married HIM TOO… THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS TO CHOOSE FROM TOO!!! *lucina voice* XAMA WILL NEVER DIE! you even admitted it, you were thinking about it! but NOOOOOO you’re over here picking alfonzie and just betraying all your old husbands :‘c now chrom is also on my couch EVEN THOUGH HE’S IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT UNIVERSE, HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS? you cant

But!!! Alfonse means a lot too and I can’t betray him either!! The first 5 star I feathered, trying real hard to support him in the Gauntlet even though that was the worst Gauntlet match ever with the poorest results, my only consistent teammate that’s been there from the start… I can’t just not support him… :’c I’ll be happily married to the others in different universe! Maybe not exactly Xander


happy birthday @ohfemslash!!! i hope you have an incredible day and all your wishes come true!♥♥