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Happy Fanfic Author Appreciation Day

You all are fucking fantastic wonderful beautiful people. I love reading all your stories. I love the escape you provide for me. Honestly most of you and your writing are the only things that kept me going the last year and a half whether you’re a marvel fandom writer or supernatural fandom writer or both you have a fan in me.
I’m gonna call out a few people on here but just because I don’t add you here doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate your writing. I’m on mobile at the moment and I follow over 300 of you so I’m just coming up with a few off the top of my head.
@angelkurenai - love all of her stuff. Her story Friends After All was the first supernatural series I ever read and binged all 30-something chapters in a weekend.
@thing-you-do-with-that-thing - Kari is freaking amazing. When You Least Expect It and Living With Regrets were the first couple of her stories that I read and feel in love with. Kill Zone is currently one of my on going faves. She is also amazingly sweet and awesome.
@winchesters-favorite-girl - Katie is the queen of angst. She is the girl you love to hate. Literally if at least one of her stories didn’t make you cry then you have no soul. Falling apart was really good and I loved it. I forget the exact name but something along the lines of Wanted to Belong it was a Dean x Daughter reader tore me to shreds but I loved it.
@teamfreewill-imagine - Jaime is just freaking awesome. I love her writing so much and she is so sweet. Her season one series rewrite was freaking terrific and I can’t wait for season 2. Her poly fic with Jared and Gen is just to die for with daddy Jensen and Momma Dee and cuties JJ and Tom.
@kittenofdoomage - her abo fics are to die for and I love them. Iron heat was a beautiful series and was awesome and suspenseful.
@blacktithe7 - Erin is literally the best. I’ve been following her since before I joined the supernatural fandom a year ago back when I was just a marvel blog. She is literally the reason I started writing. She is so sweet and wonderful and freaking talented as hell. For supernatural check out Forward & Silk and Rough Velvet. For marvel Blast From the Past.
@imagine-assembling-the-avengers - Bonnie is awesome and cranks out stories faster than anyone I know. She only writes marvel but does so perfectly I can’t pick a few to recommend from her vast masterlist you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. She is also another good one with the angst so beware.
@sis-tafics - she is like the queen of smut in my opinion. If you dont believe me check out Our Little Secret. Also her abo story Break a Little is getting freaking good as well.
@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - Mimi is freaking awesome and I love just scrolling through her masterlist to find something to read. I’m never disappointed. The Arrangement and Someone to Watch Over Me are freaking terrific.
@emilyevanston - well just about everything she writes is awesome. Again a marvel only blog but damn is it steamy. Now I don’t usually ship Stucky but her stucky and reader fics are to die for. She never disappoints.
@ravengirl94 - she is literally so sweet and freaking talented. The arrangement and Hold On, Im Coming are two series’ you just have to read.
@supernatural-jackles - she is another really talented writer. Everything of hers that I read I pretty much love. Meet My Daughter, Perfect, and Summer Fling are must reads of hers.
@sleepywinchester - her writing is great. Her Behind the Story series is so freaking wonderful. I love it to pieces.
@torn-and-frayed - Steph is just terrific. She was one of the first spn blogs I started to follow and has yet to disappoint. Her series rewrite is divine and I’m behind but I believe she is in season 5 somewhere. With All My Heart is also worth reading.
Now I know I’m missing a lot of terrific writers but this is what I came up with off the top of my head. Happy Appreciation day to all writers and keep up the great work as I will be trolling for some awesome stories to read.

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Hailey help me how do you stop hating yourself

You realize how much people care about you, you realize all your fantastic qualities and personality! Then you use that to think of what amazing potential you have and how you’re gonna use it!

Thank you.

Seriously. Everyone.. thank you.

Those of you who follow me, like, reblog, send me lovely messages… All of you people are absolutely amazing. I would have never expected such kindness and loving people to support me, especially in my current situation. Currently things are very hard right now, but knowing there’s such lovely people sending me kind words and supporting me… truly means so much to me.

My two dearest people, @deusn and @friskcz, you both are outstanding and I can’t thank you enough for everything. Not only are you both amazing artists but you’re both amazing people, and I love you both so much.

I know I’m not very good at this tumblr thing, and following people who’s art I stare for long periods of time… (tumblr confused me.. ). Artists Like @kiacii, @neofox67 , @zheyzhey04, @neon-pulze, @xxtc-96xx, @keru-the-green and so many artists out there. But you’re all big inspirations to me and I can’t thank you for sharing your talents to the world. You are all fantastic! It’s people like you who are not only amazing story tellers and artists, but amazing people, that are the greatest inspirations. I’m pretty sure I speak for many people when I say that.

Once everything has calmed down with home stuff, I look forward to finishing Nightmaretale series and continuing the collab AU series, Endermaretale, with @xxtc-96xx. :3

But anyways.. everyone. All of you. Thank you. For everything.

Thanksgiving with the folks

Imagine bringing Credence home for thanksgiving to meet you family

•Maybe your parents didn’t like him at first but they start to like him for his politeness and how happy you are together

•All the embarrassing photos your parents will try to show him

•So much food he might not have gotten to try before

• All of your family members teasing you two

• Him getting the wishbone AND winning the wish against you.

•Cuddling in front of the fireplace and falling i to a food coma with him

Happy thanks/friendsgiving everyone! ✧.◟(ˊᗨˋ)◞.✧ I hope your all having a fantastic day with the people you care about (and If you cant be with the ones you want know that you’ve got us! Your internet friends ( ᐛ )و here for you)

Hello everyone! Last month marked the end of my second year here on tumblr and the beginning of my third year! Also, it has been a year since I made the transition to blogging Asian photography. I’m so glad to have made that change because there are so many beautiful photos taken by talented photographers! And finally, thank you to all of the blogs here, your blogs are fabulous because they’re run by even more fabulous people that have made my tumblr experience wonderful c: I look forward to another amazing year of photography! ^^

irl friends: bubbletexo // k0gitsunemaru // love-cows // mutsunokamii

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First off, I would like to say that you're a very talented artist. I don't understand how people draw on computers. I mean, I love drawing in real life, but what good is that when you want to share stuff on the internet? Then your drawings of people are fantastic. In all, I think you are a wonderful artist, and I wish you the best!

Hey you can still share your irl / traditional drawings! Don’t think you have to have a computer to share your stuff! (if you want that is of course). It took me a lil bit to get used to a tablet but I love it so much now.

But thanks a bunch! :D

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you keep saying that Fitz was trying to help Jemma, but then why make the date so romantic if it was supposed to be "friendly"? Jemma seemed really turned off by it and overwhelmed by the wine pouring and candles and stuff. It seems really tactless for Fitz to push all that romance on her and make her deal with him all of a sudden :/

Okay, anon. Prepare yourself for a pro-Fitz, pro-dinner rant.

First of all, you have to put this dinner in context. Fitz wanted to help Jemma, but after taking her to the lab and seeing her reactions to various stimuli, he was worried that he was doing more harm than good. How do I know this?


That’s how I know this. 

And when Fitz expressed this concern, here’s how Bobbi reacted:


But here’s the thing: Fitz and Simmons were already headed towards a fresh start, before all of this monolith nonsense. And they had a date! They were going to start navigating romantic waters together! And that is something very new for them, something that wasn’t about old!Jemma or even scientist!Jemma. It was Fitz’s idea of a new beginning.

And this might be the part where you’re thinking, slow down, Jane! This is exactly the kind of romance I was talking about! 

Well, not really. I mean, yes, they’re in a very romantic atmosphere. And they are having dinner together, which can count as a date, depending on your definition. But here’s another piece of context you’re missing:


Now, I need you to remember that when Fitz asked Jemma out for dinner, he didn’t tell her that he was taking her out to a specific restaurant—he said he had a few options to run by her. He picked out some places, but he was going to let her make the final decision. So what does that mean?

It means that Fitz made the reservation AFTER she went through the portal. 

And six months later, he still had it.

And I know that for me, if some rando made some kind of reservation at some restaurant when he knew I couldn’t be there, then kept it for six months, THEN cleared the entire place so it could be just us, I’d be pretty creeped out. But Fitz isn’t just some guy. Fitz is her best friend in the world. Fitz is the name she called through the sand storm. Fitz found her and brought her back, against all odds. Fitz is the person that she knows and trusts more than anyone in the world.

So when the waiter tells her that he’s held the reservation for that long, what does that tell Jemma? It tells her that even though they had their differences in the past, even though they fought for the majority of season two, and even though they had only recently become friends again, he never gave up on her and the plans they had together. He believed in her, against all odds, because he loves her that much. It tells her that she is worth fighting for.

And I think that broke her heart just a little bit, anon. You know why? Because in her mind, she didn’t return his loyalty, By her own admission, she lost hope at some point or another. And how could she not feel guilty about that? She’s Jemma Simmons, who of course doesn’t take into account the difference between her struggle and Fitz’s. She doesn’t consider that he has had more time to process his feelings, and therefore has a stronger foundation for them. She just sees that she gave up on him, and he didn’t give up on her.

And then, Fitz starts telling her that really, he’s just following her example, because she did this for him when he needed it. But in Jemma’s eyes, is that really on the same scale? After all, the dinner she had with Fitz didn’t go very well. He constantly complained, and maybe Jemma thought the whole thing had been a failure. Certainly, it wasn’t the same as clearing out the best restaurant in town.

But he did it, she knows, because he cares about her. And the realization is so overwhelming that she honestly doesn’t know how to respond to it. And she tells him so. And what does he say?


Now, anon, you have to look at his eyes when he says that. Look again. Sometimes in TV, the guy will say this exact phrase and mean, “Because I already know how you feel.” But that’s not what he’s saying here. He’s telling her that she doesn’t have to give him a response. And I think he’s about to say more, before he gets interrupted. I think he’s about to say that she doesn’t have to say anything, and she also doesn’t have to do anything. She doesn’t have to thank him, or feel indebted, or even love him back. That’s not what it’s about for Fitz. It’s about giving Jemma something to look forward to. It’s telling her that possibilities are there for her, if she wants them. I mean, just look at his eyes again, anon.

They hold a promise of things to come. 

The real difference between this dinner and a date date is that Fitz isn’t trying to get anything from Jemma in the way of affection or attention. He’s just trying to tell her that he knows she’s going to get better because he’s going to be there to help her every step of the way.

And I mean, the waiter is probably a good guy and all, but what kind of waiter asks for somebody’s order 3.5 seconds after they’ve been seated? For goodness sakes. Fitz cleared the restaurant, and Jemma is about as jumpy as a rabbit among a pack of wolves; they obviously want their space. HE is the real villain of this scene, anon, coming in there and making Jemma choose before she’s even taken a look at the menu because she was gazing into Fitz’s eyes. AND he spilled the beans on the whole reservations thing. If anybody is pushing anybody, it’s the waiter dude. And THEN he starts pouring the wine, and everything falls apart.

I know that some people have wondered what exactly it is that makes her break, but come on. It’s definitely the wine. She’s a little overwhelmed by the restaurant itself, by Fitz, by the menu, but it’s the wine that makes her cry. She’s unable to take her eyes off of it, and even Fitz notices, looking at the wine himself before asking her what’s wrong. 

And before you blame Fitz or even the waiter for triggering her with wine, let me just say this: nobody knew it would trigger her. Fitz has been very careful this far, clearing the restaurant after she says she gets distracted, downplaying his actions so as to not obligate her to thank him, saying that she did something just as kind to him when he needed it, telling her that he expects nothing in return. If she had shown some aversion to wine, don’t you think that he would have done something to prevent her from being triggered? But he doesn’t know about the wine because a) Jemma hasn’t told him everything and b) Fitz is not a psychologist. Fitz is a pretty smart guy, mind you, but he admitted that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. And I’m not even sure that I understand why the wine triggered her. It could be because wine looks like blood, and there was something she had to kill on the planet. Or it could be this:


Seems like the last time she had wine was on the planet itself. 

Whatever the case, Jemma starts crying. And what does Fitz do? He makes sure that they’re alone, and he comforts her. He doesn’t ask her to stop. He doesn’t even ask why. He simply offers her his shoulder to cry on, showing clear respect for her trauma and her pain.

Because sure, they were going to become more than that, but they were best friends first. They were the most important person in each other’s world long before romance showed up. They have a foundation so strong that it has survived Ward, hypoxia, Hydra, Inhumans, SHIELD 2.0, and more. It will withstand whatever this is.

Because a guy doesn’t spend six months of his life working himself to death and hoping against hope to save someone because he wants to get lucky. He does that because he loves somebody more than anything, more than life, and she’s in mortal danger.

So that’s why I say that Fitz was doing all this to help her, anon. I say it because he has spent every waking moment of the past six months trying to help her. I say it because he has spent the previous two seasons trying to help her, from the Chitauri virus to rescuing her at the Hub to hiding his feelings to giving her the last breath to asking if anyone had heard from her to holding her hand when the other SHIELD invaded to keeping her safe when she started to lose her way. Fitz isn’t perfect, not by a long shot, but he wants Jemma to be safe and happy, and he has sacrificed extensively to ensure that she has to opportunity to do so.

And Jemma, for her part, has always done the same for him.

I'm Sorry to Be the Voice of Reason

I’m seeing a lot of rumours floating around about a fourth episode.

Has this entire experience taught you nothing? There is no fourth episode. It would be a stupid marketing ploy to embed a whole Episode in subtext for us to find. The writers would not be so eager to shut us down if there were a fourth episode. There would be explicit evidence from the BBC if there were a fourth episode, not random clues and messages that mean nothing. The 404 error is a common web browser error for a broken page. We caused that with our complaints. Apple Tree Yard is just another show, and I don’t know how it got dragged into this mess. We thought there was a deeper meaning to it all, but there isn’t. There never was.

I understand everyone is grasping at any straw of hope right now, but listening to our hearts is what got them broken.

They betrayed us. They hurt the entire community.

I appreciate your efforts. You all are fantastic people who work so hard. We’ve always had to hope for queer representation in any way we can. We’ve already been feeding off crumbs. We’re accustomed to reading between the lines.

But the dog bowl is empty, my friends, and these efforts are licking dust off the floor.

And even if they were to come out with another episode or with season five, what are you expecting–a sudden one-eighty that confirms Johnlock and makes everything okay? No. They’ve shown their true colors. They don’t give a damn about us. They will continue to queerbait us for ratings. We’ll continue to make our theories about BBC Johnlock being endgame, when clearly, it never will be.

We’re an optimistic community, I know. We have every right to hope, but we no longer have reason to expect better from BBC Sherlock. The least we can do is learn from our mistake.

Moftiss doesn’t care about us. They never did.


My goodness it’s been almost 4 years since I’ve been on this site *sweats nervously*. I’ve been putting off doing a follow forever because I had no idea what to do, but then this idea came to me today and it’s so stupid it’s fantastic. ANywho, all of you are super amazing!! Your blogs are fantastic! You’re all wonderful people & I still find it unbelievable that why anyone would want to follow this lame weeb. But it’s real. I appreciate every one of you including my followers. You’re always going to have a special place in my heart :^) 

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Dear 23,

            I found a gray hair last week. There are lines on my face and under my sunken eyes that weren’t there before. I am tired, and I am weaker than ever. I’m not really eating, but I’m still fatter now than I ever was at your age. You may think you’ve always been overweight, but listen: appreciate that figure. Between all the sitting over textbooks and the stress of imagining your future, you’ll be losing your nice curves very shortly.

Your hard work paid off, sort of. You resent where you are, but it will lead you to where you want to go, eventually. It was a scenic route, a short detour on the road to the dream you are striving for.

I’m in the heart of it now, your dream. I think it’s killing me. It was starting to kill you the moment you decided you wanted to chase it. But you couldn’t sense it, not yet. You may think you know what’s coming for you, 23, but you have no idea.

You’ll probably wish that you’d done more to prepare for this. Just know, there is nothing more you could have done. Bless you for trying, though. It was cute for a while.

Between then and now, you’ll think you have what it takes. You’ll be excited. Then life will pull the rug out from under your feet, roll it up, and beat you with it, and for a year you will float, lost, without a sense of purpose. You will feel so very alone. You will try desperately to carve out a space where you are needed, but you won’t belong anywhere. People will make sure you know it, too. You will ride the train every other morning into the city, to an unpaid job at a once-familiar, beloved place that has become foreign and unwelcome, filled with people who can’t wait to tell you that you’re not good enough. Each ride will be a test of inner strength, a game of chicken between the part of you that wants to die on the tracks and the part of you that wants to live to fight another day.

Then, after months of this, you’ll find people who see your potential and like you for who you are. And you’ll finally hear the news you’ve always wanted to hear: you’re allowed to chase your dream professionally now. That unpaid job you hated will ask you never to come back the day you decide to tell them you want to quit. Had that happened a few months earlier… well, there would be no conversation to be had, would there? But all that time you’ll have spent, staring down Death on your daily commute and saying “Not today,” will give you the strength and self-worth to tell them “Thank you for the opportunity,” with a heaping dose of “Good riddance, and fuck you right back” as subtext.

When you ride the train the following morning, it will be because you have a city you can’t wait to explore. And for a while, you will finally be unburdened, and for the first time in years you will truly be happy.

Enjoy that while it lasts. See, the funny thing about depression is… if you’ve had it once, the chances of it coming back again are much higher. It knows who you are, it knows where you live, and it knows all your flaws and weaknesses. It doesn’t pull punches, and it’ll be coming for you.

For a while, things will be okay. You’ll be challenged, you’ll have your moments of doubt and disappointment. It’s par for the course. But you’ll make a lot of friends, and you’ll feel like you’re on the path you were meant to be on all along.

Two years into your stint at Dream School, however, it will blindside you. No joke. You’ll think everything is great, that you’re on your way to doing fantastic things and helping all sorts of people, and something will come along and completely shatter all that rose-tinted glass. Even now I can’t say what it was—it was like a psychic switch going off in my head when it happened. Suddenly everything was terrible and everything seemed impossible.

You will see the storms coming, and there won’t be anything you can do to stop them. Hold on. There will be long stretches of time that can last for months, where you will feel a hollow agony so intense and terrible it will make you want to claw at your chest and tear out your own heart with your bare hands. That sadness and internalized rage and pain will be your only reality. Hold on. You won’t be able to get your head above water. You will hate your life. You will feel like a failure every day. You will resent your friends for not asking how you are—but how can you even expect them to, when you go to such great lengths to make sure they never see that you are suffering? Hold on. You will hate yourself for not persevering the way you used to. You will hate yourself for your limitations. You will wish you were someone else, someone who never had to struggle just to be the mediocre one in a cohort of extraordinary people. You will wish you were dead, but deep down you’ll know that what you really mean is you wish you could turn off the pain and be the version of you that’s okay again. Hold on. You will spend many days walking alone in the dark, trying to choke down your sobs even though there’s no one around to hear them. You’ll read stories of all the other young people who’ve died, ironically, in the pursuit of their dream to heal people—depression killed them, and I know without a doubt that it’s gunning for me, too. And because it’s gunning for me, it will be gunning for you. Hold on.

            You will spend entire nights inside your own head, on the train again. You will fight for your life in battles no one else can or cares to see. It will take everything you have just to survive. And that’s the best I can do. I’m sorry I can’t be strong enough to do more than that. God knows I’ve tried.

            These dreams you’ve been chasing all your life are going to threaten to break your spirit. And you won’t recognize the haphazardly duct-taped mosaic shell that comes out on the other side. But knowing you, even if you knew what I know now, I don’t think you’d stop trying. That stubbornness is something I love and hate about you. Hate, because, Jesus Christ, you never know when to quit, do you? But love, because that’s what kept me on the train. That’s what’s keeping me alive today. I’m still here because even after everything else has fallen apart, deep inside you are—I am—still just a stubborn little shit.

            I can’t say whether or not chasing your dreams was worth it. I can’t say because I’m biased, and right now, nothing seems worth anything. I’m just fumbling in the dark looking for some light. Just… try your hardest to make it to 29, at least. Do it for me, please. I know 29 will have more wisdom and perspective than I can provide right now.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.



Seriously, if you write poetry on tumblr give yourself some massive credit for that cause everyone on here is so talented??? and it take guts to put yourself out there so congrats cause I think your work is inCREDIBLE??? the amount of talent on this website is overwhelmingly awesome so if you’re feeling a bit unsure of yourself take this as a reminder that you are awesome purely for even writing it, let alone posting it, cause you are! 

Ahhh I just love! poetry! so much! 

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Thank you, Joel. Thank you for the HOURS of entertainment. You are such a great guy. I've been struggling with, well, a lot of things lately. And you've been helping me through it. Thank you so much for existing and creating such wonderful content. I knew I had to send you a message because I'm just so thankful a wonderful guy like you exists. Thank you, Joel. Have a great week!

I unfortunately cant respond to all of these amazingly kind comments and questions, mainly because I drop a lot of spaghetti as I try to type out something equally as amazing back, but I want to let everyone know I read all of your wonderful comments and unbelievably kind words to me. I cant stress enough how much it means to me that my silly video game and variety streams cheer so many people up and give them something to look forward to. It really is the greatest feeling on earth knowing you make others happy. Nothing materialistic on earth can replace the warm feeling of knowing you matter to somebody else. I can’t thank you all enough for your continued support, You’re all fantastic and tremendous people, rock on.

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Can i just say that i love larries a lot? You all are wonderful and amazing people who are here supporting and loving these guys just bc.. you are here for them no matter what and that is beautiful. You are here bc u have a lot of love to give (1)

Anonymous said: You choose to be part of the hardest’s part of 1d fandom. You are here even when all you get is shit from everyone (even the media). And the thing is… youre still here!!!! Since 2012 after bs 1&2 babygate, everything!! ! And thats amazing! (2)     

Anonymous said: and be one of those who choose to support and love HL for who they really are and dont eat the shit they wanted to feed us. I love you all and im so happy that these boys have amazing people like u as fans (3)             

Anonymous said: You all are fantastic people and just like your larents u all deserve love and respect. You are the winning team bc guess what? Love wins, always ❤💙💚💛💜💖 (4)            

Anonymous said: PS: just felt like after this year of pure shit and what happened yesterday u needed some kind words :) 💜 (5)

Aww this is nice, thank you very much! :)

D-O-Xiu-Loveme’s First Follow Forever

Hi everyone! This is my FIRST ever Follow Forever!!! I am not even sure if this is how you do a Follow Forever, but I still wanted to do it <3

So the reason I decided to do a follow forever was not because of the number of followers I now have, but because i have made so many new friends on Tumblr, and seriously, you all have changed my life so much! I love you all to death! I love making friends <3 So if anyone would ever like to get to know me, just send me a message and I would be so happy to reply~

Well, let’s get this thing started!

First off I would love acknowledge my Tumblr Best Friends <3 






^^These people have become my sunshines and brighten my day every single moment since i have met them!!! I love you guys!!!!

My Tumblr Friends(We have messaged often and know each other:))














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And lastly: My Sunbaes(Most of you do not follow me, but i love all your blogs, and you are all fantastic people and i am so happy to have followed you!) :

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I never knew that this little monochrome blog would change my life so much <3 When I am down i have people who are here for me and will listen to me and cheer me up. When I see somebody else feeling sad or alone, I can simply message them and make their day wonderful or even just a little better. Who knew I would be screaming or fangirling over simple edits or graphics, who knew that i would literally cry from laughing over hysterically funny posts. Who knew one website could change my life in its whole entirety?

Yes, my blog may be small, but honestly, that does not matter. Because i have created so many memories, met so many people, grew as a person, and have also opened my heart and mind so much.

Thank you all so much… You have all changed my life. This is truly my Follow Forever. 

I love you all. 사랑해요~