youre a woman

It might surprise you to learn that there are actually *two* versions of Leighton Meester. There’s the one that everyone sees on-screen and attending fancy events, who wears designer dresses and pioneers new trends. Then there’s the actual version: just your average woman who admits to loving yoga pants, questionable aughts trends, and struggles to clean out her closet just as much as the next person.


Allison turns the key in the ignition and is about to drive off when Niara strides up to the car and bangs on it.

Niara angry: I can’t believe this sh*t! Where are you going?

Allison: I was just about to leave, Nia. Forget her.

Niara: Forget her? FORGET her? Allison, your husband has this woman living near the old pier waterfront. Hello? This is a million dollar home right here! He has her living like a grand dame! You can’t tell me he’s not screwing her. This is not no damn Baby Mama house.

Allison sighs: I guess it is when your husband is a multi-millionaire.

Niara: Hell no, Allison. Do NOT tolerate this mess. That is YOUR money he’s using to clothe and house Ivory and her crumb-snatcher.  No seven year old needs to live in a waterfront property. In San Myshuno!

Lala softly: Allison doesn’t want to confront her anymore, Niara. I think we should leave. 

Niara snaps: Oh shut it, Miss Goody Two Shoes. What do you know?

Allison: Niara. Don’t talk to her like that. Cool it. She’s pregnant.

Niara: Oh brother. Well, we need to not fuss at each other and go fuss at this woman who is trying to take Nico for a damn ride! Let’s go, Allie! This has me so indignant!

Allison squares her jaw: Well, since I’m here. I may as well give her a piece of my mind like I planned.


Allez, je suis pas là souvent donc pour une fois je vais faire un truc parce que quand @troglodytemignon me tague je peux pas dire non.

Un vieux selfie intitulé “How do I even selfie, also look at my gorgeous pendant you’ll never guess who made it

J’écoute pas de musique sur mon téléphone mais sur YT et depuis quelques temps j’écoute en boucle “Your Woman” dont je kiffe les paroles (so much for all your highbrow marxist ways <3) et l’annotation au début de la vidéo parce que sans contexte elle est magique.

Je ne sais pas comment capturer mon lock screen ça a pas l’air de marcher donc voilà la photo utilisée et mon phone screen.

(Les deux photos ont été prises en Italie dans les Abbruzzes, et OUI j’ai arrangé mes icônes pour pas cacher le lac et essayé de mettre les vertes dans la verdure et les bleues / blanches dans le ciel / les nuages because I’m that ridiculous).

Je tague @orbitofdesire @thepuppyclub @residentgoodgirl @bintrushd si ça vous dit mais vous l’avez peut-être déjà fait ou pas envie mais voilà.

Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you.

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