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The One Where Isaac Leaves

Summary: Reader has a crush on Isaac but he likes Allison. Starts in season 3b and jumps to 5. 

Isaac Lahey x Reader

Word Count: 3,636

Author’s Note: Yes the title is a Friends reference. I couldn’t think of a good title and I love Friends. There is going to be a part two. Not necessarily dealing with the story but I never cared for the Isaac/Allison story line. It bothered me that Isaac was living with Scott, in his pack, and he got with Scott’s first love. Well that was my 2 cents on that lol. Imagine #3 Enjoy :)  

Teen Wolf Tuesday! 

Part 2

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You walked into Derek’s loft with Scott, Stiles, and Kira. Usually you were the one to keep the two boys out of trouble, but how much trouble could a rave be right? Stiles was going on about some key that he had no clue where it came from. You weren’t really paying attention though. There was too much going on around you. Your classmates were dancing to the blaring music while their bodies glowed in the dark. Of course you were only worried about one body in particular. Isaac Lahey. You began developing a crush on the beta werewolf a few months ago. You hadn’t told anyone; especially Stiles, for obvious reasons.

“…and I don’t know how it got there or what it’s for.” Stiles said to Scott talking about the new key on his ring.

“You wanna leave so we can figure it out?” Scott said.

A girl with an orange and white neon wig came over and kissed Stiles on the check. “Happy Halloween,” she said and she walked away smiling.

You raised your eyebrows in amusement smiling at your friend.

“It can wait.” Stiles replied to Scott, patting him on the shoulder as he began to follow the girl. “It can wait.”

Shaking your head you told Scott and Kira you were going to walk around and see who you could find. You were hoping Isaac would be somewhere alone so you could talk to him.

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Irritating {Stiles Stilinski Imagine}

Request; This wasn’t requested but I needed to get something out there right now! I’ll have requested imagines out soon! Also for those of you who have asked frequently about my masterlist, I’m working on cleaning it up so its not entirely sloppy! I’ll have it out soon!

A/N; Enjoy! I had fun writing it! It’s kind of short, but if you guys want a part 2, let me know! Also, I’m extremely sorry for not being on in like a billion years! But I’m back and I’m drowning in requests so I’ll have them out soon!


He was so hyperactive it made you want to bang your head against that baby blue jeep of his. It was almost as if he could never sit still because every nerve in his body was constantly on overdrive. He was always moving. Whether it was pacing back and forth or just jiggling his leg up and down under his desk, it was never ending.

You always thought this kid had some form of ADD, but turns out he was just a full blown spaz. It’s not that you hated him, he just wasn’t exactly your favorite person in the world to be around. Constantly correcting you, insulting you, etcetera.

Bickering happened on daily. Everyone knew you two weren’t very fond of each other, and if avoiding him was possible, you’d never talk to him, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option.

“Have I ever told you how much I enjoy our little get togethers?” You could feel the sarcasm dripping from his words.

“You know Stiles, being stuck with you isn’t really considered the highlight of my night either.” You turned around to face him, your flashlight coming in contact with his eyes making him flail backwards. “God, your such a spaz.”

“And your such a-”

“I’m such a what?” You crossed your arms, letting one hip fall to the side.

“Nothing.” He quickly spat out.

“Why do we always get stuck together?!” You groaned out in annoyance, throwing your hands in the air.

“Because Scott knows how much I yearn to spend as much time with you as humanly possible.” You swore this kid was fluent in sarcasm.

“Can you please, shut the hell up.” You scrunched your forehead together in frustration.

“You asked a question!” You spun around, Stiles jumping back slightly, holding his hands out in front of him.

“It was a rhetorical question, dumbass!” He rolled his eyes at you, almost violently. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“Then maybe next time when you ask a rhetorical question,” He hands came out of his pockets and started to thrash around in the air, “You should state,” You could tell by the tone of his voice that he gritted his teeth, “that its a rhetorical question!”

“Thinking before speaking is a helpful tool. It’s called having a filter, which you clearly do not possess.” You could see him squint his eyes at you as the moon illuminated his features.

You had to give it to him, he is good looking. The moles that are scattered along the sides of his face, down his neck, and disappearing underneath his shirt. The soft caramel colored eyes, tying in with the chocolate brown hair. Too bad all of that is erased as soon as he opens his mouth.

“Earth to y/n!” His voice shattered your thoughts, leaving them to lay across the ground. “Look, it’s not that we typically enjoy each other’s company,” he continued.

“Really? And captain obvious strikes again!” You scoffed again, only this time loud enough so he was able to feel just how annoyed you are with him.

“Can you just let me finish? Please? For the love of God,” He mumbled the last few words, “Okay, so it’s not like we enjoy the bonding time we are repeatedly given, but we might as well get used to each other seeing as we can’t avoid one another all that easily.”

“I’d rather drink my own urine.” You stated flatly. You swung back around to continue on the path you were making up as you went along.

“Oh c'mon, y/n! Am I really all that bad to be around?” You could hear his footsteps start up again as leaves and sticks crunched underneath his feet.

“Do you want me to be honest?” You yelled loud enough for him to hear.

“Yes.” His footsteps stopped again. You sighed loudly and turned back around to face him again.

“Yes. I’d rather light myself on fire then be with you.” The words came out more harsh than you expected them too.

“You can’t be serious.” He replied calmly. You shrugged your shoulders at him. “Can you just drop the whole ‘I’m so tough act’ for like three seconds? Why don’t you let anyone in?” You looked at him, confusion washing over your features.

“What does letting people in have to do with any of this?” He took a few steps closer, not really making any difference in the large gap between you two.

“I’m clearly not all that bad to be around or you would find ways to get put with someone else. Am I right?” He stepped closer with every word.

“No, I just, I–” He cut you off, stepping closer than what you were comfortable with.

“You know what I think? I think you like me.” Your eyebrows shot up at the words that came pouring out of his mouth.

“Alright, Stilinski. I think it’s time you better get off your high horse.” You felt small as he stepped closer, the once large gap between you two now coming into a few inches.

“No, because you know I’m right. Your just too scared to admit it to yourself.”

You tripped over every word that you could get out of your mouth. “N-no Stiles. I d-don’t. Okay?” Your bodies only a few centimeters apart.

“I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that one, y/n.”


A/N; If you guys want a part 2 let me know!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could combine prompts 85, 88 and 92? Into a cute one where Bucky is all for the reader and she's torn between him and her best friends feelings?? Feel free to change it however you like!! Thanks girl❤️❤️

Hello anon :) And I would love to write that for ya! *cracks knuckles* xx

Prompts: 85) What’s wrong with me missing you? 88) What do you mean we’re soulmates (au)? 92) My best friend likes you and I tried setting you up and you kiss me instead (au)

{Okay side note – seb makes me want to die because LOOK AT HIM}

Sunday Brunch or The Recount of a Disaster and the Moments Leading Up to It

You are never ever ever going to have brunch again. It’s basically a universal law, like gravity. It just exists and will forever be manifested fact. Damn the fucking bagels with cream cheese and salmon slices on top, damn the obnoxiously crisp and refreshing mimosas, damn the stupid scones and muffins with blueberries or cranberries or chocolate chips in them, damn the annoyingly cute coffee and tea cups paired with their ridiculous saucers, damn the dumb water glasses that just sit there all clear and cold and lame, damn the folded napkins that lay uselessly on your lap (I mean seriously? They catch like…two fifty crumbs), and god damn James Buchanan Barnes who looks ridiculously handsome in a Sunday church tux and long combed back hair and stupid bangs tucked behind his stupid ears and his stupid eyes and his even more stupid eyelashes and his stupid lips and stupid jawline and stupid chest and stupid hands and stupid –

Yeah. You’re never going to brunch again. Like ever.

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Namjoon proves to be not so much of a bad boy after all.

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Pairing: Badboy!Namjoon | Reader

Requested by: anons

Word Count: 2,117

If someone would’ve told you, that you’d be on the couch making out with Kim Namjoon you would’ve laughed in their face and think they were delusional. Because you thought that you were nonexistent to this godly man. You were just a girl that helped him with physic homework for extra credit and you still found it strange that he even applied for help since he was in the top 3s. But hey you weren’t complaining because this is literally all you’ve ever wanted since you noticed him.

You pulled away from his velvety lips looking away. Your heart was about to leap out of your chest and your cheeks were extremely hot. You wanted so badly to kiss him again but you didn’t know what to make of this situation. His eyes burned through you but you were too afraid to look at him. The two of you remained silent for a couple of minutes, the most agonizing minutes in your life.

“Y/N,”his deep voice startled you making you look at him. He had a bright smile, the one that always made you melt because it was very rare to see him smiling,”I’m so happy I signed up for tutoring.” You bursted into laughter, this has to be a prank? “Why are you laughing?”he asked with his smile still intact.

“I don’t know,”you admitted still having a giggling fit. He chuckled running his thumb against your knuckles. You stared at him but his eyes were on your hands, for the first time he didn’t look intimating.

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So I wrote a little thing based off texting-bts‘s Got7 Internet friend texts with Jackson Wang. I wrote it for a friend, and although I’ve dedicated it to them, I wanted to share it with everyone! So I hope you’ll all enjoy it! > u< I plan on writing more, so this is only part one! btrpotterlove, kainichiwa, this is for you!

Title: Internet Friends ft. Jackson Wang Pt. 1
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1416
[S/N] - State Name
[Y/N] - Your Name
WP - Wang Puppy

Everyone with a friend over the internet can relate to the late nights, the Skype video and audio calls, and the dreaming of the day where they can meet. The relationship you hold with one Jackson Wang is no different.

In fact the two of you were very familiar with the struggles that came with keeping a friend from another time zone. People don’t give enough credit to those who can keep a friend who is 13 hours ahead of you. There were so many, countless times you would wake up to missed messages and attempted video chats, and so many, countless times when you’d keep him up all night due to the fact it was hard to match the free time you both had.  It was a bitch to plan the time to talk, and someone always fell asleep during a call.

Jackson was a reason to lose sleep, and Jackson felt the same about you. The two of you would spend hours at a time on Skype, talking about everything and nothing. Laughing at some fanfictions you’d come across, and you’d send to him the link so he can follow along as you’d dramatically read it aloud. Screen-sharing your computer in order to watch anime together, since you both had issues starting the stream at the same time. Dreaming together about how your first meeting would be like.

Everyone with a friend over the internet can relate to the excitement of dreaming and planning the day they would meet, and what they’d do together after they’d meet. But, everyone also knows that the chances of things like such happening are close to never.

There was a point, you can’t exactly place when it started, though, where every conversation the two of you would have ended in a fantasy of the two of you meeting, or of who would do what if they were there with the other. It made your heart flutter as you planned and laughed together. It was nice to dream, but you felt the chances of you two actually meeting were very slim, if not altogether impossible.

So when the day came that Jackson announced that he’d raised the money to afford a plane ticket to [S/N], you laughed.

“Really, Jackson, I mean, I love talking about that kinda stuff, and the idea of meeting you in person is really-“ There was a lag on your computer screen before Jackson reappeared, holding a plane ticket in one hand, and a victory sign in the other. He laughed as it caused your jaw to slack, and all the words on your tongue to roll off in one slurred trail.

“You were saying, [Y/N]? Meeting me in person is really…?” He teased, with this smug look on his face that would have probably looked better if it weren’t distorted by pixels. The egotistical behavior that would normally have you rolling your eyes wasn’t enough to tame the urge to scream and hug him – something – in excitement.

“YOU’RE COMING TO [S/N]!!” You screamed, practically ignoring his question, and he laughed again. After your little spaz attack, you laughed along with him.

“The next month is going to be PAINFULLY slow.” He admits, and you nod. Not even the eminent wait will take you down from your high right now. After your shock passed, the two of you continued talking about all the places you’d go and the things you’d do when he arrives, until you fell asleep in the call.


After three years of horrible planning, promises neither you nor Jackson were confident in keeping, and a whole month of waiting, the day has finally come where you would pick him up from the airport. You arrive close to 1:30 in the morning, being that the plane’s ETA was about 2am. You make your way through the airport, finding baggage claim as soon as you walk in. A little farther in, past security check, you find where the flight gates are. Looking down one wing of gates, and turning your head to study the other, you pull from your purse a packet of folded papers. It lists the flight number, the airline, and the number of tickets purchased, but not which gate the plane will be arriving at.

You decide to take a seat at a bench by security check until you get another update from the airline. Waiting, you scroll through your messages from way back when, nostalgically rereading for the umpteenth time how you both planned your first meeting. Your heart pounds with anxiety and anticipation, wondering if your first encounter would go anything how you both planned, or if it would go impromptu.

It takes a half an hour for your phone to vibrate in your hands, scaring you half to death. As a reflex, your thumb taps the banner that says ‘1 New Message(s)’. Your eyes skim the message, since your mind can’t keep up with the rush of thoughts. It was an alert from the airline, saying that the flight has landed on time. Suddenly your hands feel hot, and your phone is slick from the sweat that forms in your palms. You’re completely nervous about meeting him, and almost every one of your worries being about how he’d think of you.

You lock your phone and slide it into your purse, pushing all your thoughts away. You stand up, and head to the restroom by the entrance of the Gate wing. You take the time to wash your face and breathe, until your phone vibrates again, calling for your attention. You dig through your purse and pull out your phone. Two new messages flash on the screen, and you swipe your thumb across the alert.

It’s from Jackson.

WP: Hey, my plane just landed. I have to get my stuff.
WP: You’re still alive, right?

You scoff as you read the messages, most of your tension disappearing as you reply back.

[Y/N]: Of course I am. I wouldn’t die before I met my best friend you know.
[Y/N]: I’m not that rude.
[Y/N]: So which gate did you land at?

It takes a while for Jackson to respond, but after some complaints about American flight attendants he answers with ‘Gate 20’. You suck in a breath and look to your reflection. Deeming yourself decently presentable for 2 o’clock in the morning, you exit the bathroom and head down the wing to Gate 20.

You don’t like the way your hands are shaking, and you hope it’ll pass soon, but with every step closer to the gate you find yourself trembling harder. You look out the window, and your eyes trail to the plane labeled ‘Air Korea’ outside the boarding lift for Gate 20. As you approach the waiting station for Gate 20, you slow to a stop. A few people are waiting in the seats at the gate, and you wonder if they are there for the next flight, or if they’re expecting family.

Maybe they’re waiting for a friend.

You smile at the thought of other people waiting for their reunions, and the joy of being together, before your phone’s incessant vibrations once again pull your mind back to reality.


You look up from your phone to see a boy with his face to the floor, padding away at his phone with a goofy grin on his face. You roll your eyes as you respond, verbally.

“Jackson, stop texting me and look up.”

It obviously takes a minute for him to get the message because he stops mid-typing and looks up to see you walking toward him. His face immediately brightens, and he drops his bags as he runs to you, taking you in his arms before spinning you around. Long after he’s done spinning you, he refuses to let you go, hugging you tighter. You laugh breathlessly, and you wrap your arms around his neck.

He finally pulls back to reveal the grin on his face. The smile he wears matches yours, full of wonder and excitement, and both of you don’t realize your hands are still on each other. The disbelief takes all words from the both of you, and you stand before each other, just looking at each other.

You are the first to pull away, and speak, “Welcome to [S/N], Jackson.”

He visibly melts as you speak. “It already feels like home.”

Kpop Fans as Sheldon Cooper

When your friends see you spaz about kpop and you have to explain yourself

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When the M/V has so many theories and the fandom is counting on you to dissect it

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When some fans get too possessive 

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When someone comments about how their bias wrecker is ruining their life and you understand because they’re bias wrecker too

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Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: The Test [That You Didn’t Want To Pass]

Summary: Imagine telling Dean that you’re pregnant with his child.

Word Count: 2,711

Your hands weren’t even shaking when you held the test, when you felt your legs curl up and press against your chin while your lower back became freshly exposed to the cold wall behind you.  They weren’t shaking when you stared at the test in front of you, at the indicator that what was bad could get worse quickly.  You didn’t feel much of anything, not yet, and while you knew the basics of what was going on, while you understood that 1 + 1 was 2 and that the leaves turned colors in the fall, it didn’t fully sink in.  You didn’t fully understand the weight of the test in front of you.

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Seeing Double: Part 1

[Request for Joker x Harley x Reader from @twilight-loveer I hope you enjoy.]

It’s been nearly a month since your sister had been caught by Batman and was thrown in Arkham… Again.

“Harley, you really should be more careful. You’re gonna get yourself hurt. Then what am I supposed to do without my little sister?”

Harley let her eyes lull back in annoyance. You were born an hour before her and constantly joked you were her big sister. She rolled her eyes at you before slumping over the table trying to adjust her straight jacket.

“[y/n] You know Puddin’ will always keep me safe. I only got caught because I didn’t listen to him and made that damn wrong turn into a dead end alley. Stupid Batsy knew he couldn’t catch Puddin’ so he went for me. A poor defenseless little girl.”

She gave you the most pathetic puppy dog eyes that, if she wasn’t your other half, would’ve convinced you she really was innocent. Laughing a little at your ridiculous little sister you place a small kiss on her forehead causing her to blush as always.

“ You cause me anxiety Ducky.”

She scowled at her childhood nick name. Her favorite movie when the two of you were kids was The Land Before Time. She had memorized all of Ducky’s lines and would repeat them through the whole movie. Ever since she jumped into the vat of Ace Chemicals she tried to be big and tough, even with you. Her best attempts just amused you.

“DON’T call me Ducky in front of the other inmates! It’s embarrassing.”

Again blush flushed her amazingly pale cheeks. You had to admit even though her skin had been bleached by the chemicals she was gorgeous, everyone always pinned for her. If she was a barbie doll you would be a Gothic princess. You always wore darker make up and Harley swears she’s never seen you wear anything but black. Unlike your sister you had several piercings and many large and intricate tattoos that would put Harley’s little ‘Puddin’ tattoo to shame.

Today was a bit different though. You never liked how Harley’s fellow inmates watched you like you were some desert they wanted to sink their teeth in when you were dressed in one of your many lavish corset tops. So today you dressed simple. A pair of dark jeans, hair up in a shitty bun, and am Arkham ‘certified Insane’ hoodie Harley had sent you a few month back. It had become your favorite since then, always giving you a little laugh.

“What am I gonna do with you Harl….”

Before you had a chance to finish your sentence the side wall of the visitation room is blown in with what looked to you like an armored Ice Cream truck parked in the new opening. Leaning out one of the window was none other than the Joker himself. Here to break your little sister out of this dump no doubt.


Haley jumps to her feet with one of the largest smiles on her face you’d ever seen. ‘Well at least he makes her happy.’ You think to yourself shaking your head.

“ There’s my Baby Doll. Did you miss Daddy?”

Shaking her head furiously she throws her arms still bound in the straight jacket over your head grabbing your shoulders.

“Just go with it.” She whispers in your ear before turning both your backs to the Ice Cream truck so you were staring at the armed guards who had just entered. WAS SHE USING YOU AS A SHIELD!

“ Alright there piggies. Unless you want me to snap her neck you better stay back!”

She almost sounded convincing. Her threats bought you enough time to reach the waiting truck.

“Hey Puddin’ were taking this one with us if it’s ok with you.” She shoots you a wink and you watch The Joker’s eyes widen as he takes you in.

“TWO Harley’s? I must be seeing things. Alright baby doll throw her in and lets blow this joint. I got grape soda and a bear skin rug waiting for us at home.”

With a sly wink he opens fire into the visitation room keeping the approaching guards at bay. Next thing you know Harley is throwing you in the back of the van rolling on top of you as she busts up in hysteria. The truck hits reverse and speeds away from the asylum taking you with it whether you wanted to or not.

“GET OFF ME DUCKY! What the fuck was that???”

Seething you get Harley’s arms off from around your neck before helping her sit upright.

“ Sit still you dumb ass, let me help you out of this straight jacket. You may be a loon but your still my sister.”

As soon as Harley is free from the jacket she turns and tackles you back to the floor of the truck kissing you square on the lips. You quickly kick her off wiping your lips furiously.

“You fucking spaz you know I hate when you do that.”

Its only then do you realize there are 4 other people in the truck including the Joker who was staring at you like you were a mirage. But before he can speak Harley throws himself on him.

“ Puddin’! You came for me!”

Not looking away from you he gives a sweet kiss to Harley’s forehead.

“You know I always come for you Pumpkin.”

“OOH Puddin’ I want you to meet my sister [y/n]! Today just happened to be the day she visits me. I didn’t wanna leave her there in all that mess.”

The Joker gets out of his seat and steadily walks to you still sitting on the floor in the back of the van looking you over. You had to be slightly impressed how smooth his walk was even in this bumpy as Ice Cream truck. He seemed to be in control of his every action despite whatever was going on around him.

“Sister eh. Twins no less.” You looks back and snaps at Harley. “Why did you never tell me you had a sister? Especially one as gorgeous as you?”

With a little guilt in her eyes she answers. “Sorry Puddin’ I guess it never came up…”

Offering you a hand to get up of the floor you finally get your ass up dusting off your jeans before the truck hits a bump that nearly sends you crashing back down again. Luckily The Joker was there to steady you.

“Careful there sweet cheeks, wouldn’t want you getting hurt now would we?”

“ The name’s [y/n] not sweet cheeks. I only let my close friends call me shit like that.”

“hmmm… [y/n] what a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.”

His purr sent shivers down your spine. You could defiantly see what attracted Harley to him so much. His pale skin was smooth and the black tattoos and crimson lips accentuating his color. His green hair was slicked back giving his a distinguished look. You almost couldn’t tell he was a complete psychopath but you knew better than that.

“ Would you like to come home for a visit with your dear sister [y/n]? I think she’d enjoy your company and I would enjoy the chance to get to know you.”

Eyeing him sideways you could feel the sexual energy emanating from him. He was attracted to you sister it really shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise to you that he would find you attractive as well. A bit uncomfortable at how close your sister’s boyfriend was getting you peek around his shoulder to see if Harley truly wanted you to visit. Especially if her man was gonna continue to hit on you. She seemed amused which kinda ticked you off. Quickly jumping up and also gracefully walking through the bumpy van she wraps around the Jokers torso leaning up and giving him a kiss on the cheek before staring at you with a strange look in her eye.

“Please [y/n] It could be really fun having you over for a visit. And if Puddin’ here wants a chance to get to know you it’s easier just to go with it. In the end he always gets what he wants.”

He leans down to kiss her passionately on the lips as you roll your eyes at the pair of them. ‘What has my sister gotten me into this time…’

—————————— To Be Continue —————————————-