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7 Days of Who

Day four: If you could host a convention on another planet, what would it be? Who would be there?

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I would host a dragon appreciation convention on Skaro.  Want to know why it would be on Skaro?  Please, like a Dalek would stand a chance against a dragon.  A dragon’s hide is far too thick to be affected by the Dalek’s weapons.  No, the convention would be on Skaro because there would be nothing the Daleks could do about it.  It would be the only time that it’s safe to be on Skaro.  Everyone would come just for the novelty of it, and there would be panel discussions with famous dragons like Kilgharrah from Camelot (BBC’s Merlin), Saphira (Eragon), Norbert (Harry Potter), or Toothless with special guest Hiccup the Viking (How To Train Your Dragon).  It would be epic.