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Celebration 2017 Final Thoughts

When we started the celebration on the first day Damaris gave us a theme to keep in mind as we moved through the experience : “Watch, Learn, Teach, Repeat.”

These past several days were a welcome reminder to what’s truly important when it comes to Prince’s Legacy. Of course the music is phenomenal nothing like it…And nothing will ever probably be anything like it in our lifetime. Prince was an entertainer again the greatest to ever have done it. But what resonated the most from the people who have been around him throughout his career is the love and respect they have for him as a human man.

I love how the celebration really gave a well-rounded view of this man from his professional side to really all the aspects of Prince. They did not shy away from how sexual he could be because that is real. They did not shy away from how he was a hard-driving boss because that is real. They did not shy away from his graciousness and his kindness because that was real. They truly covered end end this man who has had such a huge impact on each of us and all of us at the same time.

Repeatedly and from many people who were close to him, we were all told that we are now the stewards of his legacy and that it’s time for us to own his legacy and spread it to others who have not been privy to it. I feel like I have received my marching orders during this experience not necessarily to just spread the legacy of Prince and his work, but also how he lived his life through adopting and incorporating those elements into my own life as well.

Those lessons are graciousness, acceptance, preservence, perception, grace, enlightenment, freedom, courage, and of course love. Everybody knows the “love 4 one another” tag but I feel like a lot of people say that a lot without really understanding what it means.

To spend 4 days in Prince’s home, really seeing that demonstrated by hundreds of fams has been an amazing and transformative and priceless experience, really. And it makes me really want to share that and grow that feeling so that others can feel it and share and grow it too. I love Prince’s music but the whole existence of his life is just so tremendous and yes it’s devastating that we’ve lost him in the form that we are used to experiencing, but I truly feel like he is still here with us and in an even more prevalent way and we can be with him and recognize him in that love that we have for others.

Was this event a cash grab? Absolutely! But I do not at all second guess the money I spent. And plan to attend again next year. And every year.

Next year, April 19-22. Save your coins now. I promise you won’t regret it.

Photo by Paisley Park

Shit Orihime might say (while babysitting child Hichigo)

As requested by anon. :)

1. “I’m so honored that Kurosaki-kun asked me to babysit his inner hollow, who is embodied for some unexplained reason!”

2. “Honored…and a little terrified.”

3. “I saw that guy fight against Grimmjow. He was scary.”

4. “And who knows what he’ll be like without Kurosaki-kun controlling him!”

5. “N-no! I can’t think like that! Kurosaki-kun asked for my help, and I will help him!”

6. “Hello, hollow-kun!”

7. “…”

8. “…”

9. “Kurosaki’s inner hollow looks like a tiny adorable child version of Kurosaki-kun?”

10. “Suddenly I feel more okay about this.”

11. “Did you get into the flour, buddy? Here, let me wipe off your face!”

12. “Huh. I guess you’re just totally white. That’s cool! It’s like you’re an uncolored drawing, brought to life!”

13. “A-and what a, um, nice smile you have?”

14. “So, what do you want to do? I have to warn you - murder and mayhem are off the table, unless it’s pretend!”

15. “O-okay, you want to show me something? I’m coming!”

16. “Is that a…tiny windowsill garden? You like gardening?”

17. “That’s so cute! Sure, I’ll help you water your plants!”

18. “Ha, ha, it certainly IS good that they’re not totally underwater, although I don’t really know why they would be!”

19. “Even Kurosaki-kun’s murderous inner hollow is kind of nurturing! That’s so cute!”

20. “Sure, I’d LOVE to draw with you!”

21. “…is that, perhaps, Byakuya being impaled on your sword?”

22. “Okay. Now that is more what I was expecting.”

23. “N-no! It’s very good! Nice use of red to be the spurting blood!”

24. “And yes! His eyes ARE very wide!”

25. “N-no, maybe let’s NOT draw any more right now. Let’s, um, look in your toy chest!”

26. “Awww, is this a little stuffed bat? It’s so cute! Oops! It seems to be missing an arm and a leg, though!”

27. “…and apparently you find that hilarious?”

28. “Wait, here are some blocks! Let’s play with these!”

29. “Those sure are some cool sideways buildings you’re building!”

30. “Yeah, I agree. Destroying them is always the best!”

31. “Your blankie? Um, can you tell me where it is? I don’t see a blanket!”

32. “Oh, that thing on the couch? Isn’t that a cloak?”

33. “Huh, well sure you can have it!”

34. “Awww, he wrapped himself all up in the cloak! And now he’s asleep!”

35. “I think that went pretty darn well.”

Fade to Black

Character: Benny Lafitte

Summary: You and Benny have an apple pie life, free from the monsters and ghosts. It’s complete with family, friends and good jobs, maybe it’s too good to be true.

also: Imagine going to the diner where Benny works, him smiling when you come in and warmly saying, ‘Morning Darling, what can i do for you this morning?’

Word Count:1994

Warnings: Just fluff, BUT an angsty/ feelsy ending

AN- Another Benny fic as I warned! My friend requested the main part of the story (domestic life with Benny basically) but I spiced it up juust a tad. I left wiggle room for a second part if it’s wanted also!

Feedback and other requests are welcomed lovelies <3 Or just a chat is awesome too, don’t be shy!

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May 29th, 2014. Getting ready for a bike ride. 

I’ve always wanted to thank all of the wonderful blogs that I follow. Hitting my first follower milestone is just an excuse for me to do so. But more importantly, there’s something that I’ve really wanted to share since I jumped down the fanfic-writing-blog rabbit hole, and that’s my reason behind starting it in the first place. And I’ll just ask you to bear with me on this one, it’s a bit lengthy. :P

You all are some amazingly talented people, putting long hours into beautiful works of prose and art, sharing with us all manner of humor, wit, and geekiness. That’s not even taking into account how open and kind most of you are. I was so taken aback by it all that I felt an urge to give back to this community. After pouring over a library’s worth of fanfiction and savoring so many pieces of art, I really wanted to make up for it all by contributing. I’m just pleased to be able to share what talent I have. And it’s blogs like those below that inspired me in the first place. So here’s to you all. Thank you for all that you do, no matter what you bring to the table. And I hope you’ll continue to share your wonderful talents with us. 

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So knowing Jillian, here’s how it could stand.

So just earlier, Jillian Ellis released the 24-player roster against RSA.

GOALKEEPERS (3): Ashlyn Harris, Alyssa Naeher, Hope Solo

DEFENDERS (9): Whitney Engen, Jaelene HinkleJulie Johnston, Meghan Klingenberg, Ali Krieger, Gina Lewandowski, Kelley O’Hara, Becky Sauerbrunn, Emily Sonnett

MIDFIELDERS (8): Morgan Brian, Tobin Heath, Lindsey Horan, Carli Lloyd, Allie Long, Megan Rapinoe, Samantha Mewis, Heather O’Reilly

FORWARDS (4): Crystal Dunn, Alex Morgan, Christen Press, Mallory Pugh

For Rio 2016, each team must choose 18 players and 4 alternates. So with a combination of Jillian’s thinking and my personal opinion. Here’s how it should be.

Megan RapinoeGina Lewandowski

And there are your 22 players. Now for the 4 alternates. Knowing that Jill has not played Ash at all so far this year, she will most likely be an alternate, leaving 3 outfield players.

So survey says:

Whitney Engen, Jaelene Hinkle, or Emily Sonnett
Samantha Mewis or Heather O’Reilly

Final Result:

GOALKEEPERS (2): Alyssa Naeher, Hope Solo

DEFENDERS (6): Julie Johnston, Meghan Klingenberg, Ali Krieger, Kelley O’Hara, Becky Sauerbrunn, Emily Sonnett

MIDFIELDERS (6): Morgan Brian, Tobin Heath, Lindsey Horan, Carli Lloyd, Allie Long, Heather O’Reilly

FORWARDS (4): Crystal Dunn, Alex Morgan, Christen Press, Mallory Pugh

ALTERNATES (4): Ashlyn Harris, Whitney Engen, Jaelene Hinkle, Samantha Mewis