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maybe they’re filming separate parts with separate actors? tbh, i’m wondering if jaimie will meet them out there, and if her injury forced a re-write in the script or s/t

Jamie said that her part wont be cut down on twitter

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i just saw it OMFG Tom should get some fashion tips from Chris what are those pants LOL

Chris is a fashionista, everyone should bow to his grace. well, of the last year. lets not talk about what he wore before then Its so ironic that Tom will probably win that best dress poll thing lol

It’s driving me crazy not knowing how to reply properly.

Anyway, that’s a good point, and that tends to be one reason I don’t return to an account after it’s inactive. There are lots of great people I want to see, but there’s usually one or two I really don’t.

But starting from scratch you never know until you try. Worst case scenario, it only lasts a day or two.

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you can always try? and you know what they say; you can never get better if you don’t practice. also java chip is heavenly, it’s dark chocolate chunks in coffee flavored starbucks ice cream.

im taking this to be about the drawing and not the studying though it applies to the studying atm but

idk i really like it and i used to draw a lot when i was younger but i sort of lost passion for it towards the start of high school and now im probably worse than when i stopped
i want to take a class or something but im not sure i can take any of that through uni without department consent that i dont know how id even get if i could even get in

aNYWAY that sounds pretty good i dont drink coffee much but with chocolate and as ice cream that would be

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somehow I thought you just misspelled macaroni


edit: jesus the typos

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what the fuck man

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but… he implied she’s gorgeous - sarcastic as ever but

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is this about him calling lucy a dog because that was a terrible ‘joke’ and in poor taste

I know it was a joke but if I could make a list of the times he made a passive aggressive not-fun-at-all joke it would be a long list


idk maybe it’s me maybe my sense of humor is shitty

Tumblr Crushes:

I got 99 problems and kayla is 11% of them.

Totally not indicative of who I harass/talk to on a regular basis, but there you go. Sorry folks, seems like my not-so-closet horse obsession trumps all.